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Read our 30 Day Warranty

Chew Proof Rating


Non Problematic Dogs

Extreme Luxury, not Chew Proof. These beds feature double stitched seams, reinforced corners, and use durable upholstery grade microfiber, not the thin stuff. Our furs feature a bonded woven backing and 100% polyester fibers making them extremely stain resistant and quite durable. These beds trade-off the extreme durability we’re know for in exchange for everyday durability and extreme comfort. We’ve mastered luxury as well as durability. These beds were build for durable softness making them perfect for mild mannered dogs looking for the most comfortable bed in the house.


tuff fur dog bed

LUX Faux Fur™

All of our LUX faux (not from real animals) furs are 100% polyester fibers, making them extremely stain resistant and very durable — nearly anything will wash out of these furs. LUX Faux Fur™ is made just for us with a special backing that removes most stretch and stiffens the fabric adding loft, durability, and serious strength.

tuff velvet dog bed

LUX Microsuede™

Our LUX Microsuede material is a thick polyester bonded to a woven layer of knitted poly-fibers. This bonding process adds strength to the already strong fabric. Because this fabric is polyester it has all of the resilience of a washable, synthetic furniture grade material, while remaining extremely soft to the touch. The thickness of the fabric gives it body and loft, making our beds look fluffier and more crisp, and because it breathes so well, no comfort is sacrificed.

machine washable dog bed

Machine Washable

Accidents happen, it's a fact of life; Murphey's law if you will. Having a machine washable dog bed helps clean up those accidents quickly and easily. For those messes that do not wipe away, let the machine washer do the work.

We recommend washing with cold water on a gentle cycle, and then air drying. The heat and friction of a machine dryer could shorten the lifespan of the bed, and we want our products to last as long as possible!

zipper dog bed

Easy Zipper Assembly

Experience ease of construction when you order a LUX bed; zipper closures make assembly quick and painless. Simply slip the mattress into the cover and "zip", you're done! This also makes dis-assembly for cleaning purposes just as easy.

zipper dog bed

Indoor Use

Our LUX styles match many home interior design schemes, and an ever-growing color profile helps match existing furniture in your home. Where visual aesthetics are concerned, our LUX dog beds blow most other beds out of the water.

odor resistant dog bed

Hypoallergenic Material

Dust mites cause a large number of allergic reactions for dogs. Mold and mildew spores can also trigger allergic reactions. The sythetic fibers used in this cover prohibit dust mite invasions, and make life difficult for mold spores as well. These allergens require organic fibers to build their homes, and this cover uses a 100% synthetic fiber construction. Dust mites beware!

CertiPUR-US Orthopedic foam

K9 Smart Foam™ - American Made! No Glue used.

CertiPUR-US certified foams are:

  • ✔ Made without ozone depleters
  • ✔ Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants
  • ✔ Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals
  • ✔ Made without formaldehyde
  • ✔ Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • ✔ Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)

machine washable dog bed mattress

Joint Support for Large Breeds or Aging Pets

Large dogs often experience joint problems more frequently than smaller dogs, due to their increased size and weight. It isn't fair, but pet owners can proactively fight joint problems with orthopedic pet furniture such as our orthopedic foam dog bed.

Our orthopedic beds can prevent joint problems, ease joint pain that's already begun, or just plain spoil your canine companion.


10 Year No Flatten Guarantee for Orthopedic Mattresses

This is a one-time warranty per order. If your orthopedic mattress flattens more than 2 inches or 50% within 10 years from normal use, we will replace it once free of charge. This does not apply to mattresses that have flattened due to destructive behaviors such as chewing, digging, or scratching, nor will we replace mattresses that have flattened due to water damage or exposure to urine. Should the mattress become wet, please allow it to air dry completely before allowing your dog to use it again to prevent any potential damage from occurring to the foam.

To file a claim for the replacement, simply send us a photo of the mattress beside a tape measure or ruler to show its current thickness. Please remove the outer cover and liner before photographing the fill so that we can better see the flattened area. You may send the photo along with your name and address here to start the claim process. You will not be required to ship the damaged fill back to us.

Please note that this guarantee applies only to orthopedic inserts and does not cover nesting/original mattresses.

Rip-Stop Engineering
Machine Washable
Third-party Tested
Dog & Vet Inspired Design
Covered by 30 Day Warranty

Description & Features

Premium Orthopedic K9 Smart Foam® Mattresses

Filled and manufactured here in the USA, our Premium Orthopedic Foam mattress is the perfect density of bounce and support.

K9 Designer Beds offer the highest standard of quality furnishings for pets. The interior fill material consists of 5" true orthopedic foam and support foam layers for optimum comfort. Our proprietary density and weight foam sets us apart from other orthopedic foam mattresses. By using our K9 Smart Foam that we’ve tested and calibrated for dogs, we are able to eliminate the layering process, removing glue from our process. This introduces greater airflow, amazing comfort, and superior support with the perfect amount of bounce. The outer cover offers microfiber side material and a faux-fur top, which forms an extremely soft and comfortable sleeping surface. The cover slips off easily for machine washing in cold water. The entire bed—mattress and cover—resists moisture to ensure a comfortable rest for man's best friend.

Personalize This Bed!

For just $15 more, customize your dog's bed for life! Simply enter your dog's name above to add custom embroidery to your order. We use a white thread color (black for tan beds), a classic style font, and limit names to 16 letters. Please double check spelling; once the order is fulfilled for an embroidered bed, there are no exchanges or returns. Also please allow an additional 2-3 business days for embroidery services.

Please note: K9 Designer beds are made for comfort and are not covered by the Chew Proof Guarantee.


Small 13" x 16"
Medium 22" x 25"
Large 29" x 32"
X-Large 33" x 46"
XX-Large 60" x 35"
  • Four Paws Up!
    Review by Puppymom on 7/15/2018
    I didn’t really NEED another dog bed, but I’ve ordered from this company before and know they provide high quality, well-built dog beds. This sale was so great at half-price, I decided to upgrade my girls’ “resting place” in our dining room with this new ortho bed. They love it, and it looks great. For some reason, the bolster is a favorite of my older girl.
  • Can you say “Awesome”?
    Review by Susan C. on 7/15/2018
    Incredible dog bed. My boy absolutely loves it.
  • Very happy with this choice
    Review by Texas' owner on 7/13/2018
    Went with the orthopedic bed for large dogs. He is retired K9 and needs the support for his joints. He has mostly avoided it during daytime but always sleeps on it at night. Bed was easy to assemble. So glad cover is removable for washing! Mattress layer is definitely firm. Well made and hope it lasts as long as his big bed from LLBean did!
  • JULY 2018
    Review by Patricia on 7/12/2018
    Love this bed. My German Shepard has plenty of room in the large and I'm pretty sure she won't be able to "eat" this beautiful bed. Fabric is sturdy and zippers are covered. Great company to do business with.
  • Great bed
    Review by Stephanie on 7/3/2018
    I bought this bed for my 9 year old St Bernard. We previously had the same bed but with the regular mattress instead of orthopedic. We had that bed for about 2 years and she LOVED it, but during a time when she had a UTI, a urine odor got into the mattress and I couldn't get the smell out. We had to buy a new one and I opted for the orthopedic one instead since she is getting older. She loves this bed as well and has an easier time getting in and out of it now. These are excellent quality beds, I wouldn't buy anything else for her now. And as a plus, they look great. I've never had problems putting it together when you need to wash the cover.
  • Nice Thick Firm
    Review by Nancy on 1/18/2018
    Nice firm but soft bed for my sweet Doodle. The bolster is great for her to rest her head. It was a challenge to put it together but I refused to give in to it. If you aren’t limber you won’t be able!!
  • Perfect Bed
    Review by Kyle K on 12/26/2017
    We chose to go with this bed for a couple of reasons. Our dogs are 12 and 13 years old, both have hip dysplasia, both have arthritis, and one has a few vertebrae that have fused together over the years.
    The old plain dog bed we had was small and light and we wanted something the dogs would actually find comfortable enough to lay on...and be able to get up off of it without too much stress.

    They took to it almost right away. There was some initial sniffing and pawing, but by the end of the day both of our dogs were sleeping in it together with one of our cats nestled between them.
    We have a boxer and a mutt, a mix of mostly beagle, pug, and rhodesian ridgeback. The boxer is about 45 pounds, somewhat small for her breed, and the mix is 37 pounds. The two of them fit on the XL bed together without an issue. Most mornings after breakfast and bathroom breaks, both of them will snuggle up on it as we get ready for work. It's quite the heart warming site and makes it hard to leave them to go to work!

    Our boxer loves stretching out against the bolster and is able to get up much easier than when we used a regular pet bed. The mixed dog has a couple of bad habits, primarily his obsession with digging at furniture. We've had the bed about 9 months now and he still hasn't put a dent in it, despite trying every day.

    This bed has been great for our dogs. Going with the extra large was a great idea as they use it at the same time, the material is holding up against the digging, and it's turned into the spot to nap during the day for the cats as well.

    Thank you K9!
  • Unbelievable Bed!
    Review by TCT on 12/13/2017
    Oh my gosh...what a great bed! I got the XXL not really grasping how big it is, but we are good. It was for one dog but both of my chocolate labs - 110# and 135# can both fit. It is definitely their goto laydown spot. They would never lay on any bed we got them until we went with K9 Ballistics, may get another.
  • Outstanding Product
    Review by GPS on 12/12/2017
    Great bed that our two dogs are fighting over. The quality and durability of the bed are outstanding. Both Max & Xea love this new bed.
  • Outstanding pet bed.
    Review by perry on 11/18/2017
    I have a 9 year old english yellow lab. He loves, loves, loves this bed. The last ortho bed I ordered he would not use. Took one smell and that was it. Not having it. But, he REALLY likes this one. So, I just purchased a second!
  • Nellie (Labradoodle) loves this bed!
    Review by Jay S. on 10/21/2017
    The best dog bed we have ever purchased. Our dog is 9+ Labradoodle and this bed supports her hips/frame really well. She loves it! My son put the cover on when it arrived, super easy. K9 is the real deal.
  • Made well, look great, and my dogs love them. Well worth the money!
    Review by Lauren on 10/15/2017
    Made well, look great, and my dogs love them. Well-worth the money!
  • .
    Review by Galina on 10/15/2017
    Great bed!!! My dog loves it.
  • Rowdy loves his k9 bed
    Review by Marian on 8/31/2017
    So far so good. Big enough for our Rowdy to stretch out and comfortable enough when I layed on it to check it out when it arrived. Yep I can fit on it and curl up like a baby. Very thick and he likes the sides on it so his head is not hanging off the side. Soft material but thick. It takes 2 people to get this bed together for larger dogs. He is 74 lbs. Yeah a little over weight, but hey he is 14 and doing as he pleases. Sleep and eat!
  • Great bed!
    Review by Patricia on 8/15/2017
    This is a really nice bed. I purchased the x-large bed for our 135 lbs German Shepherd and it is huge. Could have gotten by with the large. Our German Shepherd and Bernese Mountain Dog (120 lbs) can lay in the bed comfortably.
  • Looks good but is too hard for my boxer mix
    Review by M on 8/2/2017
    I wouldn't purchase this bed in the future
  • great
    Review by Paul on 7/29/2017
    Good quality and dog loves it. We now have 2 of them and dog lo es them both.
  • Very comfortable
    Review by Angy on 7/7/2017
    I purchased the extra large bed a while back for my Great Dane and she loved it. I wish I would have known about these beds sooner. She unfortunately passed away in June but our other dog and our new rescue love it so much I decided to purchase a smaller one so they could each have their own. It's so comfortable I have slept on it with my dog during nights when I was trying to comfort her. Worth every penny and I will never purchase anything.
  • It Rocks!
    Review by Alison on 6/30/2017
    This bed absolutely rocks! My English Bulldogs just absolutely love it, in-fact I have a hard time getting them off it. It's super high quality and extremely well made, the best bed I've ever purchased. Thank you!
  • Very good
    Review by Michael on 5/25/2017
    Seems well built with good fabric. Just got it and never had to clean it yet or really see how it holds up but the foam seems good and dog seems to like it well
  • Love these...have 3!
    Review by Trish on 5/9/2017
    My dogs love these beds. My pit mix who died a few years ago always loved it. We had one bed upstairs and one downstairs. When we adopted a rescue a few months ago we got the beds back out and she immediately took to them and seems to really sleep well on them. After first hand experiencing the quality and durability of these beds I won't buy anything else. They are comfortable durable and washable and last so much longer than anything you can get in a pet store.
  • Best beds EVER!
    Review by Cindy on 5/7/2017
    These are the best best ever! I have two golden retriever sisters, that are 5 years old, starting to have hip problems. The orthopedic foam in these beds keep them up off the floor to support their joints. They love the bolster too, they snuggle in to it. No more wasting money on endless beds that don't last and don't help. Thank you for the great products!!!
  • good products and nice looking!
    Review by Ingrid on 4/19/2017
    so far, so good! i have a 3-month old shar-pei pup and enjoys his bed! but he also has your cujo cot and a crate with your dog TUFF crate pad... so he has many choices and uses them all!!!
  • Lives up to the hype!
    Review by Victoria on 4/17/2017
    This bed is very firm and comfortable, my dogs are both large so we got a bigger size bed and they love it as they do not sink into it and it is the first bed that we have purchase that has not given out simply because of our large dogs.
  • Good quality and good looking dog bed
    Review by Debra L. on 4/9/2017
    The bed looks beautiful in our home. We have 2 @ almost 2 year old yellow lab sisters. They love the bed along with my husband and daughter, who frequently join the pups in the bed (it's the XXL size). The microsuede portion of the bed seems really durable, however the lux material seems thin in comparison. I'm hoping that this part of the bed doesn't wear out too soon. I would purchase a bed made entirely of the microsuede next time.
  • Happy Pup
    Review by Christine on 4/2/2017
    Our dog immediately loved this bed. He has a nesting bed, but we were looking for something where he could really stretch out long. I am also tired of replacing stuffing! He no longer grumbles trying to get comefortable at bed time. I am also happy this bed is easy on his joints. The bed is larger than we were expecting. We measured and thought he might not fit in the large so we went big. If you order an extra large make sure you have the space for it. Honestly you could put two dogs in this bed! He is happy and loves the bumpers so we will keep it even though it is gigantic. (Kelpie Mix, 55 pounds)
  • The Best!
    Review by Nadine on 3/30/2017
    For an older big dog, these beds are THE BEST!!! They are made incredibly well and are far superior to any other orthopedic bed on the market.
  • The best bed
    Review by Carmen on 3/21/2017
    This bed is amazin, I bought one like 2 years a go and looks like brand new, this one is a 2nd I got. I have to yellow labs 100 pound each and tge not easy with the beds, but this bed is holding great, they can bid it. If was 10 start I will give 10.
  • would buy again
    Review by Sue on 3/8/2017
    I bought two of these beds for our German Shepherds, they really like them. I do have a problem with putting the cover on after washing, like another reviewer said, I would wash the cover more often if it wasn't such a chore getting the cover back on. Also I would like to mention that with previous dogs beds I have owned, they came with two zippers, that would be extremely helpful with this dog bed. Instead of going all the way around with one zipper, having two that meet in the middle would be nice.
  • would buy again
    Review by Colette on 3/7/2017
    Dog loves her bed best investment for her. A little bit hard to put together for one person but I made it. It would be very helpful if the
    faux fur part of the bed unzipped away from the bed so I could wash it separately as that is the part of the bed in true contact with my dog. I hate to think about the ordeal of putting it back together after a washing so I would not wash it as often as probably needed.I would buy this bed again and I have recommended to my friends your company.
  • Great dog bed!
    Review by Baileytheboxer on 3/2/2017
    This bed has been great! Our boxer usually only sleeps on the couch, but she is getting older so we wanted to give her an option in case she didn't want to jump up on the couch in the middle of the night. She now spends more time on the K9 ballistics dog bed than she does the couch and that has been her choice. We liked it so much that we recommended it to a family member and their dog prefers the bed as well. Great dog bed and we are super happy with it.
  • Love it!
    Review by Nicole on 2/28/2017
    The pups love it! We've had the bed for a few weeks and still looks new, it is holding up to the younger one! Simple to put together. I got the medium bed and it fits both boxers just fine.
  • These beds are amazing! Heavy duty mattress and cover! Plenty of room for big dogs!
    Review by bluemoo on 2/16/2017
    These beds are amazing! Ordered one Large and one Extra Large for my "kids". I have 4 German Shepherds and as they get older, am very concerned about their bones and joints. Spent days researching beds for them and found these. The 10yr warranty against flattening was what caught my eye first, then the reviews from pet parents.
    So I spent the money, got 2 and crossed my fingers. The beds arrived quickly in 2 boxes for each bed. After opening the boxes, I couldn't believe that anything that flat would EVER turn into a dog bed, but right before my eyes...presto! The beds were huge! The bolsters are very fluffy, the mattress is thick and the cover is heavy and very well made!
    Immediately after getting the first one put together, all the fur kids took turns getting in it. After the hubby finished putting the larger bed together, HE got in it! He said that this bed was more comfortable than our couch!
    The beds are heavy and there is plenty of room for them to stretch out on their sides if they want to. Our 100+ girl had room to spare on her XL even when she laid down on her side.
    I would definitely recommend these beds to other particular pet parents!
  • The Best!
    Review by tinycooper on 2/10/2017
    Our dog LOVES his orthopedic bed! After we wash the cover, he gets on immediately after we put the cover back on. He even tries to get on while we're putting the cover back on. The quality of the cover and mattress is far superior to any other bed we've seen or had. We've had the bed for 3 years, and it hasn't flattened or changed at all.

    We did have some issues recently with the mattress developing mildew during very cold, rainy and humid months. However, customer service is EXCELLENT and helped us to solve the problem. Love this bed, love this company! Will buy more products in the future.

    For reference, our Pembroke Welsh Corgi is perfect in the size M bed.
  • I would recommend this bed to my friends and family. The quality is very good.
    Review by Alvina on 1/27/2017
    Very nice bed. Looks great once it's put together. My Australian/Belgian Shepard loves it as well as 2 of my cats. They take turns using it. Any hair left by the pets is easily vacuumed off.
    The only issue I had was getting the mattress into the opening allowed. It took 2 of us to do it. It might be easier on a smaller bed but not on the large one.
  • Love it
    Review by Rebecca on 1/27/2017
    Love it
  • Awesome product! I will never buy another dog bed brand except K9 Ballistics
    Review by Mindy on 1/22/2017
    I love this bed! I purchased a large one for my mastiff who likes to curl into a ball, and then the medium one for my 2 pugs. Perfect for all 3 dogs, they all seem to love the beds as well. I like the durability of them, they don't flatten. They are sturdy and easy to clean.
  • Best dog bed I've seen
    Review by Denise on 1/20/2017
    I'm so glad I bought this dog bed! I chose the XL in khaki with gray trim for my two aging Weimaraners. They took to it right away and both fit in it comfortably.

    This bed is extremely well made, too. I was worried that it would take up too much room but it's low profile, attractive and fits perfectly.

    If this ever wears out I'm going to buy another one just like it! Thanks for your commitment to quality, K9!
    Review by Lisa on 1/13/2017
    This is by far the BEST dog bed ever made! I have Boxers and they love Bolster beds however they SCRATCH and nest like crazy at them. This is the ONLY Dog bed I've ever found that doesn't rip. I own 4 of them, all in different rooms and they are GREAT!
  • I will never buy another brand of dog beds
    Review by Kellye on 1/10/2017
    Comment: THANK YOU!! My order of the Luxe Bolstered orthopedic dog bed was expedited and when it got here my 13 yo furbaby Licorice took to it immediately. She has never had a bed because she always slept with me or on the couch but now, with her age and arthritis she is unable to jump and has not been sleeping through the night and just recently was yelping in pain when she got up. For the first time in months she slept through the night and doesn't yelp when she gets up. She seems to limp less and actually jogged a bit, she hasn't done that in months. I may not have as much time left with her as I would like and your dog bed has made her so much more comfortable. I will NEVER buy another brand of dog beds, in fact I will be ordering another for my younger dog, Lollipop.
  • Excellent quality and value
    Review by Jason on 1/8/2017
    Excellent quality and service. Our boys are very happy with their new bed.
  • Excellent bed for the price.
    Review by Don on 1/1/2017
    This is the best bed we have ever purchased! Our 110lb Pitbull/ American bulldog mix(a "non adoptable" rescue) was born deaf and with hip displacia. He is now 10. and moving a bit slower now but we noticed right away he tends to stretch out in this bed and is much less restless. He is one of those dogs that has to be touching or up against something when he sleeps and the bolster works fantastic for that. We and he love it.
  • My 4 Weimaraners and little muttlette all love this bed
    Review by Claire on 12/27/2016
    My 4 Weimaraners and little muttlette all love this bed. It's soft but supportive and strong fabric. I've had three lie on it at once lol
  • Excellent bed
    Review by Zoe on 12/25/2016
    Extremely well made. Took a little effort to get the bolster in, but overall fairly easy to put together. My greyhound has made herself comfortable, along with her blanket. Excellent customer service.
  • Excellent product.
    Review by Vicki on 12/24/2016
    My 11 year old lab loves the bed. Excellent quality. Great instructions.
  • Great Choice!
    Review by Tipper on 12/18/2016
    My dog LOVES this bed!...easy assembly, super well made, comfy! Will easily outlast her previous beds.
  • The PERFECT bed
    Review by Rebecca on 12/16/2016
    I ordered this specifically for my 80 pound, 3 year old female German Shepherd because she was going to have her second THR soon and I wanted to get her a new bed to be as comfy as possible for recovery. I searched for a long time to find the right one and as soon as I found this bed I couldn't even compare it to any of the others. She had to have it! I ordered it in XXL so my other dog, a 62 pound one year old shepksy, could also lay on it too. They LOVE it. In fact since the surgery my 3 year old actively searches for her bed to take a rest. Snuggles right in. And I even find it extremely comfy :)
    Would absolutely reccommend it to others. Worth every penny.
  • Great bed at a good price.
    Review by Jennifer on 12/13/2016
    Excellent quality and beautiful bed. I would like to see at least 7 inches of foam, however, to guarantee the safety of my Great Dane/St. Bernard's pressure points. :) He is prone to hygromas. Maybe offer a 7 inch thickness option on the foam?
  • Excellent
    Review by Donna on 12/8/2016
    Quality is great. I have two 100 lb labs, both fit stretched out with toys. Great purchase
  • Excellent bed
    Review by Thomas on 12/6/2016
    my lab is at the end of his life and he is very comfortable in his new bed thank you.
  • I love the Bed not I need to get the Dog to love it
    Review by Barb on 12/2/2016
    well made.....colors are warm and blend well in the house....dog not quite taking to the bed...think she is used to softer but I wanted to give her more support.....we shall see.....I probably should have bought a larger size
  • Love it
    Review by Jennifer on 11/29/2016
    I am really happy with the bed. We got the XX Large which is actually a little TOO big for our 100 lb golden, but I'm keeping it because she can get up and change her position, and stretch out as though she was on a sofa. It's almost as big as a twin mattress - so it would be plenty big for two large dogs. Love it.
  • Highly recommend
    Review by Sarah on 11/20/2016
    Purchased the size large for our 70 pound dog. He loves it, especially the bolsters. Provides plenty of room for him to spread out. High quality product. Completely satisfied and highly recommend!
  • Amazing dog bed
    Review by Bill on 11/11/2016
    Great quality dog bed!! I bought the XL for my English Mastiff and she loves it. It's big enough for her to lay on it since she is so long I should have went for the XXL cause she like to stretch out and her back legs will hang off. So I will be buying another one and giving this one to my golden retriever since he is constantly stealing it from her. These beds are worth every penny.
  • Great Bed
    Review by Daryl on 11/11/2016
    I have only had the bed a couple of weeks, but the quality seems to be outstanding as with other k-9 ballistics products. I purchased the large which is big enough that my 60 lb. lab can stretch out completely. My lab was laying in it while I was putting the bolster in the bed. Dog Approved.
  • Long Loved these beds
    Review by Megan on 11/1/2016
    This is our second orthopedic lux bed but the first with bolsters. We bought our first one a few years ago for our aging German Shepherd with arthritis. She was 100 pounds and this bed was the most comfortable for her. She loved it! Now our new GSD puppy who is already 85 pounds LOVES the new bolstered bed. He like to have his back in a corner so the bolsters take care of that. Also since we got the XL can he can stretch out easily and still be completely on the bed. So he does not get restless during the night. We love these beds!
  • excellent bed
    Review by valerie m on 10/24/2016
    this bed is great, well constructed and very durable. My dogs love the beds.
  • The king of all dog beds!
    Review by MaryCate on 10/21/2016
    This bed is the king of all dog beds. The surface is super soft! The orthopedic mattress is great, soft but firm enough to hold weight, and easy for him to get out of. It's a BIG bed. He likes it though and can fit any which way. I got the large, and he's a 70lb lab. Awesome bed! I know it will hold up. You won't regret getting this bed.
  • They love the bed.
    Review by Greg on 10/21/2016
    We needed a big bed out in the living room and ordered this one over the Tuff Velvet one because of the coloring. I was concerned that it wouldn't be tough enough to withstand two Golden Retrievers, one just 4 months old, but no issues so far. Both dogs love the bed, and use it everyday.

    It did originally come with a broken zipper on the inner liner, but when I called to report the problem a new one was sent out immediately.

    Good Production & Good Customer Support. This is a company and product I will recommend.
  • Luxury bed with ten year warranty
    Review by Anna on 9/19/2016
    Dense memory foam, luxury cover, the black maches my dogs fur, large is pretty big for a full sized doberman, but she loves it.
  • My dog loves it, very soft & warm!
    Review by Sheila on 8/24/2016
    First of all I would like to say the customer service is fantastic!Very kind and helpful associates in the customer service department.My dog absolutely loves her bolstered bed,it's super soft & warm. I would definitely recommend this bed for your dog if they DO NOT CHEW/SCRATCH as this bed is not chew resistant like the other beds K9 has.
  • 2nd one! One for the little guy!
    Review by Adrienne on 7/23/2016
    This is the second one of these that I have gotten -this one for my little guy. I was tired of going through dog beds. I got one for my older dog but it was a bigger version. While this bed is expensive I know it will last and my little guy LOVES it!
  • The very best❗️
    Review by Chris on 7/7/2016
    I have had a few dogs, and many dog beds, but our new Lux Bed Is by far the best dog bed we have ever had. I wanted a modern looking bed to compliment our minimal and modern interior so I ordered the black on black combination with a white monogram. It is perfection and our dog loves it.
    The quality is outstanding and I will be a loyal customer for years to come.
  • Great BEDS!
    Review by Alexandra on 6/29/2016
    I have purchased 2 different beds from K9 Ballistics since we adopted our older pup from the shelter. She was 6 years old and as soon as we got her home she distroyed the bed we had bought for her. So we bought the Chew Proof one. Well she didn't care for it (she was a nester and we didn't realize until much later) BUT our other animals loved the bed and my kids will even use it as a floor cushion lol
    Second bed we purchased was the Orthopedic LUX Bolstered Bed. She fell in love with it. Soft, Great Size and great for nesters. The bed with a blanket and she is completely content. Easy to put together and pull apart for washing.
    Both beds were well worth the cost and we would buy again in a heart beat!
  • Great buy! Spacious and well built
    Review by ANDREA J. on 6/29/2016
    My dog took to it right away. I got the large and I have a 65 pound olde English bulldogge, normally large is barely enough for her, but this thing is huge! As I took it out of the box to put together she was already laying on it. She sleeps very comfortably and can even lay diagonally. If you are looking for quality and comfort, this is the right place to get them from.
  • Happy Dogs!
    Review by Hannah on 5/23/2016
    I ordered this bed for my six year old German Shepherd who recently tore his cruciate ligament in his knee. He enjoys laying on the bed, and looks so comfy and happy on it! The size runs very large. I ordered him an XL and it is way too big. He fits on it, along with his two smaller friends, with room to spare. The bed is made of a high quality. Although I have not washed it yet, I am going to assume it will not shrink, and will keep its quality. This is a bed I would recommend.
  • Awesome
    Review by Taylor on 5/11/2016
    I bought this bed after reading countless reviews of different dog beds. I have a 60 pound male Belgian Malinois who has some history of chewing. He loves his bed though and has not showed any indication that he wants to chew it. I did not have to sleep on it or anything, just threw a couple of treats on it for him to realize it was for him, and now he loves it. He goes on it before I even go to bed.
  • So far so good
    Review by Matt on 5/9/2016
    That our bed for about two weeks now and although it is a little larger than originally thought and our dog seems to enjoy it. Our dog is not very rough on her bed so I cannot judge how durable it would be if your dog is rough on their bed. Assembly of the bed was very easy and only took a minute to figure out.
  • Fabulous bed
    Review by Julie on 4/22/2016
    I purchased the XXL bed for my 110# German Shepard who had ACL surgery . He loved his new bed which provided the much needed support after surgery. I also slept on the bed with him for a night or two and found it to be quite comfortable . A great dog bed and for the size a reasonable price!
  • Most comfortable bed!
    Review by Sibyl on 4/21/2016
    My Akita LOVES her new bed! We're so happy with our decision to purchase this one!
  • chew proof is key
    Review by Kimberly on 4/18/2016
    I have a 70 lb 2yr old golden retriever who chews up anything/everything she can. She sniffed around at her new bed "large size" and was upset at it at first and tried to put it in her mouth and drag it, and quickly found that wasn't easy so she just kept nudging it with her nose. Then I decided to lay in it and asked her to join me and she did and I got her to understand that it's a safe place and not a threat to her. She likes being able to lean against the bolster. For the first time last night I caught her laying in it and she slept all the way through the night without getting up to walk around! I was amazed and so happy. It looks like she is adjusting, and I am thrilled! it was a "see it to believe it" situation, I was nervous about spending the money taking the chance, but am very glad I did. When she's happy, I'm happy. I am going on vacation soon and got her a VIP suite and I am going to ask them to take out what they have for them to sleep on and I am going to bring this new wonderful bed for her :) No regrets here!!

    K9 Ballistics Response: Please note that the LUX beds are designed for maximum comfort and are NOT meant to be chew-resistant! If you notice any damage occurring to this bed, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing us at [email protected]
  • Great Investment
    Review by Silas's mom on 4/14/2016
    l have a 94 pound Lab/Weim or Lab /Dane regardless of his breed a beautiful mutt! I looked for a long time for the perfect bed for him. It had to be firm but soft on the top inch or two, the cover had to be durable yet soft, the bolsters had to be supportive yet not too rigid .... so bed had to be PERFECT and it is!! It even has the water resistant ( proof?) lining. I miss having Silas sleep in our bed so this is the best alternative -- he may even like it better ( no ramp). I read the reviews and perked up at the remarks about dogs having more energy. I thought his poking around on walks was due to him being 14 years old but the bed does provide him with better sleep so he is going on walks that are 3-5 miles off leash and he even runs off following his nose like he used to. The liner noise bothered him a little at first but now he sleeps curled up, stretched up and even on his back sometimes!! The extra bonus is it looks better than the beds I tried to create with memory foam and blankets. Make the investment -- I am going to buy another for the dog we just adopted because she wants to share and Silas prefers his own bed. I got him an XL - it is big but it is perfect for stretching out (and sharing curled up when he feels generous - She is 86 pounds and leggy just for a size reference). This is the BEST bed I would not hesitate any longer - your dog deserves it !!!!!
  • Superior quality
    Review by Jaclyn on 4/14/2016
    Even though it took me awhile to put this this bed together (especially zippering in the bolstered part) by myself, I could tell right away that this was a superior quality dog bed. I also bought the LUX blanket which is also awesome and great quality. My dog and I are very happy with this purchase!
  • Fantastic
    Review by Adrienne on 4/13/2016
    I got this bed because my senior dog is struggling with incontinence. I have been through several other beds. There is a point at which nothing will save them. I got this bed it was easy to put together and she loved it right away. We had an accident the first night. I was able to take it apart, wash it all and put it back together- GREAT!!! I highly recommend this -she loves the bolster part-and the fact that even that is washable is perfect! Thanks!
  • Incredible Product
    Review by Sherri on 3/31/2016
    THE BED arrived yesterday. While my husband and I were attempting to put it together, Spock would not get off the pad or cover. He is a 6 year old 55 lb Boxer who has had ACL surgery on both knees. He has been through lots of beds. I finally made this purchase because of the amazing reviews. After it was put together Spock immediately laid down, stretched out and did not wake up for hours. I did get my turn on it and yes it is comfy. The quality is superior.
  • She loves her new bed
    Review by Ronald on 3/23/2016
    Now, I can sleep better because Lyra, our lab/shepherd mix can finally sleep in her own bed. The material is put together well and seems very sturdy. The cushion padding is also very well put together and it supports her weight very well. She weighs around 70lbs. My wife wanted the x-large but it is too big for her but that's ok. The large size would of been a better fit. All in all it is one very nice bed. I laid down in it and it really supports you.
  • Excellent Quality!
    Review by GRETA on 3/23/2016
    My baby Roscoe is a pit bull mix weighing approximately 120 pounds. He fits perfectly in the XL sized bed with even a little room to spare. I wish I could post a picture of him here. It took a little bit of coaxing initially to get him into the new bed, but I placed the old blanket he sleeps with every night on top of it, and well, the rest is history. He absolutely loves it!! It is just wonderful to see him curled up in his bed, especially because I know it's made of great quality and is beneficial for his joints. He's almost 11 yrs. old now, so he needs all the help he can get to be comfortable. As soon as this bed arrives, you will see the extreme quality I am talking about. The mattress is definitely memory foam and supports his weight perfectly. The mattress, bolster, and cover (which I had embroidered with his name-stressing the quality of that job here also) arrived in two separate boxes on the same day (very easy to track-the site gives you the tracking number). It will take about 10 minutes to assemble, at the most. Very simple. This company takes great pride & care in how they package and ship it. They also explain everything with clear instructions. Every single bit of this bed is quality-from the mattress, bolsters, covers, especially the zippers (it is all washable). You can see quality in even the zippers, so you won't ever need to worry about the bed coming splitting apart at the seams. Don't even think about anywhere else to buy your pet's bed. You won't be disappointed! This place gets my “A” in first class. It may be a tad pricey, but our pets are our babies and they deserve the best care you can give them. I wonder if this place makes people beds. His mattress is better than mine!
  • Absolutely the best bed for an older dog
    Review by Cosmo's Mom on 3/17/2016
    Our 12 year old Weimaraner has had one of these beds in "his" room for a couple of years now and had another bed in our bedroom. It was time for him to to have a bed that had enough support for him to be able to get out of in our room too. It is worth every penny to see him not have to struggle to get out of his bed. The support it provides for older dogs is perfect. Highly recommended.
  • It is the best, better than my bed
    Review by Carole on 3/15/2016
    Austin my Great Dane was so excited as we were setting the bed up. It is very easy to set up. He was so excited usually he has to curl up on his bed,but this one, an xxlarge, gives him lots of extra room.
  • Fantastic!
    Review by Donna B on 3/15/2016
    This has to be the greatest bed I've ever seen and made so well. Wish I had one large enough for me to sleep on at night. Thanks for such a great product!
  • Best bed I've ever bought
    Review by Katherine on 3/3/2016
    I have a large dog, about 120 pounds. His old age makes it harder for him to move around, and it's also made him value a really comfy spot.. Like my bed, which he hogs.. So, this bed was SO worth the cost, because he loves it so much it actually keeps him off my bed and couches! I got him the XL bed which is huge, even for him.. He can lie down in any way on the bed and fit. Also, he gets pretty cold (especially in the Michigan winters) and the fabric of the bed keeps him warm and cozy - I wanted to include a picture so you could see for yourself but don't think I can. I have recommended this bed to others already, and would recommend it to you.
  • First Impressions are great
    Review by Mark on 3/3/2016
    We normally use Orvis beds and to be honest they just don't hold up that long and tend to run close to $300 so time for a change. First thing you notice is how deep the base is and how firm the bolsters are. The material is high quality and the fleece is really soft. Very impressed for the $. Lets see if it holds up!!
  • Best dog bed ever!!
    Review by Cheryl on 2/19/2016
    I researched orthopedic dog beds for several hours before biting the bullet and ordering the X-Large size bolster bed for our 100 lb yellow lab who is almost 11 years old and has been doing a lot of moaning and groaning lately.......well, we haven't heard any moaning or groaning since we purchased this incredible dog bed fit for our king. He looks like he is in doggie Heaven when he lies his head on the bolster and stretches out across this HUGE, comfy, thick bed. He has been jumping up in the morning no moaning or groaning and seems to have more energy after a good night's sleep. I am a coupon shopper who hates paying full price for anything but after having bought several other dog beds over the last 10 years, this one is by far THE BEST BEST BEST dog bed ever and worth every penny! We all love it. Thank you.
  • Really worth the money
    Review by mel on 2/18/2016
    Doesn't even compare to other dog beds. My husband is thinking about sleeping in it when our dog insists on sleeping in our bed. Ha!

    Best quality all around. And super confie. Our dog loves the bolsters. They make him feel secure.
  • Cover soooo tight!
    Review by Michele on 2/16/2016
    The bed is very high quality and looks attractive. Both my dogs are seeming to enjoy their new beds. The only reason I didn't give the bed 5 stars is because the cover was soooo tight (too tight in my opinion) on the bed that I'm afraid the zipper will split down the road...as I wash it and reload the bed into it. Hope not.
  • Thank you!
    Review by Rebecca on 2/1/2016
    Otis is enjoying his new bed. He finally has a bed that fits him when he stretches out and it's good for him.
  • Best bed ever!
    Review by Rachel on 1/22/2016
    My boxer has loved his bed since the day it arrived. My shepherd mix tries to take it all day long so I am ordering him one today. We bought the boxer the bed since he sleeps alone at night, our mix sleeps at the foot of our bed, but as I said... the mix wants his own! I am so grateful to have found this website and the bed quality is great. This bed is worth every penny.
  • My dog loves her new bec
    Review by Mark on 1/19/2016
    We have a 70lb. Female German Shepherd dog. It's funny how animals know when something was brought in the house just for them. Her first reaction was a good sent check then she climbed right on stretched out and was in total bliss. She lovely gave it a few licks and some tiny little love bites followed by a long nap. It has been set up for a few days now and she seems to be very happy with it. No chewing damage and she hasn't tried to move it. Both a plus for German Shepherds. It's no fun buying a nice bed only to see it damaged. The bed itself is very nice. The foam and cover are of excellent quality. We bought a small blanket to place on it so it will stay cleaner longer. It does take up some room in the house but it is great for placing the dog in a down stay while you tend to other things.
  • Amazing dog bed!
    Review by Virginia on 1/17/2016
    My girls love this bed! I got the XL because they like to sleep in the same bed but it's much bigger then I thought! They have room left, the quality is great really good buy , would definitely recommend it to anyone!
  • Excellent bed
    Review by shirl on 1/12/2016
    This bed is awesome. My 70 lb sheepadoodle loves his new bed! I got him the xxl one so he can spread out those long legs of his. He uses it all day. He is still a puppy so he is crated at night. I can't wait until he can sleep all night on it.
    He does not shed so there is no hair, but he does eat treats on it. Very easy to vacuum and keep clean. He attempts to chew it occasionally but is learning that it is not acceptable. No damage or evidence of such.
    Great looking and very high quality. The only thing I would change is the location of the monogram. It is on top of the bolster so you can't see it unless you look straight down. The quality of the embroidery is great, it just is not visible when looking straight at the bed from the front.
    Overall, an excellent bed. The ortho mattress is great. Best of all, Jack loves it!
  • 100 lb black lab
    Review by DDV on 1/12/2016
    very happy with this product. originally a year ago purchased a medium, in order to take up less space. our 100 lb black lab can curl up on it nicely, but cannot stretch out -- it's a little high to hang head or limbs off. recently purchased this large, and it's a great size & fit now. keep that in mind when trying to decide on size, their size chart seems like good guidance.
  • FANTASTIC BED!! Worth every penny!
    Review by Heather on 1/8/2016
    We have a 165 pound Irish Wolfhound named Molly Magee who is our "Granddog." We have never been able to find a bed that was appropriate for her~even when sold as xxl beds,they were all too small, too thin, etc, and she has never been able to get truly comfortable.
    I started searching the internet for giant dog beds and found the K9Ballistics website, and was very impressed with what they looked like, but mostly by the positive customer feedback, so I bit the bullet and bought her the XXL Orthopedic LUX.
    OMG, What a wonderful purchase. The bed is made EXTREMELY well, very sturdy construction and materials. And yet where she lays on the mattress it is SO SOFT!
    Molly LOVES this bed! I was worried that she might not take to it right away, but I didn't even have time to place it in her corner on the floor that she was already on it! She fits on it with room to spare! She looks like a Queen on it!

    To see that old girl resting so comfortably on that big comfy thick bed is hearwarming. She LOVES it and will take people into the living room to see her bed, she is very proud of it.
    Wish I knew about this bed years ago, I would have bought it in a heartbeat!
    Thank you K9Ballistics for this FINE product! Not many things made these days of this quality!
    So easy to wipe off, and I use a little canister vacuum to run over it for little bits of hair, and it cleans great!
    I HIGHLY recommend this bed, you will never regret this purchase!!
  • excellent bed
    Review by KHamer on 1/6/2016
    Our 115-pound Great Dane LOVES this bolster bed. We purchased the XL and she looks tiny when curled up on it; when she stretches out, she has some room to spare, but overall, I think the size is really comfortable for her. The bed cover and bolster construction is incredibly easy to assemble and will be easy to care for/wash frequently as a result. Absolutely recommend this bed!!! Don't hesitate.
  • Exceeds expectations!
    Review by Susan on 1/4/2016
    My 8-year-old 95 lb black lab needed a comfortable bed. After much researching, I decided on the large orthopedic LUX bolstered bed. The quality is wonderful and we couldn't be happier with it. He loves it, settled right in. It is also the best looking bed we have ever purchased. I really was surprised when I got it assembled. It was larger than expected and much better quality than expected.
  • Spoiled Pups
    Review by LaneyBee on 12/29/2015
    This will be the only dog bed I buy. I bought the large for my very tall goldendoodle who loves to stretch her legs and she fits perfect!! It's very comfortable and the bolster in the backs adds added comfort. The material is very soft but sturdy. Would recommended time and time again!!
  • Nirvana for my German Shepard
    Review by Deborah on 12/22/2015
    Rohan absolutely loves his new bed, the large is perfect for his 85 pounds and being a working Shepherd he loves curling up in it at night. He bought it for himself from his stud fees lol. Really a quality bed thank you.
  • Doesn't understand how much room he has!
    Review by B on 12/16/2015
    Big dog Titan is my weimaraner, he's full grown 7 years old! I got him the XXL Bolstered Orthopedic LUX bed in gray/black. He weighs a little over a hundred pounds and curls up on this giant bed like a tiny baby! He absolutely loves it, but doesn't understand how much room he actually has! HAHA SOOO Worth the money, but it may take awhile for this big old baby to realize the "entire bed" belongs to him! I wish i could add a picture of him and his new bed! I would recommend this particular bed to anyone with a large dog or one with joint issues! He has been sleeping through the entire night with NO issues! :)
  • Best bed we have ever purchased!
    Review by Pamela on 12/14/2015
    Our 11-year-old 67 lb black lab needed a comfortable bed. After much researching, we decided on the large orthopedic LUX bolstered bed. The quality is superb and we couldn't be happier with it. He loves it, settled right in. It is also the best looking bed we have ever purchased.
  • Still in testing
    Review by mark on 12/11/2015
    Assembly was OK - instructions not the best - video on assembly does not have blosters - odor is strong and is stated it will be some time to dissipate - purchased x large and is perfect for my 3 year old 75 lb yellow lab - she can stretch out and still have extra room - So far its quality is top notch - only 4 days in use - will report back in 6 months to let you know how it's holding up
  • Worth the money
    Review by Laura O on 12/4/2015
    I bought the large size for my 52 pound Australian Kelpie. I think the medium would have been big enough but I was just feeling generous. I wanted to be sure he could stretch out and put his head on the bolster without hanging off the sides.

    I have been through roughly one bed every 6-12 months before finding your company. My dog is a big nester with a strong set of claws. So beds have come and gone. Not to mention that many so-called "orthopedic" beds just don't have much support in them at all when you test them out. One even claimed to be machine washable but you couldn't unzip the cover and there was no way it was fitting in my washing machine! What a runaround!

    YOUR bed OTOH, has been super easy to clean. It's easy to vacuum if you don't want to bother with the cover coming off. I can also wipe it down with Clorox wipes here and there. I toss it in the washing machine perhaps once every month or so. I hang the cover to dry and it dries in a matter of hours. So I'm not without the bed for the night.

    The first time I put the bed together it took a few minutes to figure it out, even with instructions. But once I did, it was a breeze. You need a little elbow grease to get the bolster filling in and zipped, but after the first once or twice it's not such a big deal. You just get to "know the bed."

    The best part is that my dog has dug and dug at it and after a year since purchase, there is not a thing even remotely resembling the beginnings of a tear, or a weakness in the fabric. Perhaps other dogs are bigger diggers still. But in my own experience, this material has really stood up to the Tucker test! Tucker is my dog of course. :)

    When the bed is new, there will be bits of fluff from the top material all over your rooms for the first few weeks, but over time, that goes away. Just be prepared to vacuum it up.

    The bed may be pricey but considering I haven't had to buy one or two new ones within a year, I feel like I already saved money. I don't see this bed going anywhere for quite some time.

    Congrats on a good design. I recommend this bed to everyone I meet who is looking for a sturdy one!
  • Exceeds expectation
    Review by sharon N. on 11/4/2015
    LUX for Stella!--Standard Poodle, 24 in legs, 24 in from nape to base of tail, 47 lbs. bought large.
    Over the years, I've searched for a comfortable bed that amply accommodates Stella's favorite position---legs stretched out, head resting on a pillow. The Orthopedic LUX Bolstered Bed meets all of her requirements. It is deep enough so her legs don't dangle off the side; the bolster is sturdy, not floppy, and the mattress is thick and comfortable. Having taken a nap in Stella's bed (quirky, but true!), I can personally attest to the quality and comfort! The price is well worth the quality--good value. I intend to order another for our country house. Kudos to your design team!
  • Wonderful
    Review by Sandy on 9/18/2015
    My large pampered standard poodle ,Flash, loves his new bed He likes to rest his head on the bolster with plenty of room to stretch out. I loved the large choice of colors. I could not find a large enough black bed anywhere else. I have been searching for 2 years!!!!Thank you.
  • Overall great quality, but frustrating.
    Review by Troy on 9/14/2015
    I had very high hopes for this bed. I have been through many, many beds like everyone else. Overall the quality is solid, but it comes with a number of issues: #1 The cover is so tight that it took me a good 15 minutes to get it over the mattress and bolster inserts--a total battle. #2 The inside of the zippers have long threads hanging from the length of them that get caught in the teeth when trying to zip them up; they should have been cut off which I will end up having to do. #3 The 'moisture barrier' that goes over the foam mattress does not exactly keep liquids from penetrating. That feature was tested almost immediately. #4 The faux fur portion of the cover is a nesting nightmare. My French bulldog is a total nester and there is black fuzz all over my house. My concern is that he will go right through it in time. So, after investing $170, I am definitely frustrated, sadly. They were definitely expeditious with shipping, and along with the bed, a tennis ball was included, which had a discount code on it for my next purchase. I thought that was a nice touch.
  • Love this bed!!!
    Review by Leah Ann on 9/9/2015
    We ordered the Orthopedic LUX Bolstered Bed for our 5 month old Irish Wolfhound, Annie, and our 1 year old Dachshund, Gracie. We purchased the XXL size and it is plenty big for Annie to grow into. She stretches out and almost always ends up on her back and leaning against the bolsters. We wanted the orthopedic style because of the joint issues larger breeds sometimes have. Gracie hops up there with her, and I really feel like there would be room for even another small to medium size dog, even when Annie is full grown. We received the bed quickly and it was very easy to put together. I wish we would have known about these beds with our past pets!
  • most comfy dog bed
    Review by Nate on 9/9/2015
    I bought the xl orthopedic lux bolstered bed for my black lab who suffers from arthritis. She loves It! The only problem is that the bed made her really lazy. She is so comfortable that all she wants to do is lay all day.
  • Dogs fight over this bed
    Review by B on 8/31/2015
    I run a rescue and we have many dogs. They all try to get on the bed at once. It is comfortable and easy to wash the cover. The urine does not soak through!! I would purchase more if I could afford to!!
  • Awesome dog bed
    Review by Donna on 7/27/2015
    I bought 2 beds for both my dogs. They absulutely love them. They both now stay off the furniture and prefer there beds. Well worth the money
  • Awesome!!!
    Review by Emily on 5/5/2015
    I ordered this bed for our 8 year old chocolate lab Zeus. He weighs about 96 pounds and I purchased the large bed. This bed is perfect! The quality is so nice and it was super easy to put together and take apart! I ordered the black/black bed and it hides all of the dog hair! The foam is very thick! Zeus loves this bed and looks so comfortable! I would recommend this to everyone! I have purchased many dog beds and this is by far the best one yet! I think he will have it for years:)
  • Happy Paws
    Review by Shawna on 5/4/2015
    I bought the XX-Large Orthopedic Lux Bolstered Bed for my furbabies. I've got three 120 pound Dogo Argentinos, a rescued Basenji/Shepherd mix, an Ocicat, and a rescued Tortie cat. Needless to say, I'm glad I purchased the XX-Large bed! It's a tight fit for all six at once but they don't mind it. More often than not they rotate 2-3 at a time between their new bed and sofas. definitely some happy customers here!
  • Review by Linda K on 2/18/2015
    Our 17-year old Basenji no longer plays with toys, so we decided to "treat" her to a nice, new, comfy bed instead. I was a little hesitant to spend this much on a new bed since she loved the bed she was using, but thought the orthopedic mattress and bolsters would be good for her. I was blown away when the bed arrived - it's SO well made, very nice looking, and best of all - was INSTANTLY accepted by our little old lady. I also ordered the matching throw to lay across the top of the bed. Keeps the bed clean and is readily available if she decides she wants to tunnel under it. Shanti and I give it 5 stars!!!
  • Orthopedic LOUX Bolster Bed
    Review by Patty R on 2/2/2015
    Before I got this out of the box, my 9 year old Chocolate Lab, Hershey, knew it was for her. As I was putting it together, she could not wait to get in it. We had to keep telling her to get out so we could out so we could get the cover on it. Needless to say, she loves this bed. We now carry it upstairs every night for her and have to bring it downstairs for her in the morning as she now prefers her bed to our couch!!! I could not be happier with this bed. Neither could Hershey! It is well made, washable and I can see where it will last far beyond her years. I highly recommend this bed.
  • In Heaven
    Review by Rebecca on 1/11/2015
    Our 10 year old 115 pound German Shepherd is in LOVE with this bed. Literally i think he smiled when he first laid on it. It's the first bed that fits him, with nothing falling off! XLarge is what we got and it has a little extra room, i give this Amazing dog bed a 5 star, must have for those who think they're animals are family members! In Heaven!!
  • Review by Brooke P on 12/20/2014
    Ordered this bed for our new soft coated wheaten puppy, ANGUS. I'm not sure who loves it more, the puppy or our three children who lay in the bed every time he is not in it. The bed is super - great looking, comfortable, excellent cushioning; It's a little big for him right now, but I believe that he will grow into it quite nicely. The bolsters provide the perfect support and comfort for him to nestle. He loves it, and we are very pleased.
  • Fantastic bed for a Giant Breec
    Review by Sam on 12/2/2014
    This bed is extremely high quality and worth the cost. The only thing I would say is to get this bed when your pup is young. We bought this bed for our 7 year old Great Dane and while I think he is far more comfortable than he was in his previous bed (the couch), he keeps trying to sleep on the couch at night due to the habit of 7 years of sleeping there. We debated for years on spending this much for a dog bed and only now, wish we'd gotten it years before.
  • awesome dog beds
    Review by Dana on 11/11/2014
    Just got this for my 9y.o lab mix, Lamont.. Beginnings of arthritis. I knew the orthopedic would be perfect since our 4y.o. Rottweiler has loved his orthopedic for last 3yrs. Got it for recovery after simultaneous tplo surgeries. So, both love their beds and 80# lab has plenty of room in large. 140# rott has plenty of room in xl. Want one for myself!
  • From Concrete to Comfort
    Review by Jen on 10/11/2014
    We adopted a beautiful, older Blue Heeler mix named Willow. She was having trouble getting around. We thought getting her out of the shelter & off the concrete would help. There was improvement, but her hip dysplasia made it difficult for her to get off the floor. Our quest for a dog bed began. After tons of research, I decided to get an Orthopedic LUX Bolster Bed. What a difference! She is getting around so much better now! I wish all the dogs could have such a cozy bed!
  • Great Quality Bed
    Review by Debrah A on 10/7/2014
    I have three Great Danes and they love this bed! I only bought one to see if it was as good as the reviews stated. I'm happy to say that it is! It looks great in the room too. The pups fight over who gets to use it. It's a little pricy, but you get what you pay for. I will be buying two more in the near future. Definitely give this bed a try if you have large or older dogs. You won't be disappointed.
  • BIG bed for my BIG Dog- She loves it
    Review by Cindy on 9/19/2014
    I have a 90 pound Ridgeback mix who loves to sleep fully stretched out. I decided to go for the x-large bed and it is perfect for her. It is a BIG bed. If your dog likes to sleep curled up you may not need one quite this large. The bed is really comfortable (yes, I laid in it) and seems like it is good quality. My dog loves it. I haven't washed the outer cover yet so can't give feedback there but so far the bed is working out great and worth the money.
  • Very Comfy!
    Review by Angela Freeland on 3/11/2014
    I bought this bed for my 45lb 11-year old Keeshond. In past, with a new bed, it's taken him a few days to really even try it out. He immediately laid on this one and took to it right away, sleeping on it the first night. I should have followed the weight suggestion when ordering, though. I ordered the large (figuring about the same size as a Chow) and it's huge! It will actually hold 2 of my dogs at the same time. It's very firm! No sinking to the floor with this bed, that's for sure.
  • Great bed!
    Review by Jessica Pinckard on 2/10/2014
    I purchased this bed for my 8 year old Doberman, Dante, that was recently diagnosed with arthritis in his left hip. I've always wanted to get my boy a bolstered, orthopedic bed, but the price always made me pause. However, now I had a legitimate reason and after a great deal of research, I decided to go with K9 Ballistics. Dante and I couldn't be happier! He enjoys lounging on his new bed and I can see and feel that it's a quality product that will last for many years to come!
  • Love it!
    Review by Anne Postell on 2/4/2014
    My Mini Schnauzer/Yorkie mix loves it. He's about 20lbs. I purchased the large, hoping he and the cat might someday snuggle together. If it were just him, the medium would have been the perfect size. Great quality! Nothing like the so-called orthopedic memory foam at the large chain pet stores where you push on it and feel the floor. My only complaint is that you don't sell this in a King size for me.
  • You have a new fan
    Review by Bibi on 1/7/2014
    You have a new fan in my 150 pound Great Dane, and me. She was recently rescued and none of the beds we had for our other Danes made her happy. She insisted on pushing her way onto the sofa or bed, and anxiously paced until she got what she wanted. She'd still like to be on the furniture, but it's amazing how quickly she gives up and goes to her new bed. Her anxiety seems to be considerably diminished, just within 24 hours! And she looks so comfy. Thank you for making a great bed!
  • Great beds, good deal!
    Review by Chad Reissig on 1/5/2014
    We ordered 3 of these beds for our 3 little (12-15 lb) Rat terrier mix and Chihuahua dogs. They are good quality, very plush and the engravings look amazing. They shipped quickly and the price was way better than other places (i.e., Orvis). The boys loved them.
  • Ortho Lux Bolstered Bed
    Review by Kay Lux on 12/23/2013
    WOW! After 17 yrs. of buying dog beds, it is the first time I ever said WOW. Our beagle Zach is 12 yrs. He is 16 inches high, 21 inches long, a lean 30 lbs. and the medium offers plenty of room to stretch out. Zach has always scratched a lot before he lays down. We threw a blanket into the bed, he scratched a little the first 2 times, and has not scratched since. Of course, we ordered another bed. My sincere thanks to k9ballistics. You guys must sleep good at night.
  • Brutus
    Review by Deborah on 12/23/2013
    I just got my new bed and LOVE it! I'm a 105 lbs. 32" tall Doberman. I used to toss and turn all night because I couldn't get comfortable on my old bed. Now, every time I lay in my new bed, I pass out and don't move a muscle! And my parents love the black cover because it doesn't show my hair or dirt! Love always, Brutus
  • Lola Loves her bed
    Review by Kelley Fouche on 12/21/2013
    I ordered this bed because I have a 170 lb South African Mastiff. She did not fit in any of the standard large and X-large beds that you buy at most stores or on line. This is an absolutely FANTASTIC BED! Very well made and she loves it. I highly recommend this bed and the this Company.
  • orthopedic lux bolstered bed
    Review by Marilynn Mosier on 12/17/2013
    I have a 10 year old lab who has had surgery on both his back knees - he's still active but things are changing. When I got him this bed, he went immediately on it and has used it ever since. It's very supportive so it's easy for him to get up. This bed is wonderful - for both of us!
  • Love it!
    Review by Xochitl Gerughty on 12/11/2013
    Got this for my senior dog that has arthritis, and he loves it. Super sturdy, great quality! I have a total of three dogs, and they all love it. I had to order a second bed :) Thank you for making a great product at a great price!
  • Ortho LUX
    Review by pitgirl on 12/8/2013
    Bought the Small for my 13 pound mixed breed. He loves his new bed. The fabrics are very soft and luxurious; the padding seems quite comfortable. Great value for the price. It was hard to discern the color, as it looks different in various images; the blue grey color is really beautiful; more of a steel grey than a baby blue.
  • Wonderful Bed!
    Review by Dee on 12/3/2013
    I actually bought 2 smalls for my 15 yo Jack Russels and an extra large for my German Shephard. They love them. My GSD never really liked sleeping in any bed I got him...he would rather use the floor....but this one, he got in and sleeps in without me coaxing him. The JRT's also love theirs...They appear to really help with the age related aches and pains we all know as we get older...thank you for a great product!!
  • Dogs LOVE it!
    Review by Rebecca on 11/21/2013
    We just received our bed. I have two labs and went w/ the xxL because most people advertise that their bed is big but its not. this bed is huge! i could fit 4 labs on it easy!! my chocolate lab wouldn't get off of it so i could move it! i had to flip it over on top of him. its great. love it. would higly recommend it!
  • Review by Keri on 11/20/2013
    I bought this bed in XXL, because we have 4 dogs (weigh ranging from 35-52 lbs). They all can fit on the bed with plenty of room for at least 2 more dogs! It is larger than our love seat. Great quality. I really was impressed. The memory foam takes awhile to expand once you take it out of the packaging. Very easy to assemble. Very pleased! Look forward to doing business with you in the future
  • ?
    Review by Marty on 11/18/2013
    All three of our dogs LOVE their new Orthopedic LUX Bolstered bed! We originally bought it for our 11 1/2 year old 120 lb Italian Sheepdog Bruno but he seems more than willing (and there is enough room!) to share with his terrier mix brother Picasso and his new shepard/Retriever mix sister Scarlett. They take turns sleeping on it or all get on it together. We love it and it looks great! Also the customer service from K- ballistics has been very helpful and gone above and beyond.
  • Your majesty
    Review by Judy on 11/17/2013
    I bought this bed a couple of weeks ago for 75 lb black lab. Reviews were correct..large is plenty large for this dog. Two Cats and dog love it. In fact I have to push the cat off. . IWaiting for return of dog's loveseat which I'm trying to break him from sleeping on...that will be the trust test. This bed is durable because he likes to dig fairly hard on cloth before he sits and it's holding up fine (so far).
  • 85 lb Doberman
    Review by Sean Z on 11/17/2013
    The payment, delivery process, and customer service from k9 ballistics has been phenomenal. The ortho lux bolster bed I ordered for my young 85lb doberman has exceeded my expectations of quality and craftsmanship. The only problem I have had is my puppy doesn't want to get off his bed in the morning and his bed looks more comfortable than mine. Other than that I have highly recommended this product to my closest family members and friends.
  • Orthopedic LUC Bolstered Bed
    Review by Jack on 11/10/2013
    Awesome product! Ordered this bed for my 7 year old Golden Retriever with severe hip dysplasia and she is noticeably more comfortable. The only problem is that my second dog likes the bed too so will have to order another bed for her.
  • Happy furry friends
    Review by Lisa Deangelo on 11/8/2013
    My 100 lb Yel 6yr Lab DAKOTA loves his new bed and sleeps with his furry buddy TANK Anatolian 1yr 2mth shepherd 84.5 still growing. I wanted a bed for comfort, size, and I wanted to be able to un-zip it and wash and I got all of this with this bed not to mention the side pillow they like to rest head on a picture tells it all in which I would love to send you. Sincerely Lisa, Dakota & Tank DeAngelo
  • So comfortable!
    Review by Donald Wall on 10/29/2013
    My elderly Wheaten Terrier suffers from arthritis and joint issues. I researched the available dog beds and fixed on this one. She gets in it at bed time and hardly stirs until morning. It seems to provide her a lot of comfort and support. The product is sturdy, easy to wash and came exactly as advertised. I couldn't be happier.
  • Love Our Bed
    Review by Sara Kathryn on 10/25/2013
    I searched for an ortho bed for my 9 year old lab for weeks. Everything was so expensive. I came across this site. My lab is about 85lbs and the L is plenty big. Both of my dogs love it. Now my only problem is I need 2. The memory foam will thicken up once it is uncurled and out of the packaging. I would definitely recommend this to anyone searching for a nice ortho bed. My only complaint and it's really just a wish, is that it came in different fabrics!
  • Great Bed!!
    Review by Bill on 10/7/2013
    My 10+ year old 60 lb Beagle/Shepherd loves it! Got the large size so she dould stretch out. Great service; fast delivery; excellent quality (her last import tore out the stiches in about six months). Highly recommended!!!
  • German Shepard Owner
    Review by Amy on 9/26/2013
    I just want to say these beds are the best! My german Shepard loves his new bed he is 13 and has some issues,but he truely looks comfy on his new bed! I wish I found this site years ago and ordered it for him.
  • Jenni
    Review by Jennifer Blakebrough Raeburn on 9/17/2013
    Our lab-mix, Daisy, is now 14 years old, and quite arthritic. She loves her new bed! The quality is first rate, and we are thrilled that our sweet dog rests comfortably in her new nest.
  • Review by Trish on 9/11/2013
    My dog loves this bed!! He is a 60lb pittie mix. This bed gives him plenty of room to stretch out or curl up. I do think he likes that he can't do his dig and twirl move and cruch the bed up in a ball, but I love that. He sleeps downstairs now because he likes this bed so much. Taz is 11 and has gotten pretty arthritic..this bed has made it easier for him to lay down and easier to get up after laying for a while. Totally worth the price. I wish i had bought it sooner!
  • Satisfied
    Review by Abby Bentley on 9/1/2013
    I purchased two of the large size beds for my 80+ lb. golden retriever and german shepherd to replace their old memory foam beds. Both boys took to them immediately and seem to have no problems adjusting to the change in beds. The beds are soft and look great in the house. I would recommend this bed for any dog needing the extra padding and comfort.
  • Really a lux bed!
    Review by Karal Garcia on 8/31/2013
    Great service. Fast delivery. Excellent quality. My dog was not sure about the new bed at first so I laid down on it to show her all was well...I could have napped quite comfortably, it was so cushy! She loves it and no longer wants to get up on our bed. She is a Belgian Malinois and has room to spare in the large. Highly recommend this bed and this company!
  • Best Dog Bed I Have Ever Bought (and I've bought a lot)
    Review by Erin on 8/25/2013
    I purchased the Orthopedic Lux for my 13 year old border collie mix recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia. After a lot of research, K9 Ballistics had the best product at the best price. Roxy loves her new bed ... honestly, it's nicer than MY bed. Going to order another one soon for her 1.5 year old brother. I got the grey/black combo as my dogs are black -- looks great -- much more stylish than the ugly Costco ones.
  • Everything I hoped for and MORE!
    Review by Linea V on 8/23/2013
    Best choice I could of ever made for my elderly Yorkshire Terrier. She made herself right at home as soon as I unpacked it for her. Quality product, better than I've seen in pet stores. Definitely worth every penny!
  • everyone is sleeping better!
    Review by Lani on 8/20/2013
    We ordered the luxe memory foam bolstered bed for our 15 yr old beagle mix. She is showing signs of hip displasia and arthritis. She slept much more soundly the last 2 nights...not going from bed to floor...could even tell a difference in the way she's walking when she gets up. Wish we had gotten this sooner!! She is 27#'s and the medium is pretty large for her. She can stretch out if she wants to, but small may have been better
  • puppy love
    Review by Puppy Lover on 8/17/2013
    Our 3lb shih tzu loves this bed. I like that it is waterproof in case he has an accident. I was a little concerned about the color, I chose the blue grey, but when it arrived I loved it. It is not only soft, but very supportive for his little joints. He snuggles into the sides and it has plenty of room for him to sprawl out. It is very well made and we are very happy with our purchase. And to make it even more perfect, they included an orange ball for him to play with! Awesome bed!!!
  • DogMom
    Review by Ruthe on 8/16/2013
    Excellent quality. Just what I was looking for in hard to find plush black. All three girls love them too.
  • Great for older dogs!
    Review by Megan Bracy on 8/14/2013
    We bought this bed for our 7 year old English Mastiff. She is starting to have joint problems and needs a really comfortable place to rest. This bed is wonderful! I also love how easy it is to remove the cover and bolster...and both are machine washable! We couldn't be happier with this bed.
  • perfection
    Review by Donna Gabriele on 8/10/2013
    GReat mattress, very comfortable, easy to assemble! I would definitely recommend this bed!
  • Not durable
    Review by Mary on 7/28/2013
    My 1 yr old dog chewed through the zipper in the first night. I paid so much for the bed and it was not built to last. He was able to tear a hole in the filling and made a mess. Also he seems to prefer a smaller sized bed because he rarely sleeps on it.
  • Arthritic dog
    Review by Sue S. on 7/21/2013
    My 13 pound Rat Terrier is 18 years old. She has joint issues. She has always had her own bed, but lately no amount of pawing and circling seemed to make her comfortable. I purchased the small, bolster sided bed. She likes the bolstered side. She has never been a crate dog and has always felt comfortable on our furniture. It has been in use for about 8 days. No problems with delivery (ordered on Friday, received on Tuesday). No problems with assembly.It is a solid foam pad, not a fill.
  • Kennel Owner/Operator
    Review by Dee on 7/18/2013
    My dogs love the bolstered bed. I bought it for my 11.5 year old GSD, however, it seems that both of my two year old GSD's love it. It is large enough for the both of them to enjoy. Thank you, it is beautiful and there is enough room for me to snuggle with them as well.
  • Outstanding Product
    Review by Nicole Reed on 7/10/2013
    I ordered the xxl Ortho LUX bolstered bed for my dobie. From the minute the bed arrived he loved it! I was so impressed with quality &craftsmanship of the bed that I just order the xl size for another room in the house. I had some questions regarding my purchases and the staff could not have been more prompt and helpful in addressing. I would recommend this bed to anyone who wants nothing but best for their dog!
  • Review by Ruth L. on 7/7/2013
    I ordered the ortopedic lux bolstered bed for my 10 year old dog. She loved it instantly, and so did we. It is very well made, sturdy and you can feel the memory foam through the plush "sherpa" that lines the bed. I immediately ordered a 2nd bed for our house in the country. I think these beds are the bargain of the century. I did a lot of research and feel that the equivalent bed at Orvis would be well over $200. This is just a beautiful, functional and well-made product.
  • Don't laugh...
    Review by Nina on 6/19/2013
    I bought the medium LUX bed for my dog, pixie. Over the past week, I noticed my kids started using it like a pillow when they watch TV. I can't blame them, this thing is comfortable. So, I went a head and bought an XL for them! The three of them lay on it using the bolster as a pillow. New product? maybe (not)? either way awesome bed.
  • Best Value
    Review by Jayden S. on 6/19/2013
    You would think this bed cuts corners on quality because it's cheaper than some of the competitors beds but let me tell you this is, by far, the nicest bed we've ever bought. Already washed the cover once because my son spilled juice on it...came out looking like new. Highly recommend
  • Item is just as anticipated
    Review by Susan on 6/18/2013
    As usual coming from K9 Ballistics, this item is just as anticipated. I purchased the x-large dog bed for my larger dog. I should have bought a medium one too, for my smaller dog, because she LOVES it and won't let the bigger one in it.
  • Thanks for the great customer service
    Review by Jules on 6/17/2013
    I ordered an XL orthopedic bolster be for our 4 year old Lab, The bed was wonderful, however the size was huge. We called K9 and Jodi in customer service was great. She promptly shipped me out a large size and refunded me the difference. It was very easy and I appreciate the help. I will be ordering all our dog beds from you guys. Truly a great company
  • Awesome
    Review by Linda on 6/14/2013
    I just received our bolstered bed today. It's Awesome!!!! Bruno loves it, the material is sooooo soft and the bed looks so good in my house. A big thanks from Bruno and me.

30 Day Warranty

If you discover any manufacturer defect on this product, not inclusive of damage made by a dog, you'll be covered under our warranty. This one-time warranty is good for up to 30 days from the day that K9 Ballistics shipped out your purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LUX Faux Fur™ and LUX Microsuede™?

All of our LUX faux (not from real animals) furs are 100% polyester fibers, making them extremely stain resistant and very durable — nearly anything will wash out of these furs. LUX Faux Fur™ is made just for us with a special backing that removes most stretch and stiffens the fabric adding loft, durability, and serious strength.

Our LUX Microsuede material is a thick polyester bonded to a woven layer of knitted poly-fibers. This bonding process adds strength to the already strong fabric. Because this fabric is polyester it has all of the resilience of a washable, synthetic furniture grade material, while remaining extremely soft to the touch. The thickness of the fabric gives it body and loft, making our beds look fluffier and more crisp, and because it breathes so well, no comfort is sacrificed.

Is this bed machine washable?

Yes this bed is machine washable, though we recommend air drying. To wash, simply remove the cover from the mattress and then wash on a cold gentle cycle with the detergent of your choice. Do not put this bed in a machine dryer, as the heat and friction will weaken the material and shorten its lifespan

Can this bed be used both indoors and outdoors?

We designed the LUX Series™ covers for indoor use, and do not recommend them for outdoor use. The polyester fiber material can attract dirt more quickly than our TUFF Bed Series™, and will require more frequent cleanings. That said, many customers use this bed in covered back patios, and it suits their dog's needs perfectly.

Is this bed hypoallergenic?

Yes this bed is hypoallergenic because we use 100% synthetic fiber construction from the cover down to the stuffing inside the mattress. The sythetic fibers used in this cover prohibit dust mite invasions, and make life difficult for mold spores as well. These allergens require organic fibers to build their homes, and this cover uses a 100% synthetic fiber construction. Dust mites beware!

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is designed to immediately conform to your body and relieve pressure. Its great for puppies to help prevent future problems or older dogs that may be suffering form ailments like hip dysplasia. Memory foam quality is measured in pounds per square foot, the heavier the foam the higher the mattress quality. Our memory foam density is rated at 4.5 lbs / sq. ft.

Is this bed chew resistant?

We designed the LUX Series beds for serious comfort for your dog, and should be enjoyed by mild mannered canines who don't chew up their bedding. This bed is not chew resistant. Our synthetic fiber covers are tough and will outlast similar luxury style beds under normal use scenarios. Chewers, diggers, and scratchers will find this cover a tasty appetizer before digging into the main course: a messy mattress. We've found this bed to be a great reward for dogs who have learned to stop chewing and take care of their things.

Why do you cover your memory foam with a waterproof cover?

Waterproof inner covers are designed to protect the integrity of the foam inside. They help as a first barrier of defense against moisture. Moisture that may come from a wet dog, humid conditions, puppy accidents, or an older dog that may be incontinent.


Size Guide

We recommend measuring your dog and comparing it to the dimensions of our beds to ensure the perfect size; every dog is unique. Measure your dog with a tape measure from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail. This is the minimum length you should consider for your pup's bed.