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Read our 120 Day Warranty

Chew Proof Rating


Moderate Chewers & Scratchers

Built K9 Tough, resisting 90% of chewing dogs, good for almost any dog. Backed by our 90 Day Warranty, these are the bed covers our business was built on. Reduced seams and strategic seam placement reduce weak spots and if our proprietary Tough flex Ballistic material wasn’t tough enough, we've upgraded it with Rip-Stop technology! These pads are water resistant, odor resistant, hair resistant, and machine washable. These are some of the most practical and long lasting beds available anywhere.


ripstop tough cover for dog beds

RipStop Ballistic Material™

The chew-proof ballistic material with rip-stop tech avoids tears, and prevents growth if they start. It is just one more detail that makes these beds tough as nails (and tougher than teeth!)

double stitched seam dog bed

Reinforced Seams

We're proud to say our interior seams are double stitched and serged. This prevents snags, fraying, and damage from chewing.

Additionally, we include a layer of material at the bed's corners. Corners are the first things to go when a dog decides to start chewing. By reinforcing this weak point, we greatly increase the life of the bed.

double stitched seam dog bed

Reduced Seam Construction

Right after corners, seams are the weak spots which dogs exploit most frequently in beds. By reducing the number of seams on a bed fewer temptations present themselves, and therefore reduce the risk of demolition!

water resistant dog bed

Repels Dirt, Hair, and Moisture

Tightly woven synthetic fibers make this bed chew proof, and also resistant to a wide array of other damaging forces. Water, dirt, hair, and muck simply don't cling to the bed and can be easily wiped away; after wiping with a damp cloth the bed often looks as good as new!

machine washable dog beds

Machine Washable

Accidents happen, it's a fact of life; Murphey's law if you will. Having a machine washable dog bed helps clean up those accidents quickly and easily. For those messes that do not wipe away, let the machine washer do the work.

We recommend washing with cold water on a gentle cycle, and then air drying. The heat and friction of a machine dryer could shorten the lifespan of the bed, and we want our products to last as long as possible!

odor resistant dog bed

Synthetic Fibers Resist Odors

The extremely dense synthetic fiber weave of our Ballistic Material not only stops moisture, but also odors! Dirt, grime, and even mold spores have a tough time sticking to the bed cover, and when these elements can't stick around neither can the smell.

odor resistant dog bed

Hypoallergenic Material

Dust mites cause a large number of allergic reactions for dogs. Mold and mildew spores can also trigger allergic reactions. The sythetic fibers used in this cover prohibit dust mite invasions, and make life difficult for mold spores as well. These allergens require organic fibers to build their homes, and this cover uses a 100% synthetic fiber construction. Dust mites beware!


Our Warranty for the Tough Crate Pad

If your dog chews through the cover, it is covered under our warranty. We will send out, free of charge, one replacement bed cover (not including bed fill). This one-time warranty is good for up to 90 days from the day that K9 Ballistics shipped out your purchase.

If you notice any damage of our product resulting from chewing or scratching, we recommend immediately removing the bed from your dog's access. Some dogs like to eat their bedding, so for your animals' health we recommend waiting to reintroduce the bed when the replacement cover arrives and/or when the dog grows out of the chewing phase.

How to Process a warranty Claim

What we need to process a warranty is:
1. An email sent by the person who placed the order (usually you) with your name and address
2. A photo of the damage (you can also include a photo of the culprit if you like). You do not need to send us your bed or cover.

Send email with pictures to here. It usually takes us five to seven business days to get back to you.

Warranty can be enacted just once. If you do not wish to enact your warranty, we can refund you 50% of the cost of the item provided that a picture of the damage is sent to us.

Rip-Stop Engineering
Machine Washable
Third-party Tested
Dog & Vet Inspired Design
Covered by 120 Day Warranty

Description & Features

Chew Resistant Dog Beds

For diggers, scratchers & light to moderate chewers.
(for heavy persistent chewers click here)

Built to perform for dogs that are tough on their beds. We engineered a crate pad that will hold up to pups that like to dig, scratch and chew. Water, hair and dirt resistant our beds are designed, engineered and built to last a lifetime. Specially engineered anchor points for fastening to standard size crates. Easy spot clean or machine washable. America's best-selling crate pad.

  • 120 Day Warranty
  • K9 Ballistic Rip-Stop Proprietary Fabric™
  • K9 Triple Stitched Overlock Seams™
  • Multiple anchor point tie downs
  • K9 Waterproof Membrane™
  • K9 Multi-Season Use™ Indoor & Outdoor
  • Filled with K9 Certified Clean™ Recycled Polyfill insulation for comfort
  • 3rd Party Tested For Tear Strength, Abrasion Resistance & Washability™
  • K9 USA Promise™: Designed, Engineered & Assembled In The USA

    Comfort You Can Trust

    Filled with K9 Certified Clean™ Recycled Polyfill, this crate pad is perfect for dogs that like to scratch or dig before laying down.


    Dependability, Quality & Care

    We believe in the life-changing possibilities between pet and parent and are dedicated to enriching this bond with high-quality, stress-free dog products.

    This K9 Ballistic Tough Crate Pad™ is backed by our 120 day warranty. Click here to reach our customer care team to answer any question you may have.

    Discover why K9 Dog Beds™ makes the best dog beds in the world.

    Whether you're taking your dog in the car, staying at home, going on a camping trip or on other travels, he will have a comfortable place to crash. These crate pads are versatile and practical dog beds with many applications. They are covered in a heavy duty hard wearing 100% ballistic water resistant material which is easy to keep clean. You can brush off loose dirt, wipe with a wet cloth and then rinse under a running tap, hose, or machine wash. Sewn closed and filled with a soft bonded pad of Thermal Polyester Fiber to give warmth, insulation & comfort. Tough Velvet pads feature an additional layer of polyester fibers adhered to the underlying RipStop nylon, which provides a softer, quieter sleeping surface for your pup. This plush surface may attract more dirt and fur than traditional Tough material, and is optimal for indoor use only.

    Due to the thickness of the pads, personalized embroidery is not available for the Tough Bed Crate Pad. If your dog simply demands his name be prominently displayed, then try the Nesting Tough Bed!

    • Good past experience, this time not great
      Review by Daniel on 7/16/2019
      Ive purchased from you guys in the past and it worked great. Unfortunately this time the dog ripped through the corner in an hour.
    • Great customer service
      Review by Sheila on 7/15/2019
      I love the snow camo pattern. The customer service at k9 ballistics is terrific and I will recommend them to others. My dog has destroyed every bed I’ve bought him within a day; k9 ballistics gave me some helpful tips to make this one last
    • Great material
      Review by Kate Spitz on 7/14/2019
      I have three dogs, all rescues. All of them are diggers, two are chewers (and crated when we're not home). All three share an extra large K9 Ballistics dog bed I bought two years ago. I bought two of these crate pads. Starting at the top, the color of the pads is great (I ordered the blue). The material is tough but looks nice in our living room (where we keep the crates). I've had them for two weeks, and not a bit of damage--and my dogs are crated every day. I was a bit worried from reading other reviews that my heavy chewer would get at the corner loops on his pad, but either he hasn't noticed them yet or they are too small and uninteresting for him to bother with. My really fierce digger hasn't managed to do any damage to her crate pad, which is no surprise. I've had her and my other uncrated digger scraping madly at their K9 bed for YEARS and there has been no damage.

      I expect these pads will hold up just as well as their bed has. They have so far. My experience with the bed for anyone who hasn't purchased something in this material is that it is completely indestructible. And two of my dogs are former street dogs from Puerto Rico with no manners ;). One has destroyed a couch with his chewing and the other has dug up an eight-foot flower bed. But the K9 bed still looks brand new. AND, they love it. All three of them squeeze onto it every night. Best dog-related purchase I've ever made.

      Another note about the crate pads: I feel like the color choices now are much better than they were a few years ago. It's a small thing, but when the crates are in the living room, like mine are, it's nice to be able to match the pads to the other furniture.

      My only wish is that these crate pads were offered with a bolster. My dogs' old pads (which were chewed up and shredded) had bolsters, and they loved them. I'd come home and they'd be snuggled up against the pillowy side of the pad. Just an idea.

      I highly recommend these crate pads (and the dogs beds in general). Fantastic material.
    • Good bed but not exactly chew proof
      Review by Ellen on 7/10/2019
      My dog is in the process of crate training. He chewed holes in it Day one.
    • Recommend for dogs that don’t chew
      Review by Derrick on 7/8/2019
      This bed came highly recommended by everyone we asked. Make no mistake, it’s a really nice bed. But, our Doberman destroyed it in 3 days.
    • Ideal for minor chewer
      Review by Dore on 6/21/2019
      K9 Ballistics TUFF Bed Crate Pad seems ideal for my minor chewer. I bought two. One for home and one for travel.

      So far seems durable.
    • Great Pad
      Review by Zach on 6/21/2019
      Our anxious dog (medium sized 35 lb) shredded her bed in her kennel. We came home to a crate full of foam. We needed something more robust. This pad fit the bill. After a few weeks, it's still intact. However, the nylon webbing used to cable tie the pad to the crate did not withstand the first 30 minute use. She chewed right through. That's a small complaint on an overall great pad.
    • Great pad
      Review by H on 6/21/2019
      The pad is exactly what I wanted....great for inside the house and outside on the patio...good quality for the price...and most importantly my dog loved it right from the
    • Great Experience!!
      Review by Donna on 6/20/2019
      I went through 2 crate pads with my puppy. The first one lasted for almost 6 months before he destroyed it. Brought another one and he destroyed that in 3 days. When I bought the K9 Ballistic crate pad, I was so happy with it because it lasted almost 30 days. Unfortunately, Bowie managed to chew a big hole in. I emailed customer services and was expecting a lot of hassle, but they immediately contacted me and sent me a replacement!! Oh my goodness!!!!!! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Never encountered customer service like this before. It's a shame it's only a 5 bone rating - I would give this company a 10 bone rating!!
    • No match for a persistent German Shepherd Pup
      Review by Jim on 6/20/2019
      The bed is a beautiful, vibrant bed. It was not a match for our persistent German Shepherd, Tina Turner. She became obsessed with making a hole in it and, after 2 weeks has succeeded in making two holes. She has not yet destroyed it, so it's a huge hit above her first 4 beds.
    • Extremely pleased
      Review by Kate on 6/19/2019
      Extremely pleased - it is now 4 weeks and my 1 yr old chew-monster has not been able to destroy her K9 crate pad. This appears to be the correct solution! Thank you !
    • Great bed!
      Review by Denise on 6/18/2019
      This bed came in a timely manner. It is soft and fits the crate perfectly. I love the ties that come with so the bed is secure and my girl can't grab at it. She loves it! It cleans nicely and the hair comes right off when I vacuum it or even wipe it. Great bed. Hopefully she can have this a long time. Other beds she keeps fine for a couple months then chews the corners. We will see, but I think this one will last, better quality for sure.
    • Great product
      Review by Ivette on 6/17/2019
      It’s been 3 weeks and so far she has tried but no damage as of yet
    • Crate Pad
      Review by Jack on 6/17/2019
      The dog chewed off the tabs to hold the pad in the kennel in the first hour. The bed is holding up, but since It can’t be tied down, not sure what will happen.
    • STURDY bed!
      Review by Valerie on 6/16/2019
      A sturdy bed for a moderate chewing border collie ! He was curious about material at first, then he settled into it. There was one downside as he chewed and ate one of the black anchor point tie downs (so just be aware). Besides that it is in excellent condition and pup sleeps throughout the night!
    • Best on the market.
      Review by Bev on 6/16/2019
      TMhis is a review of the bed and the pad; this is 2nd purchase of bed & crate pad combo for me. I buy size med. bed & smal pad & put pad on bed with tie-downs. My "Staffie" has demoshed all past bedding. She doesn't even try to bite on K9s. She also loves the beds. I have one upstairs & one dowstairs for her. Best bed on the market.
    • Game changer, finally a crate pad that lasts
      Review by Buster’s mom on 6/16/2019
      I wish I had found these a year ago. We rescued a beagle puppy last summer and he destroyed every crate pad and bed we got him, even the ‘tough/durable’ brands. He is a heavy chewer and would chew the corners and pull out all stuffing inside within days. I decided to give this a try because I was spending too much in replacing crate pads. The bed is great quality but the best feature for me has been that it connects to the crate. This prevents him from getting to the corners and eating them. I’ve had one for 3 months and recent bought a second for his travel crate. No damage to either of them. They are also slim enough the crate will fold with it in, so it makes traveling easy.
    • It's not perfect, but it's pretty close!
      Review by Winnie's Mom on 6/14/2019
      My dog will destroy anything that is in her crate with her. It took her about 3 months to finally dig/chew a chunk out of the one corner of the crate pad. K9 Ballistics sent us a new one since it was within the warranty. My dog has not destroyed this one, and we can even still use the old one. I think the material deters her from wanting to put the effort into chewing/digging at it. The bed material has gotten softer after 2 years of using and washing it.
    • Heavy chewer crate pad survived!!!
      Review by lauren on 6/13/2019
      I bought this crate pad as a last resort. I have a year and a half old American Pit Bull that is more goat than anything. He eats tree limbs and has eaten the end off of my deck steps. For the past year he has been sleeping on a piece of plywood in his create at night as I gave up on beds and blankets because in the morning they would be chewed and partially gone only to show up a day or so later. He was a dog that was dumped at my house and I feel bad for him but have been unable to break him of the habit. This pad has so far been great! He tried the first night to claw it up and eat it, but he failed. I can't believe that this has survived him so far. In the morning, he is happily sleeping and seems to enjoy it. I would recommend this product to anyone with a heavy chewer. Can't say enough! Thanks
    • Quality! Looks Great..... but didn’t survive the first night
      Review by Lou on 6/10/2019
      Received Kimbers crate pad yesterday. Thought to myself finally I won’t have to clean stuffing up anymore!!! Put her in her crate around 10pm last night. 4am.... she had already tore the side open and pulled the stuffing out.... guess nothing is indestructible to this pup....
    • Fabric is very thick but no match for my beastly Basenji
      Review by Kathleen on 6/9/2019
      Although the quality of this crate pad appears excellent, my dog ate a hole through it in about a week. He’s quite persistent.
    • Most durable bed ever purchased
      Review by Christina on 6/7/2019
      I have gone through over a dozen beds with my pit/boxer mix who LOVES to chew. This bed, though now in shreds, lasted the longest. I bought the first crate pad back in 2017, and it took a few months for sir chews-a-lot to make a hole in one side where he got the zip tie off. I took advantage of the amazing warranty and got a replacement for free. I received the replacement and changed the posution of the zip ties to go UNDER the crate and voila! I thought he would NEVER rip it. That was January of 2018. The crate pad replacement probably lasted a lottle less than a year until chewy mcchewers was able to successfully find another loop hole and rip the pad in half. All in all, for the price and the warranty i would certainly recommend trying it out - it atleast will last way longer than any bed you can find in a store
    • Good not great
      Review by Gloria on 6/7/2019
      5 month old black lab puppy has been able to weaken one area on rim of crate pad. Not a true hole just yet. He's had it about a week. I was hoping for better. Waiting to see if he is able to do more damage .
    • 5 BONES
      Review by Rex on 6/7/2019
      Best bed I've ever used.To this point no chewing,Sprayed the edges with Bitter Apple when I first put it in the crate.NO CHEWING ISSUES.
      per Stonnie Dennis
      per Cesar Millan
    • Great!
      Review by Beth on 6/7/2019
      This is the best crate pad/bed we have found. It is cushy , cozy and very durable. Big golden retriever chewers, like ours, can’t chew threw it. We love it and so do our dogs!
    • Great Travel bed
      Review by RaeAnn on 6/6/2019
      Great tough little crate pad. My German Shepherd loves jumping on it and mouthing it. She doesn’t really bite it just likes the sound and feel of the fabric. I like it cause I take it with me and use it in crate in car or kennel in house or put it on the floor or out on the grass.
    • Best crate pads!
      Review by Judy on 6/5/2019
      These are great crate pads and the company is wonderful about honoring the warranty (which we had to use only once out of four beds)! I particularly like how easy they are to clean—our Newfoundland sheds like crazy but the hair does not stick to the crate pad and is very easy to vacuum and wash in the washing machine. I even put it in the dryer (although the company does not recommend that) and it has held up with bi-weekly washing and drying for over two years.
    • Good Bed - Dog was able to chew some of the corners off, but still more durable than anything else I have had.
      Review by Karin on 5/31/2019
      This bed is tougher than any I have used so far. But after a few hours in the crate - my dog was able to chew off a corner and get some of the stuffing out. Has chewed up tow corners now, BUT due to the construction it's not a lot of damage and the dog seems to have given up. I may just sew up the corners on my own. Overall good bed, the sections make it so if the dog does get into the stuffing they can't get into a lot of it, which I am glad form. My dog has destroyed pads and blankets that I worried about his safety as he ate what he destroyed. Also after trying to chew it up a few times, and not getting far he seems to have given up so I am happy about that.
    • Great bed.
      Review by Mack on 5/30/2019
      She chewed and scratched until she got frustrated, and tired, then fell asleep on it. Great quality and construction.
    • Another well made product from K9 Ballistics
      Review by DIANE on 5/30/2019
      My active one-year old usually destroys crate pads by pulling up the corners and chewing them apart. I loved watching her get frustrated when she was unable to pull the corners of this pad because they are tied down with zip-lock cables. She has also been unsuccessful at scratching through the tough fabric. This was my second purchase from K9 Ballistics and I am now a very loyal customer.
    • I'l be a repeat customer
      Review by scuba ande on 5/27/2019
      I have a 5 month old vizsla who is teething and I've had this bed for a week. So far, it's lasted longer, without getting ripped opening, than the previous two beds I bought. It also held up well when he peed on it, didn't soak into and through the pad. It's only been 1 week but I'm pretty impressed. It's takes awhile to dry but that's understandable given the fabric and washing on a low spin, gentle cycle. I might be buying a second one soon for another area of my house.
    • Excellent product so far.
      Review by Judith on 5/24/2019
      So far this pad for my dogs crate has been great. She has not been able to chew any holes in it. It is holding up very, very well.
    • My Dog Didn't Read the Warranty
      Review by Lou on 5/24/2019
      Ordered the K9 Ballistic Tough Dog Crate in red for our pup Titan who is a German Shepherd mix and a chewer. It held up great for 6 months and 3 weeks then the pup chewed a hole in it! Just a few weeks earlier and the warranty would have been in place. Ah well, I guess pups can't read the warranty. . .or can they?:)
    • Great product
      Review by Kathryn on 5/23/2019
      We have had the product for two weeks and our pup has not made any visible tears or scratches. I really appreciate the zip ties to secure the pad to the bottom of the crate so that it can not be lifted or moved by our dog.
    • Love it!
      Review by Sheryl on 5/22/2019
      So far my Emma Vee, 1/2 Boxer and 1/2 English Bulldog has not been able to chew through her new K9 Ballistic dog crate pad!
      Review by Matthew on 5/22/2019
      Use the zip ties that come with the bed. By ziptying it to the cage the dog is unable to move the bed to chew on it. The material also makes it impossible for him to scratch through! Great bed so far!
    • Great Product
      Review by Stephanie on 5/22/2019
      Good product that doesn’t take up too much room in your crate. Be sure to measure your dimensions to get the right size crate pad. Only thing I’d suggest is to really look at the colors if you’re trying to match something.
    • Great
      Review by Jane on 5/20/2019
      This is my 3rd crate bed. My pups dad still has his and now she is spirting one of her own. Only thing I found so far that stands up to a working GSD personality
    • Nice bed but not strong enough for a light chewer.
      Review by Jennifer on 5/19/2019
      I received my dogs crate mat and put it in her crate around 10:30 in the morning. I came home at 2:30p to let my dogs out for lunch and she had already chewed a large hole in the side and pulled some fluff out. I had to remove from her crate.
    • Best Dog Bed Purchase
      Review by McKenzie on 5/17/2019
      I absolutely love this crate bed. My dog is an aggressive chewer/digger and she has not destroyed this bed. She actually really likes it and will go lay i her crate without us telling her to. Will definitely be buying and referring people to K9 Ballistics in the future.
    • Overall, good product.
      Review by Emily on 5/17/2019
      This is our second Dog Crate bed--and the only thing our dog has managed to chew off is one of the tabs that help anchor the bed to the crate. This didn't happen with the first bed--I think the tab just wasn't stitched as securely this time.
    • Fabric is noisy
      Review by MLY on 5/17/2019
      This is a very well made chew proof crate pad. Our power chewer 4 month old GSD does not chew on this pad. The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because the fabric is very noisy. This pad will work great used on our porch this summer but is disruptive if used in a crate in the bedroom.
    • Money well spent!
      Review by Heidi on 5/16/2019
      So far, I’m very pleased! This is the first bed that’s lasted a full week in Jack’s kennel. Normally, a bed lasts only a day or two without losing ALL of its stuffing...
    • Sweet Monster Girl Can't Destroy It!
      Review by Eva on 5/16/2019
      We recently adopted a Rottweiler mix from a local shelter and within a few days realized she was a heavy chewer. I foolishly spent money of fluffy, plush bedding initially that was destroyed in seconds, and even sad towels were no match for her. I got the medium crate pad and a couple weeks in she has yet to even attempt to rip into it. I've seen her mouth it a few times but nothing sticks for her and she moves on. I'm not sure what is is but I'm SO HAPPY! Now my sweet monster girl has a cozy bed to nest in and I don't have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on bedding that she will destroy!
    • Mys Dogs and myself love your crate mat.
      Review by Carol on 5/15/2019
      I've tried many different types of dog beds and crate pads I am very pleased with the one I purchased from you. I will continue to purchase my dog beds from you.
    • Bummed it didn’t hold up to an occasional chewer.
      Review by Mr. N on 5/14/2019
      The pad is a nice material and put together well. Our dog seemed to enjoy sleeping on it. She doesn’t chew often but unfortunately when she does she chews hard. Took her 2 hours to chew through one corner where it attaches to the crate. Seems she found the weak spot in the design. Great crate pad for gentle chewers but didn’t hold up for our lab.
    • Corner tie downs worked brilliantly
      Review by Arthur on 5/14/2019
      New bed works great! Hasn't been able to chew it, especially after we got one that fit perfectly in her crate and we could use the corner tie downs.

      The only downside is this bed is hard to wash. Ran it three times through the washer, tried to hand clean it as well, and it still wasn't totally clean. But hey, that's my dog's fault for being such a muddy mess after every single hike we do...
    • Excellent as crate pad & basic bed
      Review by Louise on 5/14/2019
      These pads are well made, & my dogs love sleeping on them. I have 1 dog who will chew ANY type of bedding. She has chewed open just 1 corner on a couple of these pads. But the pads are still useable. I now put "bitter apple" or "yuck" solution on just the edges of the corners, & even super chewer now stopped chewing. These pads take a lot of abuse & are still useable. Excellent!
    • Okay...not great
      Review by David on 5/14/2019
      Lasted w weeks before my labradoodle crewed through it. Ugh.
    • Chewed hole in crate bed in 3 days, company did replace it
      Review by Michelle on 5/13/2019
      She chewed a hole in her crate bed within 3 days and it was installed properly with zip ties. It was replaced immediately and we have not given her the new one yet
    • Great bed for the toughest of chewers.
      Review by Brandon on 5/13/2019
      I’ve had my K9 Ballistic bed for roughly a week now. I anchored it to the bottom of my German Sheps kennel, she pulled the zip ties off and created a small hole the size of a pen. Since then she has not tried to destroy it. I’ve gone through 4 different dog beds and this is by far the best and most successful for my working dog.
    • Great, could be better
      Review by Eric on 5/13/2019
      She's not destroyed it yet. I think the tie downs and fabric have saved it. Not as cushy as I'd like, but soft enough. Definitely durable, she's not getting through that tonight*
    • Great for about 3 weeks then destroyed
      Review by Ashia on 5/12/2019
      It was a great bed for just about three weeks and then my dog chewed at the corner and has pretty much destroyed it. For an $80 bed I expected a little more and was disappointed it was chewed through so fast. I've had toys last longer...it's still usable but overall I wouldn't buy again.
    • High recommendation
      Review by Sylvia on 5/12/2019
      So far so good... I've had the pad in use with my dog for just over a week oh, and she has not turn it up or has not been able to do any damage to it. As long as that keeps up I am very very happy with it.
    • Love this bed!
      Review by Tanisha on 5/12/2019
      I bought this bed because my dog made so much noise in his kennel. He had chewed up every blanket we put in there, so I was nervous about this bed. Weeks later and he hasn’t been able to chew it at all! I think it really helps that there are zip ties to help keep it down. I love this bed, it has been everything we hoped for!!
    • Amazing! Last bed we will need
      Review by Adam on 5/12/2019
      This is the first bed my bloodhound hasn't ate within a few hours. We have been extremely impressed. after putting it in his crate he gladly goes inside it now. K9 ballistics will be the only beds we use from now on.
    • Better than a two pound bag of twizzlers at three in the morning!
      Review by Patches Dad. on 5/8/2019
      My little Corgi is a demon chewer. This is the only thing that has worked for her kennel. She loves it and so do we! Worth more than a bag of bones. Buy it!
    • Well then held up the first week or so and then going into the second week he chewed a small hole in two places I sprayed some repellent of dog off on it and he stop chewing it so let's hope that works overall I love it
      Review by Nancy on 5/6/2019
      I would definitely recommend this product to anybody else that has a dog that chews everything it's a pretty durable material
    • This is an excellent product. Dont waste money anywhere else.
      Review by Michael on 5/6/2019
      My dog loves it. The tie downs are genius.
    • Our dog loves her crate even more than before.
      Review by Joani on 5/5/2019
      It's just what we needed! Great product!
    • Performs Well
      Review by Bill on 5/5/2019
      I purchase this about 4 weeks ago and K9 Ballistic Tough Dog Crate Pad has performed well. My dog, a Border Terrier Mix, who loves to chew on stuff has not chewed through this mat. He seems to like it. I do leave a chew toy in the crate with him while I am gone which is up to 6 hours. I do not use the tie downs so that he can move the bed around. He goes into the crate without any issues. So far the product has performed well.
    • Not invincible, but holds up better than others we've tried.
      Review by Mark on 5/5/2019
      He chewed a small hole in it after 2 days, but it has lasted longer than any other dog bed we've had. It's still usable.
    • Fantastic Beds!
      Review by Lorelei on 5/4/2019
      Our 3 month old chocolate lab is a chewer, but he loves this bed! He tried to chew it a little, but now just loves to sleep on it. Our 2 1/2 year old chocolate lab has had her bed since she was a baby and it is still 8n great shape! They clean well. I would highly recommend these beds!
    • It's scratch-proof!
      Review by Janet on 5/3/2019
      I am very pleased with this crate pad and expect it to hold up well. The description said, "for diggers, scratchers & light to moderate chewers." My Beagle is a "scratcher," and he hasn't hurt this pad at all. Paws up for a great product!
    • Awesome and totally surprised lol
      Review by Katie on 5/3/2019
      My dog Hunter is a leopard catahoula and he has destroyed all of his beds but this one he has not been able to!!!! I was a little skeptical buying but sure glad i did!
    • Fabulous!
      Review by Patti on 5/2/2019
      Fabulous bed - very comfy & very study! It's the 3rd one we own! Love it!!!!!!!!!
    • Good while it lasted
      Review by Samantha on 5/2/2019
      Awesome bed for the couple of weeks it lasted. My 3yr old pit bull proved to me again that he can’t be trusted with a bed in his crate longer than just over night to sleep. The loops in the corner that are suppose to attach to his crate with the ties must of really been bothering him because he already chew 2 loops off and made it to the inside stuffing of the bed already.
    • excellent solution
      Review by Rick on 5/2/2019
      It is working - dog has not been able to chew it.
    • Best I’ve found so far, but still not 100% puppy proof
      Review by Hailey on 5/2/2019
      My Doberman loves his bed and has been sleeping so well but my hound mix has already chewed little holes into the sides. The first hole showed up about 4 days into them having the beds. They are smaller holes than what he usually creates but he was able to break through the material pretty quickly.
    • Great Product
      Review by LJK on 5/2/2019
      High quality bed, fit the crate perfectly. Used the reusable tie wraps to secure to the cage however our Rottweiler was able to release the ties at three places. I caught the first two and was able to secure a second time, the third one he found the tag used to secure and chewed it off and made a small hole in the bed. No fault of the product this is the sixth bed and multiple blankets he has chewed.
    • #SO89592
      Review by Matt on 4/30/2019
      The next day after we got it delivered, out dog chewed up the crate pad,but K9 replaced it.and so far so good,this pad for about two weeks and it's still in one piece.
    • Order #SO86368 and #SO88055 2 - K9 Ballistic Tough Crate Pad™ Color: Blue, Size: Small (35"x 23"x 1.5")
      Review by Christine on 4/30/2019
      We LOVE the Tough Dog Crate Pads we ordered. We ordered 2 of them and the our dogs seem to love them too. They have not been able to destroy these at all. Thank you, K9!!!!
    • Digger approved!
      Review by Elizabeth on 4/30/2019
      My 2 year old French Bulldog Lily went through a dozen beds easily before I found K9 Ballistics. Most didn't even last a day before I had stuffing all over the living room. Now I have the bolster bed which she hasn't managed to ruin and the crate pad. She loves them and uses them constantly but no amount of digging, and she can dig, has made a dent in either one.
    • We love it !!!
      Review by Pam on 4/29/2019
      Our dog kept destroying beds and K9 Ballistics was recommended to us. It was becoming a joke how many beds he had destroyed. He is a mini dachshund puppy full of life and energy. So far we love it and he hasn’t been able to destroy it - that’s a PLUS! Worth the $$
    • Best Crate pad ever made.
      Review by Cynthia on 4/28/2019
      The tough crate pad has held up tony puppy chewing. She has come to realize she can not chew it apart and enjoys lying in her crate with her toys.
    • Not great for pit bulls
      Review by Emily on 4/28/2019
      My dog destroyed it in 2 days.
    • Only dog beds to buy!
      Review by Karen on 4/28/2019
      These beds are great and I have bought them in the past.
    • his teeth just can't get purchase on this ballistic crate pad! (and that's a good thing)
      Review by Colleen on 4/26/2019
      My lab puppy has chewed through so many dog beds and crate pads ... with this one, he can't find a good place to get hold of (make sure and zip tie it! the system really works!) and therefore he can NOt chew it to pieces!! Great support team at Ballistics as well. Very responsive.
    • Holds Up To The Dog And The Washing Machine
      Review by Vince on 4/25/2019
      Happy with this pad. My dog is well past the chewing stage now, but I like the way it cleans up in the washing machine. It would be better if it had a bit more fill in it to provide more comfort for the dog.
    • Time will tell
      Review by Geoff on 4/25/2019
      So far so good. Our 11 month old Australian Shepherd usually chews anything soft within minutes. Hasn't tried yet and enjoys sleeping on it. Time will tell, but overall quality of the product is impressive.
    • Didn’t work for us
      Review by Charlotte the pup on 4/25/2019
      We had the bed about a week before our dog chewed it up a bit. This is an impressive amount of time, but it wasn’t indestructible. They did send us a new one, but that one won’t last either and then we’re out $80. Oh well.
    • Thrilled with my purchase!!!
      Review by Mary on 4/25/2019
      I am absolutely thrilled to have purchased this bed. I love the material that it is made from and I also love the corner secured ties to the kennel. I have an 80 pound Redbone coon hound who has suffered from severe separation anxiety. She went through several blankets a very expensive nice soft bed and I had almost given up being able to help her be comfortable. My new bed from K9ballistics was the answer to my prayers. She absolutely loves being in her kennel and is very happy.
    • Thicker toopool
      Review by Janet on 4/24/2019
      I previously bought a bed and it worked out great but this pad he chewed a hole in
    • Replacement of chewed pad was made immediately. Thank you for that.
      Review by Georgia on 4/20/2019
      Followed suggestions how to stop or prevent pups chewing pad. Didn’t work. One pup or the other chewed a hole. Looks like a mouse hole or a shark attack although the pad was not destroyed. The zip ties help but difficult to remove for washing. Wipes clean and It washes and drys beautiful.
    • Puppy Tough
      Review by David on 4/19/2019
      Yes, yes, and yes! Finally a bed the dog can't destroy. Great find, great product.
    • Doing great!
      Review by John on 4/19/2019
      So far so good! They lay on it, period! They have not yet even attempted to chew on it. Maybe this is because of the texture and thickness of the mat. Other dog mats were cottony and they liked biting and swinging them around. So far this has been great!
    • Its good enough!
      Review by Sam on 4/18/2019
      Received the crate mat and first thing I noticed is that the material is more of a plastic than a cloth like material, I am using it in a wooden furniture type crate, so there are no holes for me to tie it down with the included cable ties, so it slides around whenever my dog moves inside the wooden crate, I wish there is an option of a Velcro
    • *sigh* Labs....
      Review by KC on 4/18/2019
      The bed is beautiful. I was very surprised at the comfort and look, better than I expected. Pay attention to size if you are putting it in a crate. I have an XL crate and just assumed an XL bed would fit...I was wrong. It is bigger than the crate but I folded it in half and it was perfect. Now I have an 8 month old black Lab, Lucy. She didn't ever get the memo on "indestructible". The black tabs to tie it down are gone, the corners are gone which I have sewn shut again. I still love this bed, it's just not Lucy-proof....not much in the world is.
    • Sturdy and Soft
      Review by Mountain Cur Mom on 4/16/2019
      After our young dog chewed up his first few dog beds in his crate, we tried this one. He loves it and hasn't chewed it up at all because it is smooth and was initially tied down. We don't even have to use the corner ties anymore. The velvet side is especially soft. Thank you for giving our whole family some peace!
    • Reorder for 2 German Shepards
      Review by Ian on 4/16/2019
      I already have one of the beds and ordered 2 more. One for a travel crate the other for a new dog. Needless to say I would not have reordered if the first bed hadn’t held up to a dog who had previously destroyed at least a couple of other beds. So far a couple of German Shepards and I are satisfied.
    • Crate Mat - 1. Great Dane - 0
      Review by Rich on 4/15/2019
      So far so good. 115 lb Great Dane who’s favorite activity is tearing up beds and crate mats has not been able to put a dent in this one. Quality material and the zip tied ends are a great idea and work wonders. Highly recommend.
    • Good stuff
      Review by Chris on 4/14/2019
      So far so good. My dog Samson(Pitbull) has not torn his bed. Ive gone through multiple expensive beds and none held up. He loves his bed and is always in it if hes not laying on top of someone lol. I totally recommend K9 dog beds if your pal has a separation anxiety.
    • Comfortable, but not strong enough for some
      Review by David on 4/13/2019
      The bed is a great blend of comfort and toughness, but was unfortunately not durable enough for my 1 year old. By day 2 he had ripped open the inner edge seams and eaten some of the material and stuffing. We will have to get rid of the bed and maybe consider the next level up or go back to the plastic bottom that came with his crate.
      Review by donna jo on 4/13/2019
      We purchased one for our 2 1/2 year old who chewed through at least 5 beds before I discovered K-9 crate pad and the bed. We bought both and they are still intact. He has never ever even tried to chew on them.
      We just got a new puppy to be his playmate and although they will share the two beds, she needed a crate pad for her bed. Naturally, we purchased another one for her size crate.
      These are the best ever, especially if you have a chewer.
    • Excellent Pad
      Review by Susan on 4/11/2019
      I am extremely pleased with my new Tough Dog Crate Pad. It has passed Vasi the Destroctor’s chew frenzy intact (except for the label) Vasi is a 11 month old Anatolian Shep/Akbash mix. I had my doubts since he has destroyed every attempt to pad his doghouse (even stapled down carpeting). I purchased this pad for his recovery and 14 day confinement after neuter/gastropexy surgery. Today is day 10 of recovery
    • One tough pad
      Review by Christopher on 4/11/2019
      It has held up to the onslaught of a Boxer puppy. It has been the only creative mat that she has not destroyed. it has held up great.
    • Worth the Money
      Review by Renee on 4/11/2019
      We purchased our crate pads a few weeks ago... our dogs both had destroyed 3 previous beds from different companies. We are so happy we found K9 Ballistics. Our dogs have not even made a scratch on these. Definitely worth the money.
    • Very Satisfied
      Review by ACinSC on 4/10/2019
      My Springer Spaniel had chewed up anything in her crate. New pad has made it for 5 weeks now, no chewing!
    • Great quality
      Review by Stephanie on 4/10/2019
      Very durable for my high energy 30 month old 70lb pup!
    • Crate pad survived the kennel test
      Review by Thomas on 4/10/2019
      I run an obedience training facility and I board dogs in our kennels. I bought 1 crate pad to see if it holds up. I used it in a different kennel with different dogs each night and the crate pad survived. Now I am going to order pads for the rest of my kennels!
    • Would recommend this for any dog that ruins other crate beds
      Review by Matt on 4/9/2019
      Finally! A bed that our Maddie girl can’t destroy. She is very anxious in the crate and we couldn’t put anything in there to make her comfortable because she destroys it. Cue this crate bed. We’ve had it for about 2 weeks and it has really helped with her crate experience. Thank you for making our baby more comfortable!
    • They last
      Review by Mary on 4/9/2019
      These beds are great. They are the only beds that my dogs don’t destroy.
    • Very happy
      Review by Amy on 4/4/2019
      Love it. After the bite proof spray and zip ties I haven't had any issues with chewing yet!!
    • Excellent
      Review by Antonio on 4/4/2019
      It is the best dog bed in the market today, especially if you have a dog that it is hard on they own bed.
      Thank you for a very good product.
    • Pretty good bed! But hold my beer.
      Review by Art on 4/1/2019
      It's a pretty nice dog bed. My dogs love sleeping on them. Sadly my German Shepherd already chewed a small hole on the side of the bed which is unfortunate. We've only had the beds for about 2 weeks. She's not really a chew crazy dog either. Maybe I shouldn't of told her that it was chew resistant because responded with "hold my beer".
    • Great bed, might be a bit wide.
      Review by Pamela on 3/31/2019
      Great pad, fits the crate almost like a glove, just a bit wide on the width and rolls up a bit on the sides, but works (ordered the xx small). Our chiwennie is comfortable in his bed at night and so far has not even tried to chew it. (he is a chewer).
    • Rerally does the job!
      Review by C A on 3/31/2019
      We just adopted a 7 month-old, 40 pound rescue dog who was well crate-trained, and who actually likes her crate but when left alone for even an hour shredded all the moving blankets we had used to line her crate. So we made a plywood floor covered with industrial-type, rubber backed carpet. She clawed and chewed through the carpeting and was working on the wood when we purchased the Tough Dog pad. She loves the pad, and over the past 2 weeks hasn't been able to damage it whatsoever. This is a great product!
    • By far, the best we've tried.
      Review by Sharon on 3/31/2019
      Based on our new bed and other K9 Ballistics crate pads we've purchased in the past, (we have 5 dogs) your product is, by far the most durable. Compared to other products, yours is the only alternative. We would recommend it without reservation to anyone whose dog has a chewing problem.
    • Good quality but my dog still chewed through it
      Review by Jeff on 3/27/2019
      Mine lasted 2 days before my lab chewed a hole in it. I need a replacement. I seems like it’s great quality though.
    • Satisfied
      Review by Rob on 3/26/2019
      So far he hasn’t made any attempts to distroy this one like he did the 3 previous ones. Maybe he’s finally met his match.
    • I would recommend this bed
      Review by Sarah on 3/26/2019
      My Weimaraner has yet to destroy the bed! My only complaint is it's loud. The beds material is not soft at all and I can hear every move my dog makes.
    • Excellent purchase
      Review by Eileen on 3/25/2019
      First dog bed that hasn’t been destroyed in 5 minutes! Our lab loves it!
    • Everyone is happy
      Review by Troy on 3/25/2019
      Replacing the ones we have had for a few years. Everyone is happy they got new crate pads.
    • Standing up to two boxers.... bravo!
      Review by Jason on 3/25/2019
      Great bed so far! Had it for a couple weeks now, and my two boxers have not destroyed them. The zip ties help so much.
    • Great bed. Dog loves it.
      Review by Tom O. on 3/24/2019
      So far the bed has worked wonderfully. One thing that I would recommend to people is when you tie down the corners to the metal crate frame, be sure to wrap the zip tie around both a vertical and horizontal part of the frame. This will prevent your furry friend from being able to slide the bed away from the corners. I will definitely recommend this bed to others.
    • Excellent Bed Pad
      Review by Kerry on 3/24/2019
      This is an excellent bed especially for our Yellow Lab/Golden Mix. Durable for her nesting routines and a great color for her hair!
    • Highly Recommend
      Review by Melissa on 3/24/2019
      Best bed for my dog ever! He chews EVERYTHING. First thing that’s lasted more than an hour with him.
      It’s now been two weeks and it’s still intact. Yay!
    • Good dog bed
      Review by Mark on 3/24/2019
      Very good product
    • Solidly constructed!
      Review by Richard on 3/22/2019
      This certainly is a well made crate pad. The only weak spot was the legally required tag about the type of materials used (not to be removed under penalty of law...), which our Golden promptly removed.
    • Great product
      Review by Douglas on 3/22/2019
      Only thing wrong with this bed is that we didn’t buy it sooner. Our 55 pound Niki loves to make a shambles with whatever we had placed in her “home” but has simply settled in with this pad.
      Really happy with our purchase!
    • Happily recommended
      Review by Douglas on 3/22/2019
      After 2 weeks and it’s still in one piece! Exactly what we hoped for... good fit, comfortable for her and rugged.
    • Buy!
      Review by Sandra on 3/22/2019
      Hasn’t even wanted to chew this. Loves it!
    • Very very pleased
      Review by Happy Pit /lab/crazy/smart/ loving dog owner on 3/22/2019
      This was his forth bed and third one I bought. It’s a kennel pad and zip ties for the corners really helped a lot.
      Review by Terry on 3/22/2019
      OMG!!!!!!!!! What an amazing pad!!! Our yellow lab chewed up 3 previous crate pads along with alot of other things. :)
      Usually she chewed them up on the first day in her crate but not the K-9 Ballistic crate pad! I took pictures prior to putting it in her crate and took a picture each day I came home for 3 days in a row that it was intake!!! It has been a little over a week now and it is still WHOLE!!! I recommend that anyone that has a dog that is a super chewer - get one of these crate pads!!! FANTASTIC!!!
      Review by Shelia (Chotu's Mom) on 3/20/2019
      Thank you for asking, this bed is amazing!! My dog is not only comfortable and cool but he
      also does not try to chew on this bed at all!! He has DESTROYED 25 blankets and 3 dog beds
      over his first year of life and this bed has changed that for him. He loves to be in his crate and will lay on
      his bed even when the crate door is wide open. The material is cool and with long hair he is
      able to stay cool when he needs to. I would recommend this bed to anyone with a dog let alone
      a dog who destroys his bedding. I told my nephew about it who has a Australian Shepard/Great
      Pyrenees mix. He is thinking about it but if he doesn't get one for his dog, I will.
      Chotu thanks you for making a bed that is practically indestructible since it keeps him out of
      trouble!! He is a rescue from India who has some behavior issues so this makes both of
      our lives easier and happier!!
    • I would recommend the K9 Ballistic bed totally.
      Review by Joel on 3/20/2019
      We have two dogs that have chewed through every bed we have bought. Its been several day since they got their new beds, the two have worked on ripping them apart but my dogs have met their match.
    • No regret purchase
      Review by Danielle on 3/20/2019
      This is one investment that I am glad I made. We have gone through a multitude of beds from other sites before finding this one.

      Would love it if I could find pillows that were this durable for her as well
    • Still hopeful but my GSD chewed a small hole in it on day one :(
      Review by Kathy on 3/19/2019
      Was looking forward to receiving because my GSD has chewed up all other crate mats....well day one and he chewed a small hole in this one too. I am hoping that the quality will still hold up.
    • This dog bed is AMAZING FOR SUPER CHEWERS!!
      Review by Teddy on 3/19/2019
      This dog bed is AMAZING!! I haven't been able to put a dog bed in the crate with my pittie for the first 2 years because he always chewed them up within an hour! We've had this one for 2 weeks and not a tear yet! MIND BLOWN!!
    • Met all my expectations!
      Review by Keith on 3/19/2019
      Met and surpassed all my expectations. I have a 15 week old Lab who chews up everything. Purchased the 52" bed and he has attempted to do his best to it, but it has held up fantastically.
      Comfy and strong.
    • Holds up under the chewiest of dogs!
      Review by Susan on 3/18/2019
      Excellent product. Our Schnauzer Gracie has managed to keep it intact and not chew holes in it as she has her other bedding.
    • Abby appreciates her new bed
      Review by tom on 3/17/2019
      Just two holes the first day! She has not chewed it since!!
    • nice but still chewed it on a seam
      Review by nancy on 3/12/2019
      chewed the stuffing out on the plain side
    • Doing well
      Review by Cynthia on 3/12/2019
      So far, it is doing well. She tried to chew the black pieces on the corners but we removed the bed and that seemed to work. We put the bed back in the crate the next morning.
    • Excellent
      Review by Carmetris on 3/11/2019
      My standard poodle loves her new bed and the best part she’s not trying to tear it apart like she has done her other beds that I have purchased at the store. Thank you so much for a great quality bed.
    • Best crate pad ever for dogs that chew everything
      Review by Annie on 3/11/2019
      This is the first bed that has help up for so long in the crate. My yellow Labrador chewed everything that I have ever bought for her to sleep on, and I now have two Labradors. They share the same crate that is connected to their doggy door that goes to the backyard and I wanted something comfortable for them to lay on without them destroying it. I've had this for a month now and no sign of chew. I also love that there are zipties for each corner to keep it secure in the crate. Definitely worth the money and I highly recommend this.
    • Nice
      Review by JULIE on 3/11/2019
      We have been through 3 crate pads, and now we have one that has lasted. Thank you
    • Great Bed
      Review by Michelle on 3/11/2019
      We've had the bed for over a week now and she is doing great with it. Our dog, Annie, is about 2 years old and chews everything. She has tried a few times to chew on the corners but gives up in a very short amount of time.
      I think it's going to be just what we needed.
    • Best crate beds ever!!!
      Review by Shelly on 3/10/2019
      Love these beds. This is my second time getting them. My Border Collie mix is a chewer but not this bed. Any other bed we got her she chewed right through. These beds are great. Highly recommended!!!
    • Excellent bed for my super chewer
      Review by Joy on 3/10/2019
      Love it! And so does my blue tick coon hound who is a super chewer! She spends more voluntary time in her crate since getting this bed!!
    • Love it!
      Review by Tiffany on 3/10/2019
      I bought 2 different kinds of beds for my 5mo boxer and within 2 to 4 hours he chewed them both to pieces and had it everywhere.. I was hesitant on spending this much money for a dog bed but he’s had it for 2 weeks now and has only managed to chew the small little tag off! He loves laying in his crate now too. It came amazingly fast as well so that was a plus as well! I would definitely recommend this dog bed to anyone!!
    • Very satisfied
      Review by Martin on 3/10/2019
      We are very happy with this bed. We own a 70 lb. yellow lab and she tries her best to scratch and claw at this bed and the bed is still standing strong. Very happy customer.
    • Holds up the warranty....just wish they were a little softer
      Review by Dave on 3/9/2019
      We have had our crate pads for about a month now for our two new puppies. One of which has done a great job of ripping up more than 5 beds over the last few months. I'm happy to say that although he has tried, Rocky has not been able to rip the bed open. I'm pretty confident that it will last past the warranty period and longer. We even have a video of our little tyrant trying to beat up the bed. The only negative is that they are not as comfortable as the other beds they have.
    • Great chew proof dog mat
      Review by Brandon on 3/9/2019
      My dog has tried to scratch and chew this thing and he has completely given up. He is a large bread and it was just tough enough to discourage him. I have it 4 satrs because there isn’t much padding. Otherwise it’s perfect.
    • Heavy chewer, great bed holding strong
      Review by John on 3/8/2019
      Bed is well made. Somehow my Aussie got a corner up and chewed off one of the tiedown eyes, other than that the bed itself is holding up very well
    • Comfortable and Quiet
      Review by Dawna on 3/8/2019
      My 8 month old male German shepherd has been through 3 dog crate pads previous to the arrival of the K9 Ballistics (????) crate pad. He LOVES this pad! There is no more noise coming from the crate every time he moves! I often see him laying belly to the ceiling with a huge grin! He loves it and is so comfortable. He has not damaged it in anyway, but I do remove the bed if I’m leaving him home crated alone, until he’s older.
    • Excellent product
      Review by V on 3/8/2019
      I have 7 dogs, who all tear their beds up. All 7 crate pads are doing excellent. I feed the dogs in their crates and I love that I can clean the pad with a sponge and soapy water or spray a mild cleaner on it and wipe. I’m going to buy more for my travel crates!
    • Totally satisfied
      Review by Thomas on 3/8/2019
      I have an Arapahu Blue Blooded Bulldog who would destroy any dog bed in his path. Asa last resort we bought he Bullistic crate pad for him. He's tried chewing on it a few times but has been unable to rip a seam let alone destroy it. I am impressed with these crate pads. I love that they are waterproof as well. All the other dog beds are fabric and they soak through and smell if the dog urinates on it. But your bed is soak proof.
    • Great product
      Review by James on 3/7/2019
      2 weeks he has tried but still no damage. Excellent
    • Labrador gave up trying to destroy this bedding
      Review by Nancy on 3/7/2019
      I was at wits end with our 5 month old Labrador tearing up any kind of bedding we tried to put in his crate!! He even shredded towels. I had given up until I saw the information on K9 ballistic beds. When we first put the bed in the crate, Barnaby dug like mad trying to tear it. He attempted to chew the corners but gave up before long. I am so pleased with the quality of this bedding and plan to order the big bed for outside the crate. Thank you for making this bedding!
    • Very satisfied customer
      Review by Stephen on 3/5/2019
      This tough crate pad solved our problems with our voracious young English Bulldog, Honey Rose. We cut the tags and the corner loops off and it is still in her crate, doing its job. At least in our household this crate pad is "Bulldog Tough"! I am a very satisfied customer.
    • Love it!
      Review by Sabrina on 3/4/2019
      Amazed!!! My puppy destroys EVERYTHING and it’s still going strong after 2 weeks!
    • Nice bed, loops on the corners all ripped off however.
      Review by Ben on 3/4/2019
      Very impressed that my dog has not destroyed the bed yet! Has no rips or tears and i know she has been trying her best to tear it open! Only thing is the loops that hold the bed to the crate with zip ties were ripped off the first day she was in there. The bed still holds up well but she can now toss it around and stuff so maybe some stronger loops to hold the bed to the crate.
    • I was impressed.
      Review by Laurie on 2/28/2019
      I ordered the K-9 Ballistic Tough Dog Crate Pad for my 90 lb lab/rott mix dog and we love it. We had it a little over a year before he was able to put a couple of tiny tears into the side of the crate pad. I think this is pretty impressive. I be placing another order for this product for my other dog.
    • Great for our super chewer puppy
      Review by Tracey on 2/28/2019
      Our puppy had destroyed two bed mats before this one. The double reinforced stitching is awesome.
    • 2 out of 2 Labs approve!
      Review by Todd on 2/28/2019
      Extremely impressed with the quality and durability of this pad. Our lab chewed up all other crate pads. She is unable to do any damage to this one, and now seems to just really like it. We purchased a 2nd one for our other lab, who is not a chewer but seems to love his new bed too!
    • Best pad I've ever owned
      Review by Tom from Illinois on 2/27/2019
      I must say I am astounded Tank, my Shepard/Mastiff mix, has not even nibbled this pad. He loves it! Everything I've tried in his crate has been shredded by the time I get home. Not this. He goes in and lays on it rather than the couch sometimes. Very tough material and attractive. Highly recommend.
    • Dogs love it, and can't get a grip on it to chew...the worst problem.
      Review by TXShelley on 2/27/2019
      Quality bed.
    • GREAT BED!!! Just wish it was softer
      Review by Krystal on 2/27/2019
      Quality is great just not soft. Our boxer has not chewed it yet so that's GREAT!!
    • very pleased
      Review by Ken on 2/26/2019
      i bragged how good our GSD pup was not chewing up things including her crate bed. suddenly at 4 months that all changed she was in her crate for about 4 houts and when we returned it looked like a snow storm of foam had hit the bed room. tried sewing and repacking it with the came result. ordered this and today as an example she was crated for 3 hours and the pad is undamaged. looks like a winner
    • Great Product
      Review by Jodi on 2/26/2019
      After our dog ripped up his bed during the day we found K9 Ballistics dog beds. The bed is very comfy for how strong it is. I was worry that we would sacrifice comfort for strength. Additionally the ability to teather it to the kennel so our dog can’t pick up the bed and move it around helps to keep him from trying to chew it. Overall great product and well worth the money. I now feel like my dog can be in his crate without worrying he will chew up his bed.
    • Good
      Review by Mark on 2/25/2019
      My puppy is a chewer...he tore up one of your competitors beds in one day. This one he seems unable to destroy however. But I do wish it had just a little more padding.
    • Great
      Review by Dana on 2/25/2019
      Great bed! My dog is a little over a year old, and is a mix pit. He never chews the bed in his overnight crate but the one I put him in during the day if I leave is always destroyed! The new bed has no chews and had been great. My other 3 like to go I. And lay on it also. Great product. Very satisfied.
    • Durable
      Review by PatG on 2/24/2019
      This is my second K9 Ballistic purchase. My dog destroyed bed after bed, and the K9 Ballistic bed was the only one that lasted. With the bed being such a success I decided to try the crate pad, and it has held up just as well. My dog is comfortable and has not been able to rip it apart. At this point he has given up even trying to destroy it. Best purchase ever!
    • So far, so good but ditch the tabs on the corners
      Review by Corgi owner on 2/24/2019
      So far so good. Its holding up well, she likes it and she hasn't tried to chew the material. However, I'm giving it four stars instead of five because the crate tabs at the corners are very tempting and I need to douse them with chew deterrent every day. A model without those tabs would be much better for my pup.
    • Great mat but extreme chewers will destroy it!
      Review by HeatherM7 on 2/24/2019
      I really like this product and so does my Great Dane...in fact she loves it so much that she destroyed it in a day and a half. She’s already chewed several holes in it and chewed off some of the tie down tabs as well as the ties...I seriously believe that she is a demon sent to destroy anything I buy for her! I am giving this product 4 stars because it’s great quality, very nicely padded and the warranty can’t be beat, but maybe the placement of the tie down tabs and the tag need to be different in order to deter dogs like mine from finding something to chew on...eagerly awaiting to hear about our replacement.
    • Absolutely wonderful...
      Review by LISA on 2/23/2019
      My Sharpei has tore up every bed we had purchased until we got this one. She has had this one for almost a month now and tries to tear it up but has been unsuccessful. No tears at all. After seeing this we decided to buy two more small ones for their day cages. These are truly great. Plan to buy one more large once our baby pei gets bigger.
    • Most excellent bed
      Review by Mike on 2/22/2019
      Great bed. Had to replace one from Costco which fell apart in half a year. K9's looks great, doesn't collect fur, is light to put in and out of the crate.
    • A nice bed for most dogs, but not our dog
      Review by Courtney on 2/22/2019
      It’s a very nice dog bed and the feature to tether the corners to the corners of the crate is quite clever, however our super chewer was able to destroy it within 48 hours. The customer service was great and another bed was sent promptly. She’ll only be allowed to use the new bed when supervised... at least until she’s older. She managed to destroy the plastic crate tray once, so she’s ean xtremely determined and destructive pup.
    • Great pad for tough chewers
      Review by Susan on 2/22/2019
      Our dog is a tough chewer. She had not even made a small mark in the pad. Great product!
    • I’m happy I bought the bed
      Review by Sheri on 2/20/2019
      I’m happy with the bed. The large fits perfect, edge to edge, in my giant wire crate. My 8 mo old Labrador actually made the choice to sleep in his crate all night on his own with the door open. That was a first. While he always settles when crated he has never made the choice to sleep in his crate on his own.
    • Tough crate pad works
      Review by Darin on 2/20/2019
      We have a tough chewer and I was skeptical that a signed could survive in his crate, yet he seemed uncomfortable and the crate is noisy. We lashed it down, the bed is surviving fine!
    • At last!
      Review by Cindy on 2/20/2019
      Our one year old whippet has destroyed 3 beds by digging through the fabric and chewing and ripping out the zippers. Two beds were new! At last there is a bed that his sharp teeth can't destroy. We were so happy with it that we purchased a second K9 Ballistic Tough Dog Crate Pad.
    • Awesome
      Review by Manny on 2/18/2019
      Love the crate of and so does my dog. I have a Doberman and he has not been able to tear through this one.
    • Highly Recommend for Power Chewers!
      Review by Rebecca on 2/17/2019
      This is the second time I’ve purchased a dog bed from this company and there’s good reason behind it. I have 2, 50lb. Am. Staffs that will power chew through anything. These beds are the ONLY ones they have not eaten and therefore, the only beds I will ever buy! They hold up great in the washer/dryer too although I recommend laying flat to dry. (*There was nothing wrong with the first beds other than they were almost 2yrs old and I wanted to update with new ones!)
    • Lab Shepard can’t destroy it.
      Review by Nicole on 2/17/2019
      2 weeks and so far so good. My lab Shepard would have eaten the entire thing by now normally and it’s in perfect shape. She’s even eaten a small blanket I cover her crate with but still not this. Totally worth the money.
    • I would buy this again. I would recommend it to others.
      Review by Victoria on 2/17/2019
      I think it is great. He has started chewing on one corner and removed some stuffing. ???? it is holding up great compared to anything else we have tried. Anything else would have been completely destroyed by now. Thank you
    • Look No Further!!! This Is It!!!
      Review by Aaron on 2/16/2019
      I raise puppies for a guide dog organization and they have all been power chewers. I haven't been able to find a crate pad that they couldn't destroy.... until now. Finally a product that claims to be chew resistant and actually is!!! If you have had the same issue like me, then look no further. K9 Ballistics is the company!!! This crate pad is TOUGH!!!
    • Truly indestructible
      Review by Shane on 2/16/2019
      I can't say enough good things about these beds. I have an Old English Bulldog and a Great Dane. They are both notorious for destroying dog beds. Not only have these beds lasted their tests, but the dogs both now have stopped trying to break them.
    • It is not a waste of money
      Review by Edward on 2/15/2019
      Great purchase!
    • Love it!!!
      Review by Stella on 2/13/2019
      Love this crate pad! We have a 30lb frenchie that will destroy any bed or blanket put into her crate. We have had the pad for a few weeks now and it’s still in perfect condition and she loves it too!! The only issue we had was the zip ties that came with it. She found and destroyed them on day one, and I even tired them to the bottom of the crate. We haven’t replaced the zip ties and don’t really need to!! Would highly recommend this crate pad!
    • Great product
      Review by Tammy on 2/13/2019
      First dog bed my dog has not been able to rip apart!
    • Exceeded my expectations
      Review by Lanie on 2/13/2019
      I was doubtful that this product would be different from other products but it definitely is!
    • Supreme quality
      Review by Lanie on 2/13/2019
      My dog has chewed up every single bed but not this one ! Amazing!
    • Best beds for my heavy chewers
      Review by Happy10 on 2/12/2019
      These are the toughest beds I’ve found. I have large and small dogs and these pads are the best for both the chewers and shedders. They clean really well. I just throw them in the washer and dryer and they always come out looking brand new!
    • Good so far
      Review by Nancy on 2/12/2019
      So far so good. I bought this for my litters of Mini Aussies. They typically chew up anything they lay on, and get it really dirty. It's holding up very well.
    • Great bed
      Review by Shelley on 2/12/2019
      My dog has chewed up numerous beds and blankets. K9 ballistics has lasted a few weeks so far the only thing my girl has chewed was the tag. I would definitely recommend this bed totally worth the money.
    • One tough bed!
      Review by Joe on 2/12/2019
      Our German Shepherd is 1 year old, and has mangled or destroyed every bed, sheet, cloth toy, and blanket, except the K9 pad. She has slept on it for about 2 weeks and it is amazing that it shows no signs of getting chewed up.
    • Puppies Meet Your Match
      Review by Emily on 2/11/2019
      We have "twin" one year old miniature Australian Shepard puppies. Not only are they hard on their crate pads, they destroy the plastic crate liners from time to time as well. The K9 Ballistic Tough Dog Crate Pad is the perfect solution! Not only is the pad incredibly durable, but the zip tie system keeps the plastic tray safe from destruction as well. Excellent customer service as well!
    • Love the bed!
      Review by Janie on 2/11/2019
      Our Paddy June is a 10 month old Lab pup & a serious chewer! 2nd night on the bed, she chewed a small hole on the edge. We have learned over the years (& 4 other labs) that a small amount of hot sauce on the offending chewed area usually stops that behavior. No problem since. She loves her bed!!!! We do too! We have since ordered another bed for her crate in another part of the house. Thanks so much for you great product.
    • Highly recommend
      Review by Eileen on 2/10/2019
      Superior product that is withstanding the "Destroyer" of all things! I highly recommend this product, along with the blanket-tarp.
    • You will be so happy you bought a K9 Ballistics bed for your pooch
      Review by Susan on 2/10/2019
      Although when I took the crate measurements it seemed that the size of the bed and crate were a couple inches off, it fit perfectly!! I love your products, we have four K9 Ballistic beds for our dogs and appreciate that what you say about them is true!
    • Finally a good crate pad!
      Review by Ashley on 2/9/2019
      Much softer than I thought it would be. Hasn’t been destroyed yet, although the zip ties have been chewed off. I would absolutely recommend this bed to owners with the toughest of chewers! It gives me peace of mind to now know my doggie has something comfortable to lay on that he won’t destroy. Worth the money!
    • Great bed for a big chewer
      Review by Kathy on 2/9/2019
      My dog loves his new pad for his kennel. For a super chewer it is very durable and has not been destroyed. The only thing he has managed to chew on at this time is the silly little tag (you know, like the ones on the back of your t-shirts). I would highly recommend this bed.
    • Recommend for dogs that are completely potty trained.
      Review by Elyn on 2/9/2019
      My dog still has some potty training issues. Since it is waterproof if he pees in his crate it runs off the edge of the pad and into the crate or on the floor. But it is certainly durable. He has chewed one corner of the pad where the strap is attached but hasn't destroyed it as he has done with regular stuffed crate pads.
    • 110 LB CHEWER
      Review by Rhonda on 2/8/2019
    • Bed 1, dog 0
      Review by Mandy on 2/7/2019
      Very impressed, my dog has tried to destroy it, trust me, but hasn't had any luck. I'm very happy with it plus it's so easy to clean. I will be getting more and some cotts.
    • It’s probably a good bed for the average dog, but my dog is a chewer and still young
      Review by John on 2/6/2019
      This bed is well made, but in one day, our dog has already chewed several holes in it. We secured it with each of the tie downs included, but she still managed to chew it loose. She is only One yr old and a very aggressive chewer
    • Great bed but not recommended not for a tough chewer
      Review by Max on 2/6/2019
      We have 2 labs . Our lab that loves to chew chewed the corner in the 1st week . We did not use the tie downs because I wanted to be able to take it out and wash regularly . Other lab has not bothered it at all . Mat is a perfect fit and comfy just not for a tough chewer .
    • Havent used yet waiting to find no chew spray as backup deterant
      Review by Martha on 2/5/2019
      I havent given her this replacement bed as yet,need to get some chewing spray as you suggested before I do but I do love the idea behind this bed just did t realize she was an extreme chewer and cot will not fit in crate while I am at work
    • Love this dog bed and sorry we didn’t start with it! Well worth the price????
      Review by Cheryl on 2/4/2019
      Love this dog bed! The tie down tabs are genius because it prevents him from pulling up the sides and corners to chew. He seems to like the amount of padding in the indestructible fabric.
      We thought it was a little speedy, but it is well worth it as it replaced three prior purchases that he could chew through easily.
    • Product not for my SUPER chewer 8 month old puppy. However, it is probably a good quality product for some dogs.
      Review by Win on 2/4/2019
      I gave this 4 stars because my 8 month old mini labradoodle ate a hole in the Tough Dog Crate Pad and started pulling the filling out of it as soon as I took it out of the box, so I can't use this product at all with my puppy. I think it is probably a great quality product but it is not for my "tough" chewer/super chewer puppy. Did not take my puppy but 5 minutes and I had to take the crate pad away.
    • so far, love it! Plan to purchase more
      Review by Melissa on 2/4/2019
      so far, this is a great product! My GSD puppy has not chewed it up, but he's getting older and wiser!
    • 10 Stars!
      Review by Kandace on 2/4/2019
      incredible well made crate pad, hasn't even tried to chew on it! the tight stitching and materials are better than I have ever seen! Thanks for an amazing product!
    • Very satisfied
      Review by Diana on 2/4/2019
      The fabric is very substantial and it appears to be well made. My dog seems to be uninterested in chewing the pad, which is great. It isn't as padded in the middle as it appeared in the pictures but he sleeps comfortably. Very satisfied so far.
    • My dog chewed the dog open in one day.
      Review by Sandy on 2/4/2019
      My dog chewed the corner open after one day.
    • 5 STARS *****
      Review by Mary on 2/2/2019
      I have Dobermans and show them and was always looking for a crate pad that I could trust in my crates to leave my Doberman in while at Shows..... This crate pad has lived up to all my expectations!! I now have 4 of them, one for each of my dogs crates... Excellent quality and my dogs have not even tried to chew on them... 5 STARS *****
    • Great Pad
      Review by Catladymindy on 2/1/2019
      My Labrador puppy has chewed through several blankets but not this crate pad. So glad he has something soft to lie on that is safe.
    • Durable Beds - Will Definitely Buy From Them Again!
      Review by Brian on 1/31/2019
      Great bed. My Chihuahua was teething and was destroying his beds. So, I found this K9 Ballistics bed and bought it, This is a very durable and tough bed. It took a while for my Chihuahua to chew holes in it. When he did I contacted their customer service about this and they promptly sent out another bed, because it was still covered under the warranty. Many months later the bed is still fully intact. Great Company. In fact, I just ordered another bed from them, for upstairs.
    • Good tough bed for 8 month old, heavy chewer.
      Review by Holly on 1/31/2019
      This dog bed has held up well. We've used it for a week, moving it from daytime crate to night time crate. The heeler pup ate on one of the tiny tabs that hold the zip tie in the corner, so I just cut the rest off, flush with the bed. He scratches to get comfortable, but has given up on chewing, because he can't.
    • I would definitely recommend.
      Review by Vista on 1/29/2019
      This is the second ballistics crate pad for our power chewer. It took him about 6 months on the first one to get a tear started, but after that it was history. He’s had the new crate pad for about 3 weeks, and so far so good. I like the new tabs and zip ties where you can secure the pad so that it can’t be pulled up. I think this will be the game changer in him not chewing it up. I’ll let you know a few months down the road.
    • K9 ballistic bed
      Review by Melissa on 1/29/2019
      Pretty impressed with this bed so far. The only reason for 4 and not 5 stars is that my little digger/chewer managed to break the ties. So I’m slightly concerned that he may do more damage now that those are gone, but we will see. Overall the bed is made from excellent material and I was pleasantly surprised that it lasted as long as it did.
    • 5/5 good pupper
      Review by Mary on 1/28/2019
      Our crate pad has been in use for about two weeks now by our 6 month old pitbull mix who has already shredded multiple beds, a heating pad, charging cord,...etc.. So far the only thing he has found to chew are the zip ties that fasten the crate pad to the cage. I would highly recommend! Now we have a 5/5 good pupper.
      Review by Janine on 1/26/2019
      THEY'RE STILL IN ONE PIECE!!! I could not be more amazed or more pleased. I ordered a crate liner for a great dane puppy who has destroyed everything in her wake, including my sofa. But she has no interest in this crate liner ... or the big bed I ordered for her several weeks later, with my fingers crossed. I don't know what you do, but got bless you. BOTH BEDS ARE STILL ALIVE AND WELL!!!
    • Works Great-Also easy to clean.
      Review by John on 1/26/2019
      Had it a couple of weeks and it's everything I hoped it would be!! Dog has not torn or pulled ant stitching loose. Looks like I got a winner!!!!!!!!
    • Would recommend
      Review by anna on 1/26/2019
      So far this has been the first bed or bedding that they haven't torn up. I am pleased as of now.I .am going to recommend these beds to a friend who just had to take a foster Brittany to hospital for 3 days because she destroyed a thick foam in a dog bed. She ate two big hunks of it and they got stuck in her and she could not pass them on her own.
    • Superior Best on Market
      Review by Great Dane Momma on 1/24/2019
      Only bed my great dane has not chewed.
      Work every penny I spent. I bought a crate pad and the LARGE FLOOR B3D WITH PADDEX BACK. Best on the market!
    • Worth the Money
      Review by Karen MS on 1/24/2019
      I purchased the Crate Pad from K9 Ballistic because I have owned two K9 Ballistic beds for over a year and a half. Your beds are the ONLY ones that have withstood the wear and tear of my two super chewer dogs. Some other dog beds have been destroyed the day they arrived. My dogs enjoy sleeping on them~chewing, rough housing and scratching have no impact on the beds!
      I am so pleased with them I have recommended them to my Dog Friends as well worth the money!
    • So far so good with my little shredder!
      Review by AC on 1/22/2019
      I ordered this for my 6mo 25lb rescue mix puppy's big girl crate. She is a shredder of all things soft (unfortunately, including two previous crate beds), but she doesn't sleep well without something comfy to lie on. So far I haven't seen her try to chew this AT ALL! I really think the tie downs help. She has tried digging at it but is getting nowhere, of course.

      The only thing I don't love is that since the fabric is so tough, it's noisy when she gets up, repositions, or paws at it during the night. We're currently experimenting with towels etc to dampen the noise, but of course she likes to chew those ;)
    • Well worth the money
      Review by SDA on 1/22/2019
      Our mixed breed dog (40 lbs.) will tear up almost every chew toy we've given him and go through a large bully stick in an hour. He has also torn up blankets, towels, and other dog beds. The K9 Tough Crate Pad is exactly that--tough. We've had the crate pad for several weeks now and there is no damage to it. . . .none at all. Well worth the money not to worry about him being uncomfortable or swallowing fluffy insides of a crate pad. Highly recommend. We got the camo print and it is cool ; )
    • Armored Functionality!
      Review by Skip on 1/22/2019
      I am very impressed with the overall quality of this pad. Not only has the pad defeated a very large chewing puppy but it also comes with tight loops to secure it to the crate so your dog cannot move it out of position. This pad has frustrated my pup since he now attempts to dig through it with all his might but the pad doesn't show any damage anywhere.
    • We are Impressed!
      Review by KIM on 1/21/2019
      Yes! After spending a couple hundred dollars on various pads/beds for our lab puppy's crate, we puchased the K9 Ballistic crate pad. All other products were destroyed in less than 3 days, but this one is going on 4 weeks and NO damage!! We are thrilled and our pup seems happy with it as well!
    • Thank you K9 Ballistics! !
      Review by Dobe Lovers on 1/21/2019
      Excellent product and great service! We have 4 Dobes that sleep in crates at night. Over the many years we have tried various high end beds that did not hold up and/or were difficult to keep clean. When I saw the add for the K9 Ballistic crate pad it was just after our youngest female had destroyed her undestructible pad that the manufacture no longer warrantied for life, but now for only 30 days.
      We ordered one K9 Ballistic crate pad to try. Much to our surprise she has not been able to damage it. After an accident or two that we cleaned up with ease, we decided to order a pad for each of the other Dobes. Now we uses them at home, in our RV while traveling and our vacation home.
    • Superman in dog bed form
      Review by John on 1/20/2019
      Muhahaha its alive! Even with Igor (Avery our gsp puppy) tenacious attempts to tear it asunder it's still in new condition. HA take that killer razor puppy teeth
    • 5 Bones!
      Review by Deborah on 1/20/2019
      Well, Max has had a week now to chew up his new bed, and it is still in pristine condition. I really like the tie down straps.
    • Cushy. Comfortable. Stays flat.
      Review by Shari on 1/19/2019
      I like this crate pad as it is cushier than what I bought in the past at a discount store. I keep the dogs in crates in the car and this crate pad doesn't crunch up to one side of the crate when I'm driving leaving the dog on the bare crate floor. The hair on the velvety side brushes off easily and it looks great. I imagine my dog likes it's soft and comfortable feel as well.
    • LOVE IT!!
      Review by Kimberly on 1/16/2019
      I Love this crate pad!! Earl, my adolescent and destructive Doberman, has destroyed Numerous beds including the first K9 crate pad I bought. But it took him months instead of the usual minutes....I bought a new one and he loves it and hasn't tried to destroy this one. I also love that I can wash in my machine.
    • Disappointed
      Review by Kathy on 1/16/2019
      I have a 13-year old lab apparently experiencing separation anxiety. He has never been kept in a crate, always had the run of the house. A few months ago, he started tearing up my leather furniture, suitcases, drapes, etc. So -- I have him in a crate. Sorry to say, but the first day, he tore two loops and plastic fasteners. The next day a couple more. The pad is still together which is a plus. I'm sure, not for long. Believe me, I wish this had worked better.
    • My mini golden doodle chews like a full size great Great Dane. I got the tough crate pad as bed #3 (I'm a fast learner) and the only thing she's been able do is chew the tag off. It's holding up great, which is good because her teeth are holding up pret
      Review by 1derwoman on 1/16/2019
      Great bed and great service!
    • Charlie loves his new crate pad
      Review by John on 1/16/2019
      Charlie loves his new crate pad! He is just 4 months old and likes to chew, but this pad can take it.
    • Great bed!!!
      Review by Stephen on 1/16/2019
      So far so good. Dog destruto has not torn it up at all!
    • So far so good
      Review by CharelleSaint on 1/15/2019
      Although it hasn't been that long, so far so good. My dog ate her regular bed a month ago. She's still having tummy issues from it. Glad someone has made a product that is comfy, but hard to get apart.
    • Fantastic product
      Review by Sue on 1/14/2019
      This is the only thing my German Shepherd hasn't been able to make holes in! I wanted him to have something soft to lie on in his crate, but nothing could stand up to his chewing - until now! I didn't think it was possible to find anything. Thanks, K9 Ballistics!
    • Dog destroyed crate pad
      Review by Lea on 1/14/2019
      The crate pad did not last 1hr after I put it in my dog's crate. He chewed a hole in the edge pulled out the stuffing from there the whole bed was destroyed in one day
    • Will definately buy another when the time comes to replace.
      Review by Deborah on 1/14/2019
      This crate bed is the best. It's the one and only bed that my dog has not completely destroyed.
    • Excellent!
      Review by Thomas on 1/13/2019
      Fantastic product. K9 Ballistics never disappoints.
    • Amazing
      Review by Laurie on 1/12/2019
      Love this bed! Added bonus that it comes with zip ties and is the same on both sides. I don't think my pup has had any success in tearing bed, and he recently destroyed a kong bed. Very impressed!
    • Outstanding pad.
      Review by Leo on 1/11/2019
      Product works as described.
    • Very Pleased
      Review by Flo on 1/9/2019
      I bought this for my daughter's dog who eats everything! For that reason he could not have a pad in his kennel. He has not been able to chew up this pad. I am very pleased that he now has some comfort in the kennel.
    • I was leary but...
      Review by Rebecca on 1/7/2019
      This is the first thing we’ve been able to put in the kennel of our avid chewers that hasn’t been destroyed in 48 hours! Cannot day enough about how well this crate pad is made! And it cleans up so easily!
    • So far, so good...
      Review by Riley's Mom on 1/7/2019
      So far so good. Which says a lot. We have German Shepherd who has eaten all of her beds to date. She has been crated every night when we go to bed and also for a good chunk of the day four days since we have received this and she has not damaged it at all. She has been waking up a lot at night. I am thinking it is because this is much thinner than her last crate pad/bed so I may purchase a cheap one to put under this as long as I can still zip tie it down.
      Review by michelle on 1/4/2019
      eceived this super fast! so far, so good with no chewing... this is my second pad purchased, the first time 'Sugar' chewed the pad, and was replace very quickly, highly recommend. this second purchase was only because of wear and tear
    • Good but...
      Review by Richard on 1/4/2019
      The sizing was correct and the material seemed tough enough, but we did suffer a rio within the first week. We will be returning this for a replacement. The staff and product are good so we will give K9 another shot.
    • 5 stars
      Review by Sammy on 1/1/2019
      I have a 5 month old 1/2 Corgi-1/2 Red Heeler puppy. He had destroyed 3 other beds. This bed is great. After a week of having this in his kennel, he doesn't even try to chew it. Still looks the same as when I unpacked it. Definitely a must have if your puppy is a chewer.
    • So far so good! My bully has torn up his other crate pads. He hasn't even tried with this one. Perhaps he knows! Appears very durable and user friendly. Thanks!
      Review by Kimberly on 1/1/2019
      So far so good! My bully has torn up his other crate pads. He hasn't even tried with this one. Perhaps he knows! Appears very durable and user friendly. Thanks!
    • Totally the crate pad you need.
      Review by Ruth Hintze on 1/1/2019
      I have ordered two of these--one for my pup's travel kennel, and one for her indoor pen. They are great--had other brands, and she chewed them up like a soft biscuit. K9 held up through her full teething phase...she's an Aussie-Lab mix, so not a small dog, and not small teeth!
    • Nice quality, easy to clean, tough enough to discourage my Rat Terrier
      Review by CLHQUILTS on 12/31/2018
      Ozzy, my mega-chewer, is a Rat Terrier who is now 3 years old. His desire to destroy every bedding item in the crate has lessened. He shares his crate with his sister, a 3-year old Lab named Cinnie. Occasionally, there are accidents in the crate and this crate pad cleans up nicely. I did try to zip-tie the pad to the crate, but that made it too difficult to pull out and clean. I am very pleased with the crate pad. Cinnie now has something other than hard plastic to lay on. I throw a fleece blanket in the crate, on top of the pad, for Ozzy to curl up on. Overall very pleased. Ozzy does not show any interest in chewing on the crate pad at all.
    • Excellent Crate Pad
      Review by Ron on 12/31/2018
      So far so good. Love that it has loops on the corners and comes with reusable zip ties to secure the bed in the crate. My dog used to drag the old bed out and chew it up, now she can’t. One thing I didn’t realize is that one side is the tough balistic material, but the other side is some type of soft material. Not sure how that will hold up if she tries to chew it, but so far no issues and we’re very happy with it.
    • Better than the previous "indestructible" one I got from a different company.
      Review by David on 12/31/2018
      Perfect for our needs. Very robust and resistant to dog's efforts to destroy, which we frankly haven't seen yet with this pad. Bess appears very comfortable and compatible with the pad.
    • Great bed worth the money
      Review by Ed on 12/20/2018
      Have a 4 month old Doberman pup. He already went through 2 pads in no time. Decided I would give this a try. In 2 weeks of usage no problems. I think strapping it down makes a big difference also. But he is comfortable and no chew damage. He spends maybe 4 hours average total (not continuous) during daytime and then overnight. Overall very satisfied and happy with my purchase.
    • Good product. I recommend it.
      Review by Carole on 12/20/2018
      18 mo. old Westie has chewed and swallowed everything we have put in his crate. So far, I am pleased with this pad. Of course we have secured it to the crate with the attached tabs so he has not been able to get a place to chew it. Holding up well.
    • Excellent
      Review by ThaMadDawg on 12/19/2018
      The zip-tags on the corners are pure genius. The pad is easy to clean. It fits snugly into my dog's crate and may be the first thing in there that has survived for more than a week. Very impressed. Thank you K9Ballistics! My English Bull Terrier finally has a bed!
    • Great dog bed!
      Review by Jason on 12/18/2018
      Excellent bed, fits great in the crate!
      Review by Cat on 12/18/2018
      After spending hundreds & hundreds of dollars on beds for all of my different dogs over the past 20 years, this bed is the first one where I have gotten my monies worth. As the beds may seem slightly pricey, its for a good reason. I bought my first K9 Ballistic bed 2 years ago. At the time, I decided to only purchase one even though I had 4 dogs. I was scared to buy 4 beds for all my dogs because they were so pricey and i knew it would be a week before they would be shredded just like all the other beds in the past. After seeing that this one bed held up without a hole or a scratch for more then a year and a half, I felt it had proved it's worth and finally bit the bullet and bought the additional 3 beds. Theres no holes, no shredding, no issues at all and best part is that all the dogs love them. BONUS : I also really appreciate how you are able to tie the bed down inside the cage as well. My dogs love to pull their beds out of their cages and once that happens, thats when the shredding begins, so this was a bonus for me personally. LOVE these beds. Worth the price.
    • Limes
      Review by Joseph on 12/14/2018
      Could be a coincidence but since putting the ballistic bed I. My
      dog’s crate she seems to like going into her crates
      for no particular reason.
    • Very poor outcome
      Review by csm5074 on 12/14/2018
      It's tough to give an overall quality rating, because the mat didn't even last two weeks. The website boasted many reviews of dogs who are born and bred chewers being able to stand up to this crate mat, not flip it over, and have an extremely positive reaction to the mats. I guess it's my fault for buying into them. This mat lasted barely two weeks, before I came home to find my 9 month old dog chewed through the sides. This mat did not live up to the hype. Not even close.
    • Very happy with this product
      Review by tina on 12/14/2018
      Not once has our fur baby tried to chew seems to enjoy the comfort. Real HAPPY with the material and craftsmanship. Highly recommended.
    • Love the bed, but not as tough as I had hoped.
      Review by Meghan on 12/13/2018
      Tough crate pad, but was really hoping for something that could not be chewed through. My chocolate lab managed to chew the corner after the third day. I have been spraying his bitter spray on it, but was really hoping this would be durable enough to not have to. Love the bed, just not tough enough for extreme chewers.
    • Crate pad
      Review by Nicholas on 12/12/2018
      Great bed for a lab that destroys EVERYTHING! Bed holds up well after the first week but she was able to undo the stitching on the corner on the second night and get some stuffing out. Still a fantastic crate pad
    • Worth the money
      Review by Kristin on 12/12/2018
      I was hesitant to spend this much money on a crate pad but I'm glad I did! My 1 1/2 yr old lab has shredded others crate pads we have given him in the past. I was worried because I wasn't able to tie down the corners of this pad because of the type of crate we have, but it hasn't been a problem. We have had it for almost 2 weeks and it's holding up great!
    • High Quality and Well Made
      Review by Tom on 12/12/2018
      This is definitely a well designed and well constructed dog bed that meets a need in the pet industry.
      It would be thoughtful if pet supply stores offered these as an option when buying a dog crate/kennel.
    • Great bed and worth the money
      Review by Shak on 12/12/2018
      Have had the bed for a few weeks now and it is still holding up great! Our puppy has torn up 3 beds and cannot he thru this one. We also notice that he enjoys going in his crate more when it is wide open and just feels like relaxing.
    • Great, comfortable, durable bed for our chewy pups!
      Review by DubK on 12/12/2018
      This bed has worked out perfectly. We took in a stray, which soon after had pups. As the pups have grown into being in their own bed, they have chewed up all of them up until we got the K9 bed. They get to relax and sleep comfortably in their kennel at night and have had NO issues with the bed being destroyed! Wish we would have found this sooner
    • Chewed a hole in two hours
      Review by Stephanie on 12/12/2018
      Looked to be a sturdy bed but my dog was only in the cage for two hours and broke 3 of the 6 tie wraps. He also managed to chew a hole in the side.
    • Excellent!
      Review by Julie on 12/10/2018
      Got this in August for a Sheltie who loves to rip up his beds. He is not a dedicated chewer who just gnaws all day but rather likes to yank and tear at the corners when he gets bored. This one has succeeded where all other beds failed and is still in perfect condition! Very pleased with the purchase.
    • Two MinPins testing it out, lol
      Review by Nola on 12/10/2018
      they did manage to chew the tag off, lol. other than that, no damage done to bed thus far.
    • Great, tough, easy to clean.
      Review by Keene's mom on 12/10/2018
      I LOVE this bed! I have a "paw it all into a pile and shred it" type of boy. We have gone through many beds. I put this pad in his car crate, fastened the very handy corner hooks (they are reusable zip ties!) and it has stayed right where it belongs! We went to a very wet and dirty agility trial this weekend, and afterward the pad came out of the washer looking pretty danged good. It also air dried overnight, which is good since my dog goes someplace almost every day and needs it back. I did give him a small fleece blanket to wad up on top of it to make him happy :)
    • Bull Terrier Proven!
      Review by Ginny on 12/6/2018
      So far, so good! It’s been a couple of days now, but my 3 year old Bull Terrier, “Sedona”, who shreds everything I try to put in her crate has not been able to destroy this! She has a plastic crate, so I drilled 2 holes in each corner of the bottom of the crate so that I could tie it down with the tie downs provided. I think she has given up trying to chew it and is very comfortable. ❤️
    • Bed still new tie downs are gone.
      Review by Leo on 12/5/2018
      The dog bed is doing great so far,she managed to chew off the black tie downs on the bed which are not the bed it self.
    • VERY happy!!
      Review by Luanne on 12/4/2018
      I have two Labrador Retrievers and I am VERY happy to say that both Crate Pads are working fine and have NOT been chewed! YAY!!
    • excellent value
      Review by Richard on 12/4/2018
      My dogs love the new beds.
    • Great dog pad
      Review by thomas on 11/28/2018
      So far so good. It’s only been a couple of months.
      We have golden retriever puppy who chewed 3 outher pads.
      This pad is awesome he hasn’t been able to chew the K9 pad. Fits better in his crate and the material is tuff.
    • Recommend
      Review by BLG on 11/28/2018
      The bed is holding up good. The size is perfect and it cleans easily. One little minus, but not a huge deal for us. Our dog sleeps in her kennel in our bedroom and the pad is alittle noisy when she moves around. But I do recommend this product.
    • Great pad!
      Review by Curtis on 11/27/2018
      I put our crate pad in our hunting kennel for back of truck. Pad is awesome, we went with the felt front pad. Its is soft on one side and smooth on the other. It repels water really good.
    • Chewed a hole:(....better than anything else we have found.
      Review by Daryn on 11/27/2018
      Stella left it alone for a few days then chewed a hole on one of the edges. I sewed it shut and we will see if she leaves it. I like that it zip ties down and the double stitching. Unfortunately, I do not think any bed is safe with her when I am not around:( Better than anything else we have found.
    • Great product for the money
      Review by Leslie on 11/26/2018
      By far the best kennel mat/pad I have bought. My dog is a heavy chewer at almost 2 years old. I have easily spent $200+ on beds and mats. Nothing has lasted as long as this bed! Thank you K9 Ballistics!
    • holiday miracle
      Review by Janet on 11/26/2018
      I have a 65 pound spinone italiano who is a chewing maniac. We put this pad in her crate and after several weeks it is still unharmed....a holiday miracle!
    • Teething Puppy approved
      Review by Kai on 11/26/2018
      The product holds up! My puppy who chews on everything lays on it all day and night and it’s held up for a month. Would recommend for any dog!
    • Not as good as I hoped
      Review by artmanronn on 11/25/2018
      It is less than a week old, I used the provided zip ties (one broke, but luckily I keep some on hand) and my dog has chewed the corner strap, zip tie and about 2 inches of the corner of the bed. This is not indestructible by any means. The material is quite durable compared to other beds I have purchased, but was a huge disappointment.
    • Tough bed my aggressive chewer can't destroy.
      Review by Mama on 11/24/2018
      Our lab puppy destroys everything. She is 7 months old and this is her 5th bed! That ought to tell you something. All the others were eaten or torn up. So far, K9 ballistic has done the trick. The tie downs at each corner and sides are pure genius! (If our pup couldn't find a way to wreck the top of a bed, she'd work until she could get under it where the material wasn't as tough and destroy from below.). I have my fingers crossed that your bed is the answer. It has lasted a few weeks with no damage at all!
    • A perfect solution for your creative and bored puppy.
      Review by SweetboySamson on 11/23/2018
      OMG!! Other than I wish it was a little more padding (might not work as well) it has worked out wonderfully fo far. We have a 60lb, 11mo rescue named Samson. Pit, cattle dog, bulldog mix. He is crated a couple of hours a day and after going through discount bed after bed we gave up. The bed was a lot more that we would ever pay for a bed, but seeing as how we were going through the cheap ones and spending the same, and with the guarantee we figure we had nothing to loss. It did not matter if he was tired or if we gave him things to entertain him while we were gone. He'd rip it up. So glad we ordered it. It has survived!! Thank you for knowing dogs and making this product. A product currently not distructable to my chewing sweet boy.
    • Tough and chew proof it really is!
      Review by Whitney on 11/23/2018
      Finally, a crate pad that is comfortable and one my 20-month-old Golden Retriever can't/won't chew up!
      She loves it and we both say thanks after she did chew up two previous ones!
    • Pit mix can't destroy
      Review by Alexandra on 11/22/2018
      So far so good. I used the zip ties to keep it down in the crate and my pups been trying to pull it up for a week. Not a single pulled string so far and she's spent hours digging at the thing. Generally by now she has chewed holes through all her bedding so I think this is going to hold up.
    • Best Pad and Customer Service Ever!!
      Review by Susan on 11/22/2018
      Sturdy and comfortable for my big furry baby and he loves it. The pad fit perfectly and my Oliver goes into the grate without any coaxing. I am sure it is because he is comfortable!
      Best pad and customer service ever!!!
    • Excellent product!
      Review by Jaclyn on 11/22/2018
      I have a 5 month old lab puppy that is teething, so he is a very heavy chewer. He has chewed through multiple pads, blankets and beds, so decided to bite the bullet and pay the extra money for a good quality pad. It was worth it! We have had this pad in his crate for about 3 weeks now and he hasn’t been able to chew through it at all!!! Only thing he was able chew are the loops for attaching the pad to the crate, which we weren’t going to use anyways. Also love how you can just put right in the washer and dryer. Overall, excellent product! Will definitely be buying more!
    • Thin but durable
      Review by Nate on 11/21/2018
      The bed is a bit thin but very durable. Also the inclsusion of reusable zip ties for each corner has really extended the life bc since our pup can't get a good grip to start chewing ????
    • Just does not hold up.
      Review by Carolyn on 11/20/2018
      Just didn't hold up to our healer, he is strong and had 3 small holes and stuffing pulled out the first time he was crated with the cushion. We still use the cushion in his crate when we are home but pull it out when we leave so he doesn't completely destroy it. I tried....
    • Extremely satisfied
      Review by Kristin on 11/20/2018
      Extremely happy that I decided to purchase one of your crate pads. Great quality and beautiful pattern too. Thank you
    • Worth it!!!
      Review by Brian on 11/19/2018
      I have two, 2yr old rescue Boxers. They have shredded 6 beds since we got them a few months ago. In my search for an indestructible dog bed, I stumbled upon K9 Balistic. These beds are LEGIT! I've had the Tough Crate Pads for a couple of weeks now. Neither dog has been able to make a mark on them. Believe me, they've tried. These may be a bit on the pricey side for a dog bed, but like I say... "Buy once, cry once."

      The only reason for the four bones review, is if you could ask the dogs, I think they'd prefer a little more padding.
    • Perfect
      Review by Maria on 11/19/2018
      Fits crate perfect and the tie straps keep it sercure so my fur baby can’t lift it up. So far she hasn’t chewed it! Keeping fingers crossed.
    • So far so good
      Review by Linda on 11/18/2018
      Our dog is a Neopolitan Mastiff who is a Very heavy chewer. He has chewed several different beds already. He has broken the cable tie corner hold downs but so far has been unable to chew through the fabric. It has been just as advertised.
    • Dog still ripped but so far not as bad as the damage to other beds
      Review by Katherine on 11/18/2018
      my dog immediately ripped off the straps attaching the front corner and ripped the cover. I sprayed it all with Bitter Apple, so so far no more damage. We'll see in a few weeks...
    • Disappointed
      Review by Rebecca on 11/18/2018
      Only had it a few days before it was ripped and stuffing pulled out. The tag was ripped off in a few hours. I have a 5 month old lab.
    • Hreat6
      Review by david on 11/17/2018
      It holds up very well for big chewer
    • It's better than most but he still chewed a hole in it
      Review by lovelady on 11/17/2018
      It's nice and cushy but he did chew it and got some stuffing out. It's not completely torn apart, but my Walter is working on it.
    • Very durable
      Review by john on 11/17/2018
      4 month old puppy with razor teeth can’t get through it. Great bedding for a crate
    • Stood up to Catahoula pup
      Review by Evelyn on 11/16/2018
      This a great product. It is withstanding the onslaught of the chewing monster - 4 month old Catahoula pup. I think he has given up trying! This is the only product that came out the winner.
    • Did not make the purpose
      Review by STANISLAV on 11/16/2018
      The bed looks nice and of good quality, my dog does not like sleeping on it because I imagine it is not as soft as her previous bed. My dog also managed to make a hole in it, I hoped this would have been impossible for her and I really don’t know what else to do with her. I though the bed should have been tough enough, apparently it’s not.
      Review by Nancy on 11/15/2018
      My puppy is my first Border Collie and the first puppy I've raised - wow, I didn't realize what I was getting myself into! He has the energy of every dog I've ever owned combined and then some. And he loves to chew, and destroyed every crate mat, towel and blanket in sight. We bought him a K9 Ballistics tough crate mat, and I can finally get my puppy to sleep safely in his crate, without worrying about him chewing through or ingesting something harmful. He loves it - he can dig to his heart's content (he likes to dig before he settles to sleep) and this mat is secured to his crate in lockdown fashion. It's survived nearly three months of daily use by my puppy and is in perfect condition! I'm ordering him an orthopedic version, too, so I can have a backup and wash them and alternate.
    • I highly recommend K9 Ballistics Tough Crate Pads.
      Review by Jan on 11/15/2018
      This is the second K9 Ballistics Tough Crate Pad that I got for my Airedale. I ordered the first one 4 years ago. He can sometimes be pretty rough on bedding–digging and/or chewing the material, but the original pad is still in very good condition after daily use in his car crate and many washings. I ordered another pad for his portable crate that I take to agility classes. I was especially pleased with the new design that has clips on all four corners to keep the pad in place when the crate is folded up.
    • Crate pads
      Review by Matthew on 11/13/2018
      These beds are amazing I bought one about 8 months ago for my cane corso and the only damage she has done to it is rip the tag off. So I just bought another one for my lab. These beds are worth every penny no more fluffy to clean up when they get bored in there crates
    • Great mat
      Review by Sandra on 11/12/2018
      I love this crate mat. My dog is a power chewer and has destroyed every mat. The k9 ballistic mat is by far the best and most durable mat I have purchased. Unfortunately, she was able to tear off the 4 corner tabs and then start pulling out stuffing. I believe that if I tied the zip ties to the crate with the corner tabs, she may not have been able pull them off so easily, if I could afford it I would definitely purchase another one and secure the corners to the crate.
    • Great mat
      Review by Sandra on 11/12/2018
      I love this crate mat. My dog is a power chewer and has destroyed every mat. The k9 ballistic mat is by far the best and most durable mat I have purchased. Unfortunately, she was able to tear off the 4 corner tabs and then start pulling out stuffing. I believe that if I tied the zip ties to the crate with the corner tabs, she may not have been able pull them off so easily, if I could afford it I would definitely purchase another one and secure the corners to the crate.
    • Good beds
      Review by Jayrod on 11/12/2018
      I was hoping that this would be the bed for our puppies. I know not all cases are the same. My puppy managed to tear a hole in a side and eat the white wool out of it. It’s still a awesome bed that’s easy to wash if you have a non destructive or a light destructive dog. My dog is relentless. I think it he had a bed made of Kevlar he’d still manage to chew a hole in it. I like the beds. I’m gonna get more for my other dogs that don’t chew.
    • Overall good quality no size to fit the very well made Ruff Tuff intermediate dog kennel. k
      Review by David on 11/11/2018
      I wish you made it in a size 18 in wide by 27 in. long to fit the Rough Tuff Intermediate size dog kennel. The pad I purchased is to long to fit my crate and your next size down is to small.
    • My lab surrendered!
      Review by Jimmy on 11/10/2018
      Our six month old black lab has apparently given up on destroying his new bed. I'm very impressed that after two weeks it's still in one piece! I've recommended this product to friends.
    • Pretty good... anything better?
      Review by David on 11/8/2018
      Pretty good but still can’t stand up to a boxer.
      It was intact out of the box and after the 4th night a small tear developed. Boxers (and may be other breeds) always turn in multiple circles before lying down. I am at a loss as to if there is any pad/bed that can withstand Jakes shenanigans?
      Thanks for the closest thing to a “Jake proof” bed.
    • So far not ripped.
      Review by Elizabeth on 11/7/2018
      He doesn't find it very comfortable but he cant lift the corners to chew it up. I guess that is the most important thing.
    • I would buy the bed again and hope they come up with a new way to secure
      Review by Kelly on 11/7/2018
      My dog absolutely loves the bed; however the way the bed is tied down to the crate not a good design you have to cut the plastic ties to remove the bed to wash it and then have spare ties to secure it back down. Also if you don't cut the ends off the dog likes to chew them and if you do cut them down you leave sharp edges. Other then that the bed seems to be holding up.
    • So far so good
      Review by Dennis K on 11/2/2018
      She is working on it and getting nowhere!
    • easy to clean, love it
      Review by Casey on 10/24/2018
      these are great crate pads! best part is just tossing in the washer when you need to with no hassle of taking it apart! our dane hasn't destroyed it yet!
    • Exactly What We Needed!
      Review by Alexis on 10/19/2018
      We recently adopted a 7-month old lab mix. We first bought the Kong crate mat for him, which worked wonderfully for a while. The problem started when he realized that he could get the corner of the mat up and chew it. After destroying that mat, we realized we needed something that was a bit more chew resistant. We went with the K9 Ballistics Tough Crate Pad and absolutely love it! It’s so super comfy for the pup and a lot of thought has gone into it’s design. Of course the chew-resistant fabric is great, but what’s even better are the zip ties and anchors included to secure the mat to the crate! This makes it so the dog cannot paw at it to get it up and chew it! Not to mention that the zip ties are reusable, so you can remove them to clean the mat if needed and then use them again to re-secure it. We love this mat and are so happy we found it.
    • 5 HUGE stars!!!
      Review by DONA on 9/6/2018
      I rescue senior dogs and they will destroy beds within minutes. K9 sent me their crate pads and they are so well made, not a bit of damage has been done. Not only that, they provide perfect support to the old bones of my dogs and they sleep peacefully on them
    • Highly recommend for dogs that love to chew!
      Review by Erin on 8/15/2018
      We have two rescue pups - 9 months old and 1.5 years old. We had tried all sorts of bed, blankets, yoga mats and nothing survived in their crates more than a few days (sometimes less than a few hours)... until this crate pad. One month in and neither crate pad has any tears of any kind. I think using the zip ties to tie down the corners helps. Luna (the 9-month old puppy) was on to us and she did chew off the zip tie from the outside when she was free in the house, but that's easy to replace. I never leave reviews but am so happy with this product and wanted to recommend to all other dog owners struggling to find something that their pups won't destroy.
    • Durable PLUS can rely on the guarantee.
      Review by Sharon F. on 8/9/2018
      My dog is absolutely a chewer. Has gone through other "chew proof" pads and beds in less than an hour. While it may seem a backhanded compliment, it is NOT...it took him nearly 2 months to get through this one. For my dog, that is impressive. And he really likes it on top of that. Not to mention, when he made his way through it, they honored the guarantee with no hassle. Would HIGHLY recommend.
    • Did not stand up to our Super Chewer
      Review by Shelly on 7/30/2018
      I loved the quality of the crate pad and was hopeful it would stand up to our little super chewer, however within 5 minutes of being in her crate on the pad she had chewed holes in 2 of the 4 corners where the little strap holders are. It did not last long in our house and I was truly disappointed with all of the great reviews it has gotten from everyone else and they're super chewers, I was very hopeful this was our miracle pad.
    • Great company. Stands behind their product.
      Review by Susan on 7/27/2018
      My pitbull of 75 pounds bit a hole in the corner of the crate mat. We had a bad thunderstorm and he managed to get through the pad. The company was great in replacing it Within a few days.
    • The cover appears to be holding up very well. However, needs more filling inside of the bed for more padding
      Review by Todd on 7/26/2018
      Holding up so far. The filling inside the bed is kind of thin.
    • Great product for a dog that likes to chew!
      Review by J.P.R. on 7/20/2018
      The dog that I'm fostering for a local animal shelter is a chewer. 'Buster' immediately destroyed the bed and 2 chew toys that the Shelter gave me. On the recommendation of a relative, I looked on line for K-9 Ballistics and purchased the Tough Crate Pad. It's perfect! The only thing he chewed off was the small white label that was sewn into the seam. No damage done to the pad! When Buster is ready for a permanent home, I will send the pad along with him!
    • Best crate pad/mat ever made.
      Review by James on 7/19/2018
      Love this crate pad. My dogs love it too and they can't destroy it! Make sure to read the instructions on how to secure it to your crate. I have two crates with the plastic tray that can be pulled out. I drill two holes in the plastic where the hoops are for the pad. I run the tie wrap through the hoop and through the two holes. Keeps the pad down very secure and is easy to remove!
    • K9 Ballistics you're the best
      Review by Jodi S. on 7/17/2018
      Comfortable , durable and my dog curled up and fell right to sleep.
    • Working out great!
      Review by Barbra on 7/17/2018
      We have a 60lb, 1 year old, female Pitbull mix. Ruby. She chews any bed we've gotten her. Including our couch cushions! This crate pad is working great and has been the only bed that she cannot destroy!!
    • Great beds
      Review by Stephen on 7/17/2018
      Best dog bed ever. My puppy would chew up a bed in a day. She has not touched this bed. One problem, my other dog was so jealous of the new bed that she chewed up her bed and I had to buy a second Crate Pad! So glad I found these beds. I really like the tie down feature.
    • Just like any other crate pad
      Review by Michael on 7/17/2018
      The crate pad was very nice, but my dog managed to chew a 3x3 inch hole in it. Once that happened, there was stuffing everywhere. While I knew it was not indestructible, I didn’t think that much damage would be done. If you dog has a bad chewing issue, this pad sadly is like any other.
    • Pitt-Mix Tested
      Review by mary beth on 7/16/2018
      So far so good :) Our little Pitt mix has eaten a 7 inch Velcro strip from her spay surgery cone, a zipper with buckle from her last bed. We needed something with limited seams, tags, and appliances to keep her from 'curiously' chewing. This bed is high quality tough material and limited hardware. Four days and not even a nibble. Crossing my fingers! Very grateful for your product!
    • Love our crate pad!
      Review by [email protected] on 7/15/2018
      We love our tough crate pad! Even our 6 month determined chewer hasn't been able to lift an edge and begin destroying this pad as she has with other beds! I'm sure this is in huge part due to the awesome ties they give you to attach to each corner of your crate which prevents dogs being able to get started, the bed stays tucked down all around and looks like the day we got it! Also, my older dog likes to go in and hang out even when we're home cuz it's comfy. I would definitely buy this pad again and I really like this company!

    • I bought him a larger one for the bedroom but he won’t go on it. I don’t think it’s fluffy enough for him. Good for crate not for sleeping at night.
      Review by Susan on 7/14/2018
      My 75 pound pitbull has gone through many pads ,blankets ,pillows etc. This pad for his crate seems to be Indestructible. I bought him a larger one for the bedroom but he won’t go on it. I don’t think it’s fluffy enough for him. Good for crate not for sleeping at night.
    • Perfect fabric!
      Review by Camo on 7/2/2018
      We love our new dog beds! We have bull mastiffs who need their bed fabric to be cool and these beds are great for that!! Great strong quality too!
    • I like the tie down function
      Review by Stephen on 7/2/2018
      So far so good. My other dog is now jealous and tore up her bed so I will be ordering another one!
    • so far so good.
      Review by David on 7/2/2018
      so far so good. Sage is a 2 year old pit bull who is considered an extreme chewer. She has torn apart 3 previous beds within a week of us getting them for her crate. Not this one, it is still completely intact and she seems to be very comfortable. We have had this one for 2 weeks and all is good.
    • 1st so good, I bought more
      Review by Susan on 7/1/2018
      The K9 Ballistics bed I bought previously held up so well, I bought a crate pad too. I will probably buy another bed shortly. I have 3 dogs, and when I get home from work, the bed and crate pad are never near where they were when I left. The last 4 beds (bought together) before this were gone in a week. I've had the bed for over a month, and the pad for over a week, and the only damage to either is the label on the bed is gone. These seemed a little expensive at first, but clearly, I'm going to be money ahead since I won't have to replace them constantly.
    • GREAT
      Review by Rhonda on 7/1/2018
      Great. Very tough. Easy to clean
    • Not quite chew resistant but 5 stars for Customer Service
      Review by Erika on 6/18/2018
      It took my naughty puppy about a week to chew a hole in it. I honestly didn't expect it to last that long though so overall I'm pretty happy. I do want to give 5 stars for customer support. They have been great with the warranty, very fast to respond and extremely helpful.
    • It's not quite what I expected.
      Review by Cindy J on 3/7/2018
      Well, it last about a day. One is ok, but is not locked in a cage with a medium sized Jack Russell/Lab mix. The other is in pieces, and like the other beds I have purchased, I am picking up all the fluff. She just won't get a bed until she is about 2.
    • The surface of Mars
      Review by Wayne on 3/7/2018
      This is the best of the best, our incessant chewer has yet to mar the surface, this is the ticket!
    • This stuff could survive the zombie apocalypse
      Review by Liz on 3/7/2018
      The really cute puppy that we fostered last summer stole our hearts, so we added her to our family. We now own a industrial strength chewing machine.

      She has every chew toy available in the entire universe. She has a dog walker who comes to play with her at lunch. She has two other dogs at home to keep her company. But she still chews like Pac Man in a 1980's arcade.

      She has chewed through two lovely couches down to the wood, several pairs of really cute shoes, eleven books (including one about dog training), three backpacks, 18 tennis balls, and anything else that is remotely in reach of her jaws from hell. It's a good thing she's cute.

      We finally decided to crate her, and she chewed through 5 crate pads. We finally just put some old towels and some pieces of fleece in with her, but I'm pretty sure she just burped after she ate those too.

      You can imagine my surprise when the Tuff Crate Pad lasted more than an hour in her crate. And then it lasted 24 hours. And a week. And then a month.

      I don't know what this stuff is made of, but it has survived. Perhaps we need to research how to use this material in case of the zombie apocalypse. I'm pretty sure this dog bed would last an alien attack.

      Can you make me some shoes and books from this stuff please? Or maybe a couch that matches my living room?
    • Great product solved our problem.
      Review by Jim on 3/7/2018
      Doing fine so far. Our dog tries to dig a hole in his bedding by scratching. Big 75 lb bird dog. He tries to penetrate the K9 ballistic cloth, but it is holding up very well. Great product.
    • Tuff but not for constant chewers
      Review by Brian on 3/7/2018
      I love this Bed. My 1 year old Toy Poodle loves it to.
      But he has managed to rip a tiny hole in it and the fluff is starting to come out.
    • Tougher Than Our Pup
      Review by Tami on 3/7/2018
      I super, super, super LOVE our Tuff Crate Pad! Our 11 month old Yellow Lab Mix puppy has chewed up a lot of things since becoming a part of our family. I bought this crate pad hoping I wouldn't have to be one of those people who had to replace it with the raised aluminum bed (the one for "tough chewers"). I'm happy to say the Tuff Crate Pad looks just like it did the day I installed it! Going on 2 weeks, I believe. I agree with other reviewers who said using the tie-downs is critical. Our pup did try to dig up the corners to chew on. Not sure what would've happened if she was successful. The shipping was faster than anticipated as well. I'll be ordering again. Thank you K9!
    • I had high hopes he wouldn't chew it!
      Review by Paige on 3/7/2018
      I love the crate pad, but, my 40 lb cattle dog/pointer mix put a small hole in it the 1st day. Day 2 he broke the zip tie and chewed a larger hole in the bottom of the pad. Day 3 I used a metal chain link to secure the corner and he left it alone for a few days. Got home yesterday and he had managed to chew and even bigger hole in the top. I will be taking them up on the 90 day warranty, he just won't get the pad back until he goes to the trainer for a week!
    • Best Crate Pad
      Review by Jingles on 2/20/2018
      I got this crate pad for my 70 pound + Irish Setter Puppy who is a aggressive chewer. So Far so good. I really like the zip ties that keep the corners of the pad down flat! He doesn't seem to be interested in chewing on the pad now! I'm glad that I went ahead and spent the money, it's well worth it!! The other brand of pads didn't even last a week!
    • Best Crate Pad for Your Money!
      Review by Jeanne on 2/20/2018
      So Far so good! I really like the zip ties that keep the corners down in the crate. My Irish Setter puppy is a aggressive chewer and since the pad is tied down-he hasn't shown any interest in tearing up the pad. I'm very glad that I went ahead and purchased this crate pad! Well Worth The Money!!

    • Holes the first day
      Review by barrie on 2/20/2018
      He ate 3 holes in it the first day. Nice product but thought is was supposed to withstand more.
    • Great pad and so far no chewing!
      Review by Jennys Mom on 2/20/2018
      Love the bed! Jenny seems to be sleeping better and she hasn't even tried to chew it. She did however manage to break the squeaker in the tennis ball you sent! A very nice touch! When I unpacked it, I just let her check it out and she couldn't even really get her teeth into it and lost interest. So it has my vote!
    • I would recommend this to others
      Review by william on 2/10/2018
      I bought this for my 90 pound Great Dane mix who can destroy about anything. He has not chewed any part of his new bed up. This is a great bed.
    • Holding Strong to the Lab/Terrier Mix
      Review by Alexandra on 2/7/2018
      Spoiled my dog and got this for him for Christmas, so we've had it for a month and a half. My dog has pretty bad separation anxiety since he was a rescue and found abandoned on the streets. No matter what we put in his crate he would chew it. We tried different beds and blankets and he would destroy everything!

      Finally I gave in and spoiled the dog and got him this crate pad. It's been a month and a half and so far it has held up to everything! We have seen him paw and chew at the crate pad, but he just gives up and lays back down. If you look in the areas he has chewed there is not even a scratch!

      I do highly recommend you use the zip ties provided to tie it down. If he had more leverage I think I would see some damage, but because he can't pull it up he gives up. He also enjoys laying on it rather than the hard plastic!

      Also note my dog is a lab/terrier mix so he's a chewer but not a super strong chewer which is why I think this has lasted us so far. So far this has been worth the money though and is a durable product!
    • Still chewable.
      Review by Carl on 1/18/2018
      The pad looks good and the dogs look comfortable on it and are only on it at night and only the cold ones at that but they are young (7 months or so) and still in the chewing stage. They have already chewed 2 holes in the bed after less than 2 weeks laying on it. Sort of disappointed it wasn't more chew resistant.
    • Awesome!
      Review by Purdy on 1/18/2018
      Renegade is a 25 month old Great Dane. He has eaten every bed we have ever bought him. Within 24 hours of giving him a new bed, it's destroyed. I have a video of him opening his new K9 Ballistic bed that proves what I stated above. We are happy to report the bed still exists and is completely in tact!! He loves it!! Definitely worth the money.
    • Quality product no doubt about it !!!
      Review by Barbara on 1/11/2018
      We have had the pad 2-3 weeks and it has been great. Upon receiving it I felt the material was the answer to our Doobie's destructive behavior and it truly is a quality product.
    • Very pleased
      Review by Rebekah on 12/27/2017
      We have a 6 month old pitbull that chewed threw 3 dog beds already. I found the k9 ballistics site and fave the tuff crate pad a try. Our puppy has left it alone not one stitch is missing on the pad. I am very pleased with it and would buy it again( but it seems like I won’t have to! We found a winner)
    • I really like them and would recommend them to others
      Review by Christie on 12/27/2017
      I have a Dalmatian who chewed every crate pad I bought , I bought your chew proof tough crate pad and it has passed the Dalmatian test and then some! She has not been able to tear it up , it easily stays clean and she is comfortable on it. I bought a one for each of my dals.
    • Good pad even with a few holes
      Review by Lulu's mom on 12/27/2017
      This pad has lasted the longest (3 weeks) of any we have had in 7 years. She has managed to bite a few holes but given that the stuffing is not all over the house is a good thing. I would purchase again.
    • Very pleased - still in one piece
      Review by Andrew on 12/27/2017
      We've had this crate pad for a few weeks now and our black lab shepherd mix puppy (9 months) hasn't tried to destroy it. She seems pretty happy sleeping on it and we are quite happy with our purchase. We will update our review if anything changes, but overall we are very pleased.
    • LOVE IT!!!
      Review by Michele on 12/27/2017
      I LOVE K9 BALLISTCS BEDS!!! I now own eight and they are the ONLY dog beds I will buy now ....no other bed holds up as well. So worth the money!!!!
    • Exactly what our pit bull pup needed.
      Review by Rosamaria C. on 12/14/2017
      We got this pad in August 2017. It’s now December 2017 and it has not been damaged. Our pit bull pup went through beds very often. He tried chewing and scratching this pad but was unsuccessful. Now he just enjoys laying on it. He is still destroying toys and even a door jam, but this pad has survived his puppy chewing.
    • he likes it.
      Review by Carl on 12/13/2017
      Luke is a 1 1/2 year old labradoodle that loves to chew. He has chewed all dog beds to date except this one. It has only been a couple of weeks but so far so good. He has not even bothered with it except for the tag.
    • Very pleased
      Review by Kath on 12/12/2017
      It's great!!!!!! This is the only bed my dog hasn't chewed up!!!!!! Thank you guys sooooooo much <3
    • Not durable
      Review by Ashley on 12/12/2017
      I bought this bed for my 9month year old 30lb Australian Shepard puppy. The first one she chewed up the first night we put it in her crate and we used the tie down strings. Customer service was very good and sent us a new one right away- this time we left I.t out of her crate and let her get use to it for a few weeks. The night we put it in her crate (we did not tie it down this time, she put a hole in I.t within an hour.

      After going through many beds I was very excited about this one, but unfortunately it couldn't with stand the strength of a 30lb puppy. Customer service was great though.
    • no subject
      Review by Scott on 11/28/2017
      Zeus has managed to tear apart every crate pad from Meijer, Pet Smart and some internet sellers; but he's been defeated by K9 Ballistic! Finally peace of mind for me, and a more comfortable bed for Zeus - leaving him on a hard, plastic crate floor was not what I wanted, thanks to K9, it's no longer an issue
    • Excellent product and customer service.
      Review by Cheryl C. on 11/27/2017
      Both dogs love their new Tuff Crate Beds. The beds are very durable and easy to clean. Great quality and customer service from K9 Ballistics.
    • Do not know
      Review by Jackie on 11/27/2017
      Hi, These are gifts for other people so I will not know how they are holding up till their dogs have a go at them.
    • I Can't Say Enough . . .
      Review by Kathi on 11/13/2017
      I can't say enough about this company and their products, but ESPECIALLY, their customer service - second to none!! I ordered one of these for my now 10 month old Belgian Tervuren, who has destroyed even the mightiest of chew toys, for his crate. He loved it, and left it alone for about a week. Somehow, he was able to loosen one of the zip ties; lifted a corner and away he went. K-9 Ballistics honored their warranty quickly and sent a replacement, with the suggestion that perhaps waiting until he's a bit older (hopefully through with the chewing stage?), until I use the replacement. I could tell he really liked it from the first time he slept on it, and he acted pouty when I took it away, but life's lessons are hard. K-9 Ballistics went above and beyond in my dealings with them and would recommend to anyone. I will definitely be back for more as my pup gets older. Thanks to all at K-9 Ballistics!!!
    • Stand up company
      Review by Timothy on 11/11/2017
      My 7 month heeler managed to chew a hole in it. Took 97 days and K9ballistics honored their warranty. It was a very easy process kudos to this company. I would do business with them again.
    • not impressed so far
      Review by Raymond on 10/15/2017
      Our 1 year old lab has managed to tear a small hole in it before we could stop her. waiting to see what else happens
    • Current score K9 10, Olive
      Review by Shawnie_C on 10/9/2017
      I can't believe it...10 days and counting and so far, so good!!

    • Quality product
      Review by Donna on 10/9/2017
      Update on Tuff Crate Pad that I bought in March 2017; still going strong in October 2017. Has withstood several washings and still in tact. Highly recommend; quality product.
    • Its good, the dog and cats sleep on it.
      Review by Robert on 10/9/2017
      Its been 10 days ; and Bailey hasn't destroyed the bed .
    • Very impressed !
      Review by Holly on 9/25/2017
      I love these crate pads. And the customer service is awesome!
      With 2 five month old lab puppies chaos and chewing occurs.
      I would definitely recommend that if you have power chewers that you stick with the totally ballistic material pads. We got one with a soft velvety top which was chewed thru in a couple of hours - but got a replacement with ballistic material on both sides and no problems since. Wonderful product - - attractive and very easy to clean.
    • Chewed through .
      Review by Christopher on 9/25/2017
      Old english bull dog 10 months old Chewed through the edge of the bed within the first day we got it.
    • love it.
      Review by Jerry on 9/1/2017
      I have three Weimaraner's & ofcourse 3 beds. They are fantastic, well worth the money, easy to clean, and are really durable.

      We are going to buy three more so that we can rotate them. They fit perfect in their crates. The oldest pad has been in usefor over three years, (Moms) and the other two, (for her puppies) 18 months and 12 months respectively, are all wearing quite well. Best part, Made in the USA, gotta love it.
    • Crate Pad
      Review by Meegan on 9/1/2017
      Fits in the crate great. Tyner loves to fluff it!
    • Product has met and exceeded our expectations
      Review by Mike on 8/31/2017
      This is 'the' first dog pad/bed that didn't get destroyed within the first week. Dog has separation anxiety so can be quite destructive while crated.
    • Great product with easy accident clean up!
      Review by JJ on 8/31/2017
      My Pitbull has a tendency to scratch and fluff her bead to the point of tearing everything apart and then she picks it apart. She has not been able to do that to this one as of yet and she has already had accidents on it too and the clean up was so easy. Took it outside, hosed it off, and then sprayed it with a cleaning solution and let it dry. I love it!!
    • Buy this crate pad for chewing dogs
      Review by Matthew on 8/31/2017
      So far , so good. Looks comfortable, she sleeps longer in the morning. Our dog is a puppy who shredded the old pad to foam pieces, hasn't even tried chewing this one. Would highly suggest this product. Haven't had to wash it yet but will this weekend. Worth the cost, which compared to other "chew proof" products is low
    • First one lasted a month, Second one lasted 5 days...
      Review by Ian on 8/29/2017
      We bought this bed because our 11 month old golden likes to tear at her create beds. Our first bed was a felt top with the 90 day guarantee and it lasted about a month. They sent us a second one that was plain, indicating that the Plain TUFF top was tougher to chew through…. It lasted 5 days.

      K9 Ballistics Response: We're sorry the second pad was also chewed, Ian. The TUFF Velvet is as durable as the plain TUFF but some dogs will chew more persistently on the softer surface, so sometimes switching to the plain TUFF can help. We still recommend using a chew-deterrent spray and the included tie downs to give your pad the best chance against a more destructive chewer, and if you do have a heavier chewer the best option for them is the Cujo Cot Raised Aluminum Bed.
    • tiny terror
      Review by Shana on 8/28/2017
      Great! My tiny terror hasn't even gotten a thread loose in the 2 weeks or so that we've had the bed. Definitely buying again!
    • Great Product
      Review by traci on 8/24/2017
      So far, so good! Our Rott puppy loves it!
    • Highly recommended! Not a single dent!
      Review by Victoria on 8/23/2017
      I have a 9month old German Shepherd. He is a very big boy (70+lbs and still growing). He also has PICA (he craves fabric specifically). He has been through 4 beds and 3 blankets. It had simply become a danger to his health. We feared for a bowel obstruction from fabric and stuffing. We didn't want to leave him with nothing but a metal crate because we felt bad! We decided to give the K9 Ballistic crate pad a try. We received the crate pad about 10 days ago. He has clearly tried to chew the bed (corner specifically we can see the slobber marks.) NOT A SINGLE DENT! We secured it with the zip ties as instructed, which has also helped. So as of now we couldn't be happier and plan on buying other products in the near future. Both of my dogs work with a dog trainer and we are always sharing tips for great products, I couldn't wait to tell her about this one! She is going to be sharing this product with her other clients who have chewy fur friends! High recommend.
    • Fantastic bed!
      Review by Watson on 8/23/2017
      Pleased with bed - and he hasn't chewed it. Unimpressed with speed of arrival though.
      Review by Missy D on 8/22/2017
      I have 2 - 50 pound dogs (1.5 years old) a lab/husky mix and a walker coonhound who have destroyed ALL of the beds (and toys) that we have purchased with the exception of these and they have held up remarkably well. Totally worth the cost and the pups love their crate beds. Not so much as a pulled thread on either bed. The best thing to do is make sure to get the correct size for the crate if that is how they will be used. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
    • Works so well I bought another!
      Review by RKD90 on 8/22/2017
      We have a 9 month old Entlebucher puppy that apparently enjoys destroying crate pads and beds. After the last go around, I decided to do a Google search for 'indestructible crate pad' and came across your products. At first I was a little reluctant to spend the extra money, but nevertheless decided to give it a try (the 90-day warranty helped in the decision making process). It's been several weeks - but the new mat is standing up very, very well. No rips or holes and no stuffing everywhere - perfect! In fact, I was so impressed a few weeks after the first purchase I ordered a second pad for his car crate. Would highly recommend - don't hesitate.
    • So far so good !
      Review by Charlie on 8/22/2017
      So far so good. It's only been a week, but it's proven to be a strong, yet comfortable bed. Initially, we were sent a bed without the tie-downs, but the customer service was great and the situation was corrected in short order.
    • Not that tough
      Review by Ed on 8/22/2017
      Dog tore a hole and ripped it within 30 minutes.
    • Fantasitc product- durable and fits crate perfectly
      Review by Shirlene on 8/22/2017
      These are amazing. My dogs love them. They are of high quality and it's amazing my dogs have not distorted them. My dogs are chewers and they haven't bothered them at all. I took them out to clean them and they both sat outside their crates and waited for me to put them back. They are easy to clean, to take out of crate and put back and they seem to love them. I won't ever buy my dogs any beds from anywhere else but K9 Balistics!!
    • I like the pad but it lasted less than 24 hrs
      Review by Vincen on 8/17/2017
      We received the pad very quickly. Unfortunately my dog ripped a hole in it just as quick. He tore a hole in the middle of the soft side of the pad.
    • Tuff Crate Pad
      Review by Thomas on 8/17/2017
      Very satisfied with the Tuff Crate Pad . They also stand behind their product
    • I am very pleased with your product.
      Review by Jane on 8/17/2017
      I think your crate pads are the best out there. We have a Lab puppy...a chewer that did chew a corner off and start taking the stuffing out. For some reason I thought the replacement was a cover to put over the old one, but you sent a complete new pad. So I am keeping it out of his crate until he has demolished the first one. I always put one or two chew toys in with him when crated and that seems to help. And of course bitter apple, etc helps too. Thank you for replacing the first one. I hope it will last until his chewing stage is over. I highly recommend plenty of exercise and not leaving him is his crate during the day very often, Jane
    • Improved
      Review by Roger on 8/17/2017
      Pad improvements- You've installed 'bullet-proof' corner triangles and holes for zip-locking the pad to secure the corners to the crate. My previous pad had all four corners chewed with padding sticking out.
    • Great pad!
      Review by Keith on 8/17/2017
      Our new puppy has has chewed through several crate pads within a few days. The K9 ballistics pad has lasted 3 weeks so far. She has managed to flip it, roll it, and ball it up, but not chew through it. :-)
    • Perfect for the house and car
      Review by TM on 8/16/2017
      We bought a Tuff Crate Pad for our 5-month old lab puppy's indoor crate after he destroyed a foam pad with a cloth cover. It was such a great product that we bought a second one for the crate in the car to help keep him from sliding around. It's perfect for that because of the tie-downs that keep it in place. After a few initial attempts to scratch through it that had absolutely no impact, he quit trying. He is so comfy in there that sometimes we have to coax him out whe we get home.
    • Fantastic
      Review by Granny on 8/16/2017
      This pad is fantastic! My English Bully had destroyed hundreds of dollars in crate pads, but this one , he's met his match! Thank you. Love it!
    • Boerboel stud proof crate pad
      Review by Gallant Boerboels on 8/15/2017
      I ordered one many months ago for my Boerboel stud, who destroyed beds every time a female went into heat. He has not been able to rip or tear this crate pad. It is easy to clean, I just sweep it off and toss it in the washer. I ordered two more for the other crates due to the durability. I love these pads.
    • My dog is comfortable and I know the pet bed is durable and fits perfectly inside his kennel.
      Review by Julie on 8/15/2017
      Fits perfectly inside my dogs kennel and I know he's comfy❣️
    • Best crate pad
      Review by Rick on 8/15/2017
      It's a real tuff crate pad but it isn't indestructible, as we found out only on the second day of ownership. Our adopted 11 month old female boxer proved that. That said, I still think the quality exceeds anything else I've seen or have owned in the past. It really is a tough crate pad but at the same time it feels comfortable to me so my hope is it's comfortable for her. Warranty replacement was a breeze.

      Overall, great product and customer service.
    • Perfect for the average non-chewer
      Review by LAMARQ on 8/15/2017
      The quality was great for the average non-chewer. I rated 4 paws as an in-between rating as I would have rated it 3 for our experience specifically, but I do believe it's a 5 paw rating for the average dog. She attached the pad full force and had holes in it within a few hours of receiving it. I have put in a request to use the 90-day warranty, Very thankful for that. I will try spraying the new pad with apple bitter to see if that helps, but I'm not holding my breath.
    • Puppy proof!
      Review by Cyndi on 8/15/2017
      Our 2 pit-pug/chihuahua mix puppies have destroyed every single pad we've put in their kennel within a day. So far the K-9 ballistics pad has them beat! We have had it for about 2-3 weeks and they haven't been able to tear it up. I put it in the kennel with the tougher side up and they keep turning it over. But no tears! Thanks K-9 Ballistics for a puppy proof product at a good price!
    • Highly Satisfied Customer
      Review by LB on 8/12/2017
      My chocolate lab has used this Tuff Crate pad since Jan 2017 and she has not chewed any part yet. She was/is a chewer and shredder of the blankets she previously had in her crate. The only thing she was able to do was take off the zip ties that hold the corners down, so I don't use any now. She does scratch the pad quite a bit and it has held up well. I would highly recommend this product!
    • One bed lasted 6 days...
      Review by RNag on 8/11/2017
      We ordered two of the crate mats- one for an 8 month old elk hound/GSD mix (average chewer) and one for a 6 month old Am Staff/lab (destructive chewer) We were so excited for these beds and hopeful they would last, however that excitement came to an end on day 6. Our average chewer destroyed his bed. Literally ate through the center of the bed, shredded pieces of the fabric off, and removed all of the stuffing. Our destructive chewer has chewed 2 holes in the edges so far. At least his bed is still usable. I plan to submit my replacement request this weekend.
    • The only one who loves the bed more than us is our Dog!
      Review by Daniel on 8/9/2017
      Our 6 month old Goldendoodle, Penny, loves her bed! She was always okay with her crate but once we put in her new K9ballistics bed she prefers to sleep there almost all the time. The tie downs have helped stave off her chewing on corners or seams as she has done with other beds. Two weeks in and she hasn't done a bit of damage and seems like she can't even get at it to chew on it. We love this bed and so does Penny!
    • Satisfied
      Review by Derek on 8/8/2017
      4 month old GSP got tired of trying to chew it. Great material.
    • Great crate beds!
      Review by Amy on 8/8/2017
      Our dogs both live their new crate pads, and I love how easy these will be to clean!
    • No destruction so far
      Review by lori on 8/8/2017
      My Doberman has destroyed many beds. He likes to bunch them up and chew or suck on them. We've had the new bed for a week or so, and although he's tried, he's been unable to ball it up and start to destroy.
    • Fans for Life
      Review by For Riley on 8/8/2017
      We went through 4 beds in less than two weeks before settling on buying this bed. So far its lasted 3 weeks without so much as a scratch. She's been folding it, crumbling it, throwing it against the walls and nothing. I would say I haven't seen her really chewing on it too much, I've seen her try a little but I think the fabric is different than she likes so she's left it alone. We're fans for life and next dog bed I need I'll be coming here first.
    • A very sturdy crate pad
      Review by JCLO on 8/8/2017
      So far so good. Our year-old German Shepherd has chewed thru 2 sets of zip ties that tie the pad to the crate, but hasn't torn the pad itself. We may try some kind of metal or wire ties.
    • Very nice product
      Review by Michael on 8/6/2017
      Purchased for daughters dog since she admired our dogs tuff crate pad. She states fit is excellent and "Maggie" is very comfortable on the new crate pad.
    • Tuff crate pad
      Review by Lisa on 8/6/2017
      Our one year old lab chewed this bed apart in less than one hr and was just pulling all the stuffing out. Definitely not a very durable bed!
    • Solved the Problem
      Review by TM on 8/5/2017
      Our 6-month old lab puppy ripped open the under side of his previous crate pad and tore the foam that was inside into pieces. He hasn't done any harm to his Tuff Crate Pad. The key for our puppy was being able to fasten the corners down. The fabric is really tough but the pad seems very comfortable. He loves sleeping on it.
    • no go!!
      Review by Allison on 8/4/2017
      Left dog for ten minutes, came bAck and already chewed a hole! For the price I was really looking forward to it being better and lasting longer than that!
    • Plus on all counts!
      Review by anna on 8/4/2017
      For our Great Dane, this crate bed is the BEST!
    • Not TUFF at all
      Review by CB on 8/3/2017
      Our 7 month old puppy chewed a hole within 5 minute.... very disappointing... buyer beware for sure. Not worth the high price tag
    • Love this product!
      Review by Kim on 8/3/2017
      This is the best bed! They are holding up great and wash well.
    • Awesome!
      Review by Rachel V on 8/3/2017
      Best dog beds in he market, best customer service too! I won't but dog beds anywhere else
    • As tough as they come! Worth the price.
      Review by Victoria on 8/3/2017
      Our husky puppy (5 months) tore apart three crate pads prior to the Tuff Crate Pad from K9 Ballistics. We did not want to remove the pad altogether because we were concerned about his comfort, but we also did not want to keep buying crate pads that kept getting destroyed... He has so far not made a single noticeable dent or scratch in his Tuff Crate Pad. He actually seems to enjoy his kennel more, and it gives us peace of mind knowing he seemingly cannot chew through it. We got the black color Tuff Crate Pad and paired it with the black Tuff Crate Cover which makes his kennel feel more like a dark and private den for him which he seems to love. This purchase was definitely worth the cost for us!
    • Poor product, never purchase again
      Review by Emily on 8/3/2017
      HIGHLY disappointed. 4 mo old GSD has been through 2 pads already. both in the same spot, chews right in the middle and tears out all the stuffing. we followed every instruction with both pads and still destroyed. not worth the money at all!
    • Dog hasn't destroyed it
      Review by DC on 8/1/2017
      My puppy tries to eat everything - furniture, both soft and hard, rocks, his crate itself...
      He TRIED to eat the crate pad, but soon gave up. He scratches at it all the time but hasn't done any damage yet. He loves sleeping on it.
    • Great crate pad
      Review by Laura on 8/1/2017
      Been thru 5 different beds do to chewing . So far this bed has held up So happy we finally found something . Worth the price
    • less than 24 hours chewed up
      Review by Kelly on 8/1/2017
      My bully breed chewed through the corner in less than 24 hours. Waiting to get replacement and see how this one goes. I used the tie downs and did everything I was supposed to do to deter this! Crossing fingers next one lasts longer.
    • Very well made, easy to clean.
      Review by Whitley on 8/1/2017
      We bought two of these pads, one for each dog. Our first dog had chewed up every bed we ever got her. We have her bed zip tied to her crate, and have had no problems with the TUFF crate pad. Our other dog had an accident in her kennel, and tracked poop all over her TUFF crate pad. Very easy to wash and clean.
    • Mat is surviving better than I am!
      Review by DrDean on 8/1/2017
      Our 5 month old American Bulldog/Black Lab Mix is teething and has amputated or otherwise mutilated every toy we've gotten him. Tennis balls are bald. Darth Vader is missing a foot. Teddy's got no ears and lost an arm. The "indestructible" monster toy a friend brought him sits beside his honking mechanism, which Jakey tore out of his innards on Day 3. I even have holes in me. So, I knew none of the plushy fleece crate mats would do and went straight for the Big Dog of crate mats. To date, despite his biting, chewing, yanking, scraping, digging and chomping, my K9 crate may has prevailed, unscathed. I did anchor the corners with the provided zip ties but to my dismay, I did a bad job on 2 of the 4 corners. Even with only 2 corners tied down, Jake hasn't punctured, torn or split this durable, water resistant mat. He seems to sleep comfortably on it and it looks great in my room. Just what we needed! Thanks for making a product that, for us, is living up to its name.
    • Bed is holding up real good.
      Review by Mary on 7/31/2017
      Bed seems to be holding up really good.
    • Excellent product but not indestructible
      Review by Richard on 7/31/2017
      Great product but not indestructible, as we've learned. Warranty replacement is on the way.
    • Comfortable, stylish and resilient. My German Shepherd loves it!
      Review by Joni on 7/30/2017
      My 1 year old GSD very tough on beds. I've purchased more than 7 and finally tried K9 Ballistics. I didn't even have the pad in her crate and she was lying on it!
      Fits her crate perfectly and the zip ties on the corners are great.
      Very comfortable and has so far remained unchewed!
    • Resilient, comfortable and stylish. My Shepherd loves it!
      Review by Joni on 7/30/2017
      My 1 year old GSD is very tough on beds! i have probably replaced her crate bedding over 7 times. Finally decided to try K9 Ballistics.
      I didn't even have it in her crate and secured and she was lying on it. She really loves it and the crate pad has remained intact.
      Love the design and it is very comfortable looking.
    • Very disappointed
      Review by Robin on 7/30/2017
      I've tried to leave a review 4 times already and every time it won't post...anyway, I bought 2 of these mats for our dogs. one mat lasted less than a week with our average chewing puppy. Waiting on our tough chewer to destroy the other mat. Super disappointed it lasted less than a week and will continue my search for a bed my dogs can't destroy
    • Still looking for a bed my dog can't eat....
      Review by Robin on 7/30/2017
      We ordered 2 of these mats for our dogs (9 mo and 6 mo). My 9 mo GSD/elk hound mix destroyed it within the first week, and he's not our destructive chewer. He ate a hole right through the center of the mat to the other side and tore all of the stuffing out. I'm super disappointed it only lasted a week for him. Our other mat is still holding up (for now...), so that's why I gave 2 stars. Guess I'm back to finding a bed that he can't eat through. On a side note, I have not requested my replacement bed yet (I plan to), so I can't speak to the customer service during the replacement process yet. Anyway, I would not buy another one of these mats in the future.
    • Only got a week out of it before my dog destroyed it
      Review by RNag on 7/30/2017
      We ordered 2 of these crate mats with high hopes. We have 2 rescue puppies (a 9 mo elk hound/GSD mix, and a 6 mo am staff/lab mix). The bed is holding up so far for our am staff/lab; however our GSD/elk hound has completely destroyed the bed, and he isn't even our aggressive chewer! He tore a hole straight through the center of the bed and ripped out all of the stuffing. I haven't submitted a claim for the replacement bed, but I will. I gave this 3 stars because one bed has held up past the week mark. I will order my replacement, but the search continues for a bed my dogs can't eat.
    • One bed lasted less then a week...One is still holding up
      Review by Resx on 7/29/2017
      I ordered 2 of these crate mats. I have a 9 MO elk hound/german shepherd puppy and a 6 MO am staff/lab mix. Within 1 week our 9 MO dog chewed this bed apart. I haven't emailed yet for my replacement, but I plan to. Our Am staff hasn't put a hole in it...yet. He's really our destructive chewed, so i was surprised it wasn't his bed that was ruined. I gave 3 stars because one bed has held up. I'm disappointed that the second bed didn't last more than a week though and would have rated it less stars, if I had only ordered the 1 bed.
    • One bed lasted less then a week...One is still holding up
      Review by Ready on 7/29/2017
      I ordered 2 of these crate mats. I have a 9 MO elk hound/german shepherd puppy and a 6 MO am staff/lab mix. Within 1 week our 9 MO dog chewed this bed apart. I haven't emailed yet for my replacement, but I plan to. Our Am staff hasn't put a hole in it...yet. He's really our destructive chewed, so i was surprised it wasn't his bed that was ruined. I gave 3 stars because one bed has held up. I'm disappointed that the second bed didn't last more than a week though and would have rated it less stars, if I had only ordered the 1 bed.
    • Good bed
      Review by Mike on 7/29/2017
      With only having it one week so far it is great! Being able to zip tie the corners down in the crate makes a big difference I believe. It is nice tuff but comfortable material for my dog.
    • Great crate pad for my digger
      Review by Joey on 7/27/2017
      This crate pad cost more than I really wanted to spend, but so far it has proven to be a worthwhile purchase. My dog has issues with separation anxiety, and I haven't found any other crate bedding that lasts more than a day or two. She usually ends up sleeping on a pile of shredded towels. My dog is more of a digger than a chewer, but she hasn't made a mark on this one after a couple of weeks. I really appreciate the straps on the corners that allow it to be attached to the crate with zip-ties. Overall, I highly recommend this pad.
    • Quality and Dependability
      Review by Eddie on 7/27/2017
      We have a 7 month old mini-bull Terrier and this crate pad is absolutely the best made pad for him. He destroyed two other regular beds, but, he loves this one and found out he can't ruin it. Great product...Thanks, Eddie V. NY
    • I liked the bed but it didn't hold up
      Review by Jack on 7/26/2017
      My 11 month old beagle Jake chewed a hole in crate bed while we were gone for a couple hours pulled most of stuffing out
    • Yeeeessssss!!!!!
      Review by Kath on 7/26/2017
      It's holding up nicely. No holes YAY!!!!! When I take it outside to shake it off the dog hair just falls right off!!!!!
    • Not for Dogs. Maybe large cats.
      Review by Yee Old Goat on 7/25/2017
      Don't know if she chewed it or clawed at it but she got a hole in it within a week. bummer... waste of time, money. I don't ship things back for warranty purposes. just throw it away. She can lay on the plastic bottom.
    • Great product, good price and happy dog
      Review by Johnny Freedom on 7/25/2017
      My 6 month old shepherd, Kudu, loves it!!! Comfortable and durable. Definitely make use of the zip ties to hold the corners down. Easy to vacuum clean. The cushioning is fine and provides more than enough support for my buddy.
    • The best choice in crate pads !!
      Review by Horst on 7/24/2017
      the crate pad is well built, cleans easily, my dog loves it..
    • What's the point? Less cushion than a towel
      Review by arwinn on 7/24/2017
      It's durable sure, but there is no cushioning in it. It's as flat as a pancake. towel offers more cushion. I'm very disappointed, our dog hates it. I wish I could at least exchange it for a credit toward the orthopedic one, but it doesn't seem that you offer any such policy. Which is why as it stands, I would never recommend K9 Ballistics.
    • Dream come true!
      Review by James on 7/24/2017
      BEST PURCHASE! this bed is amazing overall. the pad is very comfortable for our pit mix, Shelby. she is the master of chewing beds, and absolutely destroying them i might add. but she hasn't been able to chew through this one so far. also, it comes clean so easily! Shelby sheds A LOT. so her beds are always covered in hair that doesn't want to come off unless washed. however, with this pad, all we have to do is take it outside and bang it on the fence a few times to get almost all the hair off! so much nicer than washing her bed every other day. hopefully it continues to hold up!
    • Great mat , great quality, competively priced and on time delivery.
      Review by Martin on 7/24/2017
      Our crate pad came in on time as stated. The fit in our crate is perfect and the zip locks that were included work great holding the pad in place. I have not had to wash the pad yet but hopefully it will clean as stated by following your process as directed. Our Standard Poodle puppy is a chewer and has not to date damaged the pad. That amount of cushioning the pad provides is perfect and our puppy loves his new mattress. Looking forward to many years of service from this mat.
    • The company honors the warranty as promised.
      Review by Brooke on 7/23/2017
      We purchased two beds as we have a husky and a Dutch shepherd. The Dutch shepherd was able to chew through his the first day. We are being sent the warranty cover and the company gave us tips to make the bed harder to chew through. The husky's bed looks as new as the day it came. Over all we are satisfied with the beds.
    • Great product
      Review by Robert on 7/22/2017
      Great durable water resistant crate bed. The 3 dogs love them. Great product. It is great they can't just shred it in a day like other pads. Good ole young Labradors. Gotta love em though.
    • Very Happy!
      Review by Brian on 7/20/2017
      My pittie Leo loves it! He has not chewed on it once that I can see and seems to be very comfortable! Thanks for a quality product!
    • Great purchase.
      Review by Franki on 7/20/2017
      Our little guy loves the new cushion in his crate. We like the fact that it is securely fastened so that it doesn't move around.
    • Great Bed definetly recommended for your dogs
      Review by Rosemary on 7/20/2017
      This is a great bed for dogs I have 3 labs and a dobie/Hound I got the bed for the hound twice! She ruined the first bed and again this is an extremely tough material just not for my Winnie 3 days in on the replacement bed and she has the corner chewed. Oh well I guess I give up on dog beds for her.
    • Great investment!
      Review by Julie on 7/20/2017
      I absolutely love this & so do my dogs! They can't chew it most importantly & they're comfortable. Plus I can flip it over to the other side in the winter.
    • Highly recommend
      Review by Tara on 7/19/2017
      I can not believe that my Bear who chews up Kong toys has not been able to rip this. Does not even drag it around anymore. Super impressed.
    • Tuff crate pad and cujo cot are both worth the money!
      Review by Rex on 7/19/2017
      Bought this crate pad for my dog's travel crate that we use it the car and have also been using it on top of the cujo cot inside his house crate so he could have a little padding to lay on. Both the tuff crate pad and cujo cot have held up to my 70lb. boxer/pit mix who chews up everything. We have gone thru several other "chew proof" dog beds from other conpanies and nothing has held up like the K9 Ballistics beds. I highly recommend both the cujo cot and tuff crate pad for any dog that chews up their bedding as Rex hasn't been able to scratch or chew thru either product. You get what you pay for and in this case both products have held up after 3 months and still look new. Dog hair easily vacuums up from the material and slobber wipes off easily. Love these products!
    • Torn Up After A Month
      Review by Jillian on 7/18/2017
      I love this bed, but my dog already ripped a hole through it and I've had it less than a month. I spent a lot of money on this, as I don't make a lot as is. I don't know what to do for his crate pad now.
    • Warranty works!!!
      Review by Jill on 7/18/2017
      Amazing product!! We are on our second tuff crate pad. I wanted to let you know that yes a dog can tear into the crate if you don't use the tie downs. With the second pad, I used the tie downs and nothing has happened. My almost 70 pound black lab, Sophie loves it. Thanks for the honoring the warranty!!
      Review by Ashley on 7/18/2017
      This bed is AWESOME!! My rottweiler has chewed up every bed, blanket and towel - including the plastic tray in her crate! She's been using this new bed for about a week now and hasn't chewed it yet. I think she's lost interest in chewing her bed because she knows it's a lost cause with this one. Very worth the price!
    • Best Crate Pad Ever
      Review by Mari on 7/18/2017
      I first bought the Tuff crate pad about 8-10 months ago for my Great Dane who has destroyed all other pads/beds put in her crate. She chewed it, on and off, for a day or two...no damage....and then gave up. She does enjoy rearranging the pad in her crate.
      I bought another a few months later for my Silken Windhound...he had in the past chewed other crate pads, does not chew this one and loves laying down in his crate.
      Recently ordered another one...the mailing bag ripped and the crate pad was slightly stained. When I contacted customer service, they promptly sent me a replacement. I'm getting ready to order another crate pad for my Aussie puppy....he will be the true test...lol.
      Thank you K9 Ballistics for making such quality products.
      I did give 5 paws...just don't know if I clicked on it correctly....but definitely a 5!!!
    • Crate pad is great but do not use the cable ties.
      Review by Terry on 7/17/2017
      So far the crate pad has held up well but I would rethink providing the cable ties. My dog chewed them apart and I am missing two cable ties. I am hoping she did not ingest them.
    • Excellent Quality
      Review by Mary on 7/16/2017
      Bought at same time as the Denim bed.. This is much easier to transport for road trips.. (It's only been a few weeks ask me in 5 yrs. to review the bed).
      Other beds were just Lunch.. My past K9 bed lasted A very long time.. After 5 yrs it does tear, fade and flatten.. I can't complain because that's one HUGE dog l've got. I got my money's worth out of it. Excellent Product..
    • Did not hold up
      Review by Leah on 7/16/2017
      My dog chewed this bed the first time we used it. Only took him 1.5 hrs in his kennel to rip it up ): Very bummed! That being said I did not use the tie downs. I'll have to try that next time. The problem with that is I have to wash everything each time he is in the kennel from being wet from drool, etc from chewing.
    • Tuff, product, would def, recommend
      Review by BTBullies on 7/10/2017
      These Tuff Pads have been great, No tearing at all with my Puppy Kensi, With the tie downs she cant pull it up. I have replaced all my pads with these, Really great product!!! thanks
      Have been recommending these to friends
    • Great quality
      Review by Melissa D on 7/9/2017
      My pup Kitty-Kitty has gone through 6 crate beds and this is the only one that has fastening corners and has been durable to last. Very happy with this product.
    • Best dog bed ever!
      Review by Eric on 7/8/2017
      We have a 9 month old puppy and she has prob home thru 6 beds already. With that said this crate bed is amazing she has not chewed it one and w the added ties that hold down the bed in the crate she can’t get a lift on it to chew, works perfectly and I would def recommend.
    • Not chew resistant enough.
      Review by Linda on 7/8/2017
      Our collie puppy chewed through the crate pad in about 20 minutes, then the replacement one in about 10. Would have been a comfy pad for her to sleep on.
    • Perfect Product And Customer Service
      Review by CourtneyD on 7/6/2017
      First, I would like to say that this crate pad has held up PERFECTLY for the last few months. My dog literally destroys anything that she can get her mouth on, except for rubber Kong toys and this crate pad. She is a 15 pound terrier mix, but destroys everything as if she weighed 60 pounds. When I took the bedding out to be washed last week, she got a hold of it. For the past few months, I have had it zipped tied down in her crate with the provided zip ties and not a scratch on it. But, since she was able to get ahold of it and wrestle it, she put a hole in it. HOWEVER, this was my mistake since I should have been more careful knowing how my dog is, not a fault if the product. So, I called customer support and they were completely understanding. They sent out a replacement, even though they were not obligated to. I could not be happier with this company, their products and their customer representatives. Thank you so much to this company for making a product I know my dog will be comfortable and safe with!
    • so far so good!
      Review by Mary on 7/6/2017
      Impressed; been using it for a week and no tears so far. The zip ties I think are the key to my dog not being able to pull the bed up and chew on it.
    • Great Crate Pad
      Review by Matt on 7/5/2017
      K9 Ballistics kennel pads really are excellent. The hold up well to puppies and bigger dogs chewing and are also easy to clean. We even bought a couple large sizes to have around the house to use as dog beds.
    • Lab eats all
      Review by shawn on 7/4/2017
      The second pad we got was no match for our 10month old lab, both corners were ripped into in the first 2 days.
    • Disappointed in Pad Durability
      Review by Mary on 7/3/2017
      My Pit Bull mix chewed a hole in the corner of the pad 3 days after we put it in her crate. The pad did not hold up under her heavy chewing. I expected it to last much longer considering how much it cost.
    • Still up in the air
      Review by Ryan on 6/30/2017
      I liked the look of the bed and for the first week or so it seemed to do the trick (my pup EATS beds). Sure enough, I came home yesterday to a hole chewed through this bed. Going to put in for a replacement cover and see how that works
    • Comfy and not a mark on it!
      Review by Lee on 6/29/2017
      Users/martinkarpiscak/Pictures/iPhoto Library.photolibrary/Masters/2017/06/29/20170629-140523/IMG_0270.JPG
      Láska loves her bed and cuddles into it whenever she is in her crate.
    • Wow. All I can say is Wow.
      Review by Cynthia L. on 6/29/2017
      One of my dogs would destroy regular dog beds, blankets, pillows, toys, whatever. I ordered the Tuff Crate Pad about 1 month ago, and she has not been able to destroy the pad. I'm sure she has tried. So now, I will order Tuff Crate Pads for my other fur babies. If installed properly and fitted to the correct crate size, I don't believe that any dog would be able to chew through the pad.
    • Looks good/works well.
      Review by Dean on 6/28/2017
      Our dog seems to really like the pad. He has not yet tried chewing on it, which is surprising (but good). I did strap it down tight with the supplied zip ties, so he can't lift the edges/corners up to chew on them.
    • Bed didn't hold up
      Review by Lori on 6/28/2017
      She has had it just a week and tore it up. I know it is guaranteed so please let me know the process of replacing it etc
    • Tough pad rules!
      Review by Margaret on 6/28/2017
      Love the crate pad! Tough, well made and perfect for my tough puppy. I highly recommend this product!
    • The TUFF crate pad is AMAZING!!
      Review by Mindy on 6/28/2017
      The TUFF crate pad is AMAZING!! Our 10 month old Great Dane has chewed through multiple beds, blankets and sheets that we have placed in his crate. I felt like such a bad dog parent leaving him in his crate with nothing to sleep on. The TUFF crate pad has been the only thing that he hasn’t chewed through and he is so much more comfortable in his crate now. The zip tied corners are the attention to detail that can really make a difference. Thank you so much K9 Ballistics for making a durable quality product that is also comfortable for our dog.
    • Great product, just as advertised!
      Review by Aaron on 6/28/2017
      Awesome Awesome Awesome!!

      I have a corgi puppy who is about a year and a half old now. He has torn up every blanket/bed/pillow/ he's ever had for comfort. I couldn't be happier with this bed
    • Really happy with this bed.
      Review by Gilda on 6/28/2017
      Its the best bed i can ever buy! Myndof loves it too.
    • AWESOME and worth every penny
      Review by Janis on 6/28/2017
      We have had the crate pad for 2 weeks... and drumroll please... NO CHEWING!!!! Luckily I read the reviews first and made sure to order the correct size that fills the crate and swift tie it down. It makes me feel relieved that our dog isn't spending his time while we are away potentially harming himself by chewing and possibly ingesting foam. My only concern for the future is not being able to remove the cover for washing but being it can be hosed down, might just be enough! I am THRILLED!!! Thank you K9 Ballistics
    • Holds up great!
      Review by karen on 6/28/2017
      Really great durable quaity! Love it. Although my Olde English Bulldogs sadly keep peeing on it over and over again which is hard to deal with, they did try they best to distory it with no luck at all!! I just take it outside and Bleach the pee off with a mop and hose! Great bed!
    • Durable dog bed
      Review by Matthew on 6/28/2017
      So far my dog Rudy has not teared it open yet. My last dog bed was tore up with foam all over the house. Thanks k9Ballistics.
    • So far so good
      Review by teddy on 6/28/2017
      i bought my tuff crate pad for my Glen of Imaal Terrorist. I put the pad in a soft crate that serves as his in house den. He loves lying down on it and seems to me quite comfortable. Zero damage to the pad so far. It fits the soft crate perfectly. Thumbs up.
    • Great customer service
      Review by Kari on 6/27/2017
      Even though Lola, my 9 mo old monster was able to chew through her crate pad, k9 ballistics replaced it for me. Thank you for the bed and the sweet email...I think I may just wait to give her another crate bed....
    • Terrific product
      Review by HollyOutAndAbout on 6/23/2017
      Absolutely love this pad. It is durable, comfy, and fits the crates well. Especially happy the mini was developed for the smaller puppy crates. I'd recommend to anyone who has a "chewer".
    • Tuff Crate Pad
      Review by Robert on 6/22/2017
      It's working out just find
    • Great
      Review by Karen on 6/22/2017
      My dog has chewed up over 10 beds and towels in one days time. It's been 2 weeks and not one single year. Finally!!!
    • Nearly Boxer-proof
      Review by Lindsay on 6/22/2017
      We have two boxers and we have gone through countless beds with them. I bought this bed with little hope that it would be any different than the others. We got the crate pad and within about 24hrs there were holes in the corners, I wasn't surprised. I kept the pad in their crate and expected it to be destroyed by the next day but much to my surprise, it was the same. I contacted K9 Ballistics for my warranty that was sent out immediately with no cost to me. Since receiving the new bed, they haven't bothered trying to chew it, at least as of yet!!! I guess they got frustrated with the last one how difficult it was and didn't bother this time. It's not fully chew proof but it's the closest I've ever found!! Great product, well done.
      Review by Richard on 6/22/2017
      Yes,my 5 month sheperd mix chewed a small hole in the crate pad.Called K9 BALLISTICS no problem even upgraded to a larger size, to fit the crate better. Received new pad in a short time and installed with the tie downs provided, we are all happy. THANK YOU K9 BALLISTICS
    • Nice bed, Not chew proof enough for us
      Review by Nydia on 6/22/2017
      Unfortunately, my 6 month old Belgian malinois puppy chewed right thru the bed I purchased her. K9 ballistics was real good about the warranty and sent me a new one within a few days. Regretfully, my girl dissected that one two days after receiving it. Nice bed, but not chew proof enough for my puppy.
    • Best Beds Ever!!!!
      Review by Elizabeth on 6/21/2017
      My dogs love these beds. And I love that they can't chew them up.
    • Tuff crate pad REVIEW
      Review by ANOTHER SATISFIED CUSTOMER* on 6/16/2017
      I have to say, it definitely is holding up real well. I have a male doberman, about to be 2 yrs old and is still very rambunctious. He still likes to get into things-- and with that, the tuff crate pad has been able to withstand our dogs' "activities." It's been almost 2 weeks since we've received our crate pad. And I know he loves it. Plus with his big ol paws and nails, it helps minimize the noise when he gets in and out of his crate. I can honestly say--- I think this will be the last crate pad we ever buy. Thanks for such an awesome product!!!
    • Great quality and is water repellant!
      Review by Indigo and Iris' Mom on 6/16/2017
      Great quality, would love if it was a bit more cushioned. Not quite enough padding for our girls. I thought it would be fuller. Still nice though. And it is water repellent as my girls already have tested it by throwing up on it and I hosed it off outside!
    • The Best Crate Bed/Pad for Heavy Chewers
      Review by CYBILL on 6/6/2017
      This is the BEST bed for crates if you have a heavy chewer! The details that make it chew proof are the quality sewn slots on the bottom of the bed so that you can attach it to the crate with zip ties/cable ties. We bought this for our 5 mo old lab puppy who chewed through everything and still does today at 1 year old, but NOT THE TUFF CRATE PAD!!!!! I see some reviews saying that their dog chewed through theirs, but I bet they didn't have it tied down! Also, as stated in the FAQ, it is a bit more difficult to get out urine and vomit odors. You need to remove the pad, scrub and rinse it, and then wash it in the washing machine immediately.
    • Nice bed! No damage after a week of use.
      Review by David on 6/6/2017
      Only rating this 4 paws since we haven't had it long enough to ensure that it won't get destroyed, but NO signs of damage after a week and a half!

      Our dog destroyed the tennis ball that came with the bed in 3 days!
    • Does what it says it will do.
      Review by Tobey on 6/6/2017
      My 5 month Border Terrier has eaten every bed I set out for him. So far this is still intact and no signs of chewing. I like the look and quality material of this bed. We now have 2. One for his crate and one in the kennel. Thanks for a great product.
    • Still in trial stage but good sor far!
      Review by Tim on 6/2/2017
      So far it's been good! Two Pointers who have chewed up everything else haven't chewed this one up yet!
    • Happy dog unhappy owner
      Review by Crystal on 6/1/2017
      I ordered a Medium Tuff Crate bed for my half Blue Heeler half Lab puppy Who weighs 45 lbs. He's a very curious, energetic, playful destructible dog when it comes to his chew toys and anything that is accessible to him. He's managed to chew his blankets, base boards and anything he can get his paws on. After a couple of weeks exploring the bed, he chewed off one the corner puncturing it and pulled out the stuffing. The bed is still entact but it's just a matter of time before he chews the rest of the bed.
    • Excellent so far.
      Review by Larry on 5/31/2017
      Though early into use, bed has held up very well .My 14 month old Catahoula mix has only been crated twice, once for 3 1/2 hours and once for 2 hours. So far he has only managed to chew off one of the cable ties on the corner.
    • Made for Labs
      Review by Lynne on 5/31/2017
      We bought two of these. Love them!!! We have a 90 pound lab that chews EVERYTHING and this is the first thing he hasn't chewed or CANT chew. So awesome THANK YOU!!!
    • Stylish and functional
      Review by Jennifer on 5/31/2017
      It looks great in his crate and has not been able to chew it up!
    • Wish I had one 11 years ago.
      Review by JAZZ's dad on 5/31/2017
      Great product, easy to clean and our newest Lab loves it. Highly recommend for it's durability and great fit if you have the crate.
    • Decent
      Review by Sara on 5/31/2017
      My dog ripped a piece off in a few days. Definitely holds up better than other beds not "chew proof." But not entirely chew proof.

      K9 Ballistics' Response: We're sorry to hear the pad was damaged! Don't forget to submit a photo to our warranty team at [email protected] so that they can get a replacement shipped out to you right away.

    • Well worth it!
      Review by Jeff on 5/25/2017
      Dog loves his crate pad, loved it so much he ate the first one. ( was my fault, I washed it and ran out of time to zip-tie it back down and he got the corner up and chewed a little hole in it ) Got a replacement and tied it down right away. Lesson learned. Other than it being a little loud due to the fabric ( which makes the bed worth the money, and I wouldn't want ANYTHING cheaper by any means ) and a restless 8 month old 120lb Great Dane who dreams all night I have absolutely even remotely negative to say. I have bought 2 crate pads so far and would buy another one in a minute if I had a need. Can tell that as long as I don't leave it untied for him to chew, it will truly last a life time. And I got the largest one sold for his massive kennel. I am a firm believer in K9's products and highly recommend. A 5 star review will come with the test of time. So far between customer service getting a replacement , and overall durability couldn't be happier.
    • Very good so far--several weeks in
      Review by EBMD on 5/24/2017
      We've had the crate bed several weeks--and so far, so good. Lacey our westie pup who had chewed through several other beds, hasn't torn up the K9 one. We're keeping our fingers crossed that it will continue to hold up. It seems well made and comfy.
    • Great product, highly recommend
      Review by AB on 5/24/2017
      My mini Aussie puppy has had her tuff crate pad for about 2 weeks. She is a major chew hound and hasn't even begun to chew her pad which is amazing in itself because she can destroy an "indestructible" toy in 10 minutes. Even better still, she doesn't change positions all night long and sleeps better than ever.
    • Not that great
      Review by JUSTIN on 5/23/2017
      I think the bed is way over priced for what it is I got a bed for my black lab and he destroyed the first one. I contacted them about getting it warrantied and they were really nice about it and got me a new one and took care of shipping but i haven't had the new bed for long and it is already chewed thru. Think for the quality that the say their beds are that they should hold up longer than a week or so. Great customer service not a very good Bed if you dog likes to chew things
    • Great
      Review by TB on 5/23/2017
      I am truly impressed with the quality and strength of the crate pad. My dog Queso is a boxer English bulldog mix. He can chew through house siding and whole couches. He hasn't been able to leave a scratch on the crate pad. Great job everyone!
    • I will buy other products
      Review by John on 5/23/2017
      It is so tough that the dog seems disinterested in chewing and scratching at it. Good Product.
    • K-9 Pad is doing the job it was meant to do
      Review by Russ on 5/23/2017
      WOW we did not totally believe the Promo that dogs could not tear this pad up, but believers we are our Jack Russell has tried and tried to tear this up like he has many blankets and other tear resistant pads, but this K-9 pad is the Beast and has yet to yield to our dogs fury
    • No more worrying!
      Review by Lisa on 5/23/2017
      My rescue gets anxious in his crate when I leave. I had another 120 pound dog who almost died because he ate his dog bed. This bed is chew proof! My new pup is only little but she gnawed through a cheap bed in two hours (didn't ingest thankfully!) and I knew from past experience how dangerous that can be. No chewing now!
    • Good product, cannot give an "excellent" review until the test of time hold up
      Review by Meghan on 5/23/2017
      Our 85# lab/catahoula "Loki," dubbed "The Destroyer" in our house has not managed to get a tooth or nail into the fabric. I think the texture is a deterrent as I must admit, after day 1, he more or less quit trying. He DOES drag it out of his crate to lie in during family time though!
    • High quality and cozy!
      Review by Quinny's Mum on 5/23/2017
      Quinn, a 2 year old retriever mix, has enjoyed snoozing on her new crate bed for the past 2 weeks. We got her the gray and camo color: the gray side is a nice soft fabric, while the camo side is a durable vinyl. She is a very energetic pup, but so far when she's been crated all she's managed to do is remove the tag...but she does that to anything with a tag ;) thanks for a great product, K9!
    • Thumbs up
      Review by Judy on 5/23/2017
      I got my GS this bed about two weeks ago, and so far, it has held up great! She is nine months and a had gone thru two beds by scratching and chewing on them. So far, she's happy and so am I .
    • Overpriced and pointless for large dogs
      Review by John on 5/23/2017
      My 90lb Boxer/Shepherd mix has always been a bed chewer. He sits and chews on the same spot of his blankets or crate pads until they wear through. I got the K9 Ballistics brand because it was advertised as being the toughest pad out there, and had a chew-proof guarantee. I should have looked into the guarantee further first because I later realized it just means you get ONE free replacement or 50% off another product if the dog chews through. My dog is only in the crate for about 2 hours a day, and the original pad lasted about 3 days before it had a hole in it. When I received the replacement, I applied a heavy coating of bitter apple to the entire thing, and let it dry before placing it in the crate. It got chewed through on the second occasion my dog was in the crate. Since the hole was toward the center rather than an edge, I even flipped it over to see if maybe the other surface would fare better, and that one was chewed through immediately. In the end, I basically spent $60 on two pads which lasted a total of less than one week. While the quality of the pads is great, the chew-proof guarantee seems like more of a gimmick to sell overpriced pads. I'm sure these may work on smaller dogs, but I can't imagine a large dog's jaws not getting through the material.
    • 10 star customer service.
      Review by Dawn on 5/21/2017
      My 10 month old daschound chewed a hole in our bed after having it 4 days. They promptly sent a replacement and also gave suggestions. I purchased bitter apple spray. Sprayed the corners where he loves to chew and so far he's not been able to chew the bed and seems to have lost interest. He now only chews his toys! We took the bed with us on a trip and he slept on it in the car. He loves his bed! I also love that it seems to not absorb any odors. I would highly recommend a K9 Ballistics bed. I gave it 4 stars only because he was able to chew a hole in the first one. The customer service gets a 10 star!
    • Did not last 8 hours
      Review by Christopher on 5/20/2017
      My 45 bl dog began shredding this in 8 hours. One week later she has torn into the main pad and the stuffing is covering the floor. Nice idea but must be for small toothless dogs.
    • Best Ever
      Review by Robbin on 5/20/2017
      My dogs are not chewers. I bought the product for quality, workmanship and price. I am not disappointed.
    • .
      Review by Amanda on 5/19/2017
      This is our third dog bed. I wish I had bought this one first!!! IT'S AWESOME!!! Not one rip, chew mark or claw mark! The corners hook to the crate so the dog can't lift it. It's a tad bit loud when she's moving around but that's really not a problem. I
    • Well made product that does what it claims, remains unchewed
      Review by Carl on 5/19/2017
      My Lab tugged on it for a few days with no damage what-so-ever. She seems perfectly content to just sleep on it. The only "chew proof" crate pad (of three) that has survive.
    • Awesome
      Review by Cobbie on 5/18/2017
      Best quality crate pads and dig beds around
    • Great crate pad for NON-CHEWERS!
      Review by MARY BETH on 5/17/2017
      I really liked the design of the crate pad. It fit our puppies' crates well and weren't too bulky. However, the puppies are still into chewing everything and they chewed through the fabric and had stuffing everywhere. I did receive a new set of beds promptly and without any hassle. I plan on giving the new crate pads a try in a few months with some bitter apple spray. Hopefull, it will do the trick.
    • K9 Ballistics have very good products and good warranty.
      Review by Dan on 5/17/2017
      Tuff crate pads are really. I had a three crate pad that got chewed up at the corner by my two 9 month old puppies. K9 ballistics was very good in their replacement warranty policy. They sent me another one. What I did not do the first time I did not know the pad have tie down that I am suppose to strap down the pad corners with tie strap to the bottom of th crate. I now did that and my puppies cannot no longer pull up the pad corner to chew on it. K9 ballistics really came up with this good idea on the tie down.
    • K9 Ballistics have very good products and good warranty.
      Review by Dan on 5/17/2017
      Tuff crate pads are really. I had a three crate pad that got chewed up at the corner by my two 9 month old puppies. K9 ballistics was very good in their replacement warranty policy. They sent me another one. What I did not do the first time I did not know the pad have tie down that I am suppose to strap down the pad corners with tie strap to the bottom of th crate. I now did that and my puppies cannot no longer pull up the pad corner to chew on it. K9 ballistics really came up with this good idea on the tie down.
    • Very durable and well made.
      Review by Kathy on 5/16/2017
      So far, love it, I have two dachshund's and the only thing one of my pups (she is a little over a year) has chewed off is the little tag, which is the least of my worries, I wanted something for summer, and this is perfect, more of a tough cloth and not so fuzzy, I bought one at the OC Animal Expo which was more of a fuzzy cloth and the next morning it looked like a road map, all chewed up, I should have known better, wish I would have known about you guys before I wasted $40. I don't mind paying a high price, if I know it will last for years.
    • Not daschound proof!
      Review by Dawn on 5/15/2017
      My 10 month old daschound chewed a hole in it in under a week. Hoping to see how the chew proof guarantee is now.
    • Excellent Bed. As good or better than described!!!
      Review by Loretta on 5/15/2017
      This bed is awesome. I put it in the crate for my Greyhound when we leave her alone for awhile and she cannot chew it. I have watched her on camera try to chew it but when she makes no progress with the chewing, she just leaves it alone. This is a wonderful bed and I would highly recommend it!!!
    • Great product!
      Review by Cheryl on 5/15/2017
      We have a new puppy, he DESTROYS anything that is nailed down, and I mean everything! He destroyed his first bed in minutes. He has had the crate pad for a couple of weeks and it looks just like the day it arrived. Yes I have had to wash it already, followed the directions on the tag came out beautiful. I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYONE, I CAN'T SAY ENOUGH ABOUT IT.
    • Placing another order for more
      Review by Megan on 5/14/2017
      The odor of the bed on arrival is a bit strong, so I let them air a bit before putting them into the crates. My dogs are not as destructive as some, but they do chew fleece or fabric beds. I haven't tied down the corners and so far, the beds are holding up very well. The strong fabric is a bit rustly when the dog is shifting position. Just placed another order for more crate pads (multi-dog household) and am trying the version with the TUFF Velvet on one side.
    • Thank you
      Review by beau on 5/14/2017
      I have gone through 10 liners by far the best the pet store said this product didn't exist...
    • Good but already has a hole
      Review by Leslie M on 5/13/2017
      We already have a hole in ours one week in. Like the color and fits great.
    • Love it
      Review by Karen on 5/9/2017
      Our year old pit mix was very interested in The tie downs in the beginning but now he seems very happy with his bed.
    • Could not be happier with the Tuff Crate Pad!
      Review by PuppMom on 5/9/2017
      Our Dalmatian puppy had destroyed every pad I had placed in her crate until I got the Tuff Crate Pad. She has given-up on attempting to chew it and is now content to lounge on it. Tough material is as advertised and the bed has enough padding to make it comfy. Great quality at a very fair price.
    • Excellent pad
      Review by SAL on 5/9/2017
      Been almost 2 weeks and not a mark on the pad! This is the dog that had a $1700 surgery for chewing / eating things she shouldn't have. The zip ties keep the pad in place so she can't get an edge up to gnaw on. Love the pad and well worth the price!
    • So far, so great!
      Review by Jodi on 5/9/2017
      So far, so great! Osa hasn't even tried to chew this bed, which is so surprising since she has chewed towels and 2 "other" crate pads. The bed is well made and supportive with a nice amount of filling for padding.
    • Outstanding beds
      Review by Charles on 5/9/2017
      I originally bought one bed for my one year old black lab puppy named "Cash" that destroyed his previous four beds!!! Cash could NOT destroy this bed. In addition to his own 4 beds that h destroyed- he has also destroyed 3 other beds belonging to his 3 lab brothers!! After realizing he couldn't destroy the K9 beds, I bought 3 more!!! Best beds EVER!!!

      I recommend them to everyone! Especially pup owners that have pups that like to chew/destroy anything/everything!!

    • Good
      Review by Kathy on 5/9/2017
      It has been about a year since I reviewed this pad, but would like to suggest putting it in a flannel pillow case, king size fits perfectly. I sewed up the 1st one that he put holes in, then put it in the flannel pillow case.he chewed a small corner of the case, then left it alone. No more holes, just wash pillowcase.
    • Love the Crate Pad
      Review by Georgianne on 5/9/2017
      I love the Crate Pad. My dog is small but a big big chewer. He cannot chew the crate pad, even though he has tried many times, he has now given up. Love it!
    • Great choice
      Review by Nancy on 5/8/2017
      I use this crate pad in the kitchen as a dog bed (not in a crate) since no other dog rug/kitchen rug has held up to my 8 month Australian Shepherd chewing. He just finds a seam on any bed/toy and works it until he is inside. He loves this pad and drags it around and chews on it but so far so good! Plus it is so comfortable for him when he wants to lie down off the hardwood floor.
    • Doberman proof!
      Review by Adam on 5/8/2017
      My Dobie is not amused that he can't eat this pad. I on the the other hand love it. The convenient tie downs in the corners make it perfect for a crated Doberman. So far it's been two weeks and he has given up hope of trying to eat it lol. Thanks again K9 Ballistics.
    • So far so good! Excellent quality!
      Review by Deanna on 5/8/2017
      I bought two crate pads and crate pad covers, one for each of my 6 month old GSD's. Their previous crate pads were easy to pick a hole in - lots of fun pulling out all the stuffing! I figured the crate pad cover would work as a test barrier and if they picked through it then I could then rescue the crate pad! So we installed the crate pads with the covers and used the tie downs. So far working perfectly, nothing to pick at! I was concerned that it would be difficult to clean with the pads tied down, but wiping the covers with a sponge works great. The material is truly odor resistant - working great so far. Pricey experiment but I figured with the guarantee I would be covered on the first round. Definitely excellent quality, well thought out.
    • Bummed
      Review by WENDY on 5/8/2017
      My dog chewed a hole in the crate bed within minutes of having it.