K9 Ballistic Tough Round Nesting Dog Bed™

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Read our 120 Day Warranty

Chew Proof Rating


Moderate Chewers & Scratchers

Built K9 Tough, resisting 90% of chewing dogs, good for almost any dog. Backed by our 90 Day Warranty, these are the bed covers our business was built on.

Velcro closures replace zippers (bolstered beds have one hidden zipper on the back) and prevent emergency zipper related veterinary visits.

Reduced seams and strategic seam placement reduce weak spots and if our proprietary Tough flex Ballistic material wasn’t tough enough, we've upgraded it with Rip-Stop technology! These covers are water resistant, odor resistant, hair resistant, and machine washable. These are some of the most practical and long lasting beds available anywhere.


ripstop tough cover for dog beds

RipStop Ballistic Material™

The chew-proof ballistic material with rip-stop tech avoids tears, and prevents growth if they start. It is just one more detail that makes these beds tough as nails (and tougher than teeth!)

velcro dog bed

Velcro Enclosure

Our Tough bed’s industrial strength Velcro closures are hidden on the underside of the mattress covers to prevent the urge to try and chew it. By using Velcro we remove the danger of an exposed plastic or metal zipper which can be an attractive place to start chewing.

double stitched seam dog bed

Reinforced Seams

We're proud to say our interior seams are double stitched and serged. This prevents snags, fraying, and damage from chewing.

Additionally, we include a layer of material at the bed's corners. Corners are the first things to go when a dog decides to start chewing. By reinforcing this weak point, we greatly increase the life of the bed.

double stitched seam dog bed

Reduced Seam Construction

Right after corners, seams are the weak spots which dogs exploit most frequently in beds. By reducing the number of seams on a bed fewer temptations present themselves, and therefore reduce the risk of demolition!

water resistant dog bed

Repels Dirt, Hair, and Moisture

Tightly woven synthetic fibers make this bed chew proof, and also resistant to a wide array of other damaging forces. Water, dirt, hair, and muck simply don't cling to the bed and can be easily wiped away; after wiping with a damp cloth the bed often looks as good as new!

machine washable dog beds

Machine Washable

Accidents happen, it's a fact of life; Murphey's law if you will. Having a machine washable dog bed helps clean up those accidents quickly and easily. For those messes that do not wipe away, let the machine washer do the work.

We recommend washing with cold water on a gentle cycle, and then air drying. The heat and friction of a machine dryer could shorten the lifespan of the bed, and we want our products to last as long as possible!

odor resistant dog bed

Synthetic Fibers Resist Odors

The extremely dense synthetic fiber weave of our Ballistic Material not only stops moisture, but also odors! Dirt, grime, and even mold spores have a tough time sticking to the bed cover, and when these elements can't stick around neither can the smell.

odor resistant dog bed

Hypoallergenic Material

Dust mites cause a large number of allergic reactions for dogs. Mold and mildew spores can also trigger allergic reactions. The sythetic fibers used in this cover prohibit dust mite invasions, and make life difficult for mold spores as well. These allergens require organic fibers to build their homes, and this cover uses a 100% synthetic fiber construction. Dust mites beware!

machine washable dog bed mattress

Machine Washable Mattress

To wash the mattress, simply remove it from the cover and place it in a machine washer on a gentle setting with cool water. Afterwards allow it to air dry, hydrofuge technology helps the bed dry quicker than you might expect!

machine washable dog bed mattress

Indoor or Outdoor Use

All the features listed above: breathing mattress cover, synthetic high-loft polyester fibers, and channeled fills, make this mattress adaptable to just about any environment. Indoors the bed lasts long and keeps your dog comfortable. Outside it resists the elements of nature and stays fresh much longer than other beds.


Our Warranty for the Round Tough Bed

If your dog chews through the cover, it is covered under our warranty. We will send out, free of charge, one replacement bed cover (not including bed fill). This one-time warranty is good for up to 90 days from the day that K9 Ballistics shipped out your purchase.

If you notice any damage of our product resulting from chewing or scratching, we recommend immediately removing the bed from your dog's access. Some dogs like to eat their bedding, so for your animals' health we recommend waiting to reintroduce the bed when the replacement cover arrives and/or when the dog grows out of the chewing phase.

How to Process a warranty Claim

What we need to process a warranty is:
1. An email sent by the person who placed the order (usually you) with your name and address
2. A photo of the damage (you can also include a photo of the culprit if you like). You do not need to send us your bed or cover.

Send email with pictures to here. It usually takes us five to seven business days to get back to you.

Warranty can be enacted just once. If you do not wish to enact your warranty, we can refund you 50% of the cost of the item provided that a picture of the damage is sent to us.

Rip-Stop Engineering
Machine Washable
Third-party Tested
Dog & Vet Inspired Design
Covered by 120 Day Warranty

Description & Features

Chew Resistant Dog Beds

For diggers, scratchers & light to moderate chewers.
(for heavy persistent chewers click here)

Built to perform for dogs that are tough on their beds. We engineered a bed that will hold up to pups that like to dig, scratch and chew. Water, hair and dirt resistant our beds are designed, engineered and built to last a lifetime. This round shape has no corners to chew and is perfect for the dogs that usually go after the corners on rectangle shaped beds.

  • 120 Day Warranty™
  • K9 Ballistic Rip-Stop Proprietary Fabric™
  • K9 Triple Stitched Overlock Seams™
  • K9 Dual Closures: Hidden Zipper & Velcro™
  • K9 Waterproof Membrane™
  • K9 Multi-Season Use™ Indoor & Outdoor
  • 3rd Party Tested For Tear Strength, Abrasion Resistance & Washability™
  • CertiPUR-USA® No Glue Solid Foam Mattress
  • K9 USA Promise: Designed, Engineered & Assembled In The USA

    Nesting Comfort You Can Trust

    Constructed from shredded CertiPUR-USA® Foam our nesting mattresses is the perfect blend to support the pup that likes to scratch or dig before laying down. Engineered with K9 Sewn-In Chambers™ to prevent clumping and shifting. This feature maintains proper support and even weight distribution enhancing comfort.


    Dependability, Quality & Care

    We believe in the life-changing possibilities between pet and parent and are dedicated to enriching this bond with high-quality, stress-free dog products.

    This K9 Ballistic Tough Nesting Round Bed™ is backed by our 120 day warranty. Click here to reach our customer care team to answer any question you may have.

    Discover why K9 Dog Beds™ makes the best dog beds in the world.

    • Good bed. Should be fluffier.
      Review by Paul on 6/25/2019
      The bed is very well made and to this point my Coonhound has not been able to "dig" any holes in it.

      I would comment that the bed is not as "full" as I would like to see. The cushion is a bit light on the filling material. It does not look full like the bed shown in the advertisement. It's less than half that fluffy.
    • All OKAY
      Review by Nancy on 6/19/2019
      So far so good. My cock-a-poo chewed through the first K-9 crate mat (which is now, duck-taped together but was also replaced with another) but this bed is still all OKAY. A big variable ... I slide under the chair when she's not nestled next to me and the size is harder to grab, although initially she thought "great new big toy"
    • Just what we needed
      Review by Stephanie on 6/11/2019
      My two dachshunds chew thru everything and within minutes. Even the aggressive chewer toys don’t stand a chance. We’ve had the bed 2 weeks and it’s still in 1 piece, they’ve been able to drag it a few inches but that’s it!
    • Fantastic bed.
      Review by Susan on 6/3/2019
      The bed is holding up beyond out expectations. No matter how much they scrape and shift it around it holds up. We have two rescue pit bulls that weigh 90 pounds each and they have destroyed many beds, not this one.
    • Tough but ultra comfortable
      Review by Lesa on 5/23/2019
      This is the second set of tough beds we have purchased and we won't buy anything else. The first two are still going strong after 3 plus years! We just bought a new round bed for a different location and my dog LOVES it! He literally doesn't move all night! They are super easy to clean and literally indestructible! I highly recommend this bed!
    • Great bed
      Review by Diane on 5/21/2019
      It’s been 2 weeks and bed is still new . He would eat the beds I would buy in 1 day. I purchased 12 beds he ate them all ,
    • Chew proof
      Review by Logan on 5/20/2019
      Very good bed for a dog that chews. I couldn’t keep normal beds for more than a couple days without being completely destroyed.
    • Awesome, sturdy my dogs love it.
      Review by Madlyn on 5/18/2019
      This is working great. My dogs love their new bed
    • Highly Recommend
      Review by Letty’s Mom on 5/16/2019
      Love this bed! We had gone through 2 beds from other companies before with very little luck! Our 7mo old puppy would tear them to shreds in days! She doesn’t bother her new bed at all! Good quality product!
    • Great Dane Proof!
      Review by Emily on 5/16/2019
      Love this bed! We purchased for our Great Dane....she's a digger and loves to drag her bed to different areas.... So far, she has not put a single puncture in the bed! I've spent so much money on dog beds! I hope this one lasts forever.
    • Good Purchase
      Review by Zita on 5/14/2019
      So far, so good.... Lili loves her bed and she has been able to destroy a few....She is just a little thing but has a powerful chewing instinct.
    • Excellent Product, Very happy with our purchase
      Review by Mike on 5/6/2019
      We are very happy with the product we purchased. This is our second bed (the first was the orthopedic XL) and its durable, water resistent and our boxer puppy seems to find them both very comfortable!
    • This bed is the best!
      Review by Carol on 5/4/2019
      We have 2 orthopedic beds for our boy. I LOVE this bed!!! It is so sturdy. The thickness protects our big Great Dane's elbows as he plunks down. Its extra large size fits his 140 lbs body nicely. He loves it! I will order another one again in a heartbeat!
    • Best Ever Beds!!! No Kidding !!!
      Review by Kathie on 5/3/2019
      This the 4th K9 Ballistics dog bed we have ordered. We love every single one!!! The fabric we chose is water resistant and washes off with a wet cloth and some suds which saves on dog laundry!

      We have two PBGVs and two wirehaired dachshunds and they absolutely adore them. Ironically, they love the round one the best, but each and every one is in use!
    • ONLY bed for us
      Review by Sherry on 5/3/2019
      love this bed! it's the only bed our baby has not destroyed. also love the new lattice design & velvet top.
    • Great bed! Velvet top is a MUST!
      Review by Tori on 5/3/2019
      Both of my dogs love this bed so much. They are both 60# pitties and they haven't been able to chew (or dig)through it. They LOVE the velvet top and often choose the bed over the couch! The velvet top is a must they don't much care for my other K9 Ballistic bed unless I put a fuzzy blanket on it.
    • Fantastic!
      Review by SQ on 5/3/2019
      My dog loves it. It’s his favorite bed ever.
    • Great
      Review by Lorine on 5/3/2019
      Bed is of great quality and my dog loves it.It is standing up to his scratching.I am only sorry I did not purchase this bed sooner.
    • I give it 5 bones
      Review by Gocki on 5/3/2019
      My dogs loves the bed, I wish I had bought two of them.
    • Love them so much we bought 3!
      Review by Maisy on 5/3/2019
      These beds are the best! We have 2 bulldog pups that obliterated every bed they had until we found these. Best product if your dog is a chewer. Well worth the money!
    • The only beds we use!
      Review by Kelly on 5/3/2019
      Over the years I have purchased nine K9 Ballistic dog beds. Had I not discovered this product, I would easily have purchased three or four times that number. One of the things I love the most about the product is that the covers can be wiped down in between washings.
    • Well made and stylish!
      Review by Erin on 5/3/2019
      This is the first bed that our dog has not destroyed. Our dog (Mikey) is loving his new bed! It’s nice that the cover comes off so it can be washed too. I would certainly recommend this product for all dog owners (especially for dogs that like to chew). Its very well made and stylish too.
    • Great purchase
      Review by Jen on 5/3/2019
      Very durable and worth the price
    • My dogs like it, and it's surviving the puppy abuse
      Review by Becky on 5/1/2019
      My 13 year old dog enjoys his new bed, especially when my Cane Corso puppy hasn't been able to destroy it. This was definitely worth the investment for the two beds I purchased. Costco and PetSmart beds have always been destroyed within days.
    • Best investment on bed for my puppy!
      Review by Cynthia on 4/28/2019
      The tough round nesting dog bed is the best investment I have made with our puppy. My husband sent me a video showing her trying to destroy it, trying to lug it around. He said she finally gave up after 30 minutes and then fell asleep on it. She does not trying chewing on her bed anymore and knows it s meant for sleeping.

      Thank youK9 Ballastics!
    • It’s standing up extremely well.
      Review by Dru on 4/21/2019
      I’ve been really impressed! My dog goes through beds. This bed has stood up very well. No tears or cuts. I was hesitant to spend the money. But it has already lasted longer than three Costco dog beds.
    • Works great
      Review by Laquita on 4/19/2019
      Finally had a bed last longer than a week.... love this idea
    • It’s the strongest most comfortable looking dog bed I’ve had.
      Review by Jason on 4/15/2019
      I initially purchased this dog bed because it looked indestructible. So far it has met my expectations completely. My two dogs have been chewing it nonstop and nothing.. I think they have given up viewing it as an item they can destroy haha!
    • Great product
      Review by Peter on 4/10/2019
      Bed is working well! Thanks
    • It is the best bed for your animal.
      Review by Franko on 4/3/2019
      i find that this bed is very comfortable for my little guy. He sleeps all night instead of moving around to find that spot. He is a snorer but I know he is comfortable and is getting a good night sleep. A great product for all dogs big or small. I was looking for a bed to fit my octagon pen that my frenchie sleeps in. The measurement is 32 inches round but the bed only came in 36 inches, to my surprise it fit.
      Thank you.
    • Good quality Bed
      Review by Mary on 3/20/2019
      So far so good. Have only had the bed for about a week. But he loves it, and by this time most beds have been shredded. He has not even made a scratch in his K9 Ballistics bed. We will be ordering a couple more beds soon for the newest members of our house.
    • Still intact after two months of scratching and biting
      Review by Monster Mom on 3/19/2019
      My Sophie Monster has put this bed through her test and it passed with flying colors. After 2 months, she still has not destroyed it. Thank you K9 Ballistics!
    • No more killing beds
      Review by Mari on 2/28/2019
      Great bed! My 6mo old boxer hasn’t been able to kill this one yet! All of the other monsters I mean beds have been killed! Boxers love their people and will kill all bed monsters that pose a threat! Honestly great beds I wish I would have spent the money and bought these sooner!
    • Love it
      Review by John on 2/24/2019
      Amazing. Tough as nails
    • Stopped the distruction
      Review by Daniel on 2/23/2019
      So far so good! They tore up 5 beds in 1 months during Dec to Jan. Which I bought these beds sooner!
    • Best bed for great price.
      Review by Randy on 2/8/2019
      Great all around bed. All three of our puppers love sleeping on it. A little noisy but if it really bugs you just throw a blanket over it. Two of the puppets tried and gave up after about an hour each and perfectly intact.
    • Will be purchasing another bed for upstairs
      Review by Jeff on 2/7/2019
      Our pup eats rocks, sticks and chews everything up. But this bed is everything the company said it is.The craftsmanship is excellent. A great bed. Thank you. Jeff
    • 10 Stars!
      Review by Kandace on 2/4/2019
      excellent bed, dog loves it, is sleeping on it every night, did initially attempt to chew but the craftsmanship and stitching is so tight and well made she is unable to destroy it! Thank you for a great bed!
    • I do recommend this product for owners with dogs that chew a lot!
      Review by Douglas on 2/2/2019
      The chew resistant cover is great. My Dogo Argentina was smart enough to get the Velcro open and pull the bedding out. I think she managed to get about 1/4 of it out before I caught her. I got the remaining bedding back in the cover. It is know in my living room. Am hoping this will allow her to sleep on it a few nights with out opening it back up and destroying the bedding any further. The cover is undamaged, including the velcro.
    • Excellent-Durable Bed
      Review by Frank on 1/29/2019
      Blue is a 100 pound Doberman that has not had a bed for more then a few days without tearing it up. His new bed from here is still like new. He loves it. We got him the xl size and it’s plenty. It’s great to see him sleeping very comfortably and happy. Thanks for a great product.
    • BEST BED EVER!!!
      Review by Dew Drop on 1/16/2019
      BEST BED EVER!!!!! Our Chesapeake Bay Retriever hasn't put a scratch on it. He loves it! I couldn't ask for a better bed. Thank-you!!!
    • Tough so the outer fabric is rough and noisy.
      Review by Bill on 1/16/2019
      It's tough and not ripped yet. However, the dogs won't lay on it unless it's covered with a blanket. They don't like the rough, noisy fabric.
    • Great Bed!
      Review by Anne on 1/14/2019
      I initially ordered the wrong size (my bad) and the K9 Ballistic company was very quick to respond with instructions to return and exchange. They made the process very easy and quick. When I received the correct size, my little french bulldog, Ethel (aka The Weapon of Mass Destruction) tried to rip it up but was not able to. Liquids just roll off the bed (she tried to pee on it because she couldn't destroy it.) She has now made peace with the bed and sleeps quite comfortably on it.
    • great product, chewey dog
      Review by ivan on 1/3/2019
      She loves the bed, and almost from the start used it. An incredible chewer, she nibbled a bit on one side and then at least for now has given up on it. We will keep our fingers crossed
    • Worth every penny
      Review by Lin on 12/29/2018
      Only bed my boxer-mastiff hasn't destroyed. We bought our first k9 ballistics bed about 2 years ago after watching our dog go through a dozen other beds. It's been 2 years and his bed is still in great condition. We bought another this year to keep in our bedroom. These beds are worth every penny.
    • Best bed on the market
      Review by jen on 11/28/2018
      I have 3 of these beds.... 2 that are 6 years old and one brand new. Wouldnt buy anything else.
    • Heidi seems very happy with her nor
      Review by Marguerite on 11/15/2018
      The cover material is really tough which should last for a very long time. My Heidi curls up on it and looks very contented on the comfortable bed.
    • Looking to get a bigger one,for different part of the house!
      Review by Dawgs on 11/13/2018
      Fast delivery, very well made,looks awesome ????
      Only been in use for 1 week so can’t give longevity yet, but it is definitely better made than others we’ve gone through.
      4 dogs from 17lbs-100lbs all take turns using it!
    • Excellent
      Review by Mike on 11/12/2018
      Fits great in Igloo, Texas Heeler loves it
    • Sturdy, Rugged, Worth It
      Review by Jeni on 11/6/2018
      This is the 2nd bed I've gotten from K9 Ballistics (the other is a deep den) and they are fantastic. My dog is a chewer, has destroyed every other bed I've gotten. But she's done great with both of these beds since the seams are very well made, there is nothing for her to pick at and start a hole. I highly recommend them, worth every penny.
    • I have my sanity back!
      Review by Vincent on 11/6/2018
      I couldn't be more happy with this bed. My Lab/Great Dane mix chews EVERYTHING... He even chewed his way out of a metal cage once, then through a wall... Beds from the pet store typically last 2-3 days with him. We've had the K9 ballistics bed for 2 weeks and it still looks brand new! There are no signs of tearing or wear. Another great bonus is Fred actually loves to lay on it! With the other beds, he would still much prefer the couch or my bed. However, with the added comfort of the K9 ballistics bed, it's hard to get him out of it! I give this bed an A+ and by what I've seen so far, this bed should last for years to come. Thank you K9 ballistics for giving me my sanity back!
    • Thank you K9 Ballistics
      Review by Donna on 8/7/2018
      My Doberman uses this tough bed as a fight toy, tossing it around like a rag doll. He also sucks on it as though he is nursing thus causing holes from his very sharp canines. The material frays just a bit but no loose threads. The tough bed cover washes nice, no shrinkage. I do buy a replacement cover over time. Although not fully chew proof, I would highly recommend.
      Review by Nationalforest on 8/7/2018
      The material is very durable but not fully chew proof. My Doberman tore up every bed, blanket and toy in his 8 yrs. I purchased this tough bed a few years ago and was very impressed. My Dobie uses it as a fight toy, tossing it around like a rag doll. He sucks on it as though he is nursing thus causing holes from his large canines. The material frays just a bit but no loose threads. which is a plus. The outer cover washes great with no shrinkage.
    • Wonderful beds for long legged-hounds but the material is a bit noisy. I can live with this as it seems to be decreasing with time or I am just getting used to it. My wife does not hear it as the dogs are on my side!
      Review by Ernie on 7/28/2018
      These are the best beds we have had. I now own 4. Two are in our bedroom and our 55 pound Saluki hounds love them . One complaint is that the material is “noisey” when the doors wake up in the middle of the night to curl the bed in the opposite direction. We are getting used to this and the sound level is decreasing ove the last 3 weeks as the beds confirm to the hounds. This detration is well wirth the trade in durabilty, ease of cleaning and relative compact size for these long legged dogs. I would rate it 4.5/5.0
    • The dog enjoys my birthday present!
      Review by Margaret on 6/18/2018
      My husband bought my 9 month old Australian Shepherd this bed for my birthday. (Hmm. there's something not quite right abut that..) Ruger enjoys dismembering his toys & his beds. So far it has been not quite 2 weeks, and the bed remains intact. He lays on it when he is sunning, and has even munched on his raw chicken wings on top of it with very little effect. And as a bonus, it has his name on it!
    • So far so good
      Review by Kristy C on 1/9/2018
      It has only been 2 weeks and don't want to jinx it but, so far so good. My boxer really seems to enjoy the bed. We had to keep pushing all the air out for the first few days to get her to use it but, after that she started using it consistently without any problems. There is a small area on the edge where the microfiber has either been chewed, licked or scratched off. However, it has been a week since I first noticed and it appears she has left the area alone.....for now.
    • So far, it’s awesome!!
      Review by Lauren on 12/27/2017
      So, I had my eye on this bed for awhile, but kept putting off buying it because of the hefty price tag. I have 3 medium/large dogs and the smallest one (a beagle mix) chews up beds as fast as I buy them. Despite this, he also loves beds more than the others and tends to behave better when he has one. So far, he has not been able to chew up this bed and all 3 dogs love it! They can all fit on it together if they feel like it, but sometimes one dog decides to dominate it. It seems to be very comfy for them and my chew monster pup has also been better behaved since he got the new bed! It’s been a win all around and I definitely think the price was worth it. It could be that my smallest has just not had the inkling to chew it yet, so I’m hoping it continues to be chew proof as time goes by.
    • Niko's bed
      Review by SANDRA on 12/27/2017
      Bed is very good quality and looks great and our dog Niko seems to love it , he has tore up every bed or pillow we have giving him but not this one. Thanks for making a great product !!
    • Awesome!
      Review by Jennifer on 12/12/2017
      Durable, works great!
    • XL Bed
      Review by Meegan on 9/1/2017
      Lacy and Tyner Love their new bed. Its plenty big enough for both of them.
    • Review
      Review by Suzanne on 8/11/2017
      My 11 month old pup had chewed through three beds before I ordered yours.
      I mistakenly ordered the 36". My dog is only 10 Lbs. He loves it and doesn't seem to want to chew the fabric. I just ordered a 24" for another room.
    • Boo the destroyer found her match .
      Review by Happy dog mom on 8/6/2017
      So far my dog Boo had this bed for a little over 2 weeks. She has tried her best to eat and chew her bed and it's holding up and I'm amazed!
      She likes it, the cat likes it, and we like it. Time will tell but usually any new bed she gets she destroys in less then 4 hours so the fact it has lasted this long it's already a record. Very happy with my purchase.
    • Miniature pinscher easily chewed hole through cover and stuffing
      Review by Leo's Fur Mom on 8/1/2017
      Our miniature pinscher chewed through two cheaper beds so I was really hoping an investment in this bed would pay off. He chewed through the bed while boarding (probably some anxiety chewing) within a week or two of purchase. He seemed to genuinely find the bed comfortable while at home but easily chewed a hole through not only the cover but also the actual stuffing itself. The cover material is thicker but not necessarily as tough a quality as I was hoping for especially for the price you pay. I put in an order for a new cover (per the warranty) and will try spraying it with bitter apple spray to see if that helps. Disappointed to say the least. I will update after using the bitter apple spray if it helps.
    • Awesome-ness
      Review by Veronica on 7/28/2017
      So far our dogs have tried like heck to bite and beat up thier bed but have failed. We love it!
    • Best ever dog beds.
      Review by Cathy on 7/27/2017
      Super dog beds. This is my second purchase and I will never buy any other brand again. I have three Labs and they can't destroy this bed!!
    • great beds
      Review by Carol on 7/21/2017
      This is the second set of three of these beds. They are chew proof except for a puppy with sharp teeth. We had to patch all three beds as once they got a hole, the three dogs(Border collie,Labrador,Mini Aussie) all had fun pulling out stuffing.Overall, the beds are best we have had and would recommend for all.
    • Afraid of new bed"
      Review by Barbara on 7/20/2017
      Our miniature poodle is still getting used to his new bed. He has tried to bite it and move it around. We have been putting his toys on the bed which he seems to like, but he will not get on it to lie down. We hope in time that he does try to lie on it. I think he is afraid of how high it is and puffy. He does understand that the new bed beloñgs to him.
    • Great Bed
      Review by TalTal on 7/17/2017
      My 8 month old basset hound destroyed his petsmart bed within a few weeks, digging holes and pulling out the fluff. I tried to sew up the holes, re-add fluff or otherwise save the bed, but nothing was helping. He liked to dig a little bit into the bed before settling down. So far this bed has stood up to his digging, biting, and chewing. He has tons of slobber and the bed doesn't look dirty, doesn't feel wet, and best part- no holes!! I think he is getting used to the idea of this bed, and slowly falling in love (despite the fact that he can't dig holes in it)
    • Leather couch eater
      Review by Michele on 7/16/2017
      This is our second purchase, not because it got chewed up.. because it didnt
    • Bad buy
      Review by Matthew on 7/1/2017
      Don't understand but we cannot get a dog to sleep in this bed. The dogs sleep on the floor instead of in this bed.
    • Not sure
      Review by Angela on 6/20/2017
      So far, due to the amount of air the bed retains, my Dane puppy will not use the bed. I was advised to cut the inner bed to release the air, but that makes it ineligible for return. I have replaced the inner bed with memory foam. I LOVE the idea of an indestructible bed cover, but the insert is not ideal.
    • First dog bed our Labs and Portuguese water dogs haven't ripped open
      Review by Upstate NY on 5/31/2017
      The K9 Ballistic dog bed is unscathed after almost two weeks, which is a first. Previous dog beds from sources such as Cabela's, L L Bean and Orvis were chewed open in as quickly as 15 minutes by our two otherwise well trained and well behaved dogs. Fingers crossed.
    • So far so good.
      Review by John on 5/16/2017
      I just started using the bed and so far so good.
    • Has held up very well to 4 dogs.
      Review by Mary on 5/3/2017
      It has been over a week and still looks new! Amazing!
    • Finally! No more chewed dog beds! Money well spent!
      Review by Brenda on 5/1/2017
      Our lab mix pup that we adopted was chewing our older dogs beds, after going through 4 beds, we searched online for something that was chew proof. We ordered the round tuff bed and our older dog loves it! Our lab doesn't even try to chew it and it's very easy to clean. Love the color options too. It was definitely worth the money spent! We've also purchased one for our Lab.
    • It is great!
      Review by Jeanne on 4/23/2017
      Other than the noise when my dog, Snoop Dog, turns and turns and turns around it is great. Has pulled it around, but hasn't destroyed his new pillow. Wonderful!
    • 5 stars, highly recommend this bed
      Review by Junior on 3/30/2017
      Amazing bed. My dog definitely loves it and looks pretty comfortable when sleeping on it. He did get water logged one time and vomit on his bed, but it repelled the water completely. I have a 70lb pitbull that loves to chew on his bed sometimes, but he hasn't attempted to on this one, maybe because it's round and there aren't any corners. I highly recommend this to dog owners with dogs that are aggressive chewers. 5 stars for sure.
    • Wonderful customer service.. one indestructible bed but also one casualty...
      Review by Boston Terror Love on 3/19/2017
      The velcro enclosure is a magnet to chew.. I have had one of these beds for my Boston Terrier that has lasted over a few years..she will destroy any other bed in 30 seconds flat. right in front of me. I have watched her try with her bed for at least 3 years and it's withstood. . NOW I just ordered one for my new Heeler and she chewed a hole in 1 day, at the velcro. This company was awesome and immediately offered the 50% refund or replacement.. which I chose the replacement. My new cover for the bed has shipped, the service was super fast and no hassle.. I am worried though that the design with the velcro is not as good as the zipper that is on the older bed that we own. The zipper design is concealed a lot better and does not protrude so there is no temptation to gnaw.. I will play take away with the new bed as much as I can, but I'm afraid the same thing might occur. I would like a bed that my dog can lie in while I'm not supervising, like when I'm not home.... Overall though, the experience I've had with the company is awesome and I have one seriously indestructible bed and one that went to the grave with the others...
    • Bed
      Review by shawnya on 3/12/2017
      So far it's great.
    • Very satisfied
      Review by James on 3/9/2017
      About a week - so far, so good. Nova likes it.
      I would recommend this to a friend!
    • GREAT product
      Review by Lilly, Sarge, and Libby Love it on 3/8/2017
      We purchased this Feb 2016. We have 3 small shredder dogs (Bichon Frise, Rat Terrier, and Chihuahua) who love to destroy beds. They will dig, chew, and shake them until they get a hole started and then it looks like it snowed in our house. Fast forward a year later and we still have the same bed, not rips, snags, or any visible sign of fault with the product. We have washed the cover many times and still looks brand new. I'm TRULY impressed with the durability of the product.
    • 30 days and still not destroyed !!!!!
      Review by Hope Johnson on 3/1/2017
      So far so good. Our dog (15months old) that can destroy any bed in a matter of hours has not been successful with this bed. We have had this bed about 30 days so far.
    • Great purchase
      Review by S on 2/28/2017
      My dog ate 5 beds before I finally purchased the Round Tuff Bed. We have had it about three weeks and she hasn't chewed it at all!
    • A life free of ripped up dog beds and stuffing now in progress...
      Review by Melanie on 1/12/2017
      We have a 11 month German Shepherd. After going through 3-4 dog beds and having him chew them up within minutes, I gave up for awhile. I did some research and came across this site. I ordered the Large round Tuff bed. I was hesitant to spend this much money on yet another dog bed but since it came with a 3-mo guarantee, I figured if he didn't chew it up within 3 months, he wouldn't. As soon as he got it, he tried to chew it up but it was just too tough. I was able to put it together within minutes since my husband wasn't home. Super easy and worth the price. Thank you k9ballistics!!!!!!!!!!
    • Unfortunately, not as advertised.
      Review by Judith on 1/8/2017
      The bed already has a 1" rip in it, & Gus (the dog) has only had it in his igloo for about 5 days. We are very disappointed. Like the camouflage color & texture of the fabric, but advertising it as "ballistic" is misleading. Sorry, we will be sending the cover back for a replacement.
    • i rate it fifty/ fifty for now depending on how the other one holds up
      Review by hands on 12/22/2016
      i bought two beds one of them the dogs chew a hole through and pulled out the stuffing in less than three days the other one has held up so far im sending pictures of the damage to you through the mail in went out on DEC 21 even our awning place can not get a fabric dogs cant chew through their small compared to the dogs
    • Dog loves his bed
      Review by Melissa on 12/20/2016
      I received our new Tuff Bed last week, and Doc LOVES his bed, perhaps too much. He lays on it or drags it around like a toy every chance he gets. I got the round medium with the intent of putting it in his doghouse, but he had pulled it out and ripped open the Velcro in the back and started de-stuffing the bed within the first hour. Luckily he didn't get far in the disassembly of the guts of the bed, so I cleaned up his mess and brought the bed inside where he won't be unsupervised. He truly loves this bed (why he has to shred what he loves I don't know) and the exterior is super tuff. Being a German Shepherd he can really tear things up, and he drags, shakes, claws, and gnaws on this bed and it's held up flawlessly as long as he stays away from the velcro.
    • Great All Around Bed
      Review by GSP Mom on 12/19/2016
      The dogs are loving these beds. I got a medium and a large. While the material is chew resistant, it isn't chew proof but K9 Ballistics is standing behind their warranty and shipping out a new cover because Jaeger chewed a small hole in the medium bed within a few days. The rip-stop material did, however, keep it from becoming a larger hole. I removed the bed and will place the additional cover on top of the existing cover when it gets here. I am still pleased with these beds and would purchase them again for my German Shorthairs as they love to "nest" and these beds fit the bill. Thanks K9 Ballistics.
    • Great Dog Bed
      Review by Ken on 12/7/2016
      The bed is worth the cost. It is very well-built and durable and our dog likes it. We bought this one to replace a similar one that was finally getting worn out after constant use for many years.
    • Wonderful
      Review by Jennifer on 11/24/2016
      Great product....tear resistant. My dog loves it.
    • Great Bed
      Review by Lorwith4 on 11/18/2016
      First bed my mini Aussie won't tear up and drag all over the yard! Very very happy. Bought two. It has stayed in perfect shape for my older Australian!

    • Best Doggy Bed EVER!
      Review by Sarah on 11/17/2016
      This bed is the bee's knees! My Pongo has chewed and clawed every bed and blanket he's had. I wasn't sure about this since he likes to fluff up everything before he lays down and turns into the Hulk when he goes in his crate. This bed has stood the test of time and he loves it and I do too! A few times we've been on it together, it is that comfortable!
    • Great bed!
      Review by Merlin on 11/9/2016
      Our dog loves this dog bed. He is a Golden Retriever and this is the perfect size for him, we also love that it is the shape of a large circle! Love the camo look and the best part is the zipper area is Velcro so he is not even tempted to bite it that area. Light weight and easy to move from room to room if needed!
    • Great bed
      Review by Leslee on 11/6/2016
      Well designed and tough material. Dogs like it
    • Great quality, good investment
      Review by Jessica on 10/20/2016
      Our dog loves the bed! We have this one and the one for inside the crate, and he has never even tried to chew either of them, and he has destroyed at least 5 other brands of beds and he is a 90 pound white German Shepard so it can get expensive, so these beds are a great investment. Highly recommend!
    • Love our Tuff Bed
      Review by PJ on 10/7/2016
      We had the Round Tuff Bed for several weeks now and are very pleased with its performance. we have two dogs, one of which has given himself the job our product tester for every product we bring home for them. Your bed has been dragged around our yard for days before it was allowed its place on the patio to be laid on. Both dogs love to rest on the bed while "Bear" chews whatever he deems eatable.
    • Durable
      Review by Blase J on 9/21/2016
      My chewer has not attempted it with this bed so far
    • Bed has survived first week
      Review by Phil on 7/15/2016
      Zoey is a 4 year old Havanese and has chewed up every bed she has had. Not this one, it has survived the first week and she doesn't even try to chew it. Amazing. Good quality for the price.
    • Superb!
      Review by Dr. Frank on 7/6/2016
      Our third K9 bed for the little devil - one on each floor and one in the car. She loves them all, and they are impervious to her lively demonstrations.
    • The Great Quality I've Come to Expect
      Review by John on 6/14/2016
      This is the second bed we've purchased from K9 and it's been another great addition! Our dogs love these beds and no matter how excited they get or how much digging they try to do while laying down or getting comfortable, these things stand up to it all.

      Thanks for being a great company with a great product!
    • Caveat emptor
      Review by Rachel on 6/10/2016
      This seems like a good company to deal with, but be aware that these beds are not, in fact, chew proof. They are chew-RESISTANT, but that's a different thing. My 15-lb rescue terrier chewed three good-sized holes in the cover within 45 minutes.

      The company did as advertised and offered a 50% refund or a one-time replacement, along with offering some suggestions via email for things to try. They seem like nice folks, but the bottom line is, I still spent $90 on two dog beds that look like they've been through the wars after only a few days.

    • Outstanding Quality !
      Review by Carolyn on 6/7/2016
      Love the look of the bed. Beautiful Blue color. My American Staffordshire Terrier loved it right off but seems not to like the fact that it is not puffy enough so, he was in his crate and I added two bags of polyfill. Unfortanly I wasen't thinking about he was watching me and saw how I opened it !!! As soon as I let him out he started looking for the Velcro ! Hopefully he will forget about it. He seems to like to lay on it better now. Hope I didn't make a bad mistake. They are extremly smart! So far no chewing YET !

      K9 Ballistics Response: If you notice him opening the Velcro, please contact our warranty team immediately. We can have the replacement cover sent out, and if you place the two covers on the bed at the same time and stagger them so that the Velcro ends up on opposites sides of the bed, if will prevent your dog from accessing the filling even if he opens the outer Velcro closure.
    • So far so good, Polly loves it!
      Review by Marion on 6/6/2016
      So far so good, Polly loves it!
    • Withstands Scratching and Chewing
      Review by Ashley on 5/25/2016
      One of my dogs, Krypto, has an issue with keeping nice things around him. This bed allows him to be rough and get comfortable without the cotton pieces on the floor every morning
      It's a wonderful relief for all of us!
    • Great bed! Bad custom stitching
      Review by Aaron on 5/24/2016
      The bed part is great! Our dog (Sheltie, BITER) loves it so far! The one problem we've had (day 1, within second hour) is he found a way to start ripping the stitching of his name out. So now some of the letters are all stringy and tearing out.... Kinda disappointing in that aspect! (Nothing online indicated that it wasn't 'chew proof' like the rest of the bed..
    • Like how cover wipes off
      Review by Janie on 5/23/2016
      Prefer the feel of the orthopedic bed I purchased at same time. Puppy has flipped over but has not destroyed. Like how the cover wipes off.
    • Pups love their new round bed
      Review by Pamela on 5/18/2016
      Our two lab pups love their big round bed,especially that it's big enough for them to sleep together! They haven't chewed any holes and I'm very pleased not to have to be repairing their beds anymore! Very well made and was delivered promptly and packaged well.
    • Not Happy
      Review by Ed on 5/17/2016
      The cover is great, very durable and comfortable for my dog but you cushion section is horrible. I could understand if it was needed some air intake support to fluff the cushions but just laying it there for almost 2 weeks. Just sad.

      K9 Ballistics Response: The original (nesting) cushion of the Round TUFF Bed does not require 2 weeks to fluff up; those instructions apply to the orthopedic mattresses, which may take a few weeks to fully expand. The nesting mattress may need to be fluffed when first removed from the vacuum seal but it should be usable within minutes. If your mattress seems flat, please send a photo of the issue to [email protected] so that we can take a look.
    • So far so good.
      Review by Dr. Max on 5/16/2016
      Most previous beds lasted about 30 minutes. Several days now and so far so good. I bought some tough blankets from you quite some time ago. The tan one didn't make it long but the ole black one is still ticking. So, I am impressed with your products. Wish I had money to buy more.
    • Thank you
      Review by Vickie on 5/12/2016
      I can't thank you enough for great customer service and an excellent product. I have been through 4 dog beds since my Morkie arrived. He ate both his beds as well as my rescue dog's beds. Since receiving my 2 beds, he has tried to destroy them and has now given up!

      I wish your "family" business great success. You are wonderful humble people who are offering a great product at a very reasonable price. God Bless.
    • Best beds ever!
      Review by Kelly on 5/2/2016
      We have 2 round TUFF beds and 3 other types of TUFF beds . . . best beds we've ever purchased and we've purchased LOTS of beds! The dogs have never chewed the beds before, but the problem child did manage to get through this one. Now I can attest to the company's cover replacement policy . . . it's for real!
    • InsanelyTough
      Review by DaneMom on 5/1/2016
      1. Easy to clean
      2. Toughest bed on Earth that is still comfortable
      3. everyone loves it!

      I proactively sprayed with Bitter Apple because my Great Dane puppy had already learned how fun it was to destroy (8) beds. I also praised him for laying down and discouraged playing with the bed. He was disappointed it was indestructible - no seams, zippers, corners. Within a week, he was fully acclimated and he has used the bed for almost 2 years. It has kept its shape despite the pouncing of a 140 pound dog. I love how easy it is to clean! (even after the cat marked it - ugh.) After two years of weekly washing, the ONLY sign of wear is on the stitching of the personalization - very minimal. Old-fashioned American Quality!!!!! This bed will be passed down to great-grandpuppies.
    • Awesome bed
      Review by Bethany on 4/26/2016
      My Belgian Malinois mix can chew through anything. You name it and those maligator teeth can get through it... At least that's what I thought. When I bought this I thought, "Do I really want to spend over 100 dollars on a bed she'll probably mow through?" and yes, I did. Best choice I've made. She tried to get through it but the bed is tougher than her. Thank you K9 Ballistics for finally giving her somewhere comfy to sleep that isn't on top if me! :)
    • Fabulous Bed!
      Review by Janet on 4/25/2016
      Thanks so much for this incredible bed. My little guy has torn apart four beds since we brought him home last August, and has had no luck at all even making a dent in this incredible bed, I'm very happy to say. This is a shared bed, too, with his adopted sister, my daughter's dog, who is also a digger and chewer. Needless to say, I'll be buying another one when our pup graduates from his kennel at night, to a bed. :-)
    • I definitely recommend
      Review by Michaeline on 4/20/2016
      I have been buying dog beds at cosco, however they dont last. I also purchased at Pets Mart and have not been happy, because their more expensive and never lasted. I have to say K9 is the best. I am very satisfied.
    • one small hole
      Review by Cynthia on 4/18/2016
      So far, just one small hole and she hasn't been able to make it bigger. She is an English Bull Terrier, so if it can be done, she can do it!
    • So far so good
      Review by Priscilla M. on 4/13/2016
      We have had the bed for a few weeks and it is still in once piece. That said, our standard poodle has gotten so used to sleeping on our bed that he hasn't used it much. However, he hasn't used it as a toy and dragged it out of the bedroom, down the hall and down the stairs as he did his last one that he eventually tore to pieces. This bed is definitely sturdy and well made.
    • Noisy bed
      Review by Rodney on 4/9/2016
      Pretty good bed except that the tough covering is slippery and noisy. Other than that i really like the bed.

      K9 Ballistics Response: If you contact us at [email protected] regarding the noise issue, we'll be more than happy to see if there's a solution we can offer you!
    • Great bed and efficient company
      Review by Norma on 4/5/2016
      We love the two K--9 round Tuff-Beds we got... because our two energetic fun loving Aussies Love them. We put each bed inside a round rigid plastic kid wading pool. It protects the bed nicely. No more bed chewing...just a comfy place to lounge and chew bones! The company advertised accurately, shipped very promptly and packaged superbly!
    • Very well made!
      Review by Richard on 3/31/2016
      I bought this bed for my cousins dog, but I was so impressed with the quality of the bed that I have since ordered one for my dog.
    • It's still in one piece
      Review by susan on 3/22/2016
      I brought this bed because my Shi tzu has chewed up every bed I have bought. He lays on it but hasn't actually slept on it yet. And amazingly it is still in one piece and no holes
    • Best little bed in NY
      Review by Karen on 3/20/2016
      We have 2 cute, destructive small dogs under 15 lbs. Our morky Max is like the terminator if it's wood or soft and cuddly it is destroyed in 24 hours.

      We moved up north from Tennessee and bought a medium size k-9 bed thinking "huh Max will have this into confetti" well I'm happy to say we were wrong. The bed is intact and both dogs love it.

      I can't say Maxie hasn't tried his best to rip it into pieces but so far he has been unsuccessful. We went through dozens of beds in Tennessee to the point where they were sleeping on the floor.

      Thank you k9ballistics you have created the best possible doggie beds bar none. I'm about to purchase a larger one for their kennel outside.
    • She licks it but hasn't tried to chew it
      Review by Emma on 3/17/2016
      I have a female English Bull dog, Her name is Diamond and she has chewed
      a couple beds, She hasn't even tried to chew this one.
      The quality of this bed is amazing. I would recommend this very highly.
      I only have one thing that I don't like is it is very noisy when she moves around on it at night. I wish that had ordered the soft bed. '
    • Tough Quality
      Review by Gayle on 3/14/2016
      This is a great product! Our little Havanese, Desi, has destroyed 4 or 5 other beds. There is no chance he can make a dent in this one. He seems to like it. It is pretty cushy underneath the shiny dense outer material.
    • So far :)
      Review by kelly on 3/9/2016
      So far so GREAT!! He has no inclination of tearing into it. He must love that its fluffy and supports him.
    • Holding up
      Review by Andi on 3/8/2016
      Bed is holding up. Once he overcame the problem of getting on to the bed (it would slide on the kitchen floor when he tried to get on the bed),the dog loves the bed.
    • K9 round bed
      Review by William on 3/3/2016
      Our dog likes it, it is well made.
    • The Tuff bed wasn't "Tuff" enough for my Pit.
      Review by tamme on 2/29/2016
      I ordered the large round Tuff bed for my Pit. It lasted 2 days. He tore a hole in it, and I took it away from him before he destroyed it. I took a picture of the hole & culprit and emailed them right away .By the next day, I got an email back saying that a replacement cover is on its way. Although the bed did not hold up against my boy, the quality is great and I was pleased at how big the bed is. A large is HUGE and although my Pit gets his raggedy old blankets back instead of a nice new bed, my cats & other dogs are enjoying it! I will definitely order a bed from this company again.
    • Love the bed
      Review by Lynn on 2/24/2016
      I love the bed but the dogs won't go near it yet - however, my cat loves it!! lol
    • NOT chewed yet!
      Review by Lori A on 2/23/2016
      So far so Good. For my 4 month Shit Tzu puppy, I bought this one and the Mini Tuff bed - she seems to like the Mini Tuff bed best to sleep in and kind of uses this one as a toy - she jumps, chews and flips all over it and still looks like new.
    • Success!!
      Review by Thea on 2/18/2016
      My dog has chewed his way through several beds over the last couple of years. After some research I bought a Round TUFF Bed and he's been using this for several weeks now. So far he hasn't been able to make one hole in it - despite his eager attempts!
    • He didn't eat this one!!
      Review by LAURA on 2/2/2016
      Great bed, our Shepard puppy loves it and he eats everything (water bowls, stumps, plastic boxes, cardboard and beds...). He hasn't put a dent in this bed!!
    • Awesome products!
      Review by Andrew on 2/2/2016
      This is actually the 3rd bed we bought as we only started with 2 to see what would happen. We have 2 Golden Retrievers and one would pull the beds out of the dog house and the other would shred it. They have never pulled these beds out and they are still in great shape almost a year later.
    • Good so far
      Review by Dave on 1/25/2016
      All good so far, even as our dog has tried to chew the bed, no damage...yet?! lol
    • Surprisingly tough
      Review by Cheryle on 1/22/2016
      I wish I could send a pic. I got the round bed for Stella who loves a cushy bed. Boo my youngster English bulldog took it to his crate and loves it! So I'll be ordering two more round beds. The ortho crate pads have become wrestling mats for the boys in the living room lol. Great products...well made and tough!
    • Something for everyone
      Review by Karen on 1/21/2016
      I am on my 5th tuff bed, and not, I hesitate to add, because any of them have ended up chewed to bits. The extra-large one I ordered for my Great Dane was quickly comandeered by our 8lb cat, who finds the vast undisturbed squishy surface to be a perfect fit with her needs. Next I ordered 2 large beds...one each for my collie/shepherd mix and his little brother, an English setter. I made the fatal mistake of piling them on top of the other while I was cleaning the house, and I came back to find my collie nesting in the middle of the two and my setter in the floor looking cold. Next step, 2 beds for the setter as well. They just arrived this week, our dogs are living in the ultimate comfort of double tuff beds stacked on top of each other. Got home tonight, the sad Walmart crate pad had been ripped apart and pooped on. Just ordered an orthopedic crate pad from k9 ballistics to replace it. Hopefully they won't both be in the crate fighting over this one. There's really not enough space for 200 combined pounds of dog in a small-sized crate.
    • Durable but uncomfortable and a waste of $
      Review by Shana L on 1/19/2016
      Well, this bed was a waste of my money. It is tough and durable, but our dogs don't want anything to do with it because it's not soft or comfortable. The material is too rough. So this big round sandpaper-y dog bed sits in the corner of our bedroom while the dogs prefer their old corner-chewed beds or the rug to sleep on. :-(
    • So far so good
      Review by Susan on 1/19/2016
      So far so good. This puppy shreds every bed and toy he's had. No chewing or ripping at all for this bed. He doesn't even try. We had it personalized with his name and it's very cute. I throw a softer blanket on top to make it a little cozier for him.
    • I was skeptical!
      Review by Dogtopia on 1/17/2016
      It has been a little more than a month. I wanted to wait the 90 day to prove the guarantee wrong but I am so impressed already I am writing it now. My Irish wolfhound ate 5 large Costco dog beds within minutes. He love to straddle them and tear them to pieces. He does try to do this with the K9 ballistic round but he hasn't even put a small tear in it I am shocked he tears up large area rugs we put down in the garage. Another wonderful feature is the water repellent which I did not believe either. My English Bulldog (female) lifts her leg to pee on it then the other dogs follow suit for a month I was Hans wiping it off spraying it with urine off then decided to was it in the machine which I did not realize I could do the pad inside had no stain or odor on it. I took it out of the washer looks brand new! The only downside if you put it inside which I don't it is noisy when the dog moves around because of the fabric. Also the stitching in the embroidered name is not holding that good but it is getting a beating so that is a non issue. I willful do highly recommend this bed I will be a future buyer if this one ever wears out!
    • I bought a med & large
      Review by David on 1/17/2016
      I bought a med and large bed for my 65 lb lab/pit mix and 40lb chow mix. Honestly my bigger dog seems to use the med size bed just as much. The chow mix, who is also 3 legged doesn't seem to like it as much because the bed if noisy when she steps on it due to the cover material. I wish she liked it but oh well. The beds are indestructible tho.
    • Too district ice in Arizona
      Review by Sally on 1/15/2016
      My Australian Shepherd who had chewed may beds chewed a hole in the bed on day 2! He hasn't pulled the stuffing out yet, maybe that's a good sign! High hopes!
    • so far so good
      Review by Karen on 1/13/2016
      My Daisy tore up 4 fluffy beds prior to this. She is a Jack Russel, Australian Shepard mix we believe. We put it in her igloo dog house and she has not been able to drag it out, therefore she is unable to try to destroy it!! lol. She seems to appreciate it after a month now! Time will tell!
    • Very Happy!
      Review by Karen on 12/30/2015
      I bought this bed for my 18 month old Boston Terrier who has already destroyed 6 other beds and multiple blankets. This was her Christmas present, so it has only been a week so far... but so far so good. She did try to eat it when she first got it, but it held up! I got the Medium Round Tuff Bed which really is too large for her, but that is the secret! She isn't able to man handle it. So I would highly recommend this bed to anybody who has a very chew active dog!
    • so grateful
      Review by karen on 12/29/2015
      Our little guy Rylee chewed up every blanket and bed we bought to keep him more comfortable in his crate while I am at work. It finally got to the point that he just had to lay on the plastic bottom. I can't imagine that it would have been comfortable and we started feeling bad especially when our bigger dog doesn't need a crate and can sleep on a comfy couch. I did think the beds were pretty expensive but when I think of all of the money I spent before it didn't seem so bad as long as it lasted. Well, I'm not sure why but he doesn't even consider chewing it. He knows it will be comfortable and he goes right in his crate every morning and we feel so much better. Thank you K9 Ballistics for making an incredible product. We are so grateful.
    • Wanted something indistructable
      Review by Keith on 12/23/2015
      I have a Jack Russell Terrier puppy, right in the chewing phase. It took him less than a day to start pulling stuffing out. I sent in my warranty and was sent a new cover promptly with a nice letter with some helpful hints. I am not letting Jasper have unattended access to the bed right now. I am attempting to tell him no when he starts chewing; but we will see.
    • The cats convinced him
      Review by whtsituya on 12/12/2015
      After having our Goldendoodle continually chew up rugs around the house we decided it was time for a dog bed. If you're going to get one, get a good one that can't be chewed up and will last and look good.
      Boyd was a little slow to accept that this was "his" bed, until our Maine Coons
      decided they thought it was a cool place to sack out. Now he nudges them off, [sometimes shares] and loves the bed. And no more chewed rugs.
    • I think I have a winner
      Review by Linda Eden on 12/12/2015
      I am sure the bed will be fine it is for Christmas so I don't know yet. My dog is chewing a bit less than he was,and unstuffed the cheap bed he had before. I searched for a no chew bed and hope I have found it
    • Great bed. Dogs love it. Very durable.
      Review by Lynn on 12/11/2015
      Bought this bed for our new Great Dane puppy. She loves it as does our Bulldog and Norwich Terrier. Very easy putting cover on and seems very durable.
    • I think we've found a winner!
      Review by Becky on 12/10/2015
      I bought a large round bed for my two beagle pups.

      They've pulled it around the room, tried to flip it over and even tried to pull the velcro apart, but so far they haven't been able to chew it up. I think they've met their match.

      So glad I found this site. Great product.

    • Not so good
      Review by Pamela on 12/10/2015
      Lasted 2 days...my bulldog immediately figured out how to separate the velcro and access the bed inside. Within an hour he managed to rip a small hole in the bed...2 days later green fluffy stuffing everywhere. The cover held up ok...:(
    • So far so good!
      Review by Edward L on 12/6/2015
      Well, we've had the Large round Tuff Bed, with the green cover, for a little over a week, and so far so good. My two dogs, a 100# Yellow Lab male, and his buddy, a mixed 25# terrier male, have managed to destroy every bed, large and small, since I got these rescue dogs about a year a go. They'd pull them around the patio, play tug-of-war, eat the corners, and pull the insides out, as if it was (and I'm sure it was) a game. The TUFF bed, has been pulled around the yard - from near the back patio door at night, to the uncovered area in the sun during the day.
      Yesterday they both were trying to play tug-of-war, and there was no damage to the bed. I bought the round TUFF bed to eliminate corners, since they were always the first to be chewed up. I have high hopes that this TUFF bed will last the 90 day period (and longer), but from past experience with these two dogs, have my doubts

      I will report again in the future, on how the TUFF bed holds out.
    • Still lookin' good
      Review by Mayda on 12/1/2015
      I don't remember how many years we've had these beds but it's been long enough that I've just ordered new fill for the covers. The two covers have been washed many times and still look great. Other beds would have broken/ripped zippers by now which is why I like the velcro. Seriously good investment and the dogs love them.
    • So far, it's GREAT!
      Review by DeWanna on 11/16/2015
      My little dog is 7 years old. She's been through at least 6 beds. She chews the stuffing out of her beds and her toys. The last bed ended up in 1000's of shreds. Some have lasted longer than others. She absolutely loves her new bed. Jumped right in it and stayed for hours. Although she sleeps with me, she stays in her bed the biggest portion of the day. Has not chewed it at all so far. I got the nestling bed. It was a great decision to get that one. I got the med eventhough she weighs only 11 lbs. She has PLENTY of room, but she likes to feel "snuggled". I wish I'd know about these beds years ago. Definitely worth the money!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!
    • Amazing!
      Review by Lacey on 11/11/2015
      This bed is spectacular! Both my doberman and springer mix love it! They haven't even tried to scratch it or anything. In fact my mix got off of it earlier so the dobie could lay on it a while, so I'll soon be ordering another one.
    • Best dog bed ever!
      Review by Catherine M on 11/9/2015
      Our border collie mix destroys all beds in her path, but not this one! She loves it so much she spends more time inside her igloo than ever. This darling adopted dog has taken apart every bed we bought in the last 3 years. This can get expensive to keep her comfortable. I'm so relieved she seems to appreciate a comfortable and safe place to rest. Thank you!
    • Uff Da!! ALASKA TUFF BED!!!
      Review by Jesse on 11/4/2015
      Tired of chasing fiber fill from Wal Mart beds in your yard? Sick of the 3 purchases totaling over $120 to give your dog the best it deserves and no issues to deal with?

      "You get what you pay for", is an old term used around our house.

      This company has figured out how to defeat the chewed up inferior dog beds that you're lured into buying that never last...... yea, they look so cozy on the shelf at Wal Mart and other stores.

      I'll always come back when I need another one.

      ALASKA TUFF!!!
    • so far so good
      Review by Mary on 11/3/2015
      it appears to be pretty tough. it is warm out still and our dog is not really lying on it much. perhaps as the weather gets colder. I am thinking of putting a blanket on it for winter months so he can cuddle up on it. last bed that he demolished had a nice soft velour covering but Riley scratched his way to foam and that was the beginning of the end.
    • It's Held Up
      Review by Dennis on 10/30/2015
      So far, so good. Riley, our one-year-old 51-pound Small Munsterlander, trashed his last bed 8 hours. The Tuff Bed has held up for over a week now, a new record. After trying to find the zipper or a seam to chew, seems like he has given up, and just sleeps on it. A long winter will be the test, but seems like it will work.
    • Gotta love ballistic nylon
      Review by Aimless on 10/19/2015
      We are not getting any of the scratching we got with our 7 month old English lab. He scratched cloth beds until they fell apart. Not this one. He just lays on it. Doesn't seem as enameled with it, but he uses it every day. I might get a little more stuffing, as it's got some flat parts, seemingly from the vacuum packing they do to ship it. But it seems easy enough to fortify from a fabric store. I would give it five stars if the fill were more substantial.
    • So far so good!
      Review by richelle7 on 9/9/2015
      5 other beds have fallen, including 2 of the mini-tuff beds, however in this bed our boston has met her match. I think the sheer size of the medium bed has discouraged her trying to man-handle it and she doesn't have any corners to chew on since we ordered the round bed. Hopefully we will have this bed for some time to come!
    • Also loved by cats
      Review by Deborah on 9/7/2015
      Our cat, Nettie, also loves to sleep in a Tuff bed.
    • Our Third Tuff Bed
      Review by Deborah on 9/7/2015
      This is the third Tuff bed we have purchased for Oscar, our 85-pound Doberman because we needed one for the two places where Oscar loves to flop and another one for the car. The Tuff beds are the best, whether your dog chews or not, because they are strong, impervious to odors because they are washable, filled with the right amount with filling and because they allow your dog to create a nice "nest." Our boy loves the Tuff beds because he can paw around and create a depression into which he can curl up into a small ball. I think the Tuff bed makes him feel very safe. He has never chewed any of his Tuff beds. Highly recommended.
    • Exactly what we needed!
      Review by sandy on 9/5/2015
      I have 2 basenjis. One has a passion for eating blankets. As a puppy she destroyed a competitor tough chew dog bed first day. At 10 she's still chewing. They are picky and stubborn dogs. Both immediately tried out the beds which is a big deal they weren't scared of them . Couple weeks later they are both lounging regularly on the new beds and nothing has been chewed. I love these beds!
    • Worth the investment
      Review by Robert on 8/31/2015
      I had to think twice about paying this much for a dog bed, but it is well worth it. Our miniature Australian Shepherd is quite a chewer and loves to dig her nest before laying down. She took to the bed immediately and really hasn't tried to chew it. The fact that it doesn't have piped seams may be the reason. Her old Berber fleece was just "fun to destroy"! Service was quick and it looks like it will last a very long time. Color matches our decor too!
    • Remarkable!
      Review by Bruce on 8/18/2015
      Like most, I was a little hesitant because of the price but pulled the trigger based on the guarantee. The 36" fit the igloo dog house perfectly so the test was to see how long it took "Jack" to pull it out and try and shred it. Remarkably, he left it alone. Maybe he tried when I wasn't watching and it didn't provide him the chew satisfaction. What ever the reason, it's a great bed that gets used as a bed not a chew toy. I'll be ordering another one for my other dog as well.
    • Fabulous bed!
      Review by Brittany on 6/12/2015
      We've had our bed for a week now and he has certainly tried to eat it. He hasn't been able to make a scratch on it! This is our fourth dog bed in a year and we hope it is our last!
    • GREAT!!!
      Review by Christina L. on 5/15/2015
      The one that my GSD/ Schutzhund uses is now several years old and is as good as the day it came. This new one is for my G.Pyrenees livestock guardian and he loves it. Until now he wouldn't use any bed, preferred a hole that he dug in the ground. Now he sleeps on his Round TUFF bed any time that he wants to lie down.
    • Mr Capone approved
      Review by john on 5/12/2015
      Mr Capone, 3 yr old English Bulldog, approves! This is his second round Tuff bed. The first one lasted 3 years!!

    • Very Satisfied
      Review by Joanna on 5/7/2015
      I'll admit, I had my doubts. 8 lb. 1-1/2 yr old MaltiPom is an aggressive chewer. She is only allowed 1 toy (Kong designed for 20# dog) as she is very destructive in gnawing anything from a soft bed to the iron posts on MY bed! Toys last less than 10 minutes even with supervision. The gift that arrived with the bed from K9 Ballistics (tennis ball) was destroyed within minutes WHILE I chased her to retrieve the pieces. BUT, the Round TUFF bed has lived up to it's reputation. Molly has been enjoying it for 10 days. No holes. No snags. It's heavy. She still manages to drag it around with her jaw and shake it vigorously. I am impressed. Took her a few hours and a lot of encouragement to go near it (possibly because of the noise of the cover when touched). She has claimed it as her own and I anticipate a long relationship!
    • This bed is REALLY TUFF
      Review by JOANNE on 4/28/2015
      We have a Pit Bull that would rip apart every bed we got for him. Over two years ago we bought him a medium Round Tuff Bed. He finally ripped holes in the seams of the bed so I am back buying another one. We bought a Large Retangular Bed for our Mastiff (with a piddle problem) it washes up great also. They are worth the price.
    • Great bed
      Review by Linda on 2/28/2015
      I have a female BC that just loves to chew up her beds. So far, she has shown no interest in doing this to her new K9 ballistic bed. I believe she really loves this bed. If she's happy -we are happy. :)
    • Review by Penney on 2/27/2015
      I bought this bed for my 2 younger dogs but my 11 year old dog has taken it over. I love it! And so does my Rebel.
    • Round TUFF Bed
      Review by Martyn on 2/22/2015
      Our two corgis love to tear beds up playing tug of war and have done so to numerous other beds. Since we got the K9 Ballistics Round TUFF Bed they have tried to no avail to destroy it and so far have not managed to even pierce it let alone tear it. It looks like this is going to be a keeper.
    • Dog bed
      Review by Lorraine L on 1/15/2015
      TWO days and my 9yr old 28lb Cockapoo chewed a hole in her New tuff bed. I'm so disappointed.....this was my last hope and it failed.
    • Seems very durable
      Review by Heather on 12/22/2014
      We have had the bed for a few weeks now, and it seems like this will be something that lasts a lifetime. The fabric is a little rough, and tends to be a bit loud if you have a dog that likes to dig on it, but anything softer just wouldn't stand up to the punishment this bed is designed for. We got a soft blanket to place on it, and she alternates between loving to cuddle on it and trying to destroy it. Definitely worth the investment.
    • Review by Jinx on 12/12/2014
      Dog really likes it and has not eaten it yet!
    • Kennel Owner
      Review by Karla D on 12/2/2014
      I am very impressed with the durability of this bed. Although my big guy did manage to chew a few small holes in the cover, I am still impressed with the product overall and am ordering a second one for another one of our dogs that seems to do a number on most beds that we have given him in the past. With positive re-enforcement, Bubba learned quickly that this was his last chance to have something comfy to lay on ;)
    • checking in
      Review by k. rabe on 11/19/2014
      so far so good. i purchased for my daughter's boxer who chews everything. we are keeping our fingers crossed
    • It really IS chew proof!
      Review by Danielle on 11/13/2014
      The first bed I bought, from a retail store, lasted about a week. We've had the Round TUFF bed for a few weeks now, & Rusty has been trying his hardest to chew it up, but he can't even rip it a little. This is the most amazing dog bed!
    • Great Bed
      Review by Robin M on 11/7/2014
      Have had the bed for about 2 weeks and I think this is the answer to my problems. My dog isn't a chewer, but being part Jack Russell, he's a digger. He loves to dig at his bed to make a "nest". The last bed I bought lasted 2 weeks before it was destroyed. If he has no bed to sleep on, he won't stay off the furniture. I bought the Round Tuff Bed in 36" and it's perfect. I believe this is the last dog bed I will ever need. Wish I had known about it sooner. Could have saved a ton of money.
    • Almost Most Bullet-Proof
      Review by Don W on 11/2/2014
      The Round Tuff Bed is a very good product. The rip-stop fabric will not rip even after our dog, Ivory, chewed a hole through the cover and pulled the green stuffing out. (She was so proud of her handy work.) I replaced the Round Tuff Bed Fill with a "donut" made out of a flexible 6" diameter drainage pipe; then filled the "donut" hole with cedar chips. She has started a second hole, but has not chew though the plastic drainage pipe (yet). Note: We would get a Cujo Cot, but that would not fix inside her round igloo dog house.
    • Great Bed
      Review by Lyle M on 10/30/2014
      This is a great bed - our dogs love it. Thus far, it has been unchewable and comfortable! Prompt and friendly service. Item well packaged.
    • TUFF BED
      Review by Christina on 10/17/2014
      First time buying from the company. Easy to buy, arrived quickly and my dog loves it!
    • Brilliant!
      Review by Sara on 9/22/2014
      Love this bed! We have brought numerous beds for our puppy & he isn't even one year old yet! Googled this & thought that it was too good to be true. But... It is true to its word - it's unchewable! We have even brought another one to have in another room. Definitely worth purchasing - saves money in the end! The embroidery it a lovely touch. Clear, bold & nothing fancy. Would highly recommend!
    • Review by Kaity on 9/13/2014
      Our little pug has destroyed every bed that we have given her before this one. We got the round tuff bed about a month ago and she has yet to make a dent in it (and not for lack of effort!!) She finds it very comfortable too! I am so glad that we made this purchase and would recommend this product to anyone with a destructive puppy like ours!
    • Awesome Bed!
      Review by Bryce K on 8/15/2014
      I bought this bed because my 8-month old Great Dane, Molly, chewed 2 other beds in 2 weeks. When it arrived she knew it was for her. She couldn't wait for me to get it out of the box and was on it the filling before I even got the cover on. I'm so impressed with it that I've making recommendations to other dog owners at trade shows I attend. Great Work!
    • Beatrice Hearts her new bed!
      Review by Lisa H on 8/12/2014
      I ordered this bed because our 4 mo old rescue doxy had torn apart four beds in her short time with us. The minute I took it out of the box, she started to tear into it. She was absolutely unable to damage this bed, and I am SO grateful. Thank you for making this great product. We truly appreciate it. All my best, Doxy Mom
    • Too Good to Be TRUE do not buy
      Review by Jennifer Hunt on 7/31/2014
      This bed is Too good to be True and also a Catch-22. My Doberman could not have been less interested in the bed. In other words, he would not lie on it period?!! One can not test the bed for the dog without removing the vacuum seal on the cushion and putting the cover on. My dog did not touch the bed but I could only return the cover. Do not buy this bed unless your dog does not need it and will use any bed.
    • Proud doggy daddy
      Review by Dan B on 7/26/2014
      My 85# Blue Nose Pit Bull has met his match! Instead of spending a lot of time clawing the bed, no its a couple of attempts, curl up and he is as happy as a clam. His previous bed often wound up looking like a taco shell with the dog in the middle. Now he has a comfy bed.
    • Not Worth the Money
      Review by BJ on 7/12/2014
      I was so disappointed. I have 5 dogs and none of them like this bed. It's not comfortable because there is not enough filling in the bed. I would never have paid $130 for this bed if I would have known the fill was scimpy. On the other had, since the dogs won't use they haven't torn it up.
    • Labrador Lover
      Review by Patricia D on 7/9/2014
      My dog, Finn, a Labrador Retriever loves his new bed. He chewed his first bed purchased at Walmart. He has not even tried to chew this bed. He is a 4 month old puppy and I got him a size to last when he is full grown. I would definitely recommend this bed.
    • Hate the cover!
      Review by Judith McGee on 5/31/2014
      Yes, it's chew-proof, but whoever decided to make the closure velcro had a really bad idea! I don't wash it as often as I should simply because it's a wrestling match to get the **** thing back on. It should be a zipper and on the side, not down the middle. Give my back a break!!!
    • It works
      Review by Cathy on 5/26/2014
      Well, I am very happy to say that the Tuff bed works. My little devil, Waldo, has tried to chew this bed at least five times (as indicated by the blanket which was pulled off the bed) but the bed remained perfectly intact. I laugh every time I come home and see this. I used to have to remember to pick the bed up before I left for work each day but now I can safely leave the bed down. thank-you for creating this!
    • Review by RO on 5/19/2014
      I am disappointed in the bed. While, I agree that it is indestructible, it is so puffy, that my little dog is uncomfortable getting onto it and laying down. It's like a self inflatable, mattress. There are no sides, or an indentation for her to snuggle into. It's a strange design. Had I seen it in a store, I would not have purchased it. Also, the shipping was very slow.
    • Best Bed Yet
      Review by Diane V on 5/13/2014
      Our Bella a Boston Terrier went through 3 beds before we purchase the Tuff round bed. Now she has had it for 4 months with out a problem. I am so happy with it I just ordered an other one for our new arrival on May 25 a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy knowing this bed can get past puppy teething with out a problem. So gland I found your website.
    • False Waterproof / Water Resistant Claim
      Review by Bismarck S on 4/19/2014
      For the price I paid I received a waterproof bed that is NOT waterproof! With a cat at home that chooses to pee on the dog's bed from time to time, I looked to Ballistic's Tuff Bed to protect the expensive foam I custom ordered for my older boxer. When the time came to clean up the cat's urine from the bed for the FIRST TIME, I immediately noticed that the fibers that make up the synthetic TUFF liner were very saturated with urine. Removing the liner exposed a saturated foam as well!
    • Love the TUFF Bed!
      Review by Hannah on 4/10/2014
      We purchased two of the TUFF round beds and a crate pad for our three dogs. The beds are durable, easy to clean, and best of all chewproof. We purchased the medium for our 45 lb boxer and 70 lb bulldog and the large for our 85 lb boxer. I would highly recommend any of the TUFF products.
    • Awesome Bed
      Review by Grant on 3/28/2014
      We have had the bed for almost 2 weeks and it is still in perfect condition. I have a 7lbs Pomeranian and a 65lbs PitBull. In the past they "tag teamed" dog beds and I have had some that did not last 1 hour. I am more than pleased and have been recommended K-9 Beds
    • Love Love Love Them!
      Review by Linda E on 3/27/2014
      I love how easy they are to clean. Just pick them up and shake them and hair and dirt falls right off and I just vacuum it up. Could never do that with the old beds. Am so happy we found you. They are well worth the money.
    • Dog bed
      Review by StewB on 3/20/2014
      It took our dog a few days to get used to the new bed (longer than usual) but he has made no attempts to bite at his bed, and I doubt he would achieve much if he tried.
    • Dog mom
      Review by Alicia Johnson on 3/5/2014
      So far so good. I like the fabric and seems like it will finally be able to withstand my Great Danes nails! Came in a timely manner and the stitching of his name is nice to.
    • Truly Tuff Beds!
      Review by Ethan Hulme on 2/19/2014
      Our two chewers took a while to get through their first beds, and even then they couldn't do the same kind of damage they did to the first 6 "normal" beds before this. When we got our warrantied second batch they just gave up on trying to chew through them. Nice to not wake up each morning to stuffing strewn about the garage. Great product at a great price.
    • ><
      Review by Dania on 2/18/2014
      Took about 4 months but our Cocker Spaniel finally chewed through it.
    • Review by Carol on 2/10/2014
      This is the best dog bed on the market. I have three very small dogs, one that we call jaws. She has eaten through more beds than I care to remember. The new one is still intact. They all love it and we are waiting for another.
    • Holds up well
      Review by Sean Miller on 2/4/2014
      I have a pup that must be part devil badger because she destroys everything. She chewed a small hole in this bed but K9 sent me a replacement cover and that has stopped all chewing. The cover is kind of loud, but the dogs don't seem to mind.
    • Dog Owner
      Review by Jim on 2/3/2014
      My dog hates it. The material isn't soft enough for her to want to sleep in it, even when we put a blanket over it. Her prior bed was one of those ultra soft Petsmart ones and she loved it. Unfortunately, she ate through most of it, which led us here. I'm not sure what's worse - I'm stuck between a bed she'll sleep in all day but tear apart the lining of, or a bed she can't eat through but refuses to sleep on.
    • Terrific dog bed; wrong color
      Review by Joy Tarbell on 2/2/2014
      This is the best dogbed I've ever purchased & I've bought a lot. Our boxer/lab will chew his bed if left alone with it. Not this bed. He began sleeping on it as soon as I unpacked it. We left him alone for several hours over the last week & he's not interested in chewing it. And when we take over his place on the couch, he goes right to this bed. Bingo! Note that the maroon color you see online for "red" is actually fire engine red, not a good fit for our decor, but still a great dog bed.
    • Review by Ann on 2/1/2014
      Our 2 year old labrador initially chewed through one of these beds. K9's amazing customer service had another bed out to us in a couple days! Since then these are the only beds we buy for her and for our extended family's pets. Why? They are durable, chew-resistant (not chew-proof, but better than anything else we tried), and attractive. The covers are easy to clean. We were so tired of seeing fluff pulled out of every other bed we tried. The Tuff Bed is awesome!
    • going cheap
      Review by Eric on 1/31/2014
      i have 2 beds, same size different colors. 1 is new other is 1.5 years old. The older bed is much higher quality. The material is thicker, stiching is better, the pad is much thicker on the old one. YOU GUYS WENT CHEAP on new bed. DISAPPROVE!!!
      Review by Brad Goldman on 1/22/2014
      We have SEVEN mini LH Doxies All you need to know is they are destructive. Especially our newest pup Lilly-Girl. Usually she figures out how to destroy a bed within minutes. Its been over 1 week, and the k( Bllistic round Tuff bed is PRISTINE. KUDOS to the K9 folks. Well done!
    • Tuff Stuff
      Review by Jane Roybal on 1/21/2014
      We have 4 dogs of various sizes. They don't chew but do scratch on beds before laying down, sometimes in excess. This has torn other bed covers and shredded inner covers. The Tuff bed cover stands up to its name and to their digging and scratching . It is great and holds up well to their torture!
    • Review by Willie on 1/21/2014
      Ate a hole in it on top seam in about 35 mins but he likes it
    • Still in one piece
      Review by Michael Finn Foster on 1/20/2014
      My dog likes to chew on things when she's nervous. This tends to happen when we board her. Since getting the bed, there hasn't been a need to board, so I can't yet speak to the durability. However it gets 5 stars for K9 Ballistics' great customer service. The package wasn't at my house after the tracking said it was delivered. Maybe stolen or misdelivered. They promptly shipped another bed without any troubles. Gotta love a company that treats their customers right.
    • Love these beds!
      Review by Vicki M on 1/19/2014
      We have two Pomeranians, one of which has chewed up every bed she's had. She is three years old now. We bought these two K9 Ballistics beds and we love them! We were very impressed to see the quality of these beds. We've only had them a few weeks, but so far, she has been unsuccessful at any try to tear them up. We feel pretty confident that these beds will last them a long time!
    • So Far, So Good
      Review by Debbie on 1/15/2014
      All 3 of our dogs have promptly destroyed every bed they've had, so decided to take a chance with the Tuff Bed as it's been unusually cold here. Beds are still unchewed after many weeks. 36" round bed fits perfectly inside an XL igloo type dog house, and because of the narrow opening, they can't so easily pull the beds out. They are also all comfy on these beds.
    • So far so good
      Review by C.M. on 1/10/2014
      My 2 doodle dogs share the bed and one or the other (or both) can be shredders. So far (a few weeks) this bed has eluded their efforts. When they move around at night and it's quiet, it crunches a little, I've gotten used to it. They would probably like something with a softer outer texture. For me this is a great compromise, somewhat cushy for them without the constant shred!!! YAY!!!
    • Review by Nanette on 1/8/2014
      It looks beautiful. But my French Brittany chewed a hole within the first 20 minutes. It's a toy to him!
    • Round Tuff Bed
      Review by Louise Glick on 12/20/2013
      Thank God! My cockapoo puppy has not been able to chew this bed. He has used it for almost two weeks and seems to enjoy it very much. Well worth the price and excellent quality. He did chew off the label but we don't need that.
    • Great bed for chewers!!!
      Review by Susan Prytherch on 12/18/2013
      Our 1-year-old cocker spaniel mix is a moderate chewer. I've bought her cheap and not-so-cheap dog beds, some billed as "chew resistant." They weren't. This bed actually works! She's had it for about a week now, and hasn't chewed it. The others never lasted 24 hours. I did get the round one, as advised, so she has no corners to grab in her mouth. I highly recommend this bed for dogs that chew up other ones.
    • Recommend for Tough Chewer
      Review by Laura C on 12/17/2013
      DEF! worth the money! I have a pitbull who has chewed 4 beds. I Was not planning on buying another until I heard about you guys. He has not been able to chew this one at all!! VERY HAPPY with this purchase. I recommend this bed to any owner that has a tough chewer at home. THANKS A MILLION!
    • TUFF Bed
      Review by Chris O on 12/17/2013
      I found these beds four years ago when we got a chewer He did manage to chew a hole within the first hour however a replacement cover was promptly sent out. I did end up putting two covers on the bed which seemed to help. His goal has always been to get to the stuffing of the object he is chewing and the extra cover did the trick. I just ordered a replacement bed not because the first was destroyed but it had faded from being outside for 4yrs. and was just looking shabby.
    • Very Durable!
      Review by Angela T on 12/8/2013
      My dog chews too much, he has chewed up every dog bed that I bought, so I bought him the Round Tuff Bed, which is very durable and withstands the shredding of his sharp teeth. I don't think it would be a good idea to add a zipper to this bed, like people have been requesting, due to the fact that if I gets bitten off, it could injure your dog. I give this bed five stars!
    • dog
      Review by molly on 12/5/2013
      my dad got this for me and my little sister, i'm a small golden doodle and she's a bichon / shztue mix . we really like to sleep on it, its comfy and warm, and it only took me a fewminutes to rip a 3-4 inch hole in it once I dicided where I wanted it...
    • Review by Darrel C on 12/2/2013
      Very good bed. Quality is great! However, our long haired dachshund figured out how to fold it in half and get to the bottom Velcro seam. He got through about 6 inches of the seam and almost got to the stuffing inside. We put it up until we got another cover for it. So far he has not shown an interest in chewing on it yet--might be the bitter spray, or he might be getting out of the chewing stage. I can only hope. My two weiner dogs seem to enjoy the bed quite a bit. XLNT SERVICE!!!!!!!!
    • Review of round tuff beds!
      Review by ESetters in Idaho on 12/1/2013
      LOVE the construction and materials. We generally have not had destructive setters...but, we have a young male determined to get the best of anything and everything. This bedding is holding together... (20 days and counting!)
    • Review by Karen Taylor on 12/1/2013
      My first bed from this company lasted my Great Dane over 16 monthsナa record because he would normally destroy several dog beds and a sofa or three in that period of time. I just bought a replacement, which has several great improvements including stitched-down filling to keep the stuffing in place.
    • Linda
      Review by Linda Stakem on 12/1/2013
      I have three labrador retreivers. I purchased new beds for them, which they love. I can not say enough positive things about these beds. I especially love the covers which repel dirt and hair.
    • Round tuff bed
      Review by James Mcgan on 11/24/2013
      The bed seems really well made and my dog hasn't been able to chew a hole in it
    • GREAT!
      Review by Angela on 11/20/2013
      I can't say enough about these K9 dog beds. I bought the crate bed several weeks ago and it was the only bed my little beagle didn't destroy. I purchased this bed for his 1st birthday so he can be comfortable outside his crate. No more fuzz and fibers all over my house. If your on the fence, just get one! You won't be disappointed.
    • Look no further
      Review by Glenn on 11/1/2013
      We bought a Round Tuff Bed for our very large Greyhound male who loves to nest when he lays down for bedtime. The old bed he had he nested so much that it ripped open, and all the foam has come out. This bed is awesome, he can nest all he wants, and with the 3 individual channels the padding does not get displaced. My Neapolitan Mastiff loves it as well, so I'm sure I'll be ordering another for her very soon. Great products and company.
    • Review by Erinn Byers on 10/22/2013
      I purchased the medium, tan, round Tuff bed. All three of my dogs like it. Though it has only been in my home for a few days, my resident dog bed destroying 1 year old mixed breed has not tried to destroy it! I am very hopeful that she won't try to,since she hasn't already.
    • Review
      Review by Doro on 10/13/2013
      Got the bed within a couple of days - and love it ! My chewy Dobie tried to do his rip-it-thing with no success - he was visible puzzled and then just gave it up - no more chewing and the bed is fantastic in design and materials - will get more for my car and other rooms ! Best find ever ! Thank you !!!
    • Beautiful!
      Review by Endrea on 9/30/2013
      Got 2 of these beds today. Large and XL round tuff beds. Love, love these! My dogs knew too! Not one attempt to chew. They always would chew beds w corners. The sizes are quite generous! My female lab cur is at least 100 lbs. I got the xl but she ended up on the lg as her brother claimed the smaller one! Very roomy and they are on them very comfortable! You may think it is expensive but these are made well! My Shih Tzu was scratching on one and did no harm. I am getting him one next!!
    • Washes Well
      Review by Rebecca P on 9/22/2013
      So far so good! I like how you have minimal packaging. Very smart. My dog, "Bulletproof" has attempted to wreck this bed and he is unable. I have washed both pieces and they wash well. Keep up the good work!
    • The Reviews don't lie
      Review by Adam B on 9/15/2013
      Much like other reviewers, I found this website looking for dog beds...something my 70# Olde English Bulldogge couldn't destroy in 5 minutes or less. Gus went through other "indestructible" beds by Kong in a short amount of time, so I was hesitant of putting up the $100 for a new bed, but so far so good. He spent the first 2 hours biting, scratching, and trying to dig though it. Now it's a week later and we're still going strong, no rips, no tear, nada! Money well spent!!!
    • pet lover
      Review by Gail on 9/10/2013
      I had to find another bed after my young dog chewed through another one. I discovered this website in my search. It is a very rugged bed. My dogs do not like it really well because of the fabric. It is not soft and is cool, yet these features are such to also discourage chewing. The stuffing amount was adequate. Time will tell if it works out for us.
    • So far so good!
      Review by Aaron on 9/8/2013
      I have a short hair pointer and he has chewed through a dozen beds. So far after a week he is still sleeping on his untouched bed. Great product, best I have found!
    • thank you
      Review by Karen Taylor on 9/8/2013
      Replacing 2 beds that I ordered from you over a year ago. This is a record of longevity for our dogs, so thank you for your tough product!
    • So Far So Good
      Review by Abby Bentley on 9/1/2013
      We purchased this bed for our 1 1/2 year old English Bulldog who is know for destroying anything soft or furry. I am happy with the orange striped pattern and the size (medium) is perfect for her (50lbs). We have only had the bed one week but so far so good. I caught her chewing on it within the first 10 minutes and it withstood the initial bites. We have slowly been adapting it to her environment and I think she already has an idea it is her own bed. Fingers crossed...
    • Review by Joanne P. on 7/15/2013
      Purchased the big medium 36" round Tuff bed several weeks ago to be shared by 3 small dogs (14-18 lbs). The dogs have destroyed more beds...even more expensive ones than the Tuff bed by chewing and digging. So far, the Tuff bed has lived up to your claim! Great rugged velcro closing! In addition, the cover seems even "wet" proof...been tested by "bad dogs". Very pleased with the bed. Planning to buy crate pad next.
    • Secretary
      Review by Peggy on 7/12/2013
      I'm very pleased with the round Tuff bed. I also have rectangular Tuff beds, but I think the round are softer and more difficult to chew due to no corners. It's a waste of money to buy any other brand than K9 Ballistics.
    • RD
      Review by Chelsea Gelina on 6/30/2013
      We love these beds! I cannot believe how fast it was shipped to us after we purchased it either! We have a dog that loves to "dig" in his bed to get out energy/relieve anxiety. I think it will be a long time (if ever) before he gets through these beds. I'd def recommend this bed to anyone with a destructive dog. Because the material is canvas seems like it would be good for outdoors too.
    • Great Bed
      Review by Maria on 6/25/2013
      Love the bed!! This is the only bed my chocolate lab has not destroyed..
    • Love this!
      Review by Laurie F on 6/24/2013
      I bought the Tan Large for our German Shepherd puppy. My fiancee laughed when he realized that our cat immediately took over the bed when we set it up since our little Eva was so small. She has since taken the bed back as she is now almost 40 pounds and she loves it. I wish that we had bought it in black. It would match everything better.
    • Great Product!!!!
      Review by Mike D. on 6/18/2013
      I have an 80lbs APBT. He has always chewed up other dog beds and got cotton and foam everywhere. I've had the Round Tuff Bed now for about 4 months and it has been GREAT!!! My pooch seems very comfortable and he loves it. Best of all, he hasn't chewed or damaged it yet!!! This bed is a little pricey but so far seems well worth the investment! With any luck, this will be the last bed I have to purchase for a long time!!
    • I reccomend this bed to everyone!!!
      Review by Courtney on 6/14/2013
      I am a veterinary technician and recommend K9 ballistic beds to EVERYONE who comes into our hospital with a destructive dog who still needs an intact place to sleep. I have a dog who chews and digs at beds, and K9 ballistics is the first bed that my dog has not even put a dent in after THREE years. These beds are incredible and I am confident recommending them to our clients!!
    • Worth Every Penny
      Review by Francesca Haak on 4/1/2013
      I have the orthopedic bed, the round, and a crate lining from this company, and they are almost a year old and still intact with an aggressive chewing Golden Retriever. Very well made.
    • Y'all are A-W-E-S-O-M-E
      Review by Jaimie Pollard on 1/4/2013
      Until I found this company a yr ago, my 2 labs & Shep. went without a bed. Over Christmas, I left 2 run errands, came home, & every present under the tree had been destroyed-bed was in one piece/peace.You want to write bad reviews, then suggest another option. Either your dog needs training and U should get off the computer. OR, you haven't spent any $ purchasing other beds. These 1 2 & 3 stars? Y'all should be ashamed. 10 stars k9 ballistics. I am your customer for life.
    • Great for clean ups
      Review by Andrea Monteleone on 10/17/2012
      Round bed for 4 1/2 yr old Dane. Bought this because she frequently urinates or leaves "packages" at night. Husband says it's super easy to clean. Fabric is rougher than she's used to, but she seems OK with it now. IMO, it's not enough padding for a giant breed, but she likes the way it curls up around her when she's in it. She normally destroys her beds after a few months. We're hoping she won't with this one. 5* for construction & clean up. 3* for padding.
    • Ryan
      Review by Ryan on 10/17/2012
      We purchased a medium round bed for our lab/coonhound mix, and after a month, it is still holding up. Every time we got a new bed for him, it would take only a couple days until the stuffing was coming out everywhere. We started giving him rugs instead, and even those got torn up. With this bed, he has no interest in even trying to tear it up.
    • A miniature wiener dog can destroy it
      Review by Kim on 8/2/2012
      I have purchased the round tuff bed, all excited to try something that might work for us, he has destroyed anything and everything I have tried. I think we have probably had it 4 months and he tore a HUGE hole in it and I came home and the floor was green, which is the color of the stuffing in the bed........I don't know what to do!!!
    • The Best Dog Bed Ever!
      Review by Jenny on 5/23/2012
      Our English Creme Golden Retriever loves his XL dog bed. Normally beds last about 2 to 3 hours tops with him but we have had this bed for about a year now. It is very easy to clean, just take the cover off and hose it down. I would not recommend leaving it out in the rain, it does soak the cushion on the inside. The velcro is not the greatest thing to hold this bed together I would have preferred a zipper but other than that I would recommend this dog bed to everyone! Thanks!
    • Cover is tough. Velcro a weak point.
      Review by Amanda H on 3/11/2012
      I bought the medium round bed for my 21 month old, 42-pound Boxer mix. It took her all of three days to figure out how to tear open the Velcro to get to the fill. The cover itself is very durable, and if she hadn't figured out how to tear open the velcro, I imagine the bed would've lasted awhile.
    • It Worked!
      Review by Diane on 3/9/2012
      Guinness wouldn't chew on anything except for his bed. He would chew any bed we bought for him to bits. We recently bought the Round Tuff Bed and he hasn't even put a hole in it. It definitely works!
    • Very Happy
      Review by Judith Robson on 2/21/2012
      Our puppy looks lost in the medium round bed, but he loves it so much he drags it around the house. Fantastic product, I would recommend this 100%
    • Outstanding service
      Review by Kary on 2/14/2012
      I have two PWD's who are big chewers. Until I had found this bed, I had never had a them in a bed for longer than a week. This bed, by far, has held up the best. When a hole did develop, the company went above and beyond to help me replace the cover. K9 Ballistics has set the bar high for service! Thank you for making an incredible product and for standing behind it after the sale.
    • Review by Pat Massey on 12/17/2011
      I bought this bed in black (round) it is the only thing in the house he has not chewed to pieces. He chewed up the carpet in the swimming pool room, every toy he has gotton tuff proof, rubber etc. He chewed pieces off of the hot tub and the ends of the bottom of my leather couch. He's a 9 mo. English Sringer & Border Collie mix. He chewed an 8 ft 3inch around apple tree literaly to the ground. I would like to ask if you would consider makeing a camaflouge cover of some sort on one of this.
    • Round Tuff Bed
      Review by Sally on 11/16/2011
      After researching to find a bed and cover my dog would not demolish, the K9 Ballistic received good reviews. Purchased the round Tuff bed and within thirty minutes after receiving it, my Lab bit a whole in it. Lesson learned other than a bed made of concrete or iron, a non chewable bed is nonexistant. Hope the company will back up there guarantee to replace the cover. Update later on how they responded.
    • strong
      Review by Emily on 10/11/2011
      My dog has torn up many other beds. This one has outlasted the others many times over and has no signs of destruction.
    • thanks!
      Review by Rick Reisner on 10/11/2011
      Wanted to drop you a line regarding your dog bed. I just got it yesterday and so far it is looking great. His other beds we has shredded in a matter of days, so time will tell if it will last with my new Lab pup. The shipping was quick and the bed looks very well made and comfortable for my dog. Very pleased with it so far. Thanks
    • Fingers crossed
      Review by Kim on 10/11/2011
      My doberman has destroyed every bed he has got his paws on. I order the crash pad as a test and it has lasted for a few weeks. I just purchased the round bed and have my fingers crossed it can stand the test of time. I love the fact that K9 Ballistics will replace the cover if he destroys it. Tells me they believe in their products and made me comfy giving it a try. Fingers crossed.
    • Yay :)
      Review by Kathy Williams on 10/11/2011
      your dog beds are WONDERFUL !!! EXACTLY what I was hoping for as you can see, my girls *Bina* (Schipperke/Corgi 12) and *Ella* (Schipperke/Dachshund 12) think so too :) thank you sooo much for putting such an awesome product on the market !!!
    • WOW
      Review by Caroline Brower on 10/11/2011
      We're ordering more of your beds because we have at last found something the dogs can't destroy. We have four in the house, two on the patio, and I just ordered three for the back of the house. The dogs love them and we love that they are incredibly durable. We have had NO issues. Many thanks!!!!
    • Recommended!
      Review by Nina on 10/11/2011
      My Whippet would manage to chew through every bed I got him, usually within hours, regardless of how well-made I thought that they were. Because I couldn't stand the thought of leaving him in his kennel with nothing but a hard plastic floor, I even tried blankets or towels, which he would shred. I found K9 Ballistics on a google search and was really impressed, not only with the construction of the beds, but their excellent customer service reviews.
    • extremely tough
      Review by Angela on 10/11/2011
      Miller, my 10 month old chocolate lab loves the bed! It's made with great outer material-tough to chew through. Would recommend to others!
    • Vizsla can't chew
      Review by bob on 10/11/2011
      What a wonderful, durable product...my Vizsla has met his match and has not even tried to chew this thing! You guys are wonderful - thank you for exchanging the puppy bed. This size is perfect!
    • Thank you
      Review by Sherolyn Newell on 10/11/2011
      I have two Irish wolfhounds, 10 months old and 15 months old now. I've purchased both more and less expensive beds since I acquired the older one 7 months ago. All were destroyed, most rather quickly. We've had two Tuff round beds for several months now, and both are still all in one piece! One big request!! Please get a memory foam insert soon. Also, I called several times before ordering, and the customer service was great.Thanks from Sherolyn, Cary Grant, and Grace Kelly
    • No chew
      Review by Robert Espenship on 10/11/2011
      Our elke/shepard pup took to this bed straight away and all nighted on it Still not one chew either. Ps thanks for the dog bowl Awesome
    • Built to last
      Review by Jim Calhoun on 10/11/2011
      Great Bed, Well built with high quality material, Would recommend
    • Great Bed Thank You
      Review by Nick on 10/9/2011
      I cannot thank you enough for the new dog bed. My four legged friend (a South African mastiff) is in love with it!!! and so are my wife and I. I am so impressed already and you can be sure that I will refer any and all friends shopping for dog beds/equipment your way. Thanks again... fantastic stuff.

    120 Day Warranty

    If your dog chews through this product, it is covered under our warranty. We will send out, free of charge, one replacement bed cover (not including bed fill). This one-time warranty is good for up to 120 days from the day that K9 Ballistics shipped out your purchase.

    Learn More

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Ballistic Fabric?

    Ballistic Fabric is a thick, tough, synthetic material used for a variety of applications. Ballistic fabric was originally developed by the DuPont corporation as a material for flak jackets to be worn by World War II airmen. The term ballistic fabric takes its name from the fact that it was intended to protect its wearers from flying debris and fragmentation caused by bullet or artillery shell impacts.

    What is "Hydro-fuge" Technology?

    Our Polyester filled mattresses come with our ventilated Hydro-Fuge mattresses inside for good air permeability and heat dissipation. Hydo-fuge technology means that they have good water permeability (water passes right through them). They are also channeled to prevent clumping, and filled with our eco-friendly recycled fiber.

    What makes your ballistic fabric superior to other bed materials?

    Canvas and fabric beds are not chew proof by any means. You have to remember, dogs have been known to chew through materials that you'd never even imagine a dog could chew through. Our military-grade ballistic material is used specifically for it's durability and toughness, which makes for a longer-lasting, chew proof product that outlasts other beds made from inferior materials. Most companies take an off the shelf fabric, one made for furniture or luggage, and use it on a dog bed. We've designed our own fabric built around the function of a dog bed. We've recently upgraded our ballistic material to be Ripstop, which means its now even better at withstanding moderate chewing and scratching. Our fabric is waterproof, so it can withstand rain, outdoor conditions with its UV protection, and pets which may be incontinent. There is nothing on the market that is built better. This is the best option for an all around durable bed. We have paid extreme attention to all the details.

    Are your beds really "chew proof"?

    To be fair, there's really nothing short of hard metal that is absolutely "chew proof" - dogs have been known to chew through kevlar, wood, bricks, chain link fences and light metals just to name a few! If a dog has the ability and wants to bad enough, they can chew through most materials. However, we advertise our beds as "chew proof", and we stand behind our beds as the most chew proof products available. Ultimately, what makes our beds "chew proof" is not only the materials that we use, but also our 90 Day Chew Proof Warranty!

    My dog is a heavy chewer, which bed do you recommend?

    The Cujo Cot should be the go to bed for all medium or heavy chewers. With our "No Chew" design, hidden fabric edges, and durable corner covers, and aluminum frame, there is nowhere for dogs to get ahold of the fabric on the bed. Once your dog is conditioned not to chew a Tough bed or Tough Bed Crate Pad can be added for extra comfort.

    What if my dog does manage to chew up this bed?

    We have a 90 Day Warranty on all Original, Round, Orthopedic, Mini Tough Beds and Tough Pads. If your dog does manage to chew through one of the Tough Beds within the warranty period, we'll replace the cover, free of charge. If your dog manages through our Tough Pads or Mini Tough Beds, we'll send out a free replacement. We're that confident!

    Aren't all dog beds the same? What makes yours so different?

    Our beds are actually built to inhibit the dog's ability to chew them. For starters, the covers of our beds are made out of military grade 1680 denier ballistic nylon, the same material worn as body armor by US combat forces! Unlike other beds, our ballistic nylon is far more chew resistant than cloth or other cheap fabrics that can be ripped apart at the seams. We take extra pains to engineer our beds with concealed Velcro closures on the bottom of the beds to minimize the dog's temptation and ability to chew in this area. Rounded corners and solid, well-sewn seams also greatly reduce the possibility of the dog grabbing hold of a weak seam.

    What about cleaning the bed?

    Our beds are super-easy to clean! First separate the cover and the fill and place in the washing machine separately. Close the Velcro on the cover completely before washing. Make sure to wash on delicate and cold. Air dry or line dry are the best way to dry the bed. Heat drying is not recommended. Please note vomit and urine have corrosive properties which can penetrate through the water resistant cover damaging the inner fill. Clean all urine and vomit immediately with a dry towel. Remove the inner fill and wash the bed cover using the instructions mentioned above. Customers in the past have told us that a deodorizer (ex. Febreeze) can take away the urine or vomit smell.

    Is there any kind of assembly required for the Tough beds?

    Our Tough beds require minimal assembly. Simply place the cover over the fill and close the Velcro. If you are having trouble placing the cover over the fill, try placing the cover on the floor (Velcro side up). Fold the fill and insert one side into one part of the Velcro. With one side in, unfold the fill while inserting the remaining portion into the second half of the cover. Close the Velcro and you're done!


    Size Guide

    We recommend measuring your dog and comparing it to the dimensions of our beds to ensure the perfect size; every dog is unique. Measure your dog with a tape measure from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail. This is the minimum length you should consider for your pup's bed.