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  • not for my dog Review by Vicki (Posted on 3/7/2018)
    Overall Quality
    My dog literally will not step paw on it. I know the product is very durable, my daughter uses them for her dogs on a couch. My one dog sleeps on a dog bed (or our real bed), but this dog prefers rugs (problem being he has eaten them and it's a real threat to his health). He will not touch this product no matter what we do to get him to. I see why people reviewed it as not a blanket
  • Sturdy cloth Review by Kelli S. (Posted on 1/18/2018)
    Overall Quality
    So far, so good! Although this blanket is a bit big for my dog's crate, I folded it and put it in there. She seemed okay with it. Knowing my dog is a "nester," the next day I wadded it up and threw it in there and she seems to be enjoying that better. The material is pretty stiff for balling up and nesting, but so far, she hasn't tried to shred it.
  • My Chocolate Lab loves it! Review by Tamara (Posted on 12/25/2017)
    Overall Quality
    Thank you K9 Ballistic! This is the only blanket that my chocolate lab has ever laid on and gone to sleep! He loves it! He is not trying to rip it apart. He immediately drug all other blankets outside and tore them up. This one he is sleeping on! Its a Christmas miracle!!!
  • Perfect as advertised. Review by Elaine (Posted on 12/12/2017)
    Overall Quality
    It is exactly as it is described. It‘s TUFF and definitely chew-proof. Would make s perfect bed liner, couch cover, or car seat protector. It is NOT soft and cuddly. It is tough and chew proof. So just make sure you know what you are buying, and why. It is made of the same type of chew proof material as their crate liner covers and bed covers. If that is what you are looking for, you will be 100% satisfied.
  • Great Review by Zachary (Posted on 11/27/2017)
    Overall Quality
    Little Chihuahua/Min Schnauzer mix has torn apart Kong beds because she goes for the seams. This blanket folded up in her kennel as a bed is an excellent replacement.
  • Take the reviews seriously; we should have Review by Ron (Posted on 8/25/2017)
    Overall Quality
    We purchased two of them, and our dogs won't use them. They are not at all like a blanket that you would think of. Think of an outdoor BBQ or lawn mower cover; they feel much more like one of those. Unfortunately, we wasted our money. But if you want some type of a cover, the quality really is excellent; I can't deny that.
  • Lives up to its name and reputation Review by Dosomethin28 (Posted on 7/20/2017)
    Overall Quality
    This thing is sturdy! Built to last!
  • Mastiffpitbull proof Review by Shawn (Posted on 6/30/2017)
    Overall Quality
    My dog who destroying stuff is a art has found something he enjoys laying on and can't tear apart bonuses for the easy to clean part
  • Blanket is great Review by kathleen (Posted on 6/21/2017)
    Overall Quality
    The blanket was too small for our couch but I put it on top of a new dog bed and the puppy has not chewed it at all. I also use it to cover car seat when dogs are in the car. I am very happy with the blanket.
  • Good for outside use Review by Debbie (Posted on 5/31/2017)
    Overall Quality
    This blanket is a hard blanket not soft but we use it when our dane is outside on the concrete patio. Easy to wash and keeps her a little protected.
  • TUFF fabric Review by Debra (Posted on 3/21/2017)
    Overall Quality
    Using them to cover back seats in trucks, they repel dirt and are easy to get the hair off of...working great!
  • Didn't go to the dogs Review by kerin (Posted on 3/11/2017)
    Overall Quality
    I originally bought the blanket to cover the couch,but found it to stiff.It is now being used for two pot belly pigs to sleep on so their tummies don't get cold.They love it
  • Good product! Review by Chiller (Posted on 3/1/2017)
    Overall Quality
    It's tough, not the most comfortable blanket, but he has not ripped it. He knolled a corner a bit, but gave up on it.
  • Great Protective Blanket Review by Mary (Posted on 2/11/2017)
    Overall Quality
    Great cover for the SUV and furniture. Protects well and easy to clean. No Chewing Yet!!
  • Great products, great customer service. Review by Rhonda (Posted on 1/29/2017)
    Overall Quality
    This is a very tough and heavy blanket. More of a cover. Works well to cover couch, chair or car seat. Would not recommend it if your dog likes to snuggle in blankets.

    I have one of the chew proof bed and I just love it. Has been a great money saver. My mini winner dogs would destroy regular bog bed almost every 2 days.
    Love these products.
  • Great Blanket! Review by Eric (Posted on 11/7/2016)
    Overall Quality
    Great blanket! Very durable! We use it over our own bed so the dog can enjoy it while we aren't! Great quality
  • Very Durable Review by Albert (Posted on 11/3/2016)
    Overall Quality
    I have three GSP's and the blankets are holding up very well. They are stiff but I notice as time goes on they are becoming softer.
  • So far, So good. Review by Jesse (Posted on 10/20/2016)
    Overall Quality
    Very heavy duty product. Exactly what we were looking for.
  • More a tarp than a blanket. Review by Barry (Posted on 9/30/2016)
    Overall Quality
    Appears to be a quality product but - my opinion - it is not a blanket, it is a tarp and has a stiff, plastic feel to it. I was originally planning to return it for a refund, but after considering the shipping and re-stocking cost, decided to keep it in stowed my truck to protect the back seat when the dogs ride.
  • Blanket Review by Silvia (Posted on 4/25/2016)
    Overall Quality
    My dog chewed his blanket but, I love k9 ballistics they resolved my matter so quickly and so happy with how they handled it!
  • The Beast are tamed!! Review by Scott (Posted on 4/25/2016)
    Overall Quality
    I love my dogs but they are wrecking machines,demolishing countless couch covers,quilts and dog beds.The TUFF BLANKET has turned out to be Great.Will defenitly buy another.
  • Great for protecting the couch Review by Amy (Posted on 4/5/2016)
    Overall Quality
    This blanket is awesome for protecting our brand new sofa from our 2 dogs. My dachshund has been unable to chew through it and actually shows little interest in doing so, which is amazing.

    However, I only gave 4 stars because it doesn't really work as a blanket for my small dogs. It is too thick and heavy for them to burrow under. My chi mix in particular is not enamored with the blanket. That's ok though because I would rather my sofa not get destroyed. Highly recommend this product and plan on ordering a bed soon.
  • Buyer's remorse Review by Debra J (Posted on 2/16/2016)
    Overall Quality
    This "blanket" is made of very strong material. However, it is stiff, non pliable, slippery, and even
    with four dogs, it's of no use to me. It slides off furniture and cannot be molded to tuck in creases. It slides off the car seat. On the floor, the dogs actually walk around it and avoid it because it's simply not comfortable. Great fabric for a filled crate bed, covered with a real blanket. But for anything else, it's useless.
  • TUFF Blanket Review by Bradford D. (Posted on 2/16/2016)
    Overall Quality
    On our 11th one. With 4 dogs, we use them all over the house. Awesome product and great service.
  • Company Integrity Review by john (Posted on 2/8/2016)
    Overall Quality
    I gave the bed 4 stars out of 5 only because my relentless Lab managed to get through it . I contacted the company and their return procedure was extremely rational and reasonable, however, I am what my former co-workers kindly called "computer challenged". I explained my inability to comply with e-photos and PDF files, etc. that they reasonably required to receive a replacement.
    This company actually understood my problem and resolved the issue more than to my satisfaction. I may have rated the blanket as a 4 star but the as importantly the staff receives 6 stars out of 5 in my opinion.
    Great company.!!!! Do business with them!!!! You will be happy with both the products and service.

    John M
  • Very Good Review by Michael Kinzer (Posted on 2/8/2016)
    Overall Quality
    Very good- thank you!
  • Easily washes Review by Mark & "Fi"ona (Posted on 1/20/2016)
    Overall Quality
    I have the TUFF blanket, a must have with (her) Ortho Bolstered TUFF bed.
    The bed stays new & the TUFF blanket (easely) goes in the wash.

    A little secret. A (shop brush) knocks off the loose black fir quicker than
    a vacuum after wash. Unuasual but True!

    OH, The gray (Suede) side for day time and the black fir side for Nite Time.
    After playing on the gray all day, The black fir is like 600count for bedtime!
  • Tuff Blanket Review by Susan B (Posted on 12/1/2015)
    Overall Quality
    Our 3rd one and we've recommend to many others. It's a no brainer. Don't buy anything else.
  • Tuff Blanket Review by Brad B (Posted on 11/13/2015)
    Overall Quality
    We bought 2, took them to seamstress, and now they cover the entire bed. Awesome product.
  • Tuff Blanket Review by Jen (Posted on 10/20/2015)
    Overall Quality
    I purchased the TUFF Blanket to use in my Rav 4. I have 2 large dogs and the material is both a blessing & a curse. The material is great because it holds up against my 5 month old puppy chewing it and it protects my car from their nails. However I found out that they slide all over the place in the back of the car because of the material. Like other reviewers, I too wish it was a little bit longer. Other than that its great, cleans up easy, collects all their hair, fits nicely in the car, and is very sturdy!
  • Tuff Reversible Throw Review by Sandy R (Posted on 3/2/2015)
    Overall Quality
    I preferred the LUX reversible throw. The TUFF throw collects the hair and needs to be swept off -- it doesn't shake off as easily as the LUX throw.
  • Review by James W (Posted on 2/1/2015)
    Overall Quality
    I love the construction and the ultra-soft "fur" side. My only complaint - Since we use it to cover our Couch when we let the Dogs inside, I wish it came in 72X72. The 52" just isn't wide enough to cover the back AND the seat of the Couch.
  • Great! Review by Ashley (Posted on 4/3/2014)
    Overall Quality
    The throw is great. We use it to cover our dog's spot on the couch. The only problem is that it is quite loud when my dog jumps up on it, and it gradually slips off, but otherwise it is great.
  • Reverible Throw Review by Jeff (Posted on 2/14/2014)
    Overall Quality
    I just purchased the Reversible Throw to use in the back of my Grand Cherokee where my Bloodhound rides. It is tough, easy to clean and saves the back of my vehicle from stains, hair, etc. We do Search and Rescue so my dog is almost always dirty after work and this works great!



You asked for it, and now the K9 Ballistics Blanket and couch throw is finally here! Dog hair gets everywhere, it's just a fact of life many of us dog lovers have learned to deal with. Wherever a dog goes, so goes the mess. Not anymore! Use this blanket to cover furniture, floors, or bedding to create a dog-proof surface for playing or sleeping.

It's easier to use than the Nesting Tough Bed, and easier to clean than any cotton comforter or blanket. Synthetic polyester fibers make the material nearly impervious to stains, dog hair can simply be shaken out, and it is machine washable.

Ripstop Ballistic material makes this throw incredibly easy to clean. Most hair will simply shake or wipe off. If the mess is a little bigger consider throwing it in the washer!


Chew Proof Rating


Light Chewers & Scratchers

Built K9 Tough, capable of withstanding diggers, scratching, and occasional chewing. Backed by our 90 Day Warranty, this is the durable fabric our business was built on. If our proprietary Tough flex Ballistic material wasn’t tough enough, we've upgraded it with Rip-Stop technology!

This blanket is excellent for dogs that like to track their outdoor adventures inside the house. Resisting water, dirt, odor, and fur, these blankets will protect your furniture from whatever your dog leaves behind and can be machine-washed for easy cleaning. The Rip-stop ballistic nylon will also guard soft surfaces from scratching and light chewing. Due to the blanket's relative flexibility, it can be easier for more persistent chewers to latch onto folds, corners, or edges of the blanket and potentially do damage; we do not recommend this blanket for heavy chewers.



ripstop tough cover for dog beds

RipStop Ballistic Material™

The chew-proof ballistic material with rip-stop tech avoids tears and prevents growth if they start. It is just one more detail that makes these beds tough as nails (and tougher than teeth!)

double stitched seam dog bed

Reinforced Seams

We're proud to say our interior seams are double stitched and serged. This prevents snags, fraying, and damage from chewing.

Additionally, we include a layer of material at the bed's corners. Corners are the first things to go when a dog decides to start chewing. By reinforcing this weak point, we greatly increase the life of the bed.

double stitched seam dog bed

Reduced Seam Construction

Right after corners, seams are the weak spots which dogs exploit most frequently in beds. By reducing the number of seams on a bed fewer temptations present themselves, and therefore reduce the risk of demolition!

water resistant dog bed

Repels Dirt, Hair, and Moisture

Tightly woven synthetic fibers make this bed chew proof, and also resistant to a wide array of other damaging forces. Water, dirt, hair, and muck simply don't cling to the bed and can be easily wiped away; after wiping with a damp cloth the bed often looks as good as new!

machine washable dog beds

Machine Washable

Accidents happen, it's a fact of life; Murphey's law if you will. Having a machine washable dog bed helps clean up those accidents quickly and easily. For those messes that do not wipe away, let the machine washer do the work.

We recommend washing with cold water on a gentle cycle, and then air drying. The heat and friction of a machine dryer could shorten the lifespan of the bed, and we want our products to last as long as possible!

odor resistant dog bed

Synthetic Fibers Resist Odors

The extremely dense synthetic fiber weave of our Ballistic Material not only stops moisture but also odors! Dirt, grime, and even mold spores have a tough time sticking to the bed cover, and when these elements can't stick around neither can the smell.

odor resistant dog bed

Hypoallergenic Material

Dust mites cause a large number of allergic reactions for dogs. Mold and mildew spores can also trigger allergic reactions. The synthetic fibers used in this cover prohibit dust mite invasions and make life difficult for mold spores as well. These allergens require organic fibers to build their homes, and this cover uses a 100% synthetic fiber construction. Dust mites beware!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ballistic Fabric?

Ballistic Fabric is a thick, tough, synthetic material used for a variety of applications. Ballistic fabric was originally developed by the DuPont corporation as a material for flak jackets to be worn by World War II airmen. The term ballistic fabric takes its name from the fact that it was intended to protect its wearers from flying debris and fragmentation caused by bullet or artillery shell impacts.

What happened to the zippers?

In our efforts to make our beds the most chew-proof beds possible, we've removed the zippers and replaced them with concealed, industrial strength, Velcro closures on the undersides of the beds. Past versions of our beds had zippers, but thanks to some great feedback from our fine customers, we were able to spot this issue and make the change. Zippers were a weak point that appealed to chewing dogs, it was the first part on the beds that these dogs would go after and that was dangerous. What resulted was a design change that is not only more durable, but a safer product for your dog that reduces the temptation to chew in this area and potentially damage the bed.

What makes your ballistic fabric superior to other bed materials?

Canvas and fabric beds are not chew proof by any means. You have to remember, dogs have been known to chew through materials that you'd never even imagine a dog could chew through. Our military-grade ballistic material is used specifically for it's durability and toughness, which makes for a longer-lasting, chew proof product that outlasts other beds made from inferior materials. Most companies take an off the shelf fabric, one made for furniture or luggage, and use it on a dog bed. We've designed our own fabric built around the function of a dog bed. We've recently upgraded our ballistic material to be Ripstop, which means its now even better at withstanding moderate chewing and scratching. Our fabric is waterproof, so it can withstand rain, outdoor conditions with its UV protection, and pets which may be incontinent. There is nothing on the market that is built better. This is the best option for an all around durable bed. We have paid extreme attention to all the details.

Are your beds really "chew proof"?

To be fair, there's really nothing short of hard metal that is absolutely "chew proof" - dogs have been known to chew through kevlar, wood, bricks, chain link fences and light metals just to name a few! If a dog has the ability and wants to bad enough, they can chew through most materials. However, we advertise our beds as "chew proof", and we stand behind our beds as the most chew proof products available. Ultimately, what makes our beds "chew proof" is not only the materials that we use, but also our 90 Day Chew Proof Warranty!

My dog is a heavy chewer, which bed do you recommend?

The Cujo Cot should be the go to bed for all medium or heavy chewers. With our "No Chew" design, hidden fabric edges, and durable corner covers, and aluminum frame, there is nowhere for dogs to get ahold of the fabric on the bed. Once your dog is conditioned not to chew a Tough bed or Tough Bed Crate Pad can be added for extra comfort.

What if my dog does manage to chew up this bed?

We have a 90 Day Warranty on all Original, Round, Orthopedic, Mini Tough Beds and Tough Pads. If your dog does manage to chew through one of the Tough Beds within the warranty period, we'll replace the cover, free of charge. If your dog manages through our Tough Pads or Mini Tough Beds, we'll send out a free replacement. We're that confident!

Aren't all dog beds the same? What makes yours so different?

Our beds are actually built to inhibit the dog's ability to chew them. For starters, the covers of our beds are made out of military grade 1680 denier ballistic nylon, the same material worn as body armor by US combat forces! Unlike other beds, our ballistic nylon is far more chew resistant than cloth or other cheap fabrics that can be ripped apart at the seams. We take extra pains to engineer our beds with concealed Velcro closures on the bottom of the beds to minimize the dog's temptation and ability to chew in this area. Rounded corners and solid, well-sewn seams also greatly reduce the possibility of the dog grabbing hold of a weak seam.

What about cleaning the bed?

Our beds are super-easy to clean! First separate the cover and the fill and place in the washing machine separately. Close the Velcro on the cover completely before washing. Make sure to wash on delicate and cold. Air dry or line dry are the best way to dry the bed. Heat drying is not recommended. Please note vomit and urine have corrosive properties which can penetrate through the water resistant cover damaging the inner fill. Clean all urine and vomit immediately with a dry towel. Remove the inner fill and wash the bed cover using the instructions mentioned above. Customers in the past have told us that a deodorizer (ex. Febreeze) can take away the urine or vomit smell.

Is there any kind of assembly required for the Tough beds?

Our Tough beds require minimal assembly. Simply place the cover over the fill and close the Velcro. If you are having trouble placing the cover over the fill, try placing the cover on the floor (Velcro side up). Fold the fill and insert one side into one part of the Velcro. With one side in, unfold the fill while inserting the remaining portion into the second half of the cover. Close the Velcro and you're done!