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Easy Clean Dog Beds


Extra Large Dog Beds

Big & comfortable for your dog,
easy for you to clean!

Features of Easy Clean Bed:

Absorbent second layer draws in and contains the moisture

Waterproof bottom layer prevents it from leaking and the mattress below

Premium Orthopedic K9 Smart FoamĀ® Mattresses

Comfort Plush Faux Fur provides amazing comfort and softness

This is not a chew proof bed!
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Chew Proof badge


Water resistant material

10 year guarantee


Orthopedic beds only

Pee Proof Bedding

Most waterproof covers shed water, which ends up on your floor. The sleep surface on our pee proof covers are ready to be thrown in the wash. Because the entire cover is totally waterproof, moisture will never reach the mattress (which has it's own waterproof mattress for back up).

Easy To Clean Design

Like fitted sheets on your bed, these covers are designed to be easy to put on and take off. We've used extremely durable fabrics that are made to stand up to repeated wash. If your dog suffers from incontinence or is just very active, buy an extra cover to use between washes.

Easy Clean Dog Beds

Most waterproof covers shed water, which ends up on your floor. Our waterproof covers are designed to absorb moisture and contain it until you are ready to throw it in the wash.

Available in 3 colors

3 colors
Easy Clean Dog Beds

Minimal Price: $125.00