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  • Great product if they continue to hold up! Review by Liz (Posted on 8/4/2017)
    Overall Quality
    So far they are each in one piece. My yr old Dalmatian has attacked both of them with no luck of tearing them up. I hope they continue to hold up.
  • Bloodhound Approved!! Review by J (Posted on 7/20/2017)
    Overall Quality
    XL is perfect size for oversized 10 year old Bloodhound. Denim is easy to vacuum but shows dog hair quickly. Certainly heavy duty. Dog seems to like it as evidence by his snoring... :)
  • Love the Product but....... Review by Mary (Posted on 7/16/2017)
    Overall Quality
    My dogs love your product.. Would rather have bought just a cover for my old one. After 5 yrs a very small hole (year 4) turned into a big rip but the pillow itself is still good.. I just turned it over and the dogs don't know the difference.
    Your beds have changed in size, shape, style and Price.. So I just bought a new one.. Pretty Clever....
  • Excellent Purchase, Should have done it Sooner! Review by Sharon (Posted on 4/24/2017)
    Overall Quality
    The best pet bed ever! Two dalamatians share the XL and there is plenty of room for me to lay with them. Very comfortable and love the demin cover that zips on and off! No doubt about it and the quality! Thank you for an outstanding product!
  • So great, I could curl up w/the boys and nap too. Review by Danette L (Posted on 4/2/2017)
    Overall Quality
    Already had the nesting bed, but wanted this one for my guy w/hip & leg issues- LOVE IT!!!!
  • Perfect for older dogs! It makes a huge difference Review by Daphne (Posted on 3/9/2017)
    Overall Quality
    This is exactly what I was looking for. Our 14 year old Trixie was waking up very stiff and this bed has made a huge difference. I put my knees on it and wow how comfortable it is!!! I love the denim cover as well. So happy to have gotten this bed. I've been telling all my friends about it. Thanks to the reviews is how I decided to make my purchase.
  • Love it! Review by Carrie (Posted on 1/26/2017)
    Overall Quality
    We bought the orthopedic denim bed for our boxer. She has bad hips, knees and arthritis. She loves her new bed and doesn't get up lame like she did on her old bed. Our other boxer likes it too and now doesn't want to lay on his bed anymore! We love the bed and our dogs do too! May have to order another.
  • Very high quality Review by Lynn (Posted on 12/14/2016)
    Overall Quality
    I got this because my Rottie was making too much noise moving around at night. I have one of your ballistic dog beds, but she sometimes would wake me up. This is much quieter.
  • Nice and supportive Review by Elizabeth (Posted on 11/1/2016)
    Overall Quality
    I bought this bed for my 80-pound Doberman (bought an XL but an L would have also worked). The memory foam mattress is holding up well with no sign of flattening or bunching up. Nice and supportive for my old girl's arthritic joints. The denim cover is heavyweight and machine-washable, which is great. My dog and I are pleased with this bed!
  • denim bed Review by Patrick (Posted on 8/9/2016)
    Overall Quality
    My dogs love the beds. They are holding up well.
  • My dog loves the denim bed Review by Susan (Posted on 8/8/2016)
    Overall Quality
    It took her a while to get used to it because of the height, but she sleeps on it all the time or simply rests her chin on it and sleeps next to it. It is the perfect size for her pop-up nylon and mesh dog pen. Because it is heavy fabric and fits tightly on the cushion, there is nothing for her to grab onto to allow her to chew or tear it. She is a lhasa-maltese mix and weighs 18 to 20 pounds.
  • wish i had found it sooner Review by Lisa (Posted on 8/5/2016)
    Overall Quality
    Diesel is loving his new denim bed! I am really pleased with this product and wish had found it 5 beds ago...
  • We love our denim Dog beds. Review by Marta (Posted on 8/4/2016)
    Overall Quality
    Lily, our bed-eating yellow lab, sleeps well and after six months hasn't even made a tear in the cover. We humans also like that they are quieter than the TUFF ones.
  • Great bed! Review by Richard (Posted on 4/13/2016)
    Overall Quality
    Dog loves the bed and the denim seems to hold up very well!
  • Great Value! Review by Elisabeth H (Posted on 11/28/2014)
    Overall Quality
    I researched orthopedic beds extensively before purchasing this one for our 9 - year-old 100 - pound collie Zimon. I made a perfect choice. Zimon loves the bed and doesn't sink down into it. It provides excellent support for his old bones and for the younger bones of our other collies. Also very pleased with the cover fabric and bold monogram.
  • A Winner Review by Felicity (Posted on 8/18/2014)
    Overall Quality
    Bought this for an old large dog, but he and 3 smaller dogs take turns sleeping on it ... obviously it is comfortable. Have vacuumed the denim cover with great results; have not washed the cover. The dogs like it so well that I need to purchase another one!


Denim became popular in the late 1800s because of its durability and utility, an important part of life in those times. We adopted denim's durability and utility for use by your dog as a bed, and made a few improvements! The orthopedic mattress, for instance, is constructed of two parts: a 1.5" layer of comfort foam and a 3.5" layer of support foam. The supple comfort foam conforms to your dog's shape with gentle pressure, while the slightly stiffer support foam adds heavy duty support for a dog's spine and hips. Beds made of only soft foam can actually create discomfort by allowing the dogs to sink in all the way down to the floor. Our mattress design ensures your dog will get the best possible joint support.

Our 100% 14oz pure cotton denim comes pre-washed and pre-shrunk. The material feels soft to the hand, looking and feeling just like your favorite pair of used blue jeans. We're sure your dog will love this bed!

Our Denim Beds are designed for style and comfort, and therefore not covered by the Chew Proof Guarantee. We recommend use by mild mannered dogs who rarely chew or scratch their bedding. Denim is tough and known for its ability to take a beating, so most dogs will be right at home on this bed. For habitual chewers, scratchers, and diggers, please look into the TUFF Bed Series products which are designed to resist that behavior. An easy zipper closure makes assembly and disassembly a breeze for machine washing, we recommend washing the cover and mattress separately and air drying.

Please note: Denim beds are made for comfort and are not covered by the Chew Proof Guarantee.

Chew Proof Rating


Occasional Nesters

Durable, but not chew proof. Perfect material for dogs who love to scratch around, nesting, before lying down. Features our 14 oz., prewashed, pre-shrunk, ultra-durable denim. Your dog will love this bed for the same reason you love your favorite pair of blue jeans: it's comfortable, practical, softens with age, and stands up to daily hard work.
This bed is designed for comfort and not covered by the Chew Proof Guarantee.
Size Guide
  We recommend measuring your dog and comparing it to the dimensions of our beds to ensure the perfect size; every dog is unique. Measure your dog with a tape measure from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail. This is the minimum length you should consider for your pup's bed.


denim dog bed

14oz Denim

Our 100% 14oz pure cotton denim comes pre-washed and pre-shrunk. The material feels soft to the hand, looking and feeling just like your favorite pair of used blue jeans. We're sure your dog will love this bed!

yellow double stitched seams

Yellow Seam Stitching

Blue jeans have an iconic "look" that everyone recognizes and expects; one feature that everyone comes to expect in a pair of blue jeans is the double yellow stitching at the seams. The stitching reinforces key weakpoints that could pull and tear over time, and also looks great. We're pround to say our Denim Dog Beds display their double yellow stitching boldly at key corners and edges.

machine washable dog bed

Machine Washable

Accidents happen, it's a fact of life; Murphey's law if you will. Having a machine washable dog bed helps clean up those accidents quickly and easily. For those messes that do not wipe away, let the machine washer do the work.

We recomend washing with cold water on a gentle cycle, and then air drying. The heat and friction of a machine dryer could shorten the lifespan of the bed, and we want our products to last as long as possible!

zipper dog bed

Easy Zipper Assembly

Experience ease of construction when you order a Denim bed; zipper closures make assembly quick and painless. Simply slip the mattress into the cover and "zip", you're done! This also makes dis-assembly for cleaning purposes just as easy.


machine washable dog bed mattress

High Density Orthopedic Foam

Our orthopedic mattresses are made with two layers of foam: the top 1.5" layer of plush comfort foam, and the bottom 3.5" layer of support foam.

Other beds which don't use the bottom support layer often settle too quickly and your dog can end up lying on the floor. This negates the benefit of the orthopedic foam! We just couldn't settle for that. We decided to include firm joint support in the base layer and supple comfort in the top mattress layer.

machine washable dog bed mattress

Water Resistant Nylon Mattress Liner

The foam mattress is protected by a water resistant nylon cover which keeps the sensitive foam dry and odor free. If you've ever met a dog with incontinence problems then you understand how this extra layer of moisture resistance can be vital.

machine washable dog bed mattress

Joint Support for Large Breeds or Aging Pets

Large dogs often experience joint problems more frequently than smaller dogs, due to their increased size and weight. It isn't fair, but pet owners can proactively fight joint problems with orthopedic pet furniture such as our orthopedic foam dog bed.

Our orthopedic beds can prevent joint problems, ease joint pain that's already begun, or just plain spoil your canine companion.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this bed machine washable?

Yes this bed is machine washable, though we recommend air drying. To wash, simply remove the cover from the mattress and then wash on a cold gentle cycle with the detergent of your choice. Do not put this bed in a machine dryer, as the heat and friction will weaken the material and shorten its lifespan

Can this bed be used both indoors and outdoors?

We designed the Denim covers for indoor use, and do not recommend them for outdoor use. The natural cotton material can attract dirt more quickly than our TUFF Bed Series™, and will require more frequent cleanings. That said, many customers use this bed in covered back patios, and it suits their dog's needs perfectly.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is designed to immediately conform to your body and relieve pressure. Its great for puppies to help prevent future problems or older dogs that may be suffering form ailments like hip dysplasia. Memory foam quality is measured in pounds per square foot, the heavier the foam the higher the mattress quality. Our memory foam density is rated at 4.5 lbs / sq. ft.

Is this bed chew resistant?

We designed the Denim beds for serious comfort for your dog, and should be enjoyed by mild mannered canines who don't chew up their bedding. This bed is not chew resistant. Our 14 oz Cotton Denim covers are tough and will outlast most cheap-o dog beds under normal use scenarios. Chewers, diggers, and scratchers will find this cover a tasty appetizer before digging into the main course: a messy mattress. We've found this bed to be a great reward for dogs who have learned to stop chewing and take care of their things.

Why do you cover your memory foam with a waterproof cover?

Waterproof inner covers are designed to protect the integrity of the foam inside. They help as a first barrier of defense against moisture. Moisture that may come from a wet dog, humid conditions, puppy accidents, or an older dog that may be incontinent. Please note that Nesting beds don't come with a waterproof liner, as their poly fiber fill is pretty resilient to moisture (unlike orthopedic foam).


10 Year No Flatten Guarantee for Orthopedic Mattresses

This is a one-time warranty per order. If your orthopedic mattress flattens more than 2 inches or 50% within 10 years from normal use, we will replace it once free of charge. This does not apply to mattresses that have flattened due to destructive behaviors such as chewing, digging, or scratching, nor will we replace mattresses that have flattened due to water damage or exposure to urine. Should the mattress become wet, please allow it to air dry completely before allowing your dog to use it again to prevent any potential damage from occurring to the foam.

To file a claim for the replacement, simply send us a photo of the mattress beside a tape measure or ruler to show its current thickness. Please remove the outer cover and liner before photographing the fill so that we can better see the flattened area. You may send the photo along with your name and address to [email protected] to start the claim process. You will not be required to ship the damaged fill back to us.

Please note that this guarantee applies only to orthopedic inserts and does not cover nesting/original mattresses.