K9 Ballistic Tough Rectangle Nesting Dog Bed™

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Read our 120 Day Warranty

Chew Resistant


Moderate Chewers & Scratchers

Built K9 Tough. Good for almost any dog. Backed by our 90 day warranty, this is the bed our business was built on. Reduced seams and strategic seam placement reduce weak spots and if our proprietary Tough flex Ballistic material wasn’t tough enough, we've upgraded it with Rip-Stop technology! These covers are water resistant, odor resistant, hair resistant, and machine washable. These are some of the most practical and long lasting beds available anywhere.


ripstop tough cover for dog beds

RipStop Ballistic Material™

The chew-proof ballistic material with rip-stop tech avoids tears, and prevents growth if they start. It is just one more detail that makes these beds tough as nails (and tougher than teeth!)

velcro dog bed

Velcro Enclosure

Our Tough bed’s industrial strength Velcro closures are hidden on the underside of the mattress covers to prevent the urge to try and chew it. By using Velcro we remove the danger of an exposed plastic or metal zipper which can be an attractive place to start chewing.

double stitched seam dog bed

Reinforced Seams

We're proud to say our interior seams are double stitched and serged. This prevents snags, fraying, and damage from chewing.

Additionally, we include a layer of material at the bed's corners. Corners are the first things to go when a dog decides to start chewing. By reinforcing this weak point, we greatly increase the life of the bed.

double stitched seam dog bed

Reduced Seam Construction

Right after corners, seams are the weak spots which dogs exploit most frequently in beds. By reducing the number of seams on a bed fewer temptations present themselves, and therefore reduce the risk of demolition!

water resistant dog bed

Repels Dirt, Hair, and Moisture

Tightly woven synthetic fibers make this bed chew proof, and also resistant to a wide array of other damaging forces. Water, dirt, hair, and muck simply don't cling to the bed and can be easily wiped away; after wiping with a damp cloth the bed often looks as good as new!

machine washable dog beds

Machine Washable

Accidents happen, it's a fact of life; Murphey's law if you will. Having a machine washable dog bed helps clean up those accidents quickly and easily. For those messes that do not wipe away, let the machine washer do the work.

We recommend washing with cold water on a gentle cycle, and then air drying. The heat and friction of a machine dryer could shorten the lifespan of the bed, and we want our products to last as long as possible!

Synthetic Fibers Resist Odors

The extremely dense synthetic fiber weave of our Ballistic Material not only stops moisture, but also odors! Dirt, grime, and even mold spores have a tough time sticking to the bed cover, and when these elements can't stick around neither can the smell.

odor resistant dog bed

Hypoallergenic Material

Dust mites cause a large number of allergic reactions for dogs. Mold and mildew spores can also trigger allergic reactions. The sythetic fibers used in this cover prohibit dust mite invasions, and make life difficult for mold spores as well. These allergens require organic fibers to build their homes, and this cover uses a 100% synthetic fiber construction. Dust mites beware!

machine washable dog bed mattress

Machine Washable Mattress

To wash the mattress, simply remove it from the cover and place it in a machine washer on a gentle setting with cool water. Afterwards allow it to air dry, hydrofuge technology helps the bed dry quicker than you might expect!

machine washable dog bed mattress

Indoor or Outdoor Use

All the features listed above: breathing mattress cover, synthetic high-loft polyester fibers, and channeled fills, make this mattress adaptable to just about any environment. Indoors the bed lasts long and keeps your dog comfortable. Outside it resists the elements of nature and stays fresh much longer than other beds.


Our Warranty for the Nesting Tough Bed

If your dog chews through the cover, it is covered under our warranty. We will send out, free of charge, one replacement bed cover (not including bed fill). This one-time warranty is good for up to 90 days from the day that K9 Ballistics shipped out your purchase.

If you notice any damage of our product resulting from chewing or scratching, we recommend immediately removing the bed from your dog's access. Some dogs like to eat their bedding, so for your animals' health we recommend waiting to reintroduce the bed when the replacement cover arrives and/or when the dog grows out of the chewing phase.

How to Process a warranty Claim

What we need to process a warranty is:
1. An email sent by the person who placed the order (usually you) with your name and address
2. A photo of the damage (you can also include a photo of the culprit if you like). You do not need to send us your bed or cover.

Send email with pictures to here. It usually takes us five to seven business days to get back to you.

Warranty can be enacted just once. If you do not wish to enact your warranty, we can refund you 50% of the cost of the item provided that a picture of the damage is sent to us.

Rip-Stop Engineering
Machine Washable
Third-party Tested
Dog & Vet Inspired Design
Covered by 120 Day Warranty

Description & Features

Chew Resistant Dog Beds

For diggers, scratchers & light to moderate chewers.
(for heavy persistent chewers click here)

Built to perform for dogs that are tough on their beds. We engineered a bed that will hold up to pups that like to dig, scratch and occasionally chew. Water, hair and dirt resistant our beds are designed, engineered and built to last a lifetime. Easy spot clean or machine washable. America's best selling dog bed.

  • 120 Day Warranty
  • K9 Ballistic Rip-Stop Proprietary Fabric™
  • K9 Triple Stitched Overlock Seams™
  • K9 Bullnose Seamless Edge Design™
  • K9 Waterfall Sleep Surface™
  • K9 Offset Opening™
  • K9 Dual Closures: Hidden Zipper & Velcro™
  • K9 Waterproof Membrane™
  • K9 Multi-Season Use™ Indoor & Outdoor
  • 3rd Party Tested For Tear Strength, Abrasion Resistance & Washability™
  • CertiPUR-USA® No Glue Shredded Foam Mattress
  • K9 USA Promise: Designed, Engineered & Assembled In The USA

    Nesting Comfort You Can Trust

    Constructed from shredded CertiPUR-USA® Foam our nesting mattresses is the perfect blend to support the pup that likes to scratch or dig before laying down. Engineered with K9 Sewn-In Chambers™ to prevent clumping and shifting. This feature maintains proper support and even weight distribution enhancing comfort.


    Dependability, Quality & Care

    We believe in the life-changing possibilities between pet and parent and are dedicated to enriching this bond with high-quality, stress-free dog products.

    Click here to reach our customer care team to answer any question you may have.

    Discover why K9 Dog Beds™ makes the best dog beds in the world.

    Premium CertiPUR-US® Shredded Foam

    Designed, filled, and manufactured in the USA. Our premium shredded foam mattress is perfect for nesting, support, and airflow.

    CertiPUR-US certified foams are:

  • ✓ Made without ozone depleters
  • ✓ Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants
  • ✓ Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals
  • ✓ Made without formaldehyde
  • ✓ Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • ✓ Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)
  • There are types of fabric available for covers: 1) Plain Tough and 2) Velvet Tough. Both are back by our 120-day warranty and have our signature woven rip stop Ballistic material.

    Plain Tough fabric is for pet parents that are highly concerned about washability. It's perfect if you have a drooler, shedder, stinker or chewer.

    Velvet Tough fabric provides a softer and quieter experience. Keep in mind that velvet might hold on to more dirt between washes and may not be ideal for outdoor use.

    Cover Features:

  • ✓ Rip-stop engineering
  • ✓ Scratch resistant
  • ✓ Tear resistant
  • ✓ Chew resistant
  • ✓ Mold and mildew resistant
  • ✓ Water-proof backing
  • ✓ Dual closures (Velcro with concealed zipper)
  • ✓ Triple stitched with serged seams
  • ✓ Dirt and odor resistant
  • ✓ Machine washable
  • ✓ Hypoallergenic


    For just $15 more, customize your dog's bed! Simply enter your dog's name above to add custom embroidery to your order. We use a classic style font and limit names to 16 characters. Please double check spelling; once the order is fulfilled for an embroidered bed, there are no exchanges or returns. Also please allow an additional 2-3 business days for embroidery services.

  • 4.55
    • Totally worth the price!
      Review by Siena on 7/13/2019
      I'l be honest - I was skeptical paying $200 for a dog bed, but it was a risk worth taking. For context, I have a 1-year-old German Shepherd pup with blade-sharp teeth. I bought him a firehose toy and other "indestructible" toys, and he chewed through them in less than five minutes. He was doing the same with other beds, so I gave in and looked up "chew-proof" beds out of SHEER DESPERATION. I'm so happy I got this bed for my pooch! He immediately laid in it, and he gave up in trying to chew it because he realized he wasn't getting anywhere. Also I wasn't sure which size to get, but getting the XL was a great decision. He has more than enough room to lay his whole body out without needing to curl up to fit, like on some past beds. I would totally get another one of these in the future!
    • Best dog bed i have ever purchased
      Review by sheila on 7/12/2019
      My "little" girl loves it!!! I like the way the zipper is hidden so my golden retriever can't find it. It was a wonderful purchase.
    • So far, a good purchase.
      Review by Schuyler on 7/7/2019
      My wife and I are pretty satisfied and my German Shephard is too. The XL size will be big enough for a future sister Shephard to share with. For a long time I said no to buying cheaper beds from various other stores because I want one that's going to last. This bed was made to last.
    • will buy another next year
      Review by george on 6/21/2019
      We love the K9 dog beds this is the second one we own . We have 5 dogs and have other beds for the inside of the house but we spend lots of time out side in summer either just hanging in the yard or camping and this is where these dog beds shine . There tough and clean basically them self when used outdoors .
    • Strong and fashionable
      Review by Kathryn on 6/18/2019
      Durable and comfortable bedding. My pup doesn't like the fabric, but with a soft blanket she cuddles right up.
    • Tough bed
      Review by Heather on 6/11/2019
      The quality of this product is incredible. Even the inner bed liner is superior to anything I've ever bought. My dogs love it. It is not chew proof-and not advertised to be-but it's extremely tough. My worst chewer was able to chew 3-4 holes in one corner when left alone for the day. She was NOT able to rip it up like other beds. I sprayed chew deterrent on that corner and she hasn't touched it since. AND K9 Ballistics sent me a replacement cover (one time deal!) so I'm very happy. I also own a chew PROOF elevated bed from K9 and it is indestructible as far as I can tell.
    • Comfy and scratch proof
      Review by Mari on 6/9/2019
      My dog is a digger/scratcher. This bed stands up to it’s claim.
    • Doubles as tug of war toy
      Review by Glen on 6/7/2019
      I have a pitbull. He eats rocks. Cow hoofs take him about ten minutes to crunch down into dust. I've had K9 ballistics beds since he was 6 weeks old. He carries his bed up and down stairs to wherever he decides to sleep. It's also his favorite tug of war toy. It took two years before I decided to replace it and that was only because the old style stuffing was uneven. The new beds have even better quality materials inside that don't move around. I brought two of them (I got another pit).
    • Finally!!!
      Review by Lisa on 6/6/2019
      I finally found a dog bed that my puppy hasn't been able to destroy in the first day. We have had the bed for about a month now and it has been so great that I ordered another one. My dogs love it!
    • Suegee
      Review by Susan on 5/29/2019
      My dogs like it and have not destroyed it or attempt to destroy it. I’m happy since I don’t have to clean up stuffing from the previous dog bed they shredded.
    • Awesome
      Review by Kari on 5/27/2019
      These beds are awesome. Max and Eve love them and cant destroy them well worth the money.
    • Amazing!!
      Review by Annie on 5/21/2019
      Our dog loves his new bed.
    • Comfy
      Review by Alondra on 5/20/2019
      He loves his bed. He looks so comfortable in it but he has already chewed holes into every single corner of his bed. Nothing too serious but I thought I found a bed he wasn’t going to be able to break
    • I would highly recommend K-9 Ballistics
      Review by KENNY on 5/16/2019
      I bought two beds for my wolf dogs who are very heavy chewers. So far the bed a holding up very well. I'm glad I purchased them.
    • Perfect bed for my large and giant breed dogs!
      Review by Holly on 5/15/2019
      With a Great Dane, American Bulldog,(both under 2) and a Shepard, we needed a chew proof bed that was also comfortable. This bed was a perfect fit for the dogs. It’s heavy, durable and had survived the Danes jaws ????
    • Best dog bed I have found
      Review by mark on 5/15/2019
      Best dog bed I have found. Really tough. One of my dogs likes to "dig" int he bed. He eventually scratched through other bed covers, but not this bed.
    • up to the Challenge
      Review by Eve on 5/13/2019
      I love this bed for Moose. He's a Bull Terrier, and chew on everything, and anything he can. We would buy him other beds, but they would last maybe a day if we're lucky. I think Moose has met his challenge with this bed. So far we've had the bed for about a month now(give or take.), and I've noticed just a few tears here and there(those were made the day we got the Bed.), but nothing too big. Overall I think the investment in the bed is well worth it(I've spent about $200 in beds since we got him.).
    • Prayers answered
      Review by Steve on 5/9/2019
      My american bully pup who now is 6 months old would shred everything just loves this bed! I previously bought 2 beds.. both wouldn't even make it a week. This bed has survived and looks just as good as when i 1st unpacked it.
      Have had it now for a good month and will continue to buy this product now.
    • Good quality
      Review by Eileen on 5/6/2019
      The quality of the bed seems very good. Took my dog some time to realize it was a bed as it's not as soft as the others she has had but she's destroyed those and so far she has not made an attempt to chew this one at all! I've had some beds that only made it a week so we are ahead of the game right now!
      Review by Pam on 5/5/2019
      I have 2 Great Danes. One is 215 pounds and the other 150. The bed has stood up well for the 3 years I've had it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!!! The only downside (if you can call it that) is after all that time the "little" one managed to put a tear in the middle of the plush cover and I would like to replace it. However, I can't find it on K9 Ballistics website. That really sucks because they LOVE the bed. I don't need to order a new bed, just the plush cover.
    • Amazing!
      Review by Kelli on 5/5/2019
      So far so good!!! Not even sure she has tried to chew on it!! We had one bed that didn't last 24 hours!
    • Luxurious dog beds that look and feel nice
      Review by Gina on 5/3/2019
      The dog beds are beautiful; I ordered a pink and blue bed with custom embroidery for each of my dogs. If the beds are going to be “on display” in my home, I wanted something decent to look at, and these are really nice. The blue and pink colors are “calm” and not super bright, which is nice. The mattress on the inside is comfy for laying- I tested the feel myself. These beds are durable and so far, have not been eaten by my two Shepherds! The covers are removable and washable- huge bonus, so they always will look clean and nice. There is nothing worse then having a nasty, hairy, brown-colored dog bed in your house. The mattress goes in the cover much like a pillow into a pillowcase; it zips and velcro’s to seal the mattress inside the cover.

      My only negative about this dog bed is the material is noisy- when my dogs shift positions on the bed, it’s not done quietly like it would on a standard cotton dog bed.
    • Great Product
      Review by Jeff on 5/3/2019
      Amazing. Our Lab is a chewing machine, but she has met her match. This bed is better than advertised! Great and quick shipping, awesome Stitching of our dogs name and super easy to maintain. Beyond happy with this product and our dog will not sleep anywhere else. She loves her bed!!!!
    • Fantastic Quality, Fantastic Bed
      Review by Vickie on 4/30/2019
      I ordered the xxl size not realizing how big it is. But all is good. Moose absolutely loves it and so does his dad (Human). LOL
      We have had so many friends ask where we got such a great dog bed.
    • Wish I'd Found Sooner!
      Review by HoundMom on 4/30/2019
      I can't believe this bed has actually survived the vicious jaws of my ferocious beast! I come home from work almost every day to a war zone of stuffing and torn up toys but this bed is always intact, and not for a lack of trying because I've found it pulled around to different parts of the room so I know he's given it a go. I'm so glad I found you guys and I'm getting ready to purchase a second bed to put in another room.
    • Tough bed!
      Review by Rex on 4/25/2019
      So far so good! My dog certainly can put the bed to test. Everything we have given her she has torn and ripped within days. The K9 bed so far has held up to her scratching. She seems to enjoy the comfort as well.
    • Hopeful
      Review by Maryann on 4/24/2019
      So far he has not gotten on it. It may be because I have not got rid of his old bed yet. Hoping for the best.
    • Best Bed Ever
      Review by Donald on 4/9/2019
      Dane pup has totally shredded every bed and toy to date. Try as she.might she has not been able to tear this bed up. Frustrates her to no end lol. Best bed ever over course of 4 danes.
    • Tough n' Comfortable
      Review by John M. on 4/7/2019
      This is one tough bed. My puppers were hesitant at fist but got use to them within a day. They look good, easy to wash and so far no chewing. Keep in mind these bed are raised about 3 inches off the ground.
    • Well Made Dog Bed.....Worth The Cost
      Review by Sal on 4/4/2019
      So far so good......no holes........
    • Should of bought this bed sooner.
      Review by Louanne L. on 4/2/2019
      You can't ask for a better bed for your pups. We have chewers but have "failed" to destroy this bed. Best investment ever.
    • Go with "chew proof" if your dog likes to chew...
      Review by Daniel on 4/1/2019
      Bed is quality material and the xl is huge... but my dog chewed through two corners the first day we had it. So, though a nice bed, not "chew resistant." Kinda new that going in but was willing to make a $150 try with hopes that it would actually be worth it.
    • Great!
      Review by Dennis on 3/29/2019
      Pretty simple really! The quality, construction, and my dogs delight are off the charts! It is nice to get more than you paid for.
    • Highly recommended
      Review by laurent on 3/26/2019
      Very resistant, easy to wash and the dogs love it.
    • Great Bed!!
      Review by Michael on 3/26/2019
      Great bed!! Perfect size for my Cane Corso and he loves it!! Thanks
    • Did not survive my chewer
      Review by Gail on 3/26/2019
      The quality of the bed was very good; however, it did not survive my dog. He destroyed it within 4 hours.
    • double check zipper before shipping
      Review by Todd on 3/25/2019
      This is the second bed we've purchased from you. The first was about 7 years ago. It didn't wear out, we just wanted an additional bed downstairs. The biggest difference I noticed was that the stuffing of our original bed is sewn into self contained "pouches" to hold the filling in place. The new bed is all loose filling, and it wasn't packed very securely for shipping, and the stuffing came out all over the place when we opened it. (the zipper was not fully zipped closed. what a mess). A bit disappointing, but it's still a great bed.
    • Love them
      Review by Troy on 3/25/2019
      The beds and pad are perfect. The dogs love them!
    • Great bed! We are happy we bought it.
      Review by Patrick on 3/25/2019
      We purchased this bed for more reasons than chewing. Our pup did chew her beds but very little. She would chew on the corners but not tug and tear. They would eventually open up and expose the cushions which would fall right apart when she chewed. We would throw her beds away because they smelled bad before they were chewed up to bad to use. She is a short haired bully breed who is rather oily. The covers on her old beds were not water proof so her oils soiled the cushions inside making the bed stink even after the cover was cleaned. So we bought the k9 ballistics for its chew resistance and hopefully its ability to keep her oils on the surface and not let them get into the mattress. So far so good. If ever needed we will buy again. Also k9 ballistics customer service is great! They helped me get the right mattress for my pup.
    • Nice bed
      Review by Gary on 3/24/2019
      Good so far. The bed is really fluffy. My chewing dog so far has not started to chew it.
    • Best Dog Bed
      Review by Hilary on 3/24/2019
      I’ve been through 8 dog beds this past year! This bed is awesome. I’ve had it for over a week and my dog has not even tried to chew it. It’s also water repellant and hair resistant. A major plus. Love this company!!!
    • Finally a bed I'm not wasting $$ on!
      Review by Maria on 3/23/2019
      I wish I had found this bed a lot sooner! I would have saved myself a lot of money and a lot of aggravation because my dog ruined other beds by scratching the covers and ripping them. I've sewn so many up, just to waste money to buy new again. These beds are great and well worth the extra money! I have 2 now. I wish I had gotten the embroidery on the 1st bed I bought for her but wanted to try it out to make sure my dog liked the bed (she's finicky) and didn't think I could return it with embroidery. She doesn't even scratch at these beds before she lies down and they are soft enough where she sinks in a little (but not to the floor!) and she feels cuddled by the bed. Once the 3rd bed in my house gets worn out, I'll be purchasing a 3rd from K9. Wish there were a few more color/pattern options for this particular bed but I'm more concerned about her liking the bed and not destroying it with scratching/nesting before she lies down. Thank you K9 Ballistics!!!
    • Overall it is what it says
      Review by Boo on 3/22/2019
      Overall it is pretty good. The pup has not been able to chew it up like he did all his other beds. My only complaint is although water resistant, it is not waterproof. The cushion inside was damp when I removed the cover after the pup had urinated on it. Also the cover is not very stain resistant either. It kind of looks nasty in a short time.
    • I love the ruggedness!
      Review by Laura on 3/21/2019
      This bed is definitely chew proof! I've got a 10 pound destruction dog! It's a bit stiff (firm) for the snuggling that she likes, but she seems to enjoy laying on it by the back door watching all of the wildlife outside.
    • Satisfied
      Review by Ellen on 3/19/2019
      Pit-mix puppy thought he got a new tug of war toy when I took the bed out of the box, and as cute as he was growling and shaking it and trying to drag the cover off, I definitely had my doubts about this bed lasting longer than his last. I was impressed with how heavy and durable the cover seemed, and the cushion plumped up beautifully soon after, and it was big enough that I got to try it out. Super comfortable! Grimm thinks so too, and weeks later the bed is intact. Whether due to his inability to chew it or he's too comfy to try, whichever, I'm happy!
    • Worth it!
      Review by Rachel on 3/18/2019
      I have an 8 month old chocolate lab and she's tore up 4 different beds now. This one has held up perfectly!! She's definitely rough on it and it's still in one piece! Worth the money!
    • Only dog bed for us!
      Review by JoAnne on 3/17/2019
      First bed my Cardigan hasn’t even attempted to chew up. There are no inviting dangling things like zippers and tags and welty-type seams to entice him. I now own three of these, one for each dog and it will be the only ones I will endorse!
    • Only dog bed for us!
      Review by JoAnne on 3/17/2019
      First bed my Cardigan hasn’t even attempted to chew up. There are no inviting dangling things like zippers and tags and welty-type seams to entice him. I now own three of these, one for each dog and it will be the only ones I will endorse!
    • Best bed ever!
      Review by Rhonda on 3/17/2019
      Our Doberman LOVES his bed
      He tried chewing on it a few times and finally gave up!
    • Definitely Passed the Test
      Review by Kay on 3/16/2019
      We have had this bed for about a month now, and every day I’m impressed at how perfect it still looks. Past beds would have long been resorted to fluff by this point, but our pup hasn’t even been able to leave a stain on this bed (and trust me...she’s tried). It’s also comfortable enough for a human to nap on, so I know she’s cozy when we’re gone. We’ll definitely be ordering a second one!
    • Best, Sturdiest Dog Bed Ever
      Review by rivrchick on 3/11/2019
      This is the fourth Ballistic bed in our dog family and they are the best...two of my dogs are almost 100 lbs and love their very durable beds. My "chewy" dogs play with their beds sometimes, but there is no evidence of chewing through. One of the beds lives outside in sun and bad weather and is as good as new but for a little sun fading (to be expected). My first one was purchased over two years ago and it is holding up brilliantly. The newest one took a couple days for Lakota dog to figure out it was her new nest, but once she did, she loves it! These beds are STURDY and long lasting...Thank you K9 Ballistic, we will be back when our family grows again!
    • Very durable
      Review by MC on 3/11/2019
      This is a great bed for a dog who likes to chew. The cover is super tough and completely chew-resistant. Our dog is a goldendoodle who LOVES to chew. He has chewed all kind of clothes, furniture, upholstered items, rugs, beds - he loves to eat socks, blankets, etc. He cant have most toys because he will chew them to bits and will actually eat them if allowed. We were worried whether this rather expensive bed would survive - but so far, so good! It's been a month, and the bed has not been chewed! The cover is really tough and fairly slick so I dont think he enjoys trying to chew it. Also we got an XL bed for a 60 lbs dog and it's way too big - I think 3 dogs his size could fit on it! But he loves it and we're super happy the bed is working and he doesnt need to sleep on the floor anymore! :)
    • Loving this bed !
      Review by Elizabeth on 3/10/2019
      My dog has went through 2 dog beds, multiple chair cushions, and numerous crate pads ( wasn't even her crate ????????). I've had the bed for about two weeks and she hasn't packed it off the porch or chewed on it from what I can see. It is very very well made and definitely worth the price!
    • Fabulous! Amazing Product
      Review by Lady V on 3/10/2019
      I am so extremely happy with this amazing product
      We have been through five beds in the last three months with our puppy we adopted. I was at the last straw having to keep throwing away beds that lasted no longer than a few weeks at a time. I came across this website desperately trying to find a non destructible bed and WOW!!!!! He has not touched it once. The quality the design absolutely amazing. I would recommend to anyone looking for something for your FUREVER FRIEND that will be long lasting and extremely comfortable. Thank you K9 Ballistics
    • perfect dog bed
      Review by Karen on 3/10/2019
      our new Lab/English Springer Spaniel puppy chewed up two dog beds prompting me to buy this new K9Ballistics bed. She hasn't touched it yet and our little dog has been able to use it. The bed is very well constructed so hopefully it will hold up well to her inner Lab tendencies to chew everything.
    • Great Dog Bed Really Holds up !
      Review by Petey on 3/10/2019
      It has held up GREAT and our Labrador Retriever Loves to chew but has not chewed this at all. She loves it and finds it very comfy. I would consider this an Excellent investment. I was quite skeptical at first but this has lived up to the hype. WE LOVE IT !!!!
    • Buy Once Cry Once
      Review by Scott on 3/10/2019
      Excellent product (having only had it for a week). It’s not cheap but it’s clear this is a well built bed. So, “buy once cry once” is a concept I’ve come to believe in and I expect it will apply with the K9 Ballistic bed. Heck, I comfortably fall asleep on it. Even as I write, my Malinois is sawing logs on it.
    • Great beds, well built, do the job.
      Review by Michael on 3/10/2019
      Purchased 3 beds for our dogs who have occasional mishaps (peeing), and although this has not occurred since purchase (yes!), they are performing flawlessly. Completely liquid resistant.
    • jealous dog!
      Review by Kimberly on 3/8/2019
      Schultz, a big burly GS, was jealous of Lily, a demure "bagle," getting her new bed. So ... Schultz got his own new bed. He's taken much better care of his than she has, but let me tell you ... the best beds EVER! comfy, easy to clean. and very content dogs. GREAT all the way around!
    • The BOMBDIGGITY of dog beds!!
      Review by Tom on 3/8/2019
      This bed is the BOMBDIGGITY!! I was told to quit buying cheap beds and try this, and I finally decided to just order one!! I hate to admit that my friend was right!! This bed is awesome!! Hank our 10 month old chocolate Labrador has not even attempted to chew this!! He lays in his crate like a king on his bed!! The guarantee & reviews made my choice easy!!
    • Great Quality Bed
      Review by Melissa on 3/7/2019
      This bed has lasted for years, great quality! These are the only beds that my dog doesn't tear apart. The only reason I replaced it was for the inside cushion that does go flat over a long period of time. Perfect bed for my rambunctious dogs otherwise.
    • So far so good
      Review by Donna on 3/6/2019
      Very well made bed. So far B hasn't chewed it. In his 9 years we have gone through a lot of beds and so far this one is good. The velcro is very tough
      Wish I had known about this bed 9 years ago I could have saved a lot of money
    • Great bed
      Review by Mari on 2/28/2019
      The bed seems very well made! So far my 6mo old boxer hasn’t eaten it! She’s killed many beds! I’ve looked at these beds for a long time and my only regret is that I didn’t buy them long ago!
    • I was looking for a dog bed made in the USA.
      Review by Carol on 2/28/2019
      Molly’s loves her bed. she has slept on it every night, since it was delivered.
    • Looks good so far
      Review by Ani on 2/27/2019
      So far so good. This is our first bed. We also have a crate pad. The crate pad has lasted over a year. I have two fierce scratchers and they fight over the bed. If the crate pad is any indication of how the bed will hold up then I will be over the moon.
    • very happy with my purchase
      Review by Tina on 2/26/2019
      This bed is made very well and is very tough. my (mini) Australian Shepherd Puppy (5.5 months) has not even tried to chew it yet, and he loves it.
    • Worth every penny!
      Review by Anthony on 2/26/2019
      Awesome bed.
    • good quality, dogs hate it
      Review by Mastiff & Boxer mom on 2/26/2019
      The overall quality was great and the design was beautiful. However, my dogs hated it. They would rather share the other small bed then get on this one. I think it had something to do with the fabric. It's more durable and crunchy(?) than soft and cozy.
    • Great bed - worth the money.
      Review by Karl on 2/26/2019
      So far - so good for the bed. Our 5 month old Great Pyrenees/Lab mix has not damaged it. I have seen her try to chew on it but she gives up after several unsuccessful attempts. She has destroyed every other bed, blanket or pad that we used before.
    • Love it!
      Review by Matthew on 2/24/2019
      Wonderful bed and large. We have gone through at least 12 beds with our rescue. She gets mad when we leave and her bed is her victim. 2 weeks strong and this bed is amazing!
    • Awesome dog bed!
      Review by Sharon on 2/24/2019
      Great dog bed. We had one in the past with our boxer that died and he never chewed it. So we have two new boxers puppies and they love it. The beds are a little expensive but well worth it. Will buy again for sure.
    • So far, so good
      Review by Ronald on 2/24/2019
      So far so good. Our new puppy is a chewer and while slowing down has not start to attack the bed yet. All three of the dogs seem comfortable on the bed when they are on it as we play musical beds.
    • Really is a tough bed
      Review by Mark on 2/23/2019
      Still in one piece so far. We have had it for about two weeks now and not a hole in it!!! They move it around but have not chewed through anything yet. The last bed we bought was a Kong and we thought that would last. It did, about 3 hours.
    • So far worth every penny
      Review by Debby on 2/23/2019
      I bought this bed at a last resort. My Pit Mix is very anxious when we have company and do not pay attention to him, you could say spoiled. He goes directly to his bed and chews it apart to pull out all that is inside. So far this bed has been wonderful, the full test will be our next gathering of friends. Seems to be very comfortable for him so fingers crossed. Very nicely made!! Thank You
    • Absolutely the BEST!
      Review by CK on 2/21/2019
      Absolutely the BEST! I have a Shar Pei and two English Bulldogs, one of which is a chewer. I have finally found her match! We initially tried two beds, but they each love them so much, we ordered another. Thank you!!
    • Best for Aggressive Chewers
      Review by Ashley on 2/20/2019
      Out of every bed we've tried, this one takes the cake for our heavy chewer. He's a 70 pound 7 month old Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd and pretty much is limited to Kong toys since nothing else can hold up. It takes him less than a day to finish a braided 12-inch long bully stick, to give some context.

      We've had it for about a month now and this bed has held up fantastically and he also loves it. He managed to get a tiny hole in one of the corners of the cover but hasn't been able to get it any bigger, nor has he been able to get to the actual bedding.

      He fits well for the XL and I think will be able to still fit on it as he gets bigger, but if not, we'll definitely be getting another one from K9 Ballistics!
    • Great
      Review by Boofy on 2/20/2019
      Great bed. While a bit expensive, in the long run, better value than I expected and it appears that it will last. Thanks for a great product.
    • Great purchase
      Review by Mary on 2/16/2019
      So far it’s been great, our 11 month old Shepherd that destroys a bed with a week has not chewed holes in this one. He enjoys lying on it and drags it around sometimes but it is holding up so far.
    • Great PurchAs
      Review by Mary on 2/16/2019
      We have a 11 month old German Shepherd who has torn up every bed we have bought within a week. Have had this a few weeks and he has not torn this one. He likes to lie on it and drags it around sometimes and flips it. But so far it has withstood his teeth! And it wipes up clean!

    • They r better than anything we have bought previously, but they are not indestructible.
      Review by Tracy on 2/11/2019
      Well, it is not chew proof at all. With that being said, it is better than any dog bed we have ever had. We have Dobie's that are lap babies. Well, not really...but they think the they are. The newest one loves to chew! He still chewed through ur cover.
    • very good bed and durable.
      Review by Thomass on 2/11/2019
      e sure to lay the bed with the Velcro seam on the bottom as dogs that chew will pull on that seam.
    • Loved it
      Review by Linda on 2/11/2019
      My 5yro beagle mix absolutely loved it. Great quality. Unfortunately, it only lasted 48hrs with my 8mos old. The K9 ballistic team was very helpful with the warranty. We are going to try the elevated cot next. Hopefully she won't chew the frame...................
    • Will but another
      Review by DP on 2/8/2019
      A little louder than a plush bed when they scratch or dig, but no damage so far. My crew slides into this bed at full speed like it is home plate. The zipper stands the abuse. And nobody has gnawed that annoying little hole to extract the stuffing. I’ll probabky add another next go around
      Review by Andrew on 2/8/2019
      Best dog bed ever 100% indestructible I built a wooden fram to go around the XXL bed and it works perfectly no tears no nothing Thank You K9 Ballistics !!!!!
    • Problem solved
      Review by KayJay on 2/7/2019
      This bed is awesome! Our beagle made quick work of any previous bed or blanket we used. She loves to lay on her K9 Ballistic bed, and as far as we can tell, she hasn't even tried to chew on it. She loves to go in her crate and lay on it, even when we're home.
    • Great for chewers!
      Review by Brianna on 2/5/2019
      We’ve had this dog bed for about two weeks now and it is amazing! Our dog is 1 1/2 and usually destroys dog beds in a day. Since using this he hasn’t really even tried to rip it open. We are trying to train him to use the bed instead of going on the couch and so far it’s been great. He seems to love it! Definitely worth the price.
    • Outstanding bed. Worth every penny
      Review by Paula on 2/4/2019
      Love love love love it!!!! The quality is outstanding. My dog loot. So far so good. The other bed he destroyed. This bed is still completely intact-3 weeks later
    • Excellent Product
      Review by Kathleen on 2/3/2019
      I bought this bed for my 5 lb Maltese after she and our 45 lb Golden/Corgi mix decided to totally destroy her initial bed. They both gave this one a try at destroying it but soon gave up. I think she did not feel safe on it because of the lack of sides, so she would jump on it and nap a bit during the day but wanted no part of it at night. So we keep that in the living room for day time naps and play and its still perfect and I ordered a dog bed (still chew resistant) which she now sleeps in at night. I guess she just needed the sides to feel secure. This one is as sturdy as the first and the chewing activity seems to have stopped. High quality, strong beds for those dogs who tend to get into trouble. Highly recommend.
    • Pretty in Pink
      Review by Thea on 2/3/2019
      I have a 11 week old Border Collie puppy who has chewed through numerous toys, including nylabones. She loves her bed and it doesn't look at all like she periodically chomps around it like a corn cob. I am so glad I ordered it. It is pink and makes her look sweet when she isn't acting like a little piranha.
    • Comfy and sturdy
      Review by Alicia on 2/2/2019
      Our dog absolutely loves this bed. It’s sturdy enough that he hasn’t been able to thrash it around or puncture holes in it. It seems cushy enough for him to nest in as well. We did buy the large bed and the large elevated cot together. Although both larges, the bed is smaller than the cot by a few inches.
    • Love it!
      Review by Laura on 1/31/2019
      This bed was the solution to my shredded bed problem! Highly recommend!
    • Great dog bed; highly recommend
      Review by Ravi on 1/27/2019
      We're very pleased with this bed. It seems very tough and it's even pleasant to look at. Great job, K9 Ballistics!

      We got the large for our 35 lb 5 mo mutt, and it's plenty big for him. I think the medium would have sufficed, even for his expected 50 lb adult size.
    • Finally found a bed my dog can't destroy
      Review by Jbeene on 1/27/2019
      The K9 Ballistic bed is great! My dog has been using it for two weeks now, and he hasn't shredded any of it! His previous bed didn't even last 12 hours before it looked like it had exploded across the room. The K9 bed is still in one unharmed piece, and being used daily. I'll be ordering another one soon!
    • Great
      Review by Bill on 1/27/2019
      Nice bed Frank slept on it. First time by himself,19 weeks, all night probably have to move it though using it now to get up into our bed!!!! Thanks we love it ????Bill
    • A Good Bed whose description of the website is not so good
      Review by Matt on 1/26/2019
      The picture above of Spike on his bed makes the material look like good old-fashioned sailcloth/canvas with the typical canvas uniform surface. What arrived was very different. The surface was not uniform, but rather had a crosshatching of raised material reinforcing threads. I suggest that next to the picture of the bulldog on the Spike bed you have a second picture that shows a close up of the material. That will also give the prospective buyer a better sense of the bed color, which isn't the soft tan as pictured, but has a darker warmer ochre or burnt umber color rather than tan.

      Despite those concerns, we did choose to keep the bed shipped to us, and hope that the physical "hardness" softens once the bed is washed a couple times.
    • Great Quality
      Review by Tim on 1/26/2019
      Right out of the box I could tell that the quality of this bed was awesome. The pad cover with it's rip-stop material will prove to be a match for my lab....I hope! The pad itself is very nice. Great addition to the dog house.
    • Great beds
      Review by Susan on 1/25/2019
      Great beds for big chewers. They like them and they have held up wonderfully.
    • High quality material make this bed awesome.
      Review by Angela on 1/22/2019
      The beds have held up well with two dogs trying their best to rip out the stuffing as they did with all previous beds. The velcro and zipper are of good quality and have helped keep the bed intact.
    • Highly recommend this bed for your fur baby.
      Review by Angela on 1/22/2019
      Impressive so far, the beds have held up inspite of two puppies trying to repeatedly dig holes through them. The puppies love napping on them.
    • Great beds for chewers and nesters
      Review by Debra on 1/21/2019
      We bought a crate of for one of our great Danes who chewed up beds weekly. We've had this over a year and it's still intact. Based on that, we've recently bought the nesting bed for our notorious digger and after a month not one tear! I'm keeping my fingers crossed but this has done better than any others and with 3 great Danes that's not easy
    • Sparky loves it!
      Review by Laurel on 1/20/2019
      We’re very pleased with quality of the bed!
    • Finally!
      Review by Erin on 1/19/2019
      We love the beds and customer service. Our pit bull/pointer mix tears up every bed we ever try, and then our little boston/pug rips out all the stuffing. The pit/pointer mix just loves to rip up blankets, toys, etc. We got a medium and large bed. The second day he did manage to make a couple bite holes in the medium and make a rip in the large. He didn't seem to want to rip up further as they were comfortable and they both laid in them them all day. We called the company to initiate our warranty and they promptly sent new covers for both of them faster than they promised. We double bagged them and they have been going strong for a couple months now. Unheard of in this house! Happy pets and customers. Thank you!
    • Solid product
      Review by Eric on 1/16/2019
      There isn't a better bed you can buy. It really is virtually indestructible. One word of caution for your sanity. If you put this in your bedroom and your dog likes to spend 3 minutes circling it and getting it just right, it will wake you up all night. It's a noisy bed but again, it's if you have a dog that is truly peticular on how comfortable they wish to get. The bed itself is great.
    • Fantastic
      Review by Joseph on 1/16/2019
      Willow has only been on her bed for about a week but so far no holes. On all of her other beds she had at least a couple holes in them on the first day. Time will be the true test but so far FANTASTIC.
    • Excellent tough material
      Review by Dog mom on 1/15/2019
      My German Shepard loves to destroy anything with stuffing inside, toys, dog beds, you name it. We have tried so many dog beds only to have stuffing all over the living room minutes to hours later, until now. I ordered this bed for my 125 lb shepard over a month ago and he hasn't even tried to chew through this bed. He tried to dig through it a few times and the tough material didn't even get a scratch on it. I can not say enough how much we love this dog bed. If you have a dog that destroys everything, you need this bed.
    • Wish I bought it long ago.
      Review by Rich on 1/14/2019
      Most importantly our dog likes it and considers it her bed. We had gone through her chewing parts of or dislike of many options of bedding. She gave up sleeping on our bed, our goal, for this. For my part it is easy to deal with, light enough to move around or travel, large enough for her needs, strong enough to let her 'adjust' the fluff to her liking and stays intact. Super product !
    • Great bed for chewers--Highly recommend
      Review by Atro on 1/13/2019
      Got this bed in Dec. 2018 for a year old 130 pound Brazilian Mastiff, who has torn up other dog beds, plus what ever he deems he should tear up. But, this bed seems to have stumped him, in how to tear it apart. He's dragged it around yet not made a hole in it. However, his little buddy a 11 year old pit bull stole it from him to sleep on herself. She loves it too, but the Big dog is also now sleeping on it with her, rather than trying to tear it apart. Well built, makes a nest in it & it's full enough to keep cold of floor away. We got the biggest bed, which gives this big dog room to stretch completely out. Think it would be good for any size dog.
    • Great bed for chewers--Highly recommend
      Review by Atro on 1/13/2019
      Got this bed in Dec. 2018 for a year old 130 pound Brazilian Mastiff, who has torn up other dog beds, plus what ever he deems he should tear up. But, this bed seems to have stumped him, in how to tear it apart. He's dragged it around yet not made a hole in it. However, his little buddy a 11 year old pit bull stole it from him to sleep on herself. She loves it too, but the Big dog is also now sleeping on it with her, rather than trying to tear it apart. Well built, yet makes a nest in it & it's full enough to keep cold of floor away. We got the biggest bed, which gives this big dog room to stretch completely out.
    • Up to snuff
      Review by Dana on 1/11/2019
      As I hoped, the K9 ballistic bed is everything I read! My year old hound mix has chewed/torn up every dog bed we had bought. However, she has done no damage to this one! We liked it so much we now have three and are very satisfied with them all!
    • Works great
      Review by Julie on 1/7/2019
      I have bought 2and getting ready to buy #3.
    • Beautiful!!! Tougher than a mini dachshund. Able to resist sharp nails with a single material!
      Review by Suzanne on 1/4/2019
      Ku'ulei is still getting used to the bed. BUT she can't chew it or scratch holes. Also, the zipper is soooo well hidden, I can't imagine her being able to get to it. Who would have thought a 9.5 lb miniature dachshund could do so much damage, but she can!
    • Best Dog Bed
      Review by Maggie on 1/4/2019
      Finally a bed that our lab won’t chew! Thank you!
    • Great quality
      Review by Deby on 1/3/2019
      Great quality and a nice blue color. Our dog is enjoying it. I think this will last a long time!
    • Not good
      Review by Alec on 12/31/2018
      My dog lasted 3 days before he ripped the bed to shreds. Upon receiving it you can tell it’s much more durable then other dog beds that you would buy at a pet store, or a store like target. But for the price I paid I wanted this thing to last much much longer. Very disappointed.
    • Descent bed but definitely not chew proof
      Review by Brittany on 12/31/2018
      We’ve gone through so many dog beds because one of our dogs is a savage chewer. He chews through every bed we’ve bought or even if we just put a blanket down. I finally made the decision to buy this bed because literally nothing else was working. In less then 24 hours our dog had chewed a hole in it. Very disappointing especially due to the price and all the claims about it being chew proof. However I will say that the customer service is excellent and we are waiting for our replacement cover to arrive. We bought a size XL and it fits both of our dogs on it perfectly (one is 90lbs and other is 45lbs) it’s a great bed, just definitely not chew proof!
    • The best dog bed!
      Review by Timothy on 12/30/2018
      Our Goldendoodle loves it and it is chew proof! So comfy and big I can lay on it with her in front of the fire!
    • So far so good, not the softest bed but Harlo seems comfy
      Review by Colleen on 12/29/2018
      We had to ship to Louisiana and have it then shipped to Intario Canada. We received it just this past Thursday. Seems really good. Harlo’s liking it I think. We bought the 54” so it would fill up her crate. Now she can stretch out. She’s 100 lbs now at 11 months. Hopefully this one will last a while!
    • So pleased!!
      Review by Kendra on 12/28/2018
      Excellent quality! Looks great! Dog loves the bed. He has destroyed every other bed, toy, blanket he has been given. So far, so good with this bed. Hopeful!!
    • A little tough but comfy
      Review by Phill on 12/20/2018
      Our 65# pit seems to enjoy it. Needed a blanket to add to it for comfort as it is a bit rough feeling.
    • K9 Ballistic Nesting Bed Very Pleased
      Review by Shonmat on 12/18/2018
      Although it has only been one week since we introduced our 2 year old labrador to the K9 Nesting Bed, it has held up well. He eats anything and everything and has torn through hard plastic and wooden logs. He's never really had a bed yet because we fear he will just tear it up. I was not too sure about the K9 Ballistic product, but it is awesome. Very comfortable and I like the material of the cover. He has not even tried to chew on it (yet). He's pawed at the bed trying to get comfortable and I thought he would puncture it with his nails. Nope. I will write another review in a month or so, after he's had it longer. I don't doubt our purchase was a good one.
    • Nice bed but
      Review by Cathy on 12/13/2018
      Loved it and the embroidery of his name clyde. The next day we put the bed in the garage for him to use and he destroyed it. I can send pics if you like. He opened the velcro and tore up in inside gray cover and had the stuffing all over the back yard
    • Strong, durable, comfortable
      Review by Tyler on 12/12/2018
      Finally a bed my dog can’t destroy!!! Durable, strong material that’s also soft and comfortable for my 5-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retreiver. Thank you K9!
    • Beauty's Bed
      Review by CHARLENE on 12/12/2018
      My dog didn't give me a chance to put the bed cover on.. She LOVES it! She's a pitbull, she chewed it once, when she first laid on it.. But the bed won, and she hasn't chewed it since. All she does is sleep now. I wish I could upload a pic.
    • Good quality dog bed.. You get what you pay for...
      Review by Zachary on 12/12/2018
      Bought this bed because our wolfhound would not not destroy and of the other beds we bought him.. (Oh goodie my stupid humans bought me a new toy..) I had looked at these beds before and was reluctant to buy one simply because of the price. I pulled the trigger on cyber Monday and so far I am glad I spent the money.. The quality is there and I don't think ED can chew this bed up.. He seems to love it as well... I would definitely recommend this bed if you have a chewer...
    • great bed
      Review by ARTHUR on 12/11/2018
      Great so far. Dogs had chewed their last three beds...so far they have tried and thankfully failed with the K-9 bed
    • Cautiously optimistic; a beautiful bed, well-crafted
      Review by Lisa on 12/10/2018
      so far, so good! (It's only been a week, so we will see. But I am cautiously optimistic). And, it is BEAUTIFUL. I appreciate the heavy-duty reinforced seams, and that they cover the zipper. The fabric appears durable and strong -- and still very attractive. The only worry is that the seams have a flap that my dog seems very, very interested in. We'll see! I'm hopeful!
    • So far so good
      Review by Tarka on 12/10/2018
      I have two Akita puppies now 1 year, our male has ripped to shreds 8 Costco beds and 2 dog.com beds, U were my last chance, so far he only has 1 tooth hole and try's to rip at the velcro he knows to flip it over and is trying soooo hard to rip open that Velcro, but does love to lay on it and I got the XXL so its the only bed that actually fits him. SO FAR SO GOOD. I am going to order another one for inside.
    • Well made, but still "chewable" for our dog.
      Review by Todd on 12/10/2018
      We love this bed and so does our dog! Now, our dog is classified as a "super chewer" with Bark Box, so she loves to chew! She has chewed on the velcro flap on the bottom of the bed that covers the zipper. At this point she has seem to have given up. She loves this bed so much that she doesn't need to be told to "kennel up" at night! When she is tired, she just heads to the kennel and her bed! She has previously shredded three other "normal" beds, so we were reluctant to purchase this bed. Glad we did and hopefully the chewing has stopped!
    • Lulu loves it
      Review by HILLARY on 12/10/2018
      We needed a bed to stand up to the chewer queen. This bed is it. She tried, she failed and now she has a bed in one piece. Thank you K9 Ballistics!
    • Lulu loves it
      Review by HILLARY on 12/10/2018
      We needed a bed to stand up to the chewer queen. This bed is it. She tried, she failed and now she has a bed in one piece. Thank you K9 Ballistics!
    • Looks new even after 2 weeks
      Review by Bernard’s mommy on 12/9/2018
      This is the only bed my two year old doodle has not even attempted to destroy. This is hopefully lucky number 5! I promised myself this is the last one I’ll buy him and he loves it!!! Or maybe he’s just patiently waiting because he knows about the 120 day guarantee..
    • Looks new even after 2 weeks
      Review by Bernard’s ml on 12/9/2018
      This is the only bed my two year old doodle has not even attempted to destroy. This is hopefully lucky number 5! I promised myself this is the last one I’ll buy him and he loves it!!! Or maybe he’s just patiently waiting because he knows about the 120 day guarantee..
    • Tough Bed
      Review by Duke on 12/9/2018
      My dog’s bed will usually last one day. So far my bed from K9 Basllistics has held up. Money well spent.
    • Toughest dog bed ever!
      Review by Jeri on 12/9/2018
      This is the only dog bed our 2 boxers have never chewed up- and we’ve gone through plenty. Had to get a 2nd one so they each have their own. Definitely worth the cost.
    • Appears to be working,
      Review by Klarissa on 12/9/2018
      So far so good. I have a chihuahua mix that can chew through ANYTHING! I also have a pug that suffered without a bed for a year because of his brother’s behavior. I tried many beds, towels, and rugs but nothing worked. I wondered what other pet owners with chewers did and I stumbled across this website. I’m glad I did because since I received the bed, he has not made a dent in it. It appears that they are warm and happy now.
    • Worth the price
      Review by Cricket on 12/8/2018
      Have had the bed for a couple months and it is still here in one piece. Jax has not managed to rip it up. In fact, he has given up on it. Have paid more in the last year on dog beds than I did on this bed alone. Worth the price.
    • Messy but the dogs love it
      Review by JAMIE on 12/8/2018
      The bed took about two days of jumping on it (by the dogs) to get it to fluff up. The foam inside makes a mess, so don't peek in to find out why it's so flat. I originally was going to return the bed, thinking it was defective, but it just needed time for the foam pieces to expand on the inside. The dogs actually like this one better than the orthopedic version (we got both). No chewing by all three dogs who are power chewers.
    • Very satisfied
      Review by Ed on 12/8/2018
      Dog loves the bed. Materials are excellent and cleans up easy.
    • Great!
      Review by Nicole on 12/6/2018
      So far so good, we have a lab with severe hip dysplasia in both hips and on her bad days/high pain days she chews on everything and anything regardless of the toys we get for her. So far she has had no desire to eat this bed.
    • Great beds
      Review by DUKE on 12/5/2018
      Love them. I have 2 pitbulls and they tried to chew the bed but to no avail
    • Great beds
      Review by Scot on 12/5/2018
      This is my second bed. My dog destroyed all other beds. I still have my first one and after acquiring another dog this is the only way to go.
    • The only bed that can withstand my husky
      Review by Mike on 12/5/2018
      While I was a little skeptical at first - since my husky has ripped apart probably 10 beds over the past 2 years, scattering the stuffing all over the house in resplendent joy - the K9 ballistics bed has definitely stood up to the punishment that is my dog’s pleasure. This product is well made. Both the mattress insert and cover are tough and sewn to withstand punishment. The material also beads-off liquid and can be removed to clean. I should mention, my dog also seems to love lying on it, so it’s comfortable as well. My previous purchases of other “tough” beds have been too uncomfortable for him. He simply knocked these away from his resting place and laid on the floor. Best purchase for my dog yet! I’m assured that his joints will be protected from the hard floor and he will sleep soundly and comfortably.
    • Very pleased
      Review by Jack on 12/4/2018
      We love our ballistic bed we bought. Our boxers have destroyed all beds in the past. We come home now and they are laying on their bed and it's all one piece. Yeah.
      They love it so much they now sleep downstairs and on their new ballistic pillow. They No Longer trY To get on the couch. Yeah. So worth this investment!
    • Great bed.
      Review by Lanna on 12/4/2018
      Had the bed for two weeks now. So far so good. It’s lasted longer than any bed we purchased.It’s a little bit noisy when he gets on it and then during the night when he’s moving around but I’ll take a little bit of noise to picking up the staffing of the other beds. Thank you will recommend this bed to other dog owners.
    • Good Bed, but Stormi made a hole....
      Review by Ray on 12/3/2018
      it is a tough built bed. But my German Shepherd did have a small hole started after the first night.
    • Amazingly strong!
      Review by Jen on 12/3/2018
      Amazing!! Have a 6 month old Lab mix that is a chewer and has torn up every bed so I bought the Ballistic. He's attempted to chew this bed but has been unsuccessful! It's a little stiff and doesn't look like it would be comfortable but my dog enjoys it and sleeps well.
    • great bed, withstands doberman
      Review by Chet Manley on 12/2/2018
      Incredible bed. Dog destroyed 7 beds prior to this one. Got frustrated due to inability to find a seam and eventually made his peace with the fact he could not destroy.
    • So far indestructible.
      Review by Joni on 11/29/2018
      My one year old Lab/Hound has destroyed many dog beds but so far not a scratch on the two K9 Ballustic beds.
    • Big Tough Bed
      Review by Dane on 11/28/2018
      My dog loves his new bed. The construction appears to be very tough. I will be very surprised if he is able to chew thru this bed. Note that the the bed I ordered is larger than I thought it would be. Given that my dog is about 80 pounds I ordered the largest bed available and did not pay close attention to the measurements. It is huge, my dog loves all the room he has to roll around on it, I recommend measuring the area where you want to place it because it is big.
    • Awesome bed, very well built!
      Review by Carol on 11/28/2018
      It is the first bed that Rex tried to chew, but gave up! He was able to make a couple of marks in the cover, but that is it. We were constantly having to sew the covers of all the other beds we tried, but this one is holding up well. We have had the first one for about 6 months now, so we purchased a second one. Love it!
    • Not 100% Chew proof
      Review by Graham on 11/28/2018
      The bed is very good looking. Unfortunately it is not chew proof. Our two dogs both thought it was a chew toy, and it is now full of holes. I have sprayed it a few times and that has helped
    • Generally good dog beds but had a bad experience this time
      Review by Sarah on 11/27/2018
      I bought an XL bed and my dogs love it. I have 2 Huskies and they have destroyed every bed except this one

      I bought one on Black Friday (opted to get a LG instead of the XL because that one didn't fit nicely in my bedroom). Sadly the actual bed part of it seems underfilled compared to the other one. It seems nice to get in and out of the case, but the dogs don't seem to like it. Just a little disappointed with this bed after having good luck with the first one.
    • So Far So Good
      Review by KG on 11/27/2018
      Clearly superior to any bed previously purchased. The material, stitching and velcro closures all working as advertised. This new pup (5 month old/25 lb border collie) has destroyed 3 beds to date. This one has survived the longest and given zero damage after a month I am impressed.
    • Good Bed - but NOT very chew proof.
      Review by Michele on 11/26/2018
      I was super super happy with the bed, but after yesterday, I am just sorta happy with it. I was raving about the bed to a friend of mine. She stopped over yesterday and grabbed it from our bedroom and my friend very quickly pointed out two holes in the bed. We have never seen our 11 month old Dane with the bed and her chewing, so she must have done this at night. I must say I am disappointed.
    • Very good
      Review by Susan on 11/24/2018
      Vincent’s bed is lovely. He enjoys it very much. The fabric does make It a bit noisy under his feet, but that same fabric is what makes It Durable for our less thrn delicate pup. Although he did chew through the corner of the caver in the first
      Hour he had it, I did stitch it closed and he hasn’t tried to chew it again. He has a terrible habit of chewing through EVERYTHING!!
      Delivery was swift quality in materials and stitching is excellent.
      Review by Sharon on 11/24/2018
      Barely got the bed unpacked and the cover on, when Both Dogs had to follow me into their room and try out the bed. This is the best doggie bed they have ever gotten, and it fits perfectly in my sewing room, where we spend A Lot of time.
    • Great durable bed!!
      Review by J on 11/24/2018
      We love the bed, Katie (dog) included. When we opened the box, it was obvious that this was a very well-made, durable bed. We have a bored chewer. She has gone threw several beds but this one has held up to her bully ways for several weeks.
    • love this bed!!!
      Review by Maggie on 11/23/2018
      This bed is really well made, sturdy, soft and so comfortable...my chewer has not even tried to tear it up!
      I have been through 5 beds to date!!! Love it so much, I purchased a second!!
    • 5 Stars
      Review by Kathleen on 11/23/2018
      I love that the bed is waterproof. My older dog has accidents and the cover prevents the mess from penetrating to the bed inside. Thank you for great quality.
    • Best bed ever
      Review by Wendy on 11/22/2018
      Gone threw tons of beds. My frenchie ripped every single one.
      Best bed ever. She still try’s to rip it, but to no avail. Best bed ever!!!! Going to buy another one soon for a spare.
    • awesome
      Review by ken on 11/21/2018
      so far so good. Drake our pit/lab mix has not been able to do any damage after destroying our 3 other beds for our other dogs. We just ordered one for our older dog Malibu and one for our grandpup Trouble
    • Was happy with bed but dog was still able to chew up
      Review by Lisa on 11/18/2018
      I was very happy with the overall bed and would have gave 5 bones but my Whoodle was still able to chew up the bed within 3 hours of me being away from home. When I returned she had chewed a hole in outer cover.
    • Durable
      Review by Trisha on 11/18/2018
      So far these beds are holding up nicely, my pup is almost a year old and he likes to dig and chew on everything.
    • Great product!
      Review by Jane on 11/18/2018
      So far it’s great, comfortable and durable!
    • Our pups are now the king and queen of comfort
      Review by Matt on 11/17/2018
      These beds are great. They're durable and easy to clean. Customer service was quick to answer any questions we had. Will definitely be ordering more k9 ballistics products in the future.
    • Nice bed, but wasn't complely chew proof for my powerful chewer.
      Review by Linda on 11/16/2018
      The quality of this bed is very nice, but it only took 5 minutes for one of my dogs to chew the corner off. K9 Ballistics did replace the cover, which has been put over the other cover, so maybe this will slow him down a little bit. I have some powerful 5 year old chewers.
    • Love them so far!
      Review by Louise on 11/16/2018
      The dogs love them (I bought one for each) and so far, the beds have withstood serious nest scratching.
    • A well made product.
      Review by Bruce on 11/16/2018
      A well made product but my dog, for reasons unknown, eschews its use. When the bed first arrived he trashed it about and then humped it. Since then it has been ignored. Perhaps he thinks it's a used-up harlot from the tenderloin district... or Darth Vador covered in a canvass sack.
    • These beds are made with integrity!
      Review by Rachel on 11/14/2018
      We couldn't be happier with these beds. Our dogs love them & they have remained in tact. These beds are truly indestructible & look great! I will never buy a dog bed from any other company.
    • Good product
      Review by Carolyn on 11/13/2018
      I bought another bed in this price range earlier and it was frayed within a month. This one is holding up nicely!
    • Strong cover but has a flaw
      Review by Harlan on 11/13/2018
      The cover is tough and my Boxer has quit chewing on it. However she now flips the bed over and opens the velcro closure and the zipper to get inside. She does this in a matter of minutes. It is a weak point of the bed! As a result I can only give it 3 bones. Can you make this better??
    • Excellent
      Review by Mike on 11/12/2018
      Great product, my Brit loves it!
    • Bed-destroyer-proof!
      Review by robin on 11/12/2018
      After 2 of our 5 dogs destroyed hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of beds, I made one last desperate effort with the purchase of a K9 bed. Only bought two so as not to throw more money down the drain if these also turned into chew toys . On the first day the beds were dragged off the porch and through the flowerbeds, but nary a tear to be found! And then it appears they just gave up. We’ve had them several weeks now with not a fiber out of place. I am absolutely thrilled!
    • Bed is great
      Review by Michael on 11/11/2018
      My dog loves scraping his bed with his nails before lying in it, and it's holding up great.
    • Great bed!
      Review by Ryan on 11/11/2018
      Great bed. Great customer service
    • Chew proof bed is great
      Review by Tom b on 11/10/2018
      This bed is great! Our Brittany is part shark and has not been able to damage this bed at all.

      Great product and super fast shipping.
    • Best purchase made
      Review by Kevin on 11/10/2018
      Our 70 pound golden retriever just loves this bed! It’s very comfy and he hasn’t been able to chew through it like the previous purchases. I’m glad I finally caved and spent the money. You get what you pay for!!
    • THIS is the bed we've been looking for!
      Review by doreen on 11/10/2018
      Great, durable, COMFY bed. Chew monster hasn't made a dent in it; older arthritic gentleman loves it. Debating getting a second one; it's just a total winner.
    • Finally found the bed for us
      Review by Kristina on 11/9/2018
      I have 4 french bulldog who were tearing beds apart as soon as they were left home alone. Not only were they breaking the beds but 2 of them were peeing on them. They have had this bed for 2 weeks now and have been alone several times, the bed is still completely intact. They love sleeping on it. They did pee on it and to my relief the pee didnt seep through. I was able to wash the cover and checked the bed inside and it was completely dry. I did find the pee just a few mins after the deed was done so I cant say that it wouldn't seep thought if it was there for a longer period of time. But I'm very impressed its definitely worth the money.
    • Awesome Bed
      Review by Daniel & Pam on 11/9/2018
      Our dogs absolutely Love these beds. They don't even fight over who's is who's, they each take one and lay down. They definitely Love these nesting beds!!!When we first got these beds one of the two chewed a hole in the corner of one during the night. So I contacted K9 Ballistics and they stood behind their warranty 100% I'm so impressed and happy with them that I will definitely buy another bed from them whenever I need one!!! THANKS K9 Ballistics
    • I would totally recommend this bed!
      Review by Patricia on 11/3/2018
      This a very well made bed! We have a 7 month old lab, and labs are known for chewing through anything! After about 4 days, she actually did chew the corners open a bit...but I can honestly say, I am still super impressed at how well this bed is made!
    • It's Nike's favorite bed!
      Review by Anj on 11/2/2018
      Our year old husky loves it, he managed to chew through a corner of it when we first got it but he seems to be leaving it alone now. Our new kitten loves to lay in it too!
    • Will be buying a second bed
      Review by Jessica on 11/1/2018
      I was surprised at how thick the bed actually is, which is a good thing since my 2 dogs are big boys. Our lab puppy has gone through so many beds in the year we have had him, usually within a day, but with this bed he has not been tempted to chew on it. He tried the first day we got it but quickly lost interest when it didn’t rip. I think because it’s also heavier than most beds he isn’t dragging it around the house either (bonus!) Not going to lie, I was so skeptical about a bed that our pup wouldn’t be able to eat so we only bought 1 bed to start with. But seing as both our boys love it we will be buying a second bed.
    • Charlie loves it
      Review by Brenda on 9/9/2018
      Charlie loves his new bed. First bed he has ever laid in as soon as laid on the floor. Charlie at 115 lbs is tough onbeds, he likes to dig to make it just right. Very happy with construction and quality. Absolutely love the size. And extra large has room for two.
    • Great bed.
      Review by David on 7/16/2018
      My dog loves the nest bed. He used to have a similar sized cushion but would tear the corners. So far the new bed has held up extraordinarily. He got peanut butter on it the very first day and it was very easy to clean.
    • Great bed definitely chew proof
      Review by Joanne on 7/15/2018
      I think the bed is one tough cookie as i watched my puppy try to tear it apart. With no luck
      The only problem is they don’t lay on it much because of the cover other wise great bed
    • Dog beds
      Review by Joanne on 7/15/2018
      Hello ; I think the beds are awesome very tough
      My dogs aren’t to sure about them I think the cover is not soft enough for them but I’m sure they will get used to it
    • Holding its own
      Review by Jen on 7/12/2018
      Works well. My dog did try to chew it one night. He only managed a minimal chew damage to one corner. Now that he knows it won’t come apart like the others he leaves it where it is and uses it as his outside dog nest. Big bonus is that I’ve found the cat nested on it 2hen the dog isn’t.
    • Excellent
      Review by vicki on 7/11/2018
      The bed has survived our 4 month old lab so far. I’m impressed with the quality and durability.
    • Highest quality
      Review by SEAN on 7/2/2018
      Great product will buy again, very high quality
    • Strong Comfortable Dog Bed
      Review by Stefan on 7/1/2018
      We have had the bed for a week now and so far our 16 week old 30 lbs puppy is super enjoying the comfort of the bed.He tried several times to bite through the material but with no success. It is also very easy to clean by simply wiping it with a wet cloth and dessinfectant. Can highly recommend it.
    • Worth it
      Review by Julie on 6/30/2018
      My dogs like their new bed so much they'll go to their kennel without being told
    • Perfect bed for our little chewer
      Review by Wendy on 2/22/2018
      We are so happy with the Original Tuff Bed! We have two dogs, one older, just wanting a place to lay down and the other, a two year old Boston Terrier/Corgi Mix that chews almost anything. We have tried so many very expensive dog beds that say and guarantee that they our durable, but our little 23 lb. Daisy can chew right through all of them. We have had the tuff bed for about 4 months now and she hasn't chewed it at all! It's a perfect bed for our dogs. Our older dog is very comfortable and our little one leaves it alone. Very durable bed at a very affordable price. Well worth the price!
    • Good bed
      Review by Pris on 2/22/2018
      The bed definitely seems undestructible! My puppy already destroyed 4 other ones. One downfall: it’s noisy. I can hear my dog move from my bedroom with the door closed. Other than that I’m pretty happy with it so far!
    • Love the tuff bed
      Review by Sandy on 2/20/2018
      Very happy with this bed and dog seems to like it also. No chewing so far. You would not think a Boston Terrier would be a chewer but she rips sheets.
    • Great
      Review by Victoria on 2/20/2018
      great! dog really happy!
    • Excellent product.
      Review by John on 2/20/2018
      My dog took to the bed right away. He's not a chewer but he likes to knead the bed to get it to the correct softness for him before he lies down. I'm glad that you use durable fabric for the top. I hope it will last a long time.
    • Great Bed
      Review by Michael on 2/20/2018
      My black lab absolutely loves his bed.
    • Great find
      Review by Mrs Dawg on 2/10/2018
      I've had the bed for about 10 days now. I have 4 dogs (Doberman, Pit Bull, AussieX, and Min Pin) They all use the bed at one time or another throughout the day. NONE of them has even showed interest in chewing this bed. We are very happy with it.
    • Well Constructed and Designed
      Review by Traci on 2/2/2018
      We're going on just about a month with our new puppy (five months old) and the Tuff Bed and Kennel Pad. Granted, he's not a super destructive chewer, but the bed has been perfect. I'm sure the quality of the material has something to do with it, but more importantly, the way it's made. Dogs love to find that one little flaw or something that sticks out just a bit, and then they pick and pick and pick at it with their teeth. Well, there is nothing to pick at on these beds. They are super comfy too! I know this because I joined my pup for a nap one afternoon.
    • It is worth every penny!!!
      Review by Ill Buy Again! on 1/29/2018
      This bed is absolutely great! I have a 5 year old pit bull who enjoys chewing and shredding things more than anything in the world. He has since met his match with this bed, there is not a single rip or tare in it and no signs of distress or damage. I absolutely love it and considering he never gets off of his bed (he sleeps, sits and stares and chews his toys on the bed) I think he loves it as well!
      I was a little hesitant about the monogramming but I got it anyway. The monogramming has stayed intact just like the day I got it and that includes being washed twice a month (sometimes more) every month!
      I would recommend this product to anyone!
    • Great investment. Terrific bed for a very large dog.
      Review by Bob on 1/22/2018
      Fantastic product! We have a 1 year old Great Pyrenees who has gone through several (rather pricey) beds. Each bed lasted exactly one night before she ripped them to shreds. We got the X Large Original Tuff bed and it has been 5 whole days and she absolutely loves it. Initially, she pawed it (as if trying to dig through it), she nibbled at a corner and she moved it around. She did not damage it a bit and she is nearly 100 lbs. Now, we can hardly get her to move off of it.

      Thanks for making such a superior product. It is worth every cent and now, we are looking at the car-seat protector.
    • Great bed would buy another one.
      Review by Francis on 1/19/2018
      My dog destroyed the bed in about 4 days. The quality of the bed is great my puppy is just very destructive.
    • Best Bed Yet
      Review by Sharon on 1/19/2018
      My Bouvier and Border Collies have torn up every bed I have ever purchased. We are on week 2 and counting -- not a tear anywhere. Plus the Bouv is using his as a balance ball he is doing some sliding get on and situated -- his core muscles are improving , a side benefit.
    • Well worth it!
      Review by Eli on 1/18/2018
      This is our third bed and we love them (and so does Scout, our black lab / blue heeler). They live up to the claim; Scout hasn't been able to chew through them, so the first two lasted two years each.
    • Very Happy with the bed, so i my dog.
      Review by Terry A on 1/18/2018
      My 125 lb female lab has chewed thru everything, from Kong to a 300 army type bed. She has not chewed this bed as of yet.
    • Love it!!
      Review by Jennifer on 1/11/2018
      So far so good!! We’ve had the bed for almost 2 weeks now and it’s great! All 6 previous beds we tried were ripped to fluff within a day, so we are thrilled! Our dog did immediately try to chew the corners but we sprayed a little No Chew spray on all 4 corners and he hasn’t tried again. Thanks, k9ballistics!
    • Bed certainly worth the price
      Review by Louanne M. on 1/11/2018
      So far I am 100% satisfied with the K9 dog bed. Our German Shepherd Morgan has chewed new beds up just over night. Stuffing every where. Other beds have been so disappointing but this bed has put a smile on my face. Yes they are costly but it could end up being the only bed I ever need to buy again.
    • Pretty good bed
      Review by Hairydawg71 on 1/4/2018
      I ordered the Original Tuff Bed for Rocky, my now 15 month old male Shepherd/Rottweiler mix puppy. He loves being rough on his toys and his beds and, well, everything else, quite frankly. My Wife and I started searching for a bed that would be able to survive long enough for him to have a comfortable place to lay when he's outside. Well, a week after I received the bed (it arrived on Sep 26 2017), Rocky (at the time he was 11 months old) had a hole torn in the cover of the bed. True to their policy, K9 Ballistics sent us a replacement cover which we promptly place OVER the original cover. Two layers are better than one, right? Now Rocky is 15 months old, the bed is 3 months old, and there's green stuffing all over the place and holes in the corners, stuffing pulled through the two-layer top, the Velcro is ripped and my Wife and I are just glad that Rocky's on our side because these beds ARE made very well and very tough. I took a bunch of pictures, however, there's nowhere to show them here. So, I guess if you have a dog that does normal chewing, these beds should work just fine for you.
    • Awesome Dog Beds
      Review by Elaine on 12/14/2017
      These are great. I bought two -- one of my dogs is a 60+ pound Rottweiler mix, and the other is a 50+ pound black lab mix. We are talking older girls here, ages 12 and 11 respectively. The only thing they have in common is their desire to chew, anything and everything. K9Ballistics quite honestly is the only brand that lives up to its name. Not a single scratch mark, chew, hole, ripped apart stuffing, or any sign of damage. And the beds seem very comfortable for them too. My dogs live primarily outdoors, with insulated and completely covered dog houses. I hope that one day K9Ballistics can develop a chew-proof heated dog bed for outdoor use. I will say, however, we keep them in their kennels in our heated garage when it gets very cold outside, and we use the K9Ballistics kennel liners for that. They also work extremely well and I could not be more satisfied.
    • Great product, worth its weight in gold!
      Review by Chudd on 12/14/2017
      I ordered the tuff bed because I have four dogs, all sizes. The largest of the dogs has been known to tear sheets, blankets, pillow cases and whatever he gets his mouth on. But alas! Something that he cannot chew is this bed. It continues to remain intact. I am so glad that I bought this bed. It is well constructed and worth every penny. It is well cushioned, large and spacious and indestructible. Great Product.
    • Long Time Customer
      Review by Malamute Owner on 12/13/2017
      Tuff Beds from k9 Ballistics are the best beds available for your pet (and perhaps yourself)!
    • Hands down the best bed!
      Review by Pawlie's Dad on 12/12/2017
      First let me start by saying that my wife threw an absolute sh*t fit when I told her I spent 150 bucks on a dog bed. Why? Because our 10 month old male English Bull Terrier Pawlie (aka Captain Testosterone) was obviously put on this earth to humiliate & destroy dog beds. He has an extremely sick & twisted abusive sexual relationship with his beds before he ultimately puts them to rest. It's disturbing...really disturbing. He's a great dog and doesn't mess with anything else in the house, but for some reason dog beds turn him into a narcissistic beast...which explains why my wife threw the sh*t fit. Anyway, Fed Ex driver pulls up, Palwie goes ape sh*t thinking it's another tasty Chewy delivery, and the mood is now set for Armageddon. I put Palwie outside so I could unbox the bed in peace. I opened the garage door and Pawlie peeked his head in. I pointed to the bed and said "Is that for Pawlie?". In a nanosecond it was GAME ON!! He body slammed it from the top rope, body surfed it across the hardwood floor, thrashed it & smashed it into every piece of furniture in the house while making indescribable monkey noises, and then screwed it every which way from Wednesday (more times than I'd like to admit). Paused for about 3 seconds with a devious glazed look in his eye, and then repeated the entire sick ritual again. I almost pee'd myself. But after all was said and done, I'm SUPER pleased to say that after 2 horrific back to back rounds with "The Executioner", he laid down on the bed completely winded and quietly huffed himself to sleep! Even more surprisingly, he's respected the bed ever since. Go figure!! I'm getting all choked up just thinking about it. Not only has Pawlie finally met his matress match, but my wife took back all names she called me when she threw the sh*t fit because Pawlie FINALLY has a normal relationship with a dog bed. 5 stars all the way for the Tuff bed! Excellent product!!
    • Uncomfortable
      Review by Kiara Ray on 12/12/2017
      Yes, the dog bet is chew proof but you are giving up the comfortability that comes along with the dog bed. My little pug is not like it because it is very rough and tough and uncomfortable. I have the dog bed laying on my bedroom floor but she insists on laying on the floor instead even though I have tried to get her on the bed so many times . Maybe it’s because my dog is a small dog? I’m not sure. But the bed is totally chew proof. I just hate how I can’t return it because I got it personalized.
    • Best beds ever
      Review by Belinda on 12/12/2017
      This is the second bed I have bought from K9 B and I will never shop anywhere else. These beds have proven to be durable when no other bed would last mins let alone a day or two with my destructive dogs.
    • Better than others!
      Review by Vicki on 12/12/2017
      Overall the dog is enjoying his new bed however on day one he managed to chew through the material in one of the corners. He seems to like to make his mark. We will wait to see if he causes more damage before requesting a replacement cover. This bed has lasted longer then his others.
    • dog loves the bed
      Review by Sandra on 12/12/2017
      So far the bed has been great. Khan loves it.
    • One and Done
      Review by Barbara on 12/12/2017
      Dogs could not be happier. People happier than the dogs. 8 month old 86 pound DDR shepherd puppy loves to chew beds, sticks, and rocks. Will "drop it" and 'leave it' immediately and during daytime, but when humans are asleep, the best mischief is the bed pillow. No more! He is has met his match :). He even prefers his K9Ballistics bed to the sofa. Older brother loves his own Tuffbed too. (and don't forget XL extreme Kong balls on amazon add-on).
    • Very Satisfied
      Review by Laurie on 11/27/2017
      So I adopted 2 half lab - half shepard mixes...I fell for one and "she has a sister." They have actually been pretty easy puppies, but they are puppies. They love to rip the stuffing out of toys and the first bed I bought them. I bought 2, K-9 crate liners and Charlotte nibbled through the border and pulled a bit of stuffing out. I reversed it in the crate and it has been fine ever since. I have had the 2 beds for long enough for them to penetrate and rip out the stuffing. Still intact and they both crash on them. SO far so good with the test of a couple of chewers and stuffing pullers. Very Satisfied .
    • Great bed but not quite what we needed.
      Review by Juli on 11/27/2017
      We ordered this to go with the Cujo Cot Raised Aluminum Bed but it is too slick and slides right off the cot. Also none of the sizes match with the cot sizes. It is a great bed as far as being non-chewable. None of my dogs has chewed it at all. It is puffy. It does take the dogs a little longer to get it just the way they want it because the fabric does not let the air escape quickly so the dogs keep circling and digging and trying to adjust the bed. The great thing is that the digging does not appear to have any damaging effects on the bed. Pretty and well made.
    • Very Good Quality!
      Review by Olive on 11/27/2017
      Our dog loves her bed and has not been able to damage it at all!
    • Worth every penny!
      Review by Tierney on 11/27/2017
      My dogs love it! I have two Labs, one of whom is a nester, always trying to fluff the bed which leads to rips, tears, etc. The other likes to bite at the sides to move the bed around... We bought the XL and the fabric really is terrific! The two dogs are happy to sleep on it together, with plenty of room for both of them! I can tell that this bed will withstand their bad habits!
    • The next bed is better?
      Review by D’s setter dog on 11/10/2017
      Our second bed. 1st One did not last due to our setter chewing the corners. The new one appears to be a heavier material and so far is holding up well.
    • Tougher than my big dogs.
      Review by Jill on 10/18/2017
      Two young English mastiffs, one of which is very hard on beds, toys, furniture. So far these great beds meet their promise of being tougher than my girl.
    • Great product.
      Review by Neil on 10/15/2017
      Great so far. Had the bed a week and not a single pulled thread. Very happy and our pup seems to think so too.
    • Buster-approved!
      Review by Julie on 10/13/2017
      Buster's (9-year-old Boston Terrier) Tuff Bed arrived on Wednesday and he took to it like a duck to water ... no prodding needed, though it looked huge next to the flattened cushion he had been using! If I could change anything, I'd love your logo sewn on the front rather than the bottom, as it looks rather plain. I realize I could have had his name monogrammed on it and it would not have looked quite so plain. Regardless, it's a HUGE improvement over what he had and I'm certain it will withstand his love of scratching the fabric!
    • Original Tuff Bed
      Review by Sheri on 8/29/2017
      These are my 3 babies loving their Tuff Bed! When i originally received the bed and cover, it took one of my beagles about 30 minutes to chew a hole in the cover. I took pictures and emailed K9 Ballistics and as promised I received another cover within a week. I put that cover over the other one and haven't had a problem since. They don't even try to chew on it anymore!
    • Great bed, great quality
      Review by Rene on 8/23/2017
      Very well made, puppy can't chew through it. Well worth the price considering the number of "other" dog beds I've gone through and the money spent. Like the waterproof/accident proof material.
    • was able to chew thru
      Review by Lisa on 8/22/2017
      I bought the med size bed for my german shephard and not even 12 hrs later she manage to chew a hole in it and fluff every wear customer service was awesome on responding back to me so instead of another bed they gave me 50% off and I will be trying there cujo cot. her bed did look comfey
    • My dog LOVES it
      Review by jessica on 8/22/2017
    • Doberman Approved
      Review by Tara M. on 8/22/2017
      I purchased a new Large Tuff Bed a couple of weeks ago to replace an XL one that I had in my pup's crate. This one fits her elevated bed better. I have two dobermans that like to chew - thankfully they're no longer interested in chewing the Tuff Beds - so that's what they have in their room while I'm gone. The girls are 2 yrs 4 months & 2 years 10 months. We have gone through a couple of beds and K9 Ballistics replaced as outlined in their guarantee. This is the toughest bed i have found. I have other brands of dog beds put away in a closet that the dogs continue to chew. My girls like their Tuff Beds and I'm happy they no longer chew them.
    • Great purchase for our puppies!
      Review by Jenelle on 8/22/2017
      Great purchase for our 2 English Bulldog puppies. We've been through over a hundred dollars of cheap beds; all of which were short lived. I loved that Tuff Beds are not only durable but water and stain resistant as well. I will say though that because of their durability it does take a while to break in. But at least we know the beds will last through the break in stage! If you want to buy one bed, instead of going through bed after bed, buy the Tuff Bed! It's worth the money!
    • Bed is great quality
      Review by Eric on 8/22/2017
      The bed seems great so far very well made. Our dog wasn't completely comfortable at first but is adjusting.
    • I will never buy a dog bed from anyone EXCEPT K9 BALLASTICS!!!!!
      Review by Donna on 8/21/2017
      Review by Donna on 8/21/2017
      The orthopedic bed for my 12 year old Weim is perfect! These beds are WELL MADE and TUFF!
    • Great product!
      Review by David on 8/19/2017
      Great product and has held up so far with our dog who typically has his beds torn apart already!
    • Indisputably the BEST DOG BED for the money!!!
      Review by Everett on 8/16/2017
      The ABSOLUTE BEST Dog Bed we have ever owned!!!! Indestructible.......Our "spoiled" Bull Terrier has a bed in several rooms......this one is the best!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Thank You K9 Ballistics!!!
    • Mash the Saint Bernard: Unable to Destruct!
      Review by Amanda on 8/15/2017
      This bed has lasted longer than any other bed so far! My Saint Bernard is 1 1/2 and has gone through 4 beds. He had tried to get into this one but was unsuccessful :) my only issue is the material can collect and attract a lot of hair.
    • Rescue Approved! Amazing!!
      Review by Pamela on 8/8/2017
      I have a rescue. I've had to replace several beds more than once, finally resorting to a simple cot for a few of the dogs. I felt sad that they didn't have cushy beds. After seeing your ad, I decided to give it a try. They have tried to no avail to chew the beds, they still look like new! I have 18 rescue dogs, I've decided they are all getting one!
    • K9 XX large bed
      Review by William on 8/8/2017
      My 7 month old Great Dane loved the bed, but chewed a large hole and ripped out nearly half of the stuffing inside. This happened on the 2nd day after the bed arrived. I feel the bed is well made, but am disappointed that Noah was able to chew through this one as well. Still, it was worth a try.
    • Dog Didn't Like it at First, Now Loves It
      Review by Alex on 8/1/2017
      At first, my dog wanted nothing to do with the bed; in fact, he didn't even look at it. Once I put him on there, he seemed nervous to be on it and immediately hopped off. After a day or two of ignoring it, he finally gave it a shot without my encouragement. Since that day, he usually finds his way over to his bed to rest. It's too bad you guys don't allow reviewers to submit photos but my dog loves the bed. It's a big bonus that he can't tear through it; though he has tried!

      K9 Ballistics' Response: Thank you for your review, Alex! Our website can't support photos in the review section, but if you do want to share a photo you can always email it to our Sales team or share it on our Facebook or Instagram pages!
    • Good
      Review by Alexander on 8/1/2017
      Extremely tough, so far
    • Excellent for Irish Wolfhounds
      Review by Kailne on 8/1/2017
      Well make. Excellent marerials.
    • Excellent for Irish Wolfhounds
      Review by Kailne on 8/1/2017
      Well make. Excellent marerials.
    • Loves his bed
      Review by Trisha on 8/1/2017
      Kane loves his new bed. He is a little kiddish, so it took him a few days to feel it out and make sure it was ok to lay on. He sleeps on it every night now! We have not had any issues what-so-ever. I probably could have gotten a smaller size, but it's all good! Take the chance and get it, I think you will really be happy!
    • Great product
      Review by Julie on 7/30/2017
      This is my second bed. My huskies love them! Good quality for my puppies. Highly recommended!
    • not sure I would buy it again
      Review by Lette on 7/28/2017
      I love the bed. Dog hates the bed. He is a Black Lab so he is a big dog 78 pounds. I got the Large bed. Plenty big but it has plenty of air or think when ever you get a new bed its puffy. Puffy of this bed does not go away. Im not sure he will ever use this bed. It was an idea but is not going to work.
    • Love the bed and would buy it again.
      Review by Susan on 7/27/2017
      It was too fluffy at first but with 2 large dogs sleeping on it, it has now deflated slightly and is just right. Because it was so fluffy and air tight when new, my bassett sometimes had a little difficulty getting his short legs onto the bed. A few vent holes would take care of that issue. The fabric is tough but a bit noisy. This was easily fixed with a blanket. So far my 5 year old boxer has been unable to find a chew spot. Amazing since she manages to destroy every bed I buy.
    • Great Bed And Cover
      Review by Bowe on 7/27/2017
      This is our second bed. The first one was great and would have lasted longer than about 9 months if our Labrador Retriever hadn't figured out how to open the Velcro so he could then tear the pad inside to shreds. What made the Velcro weaker I believe is that when you'd try to take the pad out to wash the cover it would get stuck on the Velcro leaving remnants of the pad material. The outer cover was very strong though so we were looking into having a heavy duty zipper added when I called K9-Ballistics to get a new pad. They convinced me to order another bed and then double bag. I'm glad I did for two reasons. The first is because I took the old cover and put it on the new pad first. The Velcro still works on it so it closed, and then I put the new cover on over it with the opening on the opposite side. Now I'll only need to take off this new cover to wash it and won't have issues with the pad sticking to the heavy duty Velcro. The second reason is because they added a heavy duty zipper. Even if our dog somehow opened the Velcro again, he'd be hard-pressed to get through the zipper. (Then he'd have to still get the cover off to get to the opening of the old cover.). Nothing is impossible, but these are good covers and good pads. It's the only bed I trust to have in our now 10 month old Labrador's corral with him when we have to leave. A regular bed would not survive once he decides he's done with his other toys and treats. We love this bed. Thanks for adding the interior zipper.
    • I will definately buy from this company in the future!
      Review by Sarah on 7/26/2017
      So we rescued a 1yr old GSD small pup weighing in at 50 lbs that can chew threw anything! But this same pup has NOT managed to chew up her new crate liner in the past 3 months or the the couch liner that we got first 2 weeks before I bought the bed
    • Good bed !!
      Review by Horst on 7/24/2017
      Extremely well built !!! My dog loves this bed !!!
    • Bed
      Review by john on 7/24/2017
      Fantastic bed, our great dane loves it! The second one we have purchased for her, only reason is she outgrew the first bed. The only draw back to the bed we have found is we cannot leave it in the cage unattended with her. She has figured out how to turn them over and open the velcro to pull the insides out. Other than that the exterior is great - she hasnt chew theough either bed yet.
    • Love it
      Review by Angelo on 7/19/2017
      Love it.. The 1st bed my cane Corso can't destroy
    • Great Product!
      Review by Megan on 7/19/2017
      We have had a Tuff bed for our lab/hound mix for 4-5 years. We bought it because he has a rare seizure disorder that causes him to develop 24 hours of nausea/vomiting and he will try to eat anything he can in his mouth because of the nausea. He has eaten wires, sheets, towels (surgery to remove), branches/leaves/grass, etc. This bed gives us comfort when his seizure happens and we are not home--he cannot eat it! It is also very washable (we have washed it MANY many times!)
    • Awesome
      Review by ISUgirl on 7/19/2017
      The bed is awesome! I have a 90 lb. Chesapeake and this bed is perfect for him. He is super comfy and so far has not chewed at the cover. The only thing I would suggest is to put vent holes so the air escapes quicker. He was not sure at firstbif he liked it cuz too much air when he first gets on it.
    • Great product
      Review by Rick on 7/18/2017
      No chewing, no issues, as expected. I own three tuff beds now for my dogs and I would recommend them!
    • No Wammys!
      Review by Nena on 7/18/2017
      Well I don't want to put the wammy on my new beds but so far so good. My dogs have been sleeping on their new beds for about 3 weeks and they are still in tacked. Sir Brownington aka will eat anything and everything has yet to destroy his bed. Thank you K9 Ballistics!
    • Jaegers bed
      Review by Robbie on 7/16/2017
      As for now we have had the 2 beds we purchased for a week with no issues. If had to give a con to the bed it would be, it holds air making it almost like a inflatable
      Review by Judi on 7/12/2017
    • We can put a man on the moon, but we can't design a dog bed that a dog can't tear up.
      Review by Troy on 7/10/2017
      I thought that this bed was going to be the solution to my problems. It wasn't. It took my Australian Sheppard/Border Collie mix less than 2 days to tear open the cover. I'm presently waiting for the new cover replacement under warranty to arrive. He'll probably destroy the replacement too.
    • Bigger size bed
      Review by Freddie on 7/10/2017
      Bought the same size that spike is laying on. Unfortunate it was to small for my English bulldog. Given he is 60 lbs and very healthy not fat. If I could I would return and get a bigger size bed it would be great. j
    • Bed review
      Review by Kayla on 7/7/2017
      This bed is great! My dog typically chews up a bed within the first day. She has attempted to bite the bed but quickly stops aimce she isn't able to puncture the bed.
    • My dog has met his match
      Review by luvsdogs on 7/5/2017
      The bed is great! Our golden retriever pup had torn apart numerous beds, so I was reluctant to try again, but in this one he has met his match! I have seen him attacking the bed, trying to chew it apart and drag it around, and the bed stays perfectly intact! I never would have believed it. When he's done, he curls up on it and sleeps very peacefully. Thank you!
    • Great Value!
      Review by April on 7/5/2017
      Gus loves his new bed! Thank you.
    • Would definitely recommend this product to any dog owner!
      Review by James on 7/5/2017
      The Original Tuff Bed is awesome! It arrived quickly and set up in minutes. I have a 3 year old, 140 lb male Boerboel named Maximus. He has destroyed more than enough beds to have payed for a couple of K9 Ballistics Tuff Beds. The cover has done its job and even survived an accident (urine didn't soak through to the cushion). Awesome bed!
    • Tough as nails! Stands up to the abuse of a big dog like my GSD.
      Review by Van on 7/2/2017
      Our 8 month old German shepherd shredded several beds before we found this one. I felt bad putting her in her crate at night without any bed or padding. Everything we tried she destroyed. I found this bed on your website and decided it was worth spending a little extra money if she doesn't destroy it. When I got it out of the package she did her best to chew it up with no luck. She finally gave up and now has a comfortable place to sleep.
    • A bed last will last
      Review by Albert on 7/1/2017
      The cover is of superior quality, and I don't think the dog will ever put a hole in it. However, the mattress holds too much air and dog rarely sleeps on it. Overall, it's a dog bed that will last for years and I take comfort in knowing that I won't be buying anymore overpriced beds.
    • Not as tough as the dog
      Review by Ashlyn on 6/30/2017
      Our 1 year old German Shepherd mix (rescue) chewed through this in 2 days time. For the price, I thought I'd get more out of it. Very disappointed!
    • good product
      Review by susan on 6/28/2017
      I got 2 of these beds and so far so good. My dogs normally paw before they lay down. And rips normal beds in the first couple days. I never bring a bed home from kennel they destroy them there, that will be the true test.
    • It took 4x the price of this bed to figure out I needed one...
      Review by Douglas on 6/22/2017
      It's been a couple of weeks since Strummer got his bed, and it's still in one piece and being taken everywhere in the house like a child with a teddy bear. Prior to ordering this bed he took out 4 beds in a span of 12 days due to current construction going on in my home and next door. This is the bed I should have bought about 13 beds ago and well over $400 later. He's a 65lb American bulldog and gets a little separation anxiety when I'm not home. So far it's lived up to its reputation. I had enough faith to embroider his name on it so I have more faith it will last him a good long time.
    • Love love love, best dog bed!
      Review by Rosemarie on 6/8/2017
      I love this dog bed. Our dogs love this dog bed. I have been looking for a bed that we can use inside, outside, in the back of the truck... and this is it. The material is tough yet comfortable for our dogs. I love that the cover is water resistant which is why I bought it in the first place. We had previously just been getting those round beds from Costco. They never lasted and would start to smell moldy. Never again.
      I will soon be ordering another one for our new dog.
    • Amazing company, amazing products
      Review by Casey on 5/31/2017
      I became hooked on this company wether I bought a crate pad for my big boy (which would destroy ever bed/ blanket prior). And it lasted amazingly! Over 6 months and still looks flawless. Then came my smaller boy, find out quickly he was worse than my big boy when it came to beds and blankets (WAY worse). I bought this bed because of the dimensions. It arrived abbr within that first week my stinker got the Velcro open and tore into the mattress. So I contracted k9 ballistics and they sent a full new bed with the suggestion of double bagging the old in the new with the Velcro facing opposite directions. It worked! He hasn't gotten through at all! And that's super impressive if you knew what this dog has destroyed lol. The replacement bag also seemed to be extra reinforced which is super great and assures it will last.
    • Just a couple observations
      Review by EAA on 5/31/2017
      Overall a great bed, materials are great though it does hold a lot of air which makes my dog stand on it for a minute before settling in comfortably. There is one caveat with its durability as well, the fabric is so strong that it's not particularly soft and thus makes a lot of noise when my dog hops on it and circles around getting comfortable. If it's in your bedroom it might be anoying.
    • Excellent choice. Price and quality well worth it. Will be buying more.
      Review by Robert on 5/31/2017
      Good strong materials. Actually I thought it was a bit overstuffed. My dog disagrees and loves sitting on it and waiting for it to compress around her.
    • Great bed!!
      Review by Lindsay on 5/31/2017
      Love this bed! Easy to clean and my dog loves it! I have a German shorthair pointer and he chewd thought the first one. We got a replacement and he has yet to chew the new one because he missed the old one so much. We are in the process of training him to not chew too. Great bed, great company!!
      Review by Rez on 5/26/2017
      The term "chew proof" should mean chew proof. A "guarantee" of 90 days, should mean guarantee. To my surprise, these are alternative terms. I ordered from this company because they were local and the reviews seemed fitting for my dog who loves to destroy things. I ordered the Tuff bed, i did my research, watched videos of dogs that are unable to make a hole in the bed. I ordered a 100 bed, received it, within 24 hours there was a hole. I contacted the company for the 90 day guarantee, turns out 24 hours or 1 hour or 90 days doesn't matter, NO MONEY BACK or No FULL MONEY TOWARDS NEW PRODUCT, instead a new cover for the bed(that was originally destroyed in 24 hours. Received new cover, covered it in blankets, zip tied it around so as to add another layer of protection over the Chew proof bed, 7 DAYS. Contacted company, now out of warranty!!! What i wanted originally is to put my funds towards another one of their products, but they would only give a 50% discount on new products per their warranty. Not even the worst customer service companies would expect loyalty from their customers for a product that they deem to be superior. Wrong in too many ways
    • Cover needs vents
      Review by Dave on 5/26/2017
      Good materials, but dogs won't sleep on it because it holds air too long and feels like an air mattress. Would benefit from eyelets in cover to let air escape faster.
    • https://www.facebook.com/smedina30/posts/10155285116117640
      Review by christopher on 5/25/2017
      I've had the beds now for about a week, my one dog lays on it throughout the night. The other dog laid on it once. The outside cover is not very comfortable since I know it's made so they can't chew it. I put a blanket over it hoping he would lay in it and he does for only a few minutes and then would rather lay on the hardwood floor.
    • Best bed you can buy.
      Review by Blake on 5/24/2017
      110lb bulldog and holding up perfect.
    • Can't stand up to my dog
      Review by James on 5/23/2017
      It is a tough bed but no match for my dog. It took him two days before he dragged it out of the house, flipped it over and attacked the Velcro and zipper on the bottom. He also chewed a hole in the middle of the bed on top. I'll wait until he destroys it totally then send pictures so I can get a new cover. It is a double X bed so you can imagine how strong my dog is to drag it outside and flip it over. He is a Year and a half old. Maremma. I need like a Kevlar pad for him to sleep on. Even though mostly he sleeps in the dirt. Sorry.
    • Great purchase!!
      Review by Stacey on 5/23/2017
      All I can say is WOW!! Usually my dogs tear up the dog bed in a matter of minutes. So far it has been about two weeks and the dog bed is perfect. We got the largest model and it is big enough too hold a full grown German Sheppard, blue heeler and chihuahua and I'm sure even more. We washed the cover last night due to the small dog peeing on it and it washed nicely. I would highly recommend this bed and give it 5 or of 5 stars!
    • Simply the best at any pricd !
      Review by Hack on 5/21/2017
      The bed was bought to replace a bed that was destroyed by our newest dog, a 54 pound, 8 month old basset hound. His roomate is a 74 pound, 7 year old basset. At first neither dog would use the new Tuff bed, we think because of the high loft and thickness of the bed in comparison to how short both dogs legs are. After a few days, the older dog got his fat a** up and into the bed, making him look like a hot dog in a bun. The pup watched this intently until he got his turn to jump in. Now when they come inside from a walk, it's a race to see which basset gets the Tuff bed, and which one gets the old, thin bed. The quality is first rate and the size and thickness are exactly what we were looking for. We had hoped that they would share this bed, but it looks like I'll need to buy another one since they are spoiled bed hogs. I cannot see how any dog could damage this bed and I am certain that this must be the best quality bed on the market at any price. Thanks for a product that meets or exceeds all your advertised claims. 5 stars from our 2 bassets, Oliver and Buford.
    • Beautiful but unappreciated bed
      Review by Kate on 5/17/2017
      This is a beautiful dog bed however the dog is refusing to go on it AT ALL. I have been 'encouraging' him to lie on it but as soon as the encouragement is discontinued he is up and off. Hoping he will decide to like it soon.
    • Very durable
      Review by Tony on 5/15/2017
      It is holding up very well, he seems to like it too, he rakes at it to fluff it up like he would do to his other beds and tear them but this one doesn't even show a scratch. It's a little noisy due to the heavy duty material but a small price to pay for it's durability. Would recommend to all.
    • Excellent product
      Review by Rex on 5/15/2017
      It fits our dog's kennel well, she likes it a lot, and she doesn't chew it, presumably because she can't find the seams. I plan to order another. One negative: It took awhile to get here. But it was worth the wait.
    • Great bed
      Review by erin n on 5/15/2017
      My dog has not been able to destroy this bed yet. The fabric is more stiff than his last bed, but this is probably why he can't eat a hole in it.
    • Holding up great so far
      Review by Jack on 5/13/2017
      Bed came just in time after I found our dog had chewed up his third bed. It looks super durable and love the monogram. So far, so good!
    • Comfy dog bed and sturdy
      Review by Gibby 1 on 5/11/2017
      This bed has held up, my dog was going thru a bed a week. He is a 85lb 1 year old mix breed that loves to chew. Tags do not belong on beds; so, he takes them off and anything else that comes with the tag. This bed is still intact, it moved around the room a bit; but, now he just sleeps on it.
    • large tuff bed
      Review by Jose on 5/10/2017
      Thanks for my ballistic dog bed, we have gone through 3 regular beds and all ended up in the trash. Best bed I ever owned. Would recommend to everyone. Thank you!
    • We are happy with the purchase. I will admit the price scared us off at first. But now our dog can have a nice bed. I recommend this bed to anyone with a powerful chewer.
      Review by John on 5/8/2017
      So far, so good. Maxx is a "super chewer". He has not yet really challenged the tuff bed. He is using it as a bed and not a chew toy. Either way it seems to be a winner.
    • The cover is very nicely made and putting the opening at the bottom makes lots of sense but the material is no more "chew resistant" than any other fabric nor is it "resistant" to holes from biting. I would imagine that the one advantage to the cover asid
      Review by Joanne on 5/8/2017
      You should drop any claims to "chew resistant"
    • Our Poochy girl loves it . We do to !
      Review by Mimi on 5/7/2017
      We love the k9 ballistic bed. First bed that our dog has not chewed up. She has started to chew then sees it does not shread , rip , or tear like her others and she stops. We leave kennel door open and she goes in to sleep on it.
    • "Cookie almost eat it"
      Review by Keith on 5/6/2017
      My American Bulldog (cookie) flipped the bed over and started pulling/opening the Velcro. She made it to the interior pillow, but did not rip it. I scolded her and it hasn't happen since. So, so-far-so good. I love everything else about the pillow, especially the felt-top cover.
    • Love these beds!
      Review by Brandi on 5/6/2017
      My dogs love this bed. I bought this one for my pitt molly and the crate pad for my cane corso Bruizer. Bruizer will destroy his bed and Mollys usually within a week if getting them. We've had these beds for a week now and he's pretty much given up on trying to tear them up. I spent $200 on beds for them 2 weeks before ordering these and they were completely demolished in less than a week. So happy I found these beds. They're really soft and fluffy too! The first thing Bruizer did was try to get the crate pad up so he could chew it but the zip ties are genius! :D
    • Love these beds!
      Review by Brandi on 5/6/2017
      My dogs love this bed. I bought this one for my pitt molly and the crate pad for my cane corso Bruizer. Bruizer will destroy his bed and Mollys usually within a week if getting them. We've had these beds for a week now and he's pretty much given up on trying to tear them up. I spent $200 on beds for them 2 weeks before ordering these and they were completely demolished in less than a week. So happy I found these beds. They're really soft and fluffy too! The first thing Bruizer did was try to get the crate pad up so he could chew it but the zip ties are genius! :D
    • Excellent product!
      Review by Ken on 5/4/2017
      Great bed! Had these beds before and I must say, they are of the best quality and very durable.
    • Great Bed, Great Company
      Review by Ellen on 5/3/2017
      This is my second original tuff bed and I am a big fan. We got the first bed years ago when our dog was a puppy and chewed everything (including the tuff bed). The company was fabulous and immediately sent a new cover. This time, I replaced the existing bed because of the "dog odor" and stains that had developed over the past five years --- nothing to do with the bed itself! The second bed arrived very quickly and is perfect! My dog loves it.
    • So far so good! Keeping my fingers crossed!
      Review by Claudia on 5/3/2017
      I own 6 dogs. I have tried other "tough chew" beds that have not lasted a day with my avid chewers. I ordered two of these beds to "test". So far so good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I will order more soon!
      Review by aletha on 5/1/2017
      GUIDO loves his bed!. This is the first one he hasn't chewed. I don't have to hassle him to go into his kennel as he even takes naps on it. amazing! Wish I'd found it before I spent hundreds replacing other beds.
    • Checking out the warranty
      Review by Margi on 5/1/2017
      Overall quality is good. Timber managed to chew it by Day 2. Working with the Warranty area to replace the cover
    • Good quality
      Review by Peyton on 4/30/2017
      The quality of the beds seem great, but my dogs would don't like them and would rather sleep on the floor :( hoping they warm up to them
    • Dog got to stuffing
      Review by Melissa on 4/28/2017
      Our dog got the velcro covering opening with in 1 day of having the bed and was able to tear some of the stuffing out.
    • Good Stuff...
      Review by Dean N on 4/26/2017
      I bought the XL for my two Shepard/Lab mix brother and sister. The kept taking out their little beds through the doggie door and finally ripped them to shreds. They were intimidated by the new bed for a couple of days maybe due to the size and height. But now they love it and it hasn’t moved an inch from where I put it. Even with them jumping and running across it and Wolf’s a good size dog. Good Stuff…

    • Fantastic bed!
      Review by Allyson on 4/26/2017
      I have 2 60 pound dogs that get smelly and like to be outside a lot. They have destroyed other beds because they like to chew stuff up as well. This bed fits both of them, does not smell, and they have chewed it up at all! I love this thing, worth every penny!
    • first bed my dog didn't tear up within a week
      Review by Brian on 4/25/2017
      I bought one of your beds last fall and it is the first bed my dog didn't tear up within a week and she still hasn't been able to. She flips it/ folds it and drags it around to where ever she wants to lay and it takes everything she can do. This dog ripped up outdoor glued down carpet in her sunroom's 20x40 room in a day but she can't get through your bed. It is by far the best product on the market and every one of your employees should be proud to work there and be a member of your team. Keep up the good work, if you don't put yourself out of business by being too good at what you do LOL!
      Review by Lauren on 4/25/2017
      I have an 8 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy who is an extreme chewer. We have a mantra in our house that toys come to our house to die....and obviously as do beds! This bed has been able to stand up to his chewing, digging and draggging since we have had it and it's super easy to clean too! When he gets his treat filled kongs he kind of makes a mess with them and the bed wipes clean very easily! As a pet parent who cannot keep anything around in the house for more than usually a day before he destroys it I would recommend this bed to ANYONE and EVERYONE!!
    • Best bed around
      Review by Robert on 4/25/2017
      Bed is great-
    • Excellent. Would recommend to anyone.
      Review by Dave on 4/22/2017
      We have 5 large beds for our 'pampered' dogs. They hold up amazingly & the dogs LOVE them! Thank you!
    • Solved one problem- created another!
      Review by Denise on 4/20/2017
      Our OES puppy had already shredded her first bed then I got her the Tuff bed. She was so frustrated cause there was nothing she could do to it, that she attacked a rug! This bed is wonderful. Do you make rugs?
    • best bed
      Review by don on 4/16/2017
      Our Beagle pups have destroyed every bed we have bought for them.We tried all kinds and all materials,some lasted only hours before being torn to pieces.The Tuff bed is the only bed that has lasted.no rips, no tears, no damage. they loved the bed as soon as we set it down,that was two months ago.We are ordering a second.
    • Great product
      Review by Kim on 4/16/2017
      My dogs tried to chew this bed. After a while they gave up. They are tough chewers. They have chewed all kinds of products.
    • Excellent -- recommend to everyone considering.
      Review by marc on 4/16/2017
      Hello -- our two beds arrived quickly and we were immediately impressed with the quality, construction, and look. Especially noticeable was the intensity of the Velcro enclosure. Very well made! We are one week into the bed's use and so far our two guys have not made an attempt to chomp on them, so hopefully we are past the "new novelty" stage for our chewers. Will keep you posted as time passes! So far so good!
    • Really liked it.
      Review by sharon on 4/15/2017
      Very impressed with the quality and would order again.
    • Great Product!
      Review by Todd on 4/14/2017
      I am really impressed with our new dog bed. The mattress is nice and soft, while the cover is strong enough to stand up to what our dog dishes out (he has shown a fondness for destroying other dog beds in as little as a day). I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a high quality dog bed!
    • Great product!
      Review by William O. on 4/13/2017
      K9 bed for our two very active dogs is great. K9 Ballistics stands behind their product 100%. I would recommend their product to all dog lovers that enjoy a comfy bed!
    • Very satisfied!
      Review by Kylee M on 4/13/2017
      We purchased the large original tuff bed for our adopted 3 month old lab! She is a heavy chewer! The first bed we purchased for her was looking pretty rough after only a week. She likes to play with it! After almost 2 weeks with the Tuff bed, it still looks like it did when we took it out of the box. And trust we when I say, she does her best to chew and scratch at it! I'm anxious to see how it fairs over the course of time. But I'm hopeful!

      The bed is VERY large for her right now. But she will grow into it!

      We actually ended up getting the Den Bed for our Chihuahua as well because our Lab was going after her bed as well.
    • Comfy
      Review by Terry on 4/12/2017
      This is a really nice quality bed. Emmy loves it so much that she chewed two holes in it the first night.
    • First bed my dog hasn't destroyed!
      Review by Dawn on 4/11/2017
      I have a dog who's chewed up every dog bed, every throw rug, every shoe, every mattress, and countless other "non-dog" items he finds around the house. He was crated with the Tuff Bed and after 2 months was only able to put 1 very small hole in the cover. I don't crate him anymore but instead keep him in the now dog-gated kitchen during the day with his siblings. I bought another Tuff Bed and he and his siblings love the beds! I have not come home from work to find any dog destruction since the Tuff Bed purchases and the kitchen "holding cell" implementation.
    • Our dog loves the Tuff Bed
      Review by GrandMar on 4/9/2017
      We purchased the med Tuff Bed for our 2 year old, 75# chocolate lab. She had destroyed her previous bed by dragging it around & shaking it. Now the bed stays in place & in one piece. She was a little hesitant at first as the bed is thick & compresses when she gets on it. But it didn't take long for her to use it. The bed is very well constructed & durable. We also have a crate pad that is wonderful.
    • Love it
      Review by Connie on 4/7/2017
      This bed is amazing. I have a puppy who is 8 months old and I highly recommend this bed. After buying 4 beds at 40.00 each, each one being ripped up, this bed is the best.
    • GREAT!!
      Review by Mary Catherine on 4/7/2017
      We love this bed! It is durable and comfortable.
    • Serious toughness!
      Review by Tara M on 4/7/2017
      Not that our bulldog and Golden Retriever haven't tried-- but the have not been able to destroy this bed! This is the 4th bed they have had! So far so good! Thank you!
    • Great except dog is destroying the embroidered name.
      Review by Dennis on 4/3/2017
      The TUFF Bed itself meets all the expectations. The custom embroidery (name) became an immediate target, though, and it's and its way to total destruction.
    • Made well for maniacs.
      Review by Ian St. George on 4/2/2017
      It takes a few weeks for any bed to really break in. yet now it seems that our dog is relaxed and settled in her new K9 bed. It seems really well made, and she hasn't torn it to shreds yet, even though she is trying.
      This could be the match for our maniac dog.
    • Well made, cushy but cover is not too soft
      Review by Michael on 3/29/2017
      Well made, cushy but dog does not like the cover as much, need to put towel over it to get the dog to use it
    • Love it
      Review by Jean on 3/28/2017
      My Greyhound loves his bed and none of his chewing sisters have tried to take a bite out of it.
    • The beds weekest spots are at the seems , if she couldn't get to the seems it would be a great bed
      Review by Robert on 3/28/2017
      My boxer chewed through the cover in less then a week, very frustrating , I thought this bed was going to be the one but I guess not !
    • The Best beds I've purchased
      Review by Sandy on 3/23/2017
      I have bought a crate pad and three ruff beds and am very pleased with the products and the customer service and the Warranty....already got replacement of one bed. I also like the patterns and colors of the fabric used in these products.
      Review by Donna on 3/22/2017
      We, the owners, as well as our dog love these beds. We have 2 of the originals and 1 crate model. She loves them all. Very happy with the way they hold up and she is a "digger" so she is finding her comfy warm place quite often in that material, so it has to be ballistic. Any other product, I'd have thrown out a dozen already. They wash well too.
    • Best dog bed ever!
      Review by David on 3/21/2017
      This is our 3rd tuff bed. One in the living room, one in the suv and one in the crate. They are phenomenal, and live up to all the hype. I would (and have) highly recommend this product!
    • still alive
      Review by Maranda on 3/21/2017
      it still lives....
    • Absolutely worth it
      Review by Mike on 3/21/2017
      My wife and I were skeptical about buying our dog another bed. We own a pitbull, and he has destroyed about 6 different beds before. He loves to chew stuff. We decided to give this bed a shot, and all I can say is WOW. We couldn't be happier with our decision to purchase this bed. Our pitbull, as tough as he is, hasn't been able to chew through the bed. And it's super comfy for him! The outside is a little bit rough, but it has to be. We took him on a road trip with us and we were in the car for about 10 hours, and the bed was perfect. If you're thinking about getting a bed from this website, stop thinking and do it. The price may seem a little high, but its SO worth it.
    • Worth the price
      Review by Aaron on 3/21/2017
      Bought a tan one about 8 months ago for my pit and it's great. Everyone loves the name stitched on the front too. Adopted another pit so just ordered a second bed in black. Love both beds and the slightly high price is worth it. I've gone through some $50 beds that only lasted about a month so these $100 beds are worth the investment. Also can take take the cover off then bed and wash it which is helpful.
    • Good company to deal with, but not so sure of the product durability.
      Review by Eileen on 3/21/2017
      Our dog is a year old, around 30 lbs., and he chewed a hole in the bed after about 20 minutes. I was surprised and very disappointed. Instead of getting another one through the warranty, I opted for a refund of 50% of the purchase price. The company was very responsive and refunded the money within a few days.
    • Great beds and customer service
      Review by Sandy on 3/21/2017
      Excellent quality. Easy to clean and very attractive print/ color.
    • dogs love the bed
      Review by Leslie on 3/15/2017
      So far so good the dogs love the bed. nobody has tried to tear it up yet.
    • Not so Tuff
      Review by Jen on 3/15/2017
      While the Tuff bed is well-made with quality materials, I only give it a 2-paw rating because my dog easily chewed a hole in it within the FIRST 30 SECONDS. It was not even a challenge for him. Beds that I have bought at Wal-mart for $20 have lasted longer than this. I really expected more from a $100 bed with a 90-day chew-proof guarantee. That being said, the company was very responsive to my claim and did offer to ship me a new cover right away. However given how quickly my dog chewed through the first one, I didn't have a great deal of faith that another cover would hold up any better. Therefore they gave me 50% off a Cujo cot, which I have ordered.
    • The best - and well worth the price!
      Review by Sibyl on 3/15/2017
      These are the ONLY beds my very naughty black lab, Sadie, has not been able to destroy! Ordered the first one several years ago, and now just finally ordered the second time cause they have lasted so long. Love the option of being able to buy extra covers!! Thanks k-9 Ballistics for a great product -
    • great bed
      Review by Ed on 3/14/2017
      Best dog bed we have owned. Our Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Welsh Terrier have had a great time trying to damage it with no success!
    • Not suitable for powerful dogs, waterproof is great
      Review by Maura on 3/14/2017
      My 35 lb pit-lab mix chewed this bed and our other dog's bed down to the stuffing in the first night. I gave it 2 stars because the waterproof feature was amazing. I poured some water on it to test it and the water beaded and fell off easily, bed stayed completely dry which would be good for accidents. Suitable for dogs that slowly chew cheap beds but not powerful dogs.
    • he Labs love their new beds!
      Review by Timothy on 3/14/2017
      We have two large Labs and both of them love their new K9 Ballistic beds. Even though they are two years old, they haven't tried ripping them apart. The Labs love their new beds!!!
    • Quality Product
      Review by Heath on 3/14/2017
      Great quality product and excellent customer service.
      We recently moved to a smaller yard and one of our dogs started destroying the bed he had from PetsMart. Since taking him on more walks and getting the Tuff Bed everything has been great, despite him still scratching at the bed every time before he lays down.
    • Great product!!
      Review by Felix G on 3/14/2017
      Bed was everything I was looking for..my boxer puppy tried for a week to destroy it but was unsuccessful!! I just ordered a second bed for my other boxer!!
    • My dog loves this bed!
      Review by Marge on 3/13/2017
      Our Dobe loves his bed! I shoved it in his crate...he thinks he is King of the Hill. He will go in by choice instead of lying outside the crate on our hard floors. Question: Can I buy just a cover? That way he will always have a fresh bed...even on laundry day!
    • So far, so good!
      Review by Heather on 3/11/2017
      Our 1 year old German shepherd has destroyed many beds. We've had this bed for about 2 weeks now, and she still is definitely trying to chew it. All she has managed is to scrape a little bit of fabric off. AND she loves it! Jumps on it every chance she gets. Hoping it continues to hold up to her stubbornness.
    • Not indestructible.
      Review by Norma on 3/10/2017
      This 8 lb. schnauzer , better known as Destructo Baby, has managed to strip the first layer of velcro. One more to go and the bed will be history. This is the longest any bed has lasted under her teeth but....no cigar! It was in her pen for 10 days when she found her way through the velcro.
    • Pug Proof
      Review by ToddB on 3/10/2017
      This is awesome!!
      Last year we got a pug and this guy chewed through dollars store bed within days of getting them. So we spend the money on ballistic bed. A year later no holes. My pug Curly has a love hate relationship with his bed. He chews on the corners, tries to pull apart the Velcro , but it's pointless effort. He can't get through it. Worth every penny.
    • Overall good quality but loud
      Review by tate on 3/9/2017
      The bed is loud when you get on it. I have four dogs and only one sleeps on it. the others get freaked out.

      K9 Ballistics' Response: If noise is a problem, switching over to a TUFF Velvet cover (the kind with a solid-color top and patterned sides) should do the trick. The TUFF Velvet is made from Ripstop ballistic nylon, like our standard TUFF covers, but the sleeping surface is coated with a layer of polyester fibers to give the bed a softer, velvety feel. It makes the bed cover more comfortable for dogs sensitive to textures, and it also muffles any noises the plain nylon can make. If you are interested in swapping covers, please contact us at [email protected]
    • awesome
      Review by Essy on 3/9/2017
      I also like the fact it is made in the United States and locally and the fact your company sends us a Thank you email for purchasing from you.
    • Too small
      Review by Jay on 3/8/2017
      The size was too small so my dog is not enjoying the bed at all at this time. I will be sending it back shortly.
    • Best Investment ever!!!
      Review by Steve on 3/7/2017
      This is an AMAZING bed from an AMAZING company. You can read the many reviews of others that had similar experience. First off the bed is like bomb-proof. Our GoldenDoodle destroys small buildings in a single chomp. We got tired of being beds from the local pet store only to find them half eaten with pieces strewn across the living room. The other half would come back to visit in the form of doodle barf. What a mess, and expensive too! We heard about this company's products from some friends so thought we would give it a try.

      At first our Doodle didn't like the nylon-ish feel, but K9 Ballistics staff to the rescue! I imagine their team has red capes on as they solve problems like super heroes. They gave me some tips and also worked with me to solve the problem. Now our doodle loves the bed. And we love it because it's staying in one piece! Finally no more bed barf cleanup!

      You'll love this bed I'm sure of it.
    • Bed is not indestructible.
      Review by Peggy on 3/3/2017
      Our Doberman unfortunately was able to chew threw the bed within 48 hrs of having it. Calling customer service was no help, they never answered the phone. I was able to make contact thru Facebook messenger and they were very helpful there. They instructed me to email photos which I did. Quick response with email. They gave me a choice for a 50% refund or new cover and we chose a new cover which we they had to us within the week and we are using it for our other dog since he's not a chewer/scratcher. Once we were able to get in touch with customer service they were friendly and prompt. I do feel that saying the bed is indestructible is off the mark though and is misleading. We do like the material, I just use a broom to sweep the hair off so cleaning it is easy.
    • Quality
      Review by Janine C. on 3/2/2017
      This is my third K9 ballistics dog bed. The first two are at least 3 years old and one of those finally ripped a seam. The average dog bed bought at a pet store lasts my naughty labs anywhere from 20 minutes to 24 hours. The extra money has definitely been worth it.
    • Not a good investment.
      Review by Bunny's Mom on 3/2/2017
      Bed didn't last 2 days! The exterior has held up somewhat, but the first thing my pup did was rip the velcro off the backside and shred the interior when I was at work. I basically paid $135 for a shell. I've now just restuffed the inside with misc. blankets and nothing with fiberfill or loft materials. The blankets she doesn't shred to pieces, but pulls them out and plays with them. The perp is an 11 month old pit bull and lab mix named Bunny. Sorry, but the only way to prevent this is to cover the interior pillow with ANOTHER LAYER of denier and seal it up entirely. The perfect bed hasn't been invented yet...back to the drawing board folks.
    • Worth the money after continuously replacing beds!
      Review by Laura on 3/2/2017
      I have two 20lb Bostons. One of them insists on chewing on their bed. They are a yr old and only one generic bed has been left unharmed. They both lay on the same big bed during the day. Two weeks in and it is completely unharmed!!! I keep a blanket on it for a bit more comfort. Wipes off beautifully!
    • This bed is absolutely awesome
      Review by Leesa on 3/1/2017
      I don't know why I didn't purchase a bed from you sooner. I honestly thought I'd never find a bed that McGinty couldn't destroy, but I did with your bed. I had to find a bed that had a tough cover,no seams,and no zipper. McGinty is tough on all his toys and previous beds. Believe me McGinty has tried to put a hole in it, but I've learned the hard way. McGinty only gets the bed when he goes in his crate and it stays in there. I have a hard time getting him out of it when I get home from work.
    • My dog is not a happy camper
      Review by Michelle on 3/1/2017
      I do not like the foam cushion and neither does my dog. Instead of being a solid matress or cushion, it has section or seams that create indentations in the foam. My dog steps on it and flops because of the indentations. She now dreads going to bed.

      K9 Ballistics' Response: The original mattress is channeled to prevent fill from shifting and clumping at one side of the bed. You can plump the bed up by grabbing and pulling apart the fiberfill through the mesh of the mattress and shaking it out; this will add volume and support to the mattress. If that doesn't fix the problem, swapping the nesting mattress for a sturdier orthopedic should do the trick. Please contact us at [email protected] if you're interested in changing the mattress.
    • Wow. Just wow
      Review by Tyler on 3/1/2017
      This. Bed. Is. Amazing. My little terror has destroyed his own beds, pillows, even my couches. But this bed has held up to everything he has thrown at it. Absolutely without a doubt the best tuff bed out there. To anyone mulling this over, quit wasting time and buy this for your dog you won't be disappointed!
    • Excellent Outdoor Beds
      Review by Kimber on 3/1/2017
      I have two of these beds for my dogs when they are outside and an elevated bed from this company - all three have held up very well. They also wash up well, resist mildew, sun, and my three large dogs (each approx. 80 lbs.) using them continuously! When I tell our 12 year old Lab who has bad hips to "lay in your soft spot," she immediately heads for her K9 Ballistics bed :-)
    • Not indestructible
      Review by Deborah E. on 3/1/2017
      I gave this bed three stars because although it is solidly built my dog still tore the cover up beyond any possible further use.
    • Not for Englis bulldog puppies
      Review by Marta on 3/1/2017
      This is a great and beautiful bed. However for my six month old English bulldog it was nothing but tissue paper. She started chewing the corners the first day, I sprayed it with bitter apple and sent an email to the company. They gave me an option of a refund or a new bed cover. I opted for the new bed cover. Figuring she'll stop chewing at some point and I can put it on. However in the meantime she decided to turn the bed over find the Velcro rip that open tear the zipper out of it and shred the innards so now I have one cover and no bed and she sleeps on a plywood floor now.
    • super product
      Review by Ronald on 3/1/2017
      He doesn't even try to tear this bed up. My bed was worth more then I paid, Super product. Will by more products soon
    • excellent
      Review by Beth on 3/1/2017
      The bed is a little noisy, but worth it!
    • Very impressed!!
      Review by Andria on 2/28/2017
      We love this bed-- especially after going through many, many beds! Great design, material, color, AND its chew proof!! Well worth the money!
    • My Shepards love the dogbed and they can't destroy it
      Review by Beverly Dotson , Meridian, Ms. on 2/28/2017
      Love Love Love this Dogbed . I have two very large , very spoiled German Shepherds that have managed to chew up every dogbed I put in their kennel until this dogbed. Thank you so much for making one they can't destroy.
    • The toughest dog bed hands down!
      Review by Al on 2/28/2017
      This is the 2nd K9 Ballistic bed I have purchased for my 3 dogs. They absolutely love them. One I leave on my deck and the other in the living room. These beds are built to last, the dogs try to dig but that stops after a few moments when they realize that is not going to happen with these beds. Quality A++++
    • We were so happy we bought another one!
      Review by Pamela on 2/28/2017
      This is our second K9 bed our other dog loved hers so much we needed another one for our puppy. Great quality, easy to clean definitely puppy proof!
    • awesome!!!!!
      Review by shawn on 2/28/2017
      This bed is amazing Im still trying to get you a video. Thank you so much for making this bed!
      Review by Stacey on 2/28/2017
      My pug destroyed every bed we tried. He chewed on the corner of this one and only got it wet and wasn't able to move even one thread in the material. These REALLY work. I have 3 now so the other dogs can also have a bed that the pug can't destroy.
    • Absolutely Amazing Bed
      Review by Linda on 2/15/2017
      I have Belgian Malinois and finding a bed that can stand up to them is rare. Usually when I put a new bed in with one of them, I have nothing but fluff and shreds the next day. The K-9 Ballistic bed stands up to the rough treatment my dogs give a bed and still looks great. I am thrilled with the durability of this bed.
    • AMAZING Customer Service
      Review by Jeannie on 2/9/2017
      K9 Ballistics is an amazing company! They stand behind their guarantee. We had trouble with our lab puppy chewing through one of their dog beds, and K9 replaced it for free and helped us solve our puppy problem! 5 star review for customer service!!!!!!
    • Big waste of money
      Review by Melissa on 2/2/2017
      First, the beds were not vacuum sealed when they arrived, which is what was advertised. Since they were not vacuum sealed, that automatically precluded our ability to return them had we wanted to. Second, because they were so "puffy," our dogs would not lay on them - and still won't. Big waste of money!

      K9 Ballistics's Response: Not all of our items are vacuum-sealed, and for those that arrive without a seal, they can be returned or exchanged if they have not been used. If your dogs are not using the bed because it is too puffy, please contact us at [email protected] so that we can help find a solution to the problem.
    • Well made!
      Review by John in Missouri on 2/1/2017
      The dog bed is what you expect in a durable dog bed. My dog is an extremely large and energetic Golden doodle who ruined 2 dog beds before I tried k9 ballistics. My dog initially tried to ruin the k9 ballistic dog bed but couldn't. My dog now loves to sleep on the bed. I like you can easily wash the cover.
    • Does the job!!!
      Review by LA Pet Lover on 1/31/2017
      Well, my search for the right chew proof bed has ended. Two little poodle mixes have gone through eight beds. They attack the seams and then the zippers. If this does not work, they gnaw on the same part of the bed until the fabric frays. Once that happens, they can reach the stuffing. Then another bed bites the dust. Finally, those days are over. The medium Tuff Bed defeated them. After a few hours of "exploring" the bed, they gave up and decided to take a nap - on the bed. This bed will probably outlast them.
    • Happy with bed
      Review by Jennifer on 1/31/2017
      So far so good. I can tell Ranger has been giving it a go due to the placement of the bed when I get home. There is one corner at the top side of the bed that he has been focusing on where he managed to get some of the white threading to stick out. He has not managed to get it to open up any further though. So far, I am very satisfied with the bed. I just wished I had ordered the bigger bed. Our two smaller dogs are sharing it with Ranger!
    • Highly recommend!
      Review by Happy pet owner on 1/29/2017
      This bed has held up with two determined dogs that have destroyed other beds. I highly recommend the Tuff Bed!! The pups got through the Velcro of the first tuff bed but did not damage the actual bed cover.

      The customer service was exceptional! They sent a 2nd bed cover to nest with the first cover. The two bedcover combo has held up to all of the dogs attempts.
      Due to its waterproof and durable quality, it makes for a perfect house bed and garage bed (when Mom & Dad are at work).
    • I would return it if I could
      Review by Denise on 1/28/2017
      Other review stated the be was noises, but I did not understand how a bed could be. Well, it is. My dog was not afraid of it as others stated, but every time he moves in the night, it wake me up. I had to move it out of our bedroom and into the basement. Lot of money for a bed that will not get used much. It does seem to be well made, but holds air and makes it a little unstable for the dog to walk on. Kind of like trying to lay on a balloon.

      K9 Ballistics Response: Denise, we're sorry to hear that the bed isn't seeing much use. Do you know if it is the puffiness of the bed or the noise of the cover? We do make softer versions of the TUFF covers (called TUFF Velvet), which might solve that problem. If it's the puffiness of the bed, swapping out the nesting fill for an orthopedic one might do the trick. The orthopedic foam fills out the cover completely, leaving no extra space for air to get trapped inside. If you email us at [email protected], we can work on fixing the problem so that your dog has a bed that they will use.
    • Great material
      Review by Melissa on 1/28/2017
      Love the bed but my lab doesn't like the Velcro! so he keeps pulling it open and trying to get the stuffing, called and you quickly sent a replacement with zipper under The Velcro, afraid he opened it and tore the zipper so dont know how to keep him from opening the Velcro.love the material but wish it was already inclosing the stuffing but realize you want to make it remove able to wash.

      K9 Ballistics Response: If he opened it even with the zipper, we recommend putting both covers on the bed and staggering them so that the Velcro ends up on opposite sides of the bed. That way, even if he opens the outer cover again, he cannot reach the closure of the inner cover to get at the stuffing again.
    • Best bed purchase I've ever made.
      Review by Caitlin on 1/27/2017
      3 months ago, my American Bulldog had to have surgery to remove about a pound and a half of her bed from her stomach. She is a serious chewer, everything goes in her mouth and into her stomach. I've had this bed a couple of weeks so far and she LOVES it. But best of all, she doesn't try to eat it. There is no trim or zippers or anything else that triggers her urge to chew. The fabric is tough and the bed is soft. Yes, the fabric is a little loud when she moves around, but it's TOTALLY worth the noise if she now has a sturdy and SAFE bed. I work hard for my money and have to carefully consider my purchases, but I will be scrimping and saving to be able to get these beds for my other dogs. Absolutely worth the price. Thank you.
    • Good material and durable.
      Review by Wilson on 1/27/2017
      Very go
    • Good,but, not chew proof.
      Review by Rickie on 1/27/2017
      Good quality,but, a good chewers can still get through.We're on the replacement cover. I have wiped the corners with vinegar and cayenne pepper and we've been ok for a week.
    • Best dog bed I have ever purchased!!
      Review by Kyle on 1/24/2017
      This bed is the best one we have ever purchased!! Our dogs like to destroy anything new we get them and a dog bed doesn't last more than a day or two. It has been a couple of weeks since we put this bed in their dog house and it is still there and in perfect condition! Well worth the money!
    • It's a Hit
      Review by Natalie on 1/22/2017
      Our English Bulldog puppy Tonka is really enjoying his bed. It is used in his kennel because we didn't want to use the hard trays and the other vinyl covered pad (that he tore at the zipper) any longer. He loves that he gets engulfed by the pillow when he lays in it. We were worried that he would not like it so much as he tends to like soft and cuddly beds - but they are easily torn up! He thinks his Tuff Bed is just the best...like him!
    • Worth the investment for a bed that will last
      Review by Baillie on 1/22/2017
      Love the bed so far! Our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy had chewed up 2 cheap beds. I thought about just continuing to replace the cheap ones but was afraid he's ingest some of the stuffing. Bit the bullet and went for one of these tuff beds and man am I glad I did! He uses it all the time, even chooses it over sleeping in our bed at night. I think he gets hot in our bed and the tuff bed has a cool surface. He's tried to play with it only a few times but besides that doesn't really chew on it. Definitely worth the investment.
    • Great product
      Review by Kitz on 1/22/2017
      It's the only dog bed that my dog hasn't been able to destroy. I have previously tried many others that were supposed to be tough to chew and destroy. Nothing compares.
    • Expensive but worth every penny.
      Review by Sandra on 1/21/2017
      Easy to put together. Very comfortable. I lay down on one of them with one of my dogs and we both loved it. The chewer tried to get them out of the house but they were too big to go through opening so he gave up. So far he has not tried to get them out again and has not attempted to chew on them. They both seem to love the beds and so do I.
    • Must-have dog bed!
      Review by Brenda on 1/21/2017
      So far this bed has been amazing, has held up after a few weeks, and my dog seems to love it and not chew at it! Only downside is that it can be noisy at times when my dog is trying to get comfy, but I'd take the noise over having to buy a new bed every month!
    • Would recommend. Plan on buy another one soon.
      Review by Cindy on 1/21/2017
      My dogs love it. First bed so far that my one dog has not been able to chew up.
    • Another tuff bed lover!
      Review by Nanook on 1/21/2017
      Love this bed. Have a 4 month old Yellow Lab and wasn't sure he would like it since the material isn't soft. He sniffed it, then just jumped into it and immediately curled up in it. Just now he took one of his chew toys to lay down in it. He plays on it - including pouncing onto it - so I can testify that puppy nails don't rip it. Can also testify to waterproof. I've only had him 1 week and I didn't get him outside quick enough to relieve himself. Pooled right in the center and easily wiped up.

      I ended up buying the crate pad also.
    • The bed is pretty
      Review by twylla on 1/21/2017
      Well I haven't been gone since I received the bed and the dogs sleep in the house with me when I'm home. It's when I have to go out of town that they get separation anxiety and tear up their bed, so we'll see. It appears to be very durable though.
    • He loves it!
      Review by Brad and Kattie on 1/18/2017
      Our lab, Bo has torn apart kiddy pools, doggie beds, you name it....he has chewed, torn, and ripped it apart. So when I found your product I was skeptical for sure but it sounded like it was the item for our beloved pet. We brought him inside and my husband showed him how to enjoy and lay down on his new bed. Then we moved his new K9 Ballistic bed out to his kennel in the garage (he can go in and out anytime he wants through a collar activated doggie door). He loves it! He hasn't torn it up and I don't think he could if he wanted too. Yesterday morning I went out and he was sprawled out with his legs kicked out under his infrared heater. He is loving life and most definitely his K9 Bed which is far better than the hard old concrete
    • Quality & tough, but my puppy is a little tougher
      Review by Maria on 1/15/2017
      I think K9 makes a good quality product, and has excellent customer service, I just happen to have a prolific chewer (8 mo. lab mix). Other dog beds have lasted less than 48 hrs with my girl, this one lasted almost 2 weeks before she got a hole in a corner and commenced unstuffing. Sent a picture to customer service and they promptly replied with the warranty option of a new cover AND multiple suggestions for flavor deterrents. I now have the second cover over the original cover, per the company's suggestion, so we'll see how that goes.

      I bought a crate pad at the same time as the Tuff Bed and it is holding up exceptionally well. Prompt responses, timely shipping, friendly, and helpful. Highly recommend this company.
    • Good quality.
      Review by Susan on 1/13/2017
      It's a well made bed and she hasn't done any damage. We have three Labs and none of them would sleep on it til I covered the top with a fleece blanket.
    • Karma LOVES her new bed
      Review by Sheree on 1/13/2017
      She hasn't even attempted to tear it up like the other beds she has had! We are both very happy!!
    • Great!
      Review by Mechele on 1/13/2017
      This is our second bed and we love it! Our Boxer has not been able to destroy it like she has all her other beds. We will continue to purchase this product.
    • A dog bed built as advertised
      Review by Scout of the Chief Boomer on 1/13/2017
      My Blue Healer has had this for 4 days now and so far it is the only thing he has not been able to tear up. With temperatures reaching the 20's last night, he decided it is much nicer to sleep on it rather than try to tear it up. He is about 8 months old and stays in a heated battle barn enclosure.

      If it continues to hold up real well I am going to purchase the large size. If I had to rate this early, I would have to give it a full "FIVE PAWS"
    • All 3 beds are great!
      Review by Shirley on 1/13/2017
      We have gotten 3 over the last two months, cuz these are the only beds our pit bull and mastiff don't ruin within minutes...all 3 are still great!! Thanks for an amazing product!
    • Great bed
      Review by Marti on 1/13/2017
      We have had our K9 tough bed for about 2 weeks, and it has held up to our 2 bullies. Their last 4 beds have only lasted on average 1 week. I am optimistic it will finally be abed they won't tear up.
    • K9 Ballistics, you nailed it with the TUFF BED..!!
      Review by Lori on 1/11/2017
      This bed is AWESOME. I have 3 dogs, all of which have the "if it has stuffing, it must die" attitude, and all prior dog beds have fallen victim to this. All EXCEPT for the Tuff Bed. Its been about a month, and I was sure that I was going to see some type of wear on it, but I'm ecstatic to say, that there is none! In fact, I think my dogs ended up giving up trying! I had needed 2, but with the track record I had, I wasn't about to buy both at the same time without knowing if it would hold up to its claims. But now, without question, I'm going to be purchasing another. Its definitely worth every penny and more, especially if you've spent the money that I have on beds that only ended up as a disappointment. Trust the reviews; these beds are legit.
    • Great product - well worth the cost.
      Review by Trailjunky on 1/4/2017
      I purchased these beds for our four dogs (2 labs, border collie, and golden retriever) because they made quick work of standard dog beds. These are indestructible - unless the dog finds the velcro opening to the enclosed pillow. I pointed this out to the folks at K9 Ballistics and they came up with a terrific solution. Now all four dogs can roam our 3 acres during the day and sleep comfortably at night on these great dog beds. The customer service of K9 ballistics is nothing short of outstanding.
    • I will buy one again.
      Review by Denise on 1/4/2017
      These beds are freaking awesome. Not only is it still in one piece, they do not even try to chew on it. All 4 dogs love it. What is the secret? Money well spent.
    • Nothing negative to report.
      Review by Tom on 1/4/2017
      We received our new bed in a timely manner. The bed is in great condition after 2 weeks (no chew holes or tears).

      I like the addition of a zipper under the Velcro enclosure. It allows the Velcro to close more smoothly. We have K9 Ballistics bed from a year ago without that feature.
    • German Shepherd proof so far
      Review by Ted on 12/28/2016
      Good bed for my German Shepherd. He has chewed on it
      a couple of times but has not done any damage to it. Very satisfied so far . Thanks
    • total surprise and mo complaints
      Review by rhonda on 12/27/2016
      Usally by now he would have pulled it from dog house and shredded it to pieces.. i would go through bout 3 a winter..so far it has been in there two weeks and he is loving it..guess he got tired of sleeping on hard floor..
    • 16 month old GSD approved!
      Review by Mark on 12/27/2016
      My 16 month old German Shepard still has some chewing tendencies. I caught her attempting to chew the Tuff Bed and reprimanded her, but all she does now is scratch a bit before settling in. The bed cover is holding up great.
      The only other dog bed I have had that is even close to the quality of the Tuff Bed was from Filson, however it was 5 times more expensive and discontinued now.
    • So far so good
      Review by Julie on 12/26/2016
      So far so good, 2 weeks and the bed has not been destroyed. That is an all time record in our house. Our Maltipoo loves this bed and has not been chewing it. We also got the XL orthopedic bed for our labradoodle and have had good luck so far with that one too.
    • 150% satisfied!!
      Review by Heather on 12/26/2016
      I could not believe the quality on this bed!!! It was better than I expected. I bought this for my sister's dog (my fur-niece) and she LOVED IT! My nephew wanted to curl up on the bed when I gave it to the dog. When we told him that the bed was for the dog, he almost cried! The dog loves the bed, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase!!
    • Look great
      Review by Richard on 12/25/2016
      Just gave them the beds on Christmas morning. Both were a little afraid when I first opened but now laying on them in front of Fireplace
    • Love it!!!
      Review by Argelia on 12/25/2016
      I have a Boxer and usually when I buy him a new bed he'll lay on it a couple of times. Eventually he finds his way into my bed, because his bed looses its shape. But so far he loves his new bed and I find him in it.
    • great!
      Review by Kimberleigh on 12/24/2016
      Awesome bed ! My dogs love it. Just waiting for it to even out. one side is higher than the other
    • Fantastic Bed
      Review by Russell on 12/22/2016
      After purchasing several beds at local chain Pet Stores and them falling apart I came across K9 Ballistic. All I can say is that my aging 9 year old Siberian Husky who is an outside dog loves it and we love the fact that it doesn't hold water or dirt and wipes right off. She is comfortable and that's all that matters to us. Thanks K9 Ballistics
    • Amazing
      Review by Michelle on 12/21/2016
      So far these are amazing! My Dogs have not attempted to try to tear these up. They are very well made I would suggest these to EVERYONE!
    • These beds are awesome and well worth the investment!!
      Review by Lori on 12/21/2016
      My dogs love their new bed!! Usually my Husky has shredded her new beds by now, but we are going on two weeks and bed still looks perfect. I wish I had known about these beds $300.00 ago!! That is how much I have wasted on other beds, they are always soft and pretty but don't last more than a week!!
    • As close to Airedale Proof as you're going to get!!!
      Review by Jan on 12/20/2016
      After our Airedales destroyed countless high quality beds from other manufacturers and the repairs were adding up to the cost of yet another bed, I discovered the K9 Ballistics beds. We've had two that have lasted a long time. The zipper on the bolster is a vulnerability that eventually succumbed to the terrier persistance, but the Tuff Bed with velcro is as good as new. So, when the last "conventional" beds gave up their stuffing and zippers, we ordered two more of these beds. The dogs prefer a softer surface, but I throw a cheap fleece blanket on top and all is well. Great product.
    • Great bed
      Review by michael on 12/19/2016
      My puppy found the Velcro and luck was on my side as I caught her before she destroyed it :) An idea would be to put a zipper first then the Velcro as added protection. For now it will stay inside because I have had a couple of different beds she has destroyed.
    • So far I'm more than pleased with this bed.
      Review by Linda on 12/18/2016
      I have 4 miniature doxies (two are pups) who have destroyed three dog beds in the last few months. I have had the K9 bed about a week, and the only thing I've seen them do (when I first got it) is try to "dig" in it. That didn't work because the cover is thick and the bed is heavy, so they can't drag it around like the old beds. I don't think they'll be able to destroy this one!!
    • Awesome looking bed and super durable looking as well!
      Review by Scott on 12/18/2016
      We love the new bed! I just wish that I would have been told that my special request of having our dogs name placed on the end of the bed and not on the side of the bed couldn't have been done before the bed actually arrived to us.
    • My Pit Bull Loves His Bed!
      Review by JH Minnesota on 12/16/2016
      We have a 11 month old Pit Bull who ripped his first bed to shreds in just days; however, with this Tuff Bed- he has yet to get through the material. He will occasionally pull at the Velrco on the back but loses interest quickly once he realizes that he is not getting anywhere with the material and padding. I am completely in love with this product and when I see Tyson sleeping peacefully I am convinced he loves it too. Being able to add his name and choose the color are also awesome features! Well worth the money- high quality product!
    • Great Aussie proof bed
      Review by GEORGE on 12/14/2016
      All is good with bed so far. My Aussie mouthed a corner without damage and hasn't attempted to shred it since. I'm hopeful that she will leave it alone and just sleep on it. I think this is a great product and happy to have bought it.
    • You're going to love it!
      Review by Les on 12/12/2016
      Every time my six year old Husky/Corgi mix started feeling warm and fuzzy she'd start chewing on the corner of her bed. I tried several beds, from which pieces of stuffing still remain in the carpet, so looked on the internet for her "Last Chance Bed". Her butt was going to be sleeping on the floor if she chewed this one up. It's been several days now since she received her new bed... several days longer than any other bed has survived. She loves it. So do I. This is an exceptional product and worth every penny.
    • Good stuff
      Review by THOM on 12/11/2016
      We bought one to see how our Danes would take to it. We then bought 2 more! They are great!
    • Tuff but Comfy!
      Review by Diane on 12/10/2016
      So far so good! We just received the original tuff bed. It fluffs up nicely to a really thick, soft mattress. I thought the outer material being tuff and all might be stiff and uncomfortable but our beagle, Teddy took to it right away and nestled deep into the bed. He was very comfortable all day. I love how simple the construction is without any ridges or folds to tempt Teddy to gnaw on and the ease of taking it on and off. Nice job, K9 Ballistics!
    • Tough! Our dogs LOVE them!
      Review by Jayme on 12/9/2016
      These are some great, TOUGH beds! Our two pittie girls no longer chew their beds but have torn through quite a few by digging and scratching (they just will NOT be convinced that they can't bury their bone in the bed!). So far, digging and scratching hasn't even fazed these tough beds! I highly recommend them and the dogs are on them all day! I think it's true love.
    • Very pleased
      Review by Georgie on 12/9/2016
      It is very sturdy and my Pit has not tried to chew it. Matter of fact, she seems a little leary of it. We just received a couple days ago, so giving her time to adjust. She does lay up against, just not on it yet. After reading the other reviews, maybe I should have went with the plush. Maybe this bed is too noisy for her. We will give it some time. I am very satisfied.
    • Not as Advertised (Not Chew Proof at all)
      Review by Mad on 12/9/2016
      We purchased this because it was guaranteed "Chew Proof". This is very misleading as our dog managed to chew it up within one day. The dog bed is very nice and soft but do NOT purchase this if your dog remotely chews at ALL. We have a bean bag that is more resilient than these beds as our dog gnaws on that and cannot tear it, but managed to have this torn within one day. They are NOT chew proof nor durable and even though our dog really liked it and took to it quickly, it is not tough. I have a picture of the torn bed and will be trying to get a replacement, but I can already see that there is going to be a lot of patching and fixing involved. Their "Chew Proof Guarantee" offers one cover replacement only, but they are flimsy and subject to tearing. Otherwise you will only be refunded 50% of your order.
    • Very satisfied
      Review by JJ on 12/9/2016
      This bed lives up to its name. My dog has made this her toy , she plays with it and then gets tired and sleeps on it. The bed beats her everytime. Very satisfied with this product. Stuffed toys would be nice.
    • My Pit Bull loves his new TUFF BED-
      Review by Jess on 12/8/2016
      We have a 11 month old Pit Bull who ripped his first bed to shreds in just days; however, with this Tuff Bed- he has yet to get through the material. He will occasionally pull at the Velrco on the back but loses interest quickly once he realizes that he is not getting anywhere with the material and padding. I am completely in love with this product and when I see Tyson sleeping peacefully I am convinced he loves it too. Being able to add his name and choose the color are also awesome features! Well worth the money- high quality product!
    • You get what you pay for.
      Review by Steve on 12/8/2016
      Where do I start?

      My son has a lab mix who has made it her mission in life to destroy any dog bed she can get to. She spent two hours with this bed and there wasn't a mark on it. The first round goes to the bed.

      My wife's Bichon got sick on it yesterday. A damp paper towel was all that was needed to clean it up.

      Like others, I questioned the cost of the bed; at this point in time, I believe it was money well spent.

    • Very tough and high quality that I would recommend to all.
      Review by Deb on 12/7/2016
      We have a 3 year old boxer that gets to playing and has torn up every bed we have tried...no matter the price. This has happened in the first day of ownership. This bed has been down a week and she plays with it, but no rips or tears. She loves, loves getting on it and sleeping. I think she thinks she has a human bed.
    • So far so good
      Review by Jimmy on 12/7/2016
      Tiger is a rescue Pitt Bull mix that is pretty destructive. He has destroyed every bed given to him to date-even those claiming to be "tough". He sits for long periods with the bed in his mouth but so far I can't see where he is chewing through the Balistics bed-time will tell....
    • Worth every penny!!
      Review by Jess on 12/7/2016
      In the past, most beds that I would buy would only last less than 24 hours. My TUFF bed has lasted over 1 week!! Great product and would definitely recommend to owners with dogs that love to aggressively chew beds. No seams have been broken into and it's super easy to clean. It's a bit noisy though when they move around on the bed, took some time getting used to. Overall, awesome product and a fix to my pup's destructive bed chewing!
    • So far so good!
      Review by Kelly on 12/3/2016
      So far so good! It took my dog about a week to realize it was her bed but once she started laying on it she loved it! No holes or attempts to chew it apart yet. Could be the solution to all of her chewed up beds. Stay tuned...
    • Best Dog Bed on the Market
      Review by Susan on 12/2/2016
      Our German Shepherd is now almost 3 years old and he absolutely loves his bed, which he shares occasionally with our Birman cat. He always receives a face-bath from her for his generosity. As a younger dog he was a chewer of everything and this is why we chose this Tuff bed for him although he really hasn't chosen to chew it at all. He likes it too much for that. The removable cover is easy to wash as is the mattress. Great bed and will always do business with K-9 for my bedding needs.
    • Great beds! Survived my pits!
      Review by chris on 11/30/2016
      Love my new dog beds! Took a min for the dogs to get used to the material but they love them. I will say they are 98% chew proof due to my pit bulls love for chewing and pissing me off.. but was only able to get 2 or 3 small tears in it. After a replacement hopefully he'll be done and this will be the last bed!!
    • Love the Original Tuff Bed
      Review by Anna on 11/29/2016
      We adopted a Rhodesian Ridgeback hound mix who is 2 years old and he chewed up 3 beds that I had purchased for him. i went online and found your website and I ordered two of these beds. Small for my Halvanese and Large for my Rhodesian Ridgeback. I figured with the 90 day guarantee how can I go wrong. Love! love! love! the beds!!! They didn't even attempt to chew them! They laid down in them as soon as I put them on the floor! My dogs and I thank you for creating such a great bed!!!!
    • Longest bed we've had so far!
      Review by Seehousz Pups on 11/29/2016
      So our youngest pup, gets bored easily and always resorts to chewing her bed. This has helped curve her enthusiasm just a smudge. She was still able to get into the corners where the seams meet, but we have been able to stop her from chewing more on the corners by spraying apple bitters all around the seams. She usually bits holes everywhere, and with this bed she can't just the corners. But this is the longest she had a bed, maybe we will try a round bed next time and not the square.
    • Love it
      Review by Barbara on 11/29/2016
      My dog eats everything in minutes, bricks, iPhones, lights anything she can reach. I was afraid she would destroy her bed. She loves it and it is still in one piece!
    • Great, Soft HAPPY DOG!
      Review by Seth on 11/29/2016
      So far so good she drags it around the house. Just waiting to see what she will do next. she seems happy keeps her blankets on top of it. My take is it's very well made soft cover it should hold up for a black pug. Thank you for making a great dog bed.
    • Awesome bed
      Review by Amy on 11/25/2016
      We love this bed. He has tried to pull it around the living room (which is usually what tears his beds) and he likes to scratch around in them before he lays down. This bed is awesome. I don't even see a hole where he has picked it up.
    • Love it. Happy happy.
      Review by Roger on 11/24/2016
      Zeke loves the bed, mostly to play on with chews and toys.(he sleeps with us) Never had a bed last over three days. This is the second week and the bed has not one scratch.
    • Perfect for our puppy
      Review by NIKKI on 11/23/2016
      Love this bed. Our dog Watson (English Bulldog) is a chewer and we went through 4 or 5 beds before a friend recommended k9 bullestic beds to us. I love that it's water proof and I don't think he's even bothered to try and put a dent in this one yet and if he has we would never know. I'm amazed on how much he likes it and it's so far we haven't had a problem and it's been 2 weeks (other beds have made it less than one). I highly recommend this bed to anyone considering it!
    • So far so good
      Review by Jimmy on 11/23/2016
      So far so good, my pup have gone through 3 other beds already but she seems to like this one and has not damaged it yet.
    • Very Happy
      Review by Paul on 11/23/2016
      Thank Goodness!
      Finally have a dog bed for my Sheppard Nico, that he does not tear apart with the first few days. I really think it was not done on purpose, a tooth would catch a stitch and the rest is history. Not happened with your product. Keeping my fingers crossed for the next couple of years! LOL.
    • I love the quality and look of the bed but sadly my dog won't use it
      Review by Carla on 11/20/2016
      Great bed, well made. Sadly my dog won't use it .
    • Better than most but not all that tough
      Review by david on 11/18/2016
      My beagles chewed through all 4 corners within a week The inside held up much better than cheaper beds They have not pulled out any stuffing yet I was really hoping it would be tougher
    • Good product. Delivery as promised.
      Review by WILLIAM on 11/18/2016
      So far the product as is advertised. My "chewer" has not attacked it but has "clawed" at the bed ...... tough material. We ordered two beds for two dogs and they seem to be deciding whose bed belongs to who. They seem pleased with the beds. Now looking at replacing the crate bed with one of yours.
    • Boxer proof.....love it.
      Review by Kersten on 11/18/2016
      My boxer loves to tear up things. So far so good he hasn't been able to get this one tore up. I love the material and how secure the velcro holds. The only thing is that it holds air and scares my older dog. She'll get in it after my boxer gets out because he pushed all air out and it's flat.
    • Very durable. Still effective after two years!
      Review by Rena on 11/18/2016
      My Great Dane loves this bed! I bought a second one after two years to accommodate my other two Border Collies, who also love the bed.
    • Love it
      Review by Marinna on 11/17/2016
      My dog hasn't tried to destroy it yet! And if he has without me seeing he hasn't succeeded! Very pleased with this product and my dog seems to love it, he doesn't leave his bed.
    • Fantastic purchase
      Review by Allison on 11/16/2016
      We are one week in and so far, the bed has held up and he seems to love it! He destroyed the first bed within ten minutes of arriving in our home from the SPCA. After gaining an understanding of the extent of his chewing, I knew we needed something really tough. He had taken over the couch as his bed and he was slowing tearing small pieces of fabric out and pulling out the foam and stuffing. I began researching tough beds and was so happy to discover K9 Ballistics. We are very happy with our purchase and highly recommend it for heavy chewers!
    • What a great buy!!
      Review by Holli on 11/16/2016
      So far so good! Our lab/shepherd Lilly has chewed all of her beds so I was pretty discouraged until I saw your FB ad! I sprayed Bitter Apple along the sides which is where she usually starts chewing. The XL size is great & fits her & our other 2 small dogs perfectly!
    • Not tough enough for Charlie
      Review by Michelle on 11/16/2016
      It's tough and a nice bed but didn't hold up to my crazy dog. I was hoping it would. We've been through so many beds because we have a 13 year old Shepard that needs a bed but her little brother keeps destroying them.
    • Excellent bed
      Review by James D. on 11/12/2016
      Excellent beds, good price and easy to clean. Recommend this.
    • Not happy. Do NOT buy!
      Review by Karen on 11/11/2016
      This bed is ridiculous. The stuffing inside is exactly that - stuffing. Nothing orthopedic about it and it barely fills up the bed. My German Shepherd got on it and it flattened right away (naturally). I bought an XL. I'd like to return it and get my money back but apparently once the vacuum seal is broken, that's it. The only thing that "appears" to be good quality with this is the cover that goes around the stuffing. So, I'm going to measure it and see if I can fit a small baby mattress inside of it or some memory foam to make it better. Bottom line - do not buy this product. Do not waste your money. I would not recommend it for any size dog. If you are going to charge high prices, you should be able to back it up with high quality products.

      K9 Ballistics Response: We're sorry that the bed wasn't as expected, but you purchased the Original TUFF bed, which has a nesting mattress composed of polyester fiber filling. For an orthopedic bed, please check out the Orthopedic TUFF Bed, which has a memory foam mattress.
    • Tough and looks good too.
      Review by Chelley on 11/11/2016
      Great quality bed; looks great too - love the embroidery with my dogs name. Unfortunately, she did manage to tear a hole in one corner within the first 48 hours. Its really amazing that the whole thing is not torn up, though so I am very pleased. There is a mesh covering the foam on the inside, and when she pulled that out it seemed unsatisfying to her, so the bed so far is still intact.
    • Thanks for a really good experience
      Review by Vicki on 11/10/2016
      I love the beds. Easy to wipe off and dogs took them quickly. I feel really good about buying them for my dogs (Max and Lilly) instead of buying those worthless and cheap dog beds. I woke up last night and heard Lilly scratching on her bed I guess trying to make a nest? I spoke with Lilly and Max this morning and they will be emailing you as soon as they are up and get their email opened. Thanks for a really good experience. You guys are the best.
    • Ky girl
      Review by Teresa on 11/10/2016
      Thrilled with this tuff bed
    • Durable but noisy
      Review by Christopher on 11/9/2016
      We love Tuff beds. Extremely durable but this last one we purchased is so noisy! Every time my dog moves at night I wake up... A bit disappointed, it puffy and has lots of fluff but as she sits or adjusts its very noisy.

      K9 Ballistics Response: Christopher, if the material is too noisy, we recommend the velvet version of the TUFF bed—it's just as durable as the plain TUFF, but the sleeping surface is coated in a layer of plush polyester fibers that help muffle dog sounds and also make the bed a little softer for your dog.
    • Excellent bed, very durable !!
      Review by Dru on 11/9/2016
      Took a few days for my Bulldogs to get used to the sound the bed material makes when they climb into the bed, but now they love it !!
    • Best bed yet
      Review by Lori on 11/5/2016
      I’ve had my 3-year-old Weimaraner for 6 months and she LOVES this bed. I was afraid the cover was too hot for her but after she chewed through the 1st cover I pulled it off and put it aside until I could get a replacement and I found her sleeping on the cover.
      She has now nibbled on the 2nd cover so I have ordered a 3rd just to be proactive. So yes, we will have had 3 Tuff Bed covers in just over 6 months but they are by far the best product I can find. My girl is crated while we are gone and she has destroyed everything else and only nibbled on the Tuff Bed so my choice is clear. I’ll just keep adding new covers. Thanks for a great product.
    • Our dog bed is GREAT!!
      Review by Deb on 11/2/2016
      We have two Dobermans, the oldest of which is 10 months old. She has chewed and destroyed 4 doggy beds, two blankets and one sleeping bag!! She is a very gentle and lovable pooch but loves to chew. Her new bed is not only comfy but indestructible! They both managed to ruin the gift ball you sent though!! The personal engraving is a very nice and caring touch
    • This bed has been great!
      Review by Dawn on 11/2/2016
      We use the bed in a large dog crate. We have one dog that likes to chew everything...dog beds (at least 4), throw rugs (at least 7), blankets, shoes, table/chair legs, woodwork/baseboards, tennis balls, pool noodles, pool floats, our sons mattress, ropes, even the doggie door dog flap! We've had the bed for 11 days and it's still in one piece! He has NOT chewed up this bed and he spends several hours at a time crated with the bed. So far, we are very impressed. The other dogs enjoy laying on the bed as well. Will probably purchase another one in the future. This is a quality purchase!
    • I'm a believer
      Review by ML on 11/1/2016
      This is the third Tuff Bed I've bought. I'll never buy another brand. The covers have been indestructible for my diggers, and the cushion is baffled so it stays in place pretty well with a few shakes now and then. I also have the K9 car seat cover, which I LOVE.
    • NOT chew proof!
      Review by Robert D. on 10/29/2016
      NOT chew proof. Our German Shepherd had no problem destroying both of our "chew proof" beds. Not worth the price.
    • Excellent
      Review by Shirley on 10/27/2016
      This is my second K9 ballistics bed. We love the product. Our Mal is very destructive with the bed and it has held up. Excellent product!
    • Nice bed but already has two holes in it!
      Review by Deegie on 10/23/2016
      I like the bed and so does my dog Watson! The only drawback is that within two days, my dog had already chewed two small holes in the cover.
    • Durable enough for a puppy
      Review by Shanette on 10/11/2016
      My dog is a bed destroyer! But he has not been able to destroy this bed. He plays with the bed and chews on it but no holes or scratches yet....now if he would only realize he can sleep there :)
    • I only wish the bed was thicker
      Review by charles on 10/7/2016
      I have a mastiff that has destroyed 2 beds,he's very strong and has thick and sharp nails.I've only had my bed for a couple of weeks now,but he has tried several times to rip that bed.when he first laid on it,he went right after it.I think he's given up.he loves sleeping on it. I would really recommend this bed for anyone.if my mastiff couldn't tear it up,it's a good product.
    • very good
      Review by Bob on 10/6/2016
      Very pleased with the product. Has survived longer than any other bed my three bubs have tried. Takes a little warming up period to get the air and crackling noise out.
    • Disappointed
      Review by Matthew for "Santa's Little Helper" on 10/5/2016
      Day 1: I really thought this was the solution. However, "Santa's Little Helper" helped himself to the bed as a snack. Come on K9 Ballistics - for the price these should be 'bullet' proof. My puppy is mocking you!

      K9 Ballistics Response: We apologize that your dog managed to damage the bed. It sounds like Santa's Little Helper might be a more persistent or heavier bed chewer, and in that case you may want to consider our Cujo Cot Raised Aluminum Bed. The Original TUFF Bed is rated a 4 out of 5 in terms of durability but is by no means indestructible—it's meant for more moderate or light chewers, and still has vulnerable points that more destructive dogs can exploit to do damage. The Cujo Cot, on the other hand, has a special no-chew design that was specifically created to stump even the worst of bed destroyers. It's the only bed we have that we rate a 5 out of 5 in terms of durability, and while it won't stop bullets, it'll stop 99% of chewers. Of course this bed is covered under our warranty, so make sure to send an email to our warranty department ([email protected]) with a photo of the damage if you have not already done so, so that they can get a claim started for you.
    • Update
      Review by Rick on 10/4/2016
      I just wanted to say we still have both the dog beds we bought a year ago and both are still in very good condition. I'm pleased that the beds have lasted so well.

    • So far so good!
      Review by Lisa on 9/28/2016
      My dog Copper is enjoying his bed. So far he has not even attempted to chew on it. Also I followed the advice about putting the bitter apple on the edges so he has not attempted to chew it. Thanks for making a good product.
    • I have hopes I've finally found a bed that my dog can't destroy.
      Review by Jane on 9/22/2016
      After almost a week the bed is still like new. My Doberman who chews up every bed she's ever had tried to chew this one and gave up. She's a little afraid of the texture of the bed but she's getting used to it.
    • A Winner of a Bed!
      Review by Jennifer on 9/21/2016
      This bed is so worth the price! After buying several generic dog beds, my 2 outside fur kids would have stuffing and fabric from one side of the yard to the other by the next morning. Even though these beds are a little pricey, well worth the investment. The bed is heavy so my 2 fur kids have not even tried to move it and shred it!!! Very soft and easy to clean. Will be investing into another bed, so they don't have to share!!!
      Review by Pietro on 9/19/2016
      I did not have any success with this product at all. I think this was a very expensive waste of money. I bought the original Tuff bed for my 8 month old German Shepherd and within the first 24 hours my dog had already ripped through the "chew proof" bed cover. I was so upset when I got home to see the bed stuffing all over the room. I cannot believe that this product did not even last a full day with my dog. I bought this product because I thought it would be the perfect solution for my dog, however this was not the case. Just more frustration and cleaning up.

      K9 Ballistics Response: It sounds like you might have a heavy chewer, Pietro, in which case you may want to consider our Cujo Cot Raised Aluminum Bed. The Original TUFF Bed is meant for more moderate or light chewers, and still has vulnerable points that more destructive dogs can exploit to do damage, whereas the Cujo Cot has a special no-chew design that was specifically created to stump even the worst of bed destroyers. Of course this bed is covered under our warranty, so make sure to send an email to our warranty department ([email protected])with a photo of the damage if you have not already done so, so that they can get a claim started for you.
    • Excellent bed if you don't want to keep buying dog beds.
      Review by Kathryn M. on 9/16/2016
      When we got our first K9Ballistic dog bed, our 4 dogs (1 large part Great Pyrenees mix and 3 Dachshunds) took it as a challenge to de-stuff and destroy. They gave up after chewing on the corners for a bit and realized they were wasting their time. Yes, some of the corners are a bit chewed looking but that's it. We got our 2nd smaller bed for the 3 Dachshunds and they haven't even tried to chew it. WE all love the beds.
    • Great Outer material, I would definitely buy more outer
      Review by Todd on 9/15/2016
      I think the bed material is great, and it is finely crafted. The inner lining isn't the best, its way to flat. Squishes way to fast, and you feel the floor instantly. I bought it mainly for the outer shell. Will most likely be using another stuffing.
      So far the 90 day warranty of it being chew proof is holding up. Because my dogs wont use it, It sits there, my dog lays next to it. http://imgur.com/a/JNmMH

      K9 Ballistics Response: Todd, if your dog won't use the bed, please send us an email at [email protected] so that we can work on finding a solution for you. We also offer an orthopedic mattress that will work with the cover, and it is firmer than the nesting fill; swapping the nesting for the orthopedic might just do the trick.
    • Excellent bed
      Review by Meghan on 9/14/2016
      Our lab/hound/? mix has made short work of two other beds and can destroy a stuffed toy in about 30 seconds flat. She was skeptical of this bed at first, it traps air and so was a bit too "poofy", and the noise of the fabric under her nails put her off a bit. It took about two weeks for her to warm up to it. Now it's her favorite spot, and she sleeps on it all night. Despite the fact that it is also her favorite wrestling partner and she enjoys dragging it all over the house with her teeth, no holes so far (3 months). She's a heavy shedder and I love the fact that hair does not cling to this bed at all. Just shake it out, very easy to keep clean. We got the lattice print and it's a nice modern looking neutral tone that blends in well with our family room.
    • Time will tell
      Review by Shari on 9/14/2016
      I think we all like this bed. I bought the large (we have a Golden and a Lab). The Golden is my chewer, so we went with the heavy duty material. The material is noisy; like a big tarp. Neither dog has any interest in this bed unless we encourage them, at which they pounce on it. The cover seems way too big for the stuffing--a lot of loose fabric. Time will tell.
    • Not what I thought
      Review by John on 9/14/2016
      The Bed is too puffy, my medium size dog doesn't like it. Also the cover is not a soft comfortable cloth, its almost plastic-like, and crinkles when she tries to get on it.
      I would have sent it back but I didn't read the small print before opening. Even if I did read the small print, I still needed to open it and try it out to decide if I really would like it, and by then it's too late, "open it and you own it"! I thought this would be a firm large bed with a suitable cloth to be warm and comfortable for my dog, I am not sure if she will get use to it.....my friend is going to make a cover to go over it so my dog might like it. "Open at your own risk".

      K9 Ballistics Response: John, if your dog doesn't like the nesting mattress, we can try exchanging it for an orthopedic mattress instead (we can also exchange the cover for a softer TUFF Velvet if you do not like the texture of the plain TUFF) so that the bed is firmer and less puffy. Please contact us at [email protected] if you're interested so that we can get the process started.
    • Definitely the best beds ever made!
      Review by Jacquelyn on 8/28/2016
      These beds are amazing, the only ones our 110+ lb mastif/shepherd mix puppies haven't been able to destroy. Nothing chewed up on them after almost three months. Will definitely buy another for our 2 year old husky/golden. We love these beds, can't say enough positive about them.
    • Overall, this is it
      Review by Maria on 8/28/2016
      So far so good...although my Dalmatian has chewed off his personalized monogram, the bed itself is still looking good. Very happy and would highly recommend
    • Lasted less than a year
      Review by Jason N on 8/26/2016
      Recently bought a new cover less than a year ago as my dog destroyed the previous one after two years. This one has lasted less than a year and we have a hole that I can now put my fist into. 90 days is great for a warranty and all but I would have hoped that this would have lasted for more than a year, especially at the cost. Sadly, this will be my last k9 ballistics purchase as $125 is a lot of money for a cover and I cannot afford to keep replacing it after only a few months of usage.
    • Exactly what I needed.
      Review by Chuck on 8/12/2016
      The puppy is the one that likes to rip stuffing out of the dog beds. Destroyed hers and then destroyed his. I bought this bed for the adult dog that just wants to sleep all day. I've had this bed for a couple of weeks now and I don't think the puppy has even tried to chew it. I did spray some Bitter Apple on the corners and the velcro seam based on advice from some of the existing reviews just to be safe but, so far so good. I'm going to buy another bed from K9 Ballistics for the puppy.

      The only con I can think of was that the bed was a bit poofy at first, the adult dog took a little while to get used to it. He's torn both of his ACLs previously, so he's a little careful with his back legs but it only took a day or two for him to get comfortable and he snores like a motorboat now. Sometimes it's difficult to wake him up out of this bed.
    • Good material... but not 100% "bullet proof"
      Review by Tony on 8/12/2016
      The material for this bed cover seems to be very well made and "tuff" as the bed's name implies. However, I need to make something clear to anyone out there considering this bed. It IS NOT completely chew proof. My Irish Terrier found the velcro strap across the bottom of the bed just a few days after it arrived. I have come home from work on at least two occasions now to find the bed flipped over and the velcro opened up with the bedding revealed and a couple small punctures where she had bit into the bedding material. I guess there really is no solution for this because I believe if it were a zipper she would have figured that out eventually also (she's a pretty smart cookie). The only way to make this bed 100% chew proof is to possibly have the bed filled from the factory with no openings on the cover at all. That aside the product seems pretty well made, but for the price I paid for it I simply cannot give it the 5 paws since I am not sure how long the bed will last now that she has figured out its secret. Also a side note for anyone getting the embroidery offered, don't do it if your dog is a real heavy chewer as they will just rip the thread out of the seams. To k9 ballistics credit though this is posted on the site when purchasing. Just thought I would say it here also

      K9 Ballistics Response: If your dog has figured out how to open the Velcro, please contact our warranty team at [email protected] if you would like a replacement cover per the warranty. Covering the bed with both covers and staggering the two so that the Velcro ends up on opposite sides of the mattress will prevent your dog from reaching the bedding again even if they manage to open the outer Velcro closure.
    • Excellent Choice
      Review by Ancient Mariner on 8/12/2016
      We have boxers, a breed known for the destruction of beds. So far, this bed has met all our expectations for durability. When I first unpacked the bed, I wondered if its shape would attract use, but it has worked out perfectly. I would recommend it.
    • Bed seems to be holding up
      Review by Suzanne on 8/10/2016
      Received the bed about a week ago, the minute we had it out of the bag, my Vizsla, Henry was excited to lay on it. He absolutely loves it, I was a little hesitant to spend the extra money on the bed, but after I spent $75.00 on the last one that he chewed up I took a chance. He has attempted to chew on the corners and tries to toss it around but seems to have given up, now he just plops down on it and takes his snooze.
    • Good Product - Not Boxer Proof!!!
      Review by Raleigh on 8/3/2016
      I received a Original Tuff Bed and within 2 days my Boxer figured out how to open up the velcro and he destroyed the inner bed. K9 Balistics customer service was excellent. They sent a whole new bed even though they did not warranty the inner bed. Once I received the new bed I placed the 1st beds cover over the new bed so my boxer could not get into the velcro and destroy the inner bed. Within just a few days, he was able to chew through the cover. These beds are pretty durable but for my boxer just not durable enough.
    • needs time
      Review by Barbara on 8/1/2016
      Quality is excellent, closure is secure. Like its water proof for outside. and washable...

      That said, I have 2 maltepoos, they are small dogs (12 lbs each). When I put down the bed my little one immediately jumped up and down on it and loved it, the other one has been on it a few times. It really is nice and thick, but the height is making my dogs hesitate using it as they are shorties...Now, I still really like the bed and will take the time to encourage their using it, which I haven't done. Even if it doesn't work out for them, I will use it in the house for me to sit on so I can get down to their level to play and communicate. It really is great quality and I think a big dog would be better to easily acclimate themselves to its use. its a medium as both of mine can fit on it.

    • Feeling disappointed...
      Review by Rene on 7/30/2016
      I bought my first K9 bed in January, due to a puppy that would tear through anything. The bed has definitely stood up to that (5 stars for that). I had to wash the cover because it started to smell really bad and was filthy from my two dogs running in with wet paws all the time. After washing the cover and putting it back on, my puppy had a "tummy accident" all over the bed. I cleaned it up immediately but the smell and some of the vomit leaked through the cover into the bed - nightmare!! I can't help but wonder if by me washing the cover, it took some sort of "waterproof" coating off of the cover and that's why it leaked through. I have to admit, paying as much as I did for this bed, I'm a little disappointed just after 6 months and it is now pretty much like any other dog bed. I originally posted a review on the toughness of the bed, I just wanted to put this review out, so that everyone else knows - these beds are not completely "smell proof" and "water proof".
    • Great Bed
      Review by Joe on 7/28/2016
      Jasper, who has destroyed 2 beds so far has had no luck with this bed, I think he has finally met his match. Not to mention he loves sleeping on it. Definitely worth the extra money
    • Tough and comfortable bed
      Review by Joan on 7/22/2016
      Bed is very strong. My beagle/bulldog has not even attempted to do it harm. In fact, I have purchased a second for him since he likes to switch beds during the night.
    • Great Bed!
      Review by Sonora on 7/20/2016
      The Beds are great. My babies usually destroy beds the day that they get them, but these are holding up without a tear. Love them. Thank you for making such a great product.
    • Love it!
      Review by Caitlin on 7/20/2016
      We received our new Tuff bed last week and so far so good. Our 2 year old Bernese Mountain Dog seems to love it! It must be so much more comfortable for him than the floor as we catch him sprawled out on it frequently. Took him a day or 2 to get used to it puffing up on him when he stepped on it but he seems to be past that now. I only docked a star since we haven't seen him bite it much yet so I can't comment on the durability other than the fabric looks sturdy.
    • 2nd Month Review
      Review by Bellas Tuff BED on 7/19/2016
      OK, so I purchased Bella's Tuff Bed on 6/9/2016
      And it has held up like a CHAMP. I've gone thru a few beds with my Bella and this bed is by far the best money every spent. I've recommended this bed to my sister who was having the same issue with her dog (Ranger), and I believe she bought one as well. I added the embroidery of Bella's name on her bed and it just gave it that extra touch to an already awesome bed. THANK YOU K9 Ballistics for creating an amazing and strong bed.
    • Excellent product
      Review by Lori M. on 7/18/2016
      Unfortunately we lost our beloved Golden Retriever Boomer. We decided after a while to find a new puppy which we did. We began oozing for the same pet bed we had for Boomer but we couldn't find it. So we began researching for a new one and found K9 Ballistics. From the ordering to the shipping to receiving the product we had an excellent experience. Our new puppy loves his awesome bed and he's a chewers. Absolutely no problems! The bed is comfortable and tough! I recommend this to anyone.
    • My dog is a devil in disguise
      Review by Mary on 7/18/2016
      I have a female dobie who just turned 1 last week. she was scared stiff of the bed. she gets car sick si I thought that may have been why she was afraid to get on it.wobbling too much. After 2 days of that I decided to take the blown up stuff out of the bed and put 2 folded bedspreads flat in it.It took the blown up look out of it so it layed flat for her. she seemed fine but in the night she woke up and evidently started chewing away and ched a hole where her name was and it was the size od a saucer. she also chewed a hol;e in 3 of there 4 corners. So it was ruined completely. so I have lost too many beds and money for them and now she will go on a metal crate 48" long and sleep on the plastric tray with nothing in with her. I have her brother max also and he left his alone . Guess he's more grown out of that stuff but she is not. I don't blame the product at all as I think it was a very good and strong material for sure. It's just one more loss for me.Getting used to it. I'm 80 yrs old myself so have had enough. Was gonna have a picture take n of the holes but that seemed not a good idea at all. so thanks anyway. Mary
    • Quality is good!
      Review by Dog lover! on 7/15/2016
      The quality is way better then the beds I have bought in the past. My one issue is size, hard to see what size will work your dog with online purchase. I have a white Shepard/Lab mix who should fit on the medium size but I think I should have went with large. And not sure why but he is also scared of it and hasn't slept on it yet. I also bought a medium for my Pug/Boston terrier mix and he loves it. For the price I hope these beds last longer then store bought beds.
    • Ballistic Proof !!!
      Review by Briar on 7/13/2016
      I am truly impressed with this product. I was reluctant at first because of the price and having 2 dogs, but this will save me from buying 2 new ones every few months. The cover is soil/water proof so it keeps the doggie smells off. It is VERY plush and full. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anybody. Our furry friends are worth a little spoiling!!!
    • Worth It
      Review by Erica on 7/12/2016
      My pup is notorious for shredding his bed and blankets, but this one has actually held up! It took him a few days to warm up to it but he's since come around to it and seems to really like it. So far, so good!
    • Working Out
      Review by Mario on 7/12/2016
      Most beds I had never lasted more than one to two weeks. With this one he has not bother. (I think he knows).
    • Dog targeted Velcro opening
      Review by Faith on 7/12/2016
      I Will include video. Dog tried very hard to rip the cover, but was unsuccessful. He did however open the Velcro closure several times and because of this I am getting a second cover. The dog loved the bed immediately, first as a toy and then as his bed. Great product, great company!
    • Wonderful product
      Review by Laurie on 7/11/2016
      This dog bed is perfect. My first dog bed was from Walmart, cost $40 and lasted 3 hours before the stuffing was strewn all over the floor. I repaired it, then repaired it again. At that point my husband found the Tuff Bed and ordered it. Our Brittany Spaniel looks and paws at it then lies down. It's easy to vacuum and spot clean. I haven't washed it yet but don't think it will be an issue.
    • Not working for us
      Review by Nancy on 7/11/2016
      Year old Gordon setter chewed the corner off the first night. 6 year old Gordon Setter will put his head on SOMETIMES, but the bed is too puffy, too slippery...must feel like stepping onto a trampoline to my dogs. I am afraid I wasted my money...and I had very high hopes after my pointer had to be put down from complications from eating her blanket...she taught the year old pup. I am so afraid of losing another dog that way...and hoped these beds would be the solution. They aren''t. Sorry I cannot be more positive.
    • The new bed is unharmed.
      Review by Michael on 7/11/2016
      My active puppy, who is mostly a jaw with 2 eyes and 4 legs, has been using the new ballistic bed and it is unharmed. I read other reviews where the corners were chewed so before I gave the new bed to the dog I treated each corner with sour apple flavor dog aerosol and let it dry. This seems to have worked perfectly. I like the way the bed works and the puppy does too. :-) woof.
    • Definitely better than previous beds
      Review by Gina M on 7/11/2016
      My dogs like their TUFF beds better than any other bed they have had. They use them more than any of the others we have tried. The younger dog has anxiety issues and did manage to chew through a corner during a storm, but K9 Ballistics quickly provided a new cover and all is well with that one so far. Other beds we tried were shredded during anxiety attacks, so the TUFF bed is definitely progress on that front.
    • So far so good!
      Review by Gary on 7/6/2016
      We have gone through numerous different types of beds and within a week they are normally shredded. I have seen her flip this bed around trying to figure out how to rip it but she didn't succeed. I hope this one will be our last one for a long time!!! Thank you TUFF bed!
    • SO glad we bought this bed!
      Review by Sadie's Mom on 7/6/2016
      Our dog takes a little while to warm up to a bed. Once she settled in, she didn't want to leave! She's tried to paw or bite the fabric, but has had no results. It's held up amazingly & we couldn't be happier! We ❤️ the personalization too! Thank you!
    • Awesome!
      Review by Eva G on 6/28/2016
      She can't chew it up like the 3 previous dog beds we bought! And, she started sleeping on it the very first day! I absolutely love it! In fact, I suggested my brother get one for his dog that rips everything apart! I'm

      so glad I found your company!
    • Best beds ever
      Review by Adele on 6/27/2016
      I bought two original Tuff beds for my two Dobermans --who love to chew their blankets and beds --about one month ago. To my amazement, they have not chewed their beds. I was so impressed with the material that I ordered two more beds -- one for the downstairs and one for our bedroom. I would definitely recommend canine ballistics beds. They are a little pricey; however, they are worth the money. I would say so far so good. Let's hope it continues. I would definitely recommend this product.
    • GREAT!
      Review by claudette on 6/24/2016