K9 Ballistic Tough Rectangle Orthopedic Dog Bed™

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  • Good bed, but possibly too firm.
    Review by Jeff on 3/21/2019
    Our two Belgian Malinois have had this bed on our living room floor as a sort of daybed, as they are crate trained at night. They like it well enough, but at times they seem to long for the softer old bed they had with the raised edges. I saw a similar product on your site and wish I had gotten them that one instead. The overall construction of this new bed is excellent and it seems to be holding up well (they haven't thought of chewing on it yet). I recommend this bed, but will advise that if your dog is used to a fery soft bed, they may not appreciate the much more firm orthopedic pad.
  • Fantastic!
    Review by Teresa on 3/19/2019
    My dog loves the bed, better yet... being a bed chewer, he hasn't even attempted to touch it!
  • Worth the Money
    Review by Dennis on 3/18/2019
    The puppy has not chewed this bed at all. My only complaint is the cover is too harsh and not comfortable. Yes, I'm applying my preference but the dogs love it.
  • Highly recommend these beds!
    Review by Leslie on 3/16/2019
    Our 4 month old puppy tested out the new bed the first minute it was in his crate by trying to dig a hole into and biting it. It has held up beautifully for a few weeks now. I needed beds that were water resistant to make it easy to clean up accidents and that could hold up to a puppy with very sharp little sore baby teeth. Our older dog has problems with incontinence, so despite getting up in the the night to let her out, she still does not always make it until morning. With a soft blanket on top of the Ballistic Bed, accidents are really easy to clean up. I remove the soiled blanket and wipe down the bed. It does not smell or show any signs of soil at all.
  • Great Bed!
    Review by DS on 3/11/2019
    So far so great! My 8 month old Saint Bernard has not been able to chew into this bed cover. She seems to like it well enough, but she still likes to lay on the cool almost cold floor at times. I credit that to her breed. I will be trying another for my Belgian ‘Gator’ Malinois that has destroyed everything but her K9 crate pad. I highly recommend this bed!
  • Great quality and tough design
    Review by Chaz on 3/11/2019
    I have a small pit mix who chews on anything and everything. He’s destroyed three beds within days of having them. So far it’s been 3 weeks with his new bed from K9 Ballistics and he hasn’t managed to destroy it. He’s tried and given up. The bed itself is made tough and the design for the heavy duty zipper and Velcro flap to cover it was a genius idea. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and so is my dog.
  • Most legit dog bed EVER!!!
    Review by Steve on 3/10/2019
    This is the BEST dog bed ever made!! We have a 9 month old Great Pyrenees/Lab and he is a chewing machine to put it mildly. Until we got this K9 Ballistic bed, Adley had chewed through every single dog bed or kennel bed that he had. Now, we are please to report that this bed is LEGIT and is the teal deal and we can prove it!! Thank YOU for the best bed ever.
  • Love My K-9 Bed
    Review by Diana on 3/10/2019
    Our dog Beau loves his bed and hasn't been able to tear it apart like the other ones he's had in the past! Absolutely would recommend this to anyone with a dog!
  • Better then expected.
    Review by JUDY on 3/5/2019
    A week of use and no rips or tears.
  • Very satisfied.
    Review by JUDY on 3/5/2019
    The bed has held up surprisingly well, no rips, no tears in over a week.This is her first bed to survive over a week, very impressed,

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