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  • Great
    Review by Jane on 5/20/2019
    This is my 3rd crate bed. My pups dad still has his and now she is spirting one of her own. Only thing I found so far that stands up to a working GSD personality
  • Nice bed but not strong enough for a light chewer.
    Review by Jennifer on 5/19/2019
    I received my dogs crate mat and put it in her crate around 10:30 in the morning. I came home at 2:30p to let my dogs out for lunch and she had already chewed a large hole in the side and pulled some fluff out. I had to remove from her crate.
  • Best Dog Bed Purchase
    Review by McKenzie on 5/17/2019
    I absolutely love this crate bed. My dog is an aggressive chewer/digger and she has not destroyed this bed. She actually really likes it and will go lay i her crate without us telling her to. Will definitely be buying and referring people to K9 Ballistics in the future.
  • Overall, good product.
    Review by Emily on 5/17/2019
    This is our second Dog Crate bed--and the only thing our dog has managed to chew off is one of the tabs that help anchor the bed to the crate. This didn't happen with the first bed--I think the tab just wasn't stitched as securely this time.
  • Fabric is noisy
    Review by MLY on 5/17/2019
    This is a very well made chew proof crate pad. Our power chewer 4 month old GSD does not chew on this pad. The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because the fabric is very noisy. This pad will work great used on our porch this summer but is disruptive if used in a crate in the bedroom.
  • Money well spent!
    Review by Heidi on 5/16/2019
    So far, I’m very pleased! This is the first bed that’s lasted a full week in Jack’s kennel. Normally, a bed lasts only a day or two without losing ALL of its stuffing...
  • Sweet Monster Girl Can't Destroy It!
    Review by Eva on 5/16/2019
    We recently adopted a Rottweiler mix from a local shelter and within a few days realized she was a heavy chewer. I foolishly spent money of fluffy, plush bedding initially that was destroyed in seconds, and even sad towels were no match for her. I got the medium crate pad and a couple weeks in she has yet to even attempt to rip into it. I've seen her mouth it a few times but nothing sticks for her and she moves on. I'm not sure what is is but I'm SO HAPPY! Now my sweet monster girl has a cozy bed to nest in and I don't have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on bedding that she will destroy!
  • Mys Dogs and myself love your crate mat.
    Review by Carol on 5/15/2019
    I've tried many different types of dog beds and crate pads I am very pleased with the one I purchased from you. I will continue to purchase my dog beds from you.
  • Bummed it didn’t hold up to an occasional chewer.
    Review by Mr. N on 5/14/2019
    The pad is a nice material and put together well. Our dog seemed to enjoy sleeping on it. She doesn’t chew often but unfortunately when she does she chews hard. Took her 2 hours to chew through one corner where it attaches to the crate. Seems she found the weak spot in the design. Great crate pad for gentle chewers but didn’t hold up for our lab.
  • Corner tie downs worked brilliantly
    Review by Arthur on 5/14/2019
    New bed works great! Hasn't been able to chew it, especially after we got one that fit perfectly in her crate and we could use the corner tie downs.

    The only downside is this bed is hard to wash. Ran it three times through the washer, tried to hand clean it as well, and it still wasn't totally clean. But hey, that's my dog's fault for being such a muddy mess after every single hike we do...

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