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  • Disappointed
    Review by Kathy on 1/16/2019
    I have a 13-year old lab apparently experiencing separation anxiety. He has never been kept in a crate, always had the run of the house. A few months ago, he started tearing up my leather furniture, suitcases, drapes, etc. So -- I have him in a crate. Sorry to say, but the first day, he tore two loops and plastic fasteners. The next day a couple more. The pad is still together which is a plus. I'm sure, not for long. Believe me, I wish this had worked better.
  • My mini golden doodle chews like a full size great Great Dane. I got the tough crate pad as bed #3 (I'm a fast learner) and the only thing she's been able do is chew the tag off. It's holding up great, which is good because her teeth are holding up pret
    Review by 1derwoman on 1/16/2019
    Great bed and great service!
  • Charlie loves his new crate pad
    Review by John on 1/16/2019
    Charlie loves his new crate pad! He is just 4 months old and likes to chew, but this pad can take it.
  • Great bed!!!
    Review by Stephen on 1/16/2019
    So far so good. Dog destruto has not torn it up at all!
  • So far so good
    Review by CharelleSaint on 1/15/2019
    Although it hasn't been that long, so far so good. My dog ate her regular bed a month ago. She's still having tummy issues from it. Glad someone has made a product that is comfy, but hard to get apart.
  • Fantastic product
    Review by Sue on 1/14/2019
    This is the only thing my German Shepherd hasn't been able to make holes in! I wanted him to have something soft to lie on in his crate, but nothing could stand up to his chewing - until now! I didn't think it was possible to find anything. Thanks, K9 Ballistics!
  • Dog destroyed crate pad
    Review by Lea on 1/14/2019
    The crate pad did not last 1hr after I put it in my dog's crate. He chewed a hole in the edge pulled out the stuffing from there the whole bed was destroyed in one day
  • Will definately buy another when the time comes to replace.
    Review by Deborah on 1/14/2019
    This crate bed is the best. It's the one and only bed that my dog has not completely destroyed.
  • Excellent!
    Review by Thomas on 1/13/2019
    Fantastic product. K9 Ballistics never disappoints.
  • Amazing
    Review by Laurie on 1/12/2019
    Love this bed! Added bonus that it comes with zip ties and is the same on both sides. I don't think my pup has had any success in tearing bed, and he recently destroyed a kong bed. Very impressed!

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