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    Review by Shelia (Chotu's Mom) on 3/20/2019
    Thank you for asking, this bed is amazing!! My dog is not only comfortable and cool but he
    also does not try to chew on this bed at all!! He has DESTROYED 25 blankets and 3 dog beds
    over his first year of life and this bed has changed that for him. He loves to be in his crate and will lay on
    his bed even when the crate door is wide open. The material is cool and with long hair he is
    able to stay cool when he needs to. I would recommend this bed to anyone with a dog let alone
    a dog who destroys his bedding. I told my nephew about it who has a Australian Shepard/Great
    Pyrenees mix. He is thinking about it but if he doesn't get one for his dog, I will.
    Chotu thanks you for making a bed that is practically indestructible since it keeps him out of
    trouble!! He is a rescue from India who has some behavior issues so this makes both of
    our lives easier and happier!!
  • I would recommend the K9 Ballistic bed totally.
    Review by Joel on 3/20/2019
    We have two dogs that have chewed through every bed we have bought. Its been several day since they got their new beds, the two have worked on ripping them apart but my dogs have met their match.
  • No regret purchase
    Review by Danielle on 3/20/2019
    This is one investment that I am glad I made. We have gone through a multitude of beds from other sites before finding this one.

    Would love it if I could find pillows that were this durable for her as well
  • Still hopeful but my GSD chewed a small hole in it on day one :(
    Review by Kathy on 3/19/2019
    Was looking forward to receiving because my GSD has chewed up all other crate mats....well day one and he chewed a small hole in this one too. I am hoping that the quality will still hold up.
  • This dog bed is AMAZING FOR SUPER CHEWERS!!
    Review by Teddy on 3/19/2019
    This dog bed is AMAZING!! I haven't been able to put a dog bed in the crate with my pittie for the first 2 years because he always chewed them up within an hour! We've had this one for 2 weeks and not a tear yet! MIND BLOWN!!
  • Met all my expectations!
    Review by Keith on 3/19/2019
    Met and surpassed all my expectations. I have a 15 week old Lab who chews up everything. Purchased the 52" bed and he has attempted to do his best to it, but it has held up fantastically.
    Comfy and strong.
  • Holds up under the chewiest of dogs!
    Review by Susan on 3/18/2019
    Excellent product. Our Schnauzer Gracie has managed to keep it intact and not chew holes in it as she has her other bedding.
  • Abby appreciates her new bed
    Review by tom on 3/17/2019
    Just two holes the first day! She has not chewed it since!!
  • nice but still chewed it on a seam
    Review by nancy on 3/12/2019
    chewed the stuffing out on the plain side
  • Doing well
    Review by Cynthia on 3/12/2019
    So far, it is doing well. She tried to chew the black pieces on the corners but we removed the bed and that seemed to work. We put the bed back in the crate the next morning.

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