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  • Good past experience, this time not great
    Review by Daniel on 7/16/2019
    Ive purchased from you guys in the past and it worked great. Unfortunately this time the dog ripped through the corner in an hour.
  • Great customer service
    Review by Sheila on 7/15/2019
    I love the snow camo pattern. The customer service at k9 ballistics is terrific and I will recommend them to others. My dog has destroyed every bed I’ve bought him within a day; k9 ballistics gave me some helpful tips to make this one last
  • Great material
    Review by Kate Spitz on 7/14/2019
    I have three dogs, all rescues. All of them are diggers, two are chewers (and crated when we're not home). All three share an extra large K9 Ballistics dog bed I bought two years ago. I bought two of these crate pads. Starting at the top, the color of the pads is great (I ordered the blue). The material is tough but looks nice in our living room (where we keep the crates). I've had them for two weeks, and not a bit of damage--and my dogs are crated every day. I was a bit worried from reading other reviews that my heavy chewer would get at the corner loops on his pad, but either he hasn't noticed them yet or they are too small and uninteresting for him to bother with. My really fierce digger hasn't managed to do any damage to her crate pad, which is no surprise. I've had her and my other uncrated digger scraping madly at their K9 bed for YEARS and there has been no damage.

    I expect these pads will hold up just as well as their bed has. They have so far. My experience with the bed for anyone who hasn't purchased something in this material is that it is completely indestructible. And two of my dogs are former street dogs from Puerto Rico with no manners ;). One has destroyed a couch with his chewing and the other has dug up an eight-foot flower bed. But the K9 bed still looks brand new. AND, they love it. All three of them squeeze onto it every night. Best dog-related purchase I've ever made.

    Another note about the crate pads: I feel like the color choices now are much better than they were a few years ago. It's a small thing, but when the crates are in the living room, like mine are, it's nice to be able to match the pads to the other furniture.

    My only wish is that these crate pads were offered with a bolster. My dogs' old pads (which were chewed up and shredded) had bolsters, and they loved them. I'd come home and they'd be snuggled up against the pillowy side of the pad. Just an idea.

    I highly recommend these crate pads (and the dogs beds in general). Fantastic material.
  • Good bed but not exactly chew proof
    Review by Ellen on 7/10/2019
    My dog is in the process of crate training. He chewed holes in it Day one.
  • Recommend for dogs that don’t chew
    Review by Derrick on 7/8/2019
    This bed came highly recommended by everyone we asked. Make no mistake, it’s a really nice bed. But, our Doberman destroyed it in 3 days.
  • Ideal for minor chewer
    Review by Dore on 6/21/2019
    K9 Ballistics TUFF Bed Crate Pad seems ideal for my minor chewer. I bought two. One for home and one for travel.

    So far seems durable.
  • Great Pad
    Review by Zach on 6/21/2019
    Our anxious dog (medium sized 35 lb) shredded her bed in her kennel. We came home to a crate full of foam. We needed something more robust. This pad fit the bill. After a few weeks, it's still intact. However, the nylon webbing used to cable tie the pad to the crate did not withstand the first 30 minute use. She chewed right through. That's a small complaint on an overall great pad.
  • Great pad
    Review by H on 6/21/2019
    The pad is exactly what I wanted....great for inside the house and outside on the patio...good quality for the price...and most importantly my dog loved it right from the
  • Great Experience!!
    Review by Donna on 6/20/2019
    I went through 2 crate pads with my puppy. The first one lasted for almost 6 months before he destroyed it. Brought another one and he destroyed that in 3 days. When I bought the K9 Ballistic crate pad, I was so happy with it because it lasted almost 30 days. Unfortunately, Bowie managed to chew a big hole in. I emailed customer services and was expecting a lot of hassle, but they immediately contacted me and sent me a replacement!! Oh my goodness!!!!!! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Never encountered customer service like this before. It's a shame it's only a 5 bone rating - I would give this company a 10 bone rating!!
  • No match for a persistent German Shepherd Pup
    Review by Jim on 6/20/2019
    The bed is a beautiful, vibrant bed. It was not a match for our persistent German Shepherd, Tina Turner. She became obsessed with making a hole in it and, after 2 weeks has succeeded in making two holes. She has not yet destroyed it, so it's a huge hit above her first 4 beds.

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