K9 Ballistic Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed™

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  • Has lasted in spite of the destructive duo.
    Review by Heathen Goddess on 3/21/2019
    I have spent hundreds of dollars on beds, cots, and blankets for my dogs. We have one English bulldog mix and a Puggle. The Puggle is a destruction machine. She chews through cloth and rubber unlike any dog we have ever had. The Bulldog, well, he eats wood and plastic. I was giving up hope. This elevated dog bed has lasted almost one month with no damage. If it goes one more month, I will purchase another larger bed for the patio. It would have been far cheaper had I bought this brand first.
  • Great Dane approved
    Review by Heather on 3/21/2019
    This has been the only bed my Great Dane (destroyer of all things) hasn’t been able to destroy. We have had it for two weeks now and so far, not a scratch or bite mark on it!! She seems quite happy to lounge on her cot even when her crate is open and people are home. The ease of washing it is great too! I would highly recommend the cot to everyone!
  • Great bed
    Review by Charles on 3/21/2019
    Bed is perfect, fits nicely in my pups crate and she loves it. I bought a second one for my male Shepherd and he loves it as well. Both pups are happy and comfortable in their crates.
  • Chew proof
    Review by Billie J. on 3/21/2019
    This bed is awesome!
  • Great bed for the destructive dog!
    Review by Jeff on 3/21/2019
    Full disclosure, we bought our two Belgian Malinois puppies the orthopedic pad with chew proof cover kennel pads and within 5 minites, the female had destroyed hers. You refinded half my purchase price and I thought I would never buy her a other pad. I saw the adds for this elevated dog bed, checked my kennel measurments and bought this as a last dirch effort, as seeing her on the hard plastic bottom of the kennel made us feel terrible. We are on week three with this bed and no damage to it, not even one scratch. I wish there were different elevations for the legs, if she were taller, this might not leave her enough headroom. It's a great product!
  • Great for a master chewer
    Review by El on 3/16/2019
    Great bed! He’s chewed through our last 5 dog beds, including 3 that were supposed to be heavy duty...and he’s 6 months old. And they were durable beds, it’s just he’s a maniac, so the cujo is perfect for him. This is the first bed he hasn’t eaten ;) and we’re hoping he will calm down a bit as time goes on.
  • It works!
    Review by Timothy on 3/16/2019
    It was a little big for the crate we have and caused issues feeding so we took off the legs and it still provides the suspension for cushion. The dog likes it, and has not damaged it. We had gone through 4 other chew resistant beds so I am hopeful this will last longer.
  • Great cots! I bought 6!
    Review by Lily on 3/9/2019
    I have bakers dozen dogs and the youngest always seems to chew up the oldest cots and I was getting tire of replacing them until I found this company. I caught them on my security cameras trying to destroy it but failed! I really love them and they are worth the price! I bought three large and an xxl and now I’m buying two more so they don’t fight over them.
  • If your dog is an insane chewer buy this!
    Review by chris on 3/7/2019
    My German shepherd/Lab is a serious chewer she made it through one of the crate mats. I had k9 ballistics warranty it out and paid a little more for one of the cots and she has not been able to do any damage to this
  • K9 Dog Cot
    Review by Kenny on 2/22/2019
    Holds up really well, just have to put a blanket on top for them to lay down.

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