K9 Ballistic Tough Deep Den Dog Bed™

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  • durable, cozy, and easy to clean
    Review by Clifford on 4/22/2019
    durable, cozy, and easy to clean
  • Great bed for the playful pup.
    Review by James on 4/21/2019
    Well made bed. My dog spent the first few days viewing it as a large toy, then toy storage, now bed. Love this style of bedding. She eventually destroyed 2 other beds less durable but of the same design. This one looks like it will be around for the long haul.
  • Very good product. Great customer service.
    Review by Robert on 4/20/2019
    We have 3 Boston Terrier puppies that were chewing their beds. This bed is holding up very well for two of our three pups. One pup did rip his bed so we are going to try the chew-proof cot. Customer service is EXCELLENT. Thank you!
  • I'm 100% happy and my beastly lil pups are loving their new bed.
    Review by GG239 on 4/17/2019
    My 2 miniature pincher/shih tzu's have torn about 8 or 9 dog beds and around 5 cat beds to shreds in the year I have had them. They are diggers and very aggressive chewers. After chewing the lining and piping of previous beds including the "indestructible" KONG bed and pulling out the stuffing of the softer beds bc they tear from them digging.. I googled indestructible dog beds for spoiled brat aggressive chewers. I am SO GLAD I ordered my K9 Ballistic bed, it was the reviews that convinced me to do it. My babies didn't LOVE it right away like I did.. it took about a week but I threw some treats in there and a blanket to put their scent down and get them in. Now, they love it and snuggle together. The digging leaves no tears or marks and I am not sure the reason but they haven't even tried to chew it.. maybe they did try and know its not possible.. LOL
  • Exce
    Review by Debra on 4/13/2019
    I have 4 of these beds. My dogs love them. All are still in 1 piece I guess because they like their beds. They do play with them sometime. I really need a LARGE got a new puppy got a medium that will fit for a little while.
  • Great Bed for bed destroyers
    Review by Kerry on 3/24/2019
    If you have a small/medium dog who loves to destroy beds - put holes in the fabric and pull out the stuffing all over you house ??? This will stop that irritating habit and save you money and aggravation. Emma loves this bed and can pull it around the house to her sun spots without ruining it in the process.
  • Best bed we’ve ever purchased.
    Review by Marlys on 3/22/2019
    Extremely high quality construction, the fabric is tough but soft fort our pup. She loves the deep corners, and loves circling up in it, she is 60# and has enough room to also stretch out. This is our 2nd bed, we ordered it immediately after receiving the first one.
  • The bed is great!
    Review by George on 3/17/2019
    The bed is working great! Our puppy has chewed through 3 other beds in the 8 months that he has been part of the family. The only thing that he managed to do to this bed is to pull the label off from the inside. He loves the height and being able to curl up inside. The size estimates were accurate.
  • Best beds around!
    Review by Lydia on 3/14/2019
    I am so glad I stumbled across K9 Ballistics. The Deep Den dog bed (or as referred in our house “wiener bowl”, for the dachshunds) are extremely well made. Comfortable for the fur babies, easy to clean for this fur mama.
  • Great bed!
    Review by Diann on 3/11/2019
    Our new bed was shipped quickly. Extremely comfortable. Does not collect dog hair. Room enough to stretch out.

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