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  • Finally!! A GREAT dog bed for Giant Breeds!
    Review by Ashley on 7/6/2019
    I was hesitant to spend the money on another dog bed from K9 Ballistics as I have purchased 2 different dog beds from them in the past (the Orthopedic 3 sided bolster bed as well as the rectangle nesting bed) and I was not satisfied with the "LUX" covers that came with those beds because they were of poor quality resulting in repeated shedding of the material everywhere (especially after washings)!! Dogs bed's MUST BE DESIGNED TO BE WASHED! I have two Great Dane's who did love their original 3 sided bolster bed I purchased via K9 Ballistic, but the upkeep was a too much of a disaster with the covers (and I see the "LUX" covers aren't even available for purchase anymore for that bed which is a good thing because it was horrible!) So, I decided to try this Easy Clean Bolster Ortho Bed... I made my purchase based off the fact that this cover fits the dog bed like a fitted sheet (making it easy to put on and take off) and was taking their word on "easy clean" HOPING that the cover did not shed and actually was of a greater quality holding up to routine washings. I started with just 1 purchase so I could see how the quality was and I went with the XL size for my Great Dane's... the fit is perfect for them (by themselves, of course). If you have a giant breed dog like a Great Dane and want to have EXTRA space then size up to the XXL. I ordered an extra cover, as I always want to have a back-up cover available for convenience so I'm not waiting for the other one to wash up. I washed the cover which does appear to look similar to the old "LUX" cover I hated so much so I was doubting that this one would be any different... well, it was freaking awesome!! It barely shed after washing and drying (I always dry on low heat). The cover is so easy to put on and take off making cleaning so much less of a hassle! I was so pleased and happy with it, I purchased a total of 4 of these beds and an additional 4 covers (the colors I chose were the blue gray micro & cream fur as well as the dark gray micro & black fur). My only complaint is that I wish there were more cover options specifically in the "designer" material =( So, overall, if you want a great bed (especially for a giant breed) that is EASY to clean (yes, it really is easy to clean! Finally!!) then spend the money and invest in this bed... it's worth it. I'm hoping the cover holds up over time...
  • LOVE IT!
    Review by Rebecca on 6/5/2019
    Our dog loves this bed more than any other! It's so comfortable. I love the easy to clean cover!
  • Niceeeee
    Review by You can call me Melissa on 4/20/2019
    I love cuddling my dogs on their bed, it's the most comfortable dog bed ever. I speak from my own experience, I fall asleep on it with them after work all the time. I wouldn't lay on it if it were stinky, thank goodness it's so easy to wash
  • Good bed
    Review by Muffet on 4/17/2019
    This is a very nice bed. If I could change anything about this particular bed... the light color where my dog sleeps. I wish it was a dark color. My little Burberry loves it unless she gets hot she prefers the floor!
  • Finally a Comfortable Durable Dog Bed!
    Review by Lisa on 1/1/2019
    We only have it a week so far but love the ease of set up, the quality seems excellent, love the cute grey floral print and most importantly our two Ridgebacks love it! I think I finally found the best dog bed that will last for many years. I also bought an xl one for my daughters German Shepherd/Standard Poodle mix and he and they love it too!
  • Fabulous bed!
    Review by Donna on 12/5/2018
    Gorgeous and extremely well made however I am concerned with my baby trying to dig to China that it will not be long for this world. I took a chance and so far so good but please be mindful of the provided info that this is not one of their dig/chew resistant products. I love it either way and hope I can get her over her digging in it.

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