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  • Survived a couple of weeks so far
    Review by Jill on 7/15/2019
    Bought this crate pad but use it as more of an outdoor mat/bed (not inside crate). The black straps on the side for attaching to the crate were chewed off, but the bed itself is fine. My Cane Corso destroys other outdoor mats he's had but this one has lasted a couple weeks so far. He's thrown it around a bit but hasn't ripped it up or gotten the stuffing the out. Will definitely purchase another K9 Ballistics bed when he is due for a new indoor bed. Happy with the quality - worth the price!
  • Durable and comfortable
    Review by Colleen on 4/15/2019
    We've had them about a week and all good, all intact. And we've gone through A LOT of dog beds a lot quicker than we've had these. I thought since they were a little flatter than what the dogs are used to, they wouldn't lay on them but right away took to them and sleep through the night. Used to be picking up dog bed debris every day but not for a week now. YAY -- thank you!
  • Highly Recommend!
    Review by Mandi on 4/15/2019
    I am very impressed - this is the first bed/crate pad our 15 month Dutchie has not been able to destroy. The tabs for re-usable zip-ties in order to attach to the crate are such a great idea! A couple of the zip ties broke easily/quickly - but the pad is wonderful!
  • Insane lab-proof bed!
    Review by Hal on 3/21/2019
    Our crazy lab rips everything to shreds. We clipped this bed to his kennel and it is holding up great! Plus he seems more comfortable. We may buy another for outside.
  • Not so “indestructible” bed
    Review by Katie on 2/25/2019
    We have a yellow lab and she has destroyed every bed we have gotten for 4 years now. We decided to try something different so I googled “indestructible dog beds” with K9 coming up. As expensive as it was, we started with a crate pad (even though she doesn’t use a crate). The first day I came home from work she had chewed several holes in the sides and filling on the floor. Not so indestructible. There have been SEVERAL additional days since then that she has pulled the stuffing out or chewed another hole. Literally, it took 1 day. I considered sending it back but thought “Is there REALLY an indestructible dog bed?” and I would be spending time to receive another one that she would chew a hole in. I gave a 3 rating b/c she hasn’t completely demolished it yet....
  • Holes
    Review by Elizabeth on 1/31/2019
    We have had the bed for 1 week and she has chewed several holes in it already. It is in her crate with the "tougher" side up but it has not deterred her.
  • Just as expected
    Review by DAG on 1/30/2019
    One week in and the pad fits and is secured to stay put. Gracie loves to lay on it even when not kenneled.
  • Pit-proof Crate Pad
    Review by Brian on 1/30/2019
    We had already been using two of these in our two dog’s crates. We had gone through countless daybeds, and I was tired of sewing them up with monofilament line. I bought this extra-large crate pad for their daybed. While not very thick, it has proven instructable against our two pit bulls. Thank you.
  • Recommend for dogs who like to chew
    Review by Shelly on 1/29/2019
    Our dog is 1 year old and she crews on everything. She has been using the pad for 2 weeks. She likes to lay on it and hasn't chewed on it yet. We are impressed with the durability so far.
  • I would definitely recommend.
    Review by Vista on 1/29/2019
    This is the second ballistics crate pad for our power chewer. It took him about 6 months on the first one to get a tear started, but after that it was history. He’s had the new crate pad for about 3 weeks, and so far so good. I like the new tabs and zip ties where you can secure the pad so that it can’t be pulled up. I think this will be the game changer in him not chewing it up. I’ll let you know a few months down the road.

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