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Round TUFF Bed

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  • 5 stars, highly recommend this bed Review by Junior (Posted on 3/30/2017)
    Overall Quality
    Amazing bed. My dog definitely loves it and looks pretty comfortable when sleeping on it. He did get water logged one time and vomit on his bed, but it repelled the water completely. I have a 70lb pitbull that loves to chew on his bed sometimes, but he hasn't attempted to on this one, maybe because it's round and there aren't any corners. I highly recommend this to dog owners with dogs that are aggressive chewers. 5 stars for sure.
  • Wonderful customer service.. one indestructible bed but also one casualty... Review by Boston Terror Love (Posted on 3/19/2017)
    Overall Quality
    The velcro enclosure is a magnet to chew.. I have had one of these beds for my Boston Terrier that has lasted over a few years..she will destroy any other bed in 30 seconds flat. right in front of me. I have watched her try with her bed for at least 3 years and it's withstood. . NOW I just ordered one for my new Heeler and she chewed a hole in 1 day, at the velcro. This company was awesome and immediately offered the 50% refund or replacement.. which I chose the replacement. My new cover for the bed has shipped, the service was super fast and no hassle.. I am worried though that the design with the velcro is not as good as the zipper that is on the older bed that we own. The zipper design is concealed a lot better and does not protrude so there is no temptation to gnaw.. I will play take away with the new bed as much as I can, but I'm afraid the same thing might occur. I would like a bed that my dog can lie in while I'm not supervising, like when I'm not home.... Overall though, the experience I've had with the company is awesome and I have one seriously indestructible bed and one that went to the grave with the others...
  • Bed Review by shawnya (Posted on 3/12/2017)
    Overall Quality
    So far it's great.
  • Very satisfied Review by James (Posted on 3/9/2017)
    Overall Quality
    About a week - so far, so good. Nova likes it.
    I would recommend this to a friend!
  • GREAT product Review by Lilly, Sarge, and Libby Love it (Posted on 3/8/2017)
    Overall Quality
    We purchased this Feb 2016. We have 3 small shredder dogs (Bichon Frise, Rat Terrier, and Chihuahua) who love to destroy beds. They will dig, chew, and shake them until they get a hole started and then it looks like it snowed in our house. Fast forward a year later and we still have the same bed, not rips, snags, or any visible sign of fault with the product. We have washed the cover many times and still looks brand new. I'm TRULY impressed with the durability of the product.
  • 30 days and still not destroyed !!!!! Review by Hope Johnson (Posted on 3/1/2017)
    Overall Quality
    So far so good. Our dog (15months old) that can destroy any bed in a matter of hours has not been successful with this bed. We have had this bed about 30 days so far.
  • Great purchase Review by S (Posted on 2/28/2017)
    Overall Quality
    My dog ate 5 beds before I finally purchased the Round Tuff Bed. We have had it about three weeks and she hasn't chewed it at all!
  • A life free of ripped up dog beds and stuffing now in progress... Review by Melanie (Posted on 1/12/2017)
    Overall Quality
    We have a 11 month German Shepherd. After going through 3-4 dog beds and having him chew them up within minutes, I gave up for awhile. I did some research and came across this site. I ordered the Large round Tuff bed. I was hesitant to spend this much money on yet another dog bed but since it came with a 3-mo guarantee, I figured if he didn't chew it up within 3 months, he wouldn't. As soon as he got it, he tried to chew it up but it was just too tough. I was able to put it together within minutes since my husband wasn't home. Super easy and worth the price. Thank you k9ballistics!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dog loves his bed Review by Melissa (Posted on 12/20/2016)
    Overall Quality
    I received our new Tuff Bed last week, and Doc LOVES his bed, perhaps too much. He lays on it or drags it around like a toy every chance he gets. I got the round medium with the intent of putting it in his doghouse, but he had pulled it out and ripped open the Velcro in the back and started de-stuffing the bed within the first hour. Luckily he didn't get far in the disassembly of the guts of the bed, so I cleaned up his mess and brought the bed inside where he won't be unsupervised. He truly loves this bed (why he has to shred what he loves I don't know) and the exterior is super tuff. Being a German Shepherd he can really tear things up, and he drags, shakes, claws, and gnaws on this bed and it's held up flawlessly as long as he stays away from the velcro.
  • Great All Around Bed Review by GSP Mom (Posted on 12/19/2016)
    Overall Quality
    The dogs are loving these beds. I got a medium and a large. While the material is chew resistant, it isn't chew proof but K9 Ballistics is standing behind their warranty and shipping out a new cover because Jaeger chewed a small hole in the medium bed within a few days. The rip-stop material did, however, keep it from becoming a larger hole. I removed the bed and will place the additional cover on top of the existing cover when it gets here. I am still pleased with these beds and would purchase them again for my German Shorthairs as they love to "nest" and these beds fit the bill. Thanks K9 Ballistics.