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  • So far, so good. Review by Stephanie (Posted on 10/1/2015)
    Overall Quality
    We used this spray on the bottom seam of our dog's Tuff bed (just in case) and on some Halloween decorations that are normally chewing targets. No issues so far! The spray pump doesn't work great though and I often end up with it all over my hand. If that were improved, I can see myself ordering this spray repeatedly.
  • Non Toxic? Review by Mel (Posted on 3/2/2015)
    Overall Quality
    This spray came poorly packaged and leaking. The sprayer was too small to fit the bottle so had to find another sprayer. There is no apple in this bitter apple spray - it smells just like rubbing alcohol. Did not prevent any chewing except while still wet because it smells so bad like chemicals. Doesn't seem safe.
  • Review by Jennifer K (Posted on 2/14/2015)
    Overall Quality
    Bought this with a new K9 Ballistics crate bed. Sprayed the edges of the bed before putting it in the crate. 3 month old lab puppy hasn't touched the bed. Not sure if it's the spray or the bed itself because I haven't had the occasion to use the spray again.
  • Review by Kelly (Posted on 1/16/2015)
    Overall Quality
    Unfortunately this spray made stuff more attractive to my dog. It did not stop her from chewing, in fact she licks anything we spray with this. On the flip side the Tuff Bed Crate Pad has held up brilliantly!
  • Jury still out... Review by Pamela Boremski (Posted on 5/13/2014)
    Overall Quality
    We sprayed both her new bedding and an old carpet (which she has been "sampling" for a while). The bedding (TUFF Crate Pad) is untouched, but the carpeting was not so lucky.
  • Review by Kevin Jones (Posted on 4/30/2014)
    Overall Quality
    Was hoping this would stop our rough collie pup from chewing (tree bark, wood fence, barbecue, siding on the house, other brands of dog beds, anything plastic, etc.). No such luck! She loves the taste so will have to pursue other options. Also, the spray nozzle plugged after about 20 pumps!
  • Stuff Works! Review by Steve (Posted on 6/18/2013)
    Overall Quality
    Better than that green apple stuff. I spray this on the K-9 Tuff bed I got my dog when I'm not around. Not sure if it's working or the bed is so tough he can't get through it. Either way, happy customer. 5 stars from me!
  • Use in my trash can Review by Sean (Posted on 5/12/2013)
    Overall Quality
    My Dane loves to open my kitchen trash can when I am not home, and eat all the garbage. I spray the Ballistic Bitter in the trash can before I leave and he doesnt touch the trash. Last night I came home to an open trash can with nothing touched inside. Amazingly great to see, much better than the trash all over the house.
  • nope Review by Dana (Posted on 1/26/2013)
    Overall Quality
    My Min Pin didn't even notice this and just kept chewing.


Have A Persistent Chewer? A loving pet parent invented Ballistic Bitter Spray to discourage pets from chewing their beds and other valuables. Non-toxic and low-odor, this "Ballistic Bitter Apple" flavored spray works like a charm!

Caution Label: Keep out of reach of children. May stain surfaces. Avoid spraying in eyes. Minimum order amount: $19.98 (2 Bitter Sprays, or 1 Spray and 1 Jelly Bean)