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Guaranteed Not to Flatten for 5 Years
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  • Great!! Review by Melissa (Posted on 1/5/2016)
    Overall Quality
    I love this company and their products. Somehow, one of our other dogs chewed into the cover, the mattress pad cover and the mattress!!! We'd had it less than 2 weeks!!!
    But K9 fulfilled their guarantee and replaced all at no charge to us. This company stands by their word. I'm impressed with them - and we will continue to buy beds from K9.
    And Mr.Monroe loves his bed!!!

  • AWESOME Review by Mary (Posted on 9/1/2015)
    Overall Quality
    "Bones" loves his new bed. We went through six beds. He would just chew them up and pull the stuffing out. He has not even tried to chew on this bed. It is great and would recommend to anyone. The service that you receive is exceptional. I am glad that we found K-9 Ballistics
  • Review by Sally Shields (Posted on 3/2/2014)
    Overall Quality
    Excellent quality-stong material, very attractive. No problems with order
  • Dog lover Review by Laurie (Posted on 1/6/2014)
    Overall Quality
    Great bed! Dog is in love with his soft orthopedic foam bed! Can't thank the staff for fixing our order quick during Christmas rush. Got excellent service! I recommend k-9 ballistics to anyone needing a great dog bed. We looked for quite abit for a well made comfortable bed.
  • Alpha male Review by Scott (Posted on 12/4/2013)
    Overall Quality
    Wonderful, comfortable, and TOUGH mattresses... the only ones our golden and her little Papitese pal have not torn to bits. Great customer service too. We had a problem with the order and they went over and above to get everything right. Highly recommended!!
  • Great Replacement Dog Bed Filler Review by Amy (Posted on 11/16/2013)
    Overall Quality
    We wanted to replace the mattress filler of an existing dog bed with something that would be more supportive for our senior dog - 13 1/2 yrs old and 53lbs (and to be shared with our 8 yrs old dog too). This bed works really well. You can easily tell that it's supportive by the fact that the dogs don't sink down into the mattress.
  • I need to buy another one! Review by I Rodela (Posted on 10/30/2013)
    Overall Quality
    I purchased this for my older and larger dog with hip dysplasia, but my younger dog loves it too. You can tell how well supported they both are on the mattress. And since it doesn't sink in the way a regular fluff filled bed does, my older dog is able to get up easily.
  • AWESOME Review by Gail (Posted on 7/22/2013)
    Overall Quality
    This bed is the REAL thing..... as good as my mattress....


This mattress features high density orthopedic foam with a 4.5 lb density, along with a firm support foam base that keeps dogs from sinking through to the floor. The top 1.5" comfort foam and bottom 3.5" support foam create a supportive sleeping surface great for older dogs alike, especially bigger breeds and those with arthritic conditions. The mattress also features a Water-Resistant Nylon Liner which keeps damaging fluids away from the high quality foam. This liner can be especially helpful for owners of dogs with incontinence problems.

Size Guide
  We recommend measuring your dog and comparing it to the dimensions of our beds to ensure the perfect size; every dog is unique. Measure your dog with a tape measure from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail. This is the minimum length you should consider for your pup's bed.


machine washable dog bed mattress

High Density Memory Foam

Our orthopedic mattresses are made with two layers of foam: the top 1.5" layer of high quality memory foam, and the bottom 3.5" layer of support foam. Our memory foam has a 4.5 lb / sq. ft. density rating.

Other beds which don't use the bottom support layer often settle too quickly and your dog can end up lying on the floor. This negates the benefit of the orthopedic foam! We just couldn't settle for that. We decided to include firm joint support in the base layer and supple comfort in the top layer of memory foam.

machine washable dog bed mattress

Water Resistant Nylon Mattress Liner

The foam mattress is protected by a water resistant nylon cover which keeps the sensitive foam dry and odor free. If you've ever met a dog with incontinence problems then you understand how this extra layer of moisture resistance can be vital.

machine washable dog bed mattress

Joint Support for Large Breeds or Aging Pets

Large dogs often experience joint problems more frequently than smaller dogs, due to their increased size and weight. It isn't fair, but pet owners can proactively fight joint problems with orthopedic pet furniture such as our memory foam dog bed.

Our orthopedic beds can prevent joint problems, ease joint pain that's already begun, or just plain spoil your canine companion.