K9 Ballistic Rectangle Tough Dog Bed Cover™

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Read our 120 Day Warranty

Chew Proof Rating


Moderate Chewers & Scratchers

Built K9 Tough, resisting 90% of chewing dogs, good for almost any dog. Backed by our 90 Day Chew Proof Guarantee, these are the bed covers our business was built on. Velcro closures replace zippers (bolstered beds have one hidden zipper on the back) and prevent emergency zipper related veterinary visits. Reduced seams and strategic seam placement reduce weak spots and if our proprietary TUFF flex Ballistic material wasn’t tough enough, we've upgraded it with Rip-Stop technology! These covers are water resistant, odor resistant, hair resistant, and machine washable. These are some of the most practical and long lasting beds available anywhere.


ripstop tuff cover for dog beds

RipStop Ballistic Material™

The chew-proof ballistic material with rip-stop tech avoids tears, and prevents growth if they start. It is just one more detail that makes these beds tough as nails (and tougher than teeth!)

velcro dog bed

Velcro Enclosure

Our TUFF bed’s industrial strength Velcro closures are hidden on the underside of the mattress covers to prevent the urge to try and chew it. By using Velcro we remove the danger of an exposed plastic or metal zipper which can be an attractive place to start chewing.

double stitched seam dog bed

Reinforced Seams

We're proud to say our interior seams are double stitched and serged. This prevents snags, fraying, and damage from chewing.

Additionally, we include a layer of material at the bed's corners. Corners are the first things to go when a dog decides to start chewing. By reinforcing this weak point, we greatly increase the life of the bed.

double stitched seam dog bed

Reduced Seam Construction

Right after corners, seams are the weak spots which dogs exploit most frequently in beds. By reducing the number of seams on a bed fewer temptations present themselves, and therefore reduce the risk of demolition!

water resistant dog bed

Repels Dirt, Hair, and Moisture

Tightly woven synthetic fibers make this bed chew proof, and also resistant to a wide array of other damaging forces. Water, dirt, hair, and muck simply don't cling to the bed and can be easily wiped away; after wiping with a damp cloth the bed often looks as good as new!

machine washable dog beds

Machine Washable

Accidents happen, it's a fact of life; Murphey's law if you will. Having a machine washable dog bed helps clean up those accidents quickly and easily. For those messes that do not wipe away, let the machine washer do the work.

We recommend washing with cold water on a gentle cycle, and then air drying. The heat and friction of a machine dryer could shorten the lifespan of the bed, and we want our products to last as long as possible!

odor resistant dog bed

Synthetic Fibers Resist Odors

The extremely dense synthetic fiber weave of our Ballistic Material not only stops moisture, but also odors! Dirt, grime, and even mold spores have a tough time sticking to the bed cover, and when these elements can't stick around neither can the smell.

odor resistant dog bed

Hypoallergenic Material

Dust mites cause a large number of allergic reactions for dogs. Mold and mildew spores can also trigger allergic reactions. The sythetic fibers used in this cover prohibit dust mite invasions, and make life difficult for mold spores as well. These allergens require organic fibers to build their homes, and this cover uses a 100% synthetic fiber construction. Dust mites beware!

Rip-Stop Engineering
Machine Washable
Third-party Tested
Dog & Vet Inspired Design
Covered by 120 Day Warranty

Description & Features


Built to perform for dogs that are tough on their beds. We engineered a bed cover that will hold up to pups that like to dig, scratch and chew. Our covers are water, hair and dirt resistant and are built to last a lifetime. Easy spot clean or machine washable. America's best selling dog bed cover.

  • 120 Day Warranty
  • K9 Ballistic Rip-Stop Proprietary Fabric™
  • K9 Triple Stitched Overlock Seams™
  • K9 Bullnose Seamless Edge Design™
  • K9 Waterfall Sleep Surface™
  • K9 Offset Opening™
  • K9 Dual Closures: Hidden Zipper & Velcro™
  • K9 Waterproof Membrane™
  • K9 Multi-Season Use™
  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • 3rd Party Tested For Tear Strength, Abrasion Resistance & Washability™
  • K9 USA Promise: Designed, Engineered & Assembled In The USA

    Dependability, Quality & Care

    We believe in the life-changing possibilities between pet and parent and are dedicated to enriching this bond with high-quality, stress-free dog products.

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    Discover why K9 Dog Beds™ makes the best dog bed covers in the world.

    • Great products and customer
      Review by tdud on 7/8/2019
      I ordered a few XL rectangle tough dog bed covers and then I put toddler mattresses in them.... They are Amazing!!!! I have 6 dogs and a pet pig and so far after about a month they are holding up very well. One of the dog covers didn’t have a zipper just velcro and I snapped a picture sent it to customer service and they sent me a new one and told me to keep the other one or donate it to a shelter..... Very impressed so far with my purchases.
    • K9...great products,
      Review by Derrick on 6/15/2019
      I purchased the dog bed cover after I purchased the foam mattress (which my spiteful little weiner dog proceeded to destroy). I was able to salvage it for the most part, then ordered the ballistic bed cover...received it, put it on, and it lasted about a week. I sent photos to K9, and as per their warranty, they promptly sent me a replacement at no cost. It also lost the battle in about a week. I salvaged it, sewed up the hole...and sprayed the cover with a “bitter spray” that puckered my lips just spraying it on the cover . This seems to be working for the moment.
    • Perfect for a digger!
      Review by Deborah on 6/7/2019
      The 100 pound digger has yet to conquer these beds! I love them!
    • Stands up to my dogs and pigs but filling needed work
      Review by Nicole on 6/6/2019
      I found that the pulled apart memory foam filling makes this bed impossible to wash in a standard top load washing machine, however the cover is AMAZING! I replaced the filling with a memory foam bed topper cut to size(in thirds) for my first k9ballistics bed, and had enough extra to make a second by just buying the cover. My dogs and pigs love them. They are easy to wipe down, and now for a heavier cleaning everything can go in the wash.

      This cover stands up to teeth and tusks!
    • Great giver
      Review by Debbie on 5/23/2019
      So far this cover has been great! We were buying covers from other sources at least once a month because my dog would tear them.
      I only wish the zipper and Velcro were at the end rather then the middle of the cover. We have xxl large beds and it was a little tough getting the bed into the cover.
      Other wise great cover
      Worth the money!
    • Tough and high quality
      Review by Emily on 5/14/2019
      This is the only stuffable bed that has withstood my 2 Belgian Malinois. Understand that with enough time and determination, *any* soft bed can be destroyed, but this is an extremely well-made product that has already put up with my high drive teenage puppy scratching, biting it, and dragging it around her kennel run. So far not a mark on it. Plus the material is so easy to wipe off in between machine washes. The 120 day guarantee is an awesome insurance policy as well. I board and train dogs from my home and I will be investing in more K9 Ballistics products.
    • Couldn’t ask for a better bed
      Review by Ginger on 4/30/2019
      Our first k-9 ballistic bed cover lasted us 6 years with an aggressive chewer and may many many washes. We were able to order a replacement cover and not have to purchase the entire bed again which was very much appreciated because of cost and because the inside held up just fine! We will be customers for life!
    • 5 stars
      Review by Debbie on 4/19/2019
      This is an amazing dog bed. I have an insatiable digger, a Jack Russell. She has a Malamute to help her and between the two of them, they can destroy anything. The Jack managed to get a small hole on the seam, but after days of trying to get the stuffing out....she has given up! I can't believe the money I've wasted on other dog beds when this is the only one I needed. The money is worth it! To come home from work and NOT have to clean up 3 garbage bags of shredded bed, and stuffing everywhere is a blessing. Thank you K9 Ballistics. Awesome!
    • Product is as described. Very pleased with it so far.
      Review by npmom on 4/17/2019
      Have had for several weeks and so far our dog has not destroyed it. We have been through several beds with him and he loves to rip and tear them. This one is still intact! Yay!
    • Great Cover
      Review by Jim on 4/9/2019
      Great bed cover. I use it in my truck and my dog loves it. Very easy to clean and care for.
    • So far, so good.
      Review by Ronald on 3/25/2019
      So far it is good. Our 9 month old rescue is a chewer and has not damaged either of the two dog bed covers or the first bed that we had purchased six weeks ago.
    • Excellent
      Review by Amber on 2/17/2019
      Previous reviews were good so I gave it a try. My dog bed chewer has yet to try to destroy it. I just covered it with a softer material as the fabric was hard on his velvet coat. Very much recommend!
    • Winner Winner
      Review by Zoe on 2/8/2019
      I just purchased this as a replacement cover for the XL orthopedic rectangular bed. I got the bed and original cover over 2 years ago - I am IMPRESSED! Yeah, I eventually needed to replace the cover, but it took over 2 years for my 2 pit bulls to wear this thing out! 120lbs of dog laying and playing on it all day long, chewing on hard toys, spinning in circles and "digging" into it before laying down; it couldn't last forever but I was happy to pay for a new cover after that amount of time and abuse. Especially because the bed itself is in the same amazing condition it was the day I bought it - it hasn't flattened or sagged a centimeter. Best dog investment I've made.
    • 5Stars
      Review by Mark on 1/7/2019
      Simiply the best. I have a variety of K9 Ballistics Products for my “Pack of 9s(7). As a repeat customer a Highly recommendation K9 Ballistics, “Hand Down”...
    • Great!
      Review by Dog mom to show dogs on 1/4/2019
      Only two weeks in, but he has not even tried to chew it!
    • Great product!
      Review by Nancy on 1/2/2019
      Fantastic ! I bought the nesting bed for the softness and toughness and would last longer. And thought when she gets older good for her joints. The cover to keep it clean from dog hair.So far so good. My dog loves it. I would recommend it to friends.
    • Well made dog bed cover
      Review by Linda on 12/30/2018
      This cover is made well and the material appears to be tough. I am hoping that my destroyer of dog beds Lab doesn't get bored and decides to spend time chewing off the corners. So far, so good.
    • Great Product!
      Review by Courtney on 12/18/2018
      I absolutely LOVE this bed! My lab/pitt mix had absolutely destroyed her other bed, so I kept the stuffing and bought this. It was easy to stuff and so far it still looks brand new! It's been two weeks now!
    • Quality product
      Review by Roxanna on 12/17/2018
      Great product. Definitely worth the money.
    • A great product but not chew proof.
      Review by D on 12/14/2018
      The Tough Cover is very easy to clean and dog hair does not get embedded in the fabric. The Velcro is difficult to open, but it is located so that the dog doesn't have easy access. Unfortunately one of our German Shorthairs is an aggressive chewer and there are already four significant size holes that I've had to patch on her cover.
    • I’d buy from here again!!
      Review by Cynthia on 11/28/2018
      Great sturdy material for my Staffordshire Bull Terrier!
    • Would definitely buy again, and have been referring it to many friends who are having trouble chewing dogs
      Review by Colleen on 11/26/2018
      I have a nine month old golden retriever that started chewing the past couple weeks, and she is becoming aggressive sure where she tears up pillows and anything she can seem to get her teeth on. I bought the cover from k9ballistic, and it’s
      working perfect. She (the pup) uses this pillow in the canopy of the pick up and we’re on the road quite a bit it’s him and I am very very pleased
    • Great bed cover
      Review by Andreanna on 11/23/2018
      Very durable for my distructive fur baby and so easy to keep clean!
    • Wonderful!
      Review by Dog Lover! on 11/19/2018
      It works, my dog has stopped chewing her bed!
    • Good Product
      Review by Barkley on 11/17/2018
      Fortunately my puppie hasn’t chewed on the cover very much. I bought it for a heating pad cover and it seems to work fine. It’s very well made with a sturdy Velcro closure. I think it would take a very determined chewer to damage this cover.
    • Fantastic!
      Review by Lisa on 11/9/2018
      Fantastic bed cover! Dog loves the velvet top cover. Very durable, have not had it long but I can see that it will last a very long time. Amazing customer service as well.
    • Great product!
      Review by Yvonne on 11/28/2017
      I am a repeat customer and absolutely love these beds!
    • Great service!
      Review by Jan on 11/10/2017
      My puppy did chew through one of the corners of the bed cover. I am very impressed that K9 Ballistics did indeed stand behind their product, and sent me a replacement cover.
    • Amazing Chew Proof Service
      Review by Cindy on 8/22/2017
      OK...so my new puppy did indeed chew through this cover. That said, I have a few observations. 1) K9Ballistics is serious about their chew proof guarantee. They sent me a new cover with very little effort on my part. I sent a photo. They believed me. End of story. That is great customer service. 2) I put the new cover on top of the chewed one (after "mending" the hole with duct tape). I replaced the bed in the kennel in such a way as to make it difficult to get at the corners of the bed. End of problem!

      Thank you K9Ballistics for a great product.

      My dogs loved the little extra you tossed in the box too!
    • Great products-has never gotten velcro open.
      Review by Delta on 8/22/2017
      I have a serious destroyer. He had gone through several beds before I found your website. Ordered the Original Tuff Bed. He gave it a fit. It took him about 5 months to put a small hole in cover. I ordered a replacement cover and put it on top of original cover as recommended by your site and expect to have a good 6 months or better life left.
    • Doberman Approved Covers
      Review by Tara M. on 8/22/2017
      I bought a new Tuff Bed cover because I didn't follow the washing instructions the dozens of times I washed them and the inside coating started flaking, making a mess when I change out the cover. So with my new one, I looked and it recommended to hang dry the covers, don't use dryer. These covers hold up well. I have two dobermans 2yr 4months & 2yr 10months and when they were younger they did chew through and K9 Ballistics replaced according to their guaranteed. I'm happy to report that my girls don't chew these anymore - even though they still chew other brands of beds. I look forward to many more happy years of Tuff Beds & covers. The fabric is a nice cool option for the hot summer months.
    • Not good for extremely aggressive chewers
      Review by Stephanie on 8/4/2017
      Ordered the Original Tuff Bed for my daughters 10 month old GSD/Pit Bull mix puppy, it took him about 15 mins to chew through the cover, bed, and down to the stuffing; emailed the company, they responded very quick with excellent service, they sent a replacement cover, I put it over the original cover and had the openings staggered so as to make it more difficult for him to get through it however I was wrong, it only took it about 20-25 mins to get through the double cover down to the stuffing again. If I were rating the customer service it would be 5 paws but the bed isn't good for extremely aggressive chewers hince the 1 paw, maybe one day I will find a bed that will stand up to him or he'll get tired of sleeping on the floor and stop chewing every thing up
    • I recommend these beds to everyone.
      Review by Veryl on 7/16/2017
      I have four huskies - 3 Alaskans and one historic-type Village Dog, the Hedlund Husky. The Tuff Bed is the ONLY bed they have not destroyed!
    • Good quality, easy to remove and clean.
      Review by Wesley on 5/10/2017
      Had two for a couple of weeks and both dogs haven't been able to claw through even a scratch. Previous fabric dog beds haven't lasted a month, these were just the thing we needed so we wouldn't go in the poor house buying dog beds. I was about to let them sleep on the concrete floor.
    • Quality service and bed
      Review by Gun Dog Family on 4/30/2017
      We have 2 German Short Haired Pointers and a Britt and had not found a bed that they could not destroy as one likes to chew when bored and one digs to get comfy. They chewed the corner on one cover slightly but the customer service on the 90 day warranty was awesome. Highly recommend!
    • A company that keeps their promise!
      Review by James on 4/29/2017
      We have a very strong dog whom was able to chew threw his bedcover. We contacted K9ballistics about the warranty and they shipped us out a new one right away. Now that's customer service for you!
    • Great rip proof bed.
      Review by Sandra on 4/13/2017
      I want to just say that this is the first bed that has stood up to my dogs rough use. I have three dogs and although our mix breed does not try to tear the bed apart the other two have certainly had put the bed through the wringer.

      The Plott Hound has tried to get the bed out the dog door and it survived. The Catahoula has tried to rip into it with her teeth and nails and it survived that,

      I have been buying dog beds at a rate of about one a payday up until this bed cover. I am so thrilled.
    • Love it!
      Review by Diane on 4/12/2017
      These beds are the best. We had some issues of chewing, but our dog was left alone, so he got busy. We received another cover immediately because of the wonderful warranty. This company stands behind their products, and I am so very pleased. They have the best beds on the market.
    • Surprised and could Not be happier
      Review by John on 4/4/2017
      My dog destroyed every bed he has ever had and tears up his fire hose toys. The bed is still there in just as new condition. I have waited 2 months to write this because I wanted to really see if it held up to his wear and tear. I am more than happy to say - “Thank you!” for a quality product that does what it says it will do.
    • Wonderful company - good product
      Review by Cassie on 3/16/2017
      This is a really good bed.
      However, my dog did chew through it and get to the filling inside the cover. I contacted K9ballistics and they fulfilled the warranty very quickly. I received my new cover and placed it over the original cover. I also had a pallet bed made to place the dog bed in. I have had no issues since. We love this bed.
    • Like it!
      Review by Kristi on 3/15/2017
      Very sturdy bed and cover. I've bought more than one so I can wash and switch out more often. I have a lab mix and when he's boarded he does chew through it's little, but otherwise it holds up much better than any other we've tried.
    • Great bed!
      Review by Jaye on 3/15/2017
      My dogs are not easy on beds. They tore the zipper on the Tuff bed so I ordered this one. They haven't been able to get thru this one at all. Worth every penny.
    • Great company and product
      Review by Micky on 3/14/2017
      AWESOME This is the only bed and cover I will but from now on. They last and are easy to clean. I am no longer coming home to foam from a dog bed scattered all over the house.
    • Good quality
      Review by Irene on 3/11/2017
      The bed is a little noisy when my Australian cattle dog gets in it. He chewed big holes in 2 corners. They are really big chewers, as a 2 year old he doesn't chew on it anymore. Good bed, tuff for normal dogs. I would recommend for an Australian cattle dog after they are out of chewing stage.
    • cover works great and is indestructable
      Review by Carol on 3/1/2017
      Cover has been tested and is indestructable. I didn't realize it had been delivered until I saw my dog laying with and chewing something that looked like brown paper bags. When I checked it out she was chewing on the Tan colored TUFF Original bed cover. The good news is that while she totally tore apart the plastic packaging and papers, she was unable to rip the bed cover. New cover works great covering old bed from LLBean.
    • Quality product and excellent customer service!
      Review by Lesley on 3/1/2017
      Our 2 labs chewed small holes in one corner of the first bed. A replacement cover was sent with instructions to prevent further chewing. We followed the instructions and there has been no more chewing! We ordered a round tuff bed for the second dog and neither bed has any evidence of chewing. We are very satisfied! Thank you!
    • Great product, good customer service. Highly recommended.
      Review by chlake on 2/28/2017
      Fantastic bed and the cover material is great, really sturdy. We have Ridgebacks and our 10 month old 110lb puppy was really destructive to his crate beds. The K9 bed was a real bargain. The puppy did chew on the corners for a day or two but the material held up just great! Now he doesn't even bother to chew his bed. We ordered more beds!!!!
    • Best dog bed cover
      Review by Courtney on 12/27/2016
      It was well worth the money... and as of right now the dogs have not torn it up. We have gone through 2 other beds before I found this one. I wanted a bed/cover that was indestructible and I think we found it.
    • First Class
      Review by Dr. Max on 12/25/2016
      I have been using your beds and covers for years. They are the best and most chew resistant in the market. I have some alligator like dogs that can eat the wood off the walls. K9 are the only ones to hold up to the punishment some dogs can inflict. Thanks.
    • Awesome Customer Service!
      Review by MARGARET on 12/8/2016
      I have to give it 5 paws - even though one of our dogs (treeing walker, a rescue about 7 years old) was able to make a hole in it within about a week. The other hound (black and tan about 5) hasn't chewed through - but K9 sent us two new covers! Fantastic customer service!
    • Great
      Review by Mom to Chip on 11/25/2016
      Great product and great customer service
    • So far, so good.
      Review by Andrew on 11/16/2016
      So far so good. We ordered a new cover replacing previous destroyed by chewing covers for a large bed. The dog seems to be out of the chewing everything stage; we are, however, keeping our fingers crossed.
    • Great product. Highly recommend
      Review by christal on 11/16/2016
      Was able to chew a hole in cover but you sent a second one to double up and it's perfect. Thank you
    • Awesome
      Review by Jamie on 11/13/2016
      Excellent cover! The velcro on the bottom is great and the lack of zippers really prevents our dog from chewing it apart.
    • It is worth the money!!!
      Review by Deegie on 11/9/2016
      I LOVE this bed!! I have spent so much money buying bed after bed for my puppy! This was the first bed that he could not/ did not destroy!! I am pleased with its appearance and it apparently is very comfortable because my dog sleeps in it all night without getting up. It is worth every penny that I paid for it!!
    • Best dog bed ever
      Review by Todd on 11/6/2016
      Wish I had found K9 covers years ago. We have two Leonbergers and a Newfie who share this bed, and they love it. The fabric appears to be tough as firehose, and yet the design is anything but rustic. Even the price blows the big name pet and sporting stores out.
    • so far it's working..
      Review by Gary on 10/25/2016
      So far it's holding up ok. Rusty seems to have gotten discouraged with regards to chewing it, he is intent on scratching it. He paws at it, like trying to make it comfortable and this has caused some of the threads to run, we still have time before the 90 days are up so we will keep an eye on it.
    • Great bed, you wont regret it. Worth the $. Long Lasting.
      Review by Linda on 9/27/2016
      Ive had these beds for 6 years now. (I have 6 total) I have 2 pit bulls and they have lasted. No issues, I love them. I ordered only a bed cover this last time, because I had a foam mattress topper I wasnt using, so I made a "tempurpedic" bed for my dogs since they had surgery this past summer.
    • She finally met her match
      Review by Lovella on 9/24/2016
      I've got a 1 year old border collie/pit bull mix who has chewed every toy, bed, blanket, pillow, rug...the list goes on...that she's been given. She's chewed toys and beds claiming to be chew-proof.

      I'm happy to say I think she's met her match with this bed cover (which I stuff with pillows). Great quality, tough material.

      The only thing that I think I'd like more is for it to have a hidden zipper rather than a Velcro opening down the middle. It's tough Velcro, but she can open it and having it in that area doesn't allow me to use both sides of the bed.

      Other than that, great quality. Does what it says. and THANK YOU.
    • Well made product, easy care, long lasting.
      Review by Susan on 8/9/2016
      I have five golden retrievers and four of these beds. They were a godsend when we went on vacation and left our cat with our vet tec. The cat was p.o'd literally because we didn't take her along. The covers kept the filling from getting wet, were easy to wash and didn't retain the smell. Our dogs are "nesters" and have not been able to tear through them despite them being close to 4 years old. They still look like new. If I could figure out a place to put another one, I'd buy it in a flash.
    • Excellent product, excellent service, highly recommended
      Review by Jim on 8/3/2016
      We ordered the bed for the supportive mattress (14 yr old Lab with bad hips) and the tough cover was a bonus. After a day of learning how to get on her bed, our Lexy loves it. She is happy to nap there and doesn't leave it while we are out of the house. I expect the bed will outlast all of us!! Customer Service was excellent and it is easy to see the company is staffed with animal lovers. Well done, top scores across the board!!
    • Two dogs and one new cover
      Review by Julie on 7/26/2016
      It's been a week and we are satisfied with our cover. My mid-size and large dogs share one bed and when bored or irritated at being left home, the younger, mid-size one chews. The 12-yr old deserves his memory foam so ordering just the cover and stuffing the original mattress in worked great. I wondered initially about the stiffness and crackle of the k9ballistics cover but both boys snuggled right in. Definitely pleased.
    • Close but no cigar
      Review by Janelle on 7/26/2016
      We bought this cover in hopes that our 1 year old mini lab would be foiled by it. She wasn't. She quickly managed to tear open a corner and put a few other random holes here and there, so we can't leave her with it unsupervised. I give it an overall quality rating of 3 because it certainly *seems* durable, but we're back to square one and hoping she just outgrows her chewing phase before we go broke from replacing dog beds.
    • great
      Review by Lana on 7/25/2016
      Definitely works, my akita/german shepard tore beds to shreds...first day she drug it all over house to shred but to no avail....love this cover
    • Once again, the best there is...
      Review by Gini on 7/19/2016
      I have several dogs and seem to have spent my life cleaning up dog bed foam and replacing said beds... until I found K-9 Ballistics about 2-3 years ago. I recently had to order a new bed, because I added another dog. All these beds are holding up great and they are in outside dog houses. Best dog beds I have ever had.
    • My dog can't figure it out!
      Review by Brittany on 7/12/2016
      I bought the Original Tuff Bed Cover.

      My dog has not been able to figure out why he can't get to the stuffing of this bed! There are a few chew marks on seams and edges where he has gnawed and tried to find the break, but hasn't had any luck yet!

      One thing: the cover is BIG. I had to order a MEDIUM to stuff my LARGE size Walmart dog bed into, and there is still extra room!
    • Excellent product!
      Review by Annie on 7/11/2016
      Our dogs have enjoyed their TUFF Beds for about 3 years now. We recently invested in a couple of extra covers because the first ones have held up so well. When we have visitors, our anxiety-ridden beagle sometimes goes off for a little chew-pout, and he has managed to chew through the corners of the first beds, but it took him 2+ years to get down to the stuffing-- far longer than any other bed or comfort blanket we've given him. Bang for buck, these beds are well worth the investment. Highly recommend.
    • Not what I was hoping for...
      Review by Chelsea on 7/11/2016
      I have two dogs one of which is a chihuahua and the other a chiweenie. My chiweenie has a habit of chewing and eating blankets so we tried the Original Tuff Bed. Needless to say, my little girl chewed right through this bed the first day we tried it. K9 Ballistics did stand behind their one-time warranty and sent me a new cover. This time I sprayed a VERY generous amount of bitter apple spray all over the cover in hopes that this would deter my chiweenie from chewing on the bed. Unfortunately, she chewed through this second cover as well. I'm sorry to say I do not recommend this bed as my 10lb dog was able to get through 2 covers, no problem.
    • Magic!
      Review by Leslie on 6/29/2016
      These tough covers must be made with magic! It's the first dog bed that our "Destructo-dog" Jessie (who was rescued by Nami Kim namikim.org from a horrible dog meat cage) hasn't even tried to chew! She has destroyed and destuffed so many dog beds now, our other little Korean rescue Somang and our other two older dogs Rusty & Scout were all out of luck having a bed. These covers, one on the new orthopedic bed and the others placed over their old chewed up beds are the first ones Jessie has not even shown any interest in trying to chew. We will need just one more as they still have one naked bed, so sometime soon we will order one more. We just couldn't be happier with the product and all the dogs now have a comfy bed, thank you so much K9Ballistics, you can do magic!
    • replacement cover
      Review by Megan on 6/19/2016
      I originally purchased the Bolstered Tuff Bed. The "pillow" section of the cover was quickly chewed and ruined. Upon talking to the company they suggested I try the original tuff bed cover as my replacement.

      I followed their advice and while my girls did chew a corner I was able to stitch that corner and they haven't *knock on wood* touched it since.

      The customer service is exceptional!
    • Best bed yet!
      Review by John on 6/13/2016
      First day in use one of my Dobermans ate through the cover. A new one was sent out immediately. Now with double covers they gave up. I suspect it was the female as she has eaten every bed she has ever had. Most are destroyed to scraps with ten days. Sprayed with Bitter Apple too, which I have had mixed results with. Great job K9 Ballistics.
    • Great Dane Test
      Review by Aime on 6/6/2016
      We bought our original cover & bed in October and by May (8 months), our 128 lbs Great Dane got through one of the corners. We decided to go ahead and purchase another cover and just put it on top of the old one in hopes that it'll last longer. This is the longest that a bed has withstood our chewer.
    • broken record
      Review by Kelly on 6/3/2016
      I sound like a broken record when I review K9 Ballistics beds / covers / customer service, but I can not say enough great things (and I figure I'm entitled to make a review with every purchase!) Everything about this product and company is superior. I am incredibly thrifty [aka cheap] and struggled with the price before my first purchase; however, every purchase has been worth every penny!
    • Disappointed
      Review by Lisa on 6/2/2016
      The very first day my dog chewed through to the fill. I just wasn't smart enough to realize that the 90 day guarantee was a one time only. So...I received another cover, put it on like they said and guess what, he flipped it over and chewed through the Velcro again!! So there is nothing special about these beds. I've had plenty in the past and I've also had them replaced free of charge. Just thought I'd give this one a try because of the reviews. The way I look at it, I'm out $200.
    • I spoke too soon. but it lasted longer than I expected
      Review by Joy on 5/25/2016
      I was thrilled. It's been over a week and my destructive dog has not made a dent in the bed. But yesterday she managed to get 2 holes in it. Overall though a very sturdy bed cover.
    • So far so good
      Review by Joy on 5/24/2016
      I have some tough big dogs that destroy almost everything they encounter. Their favorite toy is firewood. I got a cover to use with a nice bed that had gotten holes in it. So far so good. It's still intact and she has tried to tear it up. Now she is getting used to a comfy bed.
    • Pretty tough bed
      Review by Cynthia on 5/18/2016
      We're on our 2nd cover. I have a 100lb golden doodle who's a massive chewer & he chewed 4small holes on an end the first couple weeks he had it so we let it go to see if he'd continue. About a month later he chewed a big hole on an end. Received a new cover very easily & quickly and we've had it about 2 wks with no issue. Put it on over the old one & have been spraying the corners w/Apple bitters periodically to deter chewing temptations, hopefully!
    • A Company that stands behind their product
      Review by James on 5/17/2016
      Although my dog was able chew into my he cover. Which usually on all other beds he shreds to pieces. He has stopped, which I think it was because it was to much work. But these guys at K9 Ballistics stood by their guarantee 100%. And no hassle. I would not hesitate to purchase anything from them in the future.
    • Wears like iron!
      Review by kathleen on 5/17/2016
      This is our third Original TUFF Bed Cover. We bought it to line the bottom of a steel dog crate. The bottom is composed of bars, and our old, arthritic dog was having a hard time getting in and out of the crate. She is an excitable Golden who tore up every bed we bought her until we tried the TUFF bed cover. It is indestructible. I was worried the velcro closure would gather fur, etc. but it seals tightly. I seal it up before washing, as well. The material is rather stiff, but both of my dogs have no problem with that. I used old blankets inside the covers, easier to wash and they provide a nice, firm bed. Now the Golden has the rectangular cover lining her crate, and the round cover on top. Plenty of support for her old bones! A great product, easy to wash and dry (use the label area to pry open the velcro closure, and close it tightly before washing). Highly recommend.
    • Awesome
      Review by Ana on 5/9/2016
      Your original Tuff bed cover is awesome! Our dog has destroyed over 7 beds but with this cover, I guess it's impossible to destroy the 8th bed. It is an excellent product!
    • Thanks for a great product.
      Review by Kathy K on 5/2/2016
      I just wanted you to know this is the third dog bed cover I have ordered from you.

      I have a Golden Retriever who freaks out at thunderstorms, and has destroyed beds, crates, even tore a door frame off. She cannot put a dent in the ballistic dog bed cover!

      We are buying a larger size to put in the bottom of her steel crate, which has bars on the floor. She is old now, and has a hard time balancing on those bars. We'll put an old blanket in the cover and that will solve the problem nicely. And she'll have her regular K-9 bed, as well.
    • Excellent product- our 5th!
      Review by MC on 5/1/2016
      This was the first cover the landsharks lab was able to destroy and K9B replaced it promptly. We foster labs and have had a ton of power chewers and this was the first K9B bed to succumb. They wash beautifully and the seams never ravel. I recommend the tuff beds and crate pads to anyone who will listen.
    • Good product - Excellent Customer Service
      Review by Frank on 4/28/2016
      Well, I have a 9 month Blue Heeler is all I have to say!! He put the bed to the test on Easter morning. He did his best as I watched and as other customers have mentioned, my dog ripped two corners out within a couple of hours no problem! Every other part of the bed he can't destroy at all! The suggestion I made to the sales team to cover the corners with a Large patch over the corners with No seems this will solve or help the issues with call backs for warranty. More happy customers, less warranty calls and happy play time for our 4 legged friends! It's a Great product that needs some tweaking. Yes, the customer service is Outstanding! Hope this helps and I would like to see the new design for the corners. Once again I rarely review products and this is a Great product for all animals! Jaspers say's thanks from Katy, Texas!

      K9 Ballistics Response: The corners of a bed are the perfect shape for a dog to pinch between its jaws and gnaw on, regardless of how strongly it is reinforced (unless metal is used to frame it, like with our Cujo Cot Raised Aluminum Bed). If your dog likes to target corners, the best solution is to consider a round bed like our Round TUFF bed!
    • another bed holds up
      Review by Marijo on 4/27/2016
      my boy dog used to like to lay on his raised bed but we noticed he was stealing his sisters Tuff bed so we got him one too. Now all three of our dogs have one and all are still in great shape
    • tough and comfy
      Review by Emily on 4/25/2016
      I rarely write reviews, so the product needs to be either high quality or a piece of junk for me to write something. I love this bed AND company. my very large great dane puppy is an agressive chewer. She chomps antlers down to toothpicks and toys made for agressive chewers last like 5 minutes. she is a wonderful dog and I want to protect her joints, keep her comfy, but not waste my money doing it. Dog beds and mats were fluff piles by morning. this bed did get chewed through after 3 days (2 1/2 days longer than most!). however, the company immediately sent me a replacement cover and helpful tips. they couldn't have been easier to deal with: a picture in an email with my order #. With the additional cover over the original, the bed has lasted weeks without additional chewing. I think she realized she couldn't chew through 2 layers and gave up. she no longer shows an interest in chewing on it, but still aggressively chews her toys. I bought another for our lab.
    • Excellent products and wonderful Company
      Review by Randy on 4/15/2016
    • best ever
      Review by edward on 4/15/2016
      so far this bed is holding up and my dachshund hasn't chewed on it any more. So I think it's going to be OK! You stood behind your guarantee. Thank you very much.
    • best ever
      Review by edward on 4/15/2016
      so far this bed is holding up and my dachshund hasn't chewed on it any more. So I think it's going to be OK!
    • TUFF, but not impenetrable
      Review by JEREMY on 4/14/2016
      We hAve a 9 month old Beagle, and she chewed a small hole in the corner of the bed within a few hours. We got the replacement within a week (took longer due to embroidery.) If you place the new one over the old one it does work. The hole was very small and almost unnoticeable. Great buy!
    • Good Quality
      Review by Jami on 4/13/2016
      This is the second Original Tuff Bed Covers that we have purchased. We have a Blue Healer and an English Retriever. The Blue Healer is destructive and shredded the last beds (since they kennel in a large room together) we bought 5 years ago. They couldn't be washed anymore because they were literally falling apart. These new covers seem to be improved with a different texture and thickness. Hopefully, they will hold up as good or better than the last purchase.
    • Great Customer Service
      Review by Bonnie on 4/5/2016
      This is the strongest bed we've had so far for our mastiffs. Our pup managed to chew threw the original cover, so I sent pics to the company and they sent a new cover immediately, no questions asked. So far the new cover is holding up beautifully.
    • Excellen
      Review by Ann on 3/28/2016
      We have a PWD that is a real chewer. We ordered the K9 Ballistic bed after wasting money on three previous beds. Our dog did chew through the corner of the bed after about 3 months (just prior to the warranty ending!). K9 Ballistics was great about sending a replacement cover and, so far so good. Doesn't seem to be any interest in chewing the corner anymore. The customer service was excellent. Would recommend them to anyone.
    • high quality and good service
      Review by Kim on 3/15/2016
      great quality although my young shepherd managed to chew a small hole in the corner, the company quickly shipped another cover and no further damage has occurred.
    • good product, excellent company
      Review by Susan on 3/15/2016
      My dog didn't immediately show any signs of trying to bite through. However, one morning I walked out to the back room and he had demolished one corner. To the manufacturer's credit, they immediately sent a replacement (I only needed to submit a picture and did not have to return the damaged one--they suggested I put the new one over the old one for added strength). While I wish the cover had indeed been bullet proof, I'm glad the company is so responsive. Next I will try the apple spray test.
    • Excellent customer service
      Review by Steve on 3/10/2016
      We have a Dachshund/Lab/Pit mix mutt and I've yet to meet something she can't destroy if she is interested in it. That being said, we needed a replacement for her crate pad and her big bed.
      I took the photos, sent them in got a quick reply. They initially sent the wrong item, but once I let them know that, they sent out a replacement cover for the bed. They didn't even ask for the larger crate pad back! So now she has another place to sleep in my office. Anyway...
      Knock on wood, but she hasn't messed with the latest repalcement and I have to say, that this bed has lasted the longest.

      I'm very pleased with this company, the bed and the crate pad. My dog is just a chewing superstar, which is not K9's fault.
    • Thanks
      Review by Sam on 3/4/2016
      Thanks for the prompt replacement cover,so far so good,prefers bed to floor!Sam,Colleen and Rocky
    • The tuff bed cover has been the purchase ever.
      Review by Jacqueline on 3/3/2016
      I have spent a ton of money on beds and my English bulldog destroyed them all. Finally I found a bed that she hasn't ruined. I wish I would have bought this a year ago. I would have saved a lot of money if I did.
    • My dog loves his TUFF bed!!!
      Review by Brian on 2/29/2016
      My dog loves his new TUFF bed! This is the first bed my boxer can't tear apart. It is well worth the money!!!!
    • Boston Tough
      Review by Susan on 2/16/2016
      I now own two of the dog bed covers. I am delighted. We share our home with two very determined Boston terriers and 5 Miniature Australian Shepherds. The Bostons goal in life to to shred every bed i have purchased for them. I thought i would give new covers a try. Having success with the first cover I got the smaller second one. So far I have had no problems They have dug like fiends and dragged the smaller bed allover with no successful penetrations or destruction Thanks for creating a wonderful product. Your guarantee made me confident I could get a replacement if my dogs where successful in killing the bed. Thanks.
    • Not Kryptonite But Close
      Review by Steve on 2/8/2016
      We ordered two of these about 6 weeks ago as our 2 dogs were demolishing every previous bed. These went two weeks without a scratch but then one of the dogs found a way to break through a corner (about a 3 inch hole, standing on the bed and pulling mercilessly at the corner) I sent an e-mail to K9-Ballistics with a photo and within two hours received a message that they would send additional covers (as the warrantee states) and then I got confirmation of shipment the same day. They sent two covers although only one was damaged. We saved one cover for later and put the other on top of the old one as a double cover and since then, no further damage. I'm happy.
    • Very tough material!
      Review by Michele on 2/2/2016
      We had other beds which didn't last a day. This bed lasted a couple of days before our English Bulldog found the seam with velcro underneath and he concentrated on that spot and did a little shredding. One email to the company and they sent out another cover almost immediately! We staggered the old and new covers and it is holding up wonderfully! I would highly recommend this bed!!!
    • These are such nice covers
      Review by Frank Danesi on 2/2/2016
      This is a superb product. I have two different size beds, one of which is large and in the living room....the "culprit" has never bothered with it and loves it. The one I had in his crate took the damage as I think he was just bored at some point (not quite a year old and had not started training yet). We followed your guidance, and put the replacement bed over the original and there have been zero issues. Honestly, these are such nice covers I felt guilty taking advantage of your replacement policy. Thank you for your support and I have no doubt a Beagle may be your best quality control to establish the durability.....it is great. Thank you!!
    • Jackabee of all trades Destroyer of one
      Review by Amy on 1/25/2016
      I have a one-year old Jackabee who has chewed the stuffing out of every bed and toy he has ever had. I bought the K9 ballistics bed about 2.5 months ago and all was going well, when I went on vacation and left him with a friend. He chewed through his bed cover. I contacted K9 ballistics to receive their replacement cover. It was an easy and pleasant process and before too long I received the new one. I sprayed the old one with bitter apple spray, put the new cover over the other one and sprayed the new one in a few areas. So far so good. No chewing.
    • As advertised
      Review by John on 1/22/2016
      So far, so good. Holding up as advertised. Last dog bed was ripped up on day 2.
    • Great!
      Review by 2Labs on 1/20/2016
      We have 2 6-month labs. They have chewed up all of their previous beds - they find some small seam or edge and worry it until it tears. We have had the tuff bed cover for a couple of weeks, and so far, so good. I just ordered 2 more covers! Our existing beds are slightly larger than the medium covers, and I find that this fills out the cover completely, leaving fewer loose edges and seams. Great product!
    • The BEST
      Review by Daisy on 1/20/2016
      This the only bed that we have purchased that is "Rumble" proof!
    • Great product
      Review by Ched on 1/15/2016
      Ordered my first tough bed cover for my Australian Shepard who scratched and chew two beds. This held us against her scratching and chewing, so ordered a second one for the other dog (shepard often steals bed from her mate and began scratching that too).. Now have two scratch and chew proof beds! Really like the heavy duty Velcro access, thought went into this design. Great product, couldn't be happier!
    • Wow!
      Review by Chuck on 1/8/2016
      Terrific bedding. Finally found one that holds up to a nester. And on top of that, customer service was spot on!
    • Excellent
      Review by Nancy on 1/8/2016
      My baby loves his bed. After 6 months, he chew the corner off. I ordered a new cover, which arrived earlier than expected. Prior to ordering the new cover, I found the reason for his chewing. I always give him a treat before he goes to bed. If a crumb drops between his bed ant crate he goes crazy and is chewing to get the little piece of the treat. I am so pleased with the service I recieved. The people are great. I would recommend them to anyone.
    • Great products!
      Review by Marilyn on 1/8/2016
      The Cujo Cot can't be beat, and my dog loves hers. She was able to chew a few holes in the Tuff Bed cover, but Customer Service promptly sent a replacement. No problems. She loves her K9 Ballistics beds!!!
    • Needed to Modify , But GREAT Bed
      Review by Jennifer R on 1/6/2016
      My Lab/Newfie mix easily tore through the corner with his jaws within the first 10 minutes. While I was waiting for the replacement cover, we built a bed frame that hid the corners of the bed. He tried with all his might to scratch and bite through the cover to get to the corner, but couldn't. Now, my 7 year old dog has the FIRST bed he has ever had and he LOVES it. The frame took us about 20 minutes to build and cost us barely anything. I am completely satisfied!
    • Great product
      Review by Dan on 1/5/2016
      My 7 month old yellow lab was able to chew a large size hole by one of the corners within a few hours of receiving the bed. However, K9 Ballistics' customer service rep handled the replacement request in professional and timely manner. They also gave me some advice about spraying the cover with a bitter tasting agent to prevent chewing. I placed the new cover over the old, sprayed it and it's holding up nicely. Thank you and next time I will know to wait until my dog is older and out of his chewing stage.
    • Fantastic Quality & Even Better Customer Service!
      Review by Cristi Lee on 12/24/2015
      Our first Tuff Bed was torn into by our rambunctious border collie (just a small hole), but all I had to do was email K9 Ballistics w/ a photo and they immediately replaced the cover! I was impressed w/ their immediate response and the free additional cover to go over the original, giving 2 layers of protection. Our elderly Akita loves it and our Border Collie is now finding the bed worth saving and now loves to snuggles on it w/ his buddy. Thanks so much for such a quality bed!
    • Great bed and great service!
      Review by Lamona on 12/14/2015
      Even though my dog managed to chew a hole in it the first day, she absolutely loves it! I sprayed it with bitter apple and she has not tried to chew it again. You replaced the one she chewed and I put it over the other one, but I also sprayed it with bitter apple and she has not even tried to chew it. So all is well in my house.
    • So far so good!
      Review by catherine on 12/10/2015
      I have a 2 yr old German Shepard. He was able to pull apart the Velcro and began chewing holes on the sides. K9 sent me another cover. He is still able to open the Velcro, but not able to access the filling. So far so good. This is the best bed I have found so far, happy with the results and the durability, plus I like that it is water resistant.
    • Excellent Quality and Customer Service
      Review by Sylvia on 12/10/2015
      Great beds, tough fabric, great design, nice construction, super embroidery and fast delivery!!
      Unfortunately it took my 11 month old Kangal 3 days to cut a 4x4 in hole in the bed and start tearing the foam bed.
      Customer service was excellent, they replaced the covers immediately.
      I guess I'll have to wait until Stella outgrows her chewing phase : (
    • Awesome!
      Review by Karen on 12/5/2015
      So impressed! So happy!!! Two weeks and beds and covers are intact. It was money well spent!
    • Good quality
      Review by Donald W on 11/19/2015
      Very impressed with the bed. It is built very well. Thanks
    • Two covers one pad works best
      Review by David on 11/19/2015
      A cover and pad inside another cover is great. Our puppy can open anything, even zippers. But he can open one cover, but can't get the other bed out so he hasn't torn up the padding on his setup. We have two setups like this for both dogs.
    • So far, so good.
      Review by Jeff on 11/10/2015
      I have 2 of these now. They last 2-3 years which is far and away better than others on the market. My german shorthairs are hard on things and they switch back and forth on these each night. When the time comes, I will buy another.
    • 4th Bed is a Keeper
      Review by Katherine on 9/25/2015
      My one year old pitbull was able to chew a quarter sized hole by the velcro area with in a few hours of receiving the bed. However, K9 Ballistics' customer service rep, Amberlee handled the replacement request in professional and timely manner. She also gave me some advice about spraying the cover with a bitter tasting agent to prevent chewing. I placed the new cover over the old, sprayed it and it's holding up nicely. Thank you Amberlee!
    • awesome!!!
      Review by carmella on 9/22/2015
      Very strong and durable cover!!!
    • Love this product!
      Review by Renee on 9/17/2015
      I really love these covers. They take a beating from my Dobermans and are built to last.
    • Covers that Last
      Review by M. Norris on 9/16/2015
      I’ve ordered several dog bed covers from you and am completely happy with them all! I have 3 Boxers who are really tough on beds… they like to dig and dig at them, as well as turn circles on them, trying to make them comfortable. I was buying my dog beds at Costco because they were cheaper as we were having to buy a new one about once every couple months. The beds themselves just don’t last with our Boxers digging at them! Then I found your website and ordered one bed cover just to see how it would do. I stuffed a Costco bed into the bed cover and it has lasted many months now! In the meantime, I ordered a couple more. I love the durability of them. It’s so great that they’re water resistant too. They clean beautifully and still look good as new.
    • Best pet bed ever!
      Review by Seana on 9/9/2015
      Excellent bed!!! My workmate Sue told me about these fantastic beds, and I am spending the word as well.
    • Great quality, Great company
      Review by Mike on 9/1/2015
      I have three Siberians and two are puppies. I'd been going through about three pillows every two weeks for the last 6 months, all different brands and quality, before finding K9 Ballistics. I ordered and received 3 pillows. Within two days, the dogs made it into one of the pillows. K9 sent me new covers immediately, no questions asked. I recovered the pillows and haven't had any problems since. It's been 2 months and the beds are holding up the way K9 said they would. (And it's not for a lack of trying on the part of my dogs.) Outstanding product!
    • Quality and Great Customer Service
      Review by Lucia on 8/7/2015
      We have a 10 month old Golden Retriever Puppy. She chewed two small holes on the corner of the bed within five minutes she got the bed. I emailed the company and received a friendly response within a few hours. The company sent me a cover replacement
      I sprayed some Bitter Apple on the four corners of the bed. For a few days, we stayed with the dog whenever she was on the bed. When she tried to chew the bed, we told her no. Since the cover of the bed is so strong, she did not make any holes on the second bed. The bed is in our living room and she stays on it when we are home, she does not bother to chew the bed anymore. I noticed that the bed is scratch resistant, she scratch on the bed constantly, but it does nothing to the bed.
      When the dog gets older, I will definitely buy a pad to put in her crated.
    • Quality Product
      Review by Kiki on 8/6/2015
      So far everything is great. I have a Belgian Malinois and she's a heavy chewer/ biter. She hasn't been able to hurt this material. I also love that I can control the bed density by adding or taking out bedding from the cover. It wipes clean, too. I give it a 5 star rating.
    • Second Cover's the Charm
      Review by Alan on 8/5/2015
      Our standard poodle took less than a day to tear a hole in his first TUFF bed, however I stuck to your advice when the replacement cover arrived and put it right over the patched cover and bed. Since then no problems, and a nightly used bed for my four legged buddy.
    • Stand behind products
      Review by Lynne on 8/1/2015
      The second cover has done wonderful! When I received the bed within 30 minutes our 1 year had chewed a hole in a corner, the 6 month old loved snuggling in it. By the next week Ballistics had sent me a new cover. I laid the cover on the floor so scents could get on it. I put the new cover over the old cover - have not had a problem! I offered Ballistics my 1 year old for a test dog but I did not hear back from them on my offer! I would definitely buy another!
    • Doing well
      Review by The Duck on 7/23/2015
      The first bed Mags (GSD) tore the corner, K9 Ballistics promptly replaced the cover. I then ordered covers for 2 other beds and did follow their advice and sprayed some of the bitter no chew spray. Now Mags has a bed in each room to lounge and relax. The old adage you get what you pay for applies to K9 Ballistic beds, I see these lasting a long time great value.
    • Great!!!
      Review by Devin on 7/9/2015
      So I have had the bed for a couple weeks now and at first my dogs were not very found of it because the material wasn't like their normal bed (soft material) so they wouldn't really lay on it. I eventually put one of their blankets on it and they started using it. As for the chewing they haven't even tried.. That with a combination of some antlers the chewing other things has ceased. :) happy Customer.
    • My puppy Alex managed to chew down to the filling.
      Review by Crystal H. on 7/7/2015
      I really like this bed, but Alex liked it too. She secretly chewed and tore a hole in the corner (and ate the stuffing) of the cover in less than 7 days. I am going for the double covers by enacting my warranty. I think it may be the corners which are the Achilles heel to this product.
      Review by Joan on 7/2/2015
      Within 5 minutes, chewed the cover tearing and making holes in it. However, I sent pictures to K9 Ballistics and they sent me a new cover for his bed for free. Will wait until he gets out of the aggressive puppy chewing stage before he sees this again.
    • Guarantee Policy works!!
      Review by roseann on 7/2/2015
      Nice bed. We have two Great Danes and two Dobermans. We have not found ANYTHING that they cannot chew, including this bed. They did send out a replacement cover immediately. I wish they would had told us when we purchased the bed, we could soak in vinegar or spray with bitter apple to help deter them, but they told us that when we called for our replacement. I did I voiced my concern about the Dobermans and their chewing when I purchased the bed. I would like to see them sesll "PATCHES" for the bed that we could sew on that way we could get a little more use out of the bed. We rescue and foster so the cost was a lot for a bed that only made it two weeks.
    • Very cooperative company
      Review by Sydney on 7/1/2015
      My small terrier managed to destroy the first bed and the company was kind enough to replace it. I followed their instructions and she still managed to ruin it. Definitely not indestructible but is a nice bed
    • Fantastic
      Review by Rachel on 6/29/2015
      Our Great Dane is a girl and she weighs about 100lbs. and it fits her perfect! She hasn't torn it up at all but I think it's because it's not in her crate, we keep this one on the living room floor. Really great support! The kids even sit on it!
    • It ain't a miracle cure-all
      Review by Rey A. on 6/11/2015
      Ordered two total, one month apart as I wanted to see how the first would hold up. It held up well so I ordered a second. One for each of my two mini-poodle mixes.

      In less than a month after the second, the second had a big hole and the other had a smaller hole.

      I'm still giving 5 stars because they were responsive in sending replacement covers. Also, I learned I can sew the ripped covers too and double up with the new covers.

      I also learned to keep their cages small around the bed so that they don't have room to bite at the corners. I also only let them into the cage at night.
    • 3 years and going strong!
      Review by amy on 5/14/2015
      When we inherited an older adult Swiss Shepherd, the first thing I did was order her a nice thick bed from K9 Ballistics. After 3 years and quite a few washings, her very well loved (and used) bed cover was looking a little trashy. So I bought a new one, and upgraded her boring tan/gold cover to the blue stripe. It's beautiful, and she looks like a queen on it!
    • Amazing!
      Review by Patricia on 5/9/2015
      I've had this dog bed for close to a year now. I have a young (1 year) pit mix and older (5 year) pit mix. They share the bed and haven't destroyed it. This is my second cover though. I first got the beige cover and it has gotten dirty even though I wash it on a weekly basis. It has worn down from the washing too. So I got a second cover to make it sturdier and to hide the old one. I got the blue stripes one and I must say that it hides hair and dirt much better. Don't recommend a light color. My favorite dog bed and has lasted so much longer than any other dog bed I've ever had, and we have been through our fair share of dog beds!!! I will never go back to any other brand. This is the best. Especially for multiple dogs to share. My dogs seem to love it also.

      Of course don't buy this thinking it is "indestructible"... NOTHING is indestructible to shard dog teeth! But it is very strong!!!
    • Wonderful Product
      Review by Denise on 5/4/2015
      We own an 8 month old who loves to chew everything!! Our dog,Isabelle, has not been able to chew this bed,though she has tried since it arrived!!
      It is very sturdy,but not uncomfortable. I am very happy we made this purchase.
    • Round two
      Review by Chris on 4/30/2015
      I have a 1 year old German Shepard, who made quick work of the first bed cover. It only lasted a couple of weeks, then he was able to put a 10 inch hole into the cover. We replaced the cover and had to take the bed out of his crate at night, so he wouldn't chew it.
    • I hope I'm not jynxing myself...
      Review by Stacy on 4/16/2015
      ut this bed cover has been a GOD-SEND! My beautiful little girl has gone through countless blankets, beds and towels since I started crating her...I was losing my mind coming home to shreds of what used to be, every single day! I bought this cover with the hope that it would slow her down...and not only has it slowed her down, she hasn't even attempted to shred the bed! She's been using it for almost 2 weeks!

      Well worth every penny!
    • all around awesome
      Review by Christopher on 4/14/2015
      great company and excellent product. it's as tough as described and has yet to be beaten. the bed (cover) looks fantastic and most importantly the pup loves it! thanks...
    • 6-week update
      Review by Deb G on 4/9/2015
      He scratches at it every night, but still no holes! Up to 4 stars.
    • Great Company to work with!
      Review by Jill on 4/9/2015
      We have a Basenji that is small yet mighty. Has chewed up a lot of items in our house. So bought this bed and love the bed however he did create some holes in it. I really do not see this as this company's fault. Nothing will stop this dog. I mean NOTHING!
      With that being said, their customer service is excellent and would recommend them!
    • High Quality Dog Bed
      Review by Mike on 4/1/2015
      Our English Mastiff is a big guy. At 245 pounds he's very hard on things. We've been through several dog beds from the pet stores but none came in his size (XXL) and all of them didn't last a year. This TUFF bed is holding up to his clawing and scratching. He is nearing seven years old and this bed also provides great orthopedic support. Great product that we are happy to endorse.
    • He's working on it, but so far so good
      Review by Deb G on 3/2/2015
      I bought the medium Tuff Bed Cover and started using it about a week ago. This dog has scratched through a few canvas covers, a Coolaroo plastic mesh bed, and a leather couch (eerrr!). A few times late at night I've heard him scratching this one, but so far he hasn't dented it. Got my fingers crossed. Be advised that the tan is a not-too-subtle buff color rather than a light brown-beige color. (It's in the middle of the living room floor which is why I even care.) I gave it three stars but if it's still here in six months I'll give it four.
    • Excellent Product
      Review by Eugene O on 2/21/2015
      My Rott has chewed the door off the space to the water heater, de-fabricated a love seat I'd accidentally given him access to in a matter of hours; he's even eaten loose change. So you can imagine what he's done to any other dog bed he's ever had. But so far so good with the bed from K9. I think he's maybe even given up on trying to eat it. The only drawback is that it's hard on the fingernails due to the consistency of the material. But that's a really insignificant criticism. You can either keep spending $50 at a time on dog beds at Petco or just spend your money once and not have to worry about it again.
    • original tuff bed
      Review by brian on 2/21/2015
      our female black and tan coon hound has yet to tear these apart. definitely sturdy construction and material. it's been about a week or so since we got them and a regular cloth bed would be shredded by now. as far as water repellent i wouldn't say they are as described. water repellent to me means water or liquid would roll off and not seep into the material. our male black and tan has a leaking problem and has saturated the middle of the bed. while it's easier to clean than a standard cloth bed i'd prefer the liquid to roll off. all in all i'm happy i don't have to spend $80 a month on new beds.
    • Review by Anita J on 2/18/2015
      love the bed wish I had one one for all my dogs. However the dog I have now is a rescue 9months? Two days into owning it she had chewed a hole in two sides and into the bag inside. She is part Lab she looks like a lab they tell me I have about two years of destruction ahead of me! I have been patching and sewing and spraying since I received it. I will put through a claim for a new cover as soon as I am able to send pictures (my computer is not able to send these pictures. However I will keep patching, sewing, and spraying until I get her through this then will use my next cover.
    • Not "tuff" enough
      Review by Caleb on 2/17/2015
      I bought this bed cover for my puppy's bed because he had destroyed everything else I gave him. He was a little over 4 months old when I put the first cover on. Unfortunately he was able to chew through the seam in one sitting so I had a replacement sent. Although he did chew through the seam, I know he didn't do as much damage had this been any other bed cover so it did do some of its job. They recommended putting the new cover old for double strength support. So far so good but he only gets the bed at night and under supervision. Otherwise it's a good cover and easy to clean.
    • Awesome beds!
      Review by Jackie on 2/17/2015
      We purchased two bed covers for out two German Shepard and filled them ourselves with our old mattress padding and our dogs love them! We have had them for about two months and not one single tear. And they don't get stinky I haven't had to wash them I just wipe them clean with a soapy rag!!!
    • Review by Elaine M on 2/12/2015
      This is a great bed, very easy to use, and chew proof. Also, this is a great company with wonderful customer service!
    • Review by Mary on 2/11/2015
      I ordered a Tuff Bed Cover - thank goodness it was only a cover. My 2-yr. old lab chewed a hole in the corner the first day. I sent in for the warranty replacement. They did send it, no questions asked. I put the cover over the first cover, so it was now "double tuff". She chewed a hold right in the middle through both covers. I would rather have my $60 back!
    • Bed Cover
      Review by Daisy on 2/6/2015
      So far so good. My olde english bulldogge hasn't started chewing up the bed. It took him a couple days to get used to the new bed, but now he looks so comfortable in it.
    • Review by Amy on 2/5/2015
      My dogs are not chewers, they are DESTROYERS. These products from K9 are the only things that have lasted anytime at all. I bought one crate bed/pad about 5 months ago, and my Mali did chew a few small holes in it, but it is still in great shape and he has quit chewing it. I am so happy with it, I just ordered another crate pad for my other Mali and a round bed cover and an original tuff bed with cover. I have washed the original crate pad numerous times and it washes well. Great product. I highly recommend.
    • Great Company
      Review by Chris C on 2/4/2015
      I ordered the embroidered large tuff bed and my 8 month old lab chewed a hole the corner. I took pictures of the damage and received a new cover and inner bed, no questions asked! Great customer service! Great Company!
    • Totally thrilled
      Review by Teri on 2/2/2015
      I purchased very expensive dog beds for my two boxers and they were torn through in 10 min. I was grateful to find the Tuff Bed Covers because they fit perfectly over the beds and my dogs "dig" and wrestle, bite and lay on the Tuff Bed covered beds all the time. VERY pleased!
    • Tuff bed
      Review by Janet Coronado on 2/2/2015
      My German Shepherd has torn up every bed I have bought in the past 4 years. I had my doubts about the Tuff bed cover, but after 3 hours of chewing, shaking, and pulling at the fabric it is still intact. She still drags it around but has given up on distructive behavior and just sleeps on it.
    • great beds
      Review by Laura on 2/2/2015
      I'm not sure a truly indestructible bed exists, but this is probably as close as it gets. I have two youngish puppies who had gone through several beds, so I ordered two of the tuff beds for them. Within a few weeks they had chewed holes in both beds, but I contacted K9 and they replaced both covers free of charge. I'm taking precautions, but they have yet to chew through the new covers. Plus, the dogs LOVE the beds!
    • owner
      Review by cborwic on 1/30/2015
      the beds are easy to keep clean the dogs like them but the BC chewed the end pretty quickly but i just turned it over and so far so good
    • dog lover
      Review by billy c on 1/29/2015
      I bought 3 of the extra tuff covers after one week my bad children (8 month old Rhodesian Ridgebacks) chewed holes in all three but i sent pictures of the beds and k-9 promptly sent replacements i enclosed the old beds with the new covers and they haven't chewed thru yet I think they decided they really liked them after all Thanks K-9
    • Not worth it
      Review by Erica D on 1/28/2015
      If you dog wants to chew his bed, he will chew this one. It took my dog less one week to chew through the first one and then one day to chew through the second. I did not read the fine print. I thought all the beds were warrantied, not just the first one. Save you money
    • Squad Leader
      Review by William on 1/22/2015
      I have bought many dog beds over the years that were "chew resistant" yet my 4 year old German Shepherd has managed to destroy every bed known to man....except this one. She has made a few attempts so far, but you cannot even tell where she got a hold of the bed. I highly recommend this dog bed over anything on the market that I've tried. Could not be happier with the results
    • Huntsman, Iroquois Hunt
      Review by Lilla S. M on 1/21/2015
      Much to our disappointment our litter of 8 puppies chewed through the bed covering the first night. the bed cover seemed to be really well made though.
    • Not Chew-proof
      Review by Brenda on 1/18/2015
      PRO: unable to find beds this size elsewhere; wanted a bed for the outside deck (would love a pair of XXL inside beds but can not justify the cost,twin mattress pads are less expensive); clean attractive appearance CON: after the first week they (probably the 1 yr old) chewed a corner out and proceeded to pull the stuffing out all over the deck:( sent photo and replacement request yesterday according to web site chew-proof guarantee
    • Thelma and Louise
      Review by Dianne K on 1/16/2015
      I love this bed. My puppy Thelma has eaten every bed I have got for her and Louise. She hasn't even tried to eat this one (To my knowledge) Even her sister Louise likes it!
    • Owner
      Review by Keith S on 1/11/2015
      So far so good, purchased a Tuff bed for my older GSD because are new GSD pup keeps destroying her beds one right after another, the pup tried to chew up her new bed but the bed prevailed. So we ordered one for him also, he has had it five days now and it looks like he has resigned to the fact that it is for sleeping on rather than trashing it. Very satisfied with this product.
    • So far, so good
      Review by De Lyn W on 1/11/2015
      We have 5 dogs, including an English Bulldog and 2 small mixed cohorts that like to drag out and destroy the outdoor bedding for our retriever and Pyrenees. We have had two of these XXL beds for almost a month and the little stinkers can't even drag them out to the yard. The try to dig into them, but have had no luck. The large dogs are very appreciative. I will be recommending these to anyone who mentions dog beds. Thanks!
    • Good quality
      Review by Debra B on 1/10/2015
      The chew proof cover is very nice, but for my larger dog, he couldn't get his bad hind leg under him to stand up and get off the bed. It was a bit slippery for him. So I have ordered the Microfiber cover. My dogs don't chew up everything in sight the way they used to! Thanks goodness!
    • Owner
      Review by Peggy R on 1/7/2015
      I ordered this product on the recommendation from a friend. Our dog chewed up 2 beds and so far this is the best dog bed ever. She loves the bed and so do we. It is worth the price. Thank you
    • Dog Owner
      Review by Danette on 1/6/2015
      We have a Bernese and every bed we bought him he tore to pieces. Very please with this bed. Looks nice and made very well! You pay for what you get and this one is worth every penny.
    • Person
      Review by Melissa on 1/5/2015
      It took our dog less than 30 minutes to chew a hole in this bed cover. The company claims it stands behind it warranty and will send one replacement cover. Now why would I accept that offer? If I don't do this, they will refund half of my purchase price. How does a company like this stay in business?
    • Tuff...
      Review by Jeri on 1/5/2015
      As the caretaker of two dogs who literally eat anything they can get into their mouths, this has lasted over 2 weeks so far. I had purchased 2 individual beds for them, both were shredded within two weeks. I purchased the tuff bed cover and stuffed it with the remains of the other two beds. So far, so good. No holes, and they are both sleeping on the same bed.
    • Puppy Owner
      Review by Kate M on 1/5/2015
      We ordered this as well as the ripstop crate bed / covers for our chocolate lab puppies. To this point NOTHING has stopped their teeth, but the products we purchased from K9 have done it! Fantastic products and amazing customer service. This will be our dog supply resource from this point on!
    • Jakes new Bed
      Review by Catherine J on 1/1/2015
      Jake is an almost 2 year old Goldendoodle. He has destroyed every bed he ever had. He loves his new bed he got for Christmas. I love it too.
    • Great Bed
      Review by Jim on 1/1/2015
      My dog is not a chewer, i just was looking for a bed that lasted more then a year. This is a great bed that is really well made.
    • Disappointed
      Review by Mary on 12/24/2014
      In the 30 minutes it took me to take a shower, Wilson completely destroyed this new bed. He literally had it for 30 minutes before it was in pieces. And yes, he is well exercised and has many toys to play with. The bed simply is not as great as they claim.
    • So far great bed!
      Review by Dave on 12/21/2014
      Have had this bed for a few weeks now, so far no holes! Got tired of replacing our Pitt's bed every other month, hope this is the solution. Only complaint is that it is noisy when she moves around at night on it. Would definitely recommend this!
    • Hunting Dog Owner
      Review by Richard on 12/19/2014
      I have had German Wire Hairs for the last 35 years. They all have been hunting dogs and are kept in an outdoor kennel. I tried about every dog pillow made and never could find one that would withstand the outside elements nor survive the digging of the pillow each dog would do before bedding down. Your product so far has withstood both. I used Velcro to attach the pillow to an elevated dog cot and the combination is working absolutely great.
    • Original Tuff Bed Covers
      Review by Samuel L on 12/9/2014
      Cannot survive for a day of staying along with my weimaraner. A small hole has been chewed after I came back from work at the first day. But he loves it and I still allow heavy chewer sleeping on it at night even there is a hole.
    • Hopeless
      Review by CR Nickels on 12/7/2014
      Have 3 dogs. Love the beds. However 1 dogs has chewed his crate bed, his regular bed and one of the other dog's bed. I am at a loss of what to do. Was really hoping this was the bed that was going to last.
    • Tuff Bed Cover
      Review by Susan on 11/29/2014
      The Ballistic cover is just as advertised----tough, tough,tough which is why I ordered it. I also like the moisture and hair repellant component. My only complaint is the noise it makes when my dog moves around on it. I'm hoping the material makes less noise as it wears. At this point, she still prefers the quieter cloth bed. She is a CHEWER so your bed is the only answer. It should last a long time.
    • Bulldog Lover
      Review by Sonya on 11/29/2014
      These are the BEST beds!!! After years of replacing beds due to wear or being chewed up, I found K9 Ballistics web site last year. I have 3 of these beds now and my dogs LOVE them. My older Bully had an injured hip as a pup and would always favor that leg. He has slept on his ortho bed now for over a year and he stopped favoring that leg after a few weeks sleeping on it!! Any dog owner that wants the best for the dogs must by these beds! :)
    • Great Beds
      Review by Deborah on 11/23/2014
      We have 3 of these beds that have held up very well to our Rottweiler's. They are easily washable and the dogs love them. We plan to buy 2 more for the new kennels.
    • Sad Jug
      Review by Lynette on 11/22/2014
      I was so excited to find a bed that my dog would not be able to chew up. But unfortunately this was not the one for my 1 year old Jug (jack russell/ pug). He managed to chew holes in each corner less than eight hours of receiving the bed. He still haven't met his matched yet. So disappointed.
    • Tuff Bed
      Review by ADS on 11/13/2014
      It is a great bed, but my 14 month old standard collie still managed to chew a baseball size hole in it the first night and after about a week has another hole about that same size in the corner. But don't judge the bed badly on this review, my dog seems to have 'some issues'. I am writing this to give a suggestion... I keep spraying the holes with white vinegar (bitter apple doesn't stop her) and it has slowed down her chewing. If you have the same problem you may want to give that a try.
    • Thanks K9B!
      Review by Tina on 11/10/2014
      I have 8 year old German Shepherd and a 1 yr old GS/boxer mix. I have had the bed for a week and My GS mix has not managed to harm it..He had destroyed every bed we bought prior to this one.He is definitely trying his best to destroy it as the bed is always in the middle of the yard and fluffy when I get home So I can tell he has been shaking it and trying to tear it open. This bed is really well made. I will probably buy another one so both dogs can have their own.
    • tuff bed
      Review by kasi m on 11/9/2014
      Great bed! Made well! Bought an Xl which is more than enough room for our 2 bulldogs. Just ordered a 2nd, they don't always like to share!
    • NOT chew-proof
      Review by msjtlrchs on 11/9/2014
      the bed, for which i paid $149, lasted all of 4 days before my dog chewed holes in 3 corners. i was pretty excited to get a comfortable bed for my 15-yr-old dog, that my 2-yr-old dog wouldn't tear up. boy, was i disappointed.
    • Accounting Manager
      Review by Pamela on 11/5/2014
      After going through 3 regular dog beds in two weeks I thought there has to be something better. I found the Tuff Bed on line with the 90 day warranty and thought I would try it. It has been two weeks and it still looks like new. I have two Great Dane puppies that are four months old and not only do they chew and dig, but they love to play tug of war with everything. The Tuff Bed is the only thing that has survived the abuse. I highly recommend it.
    • Tuff Cover
      Review by Colin on 11/5/2014
      Overall, the cover is indeed ripstop, but it doesn't protect completely.The problem area for puppies and/or chewers is the velcro as stated by many others.The velcro needs to be stronger, larger, better, etc. My dog tore into the velcro rather easily and then proceeded to rip the velcro off. It needs to be stronger or a new fastening mechanism needs to be designed. With the two covers combined, he can't get INTO the bed and to the filling.
    • dog owner
      Review by Deb Gillette on 10/31/2014
      We were so excited to get this bed because of the reviews...We have 2 one yr old puppies that destroy every bed we have ever gotten. Sadly they chewed the corner off the bed on the first night. And a different corner each additional night. we taped them shut with gorrilla duct tape and it seemed to work... for now. <br/><i style="color:red;">K9 BALLISTICS RESPONSE -<BR/>Please send a photo of the damaged cover to [email protected] and we'll send a replacement cover right away, according to our 90 Day Chew Proof Guarantee.</i>
    • Review by steve p on 10/28/2014
      My dog chews and tears everything and he did manage to open a corner seam a little. but as promised a new cover was sent immediately. great company and they do exactly what they promise.
    • Dog bed
      Review by Marsha James on 10/10/2014
      So far this bed is great. Both my dogs love to lay on it. My maltese is the digger and chewer and so far she hasn't been able to even begin to destroy this bed. Very well worth the money. I would refer this product to anyone that has a dog.
    • m
      Review by Andy Schollett on 10/6/2014
      It took less than an hour for my dog to chew a hole in the "Tuff bed" cover. I have had better luck with beds that don't make grand claims. I am extremely disappointed in the product. I purchased a crate pad too, yet afraid to use that given the experience with the "Tuff bed". The bed is now an embarrassing joke that is on a shelf. Don't waste your money!! <br/><i style="color:red;">K9 BALLISTICS RESPONSE:<br/>Andy, please send a photo of the damage to [email protected] and we'll replace the cover right away. We recommend placing the new cover around the old to double bag the filling and reduce the chances of your dog going into a "de-stuffing frenzy".</i>
    • Golden Retriever Owner
      Review by Craft O'Neal on 10/1/2014
      It took my Golden Retriever about 15 minutes to chew through the cover. Very disappointing and would welcome a replacement cover to put over the existing one. Hopefully that will work as it did for another reviewer.
    • Dog Mom
      Review by Linda on 9/29/2014
      Great long lasting beds with durable covers. Given enough time alone a young, bored dog was able to eventually chew through a corner of the material but she has outgrown that habit, partly due to the fact that the material was so resistant to her attempts. I just ordered a second bed for our growing family and the kids are all happy having a bed to call their own. Love the washable quality, too!
    • Review by Tammy L on 9/20/2014
      My Doberman went through four beds beds and I mean coming home finding him standig there happy to see me chest deep in the middle of fluff and bed particles! I was so worried after paying the price for this bed the first night I came home from work, but nope! Not a hole in the bed, and it's still in tact so far two weeks in, wish I had found it sooner!
    • 9 mo old GSD chewer
      Review by Joanne on 9/20/2014
      Great bed. Bought a size she will grow into and am not disappointed. She destroyed other beds within 30 seconds of coming near them. This one - not a chance. She loves it and sleeps very comfortably. Best investment I could have made.
    • Puppy owner
      Review by David on 9/20/2014
      We have 2 lab/hound mix 9 month old puppies. They chewed a hole on the corner of the cover the first night..K-9 was great about sending a replacement cover and advised to spray the cover with bitter apple spray. Unfortunately, puppies chewed a hole in the corner of replacement cover again..great looking bed and sturdy but the material is easily chewable. <br/><i style="color:red;">K9 Ballistics Response -<br/> Please send a picture of the damage to [email protected] We'll send out the replacement as soon as possible!</i>
    • So far so good
      Review by Eric J on 9/19/2014
      We had it one day and my dog was able to get past the velcro and straight to the stuffing! Going to throw a few stiches in there to prevent that happening again... but other than that - - so far so good~ she has not even tried to chew it!
    • Unfortunately Unhappy
      Review by WILLIAM A on 9/14/2014
      We have an 11 month old Pit-mix. We were eager to purchase the Tuff Cover, even at $50. Within an hour he chewed a hole in the corner. I immediately took it out & submitted a claim to receive a new cover to go over the old one. We put the new one over the old one & within 5 minutes he put a hole in the second cover. Needless to say we wasted $50. I'm glad it works for most, but we came away pretty disappointed.
    • Connie
      Review by Connie L on 9/4/2014
      This is my replacement cover. Unfortunately my dog chewed a hole in the first one. Most beds she chews right away this one was close to the 90 days. I love the look and quality of this bed. I received no problem with them honoring the warranty. In the future all my pets bedding will be purchased from this company.
    • Well-made but may not last
      Review by Kathleen Cass on 8/31/2014
      Our 15 lb one yr old Shichon LOVES his bed (He was broken-hearted when we had to throw away his Kong bed after he destroyed it in 9 mos). This one seems very well constructed out of good sturdy material. However in less than two weeks Chewie has already started a little hole at one corner and he just won't leave it alone so I'm not sure how long this one will last.
    • Dog owner
      Review by Jen on 8/25/2014
      This is my third Tuff bed cover, I have a 90lb Greyhound and I love the covers not only for the durability but also the "stain/water/food-proof" material. The covers are washable but also very easy to clean off daily with a damp cloth/soap. Thank you!
    • The best
      Review by Melanie on 8/1/2014
      This bed cover is just what I was hoping for. Extremely well made, strong and durable.
    • I'm a lifelong customer now!
      Review by Anthony on 7/31/2014
      Our 140 lbs. Cane Corso; who destroys beds like it's his job, has had a great time with this bed. Worst he's done it flip the bed as he's figured out he can get a good grip on the surface but hasn't gotten thru yet - it's been over a month which is a pillow lifetime here. The only con I have with this is the amount of noise our dog makes settling down on it to rest; which sounds like rustling papers. Thatメs a small item and closest thing to an issue I can find.
    • Lab owner
      Review by Gabrielle on 7/29/2014
      My last lab went through 4 "chew-proof" beds in his 11 1/2 yrs, so with my new lab puppy I was looking for improved products, that he could not compromise within a hour. He tried to tug at the seams, but gave up after a few minutes and now enjoys his bed for sleeping. I especially appreciate the fact that it repels liquid, considering my pup is still working on his house training. Thanks so much!
    • Not quite...
      Review by Jenny on 7/28/2014
      It only took two days in the crate for my dog to create a hole in it. Awesome customer service and they stood by their 90 day guarantee and sent us out a new cover. Received new cover... two days later a hole in that one too. He hasn't managed to shred it... yet... and it DID hold up a lot better than previous beds but he still managed to get through it.
    • Review by Larry Moore on 7/28/2014
      Have a 4 lbs. puppy thst chews up any bed. Chewed the corners out of this one in the first week. Sent them photos and was told they would send a new cover it has now been three weeks and no new cover. No better than much less expensive beds
    • Great Beds!!
      Review by Linda M on 7/27/2014
      I've now purchased 4 of these beds and couldn't be happier! I got 2 large and two medium beds for my two miniature dachshund puppies. They have tried but cannot damage these like they've damaged dozens of other beds!! Thanks so much!!!
    • Cover
      Review by Carole on 7/21/2014
      Excellent cover- having three hunting labs, they tend to try to destroy all their beds at one time or another. This is by far the best cover I have encountered.
    • Very Impressed
      Review by Brian B on 7/10/2014
      I've only had the bed for a little over a week, so I can't speak to it's sturdiness in a practical manner, however just feeling the material and looking over the construction, I would be surprised if my dog does destroy it. If he does though, it will happen within the first 90 days so I will be able to act upon the guarantee. If your dog has destroyed a single bed, get this! My dog is a Presa Canario puppy and has shown a great knack in destroying things, I have a feeling he's met his match!
    • Well Made Bed
      Review by Eric Thompson on 7/9/2014
      This is a well made bed. I have a young American Rottie (rescue) about 70lbs. He does have a chewing problem and chewed the corner off the bed in about a half hour. The memory foam is excellent. It is softer than any other bed I have bought for any of my dogs. I am dissapointed in the bed's ability to resist chewing. I will not let my dog sit on it unsupervised. I reported the tear and K9 Ballistics immediately sent me a replacement cover. Good customer service on that end!
    • Awesome
      Review by Febrianty on 7/7/2014
      I have a mixed black lab. She adorable but she is also a destroyer. She always chewed her bed until I found k9ballistick bed. We bought the orthopedic bed. First day she got her new bed, she was so happy. She just and lay down and back and forward to her new bed. And plus I don't need work the next morning to fix it the mess. Thank you k9ballistick. Everybody happy now :-)
    • Review
      Review by Faith on 6/30/2014
      These beds are not as tough as I expected for the price. My dogs tore big holes in the covers and in the bed itself. I did get the new covers, but I have not put them on - the beds are in the garage for now. Disappointed for the price.
    • Perfect answer for our chew monster!
      Review by Granger's Mom on 6/29/2014
      I had serious doubts. Other beds have been shredded in a matter of hours by our german shepherd puppy. This bed is both comfortable and durable. Her favorite place to lay now, even during the day, even three months later. Loved the personalization option and amazing customer service.
    • Review by Ross on 6/25/2014
      Really really well made bed. Worth the cost. The embroidery was a nice touch and not that expensive. My only complaint is that it is noisy. When our dog gets into the bed it is pretty loud because of the ballistic nylon cover, so every time she moves in the night it makes a noise like a tent being rubbed.. but I'd rather have it be loud than shredded up! So far the bed remains completely as if it was new.. Very happy with the purchase, and the Marine color is really nice.
    • Bulldog proof
      Review by Ken Johnson on 6/21/2014
      I purchased 2 of the beds to try out with my American Bulldogs. So far one has survived but the second has not fared as well. My 7 month old male has out smarted the velcro closure and gotten to the pillow inside and is slowly pulling out the filling. The cover is tuff but not quite Bulldog tuff.
      Review by Linda on 6/18/2014
      This was the best purchase I've ever made. Beds are exactly as described and so much more. While I have small dogs, I chose to get one large and one extra large bed as they love to pile up together. Buy these beds. "you cannot go wrong.
    • Review by Virginia C on 6/18/2014
      So far so good. This bed is as described. It appears very tough and durable. Have one dog that still likes to chew. thank you
    • These beds are the BEST!
      Review by Susan S on 6/11/2014
      We run rescue here for special needs dogs and cats. We need beds that are sturdy, provide good support, and can be easily cleaned. Durability is a BIG PLUS too! I am slowly replacing all the pet beds here with tke K( BALLISTIC ones. They wash well, have replaceable parts, and are reasonable priced. Do I have to mention that the dogs and cats LOVE them?
    • Original Tuff Bed Cover
      Review by Debi R on 6/10/2014
      Have had this cover for a month now, and it is still holding strong against my daughter's aggressive chewing foxhound mix!! Nothing else prior to this has survived.
    • Impressed!!!
      Review by Shelley on 6/3/2014
      These beds are standing strong against two destructive, 20 month old Redbone Coonhounds! Velcro on the bottom is surprisingly tough and durable! Waterproof capabilities are an amazing BONUS! Wish they fit in my girls' kennels better, but I will tolerate the different dimensions if I don't have to buy another bed after only a few weeks of use!
    • retired teacher
      Review by artie s on 5/28/2014
      Had the bed for about 2 weeks, and after a slow start, our puppy wheaten terrier seems to love it. He is 6 months old, and went thru 2 beds before this one. He hasn't even shown a interest in gnawing at it, so for that alone, I can say I love it. The embroidery was done beautifully.
    • Ass't chief pet lover
      Review by steve m on 5/25/2014
      This is our second K9 bed. After about a week, the dogs did tear a few small holes in this one. And, as everyone has stated, the service here is impeccable...couldn't be better....gotta replacement cover within days. This mattress is far superior to any others, and it's enhanced greatly by spraying it FIRST, with "bitter apple". Ciao, or is it Chow?
    • Love the Bed!!!
      Review by Bob on 5/22/2014
      This is the first bed that our power-chewing boxers haven't shredded within the first week. Great quality material and the construction makes it so they can't get a hold of any edges to work on. My rating is 5 paws (out of 5)!
    • Great quality, timely delivery . . .
      Review by MD on 5/21/2014
      Very satisfied.
    • They replaced the cover!
      Review by Hedy on 5/19/2014
      Kudos to K9 Ballistics for honoring their replacement cover promise even though our warrantee had expired! Our one year old yellow lab had managed to open the outer cover, tearing it slightly, and had then proceeded to shred the inner pillow and strew its foam all over the kitchen.. We requested and received a replacement cover and have put it on top of the re-stuffed cushion and old cover. We hope that this double cover system will now defy the dog's chewing.
    • Review by Barbara O'Neil on 4/30/2014
      I can't say enough great things about this company and its above and beyond customer service. My 11 month old great dane figured out how to flip the bed and undo the Velcro opening, allowing him access to the foam filling. k9 completely remedied the problem within a few hours of my notifying them. I recommend their products and company highly!!
    • My Dog Thanks You
      Review by Briscoe on 4/29/2014
      Yes, I want to compliment your company on its policy to stand behind your products. My Weimaraner somehow managed to chew a hole in her mattress cover and you replace it without hesitation. She thanks you.
    • Almost bomb proof
      Review by Peter Simons on 4/24/2014
      I own two great Danes and one of those is a big puppy. My dogs can rip apart a dog bed in minutes. After a half dozen regular dog beds, I gave k9 a try. The bed is amazingly strong. It took several days before the first rip and another week before I requested a replacement. Now with two layers, the bed seems bomb proof. It seems two layers of fabric are too much for them. What a great bed!
    • Review
      Review by April on 4/17/2014
      Originally I had a problem with bed puppy chewed corner of bed after leaving her with bed that was just unpacked (my mistake) after training and k9 replacing cover we have been extremely happy the quality is awesome and we got the orthopedic for older golden and I find myself on it with him it's that comfortable also want to mention how great customer service is actually the best I've ever seen
    • High Quality as Usual
      Review by Susan S on 4/14/2014
      As usual, your beds and covers deliver high quality and ease of care! My dogs and cats just love their beds and they are so easy to care for! They donメt hold dirt or hair, are waterproof, and undoubtedly comfortable since my pets prefer them to other beds or even to my bed!
    • Business Owner
      Review by Michelle on 4/10/2014
      My dogs managed to chew up a couple couches and ALL their dog beds we purchased from various pet stores and Costco. We found K9 Ballistics, ordered two beds and the dogs love them! The orginal Tuff bed, XXL fits my two dogs perfectly. Most importantly, they have not chewed them up. Love this and highly recommend them!
    • Shelties versus Tuff Bed Cover sprayed with bitter apple
      Review by Margaret on 4/10/2014
      It took just a few days for my young Shelties to tear large holes in the original covers that came on their two beds After sending pictures of the covers to K9 Ballistics, I received two replacement covers and purchased a bottle of bitter apple spray. The spray definitely deters chewing and I hope these replacement covers will last for a long time. The shelties love the comfort of the beds.
    • Love Rotties
      Review by Rochelle Reiss on 4/6/2014
      My 2 babies are not destroyers. I just needed a change of bedding, so when I wash theirs, I can put a clean cover on, right away. Haven't experienced these yet, but the fabric looks strong and feels great. I am sure these will be beyond expectation. Glad I found you.
    • Great Bed Cover!
      Review by Keith Bartman on 4/2/2014
      I'm giving this product a five star rating even though our dog chewed threw this first cover. She actually shredded it! :) It is a very tough bed cover. But, she, I think, is a mutant dog... mutated between a tiger and canine... lol... Anyway, we took advantage of the warranty and had a replacement cover sent to us. We did a bit of research and found this bitter apple spray that she still likes to lay on it, but won't chew it any more... Great Company, Great Products!
    • Chew Hounds
      Review by Teri M on 4/1/2014
      We purchased an Original Tuff Bed Cover about a month ago for our 2 dogs which are "chew hounds". They have not even tried to chew on it! I am so happy after replacing bed after bed trying different ones. I highly recommend this cover!!!!! :) Thank you for making a cover for "chew hounds"
    • cover
      Review by jj on 4/1/2014
      Although much more durable than the average dog bed cover, my 4 pound York-shark terrier pup chewed up two of them within two weeks. The corners were her targeted area. I will say that this company was prompt at responding to my emails, and sent out a second cover immediately. Customer service is excellent. The bed cover is, indeed, stronger than most, but it just didn't work for my dog.
    • Tuff bed
      Review by Ron Padilla on 3/30/2014
      I bought a tuff bed for my Vizsla who is now 15 months old. He has chewed everything and any kind of bed we have had in his crate. I bought this one and he did manage to get through it in one small area, but nothing like the other beds where he chewed them to pieces. I contacted k9ballistics and they promptly sent me a new cover immediately. He has not chewed it since and he loves it.
    • Owner
      Review by Cathy Simmons on 3/27/2014
      Best dog ever made we have found. Superior product and Excellent Customer service. K-9 Ballistic has got it going on. Thanks for such a great product
    • Original Tuff Bed Cover
      Review by Rhonda B on 3/26/2014
      We bought this great bed cover as we have two puppies that still have accidents. It has been wonderful for cleaning and comfortable for them! Very happy with this purchase!
    • Review by Patti B on 3/19/2014
      Love these beds. I have an English Bulldog that has chewed every bed I've tried with her. This is the third one I've ordered. I have a smaller Spaniel mix that can't have a bed either because the bulldog always chews it up. Now they both have beds that last.
    • First Time Buyer
      Review by Bruce Johnson on 3/18/2014
      I purchased 2 of the high end "chew proof" dog beds for around $200 and both dogs chewed through them with in weeks. Other than that they are great.
    • Harmony
      Review by Harmony on 3/17/2014
      So far, so good for my Captain Destructo, who has in the past chewed a BBQ grill, rain gutters and the house siding. The only minor con is the bed is noisier than expected when a dog moves onto it.
    • Review by Jonathan Sanders on 3/9/2014
      Very durable and easy to clean. Our Mastiff loves this bed. He won't sleep on any of his other beds. We have given the other beds away, and have purchased a second Orthopedic Tuff bed. We are extremely pleased w/the quality and size of the beds, and plan on purchasing more Tuff beds for our children's dogs.
    • Great Cover
      Review by Bruce Bowens on 3/6/2014
      Tough, superior cover material and well made.
    • Puppy Teeth and Velcro Corners don't mix
      Review by Jim Fralick on 3/5/2014
      I have a 4-1/2 old mini goldendoodle who weighs 14 lbs. She has managed to chew a hole in the cover where the Velcro strip and the corner meet. The corners where the Velcro is attached and where the K-9 tag is sewed on appear to be weak spots. The rest of the cover is most likely OK.
    • Hot Sauce Helps
      Review by Chris H on 3/4/2014
      I love this product and the company. My dog did chew through one corner at first. I sent a picture and was immediately sent a replacement cover. My dog is no longer chewing and this bed is the only thing she does not chew in the whole house. Hot sauce on the corners did help. Thank you K9ballistics!!
    • Owner
      Review by Rachel on 2/25/2014
      I bought the Tuff Bed Cover for my very destructive Wolfhound-Mix. It arrived in a timely manner and was great until he noticed the label at the velcro seam of the bed. While the bed did stand up to his westling style throws around the room, the seam was no match for him. The only annoying thing about the bed is the sizing. I got the 40X34 and the crate is the standard size 42X30. When set in the crate, both sides curled up in excess. I have already requested the warranty replacement.
    • Finally!
      Review by Judy Collins on 2/22/2014
      I could never find a bed that lasted longer than a day with my naughty pup. I was excited to hear about this product and anxious to try it. The bad news is, she did manage to chew through one of the corners. The good news is it took her at least five days to do so. The GREAT news is the company made it very easy to report and replace the bed. I did spray this one with the bitter apple spray and am happy to report it is still in one piece a month later.
    • Tuff Bed Large
      Review by Kenny Ponder on 2/19/2014
      My Dog Bullet has chewed up every bed I have ever brought him. Even the ones that say chew proof from other company's. I am here to say this is the "Best" dog bed I have every seen. The first thing my dog did was go for the edges of it trying to tear he can't tear it and it is the BEST on the market . Spend the money it is worth it.
    • High Hopes . . . No Longer
      Review by Ruth Villeneuve on 2/18/2014
      After researching options, we chose to purchase 2 beds for our 8 month old MinPins. Within the first 24 hours, Tucker had chewed 2 corners, and in the next 24 hours Axel had chewed 2 of his corners. We are now waiting on a reply, under the guarantee, for 2 replacement covers. We are disappointed . . . the Tuff Beds aren't so tough! Kennel training, chew toys, and Tuff beds . . . they will still chew the beds while in their kennel for 5-6 hours while I'm at work.
    • Tough as Nails
      Review by James Ripani on 2/12/2014
      Very good product and I highly recommend it
    • MD
      Review by doug levey on 2/12/2014
      Our dog chews through everything. This bed cover lasted longer than most - and when our dog eventually ate a hole in it, the folks at K9 Ballistics promptly sent me a new one (at no charge to me). Excellent service.
    • None
      Review by Gene on 2/6/2014
      I have a St Bernard and Great Pyr. that are hairy and when it rains they get very wet. I wanted a bed that is easy to vacuum / clean and this one seems to be both and am very happy with the beds ( 2 )
    • Owner DVM
      Review by Keith Cloward on 2/5/2014
      The covers are as described, durable and seemingly indestructible. So far our 1 dog that chews everything has not done any damage to it. they also seem pretty comfortable to them as the all sit on it.
    • Review by Debbie W. on 2/4/2014
      The fabric is tough and slippery so our 80 pound pup has a hard time getting a purchase on it with his teeth. He had to work at it quite a while and was finally able to bunch a little ridge up and chew a tiny hole. A bit of bitter apple spray took care of that. I just wish the cover was a bit more form fitted to the filler so there wasn't so much loose fabric to tempt him. We have had the bed for about 2 weeks now and so far, so good. It is comfy and he likes it.
    • review
      Review by Ellen Segal on 2/3/2014
      the 1st bed i bought is still in excellent shape, the cover i then bought got chewed right away. i just didn't contact the company about it til now.
    • Lasted 3 days
      Review by Sandy on 1/31/2014
      I got this bed cover on a Friday and gave it to my dog Saturday morning. I was home this weekend and she seemed to enjoy the bed but Monday when I came home there was holes in the bed cover and stuffing on the floor. I emailed the company and sent pics of the damage but haven't heard any reply back or got a replacement cover. So I'm thinking the chew proof 90 day guarantee is a fake. <br/><span style="color:red;"><i>K9 BALLISTICS RESPONSE - <br/>We've double checked our warranty email system and found your pics. Replacement cover going out today. We apologize for the wait!</i></style>
    • very strong material
      Review by Sharon Lewkowitz on 1/29/2014
      This is actually our second cover...We bought the first one a year and a half ago...we were incredibly impressed and thought it would withstand our dogs chewing...it did until one night ago when he was very anxious and shed through the seam while in his crate...The cover lasted way longer than any other that we had so we are pleased and that is why we choose to replace it with a new cover...
    • Owner
      Review by Ken Perkins on 1/29/2014
      It is the first bed my nine month old bulldogs puppies have not been able to destroy. They have been through five, but they can't hurt this one. It is too heavy for them to turn over get to the opening on the bottom. I also like the fact that the seam for the opening is Velcro and not a zipper.
    • None
      Review by Sylvia Bergstedt on 1/27/2014
      Excellent bed! He has not been able to tear it open or make holes in it and he has tried. The staff was also great! They took great care to remedy the slow shipment by Fedex. Thanks!
    • Review by Jeania Taylor on 1/21/2014
      The first cover that we had acquired a hole in it - compliments of the dog...... K9ballistics replaced it, as their warranty states, & we have not had any more problems. Very pleased with the product & would purchase from K9ballistics again.
    • Excellent!
      Review by Renata Turrent on 1/20/2014
      I just bought the large tuff bed for my German Shepherd and he loves it. It is extremely comfortable and impossible to be chewed.
    • owned by a GSD
      Review by Andrea on 1/20/2014
      Eiger, 1 year old GSD has devoured every bed he's had from birth. There's something just so irresistible about that stuffing! We've had it about two weeks. lo and behold! no shredding yet. it's practically the size of a twin bed so i have lot's of room to share it with him at night when i tuck him in at night (just mildly spoiled). he has attempted to "bury" his bone in it several times, it still holds up. thanks!
    • tuff cover
      Review by j hood on 1/19/2014
      Very nice for money strong durable finally chew proof.
    • GREAT BED!
      Review by Dean Nash on 1/19/2014
      My two Dobies have chewed up every bed we have ever purchased until now. They tried the first few days and have apparently surrendered after less than a week. We're ordering another Ortho Tuff Bed for our boy and will probably order two Tuff Crate pads for their sleeping crates in the future. Fantastic product, responsive customer service and a product that does what it's supposed to.
    • Awesome bed!!!!
      Review by Petroula on 1/17/2014
      This bed is amazing! Our dog keeps trying to destroy it and ends up just laying on it and taking a nap! This is the perfect bed for a dog that keeps destroying beds.
    • Review by Teresa on 1/16/2014
      Our 5 month old lab chewed, ripped, had a jolly time. I asked for a replacement, no charge, no problem. So, now it has two bed covers on and I think he has given up. Barney loves his bed. And I love that he isn't chewing and shredding it anymore. yay!!!!
    • great bed cover
      Review by Marcia Schmidt on 1/13/2014
      GREAT BED COVER! It Took 2 to stop our heavy chewers, but they finally gave up. No questions asked, covers replaced right away. shipping is great, we've had same day shipping when the order was placed everytime, very often within 30 minutes of the order being placed.
    • Owner
      Review by William Hutt on 1/12/2014
      The cover opens by a velcro strip down the middle. My puppy had it open and the filling spread all over the back yard on the first day. The cover needs a zipper. Mind you, he didn't tear the cover, but the results were just like any other bed.<br/> <span style="color:red;"><i> K9 BALLISTICS RESPONSE - Please send a picture of the damage and we'll send a replacement cover. We recommend double bagging the stuffing, with one velcro opening facing up and the other facing down to stagger the openings. This makes finding the stuffing again very difficult!</i></span>
    • Original Tuff Bed
      Review by James C on 1/7/2014
      " Perseus " our 7 month old Doberman, has destroyed 2 other beds in the past he has not even tried to chew on this one. Well made, keep up the good work.
    • Dog owner
      Review by Jean on 1/6/2014
      Tuff cover ia winner so far! Our 7-month old female lab went on the warpath at 5 months and destroyed each part of covers from another company. She did make a 2x2 hole in the K-9 Tuff cover the second night in her crate, but since then has not made it worse or new holes. We will double covers as others have done to make it harder for her to fold into a delicious sandwich, ha. I'm ordering 2 new round ones for the bed she can use during the day. Glad to find this company and product!!
    • Me
      Review by Cindy on 1/6/2014
      My 55lb Lab/Rott mix just cannot get her teeth around this cover. She's a big chewer and it aggravates her not to be able to chew this up, but I'm happy thus far. The only down side is that it's a little noisy when she moves around on it while sleeping.
    • She's a Hoodlum
      Review by KAREN on 1/5/2014
      So far this is the first bed I have bought that she hasn't torn up. I know she sleeps on it during the day because I see her muddy foot prints on it when I get home from work. The funny thing about it is that I just broom the dirt off of it when I get home. I don't know what it about this bed that makes it different for her but I can't even see where she has even tried to chew on this bed. So I have to say that I love it!
    • Great Covers
      Review by William New on 1/5/2014
      We have two chewing beagles and these covers have been the best thing so far to prevent them from chewing up their beds. We liked it so much we got them a bed for each of them and one for our Yorkie!
    • Review by Kathryn Milam on 12/28/2013
      We have 2 big, goofy labradoodle pups (53 lbs. and 63 lbs. each) who LOVE to tear and chew everything up including at least 7 or 8 doggie beds I bought over the last year. When the Tuff Ortho bed arrived, they did their level best to rip it, chew it, toss it and dig holes in it -- all without success. Now that it has survived, intact, for a whole month, they fight like crazy to get to lay on it. In short, we all LOVE IT. .
    • 1
      Review by PC on 12/28/2013
      We bought the original tuff bed cover for our lab. She got through the velro closure & tore up the stuffing in about 3 hours. K-9 Ballistics promptly sent another cover for free & told us to double up the covers with velro facing opposite directions. She hasn't been able to get through to the stuffing since! Very nice customer service. Would highly recommend this bed for a dog that chews everything up!!
    • Dog Owner
      Review by Robert Klippel on 12/25/2013
      We ordered the Tuff Bed Cover for a bed for our 9 month old Labra Doodle who chews every thing he can get in his mouth. We received the first cover and within 10 minutes he chewed a hole in one corner. I called K9 Ballistics and the sales rep said he would send a new one out immediately. He also said to put the new one over the bed and the old one over the new one. Double protection. So far so good although he still tries to chew through it. All in all the customer service has been outstanding.
    • Original Tuff Bed Covers
      Review by Toni White on 12/24/2013
      I purchased this bed thinking(maybe) my red heeler wouldn't chew it. I was wrong. K9Ballistics did send me a replacement cover for free and I placed it over the chewed one. I can tell these covers are very well made and good quality(best I have seen), it's just my dog is very destructive. I am very happy with my purchase. But I will be giving this bed with new cover to my mom's dog which is a dachshund.
    • Well made cover
      Review by Susie on 12/23/2013
      Susie has never had a dog bed until this November. She has chewed her way through every cover and torn apart the bed. She is now sleeping on a medium cover tuff bed. She nibbled her way through one corner of this cover, but with the free replacement cover now in place, (on top) I believe she will continue to sleep on this bed for a long time.
    • Dog Owner
      Review by Tom Gonos on 12/23/2013
      Product lasted 4 days before my 5 month old Brittany tore open the Velcro zipper and got into the foam. The out side cover is great he did not damage it. Service was great a new cover arrived in 5 days. I have not installed it fearing he will tear it open. I got some Lick Guard off my Vet. it did not help. If I ever try the new cover I will let you know. Thanks Tom
    • Review by Julie on 12/23/2013
      I have a 7 month old beagle who is a heavy chewer. He eats and swallows everything so I was afraid he would end up sick after chewing through all his beds. So I tried K9 Ballistics Original Tuff bed. We have had it for a few weeks now And he has not chewed it. MIT has gotten soiled and was easily cleaned. Love it, worth the extra money for this bed.
    • Great Bed!
      Review by Karen Collins-Fleming on 12/20/2013
      What a nice, tough dog bed. It is very well made and exceptionally cushy. It fits perfectly in the crate, and the red is a nice bright shade. I have two dogs that will be taking turns on the bed, in the crate, and they haven't yet taken to the bed because it is so fluffy. They can't scrunch the bed up, hard as they try. Maybe it will compact in time, and they will like it better.
    • Lady of the House
      Review by SR on 12/20/2013
      I had great hopes for this bed, alas, our 1 year old Lab-St. Bernard mix tore the cover off and threw the stuffing all over the yard after about three days. He really enjoyed resting on it while it was in his dog house, but it was just too much for him to resist.
    • Review by Denise on 12/19/2013
      I have an older large dog. He loves his new bed. He has bigger very sharp nails which do not go through the fabric. My only complaint would be that one side should have non slip surface to keep it from moving when the dog goes to lay down.
    • Huge apology to K9 Ballistics
      Review by Phyllis Moore on 12/18/2013
      I mistakenly bought the non-chew resistant bed and it lasted less than 2 hours. I commented about that in my review. Within 24 hours I had a person-to-person phone contact and they initiated a new chew proof cover replacement (although that's what I didn't order - my fault) They sent me the new cover and it arrived the next day. I'd give then a 10 rating on customer service, but the scale only goes to 5. They have a customer for life!
    • Need placements...
      Review by Carol on 12/17/2013
      I guess my girls are needing the second cover. I will be taking photos of the beds and the girls and asking for a replacement of the Tuff covers as one had a large hole and the second has a tear started. Maybe a 2nd layer will help.....
    • Review by Adele Peters on 12/15/2013
      We have 7 large dogs of varying age and temperament and these are the only beds we will buy; regular beds they are sure to shred, but not these. Simple to clean with a hose or even a broom. They really last.
    • Network Admin
      Review by Robert Hassenpflug on 12/9/2013
      Very good product!! Highly recommend. Made of very high quality rip stop material like old military cammies but ten times the weight and nylon-ish material. I ordered one for his doghouse and now need another large one for the house!!. I will be buying another
    • Review by Laurie Loveman on 12/5/2013
      I stuffed the two covers I bought for our lab mixes using all the stuffing I'd saved from the previously shredded dog beds! The dogs are not even trying to chew on these covers--they much prefer to snooze on them outdoors in their pen.
    • Tuff Bed Covers and Fills
      Review by Joseph Christ on 12/4/2013
      Purchased two for my Labs and have been extremely pleased with the results. The dogs love them beds and have not even attempted to shred them after two weeks of use. I was very skeptical because every other expensive bed I've purchased were shredded after two days. You have exceeded my expectations.
    • Review by EAK on 12/1/2013
      This is an outstanding bed if you have a puppy likes to chew and play with his bed. It is a good value for what you get and I am positive you and your dog will be very happy with this purchase. You can also just purchase the cover and put a somewhat old torn up bed inside your new cover. Customer service is the best from K9 and I love the embroidery for my dog's name.
    • so far, so good
      Review by MLI on 12/1/2013
      I have two "chewy" bassett hounds. I have only had this bed a little while but so far, no attempts to demolish it. I got the extra large because they always sleep together. They think its great. Always smiling in the morning .
    • Tuff Bed
      Review by M. McLeod on 12/1/2013
      The bed seems to be very plush and sturdy. Our dog likes it a lot.
    • Great pattern!
      Review by Brenda on 11/30/2013
      I purchased 2 bed covers to go over existing beds...because I have a chewer. When they arrived, I had been shipped the incorrect item. The sales team jumped on it and was great. No hassle for me at all. When the covers arrived, I loved the pattern (sunset stripe). I have no idea yet how the bed will hold up, but so far so good. My American Bulldog has chewed on the corners (his favorite spot) and hasn't punctured the fabric. I'll let you know!
    • Review of Tuff Bed Cover
      Review by Ann Miners on 11/30/2013
      This bed cover is probably really tough. The problem is that our dog does not want to lay on it - the cover is not soft or padded, it's just stiff plastic. In the winter, it's cold. Neither of our other 2 dogs will lay on it.
    • Original Tuff Bed Cover
      Review by Grace Maciel on 11/29/2013
      I was reluctant to purchase an expensive dog bed because our dog (8 month old German Shepherd) has destroyed everything in the backyard. It looks like a war zone back there! I'm glad I decided to try it. For the first two weeks he kept dragging it out to the grass and would try to tear it. He finally gave up and I find him sleeping on it more often than not! I am very pleased with the purchase!
    • Miss
      Review by Brienna on 11/25/2013
      When I received the box, I had doubts about the size but once I managed to pull the bed free, it was perfect. My dog loves the bed and I love the sturdy cover on it.
    • So far so good
      Review by D Murph on 11/21/2013
      So far the bed cover has held p really well. My dog has chewed on it a little but has not gone after it to this point. We do not have it in her crate yet, right now she is on it when she is out. Figured that if we just got it and put it in her crate she would really test the theory of tuff. It seems to be very durable the only thing that I am not a big fan of is the noise it produces. But I will state that I will take a little noise in trade of not buying another one.
    • Awesome
      Review by Tammy on 11/19/2013
      Zax and Zoe are older labs that have joint trouble.I have tryed several things to help,but they always chewed them up.I shopped and review this company several times before I decide to invest in this produces for them.They just love it.Haven't attempted to chew on the bedding they are happy go lucky.I have seen a change it their walking stride much improved.The products are worth the investment.My heart thanks you for making life so much better for them.True customer Tammy
    • Great bed. Embroidery small.
      Review by Brian on 11/16/2013
      Just received the "Original Tuff Bed" for our 6-month old Great Dane puppy. She loves it and so do we. The cover appears to be just what K9 Ballistics says it is. The cushion part also appears to be well presented. The only negative I have is the custom embroidery is super small. I got an xxl bed and no way is the lettering large like the beds in the pictures.
    • Review by Cynthia Polley on 11/13/2013
      Our 2 Newfoundland's, Scarlett 1yr & Rhett 7 months, haven't even tried to chew up these comfy beds! Our 12 yr old Chow/Shepard loves his orthopedic bed! Quick shipping, very happy with all the beds & covers that we have purchased!
    • Nancy
      Review by Nancy Hernandez on 11/8/2013
      These beds are simply the 'Best Dog Beds' ever. I had regular store bought beds for my 3 dogs and brought home a 4 month old German Shepherd puppy. Within the first 2 days our old beds were toast. I ordered new beds for everyone through this company begging for help. I received the new beds the next day. That was a couple of months ago. Sofie tried her best to destroy the new beds, but to no avail. I am ordering several more beds for outside of the bedroom. Thank you K9 Ballistics.
    • Review by Molly Marshall on 11/5/2013
      These beds are awesome!! We have a lab that drags around and chews up every bed we own, even ones that are supposedly chew proof. We have had this bed for a couple weeks and it still looks brand new!! I am going to order a couple more.
    • k9 chew proof bed
      Review by Kathryn Overton on 10/31/2013
      We've had this bed a week and so far to ripped up, shredded up bed. The other bed bought at a retail store only lasted 2 days.
    • owner
      Review by Lynne Sizemore on 10/31/2013
      Unfortunately, I just received a text from my trainer Chet Roberts. He put the new Original Tuff Bed in Justice's run; it was destroyed in less than an hour.
    • Not Torn to Bits
      Review by Julie Z on 10/29/2013
      We love, love, love our Tuff Bed Cover! It is the first bed that our 8 month-old lab has not torn to bits; and we have gone through at least 10 different kinds of beds so far. She pulls it out of her house, throws it around,jumps on it, but cannot tear or open it anywhere. Thank you so much! :o)
    • Dog owner
      Review by Kandice on 10/28/2013
      I loooooovvvvvveeeee this bed!! I have four dogs, one being a 120 lb lab. He usually takes any bed I purchase and has it torn up within 24 hours. Not this bed! It has been one week and it is still standing. All of the dogs love this bed! I am ordering more!!
    • So far so good!
      Review by James Dake on 10/26/2013
      Delivered quickly and in a package way smaller than expected. Assembly easy. Our two dogs (80lb lab-dane cross and 65 lb dane) took to it immediately. They have destroyed everything else we have tried, but nothing to get a grip on with this. I have the feeling this will work!
    • Tuff as Nails!
      Review by vicki on 10/24/2013
      I had purchased two cheap beds from another vendor...one just to try out and the other in case the first one got eaten. It was destroyed in one hour. I went straight to K9Ballistics for a cover for the remaining bed, but I wasn't hopeful. Miracle! The cover is still intact!!! I am so happy! My dogs need to have a bed inside their dog house. Did I say, this is a great product? Well it is! Also the customer service is fantastic!
    • LOVE the covers!
      Review by Faith T. on 10/24/2013
      I LOVE LOVE LOVE your covers! Now even my rescued foster dog who would EAT any blanket or sheet I put in her kennel can now have a comfortable bed to sleep on.
    • Dog Owner
      Review by Ann B. on 10/11/2013
      Our dog chewed a hole in the first cover in one week, but you replaced it according to your guarantee. Thank you very much. She seems to be doing well with cover # 2 - maybe it's the red color. We'll keep you posted.
    • 160 lb Boerboel owner
      Review by Cassy Lower on 10/10/2013
      This material is very strong and easy to clean. It has stood up to my 160lb Boerboel quite nicely.
    • Love it!
      Review by Kristi H. on 10/7/2013
      i purchased a cover from you 9 months ago. It has been one of the most durable beds to date. The second best part is that i can choose to buy your filling or just buy the cover and stuff it myself.
    • Tuff Bed Cover
      Review by mary j on 10/5/2013
      Just got the bed three days ago. Looks to be well made out of durable materials. Real test will come when our dog spends a few nights at the kennel. At home she never damages her beds, last overnight at the kennel she ripped it open. The Tuff Bed cover looks like it should survive, keeping our fingers crossed.
    • Great beds!
      Review by mary on 10/4/2013
      I have 2 extremely tough chewers that sink their teeth into everything. They have destroyed "undestructable" chew toys, rawhides, etc. in seconds. So far, so good with these beds. They are well made and love the velcro. Highly recommend them.
    • Great bed
      Review by Chris Kolb on 9/28/2013
      Received the bed several days ago. Lucy (100 lb Chesapeake) usually scratches and starts to tear new beds day one pulling stuffing out. She scratched at her new tough bed briefly and gave up. It looks perfect with no pulls or tears. And she loves it. I may finally have found one she won't wreck. I'll ck back in cpl months...so far so good. Very well made, smart to put the HD Velcro on the bottom to access the pillow.
    • Review by C Bruner on 9/25/2013
      The Tuff Bed is awesome..don't know why I have not found you before but its perfect. I have a female Bernese Mountain Dog who goes everywhere with me, so this bed was for the backseat of my truck, otherwise know as her area. Its perfect, thick and comfy while also being resistant to water, sand dirt etc.
    • Tuff Bed Covers
      Review by Susan Gorham on 9/23/2013
      So far, I am very impressed with the covers. I really like the velcro instead of a zipper (target chewing area). I have stuffed the bed covers with all the stuffing from shredded beds in the past and they are now ready to go. They are really comfortable. I just want them to sit here for a few days before I give them to the labs because they are so good looking whole. The material seems very durable and the color is very nice. The labs will put them through the test.
    • Bloodhound Tough
      Review by James F. Taylor on 9/15/2013
      Really high quality workmanship. Nothing is bloodhound proof, but these beds and bed covers come close. We're very happy with them.
    • Shop here!
      Review by Golden Dad on 9/6/2013
      This store is the bomb. Smartest thing I've ever done for my 110 lb Golden Retriever. Today I was going to take a nap on mattress and supreme cover its so comfortable. He got off the couch from a nap and took over his bed. I was shocked he's only had it for a week. This is quality stuff at a reasonable price. Shop around like I did but you really don't have too. God Bless you
    • Great bed cover
      Review by Mimi S. on 9/3/2013
      Shipping on this item was lightening fast. Product was just as described, although it is more green than the color panel indicates. The first thing my dog did was try to dig through it, to no avail. Construction is incredibly sturdy, and the center velcro strip makes it much easier to get the mattress in than my previous dog beds, which had a zipper around the circumference. If you don't hear from me again it held up well!
    • Review by Lisa on 9/1/2013
      Unfortunately, my black lab was able to chew through the cover. However, K9 ballistics were very prompt and friendly sending a replacement and even some additional tips. Keeping our fingers crossed. Very grateful you stand by your products. Will definitely use your company for future products.
    • n/a
      Review by Elizabeth on 8/29/2013
      I ordered a large bed for two of my pittie mixes,they have been through more beds than I can even remember. So far the beds hodling up and it's two of them on one bed, they refuse to sleep on seperate beds so their beds do take a beating! Its been almost a month now and its looking pretty good so far,Im one satisfied customer, more importantly my pups are happy!!!! Thank you!!!!
    • We luv it!!!
      Review by Liz on 8/28/2013
      Our dogs have destroyed every bed we've ever bought until this one!!! We felt so bad having an old dog sleep on the floor and are so happy to have her be comfortable
    • Orthopedic Beds
      Review by Catherine James on 8/28/2013
      I bought a Large and Medium orthopedic bed, along with the Tuff Bed Covers for each. The beds are great and both my dogs need the extra support. However, they didn't like the Tuff Bed Covers, the sound and that they couldn't ruffle up a little sleeping spot. I will leave the Tuff Bed Covers on for extra mattress protection however, but I am ordering the softer covers from you, today.
    • Tuff Bed
      Review by Dan on 8/22/2013
      The bed and coverings are top-notch quality! My dog (Rottie) has destroyed bed after bed, but because the design of this has no zippers that are accessible, she can't get at anything to rip. Customer service was TOP NOTCH as well! Highly recommed dealing with k9ballistics!
    • Boxer Pup Owner
      Review by Matt on 8/22/2013
      The bed cover seems very durable over the first couple of days. My only criticism would be that they used velcro instead of a zipper, hopefully the pup won't find the velcro seam and get into the stuffing. That being said, the velcro is a very high quality velcro that would probably hold up to the occasional pull from the pup, but if she was really determined...watch out!
    • Original *INDESTRUCTIBLE* Tuff Bed Covers
      Review by Brian Richardson on 8/21/2013
      We adopted a racing greyhound that had a great deal of anxiety when left alone. He destroyed 3 dog beds in 2 days. We ordered this and put the remainder of 2 of the beds inside it. He has yet to put a scratch on it. Great product! Well worth the investment!
    • Tuff bed covers
      Review by Ellis Ortiz on 8/19/2013
      got the covers to go over the bed cushions i already had. very durable, so far non of my 3 pitbulls are interested in chewing them up. they chewed up the 3 jelly beans i got along with the covers. The covers get 5 stars. Made a mistake on the jelly bean review and gave them 5 stars instead of 2
    • Deterred Eleven Month old Lab
      Review by Cindy on 8/19/2013
      My lab mix has destroyed seven dog beds of various materials and shapes. Got the Original Tough Bed Cover to cover a bed belonging to our old Golden Retriever, that I saved mid lab attack. It has been a couple of weeks, and after the lab making an initial attempt to destroy it, which was unsuccessful, he has not touched it. Perhaps I will even get him his own bed again.
    • Review by Steph Fylpaa on 8/18/2013
      Too soon to rate. I ordered red and I was sent black without explanation. This policy, if indeed it is a policy should be reviewed. With a black dog I would not have chosen black. I'm not looking to made him invisible to me if not standing right over him. That said I'm not sending it back as I needed a bed asap. He has made short work of other beds and we'll see how long it lasts.
    • Review by Joan Cummings on 8/18/2013
      I have used this cover in my Siberian husky's crate for a week; all previous crate pads have been chewed. So far , so good ! She hasn't even tried to chew it and she loves having a cushion back in her crate. The only reason I gave this 4 stars is because I ordered the sunny sky stripe (orange) and they sent me marine stripe (blue) instead. I did not try to return it because I liked the color and didn't want to wait to try it out, so I can't comment on the return policy.
    • As Good as Advertised
      Review by Brenden on 8/16/2013
      Our Aussie could pull all the stuffing out of a dog bed in one night. We bought the tuff bed cover and put our own dog pillow inside (which Hank had already started pulling stuffing out of). A week in and a lot of chewing later, and it still looks brand new. I was concerned he would flip the bed and get through the velcro, but it's super strong and that hasn't happened. I'm very pleased with the quality of this cover. Thanks!
    • owner
      Review by Charlie Hunter on 8/15/2013
      I'm impressed so far... I board dogs and have a few puppies who had gone through FOUR beds in a long weekend. I heard about K9 Ballistics and ordered a few and it's been two weeks and NO chewed beds. I'm thrilled.
    • Owner
      Review by Mark Cook on 8/15/2013
      Appears to be an extremely tough cover for Original Tuff Bed I purchased. Two Scottish Terriers so far have not been able to damage it.
    • Power Chewer Defeated!
      Review by Abby Engel on 8/6/2013
      Our 18 month old Jack Russell Terrier could chew through every bed we have ever purchased in about 15 minutes flat, resulting in blobs of bedding/stuffing all over the house. Purchased a Tuff Bed Cover and stuffed it with an old bed pillow and he has barely even attempted to chew any part of it! Could not be more satisfied with my purchase from K9 Ballistics!
    • One tough bed
      Review by Chris on 8/3/2013
      Great price for the quality. My dogs love it and have not bee able to chew through the material. The cover is machine washable which is a plus. Have not been able to locate a chew resistant bed anywhere like the one K9 Ballistics offers.
    • Orthopedic Tuff Bed and Covers
      Review by Meredith on 8/3/2013
      Our 3+ yr. old Lab/Australian Shepherd mix has destroyed more beds than I can remember. Our Golden Retriever needed an orthopedic bed. The L/AS chewed it within a few days. I had an extra cover, and he chewed that too. K-9 Ballistics was extremely prompt sending the replacements. By doubling the covers it has slowed him down! He still tries, but so far we've found the solution! I highly recommend this dog bed and covers.
    • Beware, not chewable maybe, but slippery!!
      Review by Sharon Periard on 8/3/2013
      I ordered the XL tuff bed and my dog is freaked because the fabric is so slippery...she will never chew it because she can't lay on it!! I tried to put a blanket on it and that just slips off when she tries to get on it, so now I have to buy a cover for cover!! And the return policy that once the bed is assembled and the dog touches it, it can't be returned is rediculous. How do you know if it works if the dog can't try it?
    • Dog mom
      Review by Sue on 8/2/2013
      I had this bed three months and Ni issues. Then 2 weeks ago I came home and Karlie had chewed it u! I called and they sent me a replacement cover the same day. Great customer service!
    • Big Labradoodle Mom
      Review by M. Houston on 7/31/2013
      This bed cover is great and still looks new even though we bought it a couple of years ago so we bought another for a second bed. Thanks for a great product!
    • GREAT BEDS GREAT Service
      Review by Eugene Howard on 7/30/2013
      I have a new Puppy who has chewed thew 6 beds, 4 food bowls and all the window sills in the dog room. She could not chew threw these. They are great!!!!!
    • Tuff Bed Cover
      Review by Jill on 7/28/2013
      We bought a tuff bed for a husky mix who chews up everything. We put it in her crate, and first day, she flipped it and chewed some on the seam where it overlaps to Velcro. Told her "No!", which usually has little effect. Flipped it right side up and she hasn't chewed it since, which is odd. I was thinking we might try to Velcro it to the floor of the crate. But it has worked out ok. We did order two and so it is double covered.
    • Review by Pam on 7/24/2013
      ought the tuff bed covers have a Husky who is a monster and eats every thing well I must say yes she got thru this cover as well BUT K9 stood behind it and they did infact replace it. Now we still have it some 60 plus days out. I do keep it up when the Husky is in the room and my German Shepard Loves it thanks so much
    • The best choice for us
      Review by Kathy on 7/23/2013
      We bought the round Tuff bed for our Boxer and she loves it! She previously chewed and shredded any foam bed we had, so I gave her a blanket to sleep on, but decided to try this product do to the reviews and guarantees. She had not damaged it at all, so after several months I ordered a rectangular cover to put the foam cushions in that she destroyed. She has not tried to chew through this either and she loves them both. I'm very happy and would love to recommend this product to everyone.
    • Tuff Beds
      Review by Diane on 7/22/2013
      Great beds and company. I have two and my girls love them. One of the few beds that have survived!
    • Love the Tuff Bed Covers
      Review by Donna on 7/18/2013
      I have purchased several of these throughout the years. We do dog boarding, and Lab Rescue. Our dog beds get alot of use! and abuse! They hold up terrific. When the stuffing gets worn out, I just put in new stuffing...
    • Happy customer
      Review by Adam on 7/18/2013
      Recently purchased my second tough cover and ortho bed. my American Bulldog loves it. helps with his Hip displaesia. The last one I got while he was still a puppy and chewing and lasted him 2 years. really only needed to replace due to dirt and soiling. (outside only dog) These are DEFINITELY worth the $$
    • none
      Review by Gayle H Childers on 7/18/2013
      My three Italian Greyhounds have mixed feelings about these beds/covers -- they love sleeping on them -- but are very disappointed that they cannot shred them . . . I am thrilled to have finally found a product like this. The beds/covers are pretty, durable, and after several washings, still look brand new. You have a great warranty and stand behind your products -- with great customer service. I am so glad I found you. THANK YOU!!
    • Review by Kathleen Barmon on 7/17/2013
      I hesitated about purchasing the tuff bed cover because of the price. It was worth it! My Border Collie has destroyed many dog beds which he uses outside. This one is indestructable and now covers one that was full of holes. Our Border sits on it in front of the house waiting for a bear to attack his sheep (us).
    • 1 x large bed, 2 mediums, 1- small
      Review by Pechal on 7/17/2013
      My Two puppies, now 8 months old have chewed up every bed I have bought for them. The X large chew resistant bed that I received in June of 2013 is still in one piece:) My small dog liked the big bed so much that; I just bought her a small one. I also purchased two mediums for my puppies to lay on outside. I will keep you posted if the smaller beds survive my little chewers.
    • Chew proof so far
      Review by Lois Storey on 7/14/2013
      After having 4 beds chewed up I waited eagerly for your cover to arrive. So far my Yorkie poo has only made a small dent In the cover. She gave me a dirty look as if this is just too much work to chew up. I hope she continues to feel that way. I'll let you know if she try's more later. Thanks for your product. Now how about a chew- proof halter?
    • Tuff Bed Covers
      Review by Eleanor Johnson on 7/14/2013
      My Boxer tried destroying the Tuff Bed covers without success. These covers are truly dog proof. This Boxer dog has destroyed 4 beds previously. She loves sleeping on the covers.
    • Tuff Bed Cover
      Review by Carolyn on 7/13/2013
      We have a boxer who eats everything including his beds.In November, he almost died after swallowing 4 socks. After surgery,we searched for a bed that he wouldn't be able to destroy. We purchased the orthopedic foam with the Tuff Bed Cover. 3 months later, there isn't even a mark on the bed. Not only has he given up trying to destroy it, he really likes sleeping on it. I would highly recommend this bed to all dog owners especially those with dogs who like to chew.
    • Review by Steve Volpe on 7/10/2013
      Very high quality material, well made with tight corners, well sewn. The filler pillow should be larger. I would recommend this product to a friend, in fact I have.
    • Great bed...Awesome Company
      Review by Kim on 7/10/2013
      I purchased this bed and it worked out great. My dog did end up chewing a small hole in the bed and they replaced the cover. Great company easy to deal with. Would purchase from them again
    • So far, so good
      Review by Melody on 7/8/2013
      Well, so far my girls have not so much as put a tiny tear in this cover. They seem to enjoy the bed a lot and I think its really well made. So happy I found this company.
    • Tough enough for 3 pit bulls
      Review by Pam on 7/8/2013
      I bought the first Tuff Bed XL over 2 years ago for my daughter's 3 dogs. They had previously chewed every bed or blanket she gave them. I was visiting this year in May and the covers were starting to tear at the seam but amazingly not because of the dogs! Instead of sewing them I decided to buy new covers as the insert is in excellent condition. I would buy this bed and cover for any dog but especially for chewers!
    • Review by Lynne on 7/8/2013
      This is my favorite bed cover. The first one survived a chewing, digging basset for 3 years. I use my own stuffing so only need to buy the cover and not the bed which is too flat for my dogs' comfort.
    • My last hope-Success!
      Review by Sharon Nirvasteele on 7/7/2013
      My racing greyhounds would scratch and pull apart their beds when they saw other dogs walking down the street. This is the only bed I have tried that can withstand their onslaught! I put a blanket on top so it doesn't make noise when they walk around on it. I would enthusiastically recommend this bed to anyone who needs a good looking, durable, affordable product.
    • My new bed
      Review by Chance on 7/5/2013
      My mom bought me this bed because my joints get achy sometimes. I like the thick mattress but the heavy duty cover makes a lot of noise when I move Around in my sleep, it wa waking up me AND my Mom! She put a blankie on top and now it is like sleeping ona cloud. PS Mom did have a hard time getting the cover on the mattress, good thing it does it need washing.
    • n/a
      Review by Carol on 7/4/2013
      We have two very small dogs who chew, chew, chew. We bought just the cover and put an old blanket inside. They did manage to chew a couple very tiny holes in the cover but that is all - the holes did not get bigger and they have left the bed alone since then. They like sleeping on it and I think it is holding up well so far. The velcro is very strong and much, much better than other dog beds we have had with zippers.
    • Not chew proof
      Review by Lisa on 7/4/2013
      I had this less than a week and my Lab has chewed two corners of the cover. Will be emailing for a replacement or refund.
    • Nose picker
      Review by Jack on 7/3/2013
      My 20-month-old boxer/mountain cur mix, Buster, can chew through nearly anything and does. He's on his second Tuff Bed cover. And he's chewed the corners out of it, just like he did the first. I now have bedding stuffed in the first cover and these stuffed inside the second cover. And things are going fine. The Tuff Bed covers are not indestructible, but close enough. I'd buy them again.
    • Original Tuff bed and cover
      Review by D. Eckert on 7/2/2013
      My Labrador chews! After reading all reviews and the guarantee I ordered the medium size original Tuff bed. The size was perfect, especially as he was not a large lab. He managed to chew one of the corners so I requested another cover which was promptly sent and so far so good! I would definitely recommend this bed. The customer service is excellent.
    • Great Dane Proof (so far)
      Review by Cyrus on 6/30/2013
      Bought this for a friend for her birthday. She has a Great Dane that gets pretty bored when she's at work and has mowed through blankets and comforters like wheat thins. So far, this bed doesn't have a scratch on it! Looks pretty comfortable, and the XL size I got (or was it XXL?) gives him plenty of room to flop down. Looking forward to getting a second cover as a gift later so she'll have one to use when she's washing the other.
    • Tuff Bed Cover
      Review by Chris on 6/30/2013
      It works! Finally a bed my 1 year old Bull Terrier doesn't shred. Filled it with all the OLD beds that DIDN'T work.
    • Velcro is weak
      Review by Arthur on 6/30/2013
      The material is as durable as you say, but the bed cover has a serious flaw - velcro! My dog was chewing at the velcro within minutes even though I had the bed placed with the velcro underneath. 5 days later, he started separating the velcro from the material, and there are bits of red material all around his sleeping area.
    • Great Dane Mom
      Review by Kymm on 6/29/2013
      Purchased a cover to replace the cover from an older non-K9 Ballistic bed. I LOVE these covers! They wash easily, wear VERY well and stand up to FOUR Great Danes who think dogs beds laying on the livingroom floor are great tug-of-war toys! HIGHLY reccommend these beds/covers to EVERYONE!
    • great bed
      Review by Heather on 6/25/2013
      Ordered this bed for our 3 year old lab/boxer mix. It took her a little while to get used to the square style but now she loves it! Quick tip for those with hard floors...we found that the bed did slide around causing our dog to be afraid at first, but we put an old yoga mat under it to keep it from sliding that did the trick!
    • tough as promised
      Review by heather on 6/24/2013
      We have a 1 year old terrier mix puppy that chewed through her other 2 beds while in her crate during the day. We chose to try just the cover and use the old bed inside. She has not chewed any holes in it, and has not messed with the velcro close in the back. The cover is very well-made and has held up to a puppy that chews everything, it is well worth the price. Very pleased with my purchase!
    • Tuff Bed Covers
      Review by Chris on 6/23/2013
      I admit for durability they are great. Not as waterproofed as I had hoped. For some reason my Rottie wants to pee on top of the beds, it still goes through into the stuffing. But otherwise I think they are great!
    • n/a
      Review by Anonymous on 6/22/2013
      Good, tough quality. I have a great dane using it. The fill is separating a little in the middle making the ends thick and puffy and the middle padding not. I should probably add more stuffing in the middle. Overall very pleased with product. Seems like it will hold up well. Dries quickly if soaked.
    • none
      Review by Tricia on 6/19/2013
      For the person whose dogs chewed them immediately, I had that experience when I first got them. For most of that first year nothing was safe so we just used old towels I got at the dollar store. I kept those old covers, using them out in the garage. Three years later--nothing-- and I mean nothing has lasted as well or long. I bought four new ones and covered old beds (that had been repaired multiple times). They look great, stay cleaner, wash well. I won't use anything else from here on.
    • Orthopedic Bed Cover
      Review by Bobbie on 6/19/2013
      You wouldn't think I'd have trouble with chewing issues from my small pit/lab mix, but alas, my baby girl chewed each corner/several places on the edge within 3 wks. I was not surprised but happy that K-9 offered a replacement. I knew I'd be the one customer that had to request the replacement. My experience with K-9 Ballistics has been very good - very quality product, wonderful and prompt customer service and the replacement bed cover was an ace in the hole!
    • Review by Sharon on 6/18/2013
      I jsut love this bed cover. It is strong enough for our lab-mix chewer. I don't know if she is just getting older and does not want to chew things us anymore, but this bed is great. It washes very well. I just stuffed it with 3 king size pillows and voila, a new dog bed.
    • Original tuff bed
      Review by John Grobman on 6/18/2013
      Our very chewy husky lab mix has managed to chew a corner of the cover through but overall very happy with the durability of the beds. They are a little noisy when dog lays down but that let's me know what they are up to!
    • Bed Covers
      Review by Alan Whitaker on 6/18/2013
      I loved the cover it is the only thing my dog hasn't chew up yet, he has chewed up sofas, wires and has cost me a lot of money but so far the bed is still great and must be comfortable because he lays on it all the time he seems to love too.
    • Owner
      Review by Kathleen Glover on 6/18/2013
      I am extremely satisfied with the k-9 Ballistics dog bed for my German Shepherd. She has torn up several "other " brands of dog beds. She has failed to damage her new k-9 ballistics bed she got for Christmas. I am so pleased with it that I recommended it for "German Shepherd Tips" on Facebook. Good job!
    • Nope
      Review by Corrie Hyatt on 6/4/2013
      I like the way the bed looks and it seems comfortable, however, my 4 month old English Pointer puppy got through the cover and pulled out lots of green fluff in less than two hours. We bought a second bed for our 2 year old Black Lab and he put holes in his within 3 days. This is typical for them, unfortunately, and I was hoping your product would be the answer :( I really appreciate your return policy.
    • Tuff Bed Cover
      Review by Amy Adler on 5/4/2013
      Could be softer. Dog didn't like texture, so I had to throw her old sleeping bag over it.
    • Sorry...
      Review by Connie on 3/14/2013
      Thanks for shipping another cover out to me...but I can't use this bed for the Aussie that chewed the center of the bed. No sense to it...as he would just damage the new cover also. Guess there's truly nothing for him but NO blanket or comfort...until I get his "vaccinosis" issues solved...then he won't be chewing INappropriate items. Thanks, anyway. C.
    • great bed
      Review by renee on 1/23/2013
      I have 2 australian shepards who really love to chew and pull "fluff" out of pillows/blankets, etc. This is the first and only bed that they don't even try to chew on. :-)I ordered one to test it - I'm ordering a second one today.
    • Manager
      Review by Brandy Chicks on 1/16/2013
      I purchased these beds last fall to preview and try so that we could carry them in our business. They are awesome! I have diggers and chewers, and these covers really hold up. They wash well, wipe clean too and the dogs love them!
    • Great product!
      Review by Vaughn Upshaw on 12/21/2012
      Our Jack Russel puppy tore up our Labradoodle's bedding three times. I am happy with the qulaity of the K9 Bsllistics cover we purchased (large). The sturdy hook and loop closure is better and safer than zippers. The fabric is very heavy duty and should last a long time. The JRT managed to flip the bed and open the cover once. I made sure the loops were securely pressed down and it seems to be holding.
    • Works better than the rest!
      Review by Elizabeth on 11/16/2012
      Duke is a 90 lb Lab who has his chewing urges under control, except for beds. I bought a Tuff Bed Cover last year. Finally, he had one to last about 4 months! He worked some holes in it, when he went to doggy manners training school. He outgrew Lab chewing habits and his manners improved. I got a cheap cute bed. It lasted about 8 hours. I bought a Tuff bed knockoff. He found a seam in minutes. I ordered my second Tuff bed, this morning. When it wears out, I'll get another and skip the cheapos!
    • Good Product
      Review by LeAnn Cannon on 11/10/2012
      I am thankful for the bed covers! Our 2 year old Pudelpointer has a tendency to keep chewing/tearing her bedding. The cover has not defeated her quest, but has slowed her down. It is easier to buy a good quality cover for her bed than to keep buying new beds every few weeks. The guarantee is good and was very happy with the replacement policy, when our girl chewed through the first one. As she comes to a more mature age it is time for a new bed cover. Wouldn't think of going anywhere else.
    • Review by Deena Shipman on 10/15/2012
      My dog chewed through this cover in less than two hours. Not recommended for the serious chewer. Now I'm out $40. I don't even want to utilize the free replacement guarantee. What a waste of money. Would give it zero stars if I could.
    • Review by Kerry on 9/30/2012
      Absolutely the best bed covers ever! I have a Rottweiler Doberman mix that is sweet as pie buts eats beds and toys like they're kibble. I bought a pretty good bed a few months ago and noticed after 3 days there was a tear. I found k9ballistics, bought a cover and received it in 3 days with free shipping! That was 4 months ago and the cover is still tough as ever and not a pile of shredded cloth! Love you k9ballistics!

    120 Day Warranty

    If your dog chews through this product, it is covered under our warranty. We will send out, free of charge, one replacement bed cover (not including bed fill). This one-time warranty is good for up to 120 days from the day that K9 Ballistics shipped out your purchase.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Ballistic Fabric?

    Ballistic Fabric is a thick, tough, synthetic material used for a variety of applications. Ballistic fabric was originally developed by the DuPont corporation as a material for flak jackets to be worn by World War II airmen. The term ballistic fabric takes its name from the fact that it was intended to protect its wearers from flying debris and fragmentation caused by bullet or artillery shell impacts.

    What is "Hydro-fuge" Technology?

    Our Polyester filled mattresses come with our ventilated Hydro-Fuge mattresses inside for good air permeability and heat dissipation. Hydo-fuge technology means that they have good water permeability (water passes right through them). They are also channeled to prevent clumping, and filled with our eco-friendly recycled fiber.

    What happened to the zippers?

    In our efforts to make our beds the most chew-proof beds possible, we've removed the zippers and replaced them with concealed, industrial strength, Velcro closures on the undersides of the beds. Past versions of our beds had zippers, but thanks to some great feedback from our fine customers, we were able to spot this issue and make the change. Zippers were a weak point that appealed to chewing dogs, it was the first part on the beds that these dogs would go after and that was dangerous. What resulted was a design change that is not only more durable, but a safer product for your dog that reduces the temptation to chew in this area and potentially damage the bed.

    What makes your ballistic fabric superior to other bed materials?

    Canvas and fabric beds are not chew proof by any means. You have to remember, dogs have been known to chew through materials that you'd never even imagine a dog could chew through. Our military-grade ballistic material is used specifically for it's durability and toughness, which makes for a longer-lasting, chew proof product that outlasts other beds made from inferior materials. Most companies take an off the shelf fabric, one made for furniture or luggage, and use it on a dog bed. We've designed our own fabric built around the function of a dog bed. We've recently upgraded our ballistic material to be Ripstop, which means its now even better at withstanding moderate chewing and scratching. Our fabric is waterproof, so it can withstand rain, outdoor conditions with its UV protection, and pets which may be incontinent. There is nothing on the market that is built better. This is the best option for an all around durable bed. We have paid extreme attention to all the details.

    Are your beds really "chew proof"?

    To be fair, there's really nothing short of hard metal that is absolutely "chew proof" - dogs have been known to chew through kevlar, wood, bricks, chain link fences and light metals just to name a few! If a dog has the ability and wants to bad enough, they can chew through most materials. However, we advertise our beds as "chew proof", and we stand behind our beds as the most chew proof products available. Ultimately, what makes our beds "chew proof" is not only the materials that we use, but also our 90 Day Chew Proof Warranty!

    My dog is a heavy chewer, which bed do you recommend?

    The Cujo Cot should be the go to bed for all medium or heavy chewers. With our "No Chew" design, hidden fabric edges, and durable corner covers, and aluminum frame, there is nowhere for dogs to get ahold of the fabric on the bed. Once your dog is conditioned not to chew a TUFF bed or TUFF Bed Crate Pad can be added for extra comfort.

    What if my dog does manage to chew up this bed?

    We have a 90 Day Chew Proof Guarantee on all Original, Round, Orthopedic, Mini TUFF Beds and TUFF Pads. If your dog does manage to chew through one of the TUFF Beds within the guarantee period, we'll replace the cover, free of charge. If your dog manages through our TUFF Pads or Mini TUFF Beds, we'll send out a free replacement. We're that confident!

    Aren't all dog beds the same? What makes yours so different?

    Our beds are actually built to inhibit the dog's ability to chew them. For starters, the covers of our beds are made out of military grade 1680 denier ballistic nylon, the same material worn as body armor by US combat forces! Unlike other beds, our ballistic nylon is far more chew resistant than cloth or other cheap fabrics that can be ripped apart at the seams. We take extra pains to engineer our beds with concealed Velcro closures on the bottom of the beds to minimize the dog's temptation and ability to chew in this area. Rounded corners and solid, well-sewn seams also greatly reduce the possibility of the dog grabbing hold of a weak seam.

    What about cleaning the bed?

    Our beds are super-easy to clean! First separate the cover and the fill and place in the washing machine separately. Close the Velcro on the cover completely before washing. Make sure to wash on delicate and cold. Air dry or line dry are the best way to dry the bed. Heat drying is not recommended. Please note vomit and urine have corrosive properties which can penetrate through the water resistant cover damaging the inner fill. Clean all urine and vomit immediately with a dry towel. Remove the inner fill and wash the bed cover using the instructions mentioned above. Customers in the past have told us that a deodorizer (ex. Febreeze) can take away the urine or vomit smell.

    Is there any kind of assembly required for the TUFF beds?

    Our TUFF beds require minimal assembly. Simply place the cover over the fill and close the Velcro. If you are having trouble placing the cover over the fill, try placing the cover on the floor (Velcro side up). Fold the fill and insert one side into one part of the Velcro. With one side in, unfold the fill while inserting the remaining portion into the second half of the cover. Close the Velcro and you're done!


    Size Guide

    We recommend measuring your dog and comparing it to the dimensions of our beds to ensure the perfect size; every dog is unique. Measure your dog with a tape measure from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail. This is the minimum length you should consider for your pup's bed.