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  • Its good Review by Erin (Posted on 8/15/2017)
    Overall Quality
    My dog is a rough chewing dog and he got into it in the first 5 minutes because of the velcro opening (not the best idea) the closure should be better!
    The Outside is fantastic but if you have that fantastic of an idea...you also should have a way to keep the dogs out of the bed as well- TOO EXPENSIVE to have them with Velcro!
  • Great product Review by Mattie (Posted on 7/26/2017)
    Overall Quality
    So far, 9 month old Belgian malinois has not torn up the bed- she can shred a cloth toy in 4-5 minutes but has not torn up this bed- over 2 weeks and still intact- that's amazing!
  • Comfortable bed built to last Review by Thomas (Posted on 7/9/2017)
    Overall Quality
    Very comfortable, dogs love it. The top of the bed has a soft microfiber outer cover which makes it feel softer and doesn't make noise when dog is moving around. We have supervised our puppy and he's in the crate during the night and when we aren't home. The material is tough enough to handle some chewing attempts and the design doesn't give the dog a good place to grab.
  • So far so good Review by Kim (Posted on 6/16/2017)
    Overall Quality
    So far so good! I got the bed for my 8 yr old Lab/pit mix because she's just having trouble getting up after she's laid down a while so I thought the orthopedic would help. I also had to have the chew proof because my 7 month old boxer mix has chewed up every bed at our house including her big sisters bed. My lab is very picky about her bed though and this one is taking her some time to get use to.
  • Love it so far!! Review by Aindrea (Posted on 5/18/2017)
    Overall Quality
    It's only been a little over a week, but so far so good. My very destructive dog has not attempted to even chew on this bed! Good quality with a thick mattress.
  • Very happy with the bed well me !! Review by Linda (Posted on 5/6/2017)
    Overall Quality
    The round tuff bed We are very happy with we give it a four star haven't had it that long so it might deserve a five star, but yes we are very pleased and I would recommend it to A friend

    Very happy customer
  • Very happy with the bed well me !! Review by Linda (Posted on 5/6/2017)
    Overall Quality
    The round tuff bed We are very happy with we give it a four star haven't had it that long so it might deserve a five star, but yes we are very pleased and I would recommend it to A friend

    Very happy customer
  • Yellow Lab puppy-proof Review by Elizabeth (Posted on 4/18/2017)
    Overall Quality
    So far we love this bed! Our 8mo old yellow lab does too! He has chewed and ripped 5 beds in just 6 months and we were so frustrated with buying and sewing beds. I have been happy so far with the quality and fact that our wild little Levi can't rip it!
  • Excellent dog bed! Review by Diane (Posted on 3/28/2017)
    Overall Quality
    This bed is really tough - we keep it outside for the dogs and it is really holding up + looks nice!
  • Great bed. Review by Donna (Posted on 3/28/2017)
    Overall Quality
    Great bed. Round is the way to go if you have chewers.
  • Still on the fence Review by Lartron (Posted on 2/28/2017)
    Overall Quality
    The cover is tough. No doubt. Our Rottie has given up even trying to beat it. But after three weeks (and we've taken the cushion out of the covers) it still hasn't puffed up. It's about 2 inches thick and doesn't seem to expand beyond that.

    K9 Ballistics Response: The bed should reach 5" thickness within 1-2 weeks; if it still hasn't expanded, please send us a photo of the mattress so that we can confirm the defect and have a replacement sent out.
  • Great bed Review by Maureen (Posted on 1/28/2017)
    Overall Quality
    The dog loves the bed and it fits in his crate well. Only issue may be is that he found the seam on bottom where you assemble it and enjoys trying to get it apart. Hoping he gives up on tearing into that part.
  • He loves it and can't chew it! Review by Walter's Dad (Posted on 1/21/2017)
    Overall Quality
    My pit bull Walter chewed up every little bed we tried to give him. I simply googled, "chew proof beds" and K9 Ballistics popped up everywhere and had great reviews. Though he's tried to chew up his new Tuff Bed, his attempts to destroy has bed have been unsuccessful. Not only that, he loves to lay on it! Truly a great product
  • Two thumbs up Review by John (Posted on 12/20/2016)
    Overall Quality
    I have two Great Danes that are picky about what they sleep on. So far they love the beds, they have torn up many beds in the past but these will hold up to them trying to move them or reshape them.

  • Great colors Review by Kimberly (Posted on 12/12/2016)
    Overall Quality
    We picked one a little bigger then we needed, but so far the puppies have not complained.
  • Best dog bed ever Review by Lisa (Posted on 11/18/2016)
    Overall Quality
    I ordered two of the round orthopedic beds for my dogs and have had them for about two months. They have tried but cannot chew into these beds. I am very satisfied with the quality of this bed. And I am sure my dogs love them.
  • Very satisfied Review by CA (Posted on 11/18/2016)
    Overall Quality
    Our shepherd went after it like it was a new toy. Biting and digging on it. No damage. I regret I did not video it. This is the first bed we trusted to leave in the kennel. The round tuff bed fit inside the dogloo dog house perfectly. Very satisfied.
  • Great product Review by stephani (Posted on 11/17/2016)
    Overall Quality
    I have two ten month old miniature dachshund puppies that chew everything especially beds. This is their third bed and so far so good. They seem to really like the comfort of the bed. The bed keeps its form and doesn't go flat. Hopefully this one makes it. The bed is made of very high quality material that is easy to clean. Now, if I can just find a couch that will make it.
  • Love them Review by LP (Posted on 7/14/2016)
    Overall Quality
    Well my dogs and I love the beds, they sleep on them during the day but still in bed with me at night, a bad habit to break.

    Just wish you had the pillow around say half of the top of the orthopedic circle beds, my dogs like resting their head on the raised pillow on the nesting bed. I will be ordering maybe two more in the future, one for their kennel and one for my back porch.
  • Great for outdoors Review by Eric (Posted on 6/20/2016)
    Overall Quality
    Loved the bed so much for my Ridgebacks..ordered another one! Love this bed for outside and if dirty paw prints get on it it's easy to clean.
  • Like the orthopedic bed Review by Janie (Posted on 5/23/2016)
    Overall Quality
    So far the bed is surviving
  • Medium chew proof bed Review by Henry (Posted on 5/9/2016)
    Overall Quality
    My dog loves this new bed, medium is a perfect size for him. Great bed, you can see and feel the quality. I recommend this bed
  • Not So Good, but not K-9s fault! Review by Kenneth Stromstedt (Posted on 4/15/2016)
    Overall Quality
    My greyhound is getting a little older, so i bought an orthopedic bed after she had been sleeping on a K-9 nesting bed and she hated it!! Found her sleeping on my couch which she hadn't tried to do in 8 yrs! I ordered a nesting mattress to fill the cover I had personalized. Love this product. bad call on my part!!
  • Great Dane can't destroy the bed Review by Matt (Posted on 4/14/2016)
    Overall Quality
    I have a 11 month 115 lb Great Dane and its only been a week but so far, so good. The bed seems too heavy and ockward for a dog to flip and destroy. Also the bed doesn't flatten. Thank you.

  • dog bed Review by Silvia (Posted on 4/13/2016)
    Overall Quality
    My Rottweiler loves her orthopedic bed
  • Very nice bed Review by Ann (Posted on 4/13/2016)
    Overall Quality
    No problems at all. Seems comfortable for the dogs
  • Very nice quality and so far, chew proof. Review by Deborah (Posted on 4/5/2016)
    Overall Quality
    My pup, Sherlock, is 11 months old and very "mouthy." He chews everything but he has not destroyed his Orthopedic Round TUFF bed. He has tried but doesn't seem to like the consistency. I am delighted and Sherlock has a great place to sleep when I am not at home. I am not worried about him ingesting that horrible stuffing that was in his previous bed.
  • excellent be Review by Carlos (Posted on 3/31/2016)
    Overall Quality
    my dog is very happy with it
  • awsome bed my great dane loves it Review by Daniel (Posted on 3/9/2016)
    Overall Quality
    I have a great Dane she loves her new bed.
    I would recommend this bed to any owner of a large breed dog or any dog with hip or joint issues.
  • Great! Review by Donna (Posted on 12/30/2015)
    Overall Quality
    My 6 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback could not destroy this bed. Kiera had gone through 4 beds before we purchased the TUFF bed and it still looks brand new. Every once in a while she drags it around the living room but cannot damage it. Definitely worth the price!
  • Thee Best, Hands Down! Review by julie (Posted on 12/12/2015)
    Overall Quality
    Have already told so many about K9 Ballistics for dog beds. If you have a large breed, or a chewer & scratcher, this is what you want. I now have three, one for the kennel outside, kennel inside and a round one for the dogloo.

    You will not be disappointed!
  • excellent product Review by Kimberlee (Posted on 12/2/2015)
    Overall Quality
    We ordered 2 of the extra large beds for outdoors. So far so good, our pups love them & they look great on our patio!
  • Good product and absolutely chew proof Review by Laura (Posted on 11/11/2015)
    Overall Quality
    The dogs love the beds and have not been successful in chewing thru the covers at all --- great product.
  • Good Review by Jeanne Boucher (Posted on 10/23/2015)
    Overall Quality
    Your company was kind enough to send along the spray which we sprayed liberally on every inch of the bed, but Lily was able to bite through to make a hole. Lily is a rescue dog, part Pit Bull & terrier. We have had her for 8 months and she came to us with plenty of anxiety especially when we are gone to work. Unfortunately, we will need to request another top with the guarantee. Not the company's fault, we are lucky our home is still up!
  • This company is the best to deal with out of this world sevice Review by Vita (Posted on 10/12/2015)
    Overall Quality
    hank you so Calvin from K9 Ballistics. Thank you for the wonderful Orthopedic Round TUFF Bed! I really am so happy with both of beds, extremely high quality product for my best friend, and I am glad to spread the word to everyone that i like the beds so much, these beds made my both dogs so much happier"This company is the best to deal with, out of this world service. The beds are the best ever had in my life,I am very very happy with product. My both dogs love them and they use them a lot because they are the most comfortable beds they ever had in their lives." -Vita!
  • This company is the best to deal with out of this world sevice Review by Margarita (Posted on 10/7/2015)
    Overall Quality
    This company is the best to deal with out of this world sevice. The beds are the best I am very very happy with product. My both dogs love them and they see them as the most comfortable beds they ever had.
  • Finally! Review by Stephanie (Posted on 10/1/2015)
    Overall Quality
    We have finally found the dog bed that will hold up to our anxiety-ridden, destroy-everything-in-sight, Weimaraner. She has ripped up dog beds, pillows, blankets and even a couch, but she has not been able to destroy this bed. We are so happy we can now leave her alone in the house and trust she will be comfortable with a place to sleep (as long as our two cats don't steal her spot). Hair easily brushes off and I haven't noticed any staining or odors, even though she regularly takes treats to her bed. We are beyond satisfied with this product and hope to have this bed for years to come. The ball that came with the bed was a fantastic touch also! Thank you!
  • Pop of Color Review by Kris W. (Posted on 8/25/2015)
    Overall Quality
    Absolutely love this! And more importantly, so do the dogs! I had another bed for them and came home one morning after being gone for 1/2 hour and they had shredded it! I got the orange striped round bed for them and it is not only durable, it adds a nice pop of color in the kitchen. I notice that the dogs keep scratching the bed, trying to take it apart and it just isn't happening. I am a big fan and dogs are happy!
  • SHE LIKES IT !!! Review by Skip (Posted on 6/15/2015)
    Overall Quality
  • the best! Review by Jen (Posted on 11/16/2014)
    Overall Quality
    We got this bed after our Rottweiler-mix puppy chewed through three others. It's very neat and crisp-looking, doesn't hold dog hair, but is still very comfy for her. She gave it a couple of experimental gnaws but quickly gave up. Only problem was that our 13-lb terrier stole it, leaving the puppy on the floor. So now we have both the marine stripe and the sunny stripe beds, and they look great together!
  • Mud Room Bed Review by Susanna C (Posted on 1/12/2014)
    Overall Quality
    I purchased two round beds to eliminate edges, or better known as Finnegan teeth handles. As soon as the beds were unpacked and as they were unfolding they were sprayed with the K9 Bitter spray. The new beds, now replace the old dog beds that were shells, as the foam guts were swept up several times, and remain in place today. The mud room chair has now been also sprayed with the K9 bitter spray in hopes that it will support our weight the next time we sit to lace up our boots. (...)
  • Tango digs it! Review by Tanya T. (Posted on 12/27/2013)
    Overall Quality
    Tango is a 95 pd 7yr German Shepherd mix with some hip joint injuries/pain. The last bed I bought was from Costco, which he would not use. We purchased the X-large Ortho bed from K-9 and I was worried that he would not use this bed either. To my delight, when we opened the shipping box and unfolded the bed, he immediately stepped on it and laid down. Now he sleeps as comfortably at night as we do in our bed! (Wish I could attach a pic -- many thanks to your team & the designers!) - Tanya
  • Tuff Bed Review by Miller (Posted on 11/23/2013)
    Overall Quality
    We have a Basset just under a year old and went through many (MANY!!!) beds with her. Typical survival time for her beds was <2days. We tried everything to get her past the bed chewing, but nothing worked. The round Tuff Bed did the trick. She has been on the bed for four months and has had no issues at all. She really likes her bed and spends lots of time on it. I highly recommend this bed for anyone with a chewing problem.
  • Happy pup Review by Potasnak (Posted on 10/28/2013)
    Overall Quality
    We have a year old Great Dane. He has gone through many regular store beds. The tuff bed is great! He can strech out and still has room to roll. I am going to order the fur cover, the other makes a bit of noise when he moves while we sleep.
  • R.V.T. Review by Jill Willemsen (Posted on 10/3/2013)
    Overall Quality
    Very impressed. Great quality and great style. It looks great on my deck and the dogs love it. Best dog bed I have ever purchased!
  • Review by Lou (Posted on 9/10/2013)
    Overall Quality
    Our Labrador LOVES THIS BED,bought the x large which is way to big for him but since it is so big and it is round he has not tried to chew it. wish i would have known about these beds 3 years ago.
  • Fantastic Review by Tracey (Posted on 9/9/2013)
    Overall Quality
    Our aging Chessie loves this bed, and our "youthful" Boston can't destroy it. I'm so glad we've finally found something that works! The customer service is fantastic, and the product is extremely high quality. Worth every single penny.
  • Round Ortho Tuff Bed Review by Didi (Posted on 8/25/2013)
    Overall Quality
    This is the second bed I've purchased from K9 Ballistics. This bed is great for my 150lb mastiff it's great support for him, he loves it. Also he doesn't try to chew it all others beds he chews apart LOL.
  • Tough, Comfortable, But Noisy Review by Jeffrey Wilson (Posted on 8/15/2013)
    Overall Quality
    My aging Lab loves this bed and it is the first doggie bed that has ever lasted longer than a week without being torn to shreds. We've found it pulled into different rooms, but it's survived so far. The one real issue that I have is that the ballistic cover is very noisy. Our lab makes a tremendous racket moving around on it at night. It sounds kinda like Velcro being pulled apart. And since she sleeps in the bedroom it keeps me up.
  • Pretty Tough! Review by Elizabeth (Posted on 7/24/2013)
    Overall Quality
    From a home with 2 Pit Bull Terriers and one "termite" like wood chewing Lab puppy, this bed still looks new. The puppy was first to get to the bed, and peed on it right away to mark her spot...even though it's not her's! The senior Pitty is a tough chewer also, but prefers harder materials and loves to chew and slobber his antlers on the bed, without any visible signs other than a wet spot. Thanks!
  • Tuff Bed Cover Review by Carolyn (Posted on 7/14/2013)
    Overall Quality
    We have a boxer who eats everything including his beds.In November, he almost died after swallowing 4 socks. After surgery,we searched for a bed that he wouldn't be able to destroy. We purchased the orthopedic foam with the Tuff Bed Cover. 3 months later, there isn't even a mark on the bed. Not only has he given up trying to destroy it, he really likes sleeping on it. I would highly recommend this bed to all dog owners especially those with dogs who like to chew.
  • Works outdoors too! Review by Trish (Posted on 7/11/2013)
    Overall Quality
    I needed an outdoor (poolside) orthopedic bed for my 10 yr. old arthritic German Shepherd. She loves this bed, and it has held up well in heat, sun, showers, and "wet dog" conditions. We put it inside on its side when not in use, and so far, no mildew or smells. We love it!
  • great support Review by Joe (Posted on 6/19/2013)
    Overall Quality
    This is the most supportive, firm bed I've every purchased. Rip-stop Ballistic Tuff cover is really durable. Go ahead and get one, it's worth it
  • Great bed, durable Review by Blake (Posted on 6/15/2013)
    Overall Quality
    This bed is awesome. My dog is getting up there in age and has occasional accidents. This bed gives his old bones the support they need but keeps any accidents he has from soaking into the foam. Not sure you planned it this way but these beds are he van sent for older dogs like mine. If there were 6 stars I would have chosen that option. Great bed


90 Day Chew Proof Guarantee

All the strength of the Original TUFF Bed with a greater amount of comfort. When it comes to the health of a dog’s bones and joints, one of the best types of beds for dogs is the orthopedic foam bed. The value of a “true” orthopedic foam dog bed lies in how effectively the foam supports your dog’s body. It is easy for any company to claim that they make a orthopedic foam dog mattress provided that they use a foam, but cheap foam can be less supportive than cheap fill. Our Orthopedic beds use a solid 5" thick foam mattress. The bottom 3.5” thick layer is a supportive high density foam and the top layer is a 1.5" thick high density comfort foam. This provides support and comfort, minimizing pressure points on bones and joints for a better quality sleep. Less pressure points means better blood circulation which benefits the whole body.

A good night sleep is just as important for your dog as it is for you! Great for all dogs and a must-have for older dogs. Orthopedic foam beds may cost a little more upfront but can be a great preventative measure to problems like hip dysplasia and other medical conditions later in your pet's life. It’s never too soon to be proactive in the overall good health of your dog. This bed includes our proprietary blend of double woven ballistic material so that your dog has both comfort and durability. TUFF Velvet covers feature an additional layer of polyester fibers adhered to the underlying RipStop material, which provides a softer, quieter sleeping surface for your pup. This plush surface may attract more dirt and fur than traditional TUFF covers, and is optimal for indoor use only. There is nothing out there that is truly “chew-proof” when it comes to our canine friends but these beds are definitely the most durable on the market. 


For just $15 more, customize your dog's bed for life! Simply enter your dog's name above to add custom embroidery to your order. We use a classic style font and limit names to 16 characters. Please double check spelling; once the order is fulfilled for an embroidered bed, there are no exchanges or returns. Also please allow an additional 1-2 business days for embroidery services.


Chew Proof Rating


Moderate Chewers & Scratchers

Built K9 Tough, resisting 90% of chewing dogs, good for almost any dog. Backed by our 90 Day Chew Proof Guarantee, these are the bed covers our business was built on. Velcro closures replace zippers (bolstered beds have one hidden zipper on the back) and prevent emergency zipper related veterinary visits. Reduced seams and strategic seam placement reduce weak spots and if our proprietary TUFF flex Ballistic material wasn’t tough enough, we've upgraded it with Rip-Stop technology! These covers are water resistant, odor resistant, hair resistant, and machine washable. These are some of the most practical and long lasting beds available anywhere.
Size Guide
We recommend measuring your dog and comparing it to the dimensions of our beds to ensure the perfect size; every dog is unique. Measure your dog with a tape measure from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail. This is the minimum length you should consider for your pup's bed.


ripstop tuff cover for dog beds

RipStop Ballistic Material™

The chew-proof ballistic material with rip-stop tech avoids tears, and prevents growth if they start. It is just one more detail that makes these beds tough as nails (and tougher than teeth!)

velcro dog bed

Velcro Enclosure

Our TUFF bed’s industrial strength Velcro closures are hidden on the underside of the mattress covers to prevent the urge to try and chew it. By using Velcro we remove the danger of an exposed plastic or metal zipper which can be an attractive place to start chewing.

double stitched seam dog bed

Reinforced Seams

We're proud to say our interior seams are double stitched and serged. This prevents snags, fraying, and damage from chewing.

Additionally, we include a layer of material at the bed's corners. Corners are the first things to go when a dog decides to start chewing. By reinforcing this weak point, we greatly increase the life of the bed.

double stitched seam dog bed

Reduced Seam Construction

Right after corners, seams are the weak spots which dogs exploit most frequently in beds. By reducing the number of seams on a bed fewer temptations present themselves, and therefore reduce the risk of demolition!

water resistant dog bed

Repels Dirt, Hair, and Moisture

Tightly woven synthetic fibers make this bed chew proof, and also resistant to a wide array of other damaging forces. Water, dirt, hair, and muck simply don't cling to the bed and can be easily wiped away; after wiping with a damp cloth the bed often looks as good as new!

machine washable dog beds

Machine Washable

Accidents happen, it's a fact of life; Murphey's law if you will. Having a machine washable dog bed helps clean up those accidents quickly and easily. For those messes that do not wipe away, let the machine washer do the work.

We recommend washing with cold water on a gentle cycle, and then air drying. The heat and friction of a machine dryer could shorten the lifespan of the bed, and we want our products to last as long as possible!

odor resistant dog bed

Synthetic Fibers Resist Odors

The extremely dense synthetic fiber weave of our Ballistic Material not only stops moisture, but also odors! Dirt, grime, and even mold spores have a tough time sticking to the bed cover, and when these elements can't stick around neither can the smell.

odor resistant dog bed

Hypoallergenic Material

Dust mites cause a large number of allergic reactions for dogs. Mold and mildew spores can also trigger allergic reactions. The sythetic fibers used in this cover prohibit dust mite invasions, and make life difficult for mold spores as well. These allergens require organic fibers to build their homes, and this cover uses a 100% synthetic fiber construction. Dust mites beware!


machine washable dog bed mattress

High Density Orthopedic Foam

Our orthopedic mattresses are made with two layers of foam: the top 1.5" layer of plush comfort foam, and the bottom 3.5" layer of support foam.

Other beds which don't use the bottom support layer often settle too quickly and your dog can end up lying on the floor. This negates the benefit of the orthopedic foam! We just couldn't settle for that. We decided to include firm joint support in the base layer and supple comfort in the top mattress layer.

machine washable dog bed mattress

Water Resistant Nylon Mattress Liner

The foam mattress is protected by a water resistant nylon cover which keeps the sensitive foam dry and odor free. If you've ever met a dog with incontinence problems then you understand how this extra layer of moisture resistance can be vital.

machine washable dog bed mattress

Joint Support for Large Breeds or Aging Pets

Large dogs often experience joint problems more frequently than smaller dogs, due to their increased size and weight. It isn't fair, but pet owners can proactively fight joint problems with orthopedic pet furniture such as our orthopedic foam dog bed.

Our orthopedic beds can prevent joint problems, ease joint pain that's already begun, or just plain spoil your canine companion.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ballistic Fabric?

Ballistic Fabric is a thick, tough, synthetic material used for a variety of applications. Ballistic fabric was originally developed by the DuPont corporation as a material for flak jackets to be worn by World War II airmen. The term ballistic fabric takes its name from the fact that it was intended to protect its wearers from flying debris and fragmentation caused by bullet or artillery shell impacts.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is designed to immediately conform to your body and relieve pressure. Its great for puppies to help prevent future problems or older dogs that may be suffering form ailments like hip dysplasia. Memory foam quality is measured in pounds per square foot, the heavier the foam the higher the mattress quality. Our memory foam density is rated at 4.5 lbs / sq. ft.

What happened to the zippers?

In our efforts to make our beds the most chew-proof beds possible, we've removed the zippers and replaced them with concealed, industrial strength, Velcro closures on the undersides of the beds. Past versions of our beds had zippers, but thanks to some great feedback from our fine customers, we were able to spot this issue and make the change. Zippers were a weak point that appealed to chewing dogs, it was the first part on the beds that these dogs would go after and that was dangerous. What resulted was a design change that is not only more durable, but a safer product for your dog that reduces the temptation to chew in this area and potentially damage the bed.

What makes your ballistic fabric superior to other bed materials?

Canvas and fabric beds are not chew proof by any means. You have to remember, dogs have been known to chew through materials that you'd never even imagine a dog could chew through. Our military-grade ballistic material is used specifically for it's durability and toughness, which makes for a longer-lasting, chew proof product that outlasts other beds made from inferior materials. Most companies take an off the shelf fabric, one made for furniture or luggage, and use it on a dog bed. We've designed our own fabric built around the function of a dog bed. We've recently upgraded our ballistic material to be Ripstop, which means its now even better at withstanding moderate chewing and scratching. Our fabric is waterproof, so it can withstand rain, outdoor conditions with its UV protection, and pets which may be incontinent. There is nothing on the market that is built better. This is the best option for an all around durable bed. We have paid extreme attention to all the details.

Are your beds really "chew proof"?

To be fair, there's really nothing short of hard metal that is absolutely "chew proof" - dogs have been known to chew through kevlar, wood, bricks, chain link fences and light metals just to name a few! If a dog has the ability and wants to bad enough, they can chew through most materials. However, we advertise our beds as "chew proof", and we stand behind our beds as the most chew proof products available. Ultimately, what makes our beds "chew proof" is not only the materials that we use, but also our 90 Day Chew Proof Warranty!

My dog is a heavy chewer, which bed do you recommend?

The Cujo Cot should be the go to bed for all medium or heavy chewers. With our "No Chew" design, hidden fabric edges, and durable corner covers, and aluminum frame, there is nowhere for dogs to get ahold of the fabric on the bed. Once your dog is conditioned not to chew a TUFF bed or TUFF Bed Crate Pad can be added for extra comfort.

What if my dog does manage to chew up this bed?

We have a 90 Day Chew Proof Guarantee on all Original, Round, Orthopedic, Mini TUFF Beds and TUFF Pads. If your dog does manage to chew through one of the TUFF Beds within the guarantee period, we'll replace the cover, free of charge. If your dog manages through our TUFF Pads or Mini TUFF Beds, we'll send out a free replacement. We're that confident!

Aren't all dog beds the same? What makes yours so different?

Our beds are actually built to inhibit the dog's ability to chew them. For starters, the covers of our beds are made out of military grade 1680 denier ballistic nylon, the same material worn as body armor by US combat forces! Unlike other beds, our ballistic nylon is far more chew resistant than cloth or other cheap fabrics that can be ripped apart at the seams. We take extra pains to engineer our beds with concealed Velcro closures on the bottom of the beds to minimize the dog's temptation and ability to chew in this area. Rounded corners and solid, well-sewn seams also greatly reduce the possibility of the dog grabbing hold of a weak seam.

What about cleaning the bed?

Our beds are super-easy to clean! First separate the cover and the fill and place in the washing machine separately. Close the Velcro on the cover completely before washing. Make sure to wash on delicate and cold. Air dry or line dry are the best way to dry the bed. Heat drying is not recommended. Please note vomit and urine have corrosive properties which can penetrate through the water resistant cover damaging the inner fill. Clean all urine and vomit immediately with a dry towel. Remove the inner fill and wash the bed cover using the instructions mentioned above. Customers in the past have told us that a deodorizer (ex. Febreeze) can take away the urine or vomit smell.

Is there any kind of assembly required for the TUFF beds?

Our TUFF beds require minimal assembly. Simply place the cover over the fill and close the Velcro. If you are having trouble placing the cover over the fill, try placing the cover on the floor (Velcro side up). Fold the fill and insert one side into one part of the Velcro. With one side in, unfold the fill while inserting the remaining portion into the second half of the cover. Close the Velcro and you're done!

Why do you cover your memory foam with a waterproof cover?

Waterproof inner covers are designed to protect the integrity of the foam inside. They help as a first barrier of defense against moisture. Moisture that may come from a wet dog, humid conditions, puppy accidents, or an older dog that may be incontinent.


Our Guarantee for the Orthopedic Round TUFF Bed

If your dog chews through the cover, it is covered under our warranty. We will send out, free of charge, one replacement bed cover (not including bed fill). This one-time warranty is good for up to 90 days from the day that K9 Ballistics shipped out your purchase.

If you notice any damage of our product resulting from chewing or scratching, we recommend immediately removing the bed from your dog's access. Some dogs like to eat their bedding, so for your animals' health we recommend waiting to reintroduce the bed when the replacement cover arrives and/or when the dog grows out of the chewing phase.

How to Process a warranty Claim

What we need to process a warranty is:
1. An email sent by the person who placed the order (usually you) with your name and address
2. A photo of the damage (you can also include a photo of the culprit if you like). You do not need to send us your bed or cover.

Send email with pictures to [email protected]. It usually takes us five to seven business days to get back to you.

Warranty can be enacted just once. If you do not wish to enact your warranty, we can refund you 50% of the cost of the item provided that a picture of the damage is sent to us.