Every Dog Deserves a Bed

3.9 million dogs enter shelters and rescue organizations in the United States every year*.

We believe each and every one of these dogs deserve their own bed. While this problem is too big for any single group to tackle, we've decided to do our part by donating 12 dog beds to one shelter every week. 

There are nearly 20,000 registered animal rescue and shelter organizations in the US, so we have trouble picking which one gets the beds! Then we realized our customers are in tune with the needs of their canine community and know which organization deserves the most attention. Our customers can vote for a local organization by filling out a quick form on the checkout confirmation page of our website. At the end of the week, the rescue or shelter with the most votes gets a box of 12 excellently made dog beds.

About the Beds

These Ripstop and Water Resistant Crate Pads are designed specifically for shelters and rescue organizations. We've used our own proprietary blend of synthetic polyester fibers with a high denier rating of 1680. This material was intended to help prevent dogs from chewing up their bedding, and has been tested by the most important quality control group on the planet: our own dogs. The durable fabric makes the beds machine washable, resist odors, resist mildew, and hypoallergenic. In addition to chewing, the tough material also helps prevent damage from other destructive behaviors such as digging, scratching, and nesting. 

Our Philosophy

Rather than ask shelters and rescue organizations to pay for these beds, we decided to offer them at our own expense. Our business survives because of the wonderful community of dog lovers here in the United States. This program is our attempt at giving back to this community with the thing we do best: crafting durable dog beds.

Nominating a Shelter Near You  

If you know of an animal rescue or shelter organization near you in need of dog beds, you can nominate them to receive a box of 12 Crate Pads here on our website. We've limited nominations to the order confirmation page on our website, so the next time you purchase a bed you can enter your vote. In order to nominate, you can search for the organization by zip code and a list of eligible organizations will appear. You can then submit your nomination. We've currently limited the recipients to 501c3 registered organizations in the contiguous 48 states.

*Data from aspca.org.