Rewards for Vets, Shelters, & Pet Hotels


10% OFF + 10% BACK


Here at K9 Ballistics we believe in supporting the community of Dog Lovers who make our business possible. We decided to partner with the dog loving community by starting a Partner Rewards Program.

Who is Eligible:

Vet Clinics, Pet Shelters and Rescues, and Pet Hotels.

How it Works:

When you sign your establishment up, we provide you with a 10% discount code. You can then share this code with your friends and customers. Each time your friend or customer uses the code, they get a 10% discount off their purchase. At the same time, you are earning rewards points. For ever $10 spent using the code, you earn 1 point. Each 1 point is a $1 credit that you can then spend on your next purchase. As reward points accumulate, you can use it to get more items for your establishment. You choose how to spend the points when you want. You can either use them to get a part of a discount off of an item, or wait until you have enough points to get the item for free. So for example, if you have 50 points, you can then get a medium Original Tuff Bed for $46 cost, or hold out until you have the full 96 points to get the bed for free.

Each $10 spent will earn 1 point. 1 point will equal $1 discount. Points accumulate.

We Recommend:

We recommend letting your visitors, customers, or patients know where you found your dog beds, and offer them the 10% off code. Let them know every dollar of their puchase becomes beds for future dogs at your establishment. Our beds are designed for heavy use in high stress environments, and we believe they're the best beds for vets, shelters, rescues, and pet hotels. These same features make our beds great for homes. Every dog deserves an incredibly durable and safe bed, we believe this program is wonderful way to make that happen.

How to Apply:

To apply for a Rewards Partner Program account please send us an email with a brief overview of your program/institution and include a website URL. Each account is reviewed before issuing a coupon code and it may take a few days to hear back from us. Please include the following information in your e-mail: 

Point of Contact:

Type of Establishment: i.e. Vet Clinic, Shelter, or Pet Hotel

Name of the Establishment:

E-mail: (company e-mail is ideal)

Phone Number:


Website: if applicable

Email us at: [email protected] 


Thank you!

Sean Farley

Owner, K9 Ballistics ©