1. Keep your dog active: Exercise helps your dog release pent up physical stress. The more energy they release during the day staying active, the less energy they have left to channel into being anxious or hyperactive in response to fireworks.
  2. Create a safe space: Dogs are naturally den animals, so creating a comfortable space away from any loud noises can help them relax. We recommend setting your K9 Ballistic Dog bed far from any windows, possibly in a basement or large closet for best effect.
  3. Keep a proper ID on your dog: Because of the fight or flight response most dogs tend to have due to loud noises, it's very common for pups to try to run away. They perceive the loud noise as danger and are trying to get as far away as possible. Because of this it's important to make sure your dog has a proper ID on them with contact information.
  4. Play White Noise: Try leaving the TV on, playing some relaxing music, or even leaving the fan on. These things can help mask some of the loud noises coming from the fireworks and distract your dog from the source of the anxiety they are feeling.
  5. Keep your dog company: Your presence and physical affection will help your dog feel protected. This is the time to shower your pup with hugs and give them all the petting they need. This can go a long way in helping your four legged friend relax.


  • 1 of our 3 dogs always becomes very anxious during even the hint of fireworks going off. Your suggestions are “spot on”. Thank you.

    Kenneth Wong on

  • I ve been a dog owner for many years and actually knew all this information but the reminder is a great help. I also think lots of people will benefit from this advice. Good for you for advising.

    J CHaytor on

  • My 13 yr old lab has been terrified of fireworks since he was a pup. I tried everything possible to no avail until about 5/6 years ago I tried the Thunder Shirt. It’s amazing! It works for my dog. Yes I still put on fans, white noise, tv, radio but with the Thunder Shirt he no longer tries to hide behind the toilet during fireworks.

    Carol on

  • Excellent advice. I almost lost a dog years a go b/o the noise but a good Samaritin found her and brought her home from 100 miles away!!

    Yale Sacks on

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