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A personal note -
      So many of us have experienced coming home to find our dog has destroyed their bed. We understand the experience of having to spent good money to give your dog a place of their own, a comfortable place to sleep, only to find it torn to shreds. That feeling of frustration is why we’re committed to making the most durable dog beds.
     We’ve created our Tough & Durable dog bed line for those pups that are rough on their beds. A bed built to last a long time, not just a few months. Every dog deserves a bed and we’ll never stop improving our designs and our fabrics, using our own experience as lifelong pet parents and your feedback as our north star for what matters most for our dogs.
     Our dog bed designs were built from the ground up removing all features and design aesthetics that didn’t add value, then doubling down on those things that did. Our rip-stop ballistic fabric was engineered by us, specifically for a dog’s lifestyle. It’s densely woven, durable construction can take a beating from a dog’s nails. It’s waterproof, preventing moisture from accidents or wet dogs from reaching the mattress. It’s rip-stop, preventing tears from spreading, should one start. It’s odor resistant due to the properties of the synthetic fibers we use. We’ve designed the surface to be smooth, so fur doesn’t cling and is easily brushed off. Finally, our mattresses are made in America with CertiPUR-US foams that don’t contain any harmful toxins. Our ballistic core waterproof mattress protector is more durable than most other companies bed covers.
     Although we set out to make beds that are indestructible, there are some dogs that can chew through almost anything. No one has built the bed no dog can destroy but we’re darn close. We’ve created our Chew Proof Armored beds as a last resort for those pups that have destroyed everything else.
     It’s our pursuit of perfection and our willingness to listen to what matters most to our customers that keeps us ahead of our competition. Many people have copied our designs and our lessons learned from being the first to innovate. Although coping us is flattering, we can assure our customers that our constant innovation and earned customer loyalty is what will always set us apart.
    These are unprecedented times, we’re grateful for your support now more than ever. It means more to us than we can say. As small business owners, dads, husbands, and pet parents, we are staying positive for all those who rely on us and our business. We are certain that our best days are ahead of us and we will all come through this stronger. Thank you again for your unwavering support. Please know we are here for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything.

With gratitude, 

- Ari & Sean