1. Exercise your dog: Anxiety can cause a lot of excess energy so it’s a good idea to give your dog time to exert that energy. We recommend taking your dog out on a hike or a long walk on the beach. Don’t forgot to do your research first since not all hikes and beaches are dog friendly.


  1. Massage: We all know a massage can help even the most anxious person relax. The same goes for your favorite four-legged animal. Dog’s love physical affection and a deep tissue massage can work wonders in terms of helping your anxious pup wind down.


  1. Music Therapy: Music is something a lot of us use to relax. This can work for your pup too. It can drown out the sound of traffic or other stressors. Music therapy is especially helpful for pups that suffer from separation anxiety, since you can leave music playing even when you are not home.


  1. Establish a safe space: Help you dog feel comfortable by providing a comfortable place to rest and sleep that’s away from any windows or outside noise. We recommend placing their dog bed somewhere with minimum outside stimulus in order to make it easy for them to wind down.


  • I do all three of these recommendations for my yorkie-poo. I always leave music on for her as it helps with her separation anxiety. Carmella loves her walks & of course a nice massage.

    Eva Bray on

  • I follow the same advice for my lab. He loves the massages and belly rubs.

    JOAnn on

  • These tips do work. I have a poodle and I always leave music on for her.

    Bruce Burr on

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