1. Big dogs don't realize they're big. Large dogs are often times completely unaware of their immense stature. Some might even say they are in denial. If you own a big dog, you're probably still dealing with your 100+ pound adult dog trying to sit on you like he's a small lapdog, or squeezing on to a tiny spot on the couch.
2. They look scary, but are super friendly. Big dogs tend to look intimidating. We have all seen the frightened faces of friends and family visiting for the first time. What they soon realize is that giant dogs are gentle giants. They're often as friendly if not friendlier that your average lap dog. Since they are so big, they are not easily threatened and tend to be more calm than small dogs.  
3. You never know who is walking who. Like all dogs, large dogs get excited when they're out on walks and see something interesting. An excited dog often means tugging and pulling. When your dog is huge, this means they decide where you're walking next. 
4. They eat like a horse. Large dogs have a large appetite. You find yourself running back to the pet store to pick up more food. Not only that, but even after feeding them a large meal, you'll find them asking for a snack minutes later.
5. Big dogs are the best!


  • My BIG dogs are my life…they are my heart and soul and wouldn’t hurt anyone ! I have 5 Great Danes and love each one with all my heart. It is the most fun in my life having these Great Danes and I’m 66 years old. i will have them as long as I can !

    Karen Van Scoyk1 on

  • In reference to number 4. Yes, they do eat like horses. They also defecate like horses. Keep a large shovel (and doo bucket) handy!!


  • Many small dogs have Napoleonic complexes — observed as owner of both!!

    DElores STephens on

  • So true!! 🤣

    Brittany on

  • You just described my dog to a tee

    Brian Holding on

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