How is this dog bed lasting so long?

indestructible dog bed cot chew proof

If you're reading this, you've probably tried getting a good bed for your dog in the past. You've probably found that beds wear out quickly, especially for dogs who like to play rough. You probably also noticed that dog beds flatten out quickly in less than a year, are difficult to keep clean, and are easily shredded by puppies. Basically, traditional dog beds simply aren't good enough. 

K9 Ballistics® does not make traditional dog beds. We started out designing beds that stand up to aggressive chewing dogs, but discovered we achieved something else as well: our beds last a very long time. We think all dog beds should last the lifetime of your dog, and should also be comfortable. That's why our beds come with a 120 Day Durability Promise™.

★★★★★ - Ellen P.

"Love it! Finally a bed my aggressive chewers have left alone. Neither one has made any attempt to chew it. It is a very durable bed. We initially bought one to try and loved it, so we bought a second."

How do we do it?

It's a simple formula! We designed the strongest proprietary fabric available, with a Rip-Stop weave to help prevent damage from scratching or chewing. It's called Ballistic Rip-Stop. We also fill our mattress style dog beds with U.S.A. made foam certified free of toxins. This foam has a much higher density and quality rating than you can find on the shelves of a retail store. Higher quality materials means higher quality dog beds.

Get What You've Paid For

We don't make cheap dog beds, and we never will. Cheap beds mean cheap construction, cheap materials, and cheap labor. Cheap is hard on workers, hard on the planet, and hard on dogs too! Cheap foam has very low crush-strength, meaning your dog sinks right through to the floor. Your pup might as well be sleeping on the cold hard ground! Cheap beds cost a lot more in the long run because they must be replaced year after year. Get a dog bed that lasts the lifetime of your dog!

How tough does your dog's bed need to be?

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