Mindful Manufacturing

Like us, our customers care about the social and environmental impact of our products lifecycles. This means we will always take into account where our raw materials come from, how they will be used and where they will end up when we're designing new products.

Longer-Lasting Fabrics

Buying less often leads to a smaller carbon footprint. Less energy used, less fuel burned and fewer materials in the landfill all lead to a cleaner planet. Spending a little more money upfront means you have access to products that can last a lifetime. Our fabrics are also easily spot cleaned, helping to save water which would otherwise be used in the laundry process.

Built for dogs that 

destroy their beds

Built for dogs that 

are tough on their beds

Reduced Waste Foam Manufacturing

100% of the CertiPUR-US American made foam is utilized in manufacturing our solid mattresses. Nothing is thrown away, it is repurposed, helping us realize our goal of zero waste manufacturing.

Products using Reduced Waste Foam

Recycled Foam

Using specialized machinery, we take the smaller, otherwise un-usable pieces of foam from our orthopedic mattresses and shred them into smaller consistent size pieces. We then use it in our nesting beds to create a more comfortable, supportive, and breathable mattress than using fiber. It also helps us realize our goal of zero waste manufacturing.

Products using Recycled Foam

Post-Consumer Recycled Fiberfill

We’ve given new life to millions of plastic bottles, changing them into our soft, certified-safe recycled polyester fill. We've recycled more than 5 million bottles over the last 5 years alone, giving them new life and keeping them out of land fills longer.

Products using Recycled Fill

Highly Recyclable Aluminum

Our Chew Proof Armored Frames™ are made from Aluminum. Aluminum is 100% recyclable as well as infinitely recyclable. It is one of the only materials that takes less energy in the recycling process than it takes to produce new material.

Products using Recyclable Aluminum

Sustainability Certifications

When possible we try to utilize raw materials and suppliers that carry third party certifications