K9 Ballistic Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed™

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Read our 180 Day Warranty

Chew Proof Rating


Aggressive, Persistent Chewers

Toughest bed available, "Cujo proof," Resisting 99% of chewing dogs but good for all dogs. Backed by our 90 Day Warranty to help give anxious customers peace of mind about buying yet another bed. Every edge is guarded by four sides of sleek air craft grade, brushed aluminum, thoughtfully designed to hide all chewable edges of exposed fabric. The sleep surface is made of our proprietary Tough Flex, Rip-Stop Ballistic Material, creating a nearly indestructible, elevated sleeping surface your dog will love.


ripstop tough cover for dog beds

RipStop Ballistic Material™

The chew-proof ballistic material with rip-stop tech avoids tears, and prevents growth if they start. It is just one more detail that makes these beds tough as nails (and tougher than teeth!)

double stitched seam dog bed

Reinforced Seams

We're proud to say our interior seams are double stitched and serged. This prevents snags, fraying, and damage from chewing.

Additionally, we include a layer of material at the bed's corners. Corners are the first things to go when a dog decides to start chewing. By reinforcing this weak point, we greatly increase the life of the bed.

double stitched seam dog bed

Reduced Seam Construction

Right after corners, seams are the weak spots which dogs exploit most frequently in beds. By reducing the number of seams on a bed fewer temptations present themselves, and therefore reduce the risk of demolition!

water resistant dog bed

Repels Dirt, Hair, and Moisture

Tightly woven synthetic fibers make this bed chew proof, and also resistant to a wide array of other damaging forces. Water, dirt, hair, and muck simply don't cling to the bed and can be easily wiped away; after wiping with a damp cloth the bed often looks as good as new!

machine washable dog beds

Machine Washable

Accidents happen, it's a fact of life; Murphey's law if you will. Having a machine washable dog bed helps clean up those accidents quickly and easily. For those messes that do not wipe away, let the machine washer do the work.

We recommend washing with cold water on a gentle cycle, and then air drying. The heat and friction of a machine dryer could shorten the lifespan of the bed, and we want our products to last as long as possible!

odor resistant dog bed

Synthetic Fibers Resist Odors

The extremely dense synthetic fiber weave of our Ballistic Material not only stops moisture, but also odors! Dirt, grime, and even mold spores have a tough time sticking to the bed cover, and when these elements can't stick around neither can the smell.

odor resistant dog bed

Hypoallergenic Material

Dust mites cause a large number of allergic reactions for dogs. Mold and mildew spores can also trigger allergic reactions. The sythetic fibers used in this cover prohibit dust mite invasions, and make life difficult for mold spores as well. These allergens require organic fibers to build their homes, and this cover uses a 100% synthetic fiber construction. Dust mites beware!


Our Warranty for the Ballistic Chew Proof Cot

A one-time warranty per order; if your dog manages to chew the Ballistic Chew Proof Cot it's covered. We will honor and replace the Ballistic Material and/or Tough Frame, dependent on the extent of damage, free of charge. This warranty is available for 90 days from the day that K9 Ballistics shipped out the purchase.

If you notice any damage of our product resulting from chewing or scratching, we recommend immediately removing the bed from your dog's access. Some dogs like to eat their bedding, so for your animals' health we recommend waiting to reintroduce the bed when the replacement cover arrives and/or when the dog grows out of the chewing phase.

How to Process a warranty Claim

What we need to process a warranty is:
1. An email sent by the person who placed the order (usually you) with your name and address.
2. A photo of the damage (you can also include a photo of the culprit if you like). You do not need to send us your bed or cover.

Send email with pictures to here. It usually takes us five to seven business days to get back to you.

If you do not wish to enact your warranty, we can refund you 50% of the cost of the item provided that a picture of the damage is sent to us.

Rip-Stop Engineering
Machine Washable
Third-party Tested
Dog & Vet Inspired Design
Covered by 180 Day Warranty

Description & Features

Chew Proof Beds

For heavy persistent chewers

This is the #1 chew proof dog bed worldwide for power chewers. This chew proof elevated dog bed is virtually indestructible for 99% of dogs. It is backed by our 180 day warranty and is made from our famous high-performance K9 Ballistic Rip-Stop Fabric™. Engineered tough with aluminum sides and no access fabric edges, this bed resists chewing, biting, scratching, hair, dirt and moisture. This raised bed provides weight distribution, air circulation and overall support.

This bed is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, all seasons, highly portable and fits most standard size crates. Easy spot clean. America's best-selling elevated dog bed.

  • 180 Day Warranty
  • K9 No Access Edges™
  • K9 Ballistic Rip-Stop Proprietary Fabric™
  • K9 Triple Stitched Overlock Seams™
  • K9 Waterproof Membrane™
  • One leg height available: 5"
  • K9 Multi-Season Use™ Indoor & Outdoor
  • Lightweight and travel friendly
  • 3rd Party Tested For Tear Strength, Abrasion Resistance & Washability™
  • K9 USA Promise™: Designed & Engineered In The USA

    Chew Proof Durability You Can Trust

    Some dogs are born power chewers and this bed is for those in that 1%. Our engineers have taken great care in studying these chewers. They came up with a design that is optimized for this specific problem. Please buy this bed if your dog has a history of destructive behavior. This bed is backed by our stongest warranty because we are so confident in its durability.


    Dependability, Quality & Care

    We believe in the life-changing possibilities between pet and parent and are dedicated to enriching this bond with high-quality, stress-free dog products.

    This K9 Ballistic Chew Proof Elevated Cot™ is backed by our 180 day warranty. Click here to reach our customer care team to answer any question you may have

    Discover why K9 Dog Beds™ makes the best dog beds in the world.

    • Very pleased.
      Review by Debra on 5/17/2019
      I am very pleased with the chew proof elevated bed. I have a Belgian Malinois and this breed is extremely destructive of everything in site. So far he has not chewed on his bed. I hope you make toys also and I will be checking to see.
    • Thanks
      Review by Dan on 5/15/2019
      This is the fourth bed we have purchased outstanding quality and the dogs love them thanks
    • Very high quality pet bed
      Review by Brandon on 5/14/2019
      Very high quality pet bed. I had one from a different company previously and my English bulldog chewed it within a week.
    • Neighborhood Watch Dog Approved!
      Review by Ronda on 5/13/2019
      My Great Dane loves this bed. We placed it on the back porch and he lays there most of the day. It keeps him cool and comfortable while he keeps watch over the neighborhood!
    • Love it ! This is a top notch company that stands by their products.
      Review by Kaylee on 5/12/2019
      I think my dogs will love this bed the most in the summer
    • Excellent bed for heavy chewers
      Review by Michael on 5/4/2019
      I have a very heavy chewer dog. Toys dont last, beds are destroyed in a day. I was sick of it. Found this bed and thought to give it a try. So far she has not managed to RIP it to shreds. 100% recommend this product.
    • Awesome bed!
      Review by Chandler on 4/22/2019
      So far this is the ONLY bed that my two 9 month old lab pups have NOT been able to destroy. And that includes the Coolio raised dog beds and the “chew proof” Treat A Dog beds which they destroyed with little effort. Saving up to get another one!
    • Love love love, worth the money!!!!
      Review by Allie on 4/21/2019
      I have a 5 year old pittbull that has destroyed every bed I have ever gotten him. He has destroyed recliners etc. I originally bought just the crate pad, which worked great and I was happy with until he broke the zip ties tying it to the kennel and then proceeded to shred the bed. K9 ballistics was great and honored the warranty, so I bought the elevated dog bed. I’ve had it for close to 2 weeks now and not a single tear! I am beyond happy that my aging dog no longer has to be in a crate with no bedding! I, and his joints, are very happy!
    • Amazing quality and very fast order fulfillment.
      Review by Thad on 4/19/2019
      This bed is awesome!!! My German Shepherd absolutely loves it! It is well built and doesn’t sag like other cot beds. Highly recommend the extra large dog bed for GSD’s or any other larger breed dogs.
    • xxx
      Review by SR on 4/19/2019
      so far, my dog has not chewed through the bed and he loves it.....I am surprised that the bed holds water though....the dog is in an outdoor kennel. If this bed is not supposed to be used outdoors, it might help to advertise that fact.
    • Truly Chew Proof
      Review by BethAnne on 4/19/2019
      This bed is absolutely chew proof! Between the tight, rugged material of the bed and the metal frame, there is no way my dog can chew this. There is no material for him to grab onto! Excellent product!
    • Happy in the panhandle
      Review by Jovita on 4/13/2019
      I’ve had this three weeks now and it still is in good shape- my shepherd puppy and Dane chew everything - really pleased
    • Awesome bed
      Review by Glen on 4/12/2019
      Lulu loves her new bed.
    • Excellent quality bed
      Review by Celeste on 4/12/2019
      My German Shepherd has been in her kennel with the bed 3 times, for periods of 6-12 hours last weekend, and did not chew the bed at all. The design is much better than other beds of its type, in that the dogs cannot get purchase on the material because it is stretched continuously, no open spots for her to get her teeth into. The frame is very sturdy as well. We have 2 other similar type elevated beds that she chewed up on the corners.
    • Would recommend this to anyone!
      Review by Sandra on 4/10/2019
      Love this bed! Our lab has 'eaten' all her other bed!
    • Very nice bed.
      Review by Deborah on 4/9/2019
      The dogs love it
    • I own 2
      Review by Dave on 4/2/2019
      My dog weighs 100 and it is still good. But I suggest putting something on top of it like a towel or pillows to prevent tearing.
    • Perfect Product
      Review by Stephen on 3/31/2019
      K9 Ballistics stood behind their dog bed and, when our chew-crazy, six month old lab pup flipped the bed and started yanking off strips of Velcro, K9 offered a replacement or 50% on the purchase of a cot. We decided on trying the cot, since no other bed had been a chew challenge for our dog. The cot is perfect. Our dog loves it and she has not been able to destroy it! We have had itvseveral weeks, now.
      It is a very well made item that fills a particular need wonderfully.
    • Great Product, wish I'd found it sooner.
      Review by Sarah on 3/31/2019
      Overall impressed by the strength, ease of cleaning and no obvious parts for Talisker to chew. He weighs 63lbs and uses it as a launching pad!
    • Wonderful dog beds for dogs that like to chew.
      Review by Edith on 3/31/2019
      I have an English bulldog that can destroy anything. We have purchased two of the K9 cot bed. They are wonderful and still in one piece. We take them outside to hose down and they are clean and look as good as new.
      Review by Fifteen Acre Farms on 3/31/2019
      I raise Australian Shepherds and have been using these beds for about 3 years now. They hold up WELL for this breed and are chew proof. They are light weight so I can move them easily to clean or relocate to a different area of the yard or indoor housing. They wash easily with a garden hose and disinfectant spray and the canvas does not break down. The frame wipes clean with a clorox wipe. They are easy to assemble only needing the legs screwed onto the frame on arrival which is a task my 10 year old grandson can accomplish quickly. I like the different sizes and heights. The size medium is a lower height that puppies can easily maneuver at age 3-4 weeks. The size large is an inch or 2 higher and more suitable for puppies age 5 weeks and older and can easily accommodates a 50 lb mama and litter of 10 puppies for napping and nursing. I HIGHLY recommend this bed for any breed of dog, pet owner, or breeder and have a link on my website to recommend. I have not had to replace any beds yet and am very pleased with the quality and price of this product.
    • Not a chew toy so far
      Review by Weimar Mom on 3/25/2019
      This bed is great so far. We purchased the bed for our 6 month Weimaraner who has chewed up 4 beds since we've had him. My only complaint is we have wood flooring and the bed slides when he jumps up onto it. As far as durability, I think we have a winner.
    • Our Griff baby is happy!
      Review by Katherine on 3/25/2019
      So far so good! Our Griffon seems to love it! He voluntarily goes in his kennel now to chill without being told. He has fheeed through several other plush beds and innumerable towels. We had taken everything out of his kennel to avoid a dangerous injection of materials, but felt so bad for him sleeping on the plastic kennel floor. Now he has something that he can’t destroy and will help keep his joints safe and healthy!
    • Shelter tested
      Review by Life on 3/24/2019
      We purchased the elevated cots for our Rescue Animal Shelter. This is a true test for this product! We started with just one cot and moved it several times to test with some of our really anxious and powerful dogs. No damage! So next we ordered cots for every run in the kennel. After 2 weeks, No Damage to any bed!! We are over the top about the cots. Dogs need to be up off the floors and with previously tried beds and cots, some of the dogs just could not be trusted with them. Now all dogs are "elevated".
    • Has lasted in spite of the destructive duo.
      Review by Heathen Goddess on 3/21/2019
      I have spent hundreds of dollars on beds, cots, and blankets for my dogs. We have one English bulldog mix and a Puggle. The Puggle is a destruction machine. She chews through cloth and rubber unlike any dog we have ever had. The Bulldog, well, he eats wood and plastic. I was giving up hope. This elevated dog bed has lasted almost one month with no damage. If it goes one more month, I will purchase another larger bed for the patio. It would have been far cheaper had I bought this brand first.
    • Great Dane approved
      Review by Heather on 3/21/2019
      This has been the only bed my Great Dane (destroyer of all things) hasn’t been able to destroy. We have had it for two weeks now and so far, not a scratch or bite mark on it!! She seems quite happy to lounge on her cot even when her crate is open and people are home. The ease of washing it is great too! I would highly recommend the cot to everyone!
    • Great bed
      Review by Charles on 3/21/2019
      Bed is perfect, fits nicely in my pups crate and she loves it. I bought a second one for my male Shepherd and he loves it as well. Both pups are happy and comfortable in their crates.
    • Chew proof
      Review by Billie J. on 3/21/2019
      This bed is awesome!
    • Great bed for the destructive dog!
      Review by Jeff on 3/21/2019
      Full disclosure, we bought our two Belgian Malinois puppies the orthopedic pad with chew proof cover kennel pads and within 5 minites, the female had destroyed hers. You refinded half my purchase price and I thought I would never buy her a other pad. I saw the adds for this elevated dog bed, checked my kennel measurments and bought this as a last dirch effort, as seeing her on the hard plastic bottom of the kennel made us feel terrible. We are on week three with this bed and no damage to it, not even one scratch. I wish there were different elevations for the legs, if she were taller, this might not leave her enough headroom. It's a great product!
    • Great for a master chewer
      Review by El on 3/16/2019
      Great bed! He’s chewed through our last 5 dog beds, including 3 that were supposed to be heavy duty...and he’s 6 months old. And they were durable beds, it’s just he’s a maniac, so the cujo is perfect for him. This is the first bed he hasn’t eaten ;) and we’re hoping he will calm down a bit as time goes on.
    • It works!
      Review by Timothy on 3/16/2019
      It was a little big for the crate we have and caused issues feeding so we took off the legs and it still provides the suspension for cushion. The dog likes it, and has not damaged it. We had gone through 4 other chew resistant beds so I am hopeful this will last longer.
    • Great cots! I bought 6!
      Review by Lily on 3/9/2019
      I have bakers dozen dogs and the youngest always seems to chew up the oldest cots and I was getting tire of replacing them until I found this company. I caught them on my security cameras trying to destroy it but failed! I really love them and they are worth the price! I bought three large and an xxl and now I’m buying two more so they don’t fight over them.
    • If your dog is an insane chewer buy this!
      Review by chris on 3/7/2019
      My German shepherd/Lab is a serious chewer she made it through one of the crate mats. I had k9 ballistics warranty it out and paid a little more for one of the cots and she has not been able to do any damage to this
    • K9 Dog Cot
      Review by Kenny on 2/22/2019
      Holds up really well, just have to put a blanket on top for them to lay down.
    • Worth the money
      Review by Robert on 2/22/2019
      I have two very large and active dogs who both take turns sharing this bed. While it has only been a couple of weeks, the bed appears to be holding up very well with no signs on damage. I plan on buying a second large bed once they are back in stock.
    • I will be buying one in the future for his sister I need to save up. A little pricey but worth it.
      Review by Marylou on 2/22/2019
      working great. I sprayed the PVC ends with bitter spray just in case he thought that would be a nice place to start chewing, and so far he has left this bed alone. Been two weeks and no issues. Its a little higher than I would like for his crate. I put toys in with him and they fall under the cot sometimes. That is my only complaint. Wish the legs were a wee bit shorter. He is a golden retriever 9 months and 60 lbs his crate is xxlarge. Length wise the bed fits just fine.
    • Excellent product
      Review by Antny on 2/20/2019
      My super chewer hasn't chewed this cot up yet! He loves it!!
    • Sturdy but uncomfortable
      Review by Alfredo on 2/20/2019
      My dog hates his bed because he is uncomfortable. At first, I thought my dog was not used to seeing a new bed because he would walk to the soft carpeted side of the house and sleep their. So I decided to put a soft comforter and placed it on top of this elavated chew proof bed and now my dog sleeps on it. This tells me that my dog is very uncomfortable with how the bed is and needs that extra cushioning. This bed looks and feels like mini trampoline. Would you sleep on something like that? Wouldn't it feel more comfortable if you put a comforter on the trampoline to be able to lay on it?

      This bed isn't for all dogs it's a 50/50 shot good luck. Your better off for the chew resistance; however, your only covered 180 days and my dog chewed through that bed after the 180 because it takes more than 180 days to finally breakthrough it.... LMFAO...so then you think your safe buying a chew proof bed but end up with a dog that hates it and would only feel comfortable with it being cushioned hahahahha... Good luck as I said before.
    • Great cot
      Review by Tami on 2/18/2019
      I love this cot. My power chewer 1 year old Lab has not destroyed it yet & he & my 5 year old Lab share it when it’s cold. That’s 143 lbs of Lab & it’s still intact. Not sagging at all
    • Malinois Mom Approved
      Review by Kathleen on 2/17/2019
      I thought that I would never say this but I found something that my 67lb 9 month old Belgian Malinois cannot destroy. Very happy that she is off the floor of her crate. Very happy with this purchase.
    • So far so good.
      Review by ADA on 2/16/2019
      I’ve had these cots for less than one month. My orally fixated Boerboel is yet to chew.
    • Well worth the money.
      Review by John on 2/16/2019
      My dog has destroyed and eaten every pillow, blanket and bed she has had since being a puppy. I felt badly that she had no need in her kennel, but I didn't want to risk her getting a bowel obstruction. Then, I decided to take a chance and buy a K9 ,Ballistic Bed. The bed is constructed so well, she is unable to chew or destroy it.

      Thank you K9 Ballistics.
    • Great for heavy chewer
      Review by Kyle on 2/16/2019
      My dog is a heavy chewer, so to keep her from chewing our wood work we keep her crated while we’re at work. Needless to say, any bed that we put in the crate would be ripped to pieces when we’d get home. It has been a little over a month with the dog cot and it’s help up great! Not a chew mark in sight!
    • I am happy with our purchase.
      Review by Cindy on 2/15/2019
      Brody likes his new elevated bed. Our main purpose for the bed is when he is kenneled while we are away and that happens in a few weeks and for when it is hot outside he can lay on it instead of hot patio stone (we still have snow on the ground). I did have a problem screwing one of the legs on but with a little more force I got it.
    • So far, so good
      Review by Les on 2/15/2019
      So far, so good!
    • Doberman
      Review by Garett on 2/11/2019
      Dog bed is holding up great, nothing has been able to stop my 7 month doberman. Stitching is starting to come apart from scratching. Other then that great bed! 9/10
    • Happy dogs!
      Review by Boxermom on 2/11/2019
      Our boxers love their new cot beds. Our dogs weigh 80-90 lbs and these cots hold up nicely. We ordered two XL cots. They are great quality beds and the shipping was fast. We love ordering from K9 Ballistics!
    • Great product we definitely recommend it
      Review by Robert on 2/11/2019
      Our dog Duke is enjoying his new bed. It’s the first one he’s had that he hasn’t been able to destroy. So far he’s not even attempted to chew on it like he does everything else. We’re very happy with this bed. ????????
    • Perfect for high energy and power chewers
      Review by Michelle on 2/11/2019
      We have police dogs at our facility and they will chew through chain link panels, they destroy Kuranda beds overnight and the Primo Pads didn't last half a day. They haven't done a thing to the K9 Ballistic beds. I ordered a few to try them and I'm about to order enough to put in all of our kennels. Clean easily, attractive, but most importantly they stand up to the ultimate test...dogs that have destroyed everything else.
    • The durable dog bed
      Review by Michael on 2/10/2019
      Well built with easy to attach legs. My dog loves it.
    • Please sell replacement materials
      Review by Shirley on 2/9/2019
      This is the second K9 cot I’ve purchased for my dog. The first one ripped within the warranty time frame to get replacement material to repair it. Then it ripped again a year later. I contacted the company to see about purchasing replacement material but they don’t sell it therefore I ordered a new K9 cot. In my opinion they should sell replacement materials to repair the cots. I am overall pleased with the cot. My dog shreds bedding and blankets so he can’t have those!
    • Best company and great customer support!
      Review by Randy on 2/8/2019
      The puppy loves this bed in her kennal! We leave the door open sometimes and I'll find her chilling with her favorite rope toy! Great purchase! The legs didn't come with the shipment and I let customer support know and they shipped them free of charge! Great company all around. Thank you so much.
    • Great bed! Will be ordering more soon.
      Review by Heather on 2/8/2019
      My dogs love their new beds (cots). I ordered one months ago as a test to see how they would like it & to see how it would hold up. My dogs gave it a pawsome review so I ordered 2 more. I need about 3 more to complete my kennel. I will be ordering more soon. Great product!
      Review by Rhonda on 2/8/2019
    • Super Dog Cot!!
      Review by MTej on 2/7/2019
      FINALLY!!! A dog bed that my super aggressive chewer German Shepard can’t destroy.A little disappointed that ya’ll don’t have the 3.5” legs anymore but it was easy to get a metal cutting blade and cut down the 5” legs in order for thened to fit comfortably in my dogs kennel. Totally recommend this bed, pricey but worth every penny!!
    • Extremely Surprised
      Review by Dakota on 2/5/2019
      I read the reviews and laughed. There is no way that my 1 year old Choc. Lab was going to NOT chew up this bed. Since we got our lovable Iah a year ago she has tore apart every single bed we have bought her, so she now only had a blanket in her kennel were she sleeps (which i replace at least once every other week from thrift store because she chews the blankets up also). But okay, we'll try it. It has been 3 weeks and she uses it everyday and it is still in ONE piece. She loves it and so do we, I honestly cannot believe it. THANK YOU K9 Ballistics.
    • BEST Dog Bed Available
      Review by Bogey’s Mom on 2/5/2019
      This bed rocks! My dog loves the bed and has not been able to initiate any damage. I have a GSD that has literally destroyed multiple blankets and dog beds. This is a great bed bed for chewers and diggers. My boy has very bad separation anxiety and he is calm and comfortable on his new bed now. Also very fast delivery and excellent customer service! Really nice people behind the computer screen. I’m buying a another bed soon
    • The Perfect Solution
      Review by Debra on 2/5/2019
      I have a French bulldog that chews and ingests anything you put in a crate with him. I felt horrible leaving him in a cold metal crate with nothing, but I could not have him eating towels and blankets. This bed was my last attempt. I can't really testify to the durability of the bed because he has NEVER attempted to chew on it. He took to it right away and seems to no notice it. The quality and construction of the bed is excellent.
    • Only bed that has made it a week in pups crate with out destruction
      Review by Michael on 2/4/2019
      This is the only thing that has made it more than a week in our pups crate. Fits perfectly and the quality is exceptional
    • Highly recommend
      Review by Aubree on 2/4/2019
      These cots are amazing! My Rottweiler kept chewing every other bed out there such as Gorilla dog beds. I decided to go with this company because I desperately needed something so my dog wasn't sleeping on the ground. I highly recommend these cots. My dog scratches it and such and it holds up.
    • Working as advertised
      Review by KD on 2/3/2019
      So far, so good - bed still intact! I wish I had bought the extra-large bed. My LGD, who comes in at night, chewed everything up and even worked her way to chewing on all the wood in the log sun room where she sleeps at night. She loves to run and launch herself from this bed and then at some point, lay down on it. We have had the bed about a month now, and it is the only thing she doesn't chew.....yet?
    • Awesome dog bed .
      Review by Cathy on 2/3/2019
      Finally a dog bed that my puppy can’t eat . I bought him a doggie mattress that I only put on the cot at night . He isn’t as crazy at night . But the cot itself he can’t eat ! Yay
      If you have a dog that eats his or her bed , this is for you . And your dog will love it ..
    • Satisfied customer.
      Review by Tim on 2/3/2019
      Eleavated Cot workinggreat. So far so good..
    • Outstanding bed so far
      Review by maryann on 2/2/2019
      My sons dog has eaten and chewed through every bed we have bought except this one. It is easy to clean and so far it is holding up . She doesnt even bother with chewing on it . I had bought it for my other dog but my sons dog pushes the other one off and loves to lay on it . I am very happy with thus bed .
    • Sturdy bed
      Review by Alicia on 2/2/2019
      We did buy the large elevated cot and bed together. Although both larges, the bed is smaller than the cot by a few inches. Other than that I have no complaints.
    • Good buy
      Review by Karyn on 1/28/2019
      I bought this bed for my dog's crate that she sleeps in at night. It fits in the crate beautifully. She really seems to like it. Before I bought the bed she would go in the crate and it would take her awhile to settle down and go to sleep. Now she gets on the bed and goes to sleep right away.
    • GREAT bed!
      Review by KR on 1/28/2019
      AWESOME bed for our yellow lab! He loves it, as I love the durability and well made construction.
    • Malinois approved!
      Review by Jacqui on 1/28/2019
      Holy cow! This cot is everything they advertise it to be and more! I have a Malinois that can eat through steel if motivated enough. Some beds I have purchased for him literally last less than 24 hours. He has finally met his match. He has clawed it, flung it around the room and tried to chew the edges and it has stood up. You remember that old commercial of the gorilla throwing the samsonte suitcase around? This is our interpretation. It is sturdy, easy to clean and well made. Now it is Malinois approved!
    • Yup Chew Proof Bed
      Review by Yup on 1/28/2019
      Yup My Jack Russell can’t chew this one up!
      He likes to lay on it and chew his bone, but still
      Prefers a towel to sleep on which surprisely the
      Towel and this bed is the Only two things he
      Does not chew up and swallow.
    • Best bed for an extra large dog
      Review by Pilar on 1/28/2019
      We. Ought this bed for our English Masttif. Every bed we purchased either collapsed or he chewed. Love the fact that it’s sturdy but most of all that he is so comfortable. After purchasing his first bed we bought a second one. He has one bed inside and one outside. It took a while to find you but I’m glad we did.
      Review by susan on 1/19/2019
      These are wonderful beds!! I have 2 Great Danes...an 18 month old and a 41/2 yr old. The puppy has not been able to chew it, dig thru the fabric or damage it no matter how hard she has tried. Have bought other beds in the past....wasted my money. These are the only beds that have withstood the tests of time! Highly recommend!!
    • Excellent. All the money spent on karunda beds - The plastic frame ones have been thrown out, the aluminum frame have had new heavy duty vinyl covers put on.
      Review by Anna on 1/16/2019
      My Dobermans have shewed the legs off, corners of Karunda beds made of plastic. I purchased their aluminum frame with the heavy duty vinyl. In their digging made holes in the fabric.
      The ballistic chew proof elevated cot has withstood all their abuse without damage. At 4 months of use they beds are still good as new.
    • Excellent
      Review by julie on 1/11/2019
      I have 4 dogs. One is a “super chewer”. No bed has lasted more than a week. I bought the extra large cot. Three of the four dogs sleep on it together very comfortably. I have had it for a month now and no signs of chewing or digging at the fabric. Well worth the money.
    • Super Satisfied
      Review by Steve on 1/4/2019
      Two labs, Layla who's 9 months and Eddie who's 3 years. Layla loves to chew and typically makes it through a new bed or stuffed toy in under half an hour (often only minutes). Both dogs have made the bed their place to chill and while Layla persisted with the fabric looking for a weak spot for a few days - we are now 3 months in and it looks nearly as good as new.
    • Worth every penny .. all other beds would have been in pieces by now!!!
      Review by Elaine on 1/1/2019
      Awesome!!! Dogs aren't even trying. They just scratch at it!
    • Positive
      Review by Donna on 12/20/2018
      It is holding #170 fine so far. Surface is a little slick and took some getting used to, but so far so good.
    • The best dog beds you will ever buy!!
      Review by Rich on 12/19/2018
      We have purchased 3 of these over the last year. Our dogs can't damage theses cots at all! Just bought 1 for our daughter new puppy( who already tore his store bought bed ). This is the last dog bed you will ever buy!! Don't waste your money on store bought beds. Bottom line we are so happy with these cots!! Thanks for making something so good!!
    • Easy set up & solid frame..Our 100 pound Cane Corso "Bandit" tried to use his toe nails to break it in by scratching through the panel. He failed and he was unable to damage it.
      Review by CORNEL on 12/19/2018
      Easy set up & solid frame..Our 100 pound Cane Corso "Bandit" tried to use his toe nails to break it in by scratching through the panel. He failed and he was unable to damage it.
    • Great inventive product, priced for its high quality, fantastic customer service
      Review by Mary Beth on 12/14/2018
      So far So good! The large cot fits perfectly in our pups crate. She was apprehensive to walk on it, at first, but has warmed up to it. It provides support and a lifted place for her that she cannot chew on and destroy (still praying). K9 products are a godsend for active and powerful chewers!
    • Great deal for the buck
      Review by Doris on 12/13/2018
      fantastic product! we have 10 dogs and they have no chance to destroy THIS dog bed. The love scratching it and we will see how long the fabric holds.....One dog flipped the bed over and that's it!
    • Nice bed
      Review by johanna on 12/12/2018
      Like the shorter legs. Haven't had it long enough to know if it will survive one of his tantrums but fingers crossed!
    • perfect
      Review by karen on 12/10/2018
      I first purchased regular beds from k9 Ballistic, mistaking that all of their beds are chew proof. My dogs enlightened me to my naivety, by destroying those beds in the 1.5 hours that they were left alone in their kennel. I contacted customer service and was nicely informed that the cot is the ballistic bed. They credited me for my destroyed beds, towards the purchase of the cots. The cots are working out wonderfully.Thank you
    • I'm very happy with this cot. More important is, our dog loves it.
      Review by Cindy on 12/10/2018
      We have a 9 yr. old dog who had leg surgery a couple of years ago. He now has trouble getting comfortable. He loves this cot. We've laid his pillow on it, and he will dive into it. He stretches out and will sleep like a baby on it. (When his pillow was on the floor, he could never get comfortable. He was always moving and adjusting it.) It is easy to handle and move when needed; and is well made. So far I'm very pleased.
    • Bed
      Review by Robert on 12/9/2018
      I have bull terriers and a new puppy that will destroy anything. He has yet to even make a mark on this bed. He seems to be very comfortable on it inside a wire crate at night. Very well thought out product and excellent materials used.
    • Highly recommend
      Review by BETSY on 12/9/2018
      Our dogs both love their beds. One lays on it constantly and it has lasted for over a year, he weighs 145 lbs. Our other dog who weighs 120 lbs lays on his all the time as well. We have also caught him jumping on it like a kid so he has gone through 2 covers but I still have no complaints whatsoever. I highly recommend these beds!
    • Well packaged
      Review by Charles on 12/7/2018
      It's a Christmas present. Still in box.
    • Impressed
      Review by cindy on 12/6/2018
      I have kuranda beds and decided to try this one. I prefer the heavy duty material but prefer the frame of k9 ballistics. My dog like to pull the rubber feet off the kuranda. She is unable to chew anything on the ballistic frame. I'm afraid overtime she may dig and rip the canvas.
      Another bonus with ballistic is it's already assembled. Big plus!
    • good product.
      Review by gerald on 12/6/2018
      Cot has very good. He has figured out how to flip it up. This gave him access to chew the plastic tabs off of the feet. He has attempted to scratch his way through the cot and it is holding up good.
    • Good quality
      Review by Ken on 12/6/2018
      Works great. My German Shorthair Pointer has not even tried to chew this bed. Sometimes he scratches at the fabric but he has not damaged it. I like that it arrived already assembled.
    • Finally found one that works
      Review by Beau on 12/5/2018
      This bed has performed exactly as advertised and I could not be happier. My dog is an absolute terror when it comes to chewing and scratching through things (carpet, plexiglass, hardwood floors, THE DECK) and this bed has held up for a week now literally without a mark. I know he tries to dig through it because I’ve watched him. My dog doesn’t stand a chance against this bed. With all that I’ve gone through trying to keep him kenneled, and especially safely, I’d be just as happy paying double. This bed could not be more worth it.
    • Passed the Rugernator test
      Review by NICK on 11/29/2018
      Although I wanted our Bouvs to have "pillowy" beds for the kennel, the Rugernator was not going to allow anything with a zipper to survive. This cot, however, has stood up to his challenge!!! Both dogs lay on them and as an added bonus love using them as trampolines! My only negative would be that we have the XL and XXL and our young Bouv is only 10 months old and looks to outgrow your available sizes in short order. I would love to see a wider version of the cot.
    • Very good quality just very noisy
      Review by vincent on 11/29/2018
      I definitely like the bed. Builded very well and Costa seems to like it as well PLUS!!!! The only thing i have to say negative is that it is very noisy. Costa sleeps in my room and wakes me up every time she moves. Be nice if you made a cover to go over the bed with elastic or velcro to hold it on the fram. Nice product we really enjoy seeing Costa off the ground thank guys for caring so much about our pets

      Thank Vince
    • Great product!
      Review by Gregory on 11/28/2018
      Excellent product. Our young German Shepherd has put a couple of teeth marks in the frame, but she has quit, perhaps out of frustration. We really appreciate the elevated bed.
    • Pet bed
      Review by Andy on 11/28/2018
      So far it's the best bed I have owned...I like the all metal materials and the fabric seems to be holding up pretty good...I recommend this bed to anyone who is looking to buy a pet bed...I have 3 of these now
    • Finally an answer!
      Review by Jane on 11/27/2018
      I have gone through 5 beds my blue healer has destroyed.
      Sometimes within minutes before my eyes.
      I thought he needed a bed on the ground with bolsters
      As this one looked uncomfortable.
      So wrong!
      It’s extremely comfortable and he loves it!
      So wrong!
      Why didn’t I take a chance on this product sooner?
    • Great product
      Review by joseph on 11/26/2018
      First dog bed I have ever purchased that my dogs haven't destroyed. It's nice to know they have a comfortable spot off of the cold floor.
    • Great sturdy reliable product
      Review by Lindsey on 11/26/2018
      We now have one for both of our dogs and they love them! Both of them were a little scared at first because of the noise it makes when they walk on it. But a few treats fixed that quicklu! (And one of our dogs is scared of EVERYTHING!)
    • Looks Great & Well Made
      Review by Lisa on 11/26/2018
      It’s been about 3 weeks so far & my dog is afraid to get on it ???? we’ve tried everything we can think of to get her to lay on it.
    • Puppy’s New Bed Holding Up!
      Review by Lisa on 11/25/2018
      Quality of this bed is great! First thing my 9 month old puppy did when I laid it down was start scratching at the middle of the bed, then she put her mouth on the edge and chew. The bed is holding up awesome. No marks left on the bed.

      Lisa and Jilly
    • Love the cots!
      Review by Karen on 11/25/2018
      I love the Elevated Cots and the dogs do too! I have 6 of them and hope to get more!
    • Great bed
      Review by Di on 11/25/2018
      Finally found one she can't destroy.
    • Great product
      Review by William on 11/23/2018
      So far its holding up great. Very tuff material. He has tried to chew it but so far no success. We went through 4 other cloth type beds and he destroyed them . Very happy so far with the product. Spendy but well worth it
    • Very sturdy Cot.
      Review by David on 11/22/2018
      At first, the dog was a little hesitant. But he's gotten used to it and now he fully enjoys the comfort of having it in his cage. The best part is, he can't chew on it!! Even our cat enjoys sitting in the dog's cage now when the dog is not inside! It was a smart purchase and doesn't take away very much from the space inside the cage, so no worries there. Great product!
    • Furgus is Stumped!!
      Review by Maria on 11/22/2018
      So, Furgus the bed killer is stumped. Oh, he tried, but he can’t figure out how to eat his bed. So instead, he ate something disgusting in the yard that mage him projectile poop and barf all over his new bed, but we just hosed it off and it’s as good as new! Per Furgus, it’s not as comfy or tasty as some other beds, but it’s better than the cold floor. When I say it’s time for a bed cookie he hops right into his crate and waits for his bedtime treat!

      I think this bed has the capability to survive!!
    • High quality nondestructable cot. Gets an A+ in my book!
      Review by Kathy on 11/22/2018
      My dog is the poster child of the ultimate dog bed destroyer. She usually has a bed torn to pieces within a few days. So far this cot has stayed intact and I'm very pleased with the quality. The metal surrounding the entire cot has made my dog meet her match! I'd recommend this cot to anyone who has a dog that uses their bed as a chew toy. Thank you K9 Ballistics!
    • High quality nondestructable cot. Gets an A+ in my book!
      Review by Kathy on 11/22/2018
      My dog is the poster child of the ultimate dog bed destroyer. She usually has a bed torn to pieces within a few days. So far this cot has stayed intact and I'm very pleased with the quality. The metal surrounding the entire cot has made my dog meet her match! I'd recommend this cot to anyone who has a dog that uses their bed as a chew toy. Thank you K9 Ballistics!
    • Worth the money!!
      Review by Jamie on 11/18/2018
      I wasn’t sure if this was going to be worth the money, since these beds are pretty expensive. But, I couldn’t be happier with this purchase! I have 2 big dogs, each weighing 90 lbs, and they have chewed every bed they have had so far. These cots are big enough, hold their weight fine, and are holding up beautifully so far. They haven’t even tried to chew them since it’s metal around the edges. I think these beds will last them their lifetime. Very happy with the investment!
    • Poor stitching
      Review by Kirk on 11/18/2018
      I have an ole English bulldog weighing in at about 90 lbs not much of a chewer but he did chew the crate Pad so we switched to the cot and that is working but the stitching is starting to come undone and it has only been a couple of weeks the dog seems to enjoy the cot I am disappointed that the stitching is coming undone So soon
      I have a second dog that I was considering buying the same thing but now I am not sure because of the cost if the stitching comes I’m done that fast it will not be worth it
    • Good product
      Review by Joe on 11/17/2018
      Dog likes it. Useful training tool to reinforce “place” command.
    • This one may last
      Review by Laura on 11/13/2018
      Blue has destroyed 3 beds since we adopted him 4 months ago. He gets plenty of exercise, but still occasionally gets bored and turns his bed into a chew toy.

      The cot has been in his crate for two weeks. He hasn’t tried to chew it yet, and it’s holding up very well. It’s not the soft cushiony bed I want him to have, but he eats those.... so this is what he gets. He seems to think this is plenty comfortable, because he will still go into his crate voluntarily to nap.

      He’s a 50 lb mutt.... per the DNA test he’s pit bull, American bulldog, malamute, and shepherd. All around great dog.
    • Awesome Beds!
      Review by Belinda on 11/12/2018
      I ordered 2 of the Chew Proof Elevated cots.
      Best decision ever! Both my dogs are heavy Chewers & there is no sign of damage on either bed.
      Will be saving a lot of money now as they were going through one new bed every week.
      Will look to order some fitted blankets for the cots if I can find them.
    • Wish it worked for us
      Review by Amber on 11/10/2018
      customer service is outstanding however the cot does not work for the weight of a German Shepherd and Great Dane...they each have their own and they’ve both split in the center within 90 days (replaced by guarantee no problems), my guess would be from their nails. I would love if K9 Ballistics offered the replacement cot material to give it one more try, but XL and XXL are not available
    • Second purchase as first cot has held up well to weather and heavy use
      Review by MickiD13 on 11/7/2018
      This is our second cot; the first has been in heavy use for over one year and is a favorite resting spot for our 3 yr. old, 80lb lab/golden retriever mix. This new cot is in a pet gazebo so that there will be both shade and a cool place to lay when the weather heats up.
    • Happy
      Review by Carolyn on 7/26/2018
      Cocoa the foster Toller is a master of shredding....so far the cot is without a scratch and a comfy place for our cuddling sessions...
    • excellent
      Review by Marilyn on 7/16/2018
      We love this bed as well as our St. Bernard
    • Slippery but very durable
      Review by Jennifer on 7/15/2018
      So far our Mastiff likes her new bed however she does slide around on the fabric. I even had had her nails trimmed recently and she still slips and slides until we can get her to sit. An anti-slip pad would help but it's durability is great for the two weeks we have had it. No punctures as of yet.
    • good product
      Review by Brian on 7/14/2018
      well made. comfortable for the dog
    • Great outdoor bed
      Review by Michael on 7/13/2018
      Bought these for two outdoor hounds, one of which chews everything. They look great and so far she’s not even put a tooth to it. They look quite happy sprawled out each to a bed!
    • Best decision I ever made!
      Review by kathleen on 1/14/2018
      This was the best decision I made. We have gone through many dog pets only to have them chewed up in less than one day. They are brother & sister pit bulls and el Chapo loves to chew. I vowed not to buy another bed but I hated to see my two babies laying on the floor. They love their bed ....and it is still perfect after 2 months. I am so happy!
    • Great bed
      Review by Laurie on 1/11/2018
      Good quality.
    • Best for a hard chewer
      Review by Jacquelynn on 1/7/2018
      I have an older shepherd and a 3 month old Shepherd. My older doesn’t chew but the puppy chews like crazy and this by far is the best hands down for my ultimate chewer.
    • Happy
      Review by David on 12/21/2017
      Easy over phone order. Quick delivery. Assembly was super easy. ( did feel one leg screw a little cross threaded no big deal tho). Dog never lays on beds for more than 5 min and this one ive seen her on more than 5 times and we've only had it less than 6 hours. Had a pic but dont see how to upload. Lol.. Hope it holds up, if it doesnt ill re review if it does all is well. Overall im satisfied, thanks k9.
    • Fabric has shown no signs of wear
      Review by Lisa on 12/12/2017
      We have a vigorous digger on our hands but she can’t dig through this bed! Thank you for making a quality product!
    • Good bed as advertised!
      Review by Juli on 11/27/2017
      Beautiful bed. I have had several coolaroos which are also nice beds for normal dogs but I have one dog that is uber-destructive. His mission in life is to destroy it as fast as possible. He will flip them over and shred them within 20 minutes so I was a little skeptical about the cujo cot raised aluminum bed. When I received it and put the legs on I was impressed at how well made and beautiful it was. When I gave it to Fred (the destroyer) I also gave him a rawhide bone to try to distract his chewing tendencies. Within 30 minutes he had flipped the bed over and removed and chewed up the plastic footings on the legs but since the bed is on concrete that is not a problem for us. He has now had the bed a couple of weeks and has not done any further damage to it although I have seen him trying (unsuccessfully) to chew on the corners. One improvement that I would suggest is to make a bed (cushion) that fits on top of this cot that can be used to snuggle into when the weather is colder. None of your beds that we looked at match in size to the cot and the bed that we purchased to go with the cot just slides right off and is too slick to use on the cot. By the way, my dog is an English Setter about 65 pounds and unlike our other English is a major chewer. We have raised ES for 40 years and never had one that chewed like this and was such a challenge but I think he may have met his match in your Cujo Cot.
    • Working well overall.
      Review by Michele on 11/10/2017
      We got the cujo cot as a replacement for the crate pad, that our puppy was able to chew. So far it is working well, although it's not as cushioned as the crate pad was. The only criticism is that there is enough of a gap for some of her chew toys (that are meant to keep her busy in the crate) to fall between the cot and the side of the crate. Overall it is working well, though and she hasn't managed to chew any part of it.
    • Looking good
      Review by Jeffrey on 10/15/2017
      Both my Decker Terriers are sleeping on it, as of now after a few weeks its going well, but the first few nights they tried digging there way threw it, but good as of now, looking good.
    • Cujo bed
      Review by Shelley on 8/17/2017
      This bed is holding up so much better than the ones I purchased from FurHaven. So far, not a rip or tear. And even the little ones love to get on it. I am excited to say I will be looking at more products from y'all. Thank you so much for helping me with ordering.
    • Cujo Cot exactly what we needed
      Review by Run2it on 8/15/2017
      Cujo Cot is perfect for what I needed for my 2 Boxers. My oldest is 4 yrs, and loves doggy cots, and the Puppy is 4 months and loves to chew and roughhouse. They love to sleep together on the same bed, cot, crate etc, so I bought the XL Cujo Cot for them, and so far they both fit together on it fine, with room to grow. Hopefully it will be the perfect day bed for them. When winter gets here, we will see whatels we need for them from K9Ballistics...love their products.
    • Love it!
      Review by Demi on 8/15/2017
      This is a great bed - very sturdy and doberman proof!
    • Amazing Bed
      Review by JRH on 8/6/2017
      We bought this bed back in 2/2017 for our 130lbs. Presa Canario. We absolutely love it!!! She tends to lay on the same side when she sleeps and would wake up having a hard time with that hip that was touching the floor. Now her body is raised up off the floor and it helps with her hips. Plus it so easy to clean. We just ordered a Orthopedic Tuff Bed, I'm sure it will be amazing as well.
    • Great product, great company
      Review by Rock on 7/30/2017
      I switched to K9B a few years ago after using another company and have been more than pleased. Shipping is usually fast, set-up a breeze, and great quality and appearance. They hold up pretty well in a busy daycare and boarding environment. Would last forever in a home setting. Am phasing out the other beds and replacing them with CUJO Cots as fast as I can.
    • Great product. Would like more if water drained through it.
      Review by sue on 7/23/2017
      Only drawback is that the material does not allow water to drain through. Otherwise, beds are very sturdy.
    • Great
      Review by john on 7/20/2017
      The beds are great. Something my huskies cont destroy.
    • I love this cot!
      Review by Christine on 7/17/2017
      Cujo Cot is better than I thought it would be! Great quality! My Boston Terrier is not a chewer so didn't have to worry about the material. However the cot is so well made, a dog could not destroy . I love the height and the fact it's just enough off the ground for him to be comfortable and bug free. Thanks K9 Ballistics for an amazing product!!
    • Measuring the bed for dogs that sleep with there back legs streched out.
      Review by Merrilyn "Lyn" on 7/16/2017
      So far so good with your bed. The only suggestion I might make I did exactly what you said how to measure . One thing you might mention on measurements is if your dog lays out flat with its back legs out straight you should go to a larger bed. So now my poor Barney has his legs hanging off the bed because of this. I cannot return your bed because I opened up the bed to see how it fit. Like I am sure most people do. Then when I went to put it back in the box to return it said If I broke the seal on the plastic I would lose so much money that I already paid. So unfortunately I cannot afford to return it on that big of a money lose and add extra to get a bigger bed. So Barney is stuck with a bed that is to small because of the way he sleeps. Wish there could be a solution . Thank you for caring to send a email for my thoughts. Thank you . lyn
    • Quality products for big dogs.
      Review by Marie on 7/16/2017
      This is the sixth bed I have bought from you for my two bull mastiff's. If these hold up as well as the other beds I will be very satitisfied. They are very well made, look great, and are holding up to 150lbs. Thank you for providing good quality products for big dogs.
    • Tear & Chew Proof, but can cause skin irritation
      Review by HundenMa on 7/14/2017
      There are pros and cons with this cot. We have 2 Mastiffs so we ordered XXL. Good news is that they aren't chewing the bed and their claws haven't ripped or torn the fabric. The con is that the fabric texture has caused sores on the rear leg, ankle joints. Had to purchase fabric (corduroy) and attach to legs. Youngest dog still in cone of shame, but with the new fabric enjoys his bed. Think it was a good purchase. Would be nice if there was a softer cover available to purchase for dogs with no real undercoat.
    • Investment that More than Pays for Itself!
      Review by Kasey on 7/11/2017
      Love it! Knew it would be everything I envisioned when I researched it, just wished I had purchased it before I had spent $20 many times on chewed up beds...this more than pays for itself. Small size more than accommodates both my 15 lb. chihuahua/mix (chewer) & my 6 lb. poodle-shih tzu/mix together. I have the short leg option butted up in the corner of my small kitchen that I gate them in & am able to maneuver around it just fine. Surface can be wiped w/ a Clorox wipe.
    • Thank you Cojo Cot!
      Review by Destructo-puppy Mom on 7/9/2017
      We bought this bed to replace the 4 other beds our 7mo. old puppy destroyed. We weren't sure about a cot in her kennel but as soon as we put it together we couldn't get her off it. We have had it for 3 weeks now and it is still in one piece!!
    • Good, but not ideal
      Review by Nicole on 7/9/2017
      This is the third cujo cot we have purchased. While it has definitely been chew proof, within about 9 months after each purchase we have experienced rips in the cot material which eventually form large holes. The raised cot is great for our Doberman, but I wish that we could get more life out of the product. Spending $150/year on a bed isn't ideal but there aren't many options unless the warranty gets extended or the material becomes sturdier.
    • Excellent bed
      Review by Linda on 7/7/2017
      My dog (English Mastiff) and I love this bed and its durability. I just bought a second bed! The first one was still in excellent condition after 3 years - until I ran over it ☹️
    • Definitely Chew Proof
      Review by Danny on 7/7/2017
      My dog chewed through the TUFF Crate Bed almost immediately so I decided to give this a try. My dog was a bit hesitant with the height and I don't think he's a big fan of how slick it is but bottom line is - he hasn't chewed it at all.
    • A great bed even for puppies
      Review by Lisa on 7/7/2017
      This bed is awesome! We bought a medium for our 3 month old yellow lab and it's the perfect size as she is growing fast. It took a few days for her to conisder it hers but she goes to it often. Scratching and biting have not damaged this bed and now she doesn't bother with it. We even took it to a rocky beach and she had a comfortable place to hang out! And it doesn't over heat her Like the plush beds. Love it. It's worth the money.
    • Great so far!
      Review by Samantha on 7/6/2017
      Great! My lab is a big chewer and she hasn't even tried to chew this bed. She loves it!
    • Excellent product!
      Review by Jill on 7/5/2017
      Have had the bed for 2 weeks and so far it is a SUCCESS! My 1 year old Great Dane has chewed everything but this bed is still in one piece.
      Very glad to have taken the chance with it and it is well worth the $.

    • Good product so far.
      Review by Gene on 7/4/2017
      So far so good.
    • So far, so Good!!!!
      Review by Greg on 7/4/2017
      Well the first 2 beds I chose for my 16 month old Australian Shepherd lasted one day each before they went to the trash. The cujo cot has been in the lot two weeks now with not a scratch. My faith is strong. :)
    • Very please
      Review by Dawn on 7/2/2017
      We had to take advantage of K9 Ballistics warranty. I made the mistake of letting our "puppy" be alone with the Cujo Cot while we ran to the grocery store. We were gone for just under an hour. He not only destroyed the bed itself but the framing as well. K9 Ballistics, true thief word replaced it in its entirety. Even though he is months older, he has not been left alone with the bed again so I'm please to say it is in remarkable condition. And would recommend med it to anyone. If you have a Great Dane - English Mastiff mix, I do not recommend leaving the two alone together!
    • Great product for my pitbull
      Review by Lydia on 6/23/2017
      Great product My pitbull Hercules loves it and it's holding up. He hasn't even try to chew on it. He loves to destroy everything he could find and put in his mouth. I'm happy I found this product.
    • Great Bed , Great Company
      Review by Tyler on 6/22/2017
      Great product! Our dog went through a couple cushion beds because he is an insane chewer. This holds up to him and he actually doesn't try to chew it.He like the bed as well and feels comfortable in it.
    • I recommend it.
      Review by José Miguel on 6/20/2017
      Outstanding quality, my dog loves it... No chance to test the resistance of the bed as my dog have not tried to chew it. Excellent manufactured product.
    • Quality bed that Buddie could not destroy
      Review by Lou on 6/20/2017
      Buddie is a 10 month Amstaff that has destroyed about six beds so far. About three weeks ago I purchased the CUJO COT RAISED ALUMINUM BED and it's holding up. Buddie has tried digging through the fabric material and bitting the aluminum frame. Finally it looks like he has given up. Still in perfect shape. Finally a bed both of us could live with. Thank you.

    • Great product for a Great Dane
      Review by Mike on 6/19/2017
      This product is fantastic! Max the Wonderdog hasn't been able to damage it at all, nor has he bothered trying to pick it up with his mouth to run it around the house (and shake it to death) like he did his other beds. It seems exceptionally durable, and clearly isn't at risk of damage by his now far-less-frequent "digging" attacks that set up loose fabric on his prior beds, which inevitably led to him pulling at it until he tore a hole, allowing him to destroy all the stuffing.

      The only minor negative I can see would be for an older dog. The fabric is a bit slippery - which greatly improves it's resistance to destruction - and Max's rear legs have slid out from under him twice when he tried to get up in a hurry. An older dog with stiff joints may have some difficulty due to the slippery nature of the material, but by the time they reach that state I doubt this type of bed is needed.
    • Surprised
      Review by Lisa on 6/19/2017
      Surprisingly this bed is at Day 5 the same as it was on day 1! My GSD has scratched it, yet the fabric so far hasn't torn. I'm very happy, so for the price, I hope to get a few months out of it. Maybe a year??
    • Great product and awesome design for larger breeds
      Review by Jeanette on 6/16/2017
      So far my Dane/Mastiff 8 month old pups have not destroyed their new bed. They are heavy chewers and diggers and have not torn up this bed.
    • Best bed ever!
      Review by Zarah on 6/6/2017
      I have two of these beds - one for each of my GSDs. They absolutely love them, and have not chewed through them. They are comfortable for the doggies so they don't have to lay on the tile, and are well worth the price!
    • Amazed and Impressed
      Review by joe on 6/1/2017
      WOW - this thing is fantastic. Bruno previously tore ANYTHING in his crate apart. Not this. In fact he hasn't even been interested in chewing it. I wish I had discovered this product months ago.
    • Extremely satisfied with the elevated bed... looking forward to purchasing more products
      Review by Aniken on 5/31/2017
      After some research... I came across this elevated chew-proof dog bed... I have two XL pit bull puppies with a terrible habit of chewing and destroying everything in sight.... I've gone through six elevated beds... and each one last anywhere from a day to a week .... definitely frustrating!!!! And the cost and inconvenience of reordering...needless to say ... I was tired of these poorly constructed beds...so I spent the money and ordered ... The bed assembly is extremely easy.... the quality is top notch ... and definitely cool looking... I've had the bed a few weeks now and my puppies are tired of trying to destroy the thing... and to my surprise... the bed has held up ...just as you the company claims.... I definitely recommend purchasing this bed... I'm on the verge of buying the pillow. .... a little pricey...but worth the price....
    • Good Product
      Review by Don on 5/23/2017
      So far so good. He digs but hasn't chewed through the fabric. I just hope it holds up to a digger. Will let you know?
    • Love and trust this cot
      Review by Leeanne on 5/23/2017
      I love how sturdy it is!
    • Outstanding bed
      Review by Linda on 5/17/2017
      Great bed. Durable, stands up to my malinois. Much easier to assemble than similar beds offered by other companies.
    • Great bed
      Review by CAM on 5/14/2017
      The Cujo Cot bed is well made. It is nice looking so I had no problem locating it in my living room. The bed I purchased is 40" X 25" and is 6" tall. My dogs love it. I love it because it is really easy to clean.
    • Excellent product, I am very happy!
      Review by Julie on 5/13/2017
      My Rottweiler chews on everything. I have tried all kinds of beds and so far the quality of the Cujo Cot has been the best! I am very please with the Cujo Cot! I would highly recommend this to anyone with a dog who is a chewer.
    • Excellent and highly recommended!
      Review by Rachel on 5/10/2017
      Our dog has destroyed every bed and blanket we put in his cage. So far he hasn't been able to do anything to this bed and we love it! No fear of eating or swallowing things he shouldn't. He finds it quite comfortable, even laying on it in his cage when he doesn't need to be in the cage.
    • I am pleased
      Review by Barbara on 5/7/2017
      This is not my first cot.
      I have one golden who tore her fabric part up in five minutes. But you are true to your word and replaced it within a week. That dog doesn't get another bed.
      All the rest of the cots and pads have held up as advertised. Thank you.
    • Cujo Cot
      Review by Laurie on 5/6/2017
      We bought the Cujo Cot for our 115 lb Dane and loved it so much that we purchased 35 of them for our boarding facility!! Great bed
    • Cujo Cot
      Review by Laurie on 5/6/2017
      We love these beds for our boarding facility. We purchased 35 of them and they hold up great!!
    • The cot looks nice, is built sturdy, easy put together, dog loves it, customer service is great, worth the money so far.
      Review by Ann on 5/3/2017
      We have only had the bed a couple of weeks, but our 94lb, 18 month old choc lab, Annie, loves it and doesn't seem to try to destroy it like she has others we have bought. We purchased the "tuff create pad" when she was about 10 months and she has not tore it up either. We felt like at her weight she needed more support so we purchased this cujo cot. Now we lay the tuff pad on the cot which is not necessary. We had some concern on the height of the legs on the XL cot but customer service took care of that by our surprise. The XL fits just right in her XL crate too.
    • Incredible Product. Awkward Sizing.
      Review by Michelle on 4/28/2017
      I have a super chewer who will tear through anything, but has shown zero interest in this cot! My only problem is that the cot DOES NOT fit in standard size crates. The medium (35x23) that I bought does not fit in a 36x23 crate (I tried two thinking maybe one was wonky). I had to go buy the next size up (42x27) in order to get it to fit. The crate is now much too big for my 35 pound dog, although the bed is perfectly sized. I'm not happy necessarily, but the product itself is lightweight and high quality.
    • Basenji proof raised cot
      Review by Sue on 4/28/2017
      Very durable and nice looking cot. I have had the cot for about a week. My youngest basenji is a massive chewer but she has not destroyed this cot.....yet, LOL! I am very happy that I have found the perfect cot for our basenjis!! The material is tough enough for my rambunctious youngster and it has a soft texture that my sweet 14 year old basenji is comfortable lying on. My basenjis like this cot so much that I have already ordered them another one!
    • Excellent bed
      Review by Gregory on 4/24/2017
      Bed is perfect. Fits in the kennel and my dog loves it. So far it's working out great. No tears/rips or snags.
    • Sturdy product
      Review by Karen on 4/21/2017
      Our puppy shredded the previous pad in her crate within 2 days. Because of the covered edges on the Cujo raised bed she's been unable to damage the material. Great choice!
    • Perfect for Pet, Wallet Saver for You!
      Review by Kristen on 4/19/2017
      Our Husky boy chews on and through everything he can get in his teeth, so we were quickly going broke. He's tried EVERYTHING to destroy this cot and it still looks great. Unbelievably durable and super easy to wash. He especially loves that it keeps him cool (thanks to the air flow underneath) now that the warmer weather is hitting us. Can't go wrong getting one of these for your pet!
    • Happy
      Review by Jordan on 4/18/2017
      Very happy!
      Review by Nancy on 4/18/2017
      EXCELLENT... the Zonly Bed my dog has not destroyed and he loves it!
    • The perfect beds for old and young dogs
      Review by Katie on 4/15/2017
      Easy to clean and even our puppy doesn't even bother trying to chew on it.
    • Review by luis on 4/15/2017
      One of my boys is an 85 pound pit and loves bunny hopping on his cot. At times he takes a running start and splash pounces on his bed. I liked the product so much I bought one more so that each of my boys have a cot. Once the material wears through I'll order a other.
    • Worth the purchase
      Review by Yvonne on 4/12/2017
      My dog is a big baby of 117 lbs. I have a little smaller cots for the other two dogs and he used them but he hung over either end. Now he has his own cot, he can stretch out and its a perfect fit for him (X-Lg). I also put a crate pillow on top to make it soft for him, he has had hip surgery's. Over all we love it!
    • Expensive but worth it
      Review by paul on 4/7/2017
      This is my third bed. I have large dogs who normally love to eat furniture, but they leave these alone. Great product!
    • So far so good!
      Review by Sheila on 3/21/2017
      It's been a week and so far so good! Our 13lb weiner dog hasn't chewed somthing for once in his life! Any other bed would be completely de-fluffed and inside out within 2 days. He likes it. Gets in his cage and just sits in it while we eat dinner... :)
    • Works as advertised
      Review by Michael on 3/18/2017
      Bought this after my dog chewed up several others beds. I wanted something nice that I didn't have to replace every month or 2. He immediately tried to start chewing on it when he got it and his effort was to no avail. Had it for a few weeks now and it's still in perfect shape.
    • Rating: 5 paws up!
      Review by Jodi S. on 3/18/2017
      So far this bed has been full-proof. My adopted puppy has found it to be indestructabe. K-9 Ballistics is more expensive than other cots yet worth the price. That's why I purchased another one.
    • My Aussie loves his and sleeps outside
      Review by Hector on 3/17/2017
      Best on the market!
    • great cot..good price...it's all good
      Review by Johnny on 3/17/2017
      our two vizsla's love the cot and had no problem getting used to using it
    • Love the bed!!
      Review by Dixie on 3/16/2017
      This was a gift for my next door neighbor. Their dog was eating every bed they bought, until this one arrived and she absolutely loves it!! She is a beautiful German Shepherd with an amazing human attitude. I am so please, as they are!! Thank you so much!!!
    • Great bed!
      Review by Laura on 3/15/2017
      My 45lb pitty lives this bed and she hasn't chewed it up! Well worth the money as she would chew up the padded beds. She also has some hip issues and this bed is comfortable to her as she doesn't whimper when she gets up! The XL bed is also big enough for her to stretch out on and fits in her crate nicely!
    • Super duper product!!!
      Review by Elizabeth on 3/14/2017
      This is the 2nd cot I've bought my Dane. The first one lasted for 3 years. This is a great great product. It's well worth the money I paid. And I'd do it a 3rd time.
    • Finally - a dog bed my dog doesn't eat for breakfast!
      Review by Diane on 3/14/2017
      Finally - a dog bed my dog doesn't eat for breakfast! I have 5 of them now & they all LOVE it. It can be easily cleaned too. THANKS
    • Excellent
      Review by Susan on 3/13/2017
      i use it in my wild, rescue girl's crate. Over time Phoenix has destoyed everything I'd place in her crate to provide comfort. Shes got severe separation anxiety. She loves her cot, appears very content. She 33lbs, tall, I got her the small cot so to fit in crate. And she hasnt chewed it! It cleans nicely also. Youre non chew crate pads survived her as well, i am THE FAN. Ive been telling dog my peeps about K9 Ballistics. Also, Phoe will be happy to proof test future furniture, shoes, or other products lol!
      We thank you, really improved Phoe's road to security and contentment.
    • Easily Cleaned
      Review by Betty on 3/12/2017
      Got my doggie bed, got the biggest size to fit two of my dogs that are inside and outside. The bed during the day is outside and at night its inside. Love that even though the bed is big its very light and easy move around and easy cleaned. Love this bed and will be ordering more for my inside dogs.
    • 5 Paws and a Happy Tail
      Review by Patricia on 3/12/2017
      Forgot to mark a paw......FANTASIC beds.
    • Tough Bed the DOGS LOVE IT
      Review by Trish on 3/12/2017
      In June 2016 we had a litter of 8 black labs that were whelped in a large stuffed bed , big enough for mom and 8 pups thru the age of 3 months. After giving 6 away we kept 2 "DA TWINS". At about 3 months old and the weather getting cooler I put the bed in their run and got up one morning to see 4 large bags of cut foam1 foot high. I had to use a snow shovel to clean it up. I have no idea how much they may have ingested, luckily done. I immediately found K-9 Ballistic and bought a medium cot, they loved it, tried to dig in it, bit it' pooped in it, peed in it, but it is still spotless and intact. 1 month ago I ordered the 2XL Cot and with the discount got a great buy and free shipping (better price then Amazon and I'm a PRIME holder). I am a retired narcotic dog handler (FED) and know the length of damage dogs can do....K-9 Ballistic beds are as close to indestructible as you can get, I have recommended them to friends and FACEBOOK>
    • Great Customer Service
      Review by Paige on 3/11/2017
      My lab chewed through the fabric in the cot, but it definitely lasted longer than anything else we tried. I ordered replacement fabric, but had trouble getting it to fit on the cot. I sent one email explaining the trouble I was having, and K-9 Ballistics sent me a brand new cot not questions asked! Can't beat that! They truely back up there products!
    • Love it
      Review by Anji on 3/9/2017
      Dog took to it immediately. Very easy set up. No signs of wear yet!
    • Oustanding Quality
      Review by Levi and Pyper Love IT! on 3/8/2017
      We purchased 2 of these Feb 2016. One was for our 160# Great Dane/Doberman Mix and the other was for our Harrier Hound/Beagle mix. We have traveled numerous times with these cots and LOVE how easy they are to manage. Our dogs never let beds last more than a month but these have lasted over a year and after many attempts at destruction are still intact. We do have a small hole (appeared last night 3/17) near a corner but it appears that I may have accidently punctured it during our last trip (not human proof).. I am excited to be ordering Kennel Crate Mats for the same two dogs and hope they last as long or longer as the cots. My wife and I are VERY satisfied!
    • Nowhere to sink her teeth in!
      Review by Betsy on 3/6/2017
      I can hardly believe it: it's been two weeks, and my mega- chewer hasn't put a tooth mark on this bed! She has chewed and partially eaten every bed I have ever bought her over the years, including the K9 Ballistics Tuff Bed, the covers, and the crate pads. (She ate the ends and cushions off my couch as well.) It finally reached the point where, when I left the house during the day, she had to be crated with nothing in the crate but her. I felt terrible leaving her on a cold, plastic floor. I never tried the Cujo Cot because it didn't look that comfortable, so why spend that much money? Finally one especially cold day in February I saw a discount code and decided to give it one more try. I ordered her a Cujo Cot, and we are both thrilled. She actually gets a bed inside her crate now! At night she gets her mattress (a crate pad encased in two Tuff Bed covers, all of which were chewed and repaired multiple times) on top of her wonderful new bed. She is about six years old now, so she really needs the support of a bed under her now. I had given up hope of ever finding one she couldn't destroy, but this seems to be it. Couldn't be happier!
    • Outstanding Product & Service
      Review by Stephanie on 3/2/2017
      We love this bed and finally found a bed that our wolf/husky can't and doesn't seem to want to destroy it. For the first time our huge 100 lb. fur baby sprawls out on this, and you can actually tell he enjoys laying on it. Thank you for an outstanding product and your fantastic customer service. You really do care equally about pleasing your pets & customers!!!
    • Dog bed
      Review by jonathan on 3/1/2017
      When we received bed it had what looked like a hole in the metal frame that had been patched which had left a rough place but other than that dog seems to like.

      K9 Ballistics Response: We're sorry to hear about the rough spot! It sounds like it might be a manufacturing defect. It shouldn't affect the integrity of the bed, but a defect is a defect—if you can email a photo of the spot to [email protected], we can get a replacement cot sent out to you.
    • This bed is easy to assemble and is holding up great!
      Review by Gina on 3/1/2017
      I have dog playgroups at my house..this bed is holding up great!
    • Amazingly Easy
      Review by Linda on 2/15/2017
      This amazing bed is so easy to assemble. I have bought a similar bed from another company and it took over an hour to put the bed together. I love all I have to do is add the legs to the bed. I have Belgian Malinois and finding a bed that can stand up to them is a challenge. Love this bed.
    • Good, but certainly not "chew proof"
      Review by Dawn on 2/10/2017
      I purchased my cujo cot on August 4, 2016. It lasted until today. My labrador retriever just made minced meat out of it. Ripped it length wise from one side to the other. So, while it lasted longer than the others I have used, it cost as much as 4 of them. Its a good product, but at this price I had hoped it would last longer than 6 months.
    • Excellent Quality
      Review by Cari on 1/31/2017
      I bought the Cujo Cot a year ago for my dogs to use outside. My boxer drags regular beds off into the yard to play with so I was looking for something she would leave on the patio. The dogs love it. My German Shepherd and boxer lay on it together and the fabric hasn't stretched out from their combined weight. Our newly adopted lab mix squeezes on there, too, so it might be time to buy a second one!
    • Good quality
      Review by Elise on 1/28/2017
      This cot is stable and good quality. My dog is a chewer and typically after his first bite the damage has been done, but not so with this cot. I have been able to redirect him before he can do any damage
    • Dog cot
      Review by Randy on 1/24/2017
      I just got the one I ordered to test with my dogs. I first put it up in the kitchen with almost 20 dogs around (we have a rescue). They all wanted to try it ND instantly wanted to lay on it. The hight is perfect for even the doxies to use, which is who uses it now. I will give a little more yime but plan on measuring the kennels for more of these. If all goes well I intend to get one for all the kennels. I am also looking at some of the beds and a possible way to attach them to the cots. That way they will be off the ground and not end up sitting in any urine. I love product so far and think you are the solution I have been looking for to provide better Living conditions for the dogs
    • Good product
      Review by Kathryn on 1/22/2017
      The quality is very good, I have not had it very long to give a proper evaluation.
    • Definitely indestructible!!
      Review by George on 1/12/2017
      Lucy is a chocolate lab and loves to chew. I was looking an indestructible bed and I'm pretty sure I found it. After getting the bed and looking at it I can't imagine how a dog could possibly destroy the bed. Apparently Lucy feels the same way, it's still in perfect shape.
    • Amazing!!
      Review by Felicia on 12/27/2016
      So far this bed is holding up beautifully with two dogs using it. I am impressed!
    • If your looking at this just BUY IT!!!! Wast no more time and money!!
      Review by ForRich on 12/24/2016
      Ok this is a chew proof bed, I have 2 pitbulls that can chew. Nothing 1 month now still looking new. Last thing I cleaned them with a little soap and a brush outside with a hose off. Like new again!! Best money spent!
    • Outlasting a chewing Weimaraner!!!
      Review by Jen G on 12/24/2016
      Since getting our Weimaraner/pit bull puppy in March, I have been through a myriad of beds all being destroyed by our sweet little (only 60 pounds at 9 months) Jolie and her chewing habit ... then I heard about this chew proof bed from K9 Balistics... I laughed at it but figured with the 90 day guarantee might as well try it.
      It's been a week and the bed is still fully in tact, not one chew mark. I am thoroughly impressed and the dogs seem to love them! It's a bit pricey, but seems to be well worth it!!! Thank you!
    • Great bed!
      Review by SusanH on 12/21/2016
      Our German Shepherd has chewed up every blanket/bed and we were looking for a bed to be his "place" in the living room. He has not tried once to chew on it. We had tried another raised bed with the mesh exposed and he chewed the corners out in a few days.
      This is perfect so far!
    • Positive
      Review by Chuck on 12/20/2016
      My Boxer has destroyed every bed he's ever had but so far the Cujo Cot has survived without a scratch. Its only been a week but I have a good feeling about it. Will update if anything changes. Wish I'd bought this before spending twice as much on MANY cheaper beds he destroyed!
    • Good quality and sturdy
      Review by LynnE on 12/14/2016
      100083292 order was on Nov 6. I only got one to try it out. So far so good. My big dog is a scratcher and fluffer. He can't have a normal bed/blanket as he tears up & chews. Havent even seen him attempt to scratch this bed. Well built and sturdy. I ordered another, larger size for a different dog. She is of the same type that scratches & digs her beds. As I said so far so good.
    • Worth the money, dog was highly destructive before this cot
      Review by Janelle on 12/11/2016
      my dog loves it and I was pleased that I ordered the right size to fit inside the crate. Occasionally he will lose a toy in the small gap but thankfully he has not tried to dig thru the cot to find the toy or bone. my dog has chewed through every plush bed or plastic crate liner, wooden boards underneath crate, to carpet underneath but he has accepted this cot and not one bite mark on it. highly recommend and worth the money.
    • Love. This. Cot.
      Review by Barbie on 12/11/2016
      My daughter & fam have a Great Pyranees/German Shepherd mix puppy that is only 6 months old and already the size of a small horse. They have gone through 3 increasingly expensive padded cushion beds, & of course as an aggressive chewer this mammoth puppy has gleefully demolished every one of her padded cushions! At times she has been reduced to sleeping on the hard floor because of her chewing addiction. Finally the kids agreed to trying a dog cot (previously predicted to "probably take up too much room"). And guess what, the dog LOVES her dog cot, the kids LOVE her dog cot, and they all LOVE ME even more for my genius idea thanks to K9 Ballistics
    • I highly recommend this bed
      Review by Bill on 12/11/2016
      We have a flatcoat retriever puppy which has destroyed dog bed after dog bed, but he has met his match. The Cujo Cot is puppy proof
    • Great bed, but smaller dog's think it's an elevated pee pad
      Review by Kellie on 12/9/2016
      I purchased this bed in September of this year. When we first received it, Lincoln did his best to destroy it, but was unable to. However, having this bed has created a problem I was not anticipating: my two Shih Tzu's and Multipoo think it's an elevated pee pad...ugh. I've even moved it to another room but they still try to potty on it...and they're pretty proud of themselves when they do lol. This is a great bed and you dog will not be able to destroy it, but beware if you have smaller dogs in the your home that are paper trained. Any suggestions on how to correct my problem would be greatly appreciated.
    • Thank you for making a tough dog bed.
      Review by Joanna on 12/5/2016
      So far this Cujo Cot is holding up to my big boy. He has tried digging for several minutes, and not a tear. He usually chews on everything, but has not tried to chew any part of the cot so far.
    • Love the cot, the super quality of product and excellent customer service.
      Review by Anita on 12/5/2016
      The Cujo cot raised aluminum bed replacement you sent to me is perfect for my sheltie. He loves it and took to it straight away. He gets on it and settles down when instructed to. A great success. Thank you for expediting the replacement for the first order that had a defect. I was delighted that it arrived so quickly. Thank you so much for your prompt attention and excellent customer service. You company is brilliant.
    • Great bed
      Review by Angela on 11/29/2016
      Very well made.
    • Cautiously Optimistic
      Review by Colleen on 11/29/2016
      The Cujo bed's construction is perfect for our "over the top" chewer. We are still in the testing phase. Quin lays on the floor beside it trying to decide. We will put it to the hardest test when we take it to the K9 Resort for a week's stay without us! Stay tuned.
    • Great so far!!
      Review by Teri on 11/29/2016
      The cots look great and are high quality. My dogs tried to tear into them the first day or two, but since they had no success, they've left them alone and just enjoy laying on them. So far so good!!! I really like them!
    • Sturdy bed
      Review by Casey on 11/23/2016
      This is the only bed our 120 lb German Shepherd hasn't tried to eat. It's sturdy enough to hold him, and he seems to like laying on it.
    • Great bed
      Review by Keith on 11/20/2016
      Tuff enough. (Cookie) my 90lb American Bulldog unsuccessfully tried chewing up the bed on day-one. I was very surprised!!! The bed is great, looks good, and is being used by cookie.
    • My German Shorthair pointer had the cot destroyed the 3rd night she slept on it. It is not chew proof!
      Review by William on 11/18/2016
      My German Shorthair pointer had the cot destroyed the 3rd night she slept on it. It is not chew proof!
    • Perfect for Great Danes
      Review by Stacy on 11/16/2016
      Purchased 2 of these beds for our 160lb+ male Great Danes and they love them! We have had them over 10 months and only had one piece break from them jumping on the bed too hard. This happened within the first 90 days so they sent us the replacement parts for free! The vet has even noticed how much of a difference it has made for our White Great Dane with multiple health problems because the swelling in his hips and elbows have almost completely gone away since this bed keeps pressure off of his joints! I hesitated at first to buy these beds because of the cost but it was well worth it since I'm not having to buy them new beds every month since the Blue Dane loves to chew zippers. I highly recommend this bed if you have destructive dogs or dogs with joint problems.
    • Well made, durable, and the best I've found for my BIG dog!
      Review by Pamela on 11/16/2016
      I bought my first Cujo Cot after my Dane chewed my bed, and his own twin mattress. I needed something that would last more than a year! The fact that it comes pre-assembled is a giant plus. It took him a few days to get accustomed to the noise it made brand new.

      It has been a year, and although it sags now, what can I expect with a 160-pound puppy? It's still in one piece, hasn't been damaged by his digging, and makes a comfy bed topped with a nice soft pad. I bought a second so he can have a cozy spot in my office.
    • Good product. Dog and owners love it!
      Review by Kenneth on 11/12/2016
      The bed is two weeks old. Our bull dog loves it and to date she has not even tried to destroy it, unlike other raised beds we purchased.
    • Excellent Quality / Would Highly Recommend
      Review by Peter on 11/10/2016
      Very sturdy and well constructed. My dog loves it!
    • Love them.
      Review by stephanie on 11/2/2016
      I ordered two beds and loved that all I had to do was put the legs on. The noise they make at first bothered them but now they both love them. No chewing or digging on the bed. They are still in great condition.
    • Durable bed, definitely recommend for the destructive chewer dog.
      Review by Laura on 10/31/2016
      Kyah is an 8 month old 100+ pound destructive chewer that I should have named Shredder. Her first bedding was fleece blankets at 6 weeks old. New in the evening, full of holes in the morning. Dog beds? An explosion of stuffing in a matter of minutes by 4 months of age. Tough chewer firehose toys? Destroyed and in many pieces within a few days by 6 months of age. I gave up. The poor dog was laying on hard plastic in her kennel because no bedding survived more than 24 hours. Then I ordered the cujo cot. She has had it in her crate 11 days. And it is still totally intact. She has scratched and dug at it, tried her shredding tricks and at this moment in time the score is cujo cot 11 - Kyah 0. So far it has been well worth the money.
    • The Cujo Cot Raised Aluminum Bed is great.
      Review by Marshall on 10/31/2016
      It works very well, and my dog has not destroyed it. That product is made well and impressive.
    • Awesome Product!
      Review by Mary on 10/28/2016
      We had purchased numerous dog beds - many of which were touted and indestructible - and they always ended up destroyed, most within minutes of bringing them home. But this product has truly lived up to the word "indestructible"!! We bought 3 and all 3 are still in perfect condition - the dogs love them and don't even try to ruin them! Best purchase ever!!
    • Awesome product for our pit bull!
      Review by Cheryl on 10/21/2016
      We have a 45 lb pit bull. She would eat her fleece bedding in her crate and one knee would often be out of alignment when she would get out of her crate causing her to limp on 3 legs. We got the cujo cot to put in her crate. It fit perfectly and there was still enough room for her to stand. From the first time she was in the crate, there has been no chewing of the bed and no problem with her knee! It supports her weight wonderfully and has to be much better for her! Absolutely love this bed for our pup. So worth the investment. Thanks you so much for such an awesome product!
    • Attractive and pet proof product/ some legs did not screw on
      Review by Pebble's Mom on 10/21/2016
      So far its Pebbles proof. She hasn't even tried to eat it. Only strange thing was that two of the legs did not screw into the fittings. We simply turned the bed over and let the weight rest on the legs inside the tubes.
    • Holding Up
      Review by Michael on 10/20/2016
      My lab loves it, well built. Will be recommending it to friends
    • Love the items we purchased so far
      Review by Debbie on 10/20/2016
      Our 10 month old Dane the last couple months has chewed up all the well made beds and blankets that we have put in her crate. We bought the Cujo cot, Lux blanket, and tuff crate pad. We put the cujo cot in her crate and so far she hasn't tried to pull it out but it does have some nail scratches on the material but so far so good. We purchased these items because of the guarantee. The Lux blanket is great. I haven't put it in her crate but both dogs love to lay on it to watch TV. We haven't used the Tuff crate pad much yet. Like the others so far so good! You do get what you pay for. Thanks for the great products.
    • Thank you!
      Review by Art on 10/18/2016
      This is the first bed that our GSD has not destroyed. We love it. So far so good!
    • great bed for chronic chewers
      Review by Kimberly on 10/18/2016
      The cot is very well made, no places where our dog can chew. Only been using the cot for a couple weeks but so far so good.
    • Highly recommend.
      Review by Susie on 10/13/2016
      Love this bed. We have three large dogs and decided to purchase one just to see if our 11-year old lab would be more comfortable. It did take several weeks for him to adjust to it because the fabric is noisy. But eventually all three were "arguing" at bedtime over who would get the bed. Just ordered another one! Comfortable, easy to clean, no odor, keeps them off the hard ground. Definitely worth the investment.
    • Thank you
      Review by Mary on 10/12/2016
      The bed is great, I love it. Sampson started using it the very day we put it out. He chews everything rocks, sticks, furniture, you name it, but he just lays on his bed. I'm thinking about getting another one for inside. He has to be outside when we aren't home because he can't be trusted to stay out of trouble. I'm so glad I found your website.
    • Highly recommend!
      Review by James on 10/11/2016
      Our five-month old Pomsky pup is an aggressive chewer. We use the K9 cot to "place" and calm him down. We couldn't be happier with the excellent quality and performance of this product. Highly recommend!
    • great product
      Review by Debbie on 10/11/2016
      Just what the doctor ordered.
    • Cujo hanging in there
      Review by Da'Geeze1953 on 10/8/2016
      After our dog chewed up, in a half of an hour, the cage mat, we were offered a great deal on the Cujo Cot. Well it's been about two weeks and the only thing was she tried to chew was the aircraft aluminum frame, but I believe it was a little tough on her teeth and she gave up.Well so far so good , I think we have a winner.
    • A must-have for anyone living with a 4-legged demo crew!
      Review by Tara on 10/6/2016
      I just purchased my second cot because I have the distinct pleasure of now having two Cujos in the house. A bit pricey. But, definitely a product that lives up to the hype.
    • Great product and lives up to the claims.
      Review by Susan on 10/3/2016
      Birdie, our Bassador(Basset/Lab), has chewed up every bed and blanket she sees. This bed/cot is great. She loves it and has not chewed it up. We thought, maybe she has grown out of chewing so after a few nights we put a blanket on her bed. She demolished it and literally ate part of the blanket. The bed is still here after more than two weeks and still in tact. Now if we could find a blanket that tough for extra comfort!
    • Excellent Cots! Highly recommended even if you don't have a chewer!
      Review by BlueTrane Kennels on 9/30/2016
      These are great cots. I have 6 Gordon Setters and they all have their own cot. Some of them I've had for about 3 years and there has been no damage...even my girl that chews the daylights out of the K9 Ballistics crate pads hasn't even put a scratch on her cot. I just bought 2 more for my two puppies.
    • Great bed for any dog that loves to tear things up.
      Review by J.E. on 9/23/2016
      Our rescue German Shepherd had destroyed every single bed we put in her crate. Not this one. She made a half-hearted effort but once it failed she relaxed and hasn't tried again. It lives up to its reputation and is well worth the cost.
    • Great Investment!
      Review by Gretchen on 9/17/2016
      We have two Weimaraners who love to be outside, the Cujo Cot is the perfect place for them to "rest" on while they check out the yard and the neighborhood. Our son's Husky love the Cujo so much when she came to visit that we bought her her own. Terrific sturdy product.
    • Well-made, good-looking bed
      Review by AM on 9/15/2016
      Super well made; and since it's pretty much pre-assembled, it's easy to set up. Plus you get a free tennis ball (it helps hold the bed in place in the shipping box). And after two weeks it remains unchewed. The downside for us is that the nylon surface is kind of noisy when our Newfy mix plops on it, so it's not really suitable for our bedroom, which is where Her Majesty sleeps.
    • Don't balk at the price, just buy it!!!
      Review by mj on 9/15/2016
      I ordered the Cujo Cot for my 12 month old, smallish Brittany Spaniel. She has chewed up every bed, towel, blanket, sheet, etc. that she got hold of. Her brother only chews toys. So frustrating! We have had the Cujo Cot for a week now and it is still damage-free! I believe that Clementine gave up on chewing the cot after the first few hours. She had one accident on the cot and it was very easy to clean; rinsed it off on the driveway with the water hose, dried it off with a towel and then sterilized it with vinegar solution. The fabric was completely dry within 20 minutes. I hate to think of all the money we wasted on dog beds before I found the Cujo Cot! Don't balk at the price, just buy it and be done with throwing money away on traditional dog beds. We have other dog cots and Clemy has chewed the fabric off of those.
    • Our puppy has finally met her match!
      Review by Lee on 9/14/2016
      We have a 7 month (72 lb) old lab puppy that has chewed through 4 different competitors "chew proof" dog beds. After speaking with a representative from K-9 Ballistics, we skeptically decided to try the Cujo Cot. Sure enough, as soon as we introduced our puppy to it, she went after it. I have to admit, it was a bit humorous watching her try to figure out how to destroy it. She tried dragging it around, chewing the frame, flipping it over and even tried to dig through it. I am happy to say that all of her efforts were ineffective in damaging it. She has given up chewing it, made peace with the bed and happily sleeps on it all the time. Great product!
    • Good service AND GREAT Cots
      Review by Rita on 8/9/2016
      Received cujo pet cot for one of working Border Collies, she removed the legs and chewed up the black skid rubber part. BUT she has NOT destroyed the BED 1yr later still un damaged! So... I purchased a 2nd Cujo bed cot for my other dog - shipped with out legs. Contacted K9B and they shipped out legs AND replacement legs for the first cot!!! NO CHARGE NO Questions! LOVE these cots - spent $$$ on other to have them destroyed within a day! I Will be buying more for my other chewer dogs.
    • We're happy with it.
      Review by momkat on 7/31/2016
      My dog likes this cot. He hasn't chewed on it which is a plus but he still prefers the couch. He is slowly going to the cot we just have to keep pushing it and keeping him off the couch. He can be a very stubborn cattle dog.
    • Great prouct. Very Happy with the purchase of this cot.
      Review by Sharon on 7/30/2016
      This is the best dog bed I have ever purchased. Our dog Fawnda destroyed every other bed we bought her. she LOVES this bed. She even eats her treats on it. She has made no effort to even try & tear it up! Great product & quick delivery. I would recommend this cot to any dog owner.
    • Great product!
      Review by MRose on 7/28/2016
      This is a great product! Just got it a couple of days ago, but already my pitbulls love it. They have managed to chew through every single bed I have gotten them (the little one is like a great white shark), as well as anything else they can get their teeth into but so far, they haven't managed to even put a dent in this product. The bigger bull likes to stretch out on it, and she's big, but even so, both dogs are able to fit comfortably on it. It was very easy to assemble as well (just screw the legs on to the frame - even a simpleton such as me can do that.) Highly recommended.
    • Hmm
      Review by Donna on 7/19/2016
      I had found them superior to the Kurandas, but had a torn one so I ordered another with a note to please send me material so I could repair it.

      They sent a new one (for which I paid full price) but no material for the torn one. I just asked for a piece of fabric so I could repair.

      K9 Ballistics Response: We're sorry about that, Donna! We might have overlooked the note on the order. We're sending you out a strip of material today so that you can make your repairs.
    • Every bit as good as I imagined
      Review by Old School Dropout on 7/18/2016
      I ordered this mainly as a day bed for my new English Bulldog pup. He loves it, only tried to gnaw on the thick, black plastic corner pieces the first day then stopped trying to destroy it (a rare thing). I got an XL so he would have room to play on it now and would not out grow it. He likes to "bounce" on it like a trampoline, roll around and play with chew / rope toys and sleep for hours.

      Our almost 10 year old Shih Tzu enjoys nap time when he gets a chance as well. Dozer (the EB pup), has put out a couple of imaginary fires on it and the ballistic material is super easy to clean and dries very fast.
    • Awesome bed
      Review by Teresa on 7/18/2016
      I have an 11 month old 125 pound Great Dane that has destroyed everything that is within his reach. Dining chairs, curtains, coffee maker, electric can opener, curtains, wall decorations, ice maker in the door of the fridge and numerous dog beds. I knew with his large bones that he needed a comfy bed, but he would destroy them. I finally put down some heavy duty shipping quilts and they are in shreds. I decided to give yhe XXL cot a try since you had the 120 day guarentee. He has had it a week now and has not made a place in it. My other dogs want to lay on it so I am going to have to get them one also. Thrilled to have something my big boy can get comfortable on.
    • Best dog bedding product
      Review by Jane on 7/15/2016
      This is the best bed (Cujo Cot raised aluminum bed) I have ever had for our 2 year old lab. Porter chewed through 3 dog beds stuffing everywhere, he chewed up endless towels, and he chewed up a throw rug. I looked everywhere and then I discovered K9 Balistics. We have had the bed for several weeks and Porter loves it. He has not even tried to chew it up. I got the medium size to test it and I am planning on getting the next size up. Way to go K9 Ballistics.
    • Great Product!
      Review by Richard on 7/13/2016
      Our German Shepherd loves his cot, and he even shares it with the cats.
    • Huskies Haven't Eaten it!
      Review by Gretchen on 7/12/2016
      Love this bed. Took a day or two for the Huskies to realize they couldn't tear it apart and eat it. Love the fact that it comes assembled!!
    • High quality and durable!
      Review by Sherri L on 7/7/2016
      I ordered a couple of these cots from the recommendation of another breeder although I had my doubts about their ability to withstand my fur kids.
      I am happy to say that they are excellent cots and very well constructed. They are functional, durable and very nice! I would recommend them! Also, the communication with/from this company is excellent. Outstanding!
    • CUJO COT
      Review by SONNYS MOM on 7/6/2016
      I got this cot after much searching for something tough enough to make it through my destructive 1 year old golden retriever. Every bed that I got to put in his crate he found a way to destroy it, after spending money to buy pillow after pillow, I decided I could spend a little more to give this cot a try, besides who is willing to replace a cot if your dog destroys it....well I am happy to say that I think I have finally found the cot that will last through the destructive little boy I have. Thank you for making a truly non destructive product! I plan on purchasing another in the near future so he can have one both inside and outside.
    • Excellent
      Review by Debbie on 6/29/2016
      Best cot ever! Both my boys love it that's why I ordered the second cot! Great for the RV so they will have something to lay on instead of the mat when we are outdoors .
    • amazing
      Review by brandon b on 6/29/2016
      Hunter is a lab and Catahoula mix. Usually a bed last 1-2 days then its snowing stuffing all over the place. I honestly can't remember how many beds we have gone through or how much money I spent on these beds (not bargain basement beds either). We have had the cujo cot for 2 weeks now and he loves it. He is usually sprawled out on it. To date I haven't even found a tooth mark on it. I will definitely invest in a K9 Ballistics bed when winter comes around. Beyond pleased. We both love it
    • Excellent product
      Review by Marvin on 6/27/2016
      I was very pleased with how easy this bed was to set up. My dogs were a little hesitant at first but quickly adapted and like the bed. So far it has not been chewed and my Rottweiler puppy chews everything he can!! The bed is easy to clean and is easy to move. overall I am very pleased.
    • Excellent Bed
      Review by Tara on 6/22/2016
      Excellent bed. My doberman is rather destructive and likes to dig and chew things. It's like she takes it as a challenge. She goes through the plastic crate liners, she's broken a cage, along with other fun items even with at least 5 miles a day under her belt.

      This bed is still standing and she hasn't tried to eat it yet. She's dug at it, but likes the bed enough not to eat it is my guess. I move it around from the TV room to in her cage depending on where she tries to drag it. I'm debating on getting another one for convenience sake.

      My doberman has peed and gotten sick on it and it was the easiest clean up for a dog bed I've had short of just throwing it out. Took it out back, hosed it off both times, then sprayed it down with a neutralizer, and laid it in the sun to dry.
    • Well worth the cost!
      Review by Toni on 6/17/2016
      I have an 11 month old labrador retreiver that has eaten her way through the cloth part of two separate cots made by another company. One she chewed the fabric around the edges and the second she chewed a giant hole in the middle. We have had our Cujo Cot for about two weeks now and she hasn't had any success with her efforts to chew the fabric on this one. My destructive genius was apparently bored enough one day to unscrew two of the legs of the cot and throw them out of her kennel however. No damage was done to either the cot legs or the dog and I had my husband tighten the legs on the cot instead of me this time. I don't anticipate any further problems with that issue.
    • Perfect Cot for your Dog
      Review by Michael on 6/17/2016
      Our dog had eaten and chewed up every bed we had gotten him. This best cot is very sturdy and definitely chew resistant. We are so pleased that now he has a perfect place to rest. He is a very good dog, although his chewing habits are destructive. The Cujo Cot has our approval. We recommend this cot for any dog. Thank you K9 Balistics with for this product (Cujo Cot Raised Aluminum Bed) perfect.
    • Excellent Product !!
      Review by Linda on 6/16/2016
      I have raised Boston Terriers for over 25 yrs and finding a bed the majority wont tear up has been a constant battle. I decided to try the Cujo Cot but actually had my doubts they would last a week , so I ordered 4 to start with and gave to my worst chewers / diggers and expected them to be history by the next morning but was surprised to see no wear and tear on any of them. I had 2 dogs per bed so the cot passed the test of 8 of my dogs. After waiting a week to see if they would continue to hold up I placed a second order and even a third order later on. Best investment I have made for dog beds, and the dogs LOVE them !! I have passed this info along to other dog breeders and everyone has been very pleased with them so far.
    • Chew Proof!
      Review by Cybil on 6/10/2016
      I have a Belgian Malinois who is a heavy chewer. She will destroy any toy you give her and chews through any pad we put in her crate. She even chewed up the plastic crate liner (yes - she gets daily exercise). I initially tried the Tuff pad since it came with the guarantee. She had the first corner chewed open in 10 minutes. After a month of her chewing spots on the Tuff pad I took K-9 Ballistics up on their offer to refund me for the pad and apply that towards a cujo cot. Her first time in with the cot she attempted to start chewing, became frustrated or bored with her lack of progress and left it alone. We've had the cot for several weeks and there aren't any signs of chewing. Thank you K-9 Ballistics!!
    • Got this to replace chewed TUFF crate pad
      Review by Kenneth on 6/9/2016
      Cujo Cot, is holding up great . No signs of damage . As a matter of fact, my 2 labs have pretty much given up trying to destroy the Cujo Cot.
    • So far so good.
      Review by Carolynn L on 6/7/2016
      My dog is a Dogo Argentina. He's a Hound, bred for hunting Wild Boar. He is the ultimate in strength, speed, endurance amazing intelligence and tenacity. He is just 1 yr and 4 MOths. He's just shy of 100 lbs.

      He has already destroyed a number of beds including one SIMILAR in material and set up to this Cujo Cot. He wasted that one the first day!!!

      So, my hope is this one will hold up long enough to let him know....it's not worth the effort to Continue in his quest for disassembledge. So far...so good. He has scratched the tar out of it but it is currently in one piece...so far. We've had it for about 2 1/2 weeks.
    • FANTASTIC!!!!!!
      Review by Constance on 6/2/2016
      FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!!!! Our three dogs ate two chairs - literally. The leather chairs we had were chewed to the frame. All the beds we bought were eaten. They finally go to sleep throughout the day and night on the beds we bought and they are in the same condition as the day they were purchased!!!! Cannot say enough about the quality. Thank You!
    • Great bed for our little Cujo!
      Review by Heather on 5/31/2016
      So far Murphy hasn't even tried to chew his new bed. Seems the lack of stuffing is keeping him from it. The fabric is nice and tight, so he probably can't grab it either. Love it!
    • Thankful I finally found an indestructible bed
      Review by Marjie on 5/25/2016
      My dog Houdini, a 60+ pound one-year-old Boxer/Redbone Coon Hound mix, is the definition of a power chewer. He ripped his way through four pillows before I gave up and had him sleep on bare floor to keep him from ingesting the zippers and insides of the pillows. I cannot leave him uncrated or unfenced when I am not around to supervise him for fear he will devour the furniture. The Cujo Bed, which we've had for a week, is at this point indestructible and he loves it! If he has tried to chew it, there are no signs he has made any headway. Although pricey as a single purchase, what I paid for the four pillows he destroyed would add up to more than the price of this one bed. I am looking forward to being able to hose it off whenever it gets dirty or stinky. I am considering the purchase of your crate pad after I give this bed a few more weeks. I would not suggest buying any other brand if you have a power chewer!
    • XXL is great
      Review by Charles on 5/24/2016
      I was not so worried about the chewing as much as I was about the strength. 150 lbs of doggie broke two others we had. So far, so good. and he loves it. Highly recommended for it's excellent construction.
    • Aggie Approved!
      Review by Mary on 5/23/2016
      My 5 month old Wiem has used the bed as soon as it arrived. She had been restless on other beds and tore them up at the first opportunity. She has not chewed on the Cujo Cot and now sleeps thru the night. It is perfect.
    • perfect choice!!
      Review by Tammy on 5/14/2016
      ordered for my great pyrenese who is 5 months old, outside dog, and I wanted something to get him off of the ground to sleep!! He immediately got on it when I took it out of the box!! My husband told me he would never get on it! He was wrong!! I want to capture a picture of him in the early am hours when he is sound asleep on it because he looks like he's resting on a cloud!! I need a cool down pad for it ASAP we live in Louisiana. Oh, and he has never even attempted to chew on it!!
    • No holes so far!
      Review by Gloria on 5/12/2016
      I ordered this bed for Laddie who chewed his last raised bed to shreds. He also shredded any mats or cloth beds I tried. I ordered the Cujo Cot because the guarantee was excellent. So far, it has been over three weeks and the bed is still intact. He tried to tear it apart the first day he got it, and eventually gave up and slept on it! Thank you for guaranteeing your products! And thank you for making a bed that holds up under a chew happy puppy! I am glad Laddie finally has a bed!
    • So far so good!
      Review by BRIAN on 5/11/2016
      110 Lbs German Shepard seems to love it and hasnt caused any damage so far since he has had it!
    • AWSOME!!!
      Review by Paula on 5/11/2016
      We just purchases our second XL Cot. Our Boxers love them! We had problems with one of the young Boxers destroying everything and I mean everything. But not is cot. So worth the price.
    • LOVE IT!
      Review by 3 ranch dogs from N PHX on 5/9/2016
      I'm so glad I found these. My dogs love being outside and laying on their beds. I ordered 3 Cujo cot raised aluminum beds and TUFF crate pads. The beds stay cleaner, are waterproof and because they are raised will stay cooler during the hot months. My oldest dog weighs 90 lbs. and is arthritic. He no longer strains to lay down or get up again. They must be really durable, I've had them a month and they still look new. I would order another one in a minute if I needed one.
    • Review
      Review by Kim on 5/9/2016
      I purchase this for my cocker spaniel due to her limping when she would get up off the hardwood floor. As I live in a condo on the 1st floor and there is cement slab, and then wood flooring from the 2nd bedroom into the foyer. The only place that has carpet is in the master bedroom. The day I received this it was sunny and the temperature was in the 80’s. So I put it out on our patio and Freckles got up on the cot and laid on it. She knew this was for her. Since receiving it I move it into the 2nd bedroom where the TV it and she will get up on it. At night I move it into our bedroom and Freckles sleeps on it all night long and she now stays off of my bed.
    • Great cot
      Review by Charles on 5/2/2016
      I bought a tuff indoor bed to test the product thinking it wouldnt last against my pit. But it did and i bought another bed and a cot. Great product
    • Finally!!
      Review by Vilma on 5/2/2016
      I rescued a 70 lb. American Staffordshire Terrier/Boxer mix. He is 2 years old and a holy terror! I've gone through at least a dozen beds - and that is a conservative estimate - with him since I've had him (November, 2015). Every single bed I've gotten him has been completely destroyed, ripped to shreds, eaten! No matter what kind of bed I got, no matter the cost or how strong or "rip proof" it claimed to be it was never a match for Rocky! The last bed I got him before the Cujo Cot cost me upwards of $100 and it took longer for me to put it out for him than it did for him to drag it outside and completely destroy it! It looked like it had rained green stuffing all over my terrace! I was at my wits' end. Then I saw the ad for the Cujo Cot. I read the reviews and everyone seemed to have a dog just like my Rocky..destructive and persistent. I admit that I took a huge leap of faith ordering this cot for him because I had already spent so much money for nothing, but I thought I would give it one more shot! Well, I'm here to tell you that it was the best thing I ever did!! Rocky has been using his new "Cujo Cot" for over 2 weeks now and has not been able to make a single mark, dent or scratch on it (not for lack of trying I'm sure). He loves his cot and he hasn't tried - or hasn't been able to - do any damage at all to it. In fact, he has taken quite a liking to it and he now climbs up to eat his treats and greenies on the cot. I am thrilled and relieved beyond belief. THANK YOU K9 BALLISTICS for such an incredible product! I am recommending it to all my friends. For anyone who is "on the fence" about ordering this Cujo Cot....I absolutely recommend it - especially if, like me, your dog has destroyed countless bed in the past! Trust me, this will be the last one you will ever need to get for them!
    • We have a winner
      Review by Kristin on 4/26/2016
      Finally, a chew proof bed that truly seems to be chew proof! My Belgian Malinois puppy chewed through her crate pad and her Tuff bed. Both were replaced very quickly, but that didn't fix my dilemma. The Cujo Cot was the answer we'd been looking for. She uses the cot daily and despite her best efforts, the cot remains undamaged. I'm very happy with this order.
    • First purchase my dogs didn't destroy!
      Review by Sheena on 4/22/2016
      This is the first item I've purchased for my 3 labs that didn't get immediately destroyed! The dogs love laying on it & haven't even tried to chew it up! I'm impressed! I bought the XL & my 119 pound lab has been using it a lot lately! There's plenty of room for a big dog & the material hasn't stretched out!
    • Strong Bed
      Review by Bruce on 4/18/2016
      We are still trying to get her used to using it, its going to take a while. Our Black Lab has bad hips so we thought that bed would help make her more comfortable. The bed is well constructed and should last many years, our lab isn't a chewer so we have no concern there, was looking for a bed that was well constructed, light to move around, and comfortable, think we nailed it.
    • So far I love them
      Review by We'll C Mini Aussies on 4/13/2016
      It's only been 2 weeks but I've placed a second order to fill my entire kennel and I'm advertising these beds on my webpage. The feel in my hands is of a high quality product. My 3 test beds have not been chewed so far and my dogs are using them. I'm very happy with this company and these beds!
    • So far so good
      Review by Jean on 4/13/2016
      My labradoodle puppy chews everything! After he destroyed his stuffed bed I knew I needed something chew proof. So far this bed is unscathed and he loves it. He sleeps on it every night. I only wish I had ordered the next size up as he's going to outgrow it soon. I highly recommend it!
    • AWESOME!!
      Review by Melissa on 4/13/2016
      I own a boarding kennel and NONE of my regular bed de-fluffinators have put a nick in these cots.
      Thank you!!!
    • so far so good
      Review by Sue on 4/11/2016
      We have an Irish Wolfhound and Rhodesian Ridgeback. Both over 120 pounds. They have killed many beds. We were so tired of spending money for them to destroy yet another bed.

      These beds are holding up very well. The boys love the beds. I've not seen any indication of them being successful at their attempts to chew / destroy these beds.

      If they make it another 30 days I'll order more for other areas of the house.
    • awesome
      Review by andrea on 4/10/2016
      We have two 80 pound boxers who love these raised cots. They have held up perfectly and are easy to clean. WE have 2 cots, but they prefer to sleep together on one! Durable and worth the price!
      Review by Leonberger Mom on 4/7/2016
      I saw a negative review and just could not believe and thought i must give you my review. This is by FAR the best dog bed ever made. We have a 2.5 year old LARGE LEONBERGER. She is an insane chewer. She has ripped up so many beds and pillows and blankets. We didn't know what to do because we wanted her to have something cozy to lie on in her crate. All those concerns vanished when we bought the cujo cot. We have had ours for nearly 2 years now and besides being a bit dirty, it is in PERFECT condition still. It is just like new in terms of quality and construction. VERY IMPRESSIVE considering our dog is over 120lbs. too. Our dog loves it is so much and has NOT DESTROYED this cot. She tried at first but when she realized that she couldn't get a good grip with her teeth on the material and found no appeal in chewing aluminum legs, she gave up and has left it in perfect condition. Never did we think a product we bought for her years ago would still be in great condition. We are thrilled with it and are so glad we discovered this product. In fact, we are so happy that we are ordering a NEW ONE today for her outdoor dog house!! She goes in her dog house to get some shade when out in the sunny yard during the day and the grass has worn down inside her house and has now become soil. We don't want her lying in dirt, so i am going to put our old cot in there and put the new cot in her crate inside. What does that tell you? I am buying two so it must be a GREAT PRODUCT!
    • Quality
      Review by Heather on 4/5/2016
      Quality construction, Quality company...a positive experience, thank you ;)
    • The solution to our problem!
      Review by ruth on 4/5/2016
      My Westie chewer appears to like this bed and has not even tried, so far, to destroy it.
    • Dissatisfied...
      Review by Rick on 3/29/2016
      I have read all the reviews and am unable to believe them. I have had the product for only a week and my medium Lab mix has literally destroyed the cloth. It does not deserve the name "Ballistic Material". He is only a 55lb Lab mix and has literally turned the material into a pile of black soot. Thank heaven the material he digested did not make him very sick. I do not recommend anyone purchase this product based on mu experience.
    • My Dogs love it
      Review by Chris on 3/28/2016
      All 3 of my dogs love this bed. They loved it so much I bought a second one. Both stand up to constant use and no tears or wear to be seen. Love it!
    • Awesome bed!!
      Review by Amy on 3/27/2016
      At last....a bed that our "Cujo" Boxer Nikko has not destroyed!! He is 8 years old, but will still make a "snow pile" out of anything that we put in his crate. He has had the Cujo cot for 3 weeks now and there isn't a mark on it! He even picks his cot over the couch sometimes for his naps when we are at home! He loves it! Our other dogs have your regular orthopedic TUFF crate pads, and love absolutely them! Unfortunately, Nikko "ate" one of those as well, which led us to the Cujo Cot for him. Thank you again K9 Ballistics for keeping all of our dogs comfy and safe!! Money well spent!!
    • In perfect condition
      Review by Loretta on 3/24/2016
      My mini-dachshund and Doxie-mini pin mix haven't been able to do anything to this bed. It took a few weeks for them to take to it, but they love it now. They normally shred and destuff a bed almost from day one. I highly recommend this. It makes me happy to get them off the hard floor to protect their backs and hips. I put several old blankets on the cot for extra comfort. This is also very easy to keep clean.
    • Great beds! Dogs love em :)
      Review by Crystal on 3/21/2016
      Our dogs normally chew on beds immediately, but these have been Labrador proof so far!! They love having somewhere comfortable to lay! The only draw back.. They're a little noisy. If the dogs get up in the night, it wakes us up. Sounds like they're walking on drums. We have thrown and blanket over the top of them and the that helps with the sound. Other than that they're great!
    • This is a really well made bed - lightweight and sturdy. Pup loves it!
      Review by Charlotte on 3/17/2016
      My pup obviously finds the cujo cot comfortable. He climbed on immediately and I found the next morning that he had stretched out his full length on it and had his favorite toys in bed with him. He has not chewed on or wrestled with this bed once. Thank you!
    • Holding up so far
      Review by Deanna on 3/16/2016
      So far our 13 month lab/shorthair had not tried to chew up this bed. He seems to want to take his bed and his sister's bed out into the yard thru the doggie door. When the bed won't fit thru the door, he destroys it so he can get it outside. Now I think I need to order a second one so that they each have one. He has been monopolizing this one and she doesn't have anything to lay on.
    • Positive
      Review by Sherri on 3/13/2016
      We really had our doubts that this bed could hold up to our bull terrier and Great Dane pups but it did! Gotta go, the bull-headed terror is eating my wood rocking chair! Do you make furniture?
    • great bed
      Review by karen on 3/11/2016
      Great bed so far had for 3 weeks and my English bull puppy has not been able to chew or tear up this bed
    • Great bed would recommend to others
      Review by Brenda on 3/11/2016
      Great bed very well-crafted and so far so good! My dog Ivory who we will call the Ivorynator has chewed up every bed I've ever purchased for her she's a year and a half old. She has chewed up Kong beds, sheets,blankets and just about anything she can get a hold of! It has been a week now since the new bed arrived and so far it does not appear that she has chewed at all. All I can say is thank goodness for k9 ballistics because Ivory is a great dog but keeping her on a bed has been a huge challenge. We are crossing our fingers and paws that our new k9 Cujo cot bed will last for years to come.
    • GREAT
      Review by WILLIAM on 3/11/2016
      We have a 200 lbs timberwolf, and she thought all her beds were big toys, and would totally shred them into a million pieces. This bed is awesome, and best of all she loves it. She has never moved it from the time we put it down. I would recommend this bed to anyone. Our Mia loves it. Thanks
    • What a great product!
      Review by Charlotte and Indy on 3/8/2016
      Got the new cujo bed and the pup loves it. He can really sprawl and stretch out on this and his favorite toys have moved from his crate den to the cot! It makes a handy pause table when we play/school in the house, too, and I think I will haul it with us when we go in a group to track.
      Thanks so much!
      Charlotte and Indy
    • Best bed
      Review by Andre on 2/10/2016
      My 1 year old Staffordshire terrier/ bulldog loves his new bed...the Best Bed I have ever purchased and the quality is wonderful.
    • The Jury is still Out
      Review by Lisa Mitts on 2/10/2016
      I can't decide yet if I am happy with this bed or not. It's holding up fairly well to 1 year old Charlotte our huge German Shepherd/Lab mix from the shelter, but it's not warm and cozy like a "bed" would be. That's probably fine anyway because with her chewing up and unstuffing every other bed we ever got her, she's not likely getting one of those kinds ever again. But it bugs me and the rest of the family that the cot material is tight like a drum and makes crazy squishing and drum pounding types of noises when she gets on or off of it, or scooches around on it and so on. I think it's worth the trade off as it seems to be chewproof so far, and better than her sleeping on the floor in the same spot. On the other hand it is kind of big and in the way--because she's kind of big (and the size XL does fit her perfectly by the way)--and is not very attractive in my kitchen. Sometimes I wish I had tried the other stuffed beds rather than the cot, but I am pretty sure she would wreck those despite the guarantee. :-) So....I will come back in a couple of weeks and let you know if we love it yet.
    • So far, so good
      Review by mparchim on 2/5/2016
      I have a 9-month-old beagle mix puppy who chews anything put with him in his crate. He didn't bother his crate mat until recently and then pulled out all the stuffing and started working through the fabric. The cujo cot has been untouched so far. It was a bit hard getting it to fit in the crate, but with a little muscle and bar bending, it works fine now. He has even started to go in his crate on his own on occasion and just chills.
    • thank you so much
      Review by elaine on 2/4/2016
      cujo bed is great my black lab puppy ate her 2 or 3 other beds, pulled all the stuffing out. This she can't chew. She scratches at it sometimes when the bed is in her cage but we all love it. Thank you so much for making a chew proof bed. Jaden loves it , so do I.
    • The best.
      Review by Julie on 2/3/2016
      We have four dogs--two of whom are bully breeds and they have destroyed too many beds to count, at a cost of probably a couple thousand dollars over the past 3 years. Once we discovered these beds, though, no more replacements needed. All four dogs now have these--and they are completely untouched and undamaged. They are worth 10 times what you pay for them and will definitely save you lots of money in the long run.
    • Perfect for Puppy
      Review by Bonnie on 1/24/2016
      I ordered the Cujo Cot in July 2015 after my Catahoula puppy chewed, ate and destroyed several other beds. I was concerned that the pieces of foam and material would cause her intestinal damage and was desperate for something safe. Thanks to K9 Ballistics - This one worked a treat! Very easily cleanable with just a garden hose. I ordered the medium and it fit into her Life Stages #1636 wire crate (36' x 24" x 27") perfectly (I didn't attach the legs to the cot). It keeps her up off of the cold (and very noisy) plastic tray. So happy with my purchase. I would recommend this bed to everyone. Great, quality product!!
    • A perfect tool to teach PLACE
      Review by Pam on 1/20/2016
      This is our second Cujo Cot. We purchased one for our year old setter's outside kennel, which he rarely stays in. but brought it in this winter. Part of his training includes giving him a PLACE. Meaning a spot where he feels safe and you can anchor him there. We have a rug in the kitchen which is ok, but a place should be elevated and distinct from the surroundings. For example, outside we have truck tires onto which are secured 1/2 " plywood cut in a circle to create a platform and held down by three threaded bolts. Some are double stacked tires and others just one tire. These represent his PLACE. When he gets to one we say "PLACE" he hops up and waits for commands or just learns patience and only gets down when released.
      The Cujo Cot acts as a PLACE in the house. It anchors him to a spot when you don't want him underfoot. It also gives him a safe place to rest.
      So, we purchased a second Cujo Cot. Now we have one for the office and one for the living room. When the snow leaves we will order one for the outside kennel run. These cots are chew proof (for our dog) offer training possibilities and provide a comfortable safe spot (PLACE) for him. Pam in Minnesota.
    • They never knew what hit 'em.
      Review by Yaminha on 1/8/2016
      We purchased the Cujo cot, 'cause my dogs are killers when it comes to their shtuff. They are 80 lbs German Shepherd/Akita mixed breed one year old dogs (puppies if you ask my kids). Every bed or pseudo bed we have purchased or created for them, has been ripped and shredded into non-existence. This was their Christmas present and my husband was skeptical and said don't do it, they will only destroy them.
      I just had a feeling.... and let me say, they have not made one attempt to dog-handle the cots. Do digging, biting, chewing or misbehavior. They just jump right on and lay down.
      Who would have guessed?! Thanks so much K9B. Life saver.
    • Great Bed
      Review by Heidi on 1/8/2016
      I have spent thousands of dollars on various "indestructible" beds and my GSD has dissected each and every one of them, finding the weakness whether it be a zipper or a thread and rip it to shreds within a week. We finally saw this cot and purchased it with an attitude of "let's wait and see how long it takes..." Well, Klaus loves the fact that it is elevated and it alleviates pressure on his hips and elbows.
    • Best bed ever!
      Review by cristal on 1/6/2016
      I have two one hundred pound Labrador retrievers. After spending hundreds of dollars on beds just to have them torn and destroyed I had given up hope. They started developing calluses on their legs from sleeping on the floor and I felt so bad. These beds arrived and changed their lives! I kid you not, they spend all of their time in these beds. Even after their scratching the canvas to get comfortable for hours these beds remain intact. I can not say thank you enough for making a bed this durable.
    • Finally a bed that has lasted
      Review by Angela on 1/6/2016
      This is the first bed that our 1 year old catahoula has not been able to chew up. Note this is the first day with no damage. But every other bed or rug we have put in her crate has been destroyed with the first hour. Thank you K9Ballistics.
    • Great cot
      Review by Terence on 12/29/2015
      We were replacing expensive dog beds every few weeks for our 10 year old Golden Retriever. It was not him chewing, it was our two Boston Terriers. Now this cot is as good as the day it arrived with no chew damage. Well built cot and our Golden loves it. I think it helps take pressure off his ailing hips. This is a great product so far but I really think it will last.

      Thanks for the great product that has helped me stop spending money on dog beds.
    • Finally a bed my dog didn't destroy
      Review by Rebecca on 12/29/2015
      My 1 year old Rottweiler has destroyed more dog beds than all my previous dogs combined. I would have let the dog just deal with sleeping on the floor, but I have 2 other dogs (and yes, she ate their beds too). I bought the XXLarge cot. The dogs were a little unsure at first (it isn't soft and fuzzy, just stretched canvass over a metal frame), but they have all learned to sleep on it. I have 2 Rotties and a Boston Terrier. They can all fit on the cot together. We have had the bed for 3 weeks or so and it is completely in tack. Maisie has finally met her match!
    • Trying but hold up!
      Review by JanJan on 12/21/2015
      my new dog cot is holding up however, my 7 year old border collie managed to remove one of the legs and ate 3 of the plastic footing! The cot has many teeth marks on it but it is still intact!!!
    • Perfect for our GSD
      Review by Cortney on 12/21/2015
      We have an 8-1/2 month old German Shepherd puppy. When he was smaller, we used to put an old blanket in his crate and after awhile he would shred it apart. For a little while he was sleeping on the plastic surface of his crate. We just couldn't stand to have him do that since they tend to lay on their elbows and we didn't want to potentially add to his possible hip problems when he gets older. So we went to a pet store and bought a Kong bed. It's Kong so it's supposed to be durable.. or so we thought. He was OK for the first few days, but I came home from work one day to find him have torn it open!! It was almost amusing to see the reaction on people's faces when they told me "Oh, he's a bed destroyer? Get a Kong." and I told them "It was a Kong bed..". (Nothing against Kong - I use their toys all the time). So I started doing some research for indestructible dog beds and K9 Ballistics was the first website to pop up. After some research we came across the Cujo Cot. I was hesitant at first because I wasn't sure what the fabric was like and I didn't want it to be super tight and almost like the plastic bottom of his crate. We decided to get one after reading all of the incredibly positive reviews as we still couldn't stand for him to lay on a hard surface. We got it and immediately put the legs on it and threw it in his crate. He couldn't get enough of it - it was fantastic! The fabric is nice and giving and I can see how it's already helping his elbows and hips. It's probably been about 2-3 weeks since we've gotten it and he hasn't been able to ruin it (assuming he has tried to destroy it which he usually does when he's in there). He did threw up on it once, and I was able to get it apart on my own. The only problem WE had with it was it seemed close to impossible to put back together after washing it. I'm assuming it shrunk in the wash so we might have to air dry it next time but other than that it's the best bed we've ever come across for our GSD!
    • very surprised it came fully put together.
      Review by Lynda on 12/21/2015
      We have a 74 lb golden retriever and the bed is between our chairs that we watch TV in. My husband pets him while watching TV so this us exactly the right height. My dog loves it and he has plenty of room. Great purchase!!
    • We have won!
      Review by James on 12/12/2015
      We have won the battle with our 100lb Doberman Slug, he would destroy all his beds and now he's happy and doesn't even try to chew it up..the bed. If u have a pet that destroys their bed u need to get this bed and your worries are over
    • The pups love it!
      Review by Juan&Jamie on 12/10/2015
      Our dogs love sunbathing on their cots! They seem sturdy and well built, even for the toughest of dogs. We recommend a Cujo cot to all dog lovers.
    • We have won!
      Review by James on 12/10/2015
      We have won the war! We had previously purchased another bed from you that was chew/puncture proof, and that bed was more expensive than this one, and our boy Slug, 100lb Doberman, destroyed that bed within a week! We were frustrated with that and weren't too sure we would purchase from u again....however we found this bed and I read all the reviews and we were impressed, but, not too sure about spending that kind of money another bed,we gave in and took a chance and it PAID OFF! Our boy LOVES his new bed, and hasn't even tried to destroy it because we know he realizes his efforts are futile. We are extremely pleased and feel like we have ended his reign of destruction! We recommend to anyone who has a pet, that just utterly destroys every bed, u need to purchase this bed, it is a bit spendy but u will recoup your losses with your first purchase because u will more than likely never have to buy a bed AGAIN and u will have a happier pet....thank you
    • Cujo cot
      Review by James on 12/8/2015
      So far so good. Have it in the crate since the dogs are young and eat everything in site that's not nailed down including crate liner. Only thing is smaller crate dimensions won't fit snugly like this one did for larger dog so will be too much of a gap for snaller dog to get into trouble with. So still looking at options for that. But other wise happy found option that's better than bare floor for crating them when out.
    • Yay!!We're on day 5, so far so good.
      Review by Velma on 12/4/2015
      My Lab Luke had always destroyed his beds, hopefully he will not destroy this bed, he seems to be happy with his bed, so far we're good!
    • Very Good/Happy with Purchase
      Review by RC on 12/2/2015
      The quality of the cot is excellent. I purchased two of these to be used inside wire crates. They assembled very easily and were quite simple to slide diagonally inside the crate doors. I was a little concerned that the leg height might be too high to accommodate the dogs sitting, but they manage comfortably. Nice to get them off the plastic crate bottom/thinly cushioned bedding. One dog is a persistent chewer and has not made even a scratch on the cot. The cot material can be a little noisy with busy paws so a covering of some sort is to be recommended. I purchased the Velvet crate pad for my chewer...love it as well...it has survived the first week admirably. Very pleased, thanks.
    • Can't go wrong
      Review by Robin on 12/2/2015
      You can't go wrong with this bed. We actually purchased this bed for a second time so that we can have one on each level of our house. Kali destroyed everything but this cot! The quality truly is above all others I have tried. I will NEVER purchase anything for a chewer again accept this cot. Ballastics and the cujo cot have my vote!
    • Works great
      Review by Laura on 12/1/2015
      My dog chews through everything. Any type of cloth material, garden hoses, rope of all thicknesses. This is the perfect bed for her since the canvas is stretched taught and she can't chew it. I was concerned if she would understand that it was a bed to sleep on, but she figured it out on the first night and it seems she is comfortable with it. Since she is an outside dog, it's also nice for her to get off the ground and away from any bugs. She is about 40lbs and slightly higher than my knees and XL was a good size for her.
    • Ok...it REALLY works!
      Review by Connie on 11/25/2015
      Our beloved Kansas has finally met her match. Until the Cujo cot she was able to chew through every bed, blanket etc. Thank you so much!
    • Still standing...
      Review by prf0aa on 11/23/2015
      I was so happy to discover K9's Cujo Cot! Our 8 month old, 120 lbs. Irish Wolfhound puppy chews up everything in her path. Before getting the Cujo Cot, no dog bed, blanket, rug, or mat had survived one night with her. I was really worried about our pup sleeping on the floor but we had literally run out of options. We have now had the Cujo Cot for two weeks and so far, so good! The first two nights, she did her darnedest to “dig” through the surface of the tarp. The Cujo Cot stood up to the test. No damage done! In addition to being extremely durable, our pup seems to really enjoy sleeping in her new bed. What a relief. We are all sleeping better now.
    • Basically indestructible
      Review by Alison on 11/23/2015
      So far it's standing up to our dog who chewed up our couch.
    • Finally found indestructible beds
      Review by jacquelin on 11/12/2015
      Thank you so much. After replacing numerous beds for my 2 Pitties, I finally found the ONE. It's been 2 weeks and beds are still intact. I will be purchasing beds only from K9 Ballistics...the quality is well worth the price.
    • Best bed you can buy!
      Review by Leonard on 11/7/2015
      We are on day 5 of the Cujo Cot and so far my 16-month, 130-pound Doberman puppy has not been able to destroy this bed! I am truly amazed since he is able to rip apart anything we have tried. He gave it a good try at first, but I think he realizes he is not going to win this one. He managed to bend and break apart the metal floor pan in his crate so he is a big, strong boy! It seems to already be helping his elbows as it has just enough give, but yet very supportive. He is also sleeping through the night without waking me up and I believe this is due to the fact he is much more comfortable. I gave it a lot of thought before purchasing as it is rather expensive, but now that I see how it is, it is well worth the money. The customer service representative was extremely helpful in making my decision. I would suggest you speak with them and discuss your situation and concerns. I am very pleased to say, so far, so good!
    • WOW!!! My pup has met her match!!!
      Review by Melody on 11/4/2015
      AWESOME BED FOLKS!!! This was about my 5th or 6th bed for my hard core chewing pup. I had tried just about everything from bitter apple spray on her crate beds to frozen treats to keep her occupied and had just about given up but my pup has met her match with this one! This is the perfect bed for a dog that destroys everything, and that would be my pup! If my pup can get even the tiniest piece of fabric in her mouth it's all over and that's what makes this bed perfect! There are no edges of the fabric to get to, it's all covered with aluminum on the outside frame. I have it in her crate and it's just perfect!!! She also really enjoys bouncing on it. The fabric is really tough! I don't think she could even dig a hole in it, it's very tough to the touch!
      *******A really important note about k9 ballistics... Their customer service is the best I have ever dealt with and I'm NOT exaggerating one bit! They took A LOT of time corresponding with me about my situation, what products of theirs would be a good choice for my situation and even talked about products to use that weren't even their own! It was truly a great experience just speaking with them. They make you feel as if you are their only customer! Really great communication and concern for your situation. *********
      If you're destroyer of beds has you giving up, I urge you to give the cujo cot bed a try, you won't be disappointed!!!
      -A grateful customer
    • xxl cujo cot
      Review by Patrick on 11/4/2015
      So far so good!......My husky would literally destroy any bed and/or mattress and/or blanket within moments of being introduced to it!.....saw some scratches on a couple corners (tried to chew)....but looks as if he gave up and no new scratches since!......I only gave 4 stars due to lack of time using (need more time to see), but if it holds up like it has the first couple weeks, definitely a 5 star rating.
    • Still standing!
      Review by Robin on 10/25/2015
      It's day 4...hooray! My american pit bull terrier baby girl has destroyed everything but her cujo cot and trust me she has been trying! She gives up after several minutes of scratching when she realizes the corners aren't coming up so she can chew them. She continues to try periodically throught each day but still nothing. Hopefully in the next few days she will give up trying all together because the sound drives me nuts lol! FINALLY something that seems to be holding up.
    • Love it!
      Review by jill on 10/21/2015
      We have 2 of these beds and have had them for over 2 years. They are the only beds we have ever had that the dogs did not rip to shreds. They normally tear the fabric right away and then work on tearing up the frame. One did manage to somehow crack the frame after 2 years. But this dog has actually bent metal pipe and steel plate. So in my opinion these are excellent beds and well worth the money!
    • Best Dog Bed EVER!
      Review by Jeannette on 10/20/2015
      I have bought several different cot dog beds over the last year. My dog has torn up ALL of them within a month! I always bought extra replacements, when they got chewed up.

      I bought is bed and NO more torn up beds! And so easy to keep clean! Well worth the cost of this bed. I spent a lot more money on all those cheaper beds, so happy I found K9 Ballistics!
    • Puppy Perfect
      Review by Jeremy on 10/13/2015
      We've now had the Cujo cot for over a week and little Leila enjoys it no matter what she's doing. Whether she's tired, and taking a break to lay down and chew on her bone or running around and bounding off of it like a miniature trampoline. Either way enjoying it with a huge puppy grin. She's a chewing and has eaten all her previous bed. She tried to continue the trend with this bed but soon gave up after a few bites realizing she has met her match with this bed. We were also pleasantly surprised to find out that with a few yoga maneuvers the Cujo cot could also fit inside her kennel perfectly without dis-assembly. Well designed and seemingly durable enough so far!
    • Our Boxers love it!
      Review by Ron on 10/5/2015
      At first we thought that the price was a bit high, but when we tallied up how much we have already spent on cheaper sling beds, we figured we had to try it or keep forking out the $. Plus having a warranty is a huge plus.

      Our 16 month old boys, Jack and Jed, absolutely love this bed. They are quite rough (putting this mildly) with not only each other but everything else as well, and I can already tell that the quality of this bed, unlike others, will withstand their abuse. :0) Would definitely recommend this product.
    • Doing well so far!
      Review by Renee S on 10/3/2015
      We've had the bed a couple weeks and so far it's doing well. The dog that likes a dog bed is using it, and the dog that likes to eat her dog beds has not chewed it up! I plan on ordering more, just wanted to make sure the bed worked first.
    • outstanding quality
      Review by BELEN on 9/29/2015
      I bought these 2 cots for my husky brothers who lay waste to all in their path,but specialize in nuking dog beds. They've jumped repeatedly on them, double up on one cot, drag them out in the rain, gnaw at the edges....but it looks like (for once) all their evil intentions are for naught. beds are still completely intact and in use a year later. i won't be wasting my dog money on any other product but the ones on this website, believe me, i've been burned.
    • Everyone loves it
      Review by Lynn on 9/25/2015
      Teaching my 6 month old Bernese Mountain Dog to behave in the house and needed the "Place" for her to be. She loves it with a toy or treat for comfort. Our 2 year old granddaughter loves it also to play on. She also jumps onto it from the nearby footstool. I think it will stand up to whatever we ask of it.
    • Great Bed!!
      Review by Steve on 9/22/2015
      Bed has worked out great for my 100 pound German Shepard who is 7 yrs old and has Arthritis in here back legs. It helps keep her off cold floor along with her favorite blankets! So far so good on the not being able to chew on by my 1 yr. old Staffordshire Terrier!
    • Out-performs any other raised beds I have purchased.
      Review by Melinda on 9/15/2015
      We have large powerful coonhounds that have destroyed other raised beds in minutes by "digging". Cujo Cot is still standing strong and intact after several weeks of abuse by our biggest hound. I will be ordering more for the rest of our hounds at Gibson's English Hound Kennels.
    • Well Worth the Money
      Review by G. OConnor on 9/15/2015
      Your Bed Is Well Worth The Money !
      More than satisfied with the construction and quality. The XLG was perfect for my Shepperd Thea.
      You can buy one of your beds and be done with it. Or buy the cheaper competitors bed and have them destroyed or not hold up and get to buy another one time and time again.
      When you look at it like that your Cost very affordable for a more than great DOG BED.
    • Love this
      Review by Linda on 9/14/2015
      My Standard poodle has destroyed every single thing I have given him for bedding. This product has held up well, is easy to clean, and does get him up off the floor. It took about one day for Thurber to learn to use it as a bed, but now he uses it regularly. It even survived a weekend at the boarding kennel.
      Good job! great product
    • My Shih Poo loves it!
      Review by tamara e on 9/11/2015
      We got the medium size for our 11 lb Shih Poo so he could move around while still staying "in Place" as he had been trained by professional trainers.
      He was so happy when he saw it arrive. We only had to screw in the legs to get it ready for use. He happily goes on it throughout the day and sleeps on it at night.
    • Trainer approved
      Review by Steve on 9/10/2015
      We took our 1 year old yellow lab to a trainer for a refresher coarse. It wasn't the dog that needed refreshed it was us. The one thing we did find out though was how much she loved this Cujo Cot the trainer used. She chews everything and normally will not stay in her bed but now she will stay in her cot until she is given the ok to get out. And so far she has not even tried to chew it. "she must love it"
    • Holding up to my Pitt and Anatolian
      Review by Al on 9/5/2015
      Haven't had the beds too long, but so far they are holding up better than most. We had recently switched to the raised beds (like the Cujo) but made with PVC legs and mesh material. Those beds are holding up too, but have stretched a lot, and bend a lot under my 120lbs Anatolian. I can't imagine a much larger dog on those plastic beds. I can stand on the Cujo with my Anatolian on it, and it doesn't flex at all. Have no doubts it will hold up. So far it hasn't been an issue but the material is really taught and smooth, almost slippery.
    • So far, so good.
      Review by Sandra on 9/4/2015
      So far so good. We had to remove the legs so our timid Great Dane would try it out. She hasn't tried to chew it, yet. That's a good thing.
      Review by Patty on 9/1/2015
      Worth every bit of what I spent on this bed! It has held up so well, and easy to keep clean!!!
    • Not chewed through yet!
      Review by B on 8/31/2015
      I have a chewer who has chewed through every raised bed. It has not yet happened with this cot!
    • We've bought two!
      Review by Zaida on 8/13/2015
      Our 140 lb. English Mastiff puppy has chewed all of the other beds we've bought him. Not this one. He hasn't even attempted to chew otherwise destroy it because it's designed so he can't get a "grip" on the edges. He's still growing and the material has held up! No sign of wear, scratches of stretching in the material so far. I'm sure it will hold up even when he reaches his full weight. We bought a second one for our big boy!
    • Very happy.
      Review by Brenda Graham Apter and Bob on 8/11/2015
      Amazingly this bed is still all in one piece! First bed that our Anatolian Shepherd hasn't destroyed within hours of purchase.
    • LOVE this bed!
      Review by KiKi on 8/6/2015
      My Belgian Malinois loves to chew and bite on everything. He destroyed the last bed I purchased (it wasn't from K9 Ballistics) and I was leary of buying another like it. However, this is much different. The construction of the frame is amazing and the material is equally as nice. I give it 5 stars!
    • My English Bulldog LOVES it!
      Review by Gina on 7/31/2015
      Ellie has had her new x-large cujo bed for about a week now and loves it. So far it has held up great! She sleeps on it with her blanket for extra comfort! I have a couple of little dogs that love it too so I guess I'll be getting them one soon also!
    • Cujo Cot for Old Dogs and Puppy
      Review by Lisa E. on 7/30/2015
      I have three older dogs and one puppy (1year old). The puppy was the distructive one, he destroyed 2 dog beds, 1 rubber mat, 2 welcome mats, 3 books, a palm tree, chewed a hole in one couch, chewed every corner of our floor rugs, and every toy we bought. I've basically removed everything from downstairs. So needless to say I was desperate to find something. I typed in non- distructable dog beds, your company caught my eye. I was a little leary in getting the cot because of the older dogs, but ALL of them seem to enjoy it. So far so good, hopefully, I have found the solution to one of my  problems. Thank You!!!
    • So far, so good!
      Review by Nero's Mommy on 7/27/2015
      We have only had the bed for about 10 days but it is holding up quite well. Initially he was a little reluctant to stand on it, I think he thought it wouldn't hold him, but he's fine with it now. The material is holding up well to scratching. I think we found a winner! The cot is being used outdoors in his kennel to keep him from having to lay on concrete.
    • Great
      Review by Nancy E on 7/7/2015
      My dog loves it. Sturdy .
    • Working so far
      Review by Dan on 6/29/2015
      I purchased 4 of these cots for my 4 Gordon Setters. It took less than 5 mins each it attach the legs. One of my girls totally destroyed one of the crate pads (which K9 Ballistics replaced). So far she's not attacked this cot at all...fingers crossed.
    • Worth the money
      Review by rhonda on 6/22/2015
      This is one durable bed. I have an American Bulldog that put it to the test. Wipes off easily too. Great product! I just bought one more for my new puppy:)
    • So far so good
      Review by Wendy on 6/16/2015
      I purchased 3 of the XXL Cujo Cots. I have 1 female Black Lab, 1 female Great Dane/Lab mix, and 1 male Great Dane so I had to get the largest size because my big boy will get on any bed so they all had to be able to accommodate his size and weight. I have tried other cots and while they worked, the fabric didn't hold up very well. The Cujo Cots are a little noisy, (it sounds like they are holding drum practice in their room) but so far they are holding up very well. I hope I can say the same thing after 120 days! The assembly was very easy and I really like the colors of the marine blue stripe!
      Review by omar on 6/9/2015
      My 45 lb. Stafford Mix has gone through several crate beds. Anything with cushion or stuffing in the crate will be dissected. So far this cot has kept up. She loved it the first day it came in. Could not get her off it when i put it together. We noticed she has reverted to her elk antler and kong toy that we've always put in there even with the cushiony beds she destroyed. So that's a good sign. Although it seems comfortable I added a small comforter for extra comfort. She loves it and I even catch her in there more often on her own. So far AWESOME product!!
    • Excellent!
      Review by Kathy on 5/31/2015
      My crazy little Maltese/Pom mix has managed to eat or destroy every bed (and toy, and box, and chair, and bowl...), but NOT THIS ONE! He has tried to eat it, but hasn't even made a scratch or hole! Plus, he loves sleeping on it. I was worried about the price at first, but found it worth every penny, and I highly recommend it! Thank you for making this awesome product!!
    • Great bed
      Review by Edward on 5/28/2015
      We have a 1 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback who has chewed through a few other beds. This bed is now about a month old and he has not made a scratch on it. You can tell he does move it but not a scratch. He is 100 lbs and we got him a large. Seems very happy in it and I think being off the ground keeps him cooler. Highly recommend this bed.
    • Dane owner
      Review by Cindy on 5/25/2015
      My 6 mo old Dane (31" at withers, 121 pounds) thought it was a trampoline at first and would use it as a toy but not a bed. When I put an existing rectangular dog foam bed (4" thick) on it, he took to it and loves it! But that sort of defeats the purpose: migrating away from chewable beds that he likes to destroy. I had read other reviews that it's a great bed but that dogs don't necessarily like the feel. Perhaps starting one out as a puppy would meet with different results. Perhaps in a few weeks I can take the foam mattress off and see if he will still use it. Or perhaps by then he will have destroyed the foam bed, as is his way... The bed itself is a 5-star indestructible, but modifying it so the dog will use it makes all the stars in the world irrelevant.
    • Worth it!
      Review by Kathy on 5/24/2015
      This is the first bed we've been able to find that can withstand the razor sharp teeth of our little psycho-chewer (a Maltese/Pomeranian mix). He eats EVERYTHING in sight, but not his Cujo Bed. He loves it; he brings all his toys on it to play and sleep. I was worried about the cost at first, but it's worth every penny. In fact, I just bought a kennel pad for him, too. I highly recommend!
    • This cot is GREAT!!
      Review by Daniel J. on 5/5/2015
      My dog Tyson is a blue nose pit and has gone thru beds beyond belief because they are high energy dogs. if im not home in time that's how he releases his energy, lol. I purchased this cot about one week ago and I'm still going to work overnight, it usually doesn't take him more Than 2 days to start to destroy it or it would completely be in pieces before I can walk thru the door, not even a scratch and he eats his bones on it!!! Best bed EVER!! And he just goes to it now, before he would lay on the floor or rug but now he goes right to the cot and he loves it!!!
    • So far so good
      Review by Priscilla R. on 5/4/2015
      Our Shepherd/Pit mix has managed to destroy every dog bed and blanket we've purchased for her and so far she has not even tried to chew the Cujo bed. The only issue we have is that it's in her crate and it's a bit noisy as she moves around. Because she's such a big dog, we had to take the legs off so it sits lower in the crate. Now we are trying to figure out what we can put underneath it to muffle the sound. It can't be a blanket because she'll pull it out and chew it up.
      Review by Ava Patricia on 4/4/2015
      The first time ordering cot; tried others that failed immediately. Week two with Cujo Cot, so far so good. My Fur-baby loves his new bed, however, he is scratching it alot to get our attention, most of the time and it is holding up! Will keep you posted as time progresses!

      Thanks K-9, you have one of the better products I have seen so far!
    • Dog Lover
      Review by Elisa R on 3/12/2015
      So far, so GREAT! My dog Zoey is ALL chewer, she can destroy a chew bone in a day, that will last other dogs weeks. She has chewed up everyone of her blankets that have been in her crate,and torn up countless beds. I received the Cujo Cot on a Tuesday (today is Friday). I have come home and not a sign of any wear and tear at all! It makes me so happy to know that I can leave her and not have to worry about her chewing up yet another bed. THANK YOU! Also, so easy to set up; just add the legs to the bed. If you have a big time chewer like I do, this bed is for you. : )
    • Best Bed Ever
      Review by Cheryl G on 3/3/2015
      Glenda is a 5 month old Doberman pup who should have been named Jaws or Chainsaw. After she shredded a big round pillow bed and joyfully filled the house with poly-fiber filling, I got smart and found K9 Ballistics. I studied the products, and knew the Cujo Cot was just the ticket. It comes in a big box but is very light to lift and open. Screw on the legs with the hex key provided, and you're good to go. Glenda loves the bed and I love having skipped the step of spending lots and lots of money on more beds for her to destroy. If you have a Glenda/Jaws/Chainsaw/Cujo regardless of size, breed, or age, do both of you a favor and get a Cujo Cot.
    • Review by Jerry D on 1/26/2015
      My 50 lb. English Setter hasn't eaten it YET! She has chewed apart all other beds including your tough beds. Best of all, she seems to enjoy sleeping on it!
    • Cujo proof
      Review by Brandy C on 1/16/2015
      We purchased this bed for our 9 month old puppy, who has succesfully destroyed 5 beds. This bed is all it's advertised to be and fits perfectly in her large kennel. All of our dogs take turns in this bed, looks like we may need another...
    • Review by Christopher K on 1/14/2015
      My Boomer has destroyed every bed, blanket or cushion I have ever put in his kennel. He is also know to pull down spouts off of the house. I have had the cujo cot for 5 days now. So far no signs of any damage. I am very happy with the construction and strength of it.
    • Husky Owner
      Review by Sarah on 12/29/2014
      So far so good, my husky puppy tore up every bed she had, and she has had the cujo cot for about a month now and it hasn't been ruined it yet! Thank you!
    • cugo cot
      Review by Debbie on 12/27/2014
      The cot is on a cement floor in the kennel outdoors, and I needed a way to keep my eleven year old border collie on something off the floor in addition to straw. He spends most of his time on it. He even jumps on it when he's eager to go outside. Not up and down the cot, but on the cot itself the whole time. I think he loves it. It's a good thing it's so sturdy since he's using it as a trampoline. I guess now I'll have to buy one for the other five! Do you give a volume discount?
    • Love it!
      Review by Bev on 12/25/2014
      Our Australian shepherd / border collie mix chewed every bed up within days. So far this one has survived without any damage. So glad to have found it!
    • Cujo Cot
      Review by Cheri on 12/20/2014
      I got the Cujo Cot for my Shih Tzu puppy that's been chewing on everything. I'm so pleased with it because of its toughness and versality too. So well constructed and built to last. I even plan on bringing it on my RV trips for his outside bed! Exceptional quality. Thank you K9 for this godsend of a bed!
    • The Cujo Cot is Awesome!
      Review by Becki O on 12/17/2014
      We have a 9 month old black lab who has destroyed multiple dog beds! That is until we got the Cujo Cot! We've had it for several weeks now and it seems to be virtually indestructible. I wish I'd known about this bed from the beginning.
    • Great bed but they use your personal info
      Review by William R on 12/8/2014
      Great bed and so far completely chew-proof. Our 75-pound labradoodle loves it. Problems: the legs must be screwed on with the corner brackets loosened (in our experience), and the bed arrived with no instructions (apparently repackaged from a return). Also, the company DOES use your contact info for advertising; the day after it arrived I began to see K9Ballistics ads inserted in several of the websites I routinely visit (there had been none before).
    • First bed that our dog didn't eat
      Review by Suzanne on 12/2/2014
      Love the bed. Our Great Dane ate every bed until this one. And, it is comfortable too.
    • Cujo Cot 1, Land Shark 0
      Review by Amy on 11/24/2014
      Our "Puerto Rican Retriever" may look innocent, but there is a reason we call her the Land Shark! She's destroyed many beds, but has only given this one a few licks. It took about 2 weeks for her to warm up to it--rubbing it with the scent of cheese helped. I think she will appreciate it even more in the hot weather. The orange stripe fabric is cheerful, although it is a little bit noisy.
    • Wonderful....
      Review by Felecia on 11/2/2014
      I ordered this for my america bulldog puppy because she tends to chew and eat everything. We bought the beds and she managed to chew the corners off so figured i would give this bed a try! So far it has lasted a few weeks and am absolutely thrilled!!!
    • Awesome undestructable beds
      Review by Carolyn C on 10/17/2014
      I love it, and just ordered 2 more cujo cots- after many broken pipe beds, my Siberians cannot destroy this. I found out about your cujo bed on line but I wish I knew about it years ago instead of throwing money away on pipe beds at dog shows out here. There is nothing in New England that can compare to these wonderful beds. Thank you for making them!
    • A worthy investment
      Review by Medusa on 10/5/2014
      Our Pit-Bull/Lab/Whoknowswhat mix 'The Mad Madam Mim' has proudly de-constructed several 'chew proof' beds from various brands. I was tired of cleaning up pieces of bedding from the floor, and worried that I would end up with a dog full of stuffing. I found the Cujo cot and it seemed like the best solution for Mim's bed-eating addiction. My husband put it together with no problems when it arrived. Mim laid right down and took a nap. She's made no attempts to chew the bed.
      Review by JOSIE R on 9/23/2014
    • owner
      Review by Jane on 9/4/2014
      I'm sorry I didn't invest in the Cujo Cots the first time I purchased a dog bed - I would have saved myself alot of money! My dogs have had the beds for over two months and I'm extremely happy to state that no distruction has occurred. Thank you for a great product.
    • Review by DeAnna on 8/22/2014
      I was doubtful at first b/c of the cost and b/c we've been thru so many beds already. And with two large dogs that meant the larger size BUT I am so glad I did. We have had them for 2 years now. They are wonderful and I would highly recommend them and I do any chance I get. Thanks so much for a great indestructible product!
    • Cujo Bed
      Review by Jerry W on 8/12/2014
      We had one of those metal cooleroo type cots for our Shepherd. He didn't demolish, it was the puppy we adopted who chewed a hole in it. I found your site and decided to take a chance on your cot. I am very pleased with it. It is much sturdier than the other one and the puppy isn't able to find a place to chew it! Our Shepherd loves it , the color ( green ) goes with the living room furniture. Can't say enough good things about it.
    • Finally!
      Review by Steve on 8/12/2014
      After destroying too many beds to count we have finally found one our 8 month old golden retriever cannot harm. She tried to dig through the fabric for the first two days. It held perfectly. My only minor complaint was installing the legs. They were difficult to install and don't seem sturdy though they have held up as intended. I would highly recommend this bed if you are like us and have tried everything else.
    • Yesssssssssss
      Review by Ty on 8/11/2014
      This Cujo Cot has been the best solution for my 1 Year Old curious Doberman Pinscher. He took to it with no problem. It fits right in, in my bedroom. My protector can still sleep in comfort by my side. Thank you Cujo Cot (two thumbs up).
    • Great Service
      Review by Melinda K on 8/10/2014
      I have 2 dogs. My smallest is a chewer! Every bed we have bought, she has destroyed. She even tore up our larger dog's bed. In desperation, we ordered the cujo cots. A month later and they are both in one piece! My larger dog especially loves it with a crate cushion topper. The service was amazing. I received a follow up email on my order and when they realized they sent me the wrong color, they sent me a replacement. No questions asked! Plus two dog toys for my trouble. Great Job K-9!!
    • Monster Proof
      Review by Craig Ferree on 6/30/2014
      Logan is a one year old rescue I lovingly refer to as Monster Puppy. We've gone through a bed a week until I just gave up and put a towel down on the floor. A real disadvantage since my other two dogs suffer his consequences. The Cujo Cot is great. It was difficult to get the legs to screw correctly but after many attempts it worked. And worth the effort. The dogs took to it immediately. More comfortable that I thought. And more chew proof than I had hoped. I'd definitely order another bed.
    • Rescuer
      Review by Becky J on 6/26/2014
      I purchased a medium and large to use in two indoor crates. I got them because they were described in indestructible. Assembly was a snap. They look good and seem very well made. The dogs that like them, really like them! I would recommend them to anybody who can afford them. Service was excellent.
    • XL Cujo cot
      Review by Gina on 6/24/2014
      If the bed is ever "critique" I would suggest adding a supportive pole in the middle of the XL bed due to the fabric sagging, once my 135 pound Great Dane got on. Other than that I am very happy with my purchase!
    • Review by Eveline D on 6/19/2014
      We have a 4 month old Bullmastiff puppy who likes it better everyday. He has several bed options inside and when old enough to be left in the yard (invisible fence) will have the cujo cot outside. It is definitely tough enough and big enough to accommodate him as he grows to adulthood (130lbs). Read the review from the Bulldog person. Had one for our Bulldog 12 years ago and he, and the cat, loved it!
    • Cujo Cot
      Review by Marilyn on 6/18/2014
      Purchased the Cujo Cot for my English Lab. She LOVES it!!! I am so pleased with the quality. She hasn't even attempted to chew on it. A miracle! I would recommend this to anyone with a dog that chews. I already have 2 of the tuff beds and she loves those also. Great stuff!!
    • Review by Marian Shields on 5/21/2014
      Purchased Cujo Cot for English Bulldog, but she refuses to have anything to do with it. We have a total of 5 dogs and 1 cat but they all refuse to attempt to get on it. The guarantee only covers the cover if dogs are able to chew through it. No chance of that happening here!
    • Perfect!
      Review by Pamela B on 5/14/2014
      We have a 11mo old "puppy" and a 3 year old Dane, who really need a soft place to rest outside. Both were leary at first, so I put one of their blankets on top. Then the magic happened. The puppy claimed it as her own, spending all day lounging. She actually tried to sleep out there one night. The Cujo Cot is very well made. Looks great and the perfect outdoor bed. One Dane per XXL cot, with plenty of room to stretch out. So happy with this purchase! Will be ordering another.
    • 2 Weeks
      Review by Roberta P on 5/8/2014
      I love the Cujo Cot. Our Malinois is 12 years old and never found a bed he couldn't tear up, usually within a couple of hours. He has been sleeping on his cot for 2 weeks! I am extremely happy with it.
    • Great chew proof cujo cot!
      Review by Sandra B on 5/6/2014
    • One Week In
      Review by Brittany on 4/29/2014
      The cujo cot is awesome! My yellow lab hasn't even tried to chew or scratch it in the week we've had it. All other dog beds would have been long chewed and destroyed in that time frame. Thanks for a great product!
    • The Best!!!
      Review by Piper G on 4/27/2014
      Our 1-year-old Boxer puppy has chewed through multiple beds, the plastic bottom of his crate, and 2 of the TUFF beds! We were pretty upset about the TUFF beds, but k9 ballistics was awesome and effectively replaced the TUFF bed with a Cujo Cot. And it is perfect!! Our puppy has not tried to destroy it at all and now relaxes on it while in his crate and gnaws on his toys instead. We are so, so, so thankful and could not recommend this product enough!
    • Daisy Loves her bed!!!
      Review by Karen on 4/23/2014
      After several attempts with a regular, fluffy dog bed and those beds being torn apart by our lovely Daisy Mae, we went with the Cujo Cot and I LOVE IT...and so does Daisy! Highly recommended!
    • Our dogs love these beds!
      Review by Brian N. on 4/20/2014
      Our doberman loves to chew large holes in nearly every bed or blanket we've ever purchased - but these beds seem up to the challenge. No damage so far and it's hard to see how she could chew holes in it based on how it's constructed. The Cujo Cot description says it trades comfort for durability, but our dogs really like to lay on these beds, and the firm, even support might even be better for their joints than some softer, pillow-style beds. A great product!!
    • Director
      Review by Norma on 4/13/2014
      I absolutely love the items I purchased from this web site. My two German Shepherds chew thru the door frames and any and all dog beds; these are the first beds that the girls will not or cannot chew thru. I am amazed and very happy. We have spent a lot of money on beds and gimmicks. Not only do I get the pleasure of saving money on replacing beds, but the beds are really nice looking, great quality and overall awesome.
    • Lifesaver
      Review by Theresa Z on 4/10/2014
      Thank you so much for getting back to me! I actually reordered it as soon as I saw they were available again. It honestly has been a lifesaver. Our 10mth old pitbull destroyed everything we put in his crate, when we would leave the house. Including a towel which had to be surgically removed! His healing process was the worst thing I had ever been though. With his Cujo Cot he has not messed with it once! I suggest this product to ALL of my family and friends who rescue, own and foster pitbulls!
    • Review of Cujo Cot
      Review by Stephanie N on 3/18/2014
      Great quality and nice looking as well. Joey has not chewed a hole in it and believe me, that dog chews a hole within every other bed within the first day of having it.
    • Review by Kels dogs on 3/1/2014
      I never write reviews but I felt I needed to for this product. I own a busy Doggy Daycare and 4 dogs of my own.One of mine is a 120lb mastiff mix who EATS beds, blankets, carpet, you name it if its in his dog house, then its lunch. I stumbled across the Cujo cot after he and his friends busted thru numerous other cot brands and I got tired beds only lasting a week maximum. This was over 5 months ago! I am absolutely amazed so we are going to get a few more today! THANK YOU!
    • Four Legged 'People' Like Them
      Review by Candy on 2/16/2014
      I purchased these for an animal shelter. From the feedback I've been given, the dogs hopped right up and slept better than anyone can remember. The first night I was told none of the dogs barked because they were all asleep. They seem to love them, and the Parma Animal Shelter now has hundreds of "likes" on their facebook in reference to the beds. So in answer to your question, I am very pleased with the purchase, as well as all of the two and four legged "people" at the shelter.
    • Dog Owner
      Review by Barry Nebhut on 2/9/2014
      We have only had the bed for a week, but is the only bed that we have purchased that has survived our pet by more than a day or two. I think we have found our solution. The bed was easy to assemble, I put two of them together in less than an hour. I highly recommend this bed to any dog owner that has active pets.
    • CUJO COT
      Review by Rolando Rouco Jr on 1/21/2014
      Looks great but haven't been able to assemble. Although seems simple enough, mine has been impossible to put together. Looks like some of the parts aren't right. Tried calling for help but no one answers over there all you get is a VM and their online chat is always offline. Hopefully they can help or I will have to send back. <i style="color:red;">K9 BALLISTICS RESPONSE -<br/> Please send us a photo of the parts you have via email, and we'll send out replacements for any defective pieces immediately.</i>
    • works great
      Review by .susan swan on 1/7/2014
      We didn't think there was.anything on the market that was indestructible. The Cujo Cot may have proved us wrong. We have the Cot cot for two weeks which 13 days longer than the last victim. So far,so good...
    • Review by DON SIELERT on 12/30/2013
      Our puppy is a constant chewer and chews/eats everything. I put a blanket in with him, and he was eating the blanket. This bed is the only thing that he has not destroyed! He was sick on it, and I threw it in the washer and it came out very nice and room air dried quickly. This is the bed for Hans. He sleeps well on it once he settles down.
    • Cujo cot
      Review by Larry Allen on 12/2/2013
      I have 4 mini Dachshunds,they love it!
    • K-9 Coach House Dog
      Review by Rhonda Franco on 11/8/2013
      Harvey is our house dog @ K-9 Coach in Atlanta, GA. He is a brown pit bull built like a NFL player. Harvey can destroy anything! He eats towels, can bite through black Kongs and has torn up many Kuranda beds. We decided to give the Cujo Cot a try. Some far so good! It's been three days!
    • ?
      Review by Jennifer Smith on 10/3/2013
      Love the Cujo Cot! We have a chewer and this is the first bed he hasn't destroyed! We have tried other cots that have a gap in the corner that let him get his mouth in and tear at the fabric but this cot doesn't allow it!
    • So Far So Good
      Review by Linda on 9/2/2013
      Cots are holding up so far and after the destruction of two Orthopedic Tuff Beds with two covers within 2 days that is saying a lot!
    • Cujo Cot
      Review by Elaine on 7/25/2013
      Just got the Cujo Cot last week and so far, it's been great. Initially I thought it's expensive, but so was replacing all the other beds she chewed through, so I gave it a try. Baloo loves it and I'm very pleased. Thanks to everyone else who reviewed. And you know, while I was ordering, we got the Jelly Bean toy as well and they're holding up equally as well! Great job!
    • Owner of Blitzkrieg Bullies Bull Terriers
      Review by Trent M. on 7/9/2013
      Love the Cujo Cot, My Bullies also love it. They seem to fight over it. Right now my male has it and my female has a tuff bed. They cannot destroy it believe me they have tried. Excellent product. I highly recommend it.
    • R&R Kennels
      Review by Keith Fuelling on 7/8/2013
      I own a boarding kennel so we get many different dogs. So far so good. The beds are fairly simple to put together and all the parts were there which is a major plus. Time will tell on their durability. I will be needing more but want to wait and see if these hold up.
    • Review by Lorraine on 7/4/2013
      I absolutely love the bed...my German shepherd has hip issues and he seems so much more comfortable on this bed. I highly recommend this product.
    • Love my dogs
      Review by Susan S. on 5/9/2013
      The quality of this product is superior TO ANYTHING ON THE MARKET! I've had a cot bed from a competitor for some time now and was looking for a new one when I came across the Cujo Cot (love the name). My dog is a chewer and this bed takes the worry of him destroying it away. This bed looks seems like it can hold up to anything. LOVE THIS BED!
    • Multiple Dog Owner
      Review by Todd S. on 5/9/2013
      I was really happy to see tha K-9 Ballistics was now offering a raised bed so I had to order one. I currently have a tuff bed that has been amazing. When I received it, it was exactly what I expected, strong, sturdy, and easy to put together. Thanks again K-9 for another great product! I'm sold on you guys, customer for life!

    180 Day Warranty

    If your dog destroys this product, it is covered under our warranty. We will send out, free of charge, one replacement bed cover (not including bed fill). This one-time warranty is good for up to 180 days from the day that K9 Ballistics shipped out your purchase.

    Learn More

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Ballistic Fabric?

    Ballistic Fabric is a thick, tough, synthetic material used for a variety of applications. Ballistic fabric was originally developed by the DuPont corporation as a material for flak jackets to be worn by World War II airmen. The term ballistic fabric takes its name from the fact that it was intended to protect its wearers from flying debris and fragmentation caused by bullet or artillery shell impacts.

    What is an elevated bed?

    Also called a “Cot Bed”, these beds are designed to keep your dog off the ground. Ours was built by our engineers from the ground up. It has an extremely sturdy, light weight, anodized aluminum alloy frame. The bed portion consists of a stretched fabric center which gives support and allows airflow. They are the perfect height for easy on and off. Really easy to clean.

    What makes your ballistic fabric superior to other bed materials?

    Canvas and fabric beds are not chew proof by any means. You have to remember, dogs have been known to chew through materials that you'd never even imagine a dog could chew through. Our military-grade ballistic material is used specifically for it's durability and toughness, which makes for a longer-lasting, chew proof product that outlasts other beds made from inferior materials. Most companies take an off the shelf fabric, one made for furniture or luggage, and use it on a dog bed. We've designed our own fabric built around the function of a dog bed. We've recently upgraded our ballistic material to be Ripstop, which means its now even better at withstanding moderate chewing and scratching. Our fabric is waterproof, so it can withstand rain, outdoor conditions with its UV protection, and pets which may be incontinent. There is nothing on the market that is built better. This is the best option for an all around durable bed. We have paid extreme attention to all the details.

    Are your beds really "chew proof"?

    To be fair, there's really nothing short of hard metal that is absolutely "chew proof" - dogs have been known to chew through kevlar, wood, bricks, chain link fences and light metals just to name a few! If a dog has the ability and wants to bad enough, they can chew through most materials. However, we advertise our beds as "chew proof", and we stand behind our beds as the most chew proof products available. Ultimately, what makes our beds "chew proof" is not only the materials that we use, but also our 90 Day Chew Proof Warranty!

    My dog is a heavy chewer, which bed do you recommend?

    The Ballistic Chew Proof Cot should be the go to bed for all medium or heavy chewers. With our "No Chew" design, hidden fabric edges, and durable corner covers, and aluminum frame, there is nowhere for dogs to get ahold of the fabric on the bed. Once your dog is conditioned not to chew a Tough bed or Tough Bed Crate Pad can be added for extra comfort.

    What if my dog does manage to chew up this bed?

    We have a 90 Day Warranty on all Nesting, Round, Orthopedic, Mini Tough Beds and Tough Pads and a 90 Day Warranty on the Ballistic Chew Proof Cot. If your dog does manage to chew through one of the Tough Beds within the warranty period, we'll replace the cover, free of charge. If your dog manages through our Tough Pads or Mini Tough Beds, we'll send out a free replacement. We're that confident!

    Aren't all dog beds the same? What makes yours so different?

    Our beds are actually built to inhibit the dog's ability to chew them. For starters, the covers of our beds are made out of military grade 1680 denier ballistic nylon, the same material worn as body armor by US combat forces! Unlike other beds, our ballistic nylon is far more chew resistant than cloth or other cheap fabrics that can be ripped apart at the seams. We take extra pains to engineer our beds with concealed Velcro closures on the bottom of the beds to minimize the dog's temptation and ability to chew in this area. Rounded corners and solid, well-sewn seams also greatly reduce the possibility of the dog grabbing hold of a weak seam.

    What about cleaning the bed?

    Our beds are super-easy to clean! Simply take the bed outside and hose it down, or rinse it off with a shower faucet. Wipe or scrub with a cloth and mild detergent to remove any unpleasant odors. Allow it to air dry and it'll be good as new!

    Is there any kind of assembly required for the Ballistic Chew Proof Cot?

    This bed does require minimal assembly. The aluminum frame and center material sling are pre-assembled, all you need to do is screw the legs into the corners of the bed!


    Size Guide

    We recommend measuring your dog and comparing it to the dimensions of our beds to ensure the perfect size; every dog is unique. Measure your dog with a tape measure from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail. This is the minimum length you should consider for your pup's bed.